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Non-Erotic Stories

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Still Crazy After All These Years

 — Two crazy kids grow up - or do they? by bourbonslut03/25/073.35

Still Mad as Hell

 — A former bully victim confronts her old tormentors online. by trigudis02/07/184.19

Still Trying to Let Go

 — Friendship first, but kissing always. by BeautifulMess050603/30/164.14

Still Waters

 — One man and two women, that they should ever meet. by HunterShambles07/12/194.67HOT

Sting of the Scorpion Ch. 01

 — An investigation begins; an operation commences... by WifeWatchman07/28/154.77HOT

Sting of the Scorpion Ch. 03

 — Laura conducts an operation; the Team investigates a crime. by WifeWatchman08/01/154.78HOT

Sting of the Scorpion Ch. 04

 — New clues given while taking a tour of the new Cabin... by WifeWatchman08/04/154.77HOT

Stinkerface and the Tot of Terror

 — Wicked girls terrorize their well-meaning Aunt. by lindiana02/14/054.20

Stitches in Time

 — Somethings just are not meant to last. by Tara_Neale07/14/144.80HOT

Stone Cold

 — His mind and his days were as cold as stone. by woodmanone01/16/124.34

Stormy Ch. 01

 — A Brother and Sister Relationship. by fadedgiant08/13/13

Stormy Ch. 02

 — A Brother and Sister Relationship. by fadedgiant08/14/13

Story of Strength

 — A girls beginning. by Moonsrose04/07/104.50HOT

Story of YOU: Hub. Pt. 00

 — Nothing Lewd, just the prequel intro to Story of YOU's. by EstebanMamono12/19/174.67HOT

Straight Circles

 — Things go round and round. by lpmsa04/16/084.00


 — Flood strands man with two women. by seasparks07/28/044.57HOT

Stranded Ch. 01

 — Peter 's accident leads to an unusual meeting in a Cabin. by Rabbitrunner9103/12/054.65HOT

Stranded Ch. 02

 — The Snow Storm. by Rabbitrunner9103/13/054.70HOT

Stranded Ch. 03

 — Peter and Kathy's Conclusion. by Rabbitrunner9103/28/054.68HOT

Strange Fruit

 — Thank you for this bitter knowledge. by nathanfane606/24/114.00

Strange Land

 — It was a vast unfriendly alien world, slowly dying. by Spiritfist10/20/104.35

Strawberry Fields Forever

 — Nothing is real. by Evendur_Dundragon08/01/034.25

Striking Matches

 — Harvey didn't even know he was lonely. by HansTrimble12/07/124.67HOT

Stripped of Dignity

 — A non-erotic description marking time. by Wills06/27/043.09

Strong Men in Modern America

 — Strong men and the women who love them. by Samuelx06/22/072.67

Student Lesbian BDSM Ch. 09

 — Erica gets an early morning shock. by NPC0101/30/114.77HOT

Study In Sepia: A Poignant Reminder

 — Paige finds disdain for the new flesh. by fauxrouge03/14/133.60

Stuffed Animals

 — Guilt can sometimes be the harshest judge. by malificent09/29/011.60

Stupid Fucking Tripod

 — Pam can always calm down Sarah, especially on bad days. by reallyreallygay06/28/183.70


 — Rose has a drink to mark the passing of a friend. by TxRad02/09/194.75HOT


 — My journal entry after a near-encounter with a student. by coolcat2307/04/103.50

Succubus Wasteland Ch. 04

 — A succubus and her lover must survive in a dying world. by MrGeno8610/31/164.41

Succubus Wasteland Ch. 05

 — A succubus and her lover must survive in a dying world. by MrGeno8611/02/164.42

Succubus Wasteland Ch. 07

 — A succubus and her lover must survive in a dying world. by MrGeno8611/30/164.29

Sugar's Tribute to John

 — Romantic tale of star crossed lovers by almost02/13/03


 — She experiences a hotel suite for the first time. by WFEATHER01/25/073.86

Sujo & the Killer

 — Thoughts of the girl up & left of him in class. by Tom Mandy07/05/023.00

Sum of Its Parts

 — The whole is greater. by Alessia Brio06/26/074.50HOT

Summer Buzz

 — A day in the life of a mosquito. by dirtyjoe6907/16/064.75HOT

Summertime Love - Lesbian Drama

 — Leanne met a weird girl off a gay dating website. by TristyPixie07/10/194.00

Sune's Chosen: Commencement

 — The drow, the paladin, the barbarian. Paths diverging. by srhammer888810/26/094.82HOT


 — A short story about broken things. by Panthem05/22/144.20

Sunset Over Cairo

 — A woman strives for freedom in 1922. by Alexis Haines07/20/054.57

Superhero's Mad World

 — The life and times of a black female superhero. by Samuelx09/19/082.75

Superhuman: It's Not My Time

 — Superhuman hero fights for survival. by Samuelx11/16/082.92

Surf & Turf

 — Humorous account of one woman's attempt at a meal. by WillowPuss03/15/034.62

Surviving in Vegas

 — Chris's birthday is more than she bargained for. by RisiaSkye04/23/013.89


 — A woman who still haunts him. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER08/01/074.12

SusanJillParker's Non-Erotic Story

 — A real ego booster, Susan's story to read when depressed. by SusanJillParker11/03/14HOT

Susie Ch. 22

 — Susie & friends look for Brittany on Hollywood Blvd. by Susie_O04/26/084.15

Sweet Justice

 — Had Special Agent Jenkins misjudged the three older men? by Dinsmore06/09/064.81HOT

Sweet Nicolas

 — She has a chat encounter. by jacinta12/05/054.73HOT

Sweet Sorrow Ch. 01

 — A graceful entry is so overrated. by TEASExoxo03/26/134.00

Swimming in a Pool

 — A soldier goes swimming at a beach resort in Honduras. by Philip_H_05/02/192.72

Sympathy for the Devil

 — A quiet drink in a bar may lead to Revelations. by MSTarot06/14/154.74HOT

Syntax Error

 — A man reflects on the effects of his affair. by minutes2memories09/06/074.00

T.I.T.S.O.M.A.Y Ch. 01

 — Reina Morse meets Rio Jatae. by Loup_Garou09/04/053.30

T.I.T.S.O.M.A.Y Ch. 03

 — Rio surprises Reina with Christmas. by Loup_Garou10/25/052.62

Table Stakes

 — Be careful what you bet in a poker game. by seasparks07/06/044.11

Tad Ch. 02

 — A story about a young bisexual guy and his sexual adventures. by DrakeManley6911/20/184.32

Take Top This Time

 — Follow up to "A Shift in the Balance of Power". by trigudis10/10/173.94


 — First his wife, then his daughter. Taken? by jake6003/13/104.60HOT

Taking Command

 — This wasn’t suppose to be his war. by Dinsmore03/16/074.86HOT

Taking Morna

 — Was he a hero or a dupe? by PAPATOAD03/16/12

Taking the Plunge

 — They were operating anyway, why not new boobs? by magichandslee08/12/044.47

Taking Things In Hand Ch. 02

 — What you want ain't what you get sometimes. by magmaman11/09/044.30

Tale of the Gun Bunnies Ch. 01

 — Astral Fight Club where people stake their futures. by mrbadkitty35709/14/113.80

Tale of the Gun Bunnies Ch. 02

 — Astral Fight Club where people stake their futures. by mrbadkitty35709/25/113.40

Tale of the Gun Bunnies Ch. 03

 — Astral Fight Club where people stake their futures. by mrbadkitty35709/26/113.80

Tale of the Gun Bunnies Ch. 04

 — Astral Fight Club where people stake their futures. by mrbadkitty35701/03/125.00

Tale of the Wizard's Apples

 — An old fashioned Fairy Tale of a plucky lad and some apples. by Stultus10/08/094.73HOT

Tale Told to a Soul Saver Trainee

 — Humanity's free will is thwarted. by Tournado07/06/044.29


 — An impenetrable barrier is breached. by WFEATHER02/08/073.86

Tales of Moore, Indiana

 — The horror of the maze. by msnomer6809/07/034.20

Talking With J. Guy

 — A man wonders about the controlling forces of his life. by JGuy05/05/034.33

Tango with a Vampire

 — A Halloween encounter goes horribly awry. by glynndah10/01/074.54HOT

Target Acquisition

 — He sees her, and sets his sights. by JoeyDoves02/16/164.11

Tattoo of Her Name

 — I have a twisted sense of humor. by MacabelyYours12/20/083.44

Tea-Shop Twinkle

 — Harry's a creature of habit, attracted by a twinkly top. by Spencerfiction02/12/154.53HOT

Tears He Never Shed

 — Grief is never straightforward. by Shadowsandflames12/14/044.33

Tears of Falcon

 — A young one learns of the falcon's quest by Trekker07/27/024.00

Tears of Relief

 — A confession needs to be made. by WFEATHER12/17/064.55HOT

Tears Reflected

 — She was good enough to be a professional actress. by strickland8307/27/054.61HOT


 — Two rules. by Scorpio44a10/20/084.70HOT

Teddy Bear

 — A mysterious person spotted in a crowded train station. by WFEATHER07/03/084.04

Tell Her I'm Not Here

 — Stories from an old bartender. by qhml110/20/114.62HOT

Tell Me Why

 — The fat man meets the man in black. by Heathen Hemmingway06/15/094.34


 — All Robin has is cash, a fast car, a dead brother, and fire. by MessengerOfDreams09/27/183.50

Ten Below

 — First attempt at short story. by theladyfizzbit08/01/184.31

Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo

 — A story based on the Tracy Byrd song by that name. by SEVERUSMAX05/17/154.00


 — 18 year old wonders where to go from here. by gothic_Swimmer_199002/03/063.85

Tennessee Waltz

 — Another bar another tale of woe. by The Wanderer01/21/084.48

Teresa's Christmas Ordeal Ch. 01

 — It's Christmas season again in the Town & County... by WifeWatchman02/23/174.81HOT

Teresa's Christmas Ordeal Ch. 02

 — Conclusion; Friends stand together in Christmas crisis. by WifeWatchman02/27/174.83HOT

Teresa's Christmas Story

 — The reason for Teresa's anger and frustration is revealed. by WifeWatchman12/02/134.69HOT

Teresa's Christmas Story Redux

 — Family and heroism at Christmas. by WifeWatchman05/31/164.82HOT

Terror in the Closet

 — He recounts his nightscares. by vet4201/26/084.31Editor's Pick

Terror Track

 — CATU agents never get a break. by JoeBarnosky10/26/10

Test Run

 — Biker tests his custom-built street racer. by Gryphon4702/11/034.54HOT

Test This 2367

 — A story about testing. by rogerrabbittest06/12/07

Testing Times for Nikita and Roger

 — Their love at its pinnacle during her hour of grave crisis. by Neesraj06/26/064.17

Thank You for the Days

 — She had everything but time. by davidwatts01/31/054.83HOTContest Winner

Thank You Lord

 — Remembering a special moment between father and son. by Jeff_Thomas08/01/174.91HOT

Thanks a Lot

 — Scorned spouse gets revenge on Halloween. by JakeRivers10/07/053.79

That Awful Burning Sensation Pt. 02

 — Revenge, healing and resolution. by Just_Words12/27/184.36

That Awful Moment

 — When life tosses you for a real loop. by GrandPaM02/18/154.64HOT

That Girl

 — A run-in with a goddess. by Blurpe03/22/144.07

That Incident

 — A lover's quarrel. by Rabbitrunner9107/26/054.33

That Morning

 — A different perspective on 9/11. by Tara_Neale09/12/144.76HOT

That Mysterious Guy Ch. 02

 — An impromptu date. by ItalianLace10/14/064.25

That Special Moment

 — Love grows between friends. by sandoula01/23/044.67HOT

That's All That Matters

 — Why couldn't it be easy? by velvetpie02/10/054.61HOT

That's It?

 — A man thinks he knows what it all means. by TB_OrNot2B01/12/143.43

That's My Girl

 — How the mighty have fallen. by Water_Melanie09/25/05

That's What Friends Are For

 — Friends don't let friends drive stupid. by Chagrined09/06/194.02

That's What Friends Are For Ch. 02

 — Marianne is made aware of some hard truths. by Chagrined09/17/193.97NEW

The Waltz

 — The dream goes on night after night. by lavampiredenoir03/24/034.67

The 23rd Psalm

 — A brief glimpse into a zombie encounter. by BrokenMasterpiece06/25/134.54HOT

The Academy Ch. 01

 — Masculinity challenged, college chances at risk. by SexualBlaze0509/09/063.88

The Accident

 — Young man comes to terms with loss of father. by LadyRoscoe04/09/05

The Accident

 — Two internet friends meet face to face. by michchick9804/30/074.21

The Advantage Of Narrow Bodied Jets

 — Sexual tension on a flight from South America. by morethananeyeful10/17/073.69

The Adventures of G Ch. 09

 — The prequel chapter 2: The vision. by garterbelt05/15/144.27

The Adventures of Lady Belinda

 — The story of a Civil War romp. by raven510/01/023.86

The Adventures of Lady Belinda Ch. 2

 — Further adventures as plans take shape. by raven510/08/025.00

The Adventures of Lady Belinda Ch. 4

 — The fourth part of the heroine's adventures. by raven510/20/023.86

The Adventures of Nebel and Tolk

 — There's a reason elves don't accompany Santa. by Penelope Street12/08/054.70HOT

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