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Non-Erotic Stories

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The Dragon's Heart Ch. 01

 — Two mysterious men search an antique shop for something. by Remec08/12/093.86

The Dream

 — An artistic, surreal dream and journey into another world. by poirot51509/09/054.33

The Dream

 — Can a gay man love a straight woman? by moll65doll10/31/054.08Editor's Pick

The Dream

 — A dream of our future together. by Svenskaflicka08/11/024.00

The Dream 01

 — Hawaiian vacation has a dramatic conclusion. by HotKittySpank09/05/053.50

The Dream Project Ch. 0

 — The beginning of the saga. by The Bumfather08/25/024.00

The Dream Project Ch. 1

 — Chang Long's future isn't as secure as he'd thought. by The Bumfather08/27/021.50

The Dream Project Ch. 2

 — Sai VS Fei & the introduction of Nuku Nuku. by The Bumfather08/27/02

The Dream Project Ch. 3

 — More misadventures of Eiko. by The Bumfather08/30/02

The Dream Project Ch. 4

 — The daughters and Sai go to the hotsprings to relax. by The Bumfather08/31/02

The Dream Project Ch. 5

 — The final fight between Sai, Eiko, Nuku Nuku VS Fei. by The Bumfather09/01/022.33

The Dream Project Chapter 6

 — The end of the first saga. by The Bumfather09/02/02

The Drive Home

 — Even a short journey can take forever. by Tory_del_Ricoh02/15/083.23

The Elf Maiden and the Huntsman

 — A father haphazardly makes up a fairy tale for his kids. by JuneSummers01/15/134.41

The Emily Rose

 — A man deals with his wife's leaving by looking at his past. by Rhein107/10/134.54HOT

The Empty Chair

 — The music came to a halt. by PassionStJohn08/10/044.74HOT

The Empty Pond

 — An empty pond, and a young girl's life. by MyMascara05/10/023.90

The EMT Ch. 12

 — At long last, a linking Chapter for The EMT. by absoluterotter01/17/12

The EMT Ch. 15

 — The ongoing American adventure. by absoluterotter06/17/124.30

The End of My Wife's Affair

 — Married woman must choose between her husband & lover. by zeke8103/26/063.04

The End Of Possibilities: Preface

 — Man comes to grips with loss. by Dj_Maximus07/25/034.12

The End Of The End

 — Things don't always work out. by magichands12/03/013.97

The Enforcer Ch. 15

 — Vinny must risk his life to liberate the compound by OmegaZone07/21/044.72HOT

The Ensigns of Detection Ch. 01

 — Young detectives learn as the Team continues solving cases. by WifeWatchman04/24/164.77HOT

The Ensigns of Detection Ch. 02

 — Detectives learn their craft as they work a new case. by WifeWatchman04/27/164.86HOT

The Ensigns of Detection Ch. 03

 — Yet another case adds to the Team's education. by WifeWatchman04/29/164.87HOT

The Ensigns of Detection Ch. 04

 — Don is rocked by new revelations as the Team keeps working. by WifeWatchman05/01/164.84HOT

The Ensigns of Detection Ch. 05

 — Solutions; Lessons well learned; ending twists. by WifeWatchman05/05/164.84HOT

The Essence Within Ch. 00

 — Non erotic sci-fi story of self discovery. by soulwolf10/26/134.26

The Essence Within Ch. 01

 — A non-erotic Sci Fi story of self discovery. by soulwolf11/06/134.50HOT

The Essence Within Ch. 02

 — A non-erotic Sci Fi story of self discovery. by soulwolf11/14/134.53HOT

The Essence Within Ch. 03

 — Non erotic sci-fi story of self discovery. by soulwolf11/23/134.67HOT

The Essence Within Ch. 04

 — A non-erotic Sci Fi story of self discovery. by soulwolf11/28/134.55HOT

The Essence Within Ch. 05-06

 — A non-erotic Sci Fi story of self discovery. by soulwolf12/08/134.73HOT

The Evil That Women Do

 — Domestic violence is a two-way street. by Samuelx07/07/043.67

The Evolution of Emily Ch. 02

 — The evolution continues when Emily meets Dr. Hugh. by Nymphagirl108/06/084.56HOT

The Execution

 — The ultimate price is paid for the murder of a young girl. by Neverlander11/28/144.58HOT

The Explosion

 — A family picnic with alcoholism. by robertreams04/06/134.41

The Eyes of Innocence

 — The events of a computer love affair. by Fantasy_Girl03/30/024.20

The Fall Ch. 01

 — Lydia arrives to take care of her dying Uncle. by ausfet09/20/174.47

The Fall Ch. 02

 — Lydia's relationship with Dylan changes. by ausfet09/28/174.80HOT

The Fall Ch. 03

 — Dylan learns a few lessons. by ausfet10/06/174.64HOT

The Fall Ch. 04

 — Lydia's secret. by ausfet10/16/174.65HOT

The Fall Ch. 05

 — Dylan considers the implications of Lydia's secret. by ausfet10/26/174.77HOT

The Fall Ch. 06

 — The end of a life, the end of a relationship? by ausfet11/10/174.67HOT

The Fall Ch. 07

 — What have you done? by ausfet11/14/174.72HOT

The Fall Ch. 08

 — Making things work. by ausfet11/24/174.75HOT

The Fall Guy Ch. 03

 — Unwelcome, Welcome Guests. by The Wanderer03/03/074.67HOT

The Fall Guy Ch. 04

 — He's got friends in low places. by The Wanderer03/05/074.70HOT

The Fall Guy Ch. 05

 — The beginning of the end. by The Wanderer03/05/074.67HOT

The Fallen

 — A man, a dog, a forest, and a fallen. by AshWillows10/06/174.00

The Fallen Cross Ch. 01

 — The Cross. by TheFallenCross05/05/083.50

The Falling Man

 — The continuing saga of falling in love forever. by soinlove08/11/014.30

The Fantasy Emporium 001

 — What is the Fantasy Emporium? by madam_noe12/01/154.39

The Fate Line

 — Some lager louts get their cum-uppance (Twist in the Tail). by trevorm09/25/093.80

The Father of My Daughters

 — Did she really cheat? Who is the father of her daughters? by MitchFraell03/31/133.33

The Feel Good Drag

 — They're searching for prey. by SexyJennaInk03/06/043.43

The Female Villain

 — Why bad women do what they do. by Samuelx11/22/081.00

The Fetish

 — My co-worker, Samantha, entices me with her beautiful feet. by baronhadrian704/27/173.47

The Fight

 — Circa 1965. by ktfa109/24/15

The Fight I Could Never Win Ch. 02

 — Recovery and a comforting interlude. by NarcissusRex12/16/134.18

The Fighting Finnegan's Ch. 01

 — A family involved in the world of boxing. by davidpaul01/22/094.74HOT

The Fighting Finnegan's Ch. 02

 — A family involved in boxing world. by davidpaul01/23/094.79HOT

The Fighting Finnegan's Ch. 03

 — Final chapter in the saga of the Finnegan Family. by davidpaul01/24/094.56HOT

The Final

 — The final. by dsoul04/01/11

The Final Encounter

 — Jess and Anna fight for their lives on last time. by FreshPeach03/24/044.33

The Final Fantasy

 — An original tale based on Final Fantasy 7. by IMRIOTSTAR06/14/012.90

The Final Gift

 — Father and son's last moment. by robertreams05/11/134.47

The Final Mission

 — A ghost story. by MikeIvy01/02/114.61HOT

The First Kiss

 — A relationship that is renewed after 30 years. by hyperthread109/16/094.23

The First Little Steps

 — Flirtation and small talk... by JoeyDoves02/19/164.07

The First Silence

 — An unexpectedly strong reaction to the loss of my dog. by rpsuch10/03/064.66HOT

The First Son

 — Ash's client is one you don't want screw up with. by Redwineglass12/24/153.38

The Flame

 — A story of symbolism of our inner flame. by windwriter11/29/054.75

The Fountain of Youth

 — Discovery of wonder drug leads to moral & financial dilemmas. by Ben_M10/29/154.50HOT

The Fountain of Youth Ch. 00: Prologue

 — Humanity is given the gift of immortality. by thetristantomes09/20/164.31

The Fourth Wife Ch. 02

 — Aggrieved husband sees justice administered. by RealDoc05/17/074.59HOT

The Freak 21

 — He tries to reconcile global grief with his personal happiness. by Simon_Ringwood09/20/014.51HOTEditor's Pick

The Freaking Record

 — Teacher's wife unplugs his computer game. by idinahuey04/13/074.00

The Funeral

 — A mistress goes to her lover's funeral & meets his wife. by NymphWriter07/20/124.63HOT

The Funeral Director

 — This Story deal with a subject that some may find upseting. by MendonFishers10/01/124.72HOT

The Game

 — Just a game, but it goes wrong. by Mark_Ilaan01/25/084.19

The Game Ch. 04

 — Daniel begins to dream. Who the hell is Adam? by Nephylim07/07/144.40

The Game Ch. 09

 — The aftermath of X finds Sara and Rachel. by Sara and Ron05/05/054.22

The Gang Ch. 01

 — Emily falls for the bad guy. by goblinek05/07/094.10

The Ghost of Christmas Past

 — Her annual visit to remind him of what he can never forget. by mrjones50200312/02/074.17

The Gift

 — Two couples share something beyond friendship. by VeraGem12/18/012.87Editor's Pick

The Gift

 — She receives a gift that can either be a blessing or a curse. by The_Technician08/01/144.61HOT

The Gift of Magic Pt. 01

 — Concludes the story of Jade and the dark elves. by kiore1104/29/174.75HOT

The Gift of Magic Pt. 02

 — Concludes the story of the dark elves. by kiore1105/02/174.87HOT

The Gift of Roleplaying

 — A story for the Dice rolling freaks inside of us all. by ManusNigrumPoet06/22/023.56

The Gift of Sight

 — Timeless love, as it should be. by Katherine English 211/27/034.74HOT

The Gifted

 — She finds her past and a new path. by Sassiwolf704/21/094.17

The Gigolo and the Angel Ch. 01

 — A night turns tragic. by JTQuinton05/11/103.92

The Gigolo and the Angel Ch. 02

 — Something was very wrong on the other end of the phone. by JTQuinton05/13/103.40

The Gigolo and the Angel Ch. 03

 — He lay there unmoving and unresponsive once again. by JTQuinton05/14/103.27

The Gigolo and the Angel Ch. 04

 — James felt the darkness of the medication. by JTQuinton05/16/104.11

The Girl By The Lake

 — Everything comes to an end. by itastorywriter07/12/153.87

The Girl From Yesterday

 — They were childhood friends Could they both want more? by DG Hear09/06/104.69HOT

The Girl in the Boat

 — A chance encounter. by raven510/01/023.50

The Girl in the Swamp

 — She's a man-eater - literally. by 100 Angry Bananas02/23/074.17

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 01

 — Off to the orphanage (Fantasy). by TheWanderingCat12/09/154.64HOT

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 02

 — Orientation, but for how long? by TheWanderingCat12/12/154.83HOT

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 03

 — The land of light. by TheWanderingCat12/15/154.72HOT

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 04

 — They visit a special resident. by TheWanderingCat12/17/154.74HOT

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 05

 — Inspection day. by TheWanderingCat12/20/154.80HOT

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 06

 — A new, safer assignment. by TheWanderingCat12/23/154.77HOT

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 07

 — The land of life. by TheWanderingCat12/26/154.80HOT

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 08

 — Temptation calls and he follows. by TheWanderingCat12/27/154.73HOT

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 09

 — The first visit alone. by TheWanderingCat12/31/154.85HOT

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 10

 — A look inside her head. by TheWanderingCat01/01/164.79HOT

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 11

 — A journey through the past. by TheWanderingCat01/07/164.75HOT

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 12

 — He opens to her. by TheWanderingCat01/10/164.81HOT

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 13

 — The barest taste of freedom. by TheWanderingCat01/13/164.83HOT

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 14

 — At last the truth comes out. by TheWanderingCat01/18/164.69HOT

The Girl with the Golden Hair

 — A young man builds a fantasy. by lindiana04/04/054.50

The Girlfriend

 — His fight to be true. by Sybexmaster12/08/044.00

The God of Jesus, The God of Israel

 — An interfaith family finds meaning on Christmas day. by trigudis11/17/164.20

The Golden Bow

 — "Oh Mathew, just think--our own little bundle of joy." by kandie12/18/103.47

The Good Shepard: New Ending

 — What if the movie went a different direction? by Scorpio4405/01/084.64HOT

The Great Escapism

 — Lives affected by our tendency to escape. by goop12/26/034.67

The Great National Barbecue

 — Something different; no sex; try it out. by TexasFarmBoy08/07/174.59HOT

The Great Race

 — Just a little incident from days gone by. by GrandPaM02/21/184.13

The Great Ship SeaWolf

 — The tale of the SeaWolf. by Joseki Ko07/21/044.33

The Great Timing Light Caper

 — Funny story for guys who like classic cars. by John_the_Author11/11/084.44

The Grey Between - Katrina

 — A Katrina Survivor explains a dark memory. by hdm303lj06/24/073.75

The Guard

 — A guard detail is surprised by unforeseen events. by madengineer304/08/094.38

The Guest

 — A man and his guest experience an inner look at fear. by GeneralBethlehem06/08/094.50

The Guy Who Came in From the Cold

 — A man's encounter with his ex. by Rhein101/07/144.48

The Hamaro Avenger Ch. 01

 — A prince in peril in perilous times. by GBRADICAL06/10/074.71

The Hanging Judge

 — If you're quilty, don't come before the hanging judge. by woodmanone07/06/114.72HOT

The Hangman Cometh: A Correction

 — Reposting of the original story. by woodmanone07/16/154.75HOT

The Hangman Cometh: Tyler Rawlings

 — The continuing story of the Rawlings clan. by woodmanone07/18/154.79HOT

The Hardest Answer

 — A former teacher, now lover, lover asks about her past. by cawastedyouth08/25/064.27

The Hardest Answer Any Other Family

 — Bringing Lauren and Julia to a close. by cawastedyouth10/05/064.52HOT

The Hardest Answer: Ex-Lover

 — Julia takes Lauren to a Pride Event & meets her past. by cawastedyouth09/16/063.88

The Hardest Answer: First Day

 — A look at Lauren and Julia's first day at work. by cawastedyouth09/09/064.57

The Hardest Answer: First Question

 — Lauren begins to question her identity. by cawastedyouth09/10/063.81

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