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Non-Erotic Stories

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A Story of My True Life

 — Young man tells about his life, loves, & times. by Samuelx04/08/062.50

A Strong Black Woman's Confessions

 — A young Black woman opens up about her life. by Samuelx05/29/102.22

A Struggle

 — An account of events. by Tiber197806/12/093.00

A Study in Sepia

 — "'Immortality is only the beginning', sayeth the vampire." by fauxrouge03/03/134.33

A Study In Sepia: Blameless

 — There are some things Paige would sonner forget. by fauxrouge03/20/133.00

A Stylite in New York

 — Enlightenment on the rooftops. by al_Ussa03/24/103.50

A Sunday at Mississippi Riverfest

 — He goes from 60 to 25 & back again in 4 hours. by Grey Beard05/04/034.32

A Tail of Onions

 — Best friend recounts his first time. by foehn12/09/044.00

A Tale of a True Love

 — Can he ever forget her? by xenin10/31/074.22

A Tale Of Two Jerry's Ch. 03

 — A switch in point in view. by DarkrSide09/27/084.75

A Tangled Web Ch. 09

 — "Ghost Girl" learns her trade. by MissLisaJones11/18/114.58HOT

A Tangled Web Ch. 10

 — Escape. by MissLisaJones11/19/114.70HOT

A Tangled Web Ch. 11

 — Casualties of war. by MissLisaJones11/23/114.71HOT

A Tangled Web Ch. 12

 — Just deserts. by MissLisaJones11/24/114.85HOT

A Taste Of Candy

 — College fencer is attracted to a BBW. by hotturkey07/05/064.62HOT

A Teenager's Monologue

 — Man pores over love lost. by Jester7278306/23/013.44

A Terrible Thing to Have to Do

 — He did it anyway. by magmaman08/02/104.64HOT

A Tiny Slip Ch. 01

 — The identity of the Consultant of Crime is revealed. by WifeWatchman09/08/164.83HOT

A Tiny Slip Ch. 02

 — The final confrontation between Don and the Consultant. by WifeWatchman09/11/164.87HOT

A Tiny Slip Ch. 03

 — Emotional aftermath; some answers; a funeral by the River. by WifeWatchman09/15/164.86HOT

A Tiny Slip Ch. 04

 — The ultimate solution. The ultimate twist. by WifeWatchman09/18/164.84HOT

A Torch to Fire the Earth

 — Some sort of fantasy adventure. by BlueLegume07/07/154.06

A Transgressive Act

 — What is Male Submission? by lushusboobs12/10/064.43

A Tribute to Black Women

 — Black man praises the Black women of the world. by Samuelx09/30/102.14

A Valentines Promise

 — The keeping of a Valentines promise?? by Lady_Eryka02/04/123.88

A Very Special Wedding

 — It is never too late to find true love... by trevorm06/08/124.78HOT

A Visitor

 — It's never too late to be in love. by kurlykayaker2308/13/074.53HOT

A Visitor at the Door

 — He flees from a strange visitor only to meet his destiny. by sylerbean07/23/123.91

A Week in the Life

 — A week-long love, described in a diary from end to start. by pickle_sexness10/21/124.25

A Week in the Past

 — A man with a memory problem revisits his hometown. by Storm6209/19/114.73HOT

A Weekend Off Campus Ch. 03

 — Craig sets the stage for the rest of the weekend. by CraigBoi02/12/064.38

A Winter That Burned Ch. 00: Prologue

 — A Fey woman on her path to take back her kingdom. by SaintlyMouse12/29/154.58HOT

A Winters Rose

 — She finds relief from grief. by msnomer6802/12/044.48

A World for the Taking Ch. 01

 — A "space western" style adventure. No sex. by RipperFish01/23/184.80HOT

A World for the Taking Ch. 02

 — A ship crashes and the teens go to the rescue. by RipperFish01/24/184.81HOT

A World for the Taking Ch. 03

 — Things escalate quickly. by RipperFish01/25/184.86HOT

A World for the Taking Ch. 04

 — Some good news and a lot of bad. by RipperFish01/26/184.86HOT

A World for the Taking Ch. 05

 — Yoshi has an idea and everyone thinks it's a good one. by RipperFish01/27/184.87HOT

A World for the Taking Ch. 06

 — The teens start their trek to the tower. The enemy pursues. by RipperFish01/28/184.87HOT

A World for the Taking Ch. 07

 — Roy follows and finds a friend along the way. by RipperFish01/29/184.86HOT

A World for the Taking Ch. 08

 — The tower. by RipperFish01/30/184.87HOT

A World for the Taking Ch. 09

 — The last chapter. by RipperFish01/31/184.91HOT

A Young Boy Remembers

 — The best guitar player I never heard. by duddle14602/06/06HOT


 — A man's journey: was my baby due for the fate I had avoided? by GToast12/27/104.77HOT

About Tuesday; A Letter To My Children

 — A letter to his children regarding the NYC tragedy. by Saw That Coming09/18/01HOT

Acceptance of a Contract

 — Marc the Merc Commander starts a contract. by TRIAX06/29/084.24

Accidental Burn

 — "Let mine enemies not triumph over me." by Hawkins Troy08/09/033.67

Accidents Will Happen

 — Oops. by Colinthedog03/12/184.23

Adam and Eve: Serial Killers

 — Vigilate meets the woman of his dreams. by Samuelx06/02/123.20

Adela’s Ascent

 — Teenager leaves home with money but no degree. by EgmontOriginals03/28/164.78HOT


 — One college student loses her way. by fairiekitty07/08/124.00

Adriana's Wish

 — Sometimes bad things happen when your wish comes true. by PrincessErin11/29/124.53HOT

Adventure Down South

 — Young couples head for Mexico. by lukeadams02/26/123.75

Adventures of Trisha

 — Why does Trisha have a stalker and how does she stop him? by Chelleand07/20/153.71

Adventures with Leslie Ch. 23

 — Halloween party gone astray. by icumonyourshoes10/10/074.59HOT

Adventures with Leslie Ch. 25

 — Emma names a new Leader of the Game. by icumonyourshoes10/12/074.58HOT

Adventures with Penny Ch. 25

 — Things change with a call from home. by icumonyourshoes03/10/084.50HOT

Africa Take Two

 — Her second placement. by CornishBabe01/14/083.00

African American in Ottawa

 — A black American man's life in Ottawa, Ontario. by Samuelx08/24/122.00

After an Annoying Day at Work

 — Coworkers can make you nuts. by elphaba6902/18/143.18

After the Fact

 — Jeremy arrives home. What happens next? by LadyCibelle10/25/074.24

After The Storm

 — Two long-time friends pour out their feelings. by Tony15509/06/064.64HOT


 — Sometimes it doesn't make sense. by svanswords07/16/033.96

Agent Olsen, Executioner

 — Oliver goes after a terrorist leader to settle a score. by Egmont040911/29/094.53HOT

Ah, Those Were The Days

 — His first car was not a normal car. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/11/074.25

Ai Korobase Ch. 08

 — Ai and Faustus discuss theology. by Taunus12/17/104.00


 — An unrequitted love lost. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/18/07HOT


 — An aging wolf faces challenges. by drksideofthemoon10/20/12

AlClad lV Hospitality

 — Soldiers explore a strange planet. by LOU12310/26/014.17

Alek of Aidran

 — A young man's tragedy unfolds. by Naebliss05/02/063.80

Alex Morton

 — Action Adventure. by MysteryWriter08/03/144.49

Alice and the Looking Glass Ch. 16

 — Epilogue. The Beginning of the End. by LeopoldNicholas07/26/14


 — Fun times in the space corps. by bassbelly09/10/074.10

Aliens! Ch. 02

 — Carol and Earl return. by bassbelly10/11/074.10

Alive & Going Home

 — Soldier earns tough ticket home for the holidays. by Rumple Foreskin11/15/034.45

All A Game Of Trust

 — Isabelle and Brad agree on BDSM sex. by for_my_master01/05/122.90

All Bark & Little Bite Ch. 12

 — Saundra's freedom comes at a painful price. by Exogenous04/16/054.31

All By Myself

 — No man is an island. by leapyearguy07/02/064.73HOTContest Winner

All For Baby Ch. 02

 — Sheila is left with a void she must overcome. by milliean05/20/09

All Mixed Up

 — Emotional web for a father/daughter/best-friend/wife. by RedHairedandFriendly01/15/124.41

All Over the News

 — Twenty-six and counting. by imsally09/23/094.39

All Over the News Ch. 02

 — Some of you asked. by imsally01/11/174.66HOT

All Pets Go To Heaven, Puppets, Too

 — The Duke of York and the Duchess of Manchester. by andtheend11/18/104.07

All-Male Black Private College

 — Black man joins all-male private college. by Samuelx07/10/073.14

Alliance Ch. 01

 — She's not as weak as she looks. by rosycheeks111/23/174.40

Almost in the Earth Day

 — My day stopped being so typical. by patientlee04/07/144.25

Almost Persuaded

 — Billy is in the Pacific - Kitty faces tempation at home. by JakeRivers08/07/074.62HOT

Almost Unconsciously...

 — She vents her life's frustrations in a unique way. by musiclover62801/05/023.69


 — A woman struggles with a lost love. by mistyrydher12/10/064.63HOT


 — A day in the life. by SilverKey0108/14/143.54

Alone For Christmas

 — Mysterious man celebrates the holiday in a unique way. by sack12/08/064.64HOT

Alone for the Holidays

 — Wife dies, leaving husband alone for the holidays. by DG Hear12/03/054.61HOT

Along Came A Spider Ch. 01

 — The Iron Crowbar Returns. by WifeWatchman08/28/164.86HOTContest Winner

Along Came A Spider Ch. 02

 — The Iron Crowbar Triumphant. by WifeWatchman08/30/164.86HOT

Along Came A Spider Ch. 04

 — The Iron Crowbar Falls. by WifeWatchman09/03/164.84HOT

Alpha Prime

 — Keeping to the shadows... by theniteliner08/28/074.33

Alpha Wolf’s Demise

 — Ken the merc leader dueled against the werewolf. by TRIAX01/18/094.43

Alt.Endings: The Experiment

 — Our husband tries to save himself. by d70photog03/21/064.64HOT

Amazon Nation Ch. 01

 — Amazon princess meets rugged man. by Samuelx01/07/053.47

Ambassador's Life Ch. 04

 — Ambassador Kalitz schemes with his aide. by SEVERUSMAX02/23/064.56HOT

Amber's Tree

 — A remembrance of the pain of growing up. by EveHasFallen06/07/044.63HOT


 — After the song is over... by adam applebiter06/02/054.40

America 2028

 — Corruption and political greed lead to destruction. by freak4candy10/15/094.09

America Rocks & Canada Sucks

 — Black Canadian executive falls for Black American lady. by Samuelx07/08/101.00

America's Favorite Antihero

 — Policeman protects and serves his city. by Samuelx11/18/082.38

America's Playboy Ch. 03

 — Anthony meets Boss Russo. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER11/08/083.55

America's Playboy Ch. 04

 — Boss Russo makes Anthony an offer he can't refuse. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER11/09/084.03

America's Playboy Ch. 05

 — Anthony finds out what he must do for Boss Russo. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER11/10/083.44

American Gothic Story

 — A creepy story. by TJsLilAngel08/05/064.60


 — A situation comedy love triangle in the making. by umeshdes11/28/021.40

Amoral Faerie Tales

 — The girl who tried to outrun ugly. by NobodyWorthKnowing02/24/123.64


 — Tessa gets a mystery tattoo then strange things happen. by ErosinaScarlett10/08/164.44

Amusing Train Ride Ch. 06

 — Everyone chases after happiness. by Matadore09/09/054.48

Amy's Christmas Guest Ch. 13

 — Some sad news and a big change. by soroborn04/17/114.50HOT

An Accident Thwarts Plans

 — A straying wife waits in vain. Will her husband rescue her? by MitchFraell10/04/173.32

An Acidic Tiger

 — Love is hate when she lies to him. by KillerMuffin05/25/014.15Contest Winner

An Affair To Remember Ch. 02

 — Second part of a dark time in my life. by stickivicki03/05/124.19

An All-Male Private College

 — Enhancing today's education for tomorrow's men. by Samuelx07/07/072.09

An Angel's Wish

 — A single mom, her special needs daughter and homeless Marine. by Tara_Neale12/07/154.83HOTContest Winner

An Avenging Angel

 — What a woman is driven after a bad childhood. by espeteroh04/05/074.24

An Empty Feeling

 — The title says it all... by Slirpuff12/20/104.58HOT

An End & A Beginning

 — Girl meets the man who will change her life. by Jaysce06/19/035.00

An Eventful Canada Day

 — Black American experiences cultural relativity. by Samuelx07/05/101.00

An Evolution of Learning

 — An author's growth of short story writing. by wildsweetone04/14/024.88

An Extraordinary Imagination

 — Young man's mind makes his daydreams real. by teacherman57009/12/054.22

An Hour Alone

 — Music, magic, my girl. by HunterShambles03/06/154.85HOT

An Hour Alone Ch. 02

 — The band plays on. by HunterShambles05/15/154.72HOT

An Hour Alone Ch. 03

 — Into the studio and onto the bandstand. by HunterShambles07/04/154.87HOT

An Hour Alone Ch. 04

 — After the Tour, a relaxing break. by HunterShambles07/09/154.75HOT

An Illegal Alien's Strangest Tale

 — 'Soon it became inexplicably bizarre.' by egabrag12/15/134.32

An Immortal Man's Tale

 — Immortal man discusses his life and times. by Samuelx09/25/083.27

An Introduction to "Regal Bay"

 — An introduction to the series. by SteinWolf804/17/174.34

An Old Coach Remembers

 — A coach recalls a special year coaching youth baseball. by Jeff_Thomas01/11/164.82HOT

An Old Lady Remembers...

 — A background to Callie's Rest and Carruther's Hotel. by BooMerengue03/19/034.60HOT

An Open But Not Quite Shut Case

 — A man who amuses some students is not all he seems. by trevorm09/25/093.57

An Opportunist Is Born

 — A trip down Memory Lane. by Whisky7up10/29/044.20

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