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Non-Erotic Stories

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True Love

 — The beginning of a lasting true love. by Truloveisreal06/20/034.26

True Love Encounter

 — A story of true love & commitment. by Stories06/14/02

True Power Ch. 01

 — Story of a man who becomes the most powerful being on Earth by HueMaester09/15/164.14

True Power Ch. 02

 — The story of the most powerful man on Earth. by HueMaester09/16/164.12

Truly Dancing

 — She shows how to really dance. by Irish_Steve03/21/044.58HOT

Truth or Deception

 — Which parent is telling the truth? by fgmntfmgnshn05/20/124.70HOT

Tumbleweed Ch. 01

 — In the Old West, sometimes a man must travel to survive. by woodmanone12/04/154.78HOT

Tumbleweed Ch. 02

 — The story of Jake Hightower continues. by woodmanone12/07/154.83HOT

Tumbleweed Ch. 03

 — Emily is kidnapped and Jake vows to rescue her. by woodmanone12/08/154.81HOT

Turning Thirty

 — Will she gets what she wishes for as she turns thirty? by EmeliaBell02/03/074.54HOT


 — A vampiric stalker gets his due. by pagrl10/27/064.35

Twenty-Five O'Clock Ch. 1

 — The story of a man who knows little about himself. by Simon_Magus04/22/023.23


 — An erotic funeral for which she's dressed. by darkgoddess247802/10/053.88


 — An Old Mans Ramblings in the Twilight. by SW_MO_Hermit09/12/164.43

Twilight's Pleasure Ch. 06

 — The Intruders' Arc begins. by SirenoftheDeep05/25/154.08

TwitterTale:Boys of the Old Brigade

 — A story by Twitter. by RC_of_Doom01/14/114.45

Two Bowls

 — Eva Crespo cooks with a secret ingredient. by ledier08/04/063.92

Two Chapter Tease

 — Proof reading his story seemed like a good idea at the time. by thornapple02/11/104.60HOT

Two in a Body: An Interlude

 — An interlude to the hunt. by Sean Renaud01/28/054.20

Two Notes, Two Calls

 — Four connected messages. by Storm6211/09/114.55HOT

Two Pounds of Salami & a Hotdog Bun

 — Interview-date just doesn't work. by SweetSlyKitten06/12/012.82

Two Shades of Blue

 — Two sisters & their differences. by meko02/05/033.00

Two Short Stories

 — Stories written just for fun. by PTBzzzz03/26/114.21

Two Virgins, One Wife

 — I was married twice, but I've only had one wife. by GToast03/13/084.17

Two Weeks

 — The beginning of something a bit quirky. by duckiesmut03/07/064.38

Two Wrongs

 — That just does not make it right. by magmaman03/01/104.42

Two Year Debt

 — She defends herself & her daughter from the boogieman. by LadyTigeress10/05/054.43

TxQ - A Quiet Discussion

 — After the party discussion back home. by Tx Tall Tales01/02/144.28


 — Life in the air force. by robertreams04/29/144.30

umchucks: The Legend Ch. 19

 — The revival. by My Erotic Tail11/14/044.83

Un-Merciful Heart

 — Vengeance exacted. by Chagrined02/04/054.67HOT

Uncertain Justice

 — He didn't do the crime; you can't fight City Hall. Now What? by Longhorn__0712/24/124.87HOTContest Winner

Unconscious Revenge

 — A less than noble man seeks revenge. by jj2680901/20/153.53

Unconventional Plans

 — A soldier's story. (fiction) by jazzysoul04/26/073.56

Under a Pale Sky Ch. 01

 — A banished man adapts to his new world. by Mr_George_Greene05/18/164.50HOT

Under Sufferance

 — Things get complicated for a reluctant "Best Man." by Denham_Forrest03/02/104.68HOT

Under the El

 — A woman returns to the scene of love and loss. by Emmah06/25/014.37

Undercover Cop

 — Drug Cartel Boss goes down. by GatorRick09/23/134.58HOT

Unexpected Ch. 01

 — A young bride goes missing. by The Wanderer06/30/074.56HOT

Unexpected Ch. 02

 — The search continues. by The Wanderer07/01/074.64HOT

Unexpected Ch. 03

 — The search ends. by The Wanderer07/01/074.63HOT

Unexpected Discoveries Ch. 02

 — Long journey ends in divorce. by The Wanderer08/17/054.60HOT

Unexpected Discoveries Ch. 03

 — He finds a new life abroad. by The Wanderer08/19/054.33


 — Tales of corporate ambiguity set 20 minutes in the future. by Starscream_UK04/14/104.39

UnitedFutures Ch. 02

 — Product Acquisition. by Starscream_UK04/20/104.47

UnitedFutures Ch. 03

 — Field Test. by Starscream_UK04/27/104.42

Until Then Ch. 05

 — The conclusion. by mary91505/08/143.09

Untitled for Now

 — Prologue to a something I've been working on. by MikeCasanova12/11/083.67

Unto the Gates of Poazach

 — The Argument of the Moralists. by Tivanosa02/10/083.75

Unto the Gates of Poazach Ch. 02

 — The approach to Poazach. by Tivanosa02/18/08

Unto the Gates of Poazach Ch. 03

 — The Siege of Poazach. by Tivanosa02/24/085.00

Up the Sawmill Road

 — A crime writer covers tracks to his past. by SneakyDeaner10/08/083.43

Upon Deciding To Capitalize On His...

 — Mild-mannered Eric seeks visits dating service. by kidthor05/26/024.16


 — Faustus and Sari Stone discuss physics. by Taunus04/22/094.33


 — A non-erotic story. by DOMann195909/07/164.42

Valentine's Day Remembered

 — Elderly man remembers past Valentine's day. by DG Hear01/27/114.79HOTContest Winner

Valentines Day Dinner

 — A widower raises two daughters. by DG Hear01/19/154.80HOT

Valley of Angels

 — A peaceful valley finds it's borders violated by a demon. by kingof6604/25/163.75

Vanishing Act Ch. 01

 — Teleportation story told in several parts. by terkoz04/05/074.40


 — Where is love, youth, and tenderness? by cowboy10902/12/164.14

Various Methods of Escape

 — A short story to accompany the Nine Inch Nails song. by david45006/08/174.00

Vegas Baby

 — Despondent woman wanders the streets of Las Vegas. by jazzysoul05/04/072.88

Vengeance of the Gods Pt. 01

 — Slaying the Slave Hunters. by switluvxtasy7112/06/144.29

Vengeance of the Gods Pt. 02

 — Dead of Night Visit. by switluvxtasy7112/07/144.15

Vengence Of Dogs Ch. 01

 — A love story of death, love & dogs. by scoobysnax66612/01/143.83

Venice in August

 — An encounter in that fair city. by Denham_Forrest06/18/104.74HOT

Veterans' Day

 — Three generations of veterans united. by mascaife02/25/024.86HOT

Via Faenza

 — The Man in Black takes a life changing job. by Heathen Hemmingway07/03/134.67HOT

Vic Marcel

 — Guy seeking a job upset the boss's daughter. by EgmontOriginals04/14/164.43

Vicki Was Here

 — A Love Story. by ThickAsThieves06/19/153.96

Vicky Ch. 04

 — A Short Moment to Reflect. by TimRailing11/30/144.12

Victorian Dreams Pt. 01

 — Young woman battles Devil & his minions. by Orexis03/28/044.36

Victorian Dreams Pt. 02

 — Haley's battles against the Devil and minions continue. by Orexis04/05/044.88

Victorian Dreams Pt. 03

 — Haley's battles with the forces of the devil go on. by Orexis04/06/044.71

Vignettes From a Thread

 — Ten flashfic stories in 100 words or less. by jomar07/04/074.24

Villains: Remember The Name

 — Why villains do what they do. by Samuelx11/20/082.33

Visions of the Future

 — A fortune teller reveals far more than expected. by bracemaiden11/30/173.65

Visions or Dreams?

 — Author's nightmare involving ex-love's new girlfriend. by LonelyMuse09/25/025.00

Visiting the Lake

 — A visit to the lake turns a bad day around. by sosoyli08/29/093.91


 — A daydream for insomniacs. by stubborn wench06/27/064.09

Voice of Hope

 — A spirit from her past helps Helen mend her broken heart. by dizzylia10/13/054.58HOT

Voice on the Machine

 — It was a wrong number. But, oh, that voice! by kl200305/29/033.67


 — Nelson is back, despite his wishes. by Colleen Thomas04/24/054.85HOT


 — Female contract killer must do her job. by mayeliza02/17/034.10

Voided Ch. 02

 — Ariana goes home for family support by mayeliza02/25/033.78

Voyage of Discovery

 — Betrayal, rescue and a surprising twist of fate. by rachlou04/06/074.48

Wait For It

 — Cheating wife and lovers are dealt with. by Wire_Master10/18/103.62

Wait Here

 — She learns about love and pain from an unlikely source. by wingwagon06/08/034.48

Waiting and Watching

 — Finding what you seek isn't as it always seems. by Shadownight_Keeper01/29/063.89

Waiting For God

 — The tale of Ogg and Brin. by oldhornypervert02/05/114.00

Waiting for My Ruca

 — Story of the sapiosexual monster of Pomona. by cowboy10902/23/16

Waking up to the World Ch. 01

 — No one ever said the future was freindly. by butterfly_lies03/03/043.60

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

 — Snowfalls are so beautiful. by dirtyjoe6912/14/064.30

Walking My Friends Path Ch. 01

 — A New Life. by fgmntfmgnshn12/07/124.70HOT

Walking My Friends Path Ch. 02

 — Avenging My Friend. by fgmntfmgnshn12/21/124.74HOT


 — They are pretty, they are not, tall or short, they know. by 2Xwidderwoman08/05/084.82HOT

Waltzing With Jean

 — My final goodbye. by Ronnie Wachuka02/06/05HOT

Want Ad

 — He watched a single swing slowly sway back and forth... by Middleagepoet05/27/093.40


 — Brains over Brawn. by bassbelly09/19/074.62HOT

Wanting Elvis

 — I am looking forward to meeting with Elvis. by Rach7412/10/13

Warm Fuzzy Socks

 — short, intimte story of romantic love by kneeonsigh06/12/013.81

Was He Guilty? The Sequel

 — The story felt unfinished so I finished it. by DG Hear01/05/124.67HOT

Watch It When You Feel Lonely

 — Nothing could describe the feeling. by JasperMan03/05/024.00


 — A story of existence. by Lloyd200404/15/054.75

Watching It Grow

 — Learning from plants. by alexcarr08/05/124.14

Waterfall Falling

 — A stress-relieving foray into peace and nature. by PussyWillowZ06/11/054.43

Waters Edge, Feathers on the Wind

 — A tragic romance told in the second person style. by lokiie198403/21/124.50

Watery Lover

 — She has to help a spirit cross to the other side. by PenanceS04/29/034.75

Way of the Willamette Ch. 01

 — A fictional story set in late 1800s Portland, Oregon. by TheJourneyman08/06/104.00

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 02

 — No I in Team. by theeink07/02/144.42

We Need To Talk

 — Widowed sis-in-law needed a place. He had room. by julybear708/02/104.67HOT

We Never Would Have Guessed

 — Wife finds out he's an author; he find out she's a fan. by zeke8110/12/074.39

Weather for Two

 — She came seeking warmth and shelter. by JerryJonesAfrique08/08/154.57

Weekend with Rick

 — Mysterious Modern Mountain Man Meets Rich New York Banker by MysteryWriter09/09/144.50HOT

Welcome to the Moon, Roses Optional

 — Two mad scientists are determined to blow up everything! by ladyroxanne2104/28/144.44

Welding Shop

 — Surprising a female crush at work. (dream) by jason12187203/30/172.60

Well I'll Be Damned

 — What it takes to get it right the third time. by Slirpuff01/29/104.28

Wetwork Ch. 01

 — New spy thriller. by djwillis198802/23/114.56HOT

Wetwork Ch. 02

 — The interview. by djwillis198802/27/114.63HOT

Wetwork Ch. 03

 — The third chapter. by djwillis198803/13/114.72HOT

Wetwork Ch. 04-05

 — The fourth and fifth chapter. by djwillis198803/14/114.55HOT

What 'appened Was

 — The ups and downs of one couple's relationship. by The Wanderer04/20/064.46

What a Fool

 — Man must deal with a wife's choices. by Rhein107/28/124.32

What Does It Mean? Ch. 01

 — Are wedding vows sacred? by Agena05/02/074.36

What Does It Mean? Ch. 02

 — An end to the story. by Agena05/13/074.43

What Duck?

 — Can a young duck be rescued from a watery grave? by Ronnie Wachuka05/23/05HOT

What Good Are You To Anyone?

 — He loses weight, learns its rewards and obligations. by CAP81111/02/064.73HOTContest WinnerEditor's Pick

What Happened To Me

 — I was raped by someone at school. by Miss Cotton Candy0508/06/023.26

What Happens, Happens

 — Jeff finds unusual events on his trip home. by A.W. Root12/13/114.04

What I've Done

 — Black man is having the time of his life in college by Samuelx11/18/072.00

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