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Non-Erotic Stories

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What I've Done For Love

 — A Bad Guy explains himself. by Samuelx11/09/082.14

What If? Ch. 13

 — Epilogue by PaulStevens05/24/114.66HOT

What If? Reading Erotica Ch. 04

 — Roger makes a decision. by DG Hear09/15/054.47

What Not To Do

 — I believed a liar who never grew up. by enriquespappa10/01/073.46

What Not to Name Your Dog

 — Dave gets slapped over a dog's name. by olddave195112/05/164.48

What Now?

 — Tired, disillusioned man tries to find answers. by DeepAsleep07/23/043.73

What Now? Revisited

 — Dorothy speaks. by DG Hear10/13/054.50HOT

What Now? The Conclusion

 — The readers asked for it. by DG Hear10/22/054.51HOT

What To Do Now: Popular Ending

 — Indecision about cheating wife is resolved. by dirtykinkysex03/12/063.42

What We Do With It Ch. 01

 — Glory's Recollections by IndysGurrl01/12/033.50

What We Do With It Ch. 02

 — Glory's Choice by IndysGurrl01/13/034.00

What We Do With It Ch. 03

 — Glory remembers. by IndysGurrl01/15/034.60

What We Would Both Miss

 — No desire to let the vacation end. by WFEATHER08/10/054.48

What Would You Do To Save A Life

 — How far would you go? by Slirpuff03/04/104.67HOT

What's Her Face

 — Scene girls what she thinks she wants. by Your_Messiah06/16/063.67

What's With These Women?

 — Three stories of bad encounters. by budd10002/05/054.50HOT

Whatever Happen to Tommy Michaels?

 — What do you do when your life changes in the blink of an eye. by Jdk4402/23/094.00

Whatever Happened to FTDS?

 — Who is FTDS and where has he been? Is he ever coming back? by FinishTheDamnStory02/16/164.84HOT

When Darkness Falls

 — She meets a beautiful vampire. by smhgirl200201/19/044.44

When I Grow Old

 — Who says we have to grow old gracefully? by DeeSobek03/03/083.07

When It All Goes Away

 — A crystal clear memory of pain. by Devyne07/18/024.35

When It Rains, It Pours

 — Stranded family meets eerie old man. by All by myself03/16/033.60Editor's Pick

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Ch. 01

 — "When Johnny comes marching home again, Hurrah! Hurrah!" by MADMADMADMAXine04/05/164.05

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Ch. 02

 — "When Johnny comes marching home again, Hurrah! Hurrah!" by MADMADMADMAXine04/06/164.15

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Ch. 03

 — Doctor discharges a traitor Navy Seal from his hospital bed. by MADMADMADMAXine04/07/164.44

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Ch. 04

 — Where's my war hero? Where's my Medal of Honor winner? by MADMADMADMAXine04/15/16HOT

When Soon is Too Late

 — A heartfelt meeting. by msnomer6805/07/084.17

When Strangers Meet

 — Helen meets a man who is not what he seems. by J G Parkes01/20/084.59HOT

When The Darkness Calls

 — A peek at the Darkness inside. by Fred3126706/10/084.14

When the Levee Breaks

 — To he who killed my neighbor's cat: Cryin' won't help you. by frost129412/21/153.11

When The Light Comes On

 — A man learns about a recall notice. by sojourner200106/21/104.58HOT

When The Magic Almost Died

 — Sometimes it takes two Christmases to get the right gift. by Dirt Man12/02/034.71HOT

When The Villain is Victorious

 — Bad guy gets everything he wants. by Samuelx01/07/082.67

When To Speak

 — A nightmare haunts an older sibling. by YIX06/24/024.30

When Words Don't Matter

 — Dry comic play about crooks and academia. by Lord Bitememan05/12/054.68HOT

Where Eagles Dare

 — Soldiers hold position at a river crossing. by My Erotic Tail05/08/044.51HOT

Where is the Boy?

 — An encounter. by evilfairy02/06/074.00

Where It All Began

 — Two teens find love as outcasts. by SlenderChyld02/19/153.44

Where Villains Come From

 — The story of a modern villain. by Samuelx11/24/082.50

Which Way We'll Go?

 — A valid question for the end of the 20th Century. by charlesw6911/29/014.56HOTEditor's Pick

While The Trains Crossed

 — The idea was good; its execution better. by egabrag07/23/144.08

While You Sleep

 — The love of a man can only be defined in his heart. by Lord DragonsWing06/15/044.53HOT


 — They say you can't change nature. by magmaman07/02/064.30

Whispers From The Mirror

 — She hears whispers, but will she listen? by velvetpie03/03/054.57HOT

White Noise

 — The fragility of the human mind. by bloodsimple08/26/044.22

White Road to a White Wedding

 — In tears Lizzy tries to stop her sister and fiancé marrying. by Spencerfiction02/02/154.19

Whither I Go

 — Finding The Way. by AzPilot12/06/094.00

Who Are You?

 — Meeting him for the first, and last, time. by griart11/18/124.52HOT


 — 'I don't think you know what I feel'. by RubenR07/01/163.46

Why Are Black Women So Rude?

 — Black author asks the question everyone fears. by Samuelx09/08/083.03

Why Are We Here On Literotica?

 — A member explores the myriad reasons for being here on Lit. by Cinner06/12/124.20

Why Are You Here?

 — He's sent to a psychiatrist for his wife's problem. by zeke8104/07/094.05

Why Black Men Crave Black Women

 — Black men worldwide crave Black women. by Samuelx08/06/092.50

Why Black Men Love White Women

 — A white woman explains the phenomenon. by Samuelx11/13/072.55

Why Black Men Prefer White Women

 — Rude black women drive black men to white women. by Samuelx11/23/082.73

Why Blacks Could Rule the World

 — If only they focused on what matters. by Samuelx10/17/081.35

Why Do I Write?

 — Reflections about an emerging passion and a compulsion. by Cinner07/03/123.67

Why I Bought a Computer

 — She should have known better. by Gypsy in MI03/03/054.04

Why I Hate Canadians

 — A Haitian-American student's musings. by Samuelx06/17/101.26

Why I Hate Charles deGaulle Airport

 — I got stuck in the airport from hell. by Svenskaflicka03/02/034.00

Why I Love Black American Women

 — Black man makes a fascinating self discovery. by Samuelx01/21/121.00

Why I Never Got a Tattoo

 — Another story from my misspent youth. by qhml102/18/124.32

Why I Prefer Sex Work to Dating

 — What it's like being Trans, and why I prefer sex work. by ShyTammy02/12/174.55HOT

Why I Quit Men's Rights Movement

 — A man's view of the world changes. by Samuelx06/02/091.63

Why is Everyone Basically Horny?

 — Bullfrogs, blondes, and bosoms. by moll65doll11/05/052.88

Why Men Are Better Than Women

 — Two men married to each other find happiness. by Samuelx08/03/082.17

Why Men Are Superior To Women

 — The final battle of the sexes begins now. by Samuelx11/18/071.65

Why Racism Will Never Die

 — A young black man explains his view of the world. by Samuelx04/02/091.85

Widow's Windows

 — In 1934 England, Germany's rise brings painful memories. by Spencerfiction01/29/154.57HOT


 — A murderer must come to grips with his crime. by Dingus Guy02/11/044.44

Will You Marry Me?

 — Love has never been more beautiful. by bugsss07/22/023.86

Windmills in Spain

 — His cheating wife wanted his daughters. by PAPATOAD05/30/09

Winning the Lottery

 — Counting the days until winning the lottery. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/10/07HOT


 — For Paul, things go from bad to worse. by Boxlicker10106/29/044.00

Winter Dance

 — Chance meeting makes a dance worthwhile. by Tony15502/11/094.74HOT

Winter in December

 — A short story. by NyklDormir11/05/063.14


 — Another one shot non-erotic story. by bringosexytinger03/27/124.78HOT

Wishing It Was Real

 — A brief but meaningful reunion. by onlyinadream05/06/064.09

Witches Rune Ch. 01

 — Three witches cast a spell. by sweetnpetite09/22/034.22

Witching Hour

 — What do you mean there are more trolls? by MarshAlien04/04/07

With A Bang and A Flash

 — Dave's accidental revenge. by Vandemonium101/06/164.51HOT

With the Heart

 — Finding love and happiness through doubt. by EveHasFallen12/17/034.55HOT

Wolf and Pig

 — A relaxing afternoon comes to a tragic end. by Sean Renaud02/16/142.93

Woman's Work: Jailhouse Confessions

 — Based on the song "A Woman's Work". by DuckieRhode05/03/054.74HOT

Womankind According To One Man

 — A young Black man looks at womankind in Canada. by Samuelx07/17/121.25

Women Leave Islam For Atheism

 — A black woman explains choice of mate and faith. by Samuelx04/19/122.38


 — And you thought YOU had a bad day. (Humorous) by Kirk48200204/22/054.18

Woodstock Era Memories

 — A small part of a long story. by louienohio08/14/063.33

Words Can Hurt

 — Think before you type. by elphaba6911/02/123.90

Work Ethics in the Real World

 — A cute bitch boss gets hers. by L_G_DARROW08/31/074.19

Working Man's Blues

 — Reasoning with a bullet. by Heathen Hemmingway09/11/054.83HOT

World War III

 — The POTUS leads the world in an apocalyptic battle. by Dinsmore10/05/054.79HOT

Worst Night of your Life

 — Your day starts as it always does... by harley_ray05/16/113.55

Would You Make Me a Sandwich?

 — A short story of grief, loss, and finding yourself again. by beyondajm06/30/174.19

Wrestling With Life's Cruel Irony Ch. 04

 — Pam tells her mother about Vince. by cdhawkeye96a09/12/064.49

Wrinkle Shivers

 — I shiver. by SpectaclesInSkirt10/13/064.50HOT

Writer's Block

 — Where do your stories come from? A writer's viewpoint. by Kaereni06/16/06

Writer's Block

 — A conversation helps her to get over a writer's block. by fire_breeze03/10/114.71HOT

Wrong Side of Town

 — Hero gets a surprise. by Tail End Pete08/24/05HOT

Wrong Side of Town Ch. 03

 — Where in Hell was she? by Tail End Pete09/03/05

X Crus Bangye

 — The myth of the hearthunter... (Glimpse 1.) by Drostetsord01/08/17

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