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Non-Erotic Stories

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 — Last call for a Sunday morning computer chat. by endthedream05/08/073.00


 — A closeted lesbian needs someone to talk to. by sawandsword12/02/134.48


 — A chapter in a short novel. by WitchyNiki10/14/073.67

Cosplay and Corruption Ch. 02

 — Alice comes face to face with the mystery woman. by DraceDomino06/26/144.48

Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 19

 — "Thanks for the Memories." by SusanJillParker07/19/12HOT

Count Not the Years

 — Aelfric's drive won a throne but how will it serve in defeat. by MQAllen09/09/144.38

Countdown to Showdown

 — A man's family is kidnapped. What will he do to rescue them? by irongliss12/26/093.76

Counter Ops Ch. 01

 — A short story about espionage. by djwillis198807/13/104.76HOT

Counter Ops Ch. 02

 — The second chapter. by djwillis198807/21/104.61HOT

Counting Backwards

 — A young girl tries to understand her friend's death. by Kat051101/03/114.56HOT

Courageous Spirits Of Love

 — Does she have the courage? by _Lady1SensuaL1Fire_03/12/034.44


 — One was different. by magmaman09/17/114.73HOT

Crackpot Spammer Ch. 03

 — Faustus Mortal lectures. by Taunus07/02/11

Crackpot Spammer Ch. 04

 — Toy Is Erased, Deleted and History is Lost. by Taunus07/05/11

Crackpot Spammer Ch. 05

 — Faustus answers arguments. by Taunus07/11/11

Crackpot Spammer Ch. 06

 — Faustus defends his constant. by Taunus07/30/11

Crackpot Spammer Ch. 07

 — Faustus discusses pi. by Taunus08/12/11

Crackpot Spammer Ch. 08

 — Faustus and the Extended Periodic Table. by Taunus08/13/111.00

Crackpot Spammer Ch. 09

 — Faustus has an invention. by Taunus09/18/113.00


 — In his arms. by iamsamtoday06/09/102.60

Crib Notes

 — Anna helps out a friend. by velvetpie01/16/054.76HOT

Cropper's Sacrifice

 — Cropper redeems himself. by vet4201/08/074.00

Cumming To Terms

 — A wife sets interesting terms for divorce settlement. by SEVERUSMAX05/23/044.13

Cupid's Revenge Pt. 01

 — Can Jim and Charlie stop Cupids death dealing arrows? by DG Hear01/27/084.55HOT

Cupid's Revenge Pt. 02

 — Does Cupid try again on Valentines Day? (conclusion) by DG Hear01/29/084.56HOT

Curse You Uncle Jessie Ch. 01

 — An interesting inheritance causes problems. by Rabbitrunner9104/05/054.57HOT

Curse You Uncle Jessie Ch. 02

 — The search is on. by Rabbitrunner9104/06/054.65HOT

Curse You Uncle Jessie Ch. 03

 — The conclusion of Matt's dilemma. by Rabbitrunner9105/08/054.67HOT

Curve Ball

 — Life throws man a curve ball. by The Wanderer10/19/064.38

Curve Balls

 — A love story told through a blog. by Nephylim07/27/124.80HOT

Cutting Her Out of My Life

 — A former soldier does what needs to be done. by RLmann10/22/144.05


 — My daughters wanted a DNA test for a science project. by sourdough99909/01/10

Dad's Rabbit Rescue

 — How dear Dad saved the baby bunny. by LeslieBlue12/18/044.55HOT

Daddy's Baby Girl

 — Romance from a different POV. by JayDiver07/04/164.52HOT

Daddy's Day

 — The little girl came rushing in the house after school. by MendonFishers01/10/134.87HOTContest Winner

Dads Guide to Surviving a C-Section

 — A fathers misadventures during the birth of his first son. by Jeff_Thomas04/28/144.50HOT

Dalila, My Love

 — A story of a brief moment of intense love for a stranger. by Bennywise32107/09/183.75

Damage Control

 — The aftermath of his choice. by songmaster01/20/044.34

Damn Tourists

 — The dirt road was lined bumper to bumper with cars. by Decayed Angel10/12/064.18

Damned if You Do; Damned if You

 — Should he or shouldn't he have spoken earlier. by Denham_Forrest03/01/104.41

Damnest StoryD

 — The damnest story you ever heard. by H20wader05/19/053.70

Dan Meets Meraina

 — The first meeting between two people. by Joseki Ko01/18/044.19

Dan Meets Meraina Ch. 02

 — She gets evicted and asks to move in with Dave. by Joseki Ko01/25/044.03

Dance of Life

 — by His hand love does flourish a rose. by St-James07/10/024.33

Dance with the Deacon

 — Cowboy, indians, and a murdering Deacon all in here. by MysteryWriter08/14/144.83HOT

Dance Without Sleep

 — An ode to 'Girl, Interrupted'. by quinnhemmingway01/24/024.00

Dancing Children

 — Pied Piper collects his reward. . . by D_Marx06/18/12

Dancing in the Pale Moonlight Pt. 01

 — Crime never ceases in Gotham City. by LakeLumina05/19/163.60

Dancing with the Bride

 — Lesbian couple attends a small-town wedding. by Penelope Street01/07/054.75HOT

Danger and Opportunity

 — A drug mule presents both opportunity and danger. by JayCuck03/07/152.51

Dangerous Dealings

 — Huyton muscles in on the wrong turf. by LimeyLady09/30/164.48

Danny's Forbidden Love

 — He gets into a Student-Teacher relationship. by Charmed2672602/03/043.79

Dante's View

 — A chance for Richard to reflect before beginning an affair. by Bigdenverman07/27/074.64HOT

Dark Ch. 00

 — Prologue: setting up Joleine's story with a trip across the ocean. by ValentineSatterlee10/08/124.25

Dark Side of the Force Ch. 01

 — Laying groundwork; Don's full name revealed. by WifeWatchman07/12/144.61HOT

Dark Side of the Force Ch. 05

 — Solution; philosophical discussions; fun new twists. by WifeWatchman07/20/144.71HOT


 — The best online game partner I ever had. by sun_sea_sky08/05/123.92


 — A dark night, a dark girl, a dark journey. by lindiana08/24/052.93


 — Perhaps technology could make her smarter. by WFEATHER07/02/064.30

Daughter of the Winds

 — She feels the call of the Old Gods, and responds. by Sannion09/19/014.16

Day of Atonement

 — A Yom Kippur from hell. by trigudis10/10/164.39

Day of Reckoning 1st BCT

 — Mercenary Battalion Combat Team in action. by TRIAX08/05/084.62HOT

Day of the Puma

 — The 3rd BCT faces an overwhelming odds. by TRIAX09/19/094.80HOT

Day Tripper

 — It took me so long to find out, and I found out. by Harddaysknight01/14/074.61HOT

Daydream Believer: Consequences

 — Is it worth saving a marriage? And who is Cricket? by Chagrined08/21/05HOT


 — You never know when, where, and how you will die. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/18/074.24

Dealing with Sociopaths

 — A young black man battles sociopath in North America. by Samuelx03/19/131.83

Dealing with The Bully

 — Every school has them. Some pick on the wrong kids. by Scorpio44a02/02/094.32

Dear Brandi: Letter Of Confession

 — She confesses her secret love to her friend in a letter. by TroubleZ4u06/15/01

Dear Mom

 — This is a letter that I wrote for my mom. by elphaba6901/26/144.10

Dear Mother

 — Sometimes kids shouldn't mess around with grownups. by coaster209/11/074.64HOT

Dear World

 — Tragic tale of a young woman's struggle with life. by BloodieKisses01/22/043.88

Death and Cheating

 — Her words cut me. Are you sure the kids are really yours? by NeedYou05/11/054.07

Death Departed

 — A sword fight with the Reaper. by ZfrkS6208/13/044.50HOT

Death Has No Friends

 — Death tries to make friends but fails tragically. by Samuelx10/03/083.60

Death of a Muse

 — When your Muse dies, what's there left to live for? by Meanderingpoet07/15/053.62

Death of a Thumb

 — My response to Abstruse's Challenge. by Salvor-Hardon01/04/064.71HOT

Death Sentence

 — No sex, sad story. by Robin P01/31/074.24

Death Stopped By

 — He'd planned on taking his story to his grave. by dsoul05/19/113.79

Death Watch

 — An ancient timepiece holds unspeakable power. by princessmaryann01/02/144.76HOT

Death's Favorite Soldier

 — Prehistoric vampire becomes Death's henchman. by Samuelx10/14/083.56

Death's Favorite Soldier Ch. 02

 — Prehistoric vampire leads Death's Army against Lucifer. by Samuelx10/20/083.43

Death's Twin Brother

 — Death's twin brother visits the mortal world. by Samuelx10/12/083.71

Death: An Autobiography

 — Thanatos, God of Death, speaks for the first time. by Samuelx05/22/073.00

Debbie & Ned: Epilogue

 — A chilly blast from the family's past. by Paul K. Merrill11/02/013.71


 — A lonely soul in despair. by spankableBelle03/13/024.19

Decade of the Naughts

 — How the world has changed since 2000. by Bakeboss03/26/103.12

Decay Ch. 01

 — Taunus works a Super Computer. by Taunus01/20/173.25


 — A man cannot face reality. by madengineer311/27/084.04

December Rain

 — Two souls reawaken. by Lilac57207/18/114.48

December Rain Ch. 02

 — Complications. by Lilac57207/23/114.17

December Twenty-Fourth

 — A mysterious stranger helps a young woman at Christmas. by PrincessErin12/02/124.38


 — Not the best detectives in the world... by blackout_10102/21/124.04


 — Big choices impact us, but not always as we expect. by Fyreforged10/18/053.50

Deeds Ch. 02

 — Leroy and Dee - He Knows. by dangerouslydead05/21/084.28

Deeds Ch. 03

 — Leroy and Dee: she doesn't know. by dangerouslydead05/23/084.24

Deifying Man

 — He was more than a man. by MrGreen11/13/024.09


 — Lois is your average Goddess with a common problem. Men. by D_Marx06/17/124.00

Deja Vu Christmas

 — Reaching out across time. by sr71plt12/23/084.38


 — Delaney Robinson's brilliant career is cut short. by EgmontGrigor201112/12/114.50HOT

Delivery in the Rear Ch. 01

 — The Iron Crowbar and the FBI investigate a new case. by WifeWatchman02/16/174.77HOT

Delusions Most Foul

 — A man is confined, and goes mad. by ShaunW07/18/054.00

Demonic Family Values

 — Demonic family's life in a human world. by Samuelx10/26/083.60

Demonic War Ch. 03

 — The final battle for humanity commences. by warnos07/11/154.46


 — Christmas isn't always the most wonderful time of the year. by Kirk48200212/10/044.54HOT

Der Witwer (The Widower)

 — Betrayal, Death, Revenge, Redemption... by PostScriptor08/03/11

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 08

 — Patrick considers new options. by jtuf04/25/103.55

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 13

 — Benjamin considers his rights. by jtuf07/04/103.67

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 24

 — Benjamin learns that three is not a crowd. by jtuf10/30/142.67

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 25

 — Hanna attends Catholic Mass. by jtuf11/05/143.50

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 26

 — Discovering Jovita's heritage. by jtuf11/08/142.00

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 27

 — Hanna and Jovita plan a family. by jtuf11/10/143.00

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 28

 — Hanna meets Jovita's family. by jtuf11/12/142.00

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 29

 — How homes get built. by jtuf11/13/144.00

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 30

 — Jovita resolves her identity. by jtuf11/15/143.00

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 31

 — Hanna and Jovita buy engagement rings. by jtuf11/20/143.00

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 32

 — Hanna learns Jovita's secret. by jtuf11/22/143.00

Desconocido Pt. 01

 — A man survives a murder plot, but his memory is lost by Catalingus200511/09/084.25

Desert Hunt

 — Marc and his men faces the Parthians and surprised them by TRIAX08/16/084.60HOT


 — The life and time of a unlikely hero. by woodmanone05/07/114.85HOT


 — The beginning of one man's destiny. by SGTPhoenix11/21/064.18


 — Ready for this? by SEAKEG06/28/092.38


 — Scars are always deeper than they appear. by Qazunce11/15/173.64

Devil in the Flesh

 — He met the devil near the old logging road. by cowboypoet03/01/064.55HOT

Devouring Moon

 — Here's a Mexico not described in any travel brochure. by RetMarut07/09/083.86


 — A young man finds hope after being attacked. by deathlynx08/25/063.63

Diary Of A Hijabi Slut Ch. 03

 — Somali gal's Haitian Muslim boyfriend reveals himself. by Samuelx06/19/151.25

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