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Abduction of Terror

 — Two call girls become the subjects of alien experiments. by Hot Cheyenne01/15/013.90

Aboriginal Australian Werewolf

 — Life and times of an Aboriginal Australian werewolf. by Samuelx08/12/113.10

Above an Alpha Ch. 01

 — Omega Trent meets his Match. by PlainJane1209/29/124.65HOT

Above an Alpha Ch. 02

 — Trent's Taken from Leah. by PlainJane1210/08/124.64HOT

Above an Alpha Ch. 03

 — Mark invites Leah to a meal in his room. by PlainJane1210/16/124.72HOT

Above an Alpha Ch. 04

 — Leah escapes, slightly... by PlainJane1211/12/124.64HOT

Above an Alpha Ch. 05

 — Leah begins Adria's story, and worries about Trent. by PlainJane1212/09/124.68HOT

Above an Alpha Ch. 06

 — Leah gets back to her story. by PlainJane1205/05/144.48

Absolute Magic

 — A young witch is hired to heal a sick vampire. by SugarKitten18005/26/104.40

Absolute Magic Ch. 02

 — Raven gets a not so warm welcome. by SugarKitten18006/08/104.59HOT

Absolution Ch. 01

 — Adianna and Jolen's story continues. by Kheftling11/01/114.20

Absolution Ch. 02

 — Adianna and Jolen's story continues. by Kheftling11/02/114.26

Absolution Ch. 03

 — Adianna and Jolen's story continues. by Kheftling11/03/114.61HOT

Absolution Ch. 04

 — Adianna and Jolen...will they reconcile? by Kheftling04/10/123.82


 — An explorer falls for a shape-changing life form. by taiyakisoba12/16/154.69HOT

Abyss: Darkness Descends

 — Interracial love story of two total opposites. by FreeSpirited1301/14/144.21

Abyss: Darkness Descends Ch. 02

 — Interracial love story of two total opposites. by FreeSpirited1302/03/144.25

Academy Nite Bite

 — Inexperienced bloodsucker pushes the boundaries. by hotchkiss06/27/044.58HOT

Accepted Oddities

 — Erica makes her way among wolves. by iateyourface06/23/134.40

Accepting Fate

 — Sophia tries to flee from her mate while patroling. by sjalv9105/03/124.18

Accidental Summons

 — Girl's wish accidentally summons lusty demon. by Goldeniangel02/22/054.16


 — What the Client wants, the Client gets. by Seneca08/27/014.20

Acquisitions Ch. 02

 — Caught in the middle. by Seneca08/28/034.80HOT

Adage of the Snow-Water Ch. 01

 — New home, new friends, new enemies? by Alecrire12/22/144.76HOT

Adage of the Snow-Water Ch. 02

 — Finding new Angel Ordinals. by Alecrire01/17/154.79HOT

Addicted Ch. 01

 — Jasmine meets the Channings - and her soulmate. by angelicsounds02/14/094.71HOT

Addicted Ch. 02

 — Jasmine comes to terms, and Kiran is ready. by angelicsounds02/27/094.73HOT

Addicted Ch. 03

 — Kiran makes Jasmine his - forever. by angelicsounds03/06/094.77HOT

Adelle Ch. 01

 — It's a classic case of blood for sex. Almost. by rexfelis10/28/034.71HOT

Adelle Ch. 02

 — The party's just begun. by rexfelis11/02/034.70HOT

Adoring Claudia

 — Vampire is in love with a woman. by Puuuuurr11/14/044.45

Adoring Claudia Ch. 02

 — Captured. by Puuuuurr11/19/044.32

Adriana Becomes a Werewolf

 — A village girl falls in love with a werewolf. by Phoebe_Magus02/25/134.59HOT

Advanced Robotics

 — Christine is enjoyed by robot and designers. by medley12/28/033.88

Adventures in Engagement

 — All is fair in love and war! by GoldenMaia02/08/164.76HOT

Adventures of a Cum Kitten

 — A catgirl's pussy becomes a cumdump! by HinaCumKitten04/14/154.49

Adventures of Pal, a Satyr

 — Satyrs never fall in love - do they? by beltman7012/25/084.33

Afro-Caribbean Wolf Man

 — Haitian werewolf meets Native American lady in Calgary. by Samuelx04/22/132.08

After Midnight

 — Her demon, her master. by Mylynka10/22/024.25

After Midnight 1.1

 — Girl is forced to give birth to...something. by madvikingnny05/30/024.27

After Midnight 1.2

 — Woman is forced to give form to...something. by madvikingnny07/20/023.90

Ageless Passion

 — Dale & Theresa tell of one of their immortal conquests. by dalespeer09/15/024.06

Agent Alpha Ch. 00

 — Werewolves are dying and forced into an undesirable solution by QueenAnastasia07/29/144.46

Agent Alpha Ch. 01

 — Rhys deals with a missing woman and a fiesty FBI Agent by QueenAnastasia07/30/144.63HOT

Agent Alpha Ch. 02

 — Rhys plots Shepherd's death while the agent gets in a brawl. by QueenAnastasia08/02/144.72HOT

Agent Alpha Ch. 03

 — Wolves attack, uniting Shepherd and Rhys in the assault by QueenAnastasia08/03/144.70HOT

Agent Alpha Ch. 04

 — Shepherd recovers and Rhys understands what he has to do. by QueenAnastasia08/04/144.71HOT

Agent Alpha Ch. 05

 — Recovery and Alliances. by QueenAnastasia08/13/144.66HOT

Agent Alpha Ch. 06

 — Analise completes her shift as two new threats surface. by QueenAnastasia08/14/144.69HOT

Agent Alpha Ch. 07

 — Intimacy begins for Ana and Rhys as new lovers act. by QueenAnastasia08/16/144.65HOT

Agent Alpha Ch. 08

 — Peters is on to the pack and Rhys and Shepherd form a plan. by QueenAnastasia08/22/144.65HOT

Agent Alpha Ch. 09

 — Two wolves become friends and Analise starts a war. by QueenAnastasia08/23/144.76HOT

Ah Paris!: From 'Bridget's Nights'

 — Bridget recalls three visits to Paris over the centuries. by patricia5101/18/094.63HOT

AI Reward and Punishment

 — AI controls human beings with rewards and punishment. by lovebubbles2204/06/143.06

Aine's Journey

 — Death is not the end, and even spirits can be hospitable. by gypsypetal02/22/044.22

Aislinn and Cullen - The Honeymoon

 — Honeymoon in a mountain cabin. by secretme01/09/084.82HOT

Aleena Ch. 2

 — It was all planned out, or was it? by zephrbabe03/11/023.96

Aleena Ch. 3

 — What happens next to Aleena. by zephrbabe03/12/023.73

Alex and Damien

 — A vampire and a witch make love. by phoenixphair08/16/054.61HOT

Alexia & the Alien Gangbang

 — Hot lady is abducted by scores of sex-craved aliens. by Nevermore09/19/014.10

Alfie & Blatt

 — Abduction and sex experiments by care less alien sicko's. by FINC12/30/034.33


 — Alice is like no other in the world. She is a true A.I. by stickivicki08/26/153.51

Alice's Wonderland

 — Alice's Wonderland or Eat Me; Drink Me. by oggbashan01/01/154.60HOT

Alice, Joe, and Marvin

 — An out-of-this-world story. by leapyearguy09/26/064.50HOT

Alien Abduction

 — He gets more relaxation than he bargained on a long drive. by Lazarus10/06/054.27

Alien Abduction

 — Digging for the truth can make you part of the story. by alan5510/04/083.92

Alien Abduction

 — Some farm kids get the time of their life. by ZombieGirl8601/20/164.49

Alien Attack

 — A woman meets an alien looking to breed. by The Spy11/02/003.73

Alien Chronicles Ch. 1

 — Nicole is confronted by the dangerous alien radicle Nei. by Therapy Patient05/16/013.50

Alien Chronicles Ch. 2

 — Nei is punished for his behavior. by Therapy Patient05/17/013.44

Alien Chronicles Ch. 3

 — Nei's old 'friend' Primus arrives with news. by Therapy Patient05/22/013.55

Alien Colonization

 — An alien commander comes to future Earth with a devious plan. by init4u4004/12/163.87

Alien Colonization Day 02

 — The second day of the plan unfolds with a new threat. by init4u4005/03/163.76

Alien Household Ch. 01

 — Chris's duties include helping one of the wives to 'relax'. by kurtrellians07/12/074.40

Alien Household Ch. 02

 — Chris learns as much about himself as the aliens from Braidt. by kurtrellians07/21/074.15

Alien Love Slave

 — Sidney is abducted & inspected by the Gray Aliens. by EmeraldIce11/26/134.43

Alien Love Slave Ch. 02-03

 — Sidney is loaned for sex & reproduction of a botanical race. by EmeraldIce12/11/134.59HOT

Alien Love Slave Ch. 04-05

 — Sidney is loaned to a drider. by EmeraldIce12/22/134.53HOT

Alien Next Door

 — Rose is forced into sex with alien next door. by Goldeniangel07/12/054.03

Alien Seduction

 — This story is about being seduced by aliens. by southern_comfort6901/16/073.95

Alien Sex at Low Resolution

 — Thor meets Captain America. by FubarHak12/18/042.35

Alina's Alien Encounter

 — The usual girl meets alien story. Maybe. by IamGnuHere05/10/154.02

Alina's Tale: Outcasts Ch. 01

 — A young woman raised by centaurs finds love in the herd. by bellablanche01/14/144.26

Alive Ch. 01

 — In 2012, vampires aren't just real: they are Gods. by Firebrain10/23/104.67HOT

Aliyah's Chastity Ch. 01

 — Desire ignites between her and an exile. by heatedreveries02/21/084.47

Aliyah's Chastity Ch. 02

 — Her guardian does more than watch. by heatedreveries03/16/084.53HOT

All American Muslim Werewolf

 — The life and times of a Somali Muslim werewolf. by Samuelx06/14/152.36

All Is Fair

 — Saved from a vampire by a werewolf. by Sherrybaby1402/28/144.62HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 02

 — Brooks worries. by Sherrybaby1403/02/144.68HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 03

 — Brooks gets some answers by Sherrybaby1403/03/144.65HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 04

 — Helena gets some answers by Sherrybaby1403/04/144.67HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 05

 — Helena opens up by Sherrybaby1403/05/144.69HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 06

 — A glimpse into the past. by Sherrybaby1403/05/144.78HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 07

 — Helena makes a decision. by Sherrybaby1403/07/144.73HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 08

 — A different Perspective. by Sherrybaby1403/08/144.69HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 09

 — A plan is made. by Sherrybaby1403/09/144.75HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 10

 — Helena has a new outlook. by Sherrybaby1403/12/144.76HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 11

 — Relationships Change. by Sherrybaby1403/13/144.76HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 12

 — A secret is revealed by Sherrybaby1403/14/144.72HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 13

 — A betrayal is exposed. by Sherrybaby1403/15/144.73HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 14

 — The search begins by Sherrybaby1403/16/144.77HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 15

 — Secret Talents by Sherrybaby1403/17/144.80HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 16

 — The end....for now. by Sherrybaby1403/18/144.77HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 17

 — A new side. by Sherrybaby1403/26/144.79HOT

All Is Fair Ch. 18

 — The ballroom is full. by Sherrybaby1405/03/144.76HOT

All Mine

 — A woman has mind-blowing sex with her vampire boyfriend. by AriannaKing05/16/094.54HOT

All Part of The Job

 — Slayer meets a vampire, & lemony goodness ensues. by Vamperella04/05/024.03

All-Canadian Vampire

 — Haitian-American vampire fights ancient Gods in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/05/122.27

Alley Vampires

 — Two vampires fuck after sating their blood lust... by Great_Pharaoh10/25/144.35

Allie's Garden

 — A young woman communes with nature. by elnovelista01/11/144.09

Alone Again ... Supernaturally

 — Working late leads to a long-time coming encounter. by Emperor_Nero10/03/074.44

Alone No More

 — Vera is alone, but finds her mate unknowingly. by EmoxRainbows11/11/124.28

Alone No More Ch. 02

 — The events that made Vera who she is today. by EmoxRainbows12/12/124.18


 — It was a dark summers night. by hot_n_ginger02/13/023.68


 — Even in wolf packs, love can conquer. by leapingfox06/25/064.24

Alpha Protection Ch. 01

 — Woman found by Alpha's brother. by tilliscream03/27/094.55HOT

Alpha Protection Ch. 02

 — Finding a name means complications. by tilliscream04/03/094.57HOT

Alpha Protection Ch. 03

 — Getting to know each other better. by tilliscream04/06/094.59HOT

Alpha Protection Ch. 04

 — Things aren't always what they seem. by tilliscream04/15/094.69HOT

Alpha Protection Ch. 05

 — A dying race. by tilliscream01/16/104.69HOT

Alraune Mandragora

 — Walking in the woods, Marna falls into a sunken hollow. by wafflecone11111/29/114.15

Alraune Mandragora Ch. 02

 — Marna is blossoming. by wafflecone11102/03/124.36

Alraune Mandragora Ch. 03

 — Divine intervention. by wafflecone11106/13/124.41

Alraune Mandragora Ch. 04

 — Stories in the Dark. by wafflecone11112/16/144.64HOT

Altar Boys

 — Tammy's coven knows true Darkness. by oneiria03/01/013.96

Alucard's Final Battle

 — Alucard loses a battle with another soul sucker. by mjm20203610/13/044.51HOT

Always Be Careful

 — Always be careful Gwen or you will pay for your mistakes. by freakchicka11/28/134.41

Always Be Careful Ch. 02

 — Light peering through my fluttering eyes... by freakchicka12/08/134.12

Always Be Careful Ch. 03

 — Must keep Gwen safe. by freakchicka02/14/144.42

Always Be Careful Ch. 04

 — Always be careful. by freakchicka03/22/144.61HOT

Always the Seamstress Ch. 01

 — The designer of Ava's wedding dress is her brother's mate. by LilyDecember03/27/134.55HOT

Always the Seamstress Ch. 02

 — The Interrupter. by LilyDecember04/04/134.52HOT

Alyssa - The Auction

 — An Anthro up for sale. by meowmeowshuman12/04/074.16

Amanda and the Forest

 — Amanda is taken by the forest, and it's a win-win-win. by jdinthemiddle04/24/093.81

Amber & the Elves

 — Sexy girl meets two horny elves. by SatyrZu01/06/024.13

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 01

 — The aftermath of meeting Diamond. by donalde04/15/124.67HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 02

 — Ttrying to learn how to survive. by donalde05/06/124.74HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 03a

 — Learning their powers. by donalde07/17/124.77HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 03b

 — Time to move on. by donalde08/05/124.75HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 04

 — New Adventure. by donalde10/16/124.87HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 05

 — Who can they trust? by donalde11/20/124.79HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 06

 — A new enemy? by donalde01/25/134.75HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 07

 — Gloria's pain. by donalde05/03/134.74HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 08

 — The beginning of the investigation into the attack. by donalde07/10/134.82HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 09

 —  The search for Jake begins. by donalde08/23/134.82HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 11

 — The hunt begins! by donalde10/25/144.83HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 12 Pt. 01

 — Guardian Angel. by donalde03/04/154.88HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 12 Pt. 02

 — Brother in-laws reunited and a bit of revenge. by donalde03/14/154.83HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 13

 — More Help? by donalde10/21/154.80HOT

Amelia Ch. 01

 — A sultry voice catches her attention. by amanda1608/01/094.25

Amelia's Halloween

 — She really shouldn't have gone into the woods. by ChevyGirl6710/05/074.38


 — A visitor in the night. by SilentRose09/15/104.27

Amulette de Puissance

 — Mortal uses talisman to take control of gorgeous vampires. by Debbie05/09/014.43

Amusing Train Ride

 — A Gentleman has an odd encounter on a long train ride. by Matadore06/20/054.48

Amusing Train Ride Ch. 02

 — Sex and eating are sometimes the same. by Matadore07/05/054.48

Amusing Train Ride Ch. 03

 — Evil sometimes wears a pleasant face I have found by Matadore07/14/054.56HOT

Amusing Train Ride Ch. 04

 — We come to love not by finding a perfect person... by Matadore07/15/054.60HOT

Amusing Train Ride Ch. 05

 — This fey-woman was like no other. by Matadore08/25/054.74HOT

Amusing Train Ride Ch. 07

 — Intercourse is kicking death in the ass while singing. by Matadore09/25/054.47

An Alien and a Succubus

 — The party was just getting started. by RandomStorywriter0190407/22/134.43

An Alpha's Klutz

 — Can he keep her alive long enough to claim her? by LoriLeen08/23/124.39

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