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The Séance

 — Woman encounters history of pleasure & horror. by ChaseQ08/18/054.16

The Síochán Ch. 01

 — Sometimes you just can't fight Fate. by JazCullen04/09/104.66HOT

The Síochán Ch. 02

 — Lessons in time. by JazCullen04/11/104.68HOT

The Síochán Ch. 03

 — The truth comes out. by JazCullen04/22/104.79HOT

The Síochán Ch. 04

 — Insurmountable barriers. by JazCullen05/26/104.81HOT

The Síochán Ch. 05

 — Will love find a way? by JazCullen07/20/104.81HOT

The Síochán Ch. 06

 — Revelations, endings and new beginnings. by JazCullen07/31/104.81HOT

The Scared Mate

 — An unexpected discovery. by Sherrybaby1408/14/154.52HOT

The Story of Greyson Manor

 — Love and danger await a woman watching a ghostly manor. by PrettySin8603/19/094.25

The Story of Greyson Manor Ch. 02

 — Things get hotter and scarier for Keela as the owners return. by PrettySin8608/31/094.47

The Stranger I Knew Well

 — Destiny brings a vampire and a werewolf together. by Caspianwriteserotica01/27/094.49

The Subjucant

 — Stormy night & a computer screen provide the backdrop. by nicholai_volchenko05/04/074.45

The Succubus

 — Young man finds the ultimate in sexual satisfaction. by cactiphile01/02/064.02

The Succubus

 — Her need cannot be ignored. by ErotikWriter01/08/124.35

The Succubus and Her Butler

 — The princess needs her butler to keep her in line. by lil_jess02/02/124.25

The Succubus Ch. 01

 — Danny strikes a deal with a demon to indulge his fantasies. by Occult_philosopher04/07/104.62HOT

The Succubus Ch. 01

 — An anonymous man falls prey to a succubus. by 12StrokesAtMidnight06/28/133.52

The Succubus Ch. 02

 — Our protagonist falls further in thrall to the succubus. by 12StrokesAtMidnight07/07/134.16

The Summoner

 — A demon summoner gets more than she bargains for. by Shadow_Weaver06/14/174.55HOT

The Summoner Ch. 02

 — Brigetta completes her first task and discovers a new power. by Shadow_Weaver08/07/174.68HOT

The Summoner Ch. 03

 — Brighetta returns to Asmodeus to collect her reward. by Shadow_Weaver06/21/184.43NEW

The Supernatural Lives Among Us

 — Somali lesbian student becomes a werewolf in Boston. by Samuelx07/09/173.67

The Tail of Two Wolves Ch. 01

 — Will they be together? Or will rivalry rip them apart? by Whitbug107/25/134.23

The Taken

 — Jill sees a woman at mass and remembers her past. by KaereniSister08/28/174.12

The Taking

 — A naga takes a mate by zyster20010/09/134.08

The Taking of Maxime

 — Bound to a cross, she encounters him while alone in the dark. by FogBard11/27/074.29

The Taking of Miranda

 — Creature of shadows knows just how to use them. by Erotic_Angel07/24/024.35

The Taking of Robin

 — 500-year-old bloodsucker lusts for redhead. by August Never11/05/004.24

The Tale of Patricia Royson

 — Woman accidentally summons lusty demon. by Sean Renaud03/28/044.27

The Taste of Evening

 — Lonely young woman is visited by a phantom. by nicholai_volchenko05/04/073.83

The Taste of Fear

 — Turn about is only fair. by KemMyst01/31/114.34

The Taste of Night

 — Vampire lesbian sex – can it get hotter? by sexy_cat_princess11/20/044.12

The Tavern Ch. 1

 — Damien & Alora meet. by zephrbabe03/07/024.18

The Taxi Driver's Story Ch. 03

 — The Cassette Tape. by patrick253609/09/093.50

The Tears that I Remembered

 — The lives of two older women change forever. by notbreckenridge04/22/134.39

The Tears that I Remembered Ch. 02

 — Helen introduces Grace to Thomas, and a choice is made. by notbreckenridge06/18/134.52HOT

The Tears that I Remembered Ch. 03

 — Grace embraces her new self, and gets close to Helen. by notbreckenridge07/04/144.48

The Teaser Pony

 — A stable hand gets an interesting "bonus"... by AmethystMare11/01/174.41

The Temptress Ch. 05

 — L'tirashin is summoned by her master. by Ltirashin10/23/094.00

The Thing in the Woods

 — An alien monster abducts nubile camper for sexual feeding. by thedirtgirl10/27/164.06

The Thorned Rose Ch. 02

 — Scarlett's first day takes a turn when he encounters a Naga. by XtinaSmith201705/01/174.86HOT

The Thorned Rose Ch. 04

 — Scarlett branches out to explore more discoveries. by XtinaSmith201709/19/174.62HOT

The Three R's

 — Rescue, Revenge, Reunite. by willieone04/06/114.51HOT

The Tigress

 — Two changlings at the lake. by DemoonKatjie09/15/074.52HOT

The Tigress Ch. 02

 — She sees his home. by DemoonKatjie10/11/074.68HOT

The Toilet Monster Ch. 01

 — Somebody call the plumber! On second thought...don't! by PrevertOne07/07/123.85

The Toilet Monster Ch. 02

 — Eve gets plumbed in the shower. by PrevertOne07/13/124.02

The Toilet Monster Ch. 03

 — The blob's pumping turns Eve's plumbing into a plumping. by PrevertOne07/17/123.97

The Toilet Monster Ch. 04

 — Eve becomes a mother. by PrevertOne07/23/124.16

The Tortured Spirit of Lover's...

 — The Voudou curse of a nymphomaniac domina. by ronde06/18/024.37

The Touch

 — A vampire story. by Ceaser04/16/032.52

The Touch of Plastic

 — Lyle falls prey to a living doll. by oneiria04/16/014.09Editor's Pick

The Tower's Treasure

 — An Adventurer Has Braved Poloskis's Tower For Its Reward by ReGats09/11/164.66HOT

The Town Bike

 — Alison goes on paper route through the furry part of town. by DragonCobolt11/18/164.64HOT

The Toy Salespeople Ch. 06

 — Jane betrays herself as non-human. by Tarbut08/20/083.90

The Toy Salespeople Ch. 07

 — Heading towards Astarte Nunnery. by Tarbut08/23/084.86

The Toy Salespeople Ch. 08

 — The Astarte Nunnery changes Abbess. by Tarbut09/06/084.09

The Trail Ch. 01

 — Christina is called in to rid the new trail of shadows. by daddyduckett10/01/124.09

The Trail Ch. 02

 — Another woman comes to save the two in trouble. by daddyduckett10/06/124.26

The Traitor of Sapiens Ch. 01

 — Human becomes werecat slave. by InverseAgonist09/21/164.25

The Transformation

 — Sexual genie changes his life. by Seeker1204/12/012.87

The Trap Ch. 01

 — The trapper becomes the trapped. by MrDeviant11/22/074.00

The Trap Ch. 02

 — The trappers become the trapped and all Hell breaks loose. by MrDeviant11/23/073.62

The Traveler Ch. 01

 — Aggressive alien lands on Earth and kidnaps women. by homealone_44711/10/044.69HOT

The Traveler Ch. 02

 — Vanessa gives birth to three aliens. by homealone_44703/02/054.69HOT

The Tree

 — College man shares rare love with a special tree. by LadyAria03/28/064.57HOT

The Triplets

 — Dragon Shifter Triplets. by XerenAstri04/18/154.50HOT

The Triplets Pt. 02

 — The Eldest of the Triplets. by XerenAstri06/09/154.68HOT

The Triplets Pt. 03

 — The Eldest of the Triplets. by XerenAstri06/12/154.70HOT

The Triplets Pt. 04

 — The Eldest of the Triplets. by XerenAstri06/17/154.65HOT

The Triplets Pt. 05

 — The Eldest of the Triplets. by XerenAstri06/19/154.81HOT

The Triplets Pt. 06

 — Meredith and Aiden come to an agreement. by XerenAstri07/08/154.71HOT

The Triplets Pt. 07

 — Aiden finds himself alone. by XerenAstri07/26/154.70HOT

The Triplets Pt. 08

 — Aiden Cracks. by XerenAstri07/28/154.77HOT

The Triplets Pt. 09

 — Meredith's Actions Initiates Conflict. by XerenAstri10/23/154.84HOT

The True Ordeal of Jonathan Harker

 — Mr. Harker encounters three sex-starved brides of Dracula. by Bacomicfan05/20/024.66HOT

The Truth About Mermaids

 — Contrary to popular belief, mermaids are very real. by SouthwestEagle11/28/033.45

The Turquoise Woman

 — He feeds life-giving fluid to hungry alien. by Bones Malone10/20/004.09

The Turquoise Woman Ch. 02

 — Blue Belinda encounters an Earth man. by Bones Malone05/25/014.41

The Turquoise Woman Ch. 03

 — She makes a discovery that changes the world. by Bones Malone06/13/034.53HOT

The Twenty-First Ch. 02

 — Karri suffers through a date with her worst enemy. by Myalyn09/04/053.43

The Twilight Dragon Ch. 02

 — I make my escape. by roftlheory06/13/154.45

The Twilight Dragon Ch. 04

 — The Reveal. by roftlheory11/04/164.49

The Twilight Dragon Ch. 05

 — Trouble. by roftlheory11/25/164.61HOT

The Twilight Dragon Ch. 06

 — The road. by roftlheory12/18/164.31

The Twilight Dragon Ch. 07

 — Lianne and Donya travel through the valley. by roftlheory01/21/174.68HOT

The Twilight Dragon Ch. 08

 — And we are somehow never short on surprises. by roftlheory02/16/174.50HOT

The Twilight Dragon Ch. 09

 — Going home. by roftlheory02/19/174.65HOT

The Twilight Dragon Ch. 10

 — Under construction. by roftlheory03/04/174.59HOT

The Twilight Dragon Ch. 11

 — Unfinished business. by roftlheory07/10/174.55HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 01

 — Trey and Troy take a trip they'll never forget. by lilgirlsix04/03/124.74HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 02

 — The Jensen Pack. by lilgirlsix04/06/124.78HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 03

 — A safe place. by lilgirlsix04/11/124.82HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 04

 — After Midnight. by lilgirlsix04/17/124.77HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 05

 — Are they done for? by lilgirlsix04/20/124.77HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 06

 — Anneke's worst fears. by lilgirlsix04/25/124.81HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 07

 — Escape. by lilgirlsix05/01/124.79HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 08

 — The beginning of the end. by lilgirlsix05/07/124.81HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 09

 — The end and the beginning. by lilgirlsix05/15/124.83HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 10

 — The future of the pack. by lilgirlsix05/23/124.84HOT

The Uncovering Ch. 01

 — Espionage in a unaware world. by ElvenTempestarii62108/16/114.39

The Underworld Ch. 01-02

 — Gill and Andrew's story starts. by redvise06/11/154.15

The Unexpected

 — Madison meets her father. by sammi_jo05/23/124.56HOT

The Unexpected Ch. 02

 — Ahoy Mate. by sammi_jo05/28/124.47

The Unicorn and the Maiden

 — To catch the uncatchable special bait is needed. by Sean Renaud01/25/094.12

The Unquenchable Desire Ch. 01

 — An erotic paranormal tale of great depth! by CrypticT0xin02/18/123.77

The Unquenchable Desire Ch. 02

 — An erotic paranormal tale of great depth! by CrypticT0xin02/18/123.94

The Unseen

 — Cammie inherits more than an old house. by Bunnygirlblonde06/11/024.19

The Unwilling Competitor

 — One month, six females, who will the Alpha choose? by Pinkflame02/03/164.55HOT

The Unwilling Competitor Pt. 01.5

 — One month, six females, who will the Alpha choose? by Pinkflame03/22/164.60HOT

The Unwilling Competitor Pt. 02

 — One month, six females, who will the Alpha choose? by Pinkflame03/09/164.56HOT

The Unworldly Mate Ch. 01

 — Elsa's first close encounter. by SkylerKross04/04/174.24

The Unworldly Mate Ch. 02

 — He speaks to Elsa from within. by SkylerKross04/06/173.86

The Vagina Tree

 — It was progressive thing that snuck up on him. by Decayed Angel03/31/064.21

The Vamp Queen

 — Vampire queen needs a new family. by big_daddy_kev10/27/103.91

The Vampire

 — Are the rumors true? by 777shewolf77702/12/114.50HOT

The Vampire

 — He found a woman. by h3lls_sweety02/20/114.16

The Vampire and The Succubus

 — An ancient feud carries over to present day. by Kingmaker71103/05/134.50HOT

The Vampire Hafiza Elmi

 — Life and times of a Somali Muslim Vampire Queen. by Samuelx02/26/18

The Vampire King: Finding a Queen

 — The king of vampires is drawn to a woman. by revolucion12301/05/103.99

The Vampire King: Morning After

 — The morning after the mysterious night. by revolucion12301/19/104.31

The Vampire King: She's His

 — Atty goes to Tristan's house and it all happens from there. by revolucion12301/26/104.26

The Vampire Mates

 — A vampire finally takes the woman he has chosen for his own. by HB196508/21/074.55HOT

The Vampire Next Door

 — Who knew I lived next to a hot Vampire by Magicangeleyes01/26/124.38

The Vampire Next Door Ch. 02

 — Someone is looking for Samuel, but finds Helen instead. by Magicangeleyes02/02/124.62HOT

The Vampire Next Door Ch. 03

 — Helen makes it up to Samuel. by Magicangeleyes02/12/124.62HOT

The Vampire Next Door Ch. 04

 — Samuel and Helen are found and taken. by Magicangeleyes04/15/124.71HOT

The Vampire of Halloween

 — Young women seduced on Halloween night by a lustful vampire. by lilangel20000110/05/023.41

The Vampire Pages Ch. 01

 — The romance of a vampire. by Ashby Star12/20/054.12

The Vampire Rubbed My Cock

 — Encounter between a vampire and a rather curious man. by AntoinetteM09/02/124.24

The Vampire Rubbed My Cock Ch. 02

 — The vampire learns a little more about her mysterious lover. by AntoinetteM09/09/124.49

The Vampire Rubbed My Cock Ch. 03

 — Giles gets frisky. by AntoinetteM10/05/124.29

The Vampire Rubbed My Cock Ch. 04

 — Giles feigns innocence and it doesn't go well. by AntoinetteM10/16/124.62HOT

The Vampire Rufus Brown

 — African American vampire explores Durban, South Africa. by Samuelx02/23/18

The Vampire's Beacon

 — A good old fashioned vampire story. by coldcomfort08/31/084.56HOT

The Vampire's Bite Ch. 01

 — Ashley finds herself being preyed upon by a vampire. by KallieHF02/02/184.53HOT

The Vampire's Bite Ch. 02

 — Ashley tracks down Lillian, the vampire from her dream. by KallieHF02/12/184.63HOT

The Vampire's Bride

 — A girl gets mixed up with the wrong vampire. by Mysweetlover88911/27/154.19

The Vampire's Lust

 — A bad night made better. by FoxMWonderful01/11/094.03

The Vampire's Prize

 — A young virgin enters a surprising new world. by xXCharming_LexaXx02/19/064.28

The Vampire's Soul Mate

 — Vampire meets soon-to-be-called demon destroyer: ravages her. by jessiefitzgerald10/31/093.88

The Vampires of Cap-Haitien

 — Meet the Voltaire clan, the Haitian Vampire elite. by Samuelx09/20/171.56

The Vampires of Djibouti

 — Life and times of a bisexual Somali vampire. by Samuelx07/14/172.33

The Vampires of Ethiopia

 — An Ethiopian vampire family's epic saga. by Samuelx02/10/162.55

The Vampires of Ghana

 — The life and times of Alia, Ghanaian Vampire Queen. by Samuelx09/21/17

The Vampires of Hargeisa

 — Somali Vampire Queen speaks of her Last Days. by Samuelx07/21/173.50

The Vampires of Hungary

 — Black cop hunts sexy biracial Hungarian vampire. by Samuelx02/13/18

The Vampires of Khartoum

 — Sudanese Vampire Queen's rise to power. by Samuelx09/23/17

The Vampiress Feast

 — Clan of female vampires finds the man to keep them alive. by TheBenedictine11/20/083.47

The Very Last of the Vampires

 — Black vampire couple stares down Zombie Apocalypse. by Samuelx04/10/18

The Very Last of the Werewolves

 — Black Werewolf couple fights the Zombie Apocalypse. by Samuelx04/13/18

The Vindictive Stranger Ch. 04

 — Jonathan meets his father. by SEVERUSMAX10/14/164.29

The Vindictive Stranger Ch. 05

 — Surprises occur when Jonathan confronts Melanie. by SEVERUSMAX12/06/174.75

The Violinist

 — Goth Violinist consummates relationship with spirit lover. by EHawkins10/12/064.61HOT

The Virgin

 — He meets other-wordly Chinese girl. by Wayne Extreme03/28/024.04

The Virgin & The Vampires

 — Two vampires take lovely servant girl. by Alright Guy03/11/023.69

The Virgin and the Dragon

 — A young woman has only one dream: to be taken by a dragon. by entwined_tails11/04/154.77HOT

The Virgin and the Witch

 — The Virginity Test. by Jellylorum12/20/173.09

The Virgin Bride

 — A vampire tale with a twist. by LittleTom02/15/064.39

The Visit Ch. 01

 — Husband and wife are given a new life by aliens. by rabbs197205/03/173.88

The Visit Ch. 02

 — The husband and wife continue their new life. by rabbs197205/06/173.57

The Visitor

 — Sleepless and insatiable, she waits for an unknown lover. by JenniferMidnight06/15/044.53HOT

The Visitor

 — A young women has a visitor in the night. by Orexis07/24/083.41

The Visitor

 — She awakens to find that she isn't alone. by Machiavellia10/01/114.24

The Visitor

 — A young lady visits an old man with astounding results. by EveStJohn10/01/163.90

The Vixen

 — Forced to serve a haughty vixen, a POW falls for his captor. by taiyakisoba11/22/154.87HOTContest Winner

The Voice

 — A fantasy about a powerful voice. by SkarlittFeenicks07/03/154.12

The Volunteer

 — Opposition Era, warmonger seeks out the winning side. by CoronetConversion10/29/164.09

The Walk Back

 — A man's transformation. by Lycandope10/02/124.31

The War God's Bride

 — There is always war. by barbarian queen 210/18/044.34

The War to End all Worlds Pt. 01

 — George meets a Red Martian. by DragonCobolt01/31/184.61HOT

The War to End all Worlds Pt. 02

 — George and Tjen run afoul of the KKK. by DragonCobolt02/07/184.89HOT

The War to End all Worlds Pt. 03

 — George and Tjen meet a Green Martian. by DragonCobolt02/15/184.77HOT

The War to End all Worlds Pt. 04

 — George and Tjen meet some Sky Pirates! by DragonCobolt02/22/184.50HOT

The War to End all Worlds Pt. 05

 — George begins the final battle with Adolph Hitler. by DragonCobolt02/28/184.65HOT

The War to End all Worlds Pt. 06

 — The thrilling conclusion of Gipp and Tjen's adventure. by DragonCobolt03/07/184.52HOT

The Waxing Moon

 — Her Halloween party ends with a trick and a treat. by Flying_low10/03/114.53HOT

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