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An Alpha's Love

 — Illena's saved from a wolf attack. by FrenchescaDoll10/30/084.21

An Ancient Seed Re-Planted Ch. 02

 — Billy learns just what fate has in store for him. by spectral_badger05/12/074.40

An Angel Falls

 — An innocent human virgin needs help, or does she? by LeRaconteur03/13/184.43

An Awakening

 — A woman's discovery of the way to obtain deep fulfillment. by TonyDowse05/15/084.41

An Encounter Like No Other

 — A Unique Immortal finds her vampire & werewolf mate. by sexy_bosoxgirl03/29/084.45

An Encounter Like No Other Ch. 02

 — A unique Immortal finds her mates: the morning after. by sexy_bosoxgirl05/09/104.59HOT

An Erotic Journey

 — A tale of destiny and passion. by Savage Kitten12/07/014.12

An Ethereal Coupling

 — Otherworldly sex. by MKvDeepSea08/01/124.06

An Exquisite Visit

 — A tender male dragon pays a mare a visit. by Grim_Jackal03/14/084.29

An Extra Session

 — Nude modeling cat-girl gets coerced by an artist. by Vioan11/08/114.52HOT

An Immortal Heart

 — She stumbles on a beast while running from monsters. by AsherBlitz8912/06/114.57HOT

An Immortal Kiss

 — She's taken by lusty loodsucker. by BeautyInDarkness02/08/013.61

An Immortal Slave Ch. 01

 — The last Immortal becomes a slave to Queen of the demons. by HellsSpawn08/10/104.23

An Immortal Slave Ch. 02

 — Introduction to a new life, breaking in. by HellsSpawn09/11/104.20

An Immortal Slave Ch. 04

 — The Aftermath. by HellsSpawn05/31/114.15

An Immortal Slave Ch. 05

 — Broken In. by HellsSpawn12/30/114.23

An Immortal Slave Ch. 06

 — The Motions. by HellsSpawn03/29/124.31

An Immortal Slave Ch. 07

 — Eternity and Longer. by HellsSpawn07/24/124.28

An Immortal Slave Ch. 08

 — "20 Years Later" by HellsSpawn08/14/124.33

An Incubus' Treat for a Treat

 — Prostitute is picked up by an incubus for a night of fun. by kendraskye10/02/144.10

An Innocent Gem

 — Taken away from one life and then thrown into another. by MidnightBRose01/17/123.70

An Officer and a Lady

 — Are there ghosts patroling the buildings? by Bankshot195702/15/084.00

An Old Fashioned Love

 — A Vampire in England meets her Knight. by CoraClarke09/08/054.20

An Underground Encounter

 — A stranger on a train can be dangerous. by rockgoddessuk05/29/023.98

An Unexpected Helping Hand

 — Soldier Laura meets Silth male after getting into trouble. by SciFurz05/14/174.78HOT

An Unexpected Occurrence

 — He gets up close and personal with this beast. by sexygirl7608/16/084.25

An Unexpected Type Of Love

 — Pain leads to love... by Thatonegirl10110/06/104.46

An Unlikely Alliance Ch. 01

 — An Akaviri soldier and a cat-girl finally get warm and dry. by TaLtos610/03/154.81HOT

An Unlikely Alliance Ch. 02

 — Until you cannot anymore. Part 1. by TaLtos610/14/154.82HOT

Ana's Induction

 — A vampiric threesome. by phoenixphair05/22/054.52HOT


 — He finds her again, but something has changed this time. by queenofthedamned1907/07/164.48

Anastasia Ch. 02

 — Anastasia gets her punishment for running away. by queenofthedamned1907/08/164.58HOT

Anastasia Ch. 03

 — Anastasia makes another escape attempt. by queenofthedamned1911/25/164.65HOT

Anastasia Ch. 04

 — Anastasia is a demon, what will she do now. by queenofthedamned1908/13/174.61HOT

Ancient Cycle of Lust

 — His tribute to Earth's rebirth. by Kev H03/26/064.54HOT

Ancient Watchtowers Ch.01

 — Cavegirls part 1.You'd better know how to rough it out here. by TaLtos608/05/144.75HOT

Ancient Watchtowers Ch.02

 — Cavegirls part 2. Enter the archer & The Triumvirate. by TaLtos608/09/144.60HOT

Andariel and Izual

 — The meeting. by gothic_chameleon07/01/104.49

Andariel and Izual Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by gothic_chameleon07/05/104.47


 — Futuristic tale of loveless sex. by bassbelly10/12/073.66

Android of My Dreams

 — Dragan creates his perfect mate. by exoticat05/24/074.75HOTEditor's Pick


 — How will Satan turn the only female angel to the Dark Side? by zephrbabe02/13/034.45


 — A twist to the typical vampire story by hollyh05/28/034.12


 — Drug high leads to angel violation. by Work_of_Fiction08/31/094.30

Angel & the Devil's Handmaiden

 — Vampire's uncontrollable lust leads to threesome. by AkashaQOTD11/05/044.33

Angel and her Dragon Homeward Bound

 — And they're off. by Dari2sltg02/22/184.52HOT

Angel Dark

 — A winged, angelic race mates in a rather bloody fashion. by ladyofthemasque11/23/034.76HOT

Angel Emet

 — An encounter with an angel. by emrldtrica01/12/123.92

Angel of Death

 — The French call an orgasm the little death. by darkmaas12/23/024.12

Angel of Death: Eden & The End

 — Azrael's task is to watch the humans; Tyrus gets in his way. by cookie5209/21/114.52HOT

Angel of Death: Mating

 — Azrael learns to procreate... without Sophia. by cookie5209/28/114.06

Angel of Death: Obligation

 — Azrael is forced to become an Archangel. by cookie5208/01/114.33

Angel of Death: The Release & Zebul

 — Azrael's dream comes true and Cassiel has a revolution. by cookie5209/20/114.47

Angel of Death: The War

 — Angels battling, a young Azrael caught in between. by cookie5208/01/114.27

Angel of Mine

 — When Lisa and Alex finally meet her husband is in a coma. by Reddestiny92107/30/134.57HOT

Angel of Mine Ch. 02

 — Time to compare families. by Reddestiny92108/03/134.68HOT

Angel of Mine Ch. 03

 — They have some time apart but not too much. by Reddestiny92108/13/134.70HOT

Angel of Mine Ch. 04.5

 — Victor what is your problem.....really? Are you serious? by Reddestiny92109/11/134.63HOT

Angel of Mine Ch. 05

 — Finale: finally Lisa and Alex get their happy ending. by Reddestiny92110/07/134.43

Angel or Demon?

 — Feline shapechanger learns the meaning of heaven. by Masters_Falcon05/23/064.48

Angel's Eyes

 — Stray changes abused wife's life. by LadyTabitha06/04/014.53HOTEditor's Pick

Angel, Guardian of First Responders

 — 9/11 widow meets Angel, guardian of first responders. by SuperHeroRalph09/05/114.38

Angela at the Cabin

 — Angela rediscovers herself with unusual help. by Irishboon06/21/104.65HOT


 — Sequel to Thirst! by AlabasterThunder12/17/034.30

Angeline Ch. 01

 — She waits for something evil. by The_Darkness08/16/044.38

Angeline Ch. 02

 — The cum of an Angel is the final ingredient. by The_Darkness06/16/054.51HOT

Angeline Ch. 03

 — The prophesy revealed. by The_Darkness07/30/054.37


 — Good thing I have wings. by gothic_chameleon09/07/104.46

Angels & Demonesses Ch. 01

 — To seal a treaty, the Angel Ruequel must submit to a demon. by Vixandra12/23/104.76HOT

Angels and Demons Fiery Hot Love

 — The daughter of hell meets the angel of her dreams. by sexevamp09/05/124.12

Angels and Warriors

 — Sarah and Morgan meet on the run. by ArthurianMorgaine10/20/034.55HOT

Angels Ch. 02

 — Confronting Izual. by gothic_chameleon09/08/104.59HOT

Angels Ch. 03

 — Even after months of attention, I'm still not pregnant. by gothic_chameleon09/13/104.50HOT

Angels Ch. 04

 — The next day I awake buried in warm covers. by gothic_chameleon09/13/104.60HOT

Angels Ch. 05

 — I look up at him with lust-filled eyes... by gothic_chameleon09/18/104.41

Angels Ch. 06

 — My sisters allowed me to leave them in Lucifer's tender care. by gothic_chameleon09/19/104.52HOT

Angels Ch. 07

 — The final chapter. by gothic_chameleon10/01/104.70HOT

Angie's Nature Find

 — Angie becomes breeding stock for her houseplant. by Ramblerman07/06/104.16

Angie's Nature Find Ch. 02

 — Her Purpose is Revealed. by Ramblerman04/13/114.39

Anika Learns

 — A virginal vampire learns what pleasure is. by Sugary_Comfort07/30/094.13

Animal Instinct

 — Cock-hungry slut is taken by lecherous fiend. by diabolicalurge05/04/063.77

Animal Instincts Ch. 00

 — Prologue: unexpected changes. by Keme08/20/104.32

Animal Instincts Ch. 01

 — Graduation Day. by Keme08/21/104.35

Animal Instincts Ch. 02

 — A fateful meeting. by Keme09/04/104.74HOT

Animal Instincts Ch. 03

 — Revelations. by Keme10/04/104.55HOT

Animal Instincts Ch. 04

 — Interaction. by Keme04/28/114.39

Animal Lover Ch. 01

 — He drags himself onto her porch. by KemMyst10/23/104.44

Animal Lover Ch. 02

 — Ronnie. by KemMyst10/24/104.51HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 03

 — Get Out by KemMyst11/10/104.60HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 04

 — Emmett's a wolf by KemMyst12/23/104.61HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 05

 — Emmett's a werewolf. by KemMyst01/02/114.66HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 06

 — Revelations and explanations. by KemMyst01/08/114.71HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 07

 — The Alphas and the Den. by KemMyst01/14/114.68HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 08

 — The Den. by KemMyst01/24/114.67HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 09

 — Thomas approaches Lyssa. by KemMyst02/05/114.64HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 10

 — Can we get away? by KemMyst02/16/114.69HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 11

 — Trials and Acceptance. by KemMyst03/09/114.72HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 12

 — Final chapter - Wolves are passionate creatures. by KemMyst03/17/114.77HOT

Animalkind: Cobra

 — A virus changes women into hybrids. Now it's Sandra's turn. by MrBZarr07/08/174.64HOT

Animalkind: Loving Tigress

 — It's Julie time to change. Will Robert like it? by MrBZarr12/01/174.50HOT

Animalkind: Not Quite a Fairy Tale

 — Third story: Sarah changes. by MrBZarr01/29/184.46

Anime Robot Romance Ch. 01

 — Androids Yoko Littner and Super Sonico love their new master. by GentlesirJellyfish03/09/164.56HOT

Anime Robot Romance Ch. 02

 — Sonico gets to know her master through some soaking wet playtime. by GentlesirJellyfish03/11/164.58HOT

Anime Robot Romance Ch. 03

 — Yoko Littner shows endless affection for her master. by GentlesirJellyfish08/01/164.59HOT

Anime Robot Romance Ch. 04

 — Yoko and Sonico come together to please their master. by GentlesirJellyfish08/03/164.67HOT

Anitole's Red Riding Hood

 — Girl goes walking through spooky old woods finds wolf. by Anitole09/26/094.61HOT

Anitole's Red Riding Hood Ch. 02

 — A rival for her lover's affection, and a deeper story looms. by Anitole02/16/104.61HOT

Ann & The Looking Glass

 — Ann buys a new mirror & gets real dollar value. by Hitchhiker03/18/024.58HOT

Ann & The Looking Glass Ch. 02

 — Ann shows her friend her new mirror. by Hitchhiker01/07/144.32

Anna and the Vampire Ch. 02

 — Anna wakes up and does not know where she is. by RubiaLaFaye09/08/164.53HOT

Anna and the Vampire Ch. 03

 — Anna discovers what the vampire made her. by RubiaLaFaye10/03/164.59HOT

Anna and the Vampire Ch. 04

 — The end. by RubiaLaFaye11/18/164.39

Anna Becomes a Willing Host

 — A parasitic plant impregnates a willing recipient. by sexyR203/02/124.35

Annie and the Wolves

 — Annie meets new people. by bellertrue07/11/114.27


 — A short encounter between two vampires. by phalcomb08/23/094.12

Anonymous Beast

 — Life & loves of non-human bisexual being. by Samuelx01/08/053.94

Another Cabin Visitor

 — A stray wolf needs a place to stay. by knottydoggy03/20/114.49

Another Drop of Blood

 — She remembers the previous night. by JustMe7051309/14/013.85

Another Night to Remember

 — Through sacrifice & pain, Davinci is bound to The One. by lyricalcandy08/23/044.71HOT

Another World Ch. 01

 — Megan learns more about the world than she wanted to know. by PrincessErin03/04/084.42

Another World Ch. 02

 — Megan learns more about the world than she wanted to know. by PrincessErin03/05/084.43

Another World Ch. 03

 — Megan learns more about the world than she wanted to know. by PrincessErin03/06/084.48

Another World Ch. 04

 — Megan learns more about the world than she wanted to know. by PrincessErin03/07/084.36

Another World Ch. 05

 — Megan learns more about the world than she wanted to know. by PrincessErin03/08/084.24


 — Dave continues his introduction to the Faerie. by catchercradle06/26/074.09


 — An offering and a revelation. by barbarian queen 212/13/044.60HOT

Any Port in a Storm

 — An evil kid gets needed correction. by madengineer311/23/084.50HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 01

 — Prequel - How Anya gets the invite. by sinagainChris1210/01/154.70HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 02

 — Anya meets her chaperone. by sinagainChris1210/02/154.70HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 03

 — Anya arrives at Vorhees Spa. by sinagainChris1210/03/154.62HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 04

 — Anya meets the lake creature. by sinagainChris1210/06/154.56HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 05

 — Anya's time with the lake monster continues. by sinagainChris1210/07/154.72HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 06

 — Anya gets to sleep....or maybe not. by sinagainChris1210/08/154.69HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 07

 — Anya gets her first real lesson. by sinagainChris1210/09/154.68HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 08

 — Anya realizes not all statues are created equally. by sinagainChris1210/10/154.75HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 09

 — Anya gets tied up, stuffed up, and shipped out. by sinagainChris1210/11/154.79HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 10

 — Anya goes to a forest and it gets wild. by sinagainChris1210/13/154.77HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 11

 — Dawn comes and so does Anya. by sinagainChris1210/14/154.74HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 12

 — Back at the mansion it's all hands on deck for Anya. by sinagainChris1210/15/154.70HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 13

 — Anya's in another forest under another beast. by sinagainChris1210/16/154.71HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 14

 — Anya is put on display and then a surprise. by sinagainChris1210/17/154.72HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 15

 — A creature of the night is next on the list for Anya. by sinagainChris1210/18/154.77HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 16

 — A flock of satyrs puts Anya to the test. by sinagainChris1210/20/154.76HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 17

 — Anya finds out what a frenzy really is. by sinagainChris1210/21/154.82HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 18

 — Anya's in knots the morning after. by sinagainChris1210/22/154.76HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 19

 — Anya gets more than she bargained for from the Gargoyles. by sinagainChris1210/23/154.75HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 20

 — The appointment is off, but Anya and Samir are turned on. by sinagainChris1210/24/154.79HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 21

 — Anya's last lesson. by sinagainChris1210/25/154.68HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 22

 — Anya finds something in the darkness. by sinagainChris1210/26/154.81HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 23

 — Anya leaves the spa. by sinagainChris1210/27/154.78HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 24

 — Anya tries to find a new normal. by sinagainChris1210/28/154.82HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 25

 — Anya finds out who she really is. by sinagainChris1210/29/154.79HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 26

 — Anya has an unexpected visitor...or six. by sinagainChris1210/30/154.73HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 27

 — Anya's last dragon. by sinagainChris1210/31/154.76HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 28

 — Packed into a new city, Anya find what she wants by sinagainChris1211/01/154.85HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 29

 — Anya finally bonds. by sinagainChris1211/02/154.80HOT

Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 30: Finale

 — Anya's needs are finally met - Finale. by sinagainChris1211/03/154.83HOT


 — Lost space travelers encounter aliens. by Dar_Jisbo08/28/174.06


 — When the Fae calling come. by AngelaK11/03/164.76HOT

Aphrodite Awakens

 — Giant Greek goddess awakens and feels horny. by firstsubmission11/24/153.88

Apollo and His Tentacles Ch. 01

 — Apollo has his first encounter with the tentacles. by apollo9409/05/123.64


 — Sizequeen Sally meets Apollyon, a great brute of a beast. by Ekstatikoi11/14/174.68HOT

Appeasing the Beast

 — A tribe matriarch undergoes a yearly ceremony. by majicman2103/04/164.55HOT

Appel du Loup

 — Haleigh and Matt's first real encounter. by BustyBlonde105/31/134.54HOT

Appel du Loup Ch. 02

 — Matt makes Haleigh his, in body and soul. by BustyBlonde106/06/134.48

Appel du Loup Ch. 03

 — Matt's secrets are revealed. by BustyBlonde106/14/134.54HOT

Apple of My Eye

 — Love is blind, or so they say. by ArtForm01/27/114.76HOT


 — Her satisfier resides in the aquarium. by WFEATHER12/29/063.99

Arcade Boy

 — He's a sex slave on another planet. by Bob Jones12/01/004.24


 — She meets a fallen angel and finds love. by Samuelx08/13/063.85

Archangel Ch. 02

 — Archangel Lucifer wars against God's Army. by Samuelx09/26/073.20

Archangel Michael: It's My Life

 — Archangel falls because he defended mankind. by Samuelx11/11/123.39

Archdemon Ch. 01

 — Las Vegas's Archdemon gets a new assistant by ravencorinncarluk07/03/104.57HOT

Arctic Shock Ch. 01

 — A greek virgin in Alaska finds more than she bargained for. by FantasyKitten72301/30/133.64

Arctic Shock Ch. 02

 — Ebony finds comfort in her savior. by FantasyKitten72302/05/134.26

Area 69: 'Code Pink'

 — Just grab the women with boobs as big as basketballs. by xxxecil01/10/064.68HOT

Arianna Ch. 01

 — How my cat became my catgirl. by ScriptorFidelis11/03/074.69HOT


 — Love, pain and sadness between faery and human. by PhaedrasGate06/23/073.05

Armand's Temptation Ch. 01

 — The Vampire Armand: deadly, beautiful, cold. by MorbidRomanticX12/17/024.36

Artiface of Strength Ch. 01

 — Un-mated and lonely, a Were bitch desperately runs onward. by SisterRobin08/12/154.71HOT

Artiface of Strength Ch. 02

 — Florence's family tries to help. by SisterRobin08/18/154.73HOT

Artiface of Strength Ch. 03

 — Florence returns to the Clubhouse after a long absence. by SisterRobin08/27/154.81HOT

Artiface of Strength Ch. 04

 — A date with William. by SisterRobin09/05/154.85HOT

Artiface of Strength Ch. 05

 — Florence makes a challenge. by SisterRobin09/15/154.85HOT

Artiface of Strength Ch. 06

 — Showdown at the mountain pool. by SisterRobin10/02/154.82HOT

Artiface of Strength Ch. 07

 — Florence goes to visit William's grandfather. by SisterRobin10/17/154.84HOT

Artiface of Strength Ch. 08

 — Fresno appears at the Resort. by SisterRobin11/03/154.79HOT

Artiface of Strength Ch. 09

 — Beth finally gets her boots. by SisterRobin12/02/154.85HOT

Artiface of Strength Ch. 10

 — The Pack Party. by SisterRobin12/30/154.84HOT

Artiface of Strength Ch. 11

 — The army arrives. by SisterRobin01/14/164.82HOT

Artiface of Strength Ch. 12

 — In war there is death. by SisterRobin01/28/164.80HOT

Artiface of Strength Ch. 13

 — William and Florence seek vengeance. by SisterRobin02/08/164.87HOT

Artiface of Strength Ch. 14

 — Final Chapter by SisterRobin02/17/164.87HOT

Artistic License

 — Bonded by Dracula, Amy gets more than she bargains for. by Nehima01/12/124.50HOT

As Luck Would Have It Ch. 01

 — Someone new to the neighborhood. by beat_andthepulse10/31/114.64HOT

As Luck Would Have It Ch. 02

 — Revelations. by beat_andthepulse11/08/114.70HOT

As Luck Would Have It Ch. 03

 — Explain to me how you know I am your mate. by beat_andthepulse12/15/114.72HOT


 — A Gaelic virgin gives herself to Belial. by BrazenFellow05/07/104.34

Ash Ch. 01

 — From the Hunter Series; a story all about Ash. by Twisted_Mistress05/14/104.48

Ash Ch. 02

 — Ash wakes up to yet more trouble. by Twisted_Mistress05/20/104.50HOT

Ash Ch. 03

 — Ash and Linda leave the city behind them. by Twisted_Mistress05/21/104.71HOT

Ash Ch. 04

 — Ash can't hide from Linda. by Twisted_Mistress05/23/104.71HOT

Ash Ch. 05

 — A hot foursome. by Twisted_Mistress05/27/104.61HOT

Ash Ch. 06

 — The outside world intrudes. by Twisted_Mistress05/30/104.70HOT

Ash Ch. 07

 — The End. by Twisted_Mistress05/31/104.77HOT

Ashley's Centaur Escapades Ch. 01

 — When humans can't satisfy you, centaurs are the next step. by BaileyJensen05/11/164.39

Ashley's Centaur Escapades Ch. 02

 — A trip to a hidden spring gives her double centaur action. by BaileyJensen05/12/164.59HOT

Ashley's Centaur Escapades Ch. 03

 — Entering the centaur city, Ashley participates in a ritual. by BaileyJensen06/10/164.64HOT

Asmodeus - Demon of Lust: Pt. 01

 — College student gets abducted by the demon of lust. by steelkat2909/29/124.57HOT

Asmodeus - Demon of Lust: Pt. 02

 — She loses her virginity to the demon of lust. by steelkat2910/06/124.66HOT

Asmodeus - Demon of Lust: Pt. 03

 — The morning after... by steelkat2902/03/134.69HOT

Asmodeus - Demon of Lust: Pt. 04

 — Can she escape from hell? by steelkat2905/20/134.72HOT

Asmodeus - Demon of Lust: Pt. 05

 — Pregnant with the Demon's baby... by steelkat2907/10/134.77HOT

Asmodeus - Demon of Lust: Pt. 06

 — The demoness and the Queen meet again... by steelkat2911/04/134.65HOT

Asmodeus - Demon of Lust: Pt. 07

 — Will she choose to stay with the demon? by steelkat2901/15/144.68HOT

Asmodeus - Demon of Lust: Pt. 08

 — Selena faces new threats and revelations. by steelkat2901/20/154.82HOT

Asmodeus - Demon of Lust: Pt. 09

 — The big day. by steelkat2907/26/174.86HOT

Astrid's Choice

 — Where do we go when we die? by jessy1910/26/034.33

At First Sight Ch. 01

 — A demon and an angel fight for Emma. by mellifluent8905/21/124.37

At First Sight Ch. 02

 — Emma meets her suitors. by mellifluent8905/22/124.74HOT

At First Sight Ch. 03

 — Things heat up. by mellifluent8908/18/124.59HOT

At Last

 — A woman awaits her lover. by Edwina09/15/013.77

At Midnight

 — She meets him in the graveyard at midnight. by StoneAngel05/01/044.26

At Odds Ch. 01

 — She helps an injured enemy, then ends up his captive. by GinaeEvans01/09/134.80HOT


 — Don't mess with mother nature...or maybe do. by Candell07/03/074.43

Attack of Desire

 — Kate's mate has his way with her. by ScarlettKisses10/22/144.55HOT

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

 — Gardener thoroughly enjoys the fruits of his labor. by dedimm10/23/083.87

Attack of the Sand Squid

 — Milfs, surfers, and sand squids. by PrevertOne05/24/184.42

Attacked Ch. 01

 — Evening Run. by DragAngel01/05/114.45

Attacked Ch. 02

 — Waking up and answers. by DragAngel01/06/114.59HOT

Attacked Ch. 03

 — More answers and some action. by DragAngel01/07/114.64HOT

Attacked Ch. 04

 — Finally. by DragAngel01/08/114.57HOT

Attacked Ch. 05

 — A shower, and some fun. by DragAngel01/08/114.62HOT

Attacked Ch. 06

 — Happily Ever After? by DragAngel01/10/114.67HOT

Attacked Ch. 07

 — The end. by DragAngel01/27/114.61HOT

Attaining Privacy

 — Igneous, an entity, engages in the Great Rite with Steffanie. by inkling3309/25/114.20

Attic Vengence

 — A trip to the attic reveals a sinister act. by Deadwood01/31/063.88

August Pays You A Visit This Night

 — August makes you his forever. by August Never11/01/014.30

Aunt Lilith Ch. 01

 — Maurice Koenig meets a real angel & she's horny. by SEVERUSMAX09/12/054.39

Aunt Lilith Ch. 02

 — He learns more about his "aunt". by SEVERUSMAX09/13/054.58HOT

Aunt Lilith Ch. 03

 — An intruder foolishly meddles with their tryst. by SEVERUSMAX09/13/084.57HOT

Aunt Lilith Ch. 05

 — They meet a dead woman. by SEVERUSMAX09/12/174.44


 — Immortal feeds. by jasliz01/16/104.00

Aura Ch. 02

 — Another Immortal feeds (Victim's perspective). by jasliz11/13/104.46

Austin City Blues

 — Can the undead 'get' the blues? by Nachtmahr06/24/134.61HOT

Austin City Blues Ch. 02

 — Where we learn more about things that go bump in the night. by Nachtmahr05/03/144.59HOT

Avacon Ch. 01

 — What Zemora saw before her, would change her forever... by Arabic_Beauty2210/11/134.52HOT

Avacon Ch. 02

 — The three stared at her with concerned expressions... by Arabic_Beauty2211/10/134.34

Avacon Ch. 03

 — What he would have given to just take her then... by Arabic_Beauty2201/16/164.49

Avacon Ch. 04

 — You are mine, Zemora... by Arabic_Beauty2209/10/164.40

Avacon Ch. 05

 — What do you mean we have a problem? by Arabic_Beauty2206/02/184.42

Avallyn's Seduction

 — She sates her hunger with virgin blood. by Lady_Siren08/14/024.41

Average Day

 — Jennifer finds something. Sequel to "Average Grade". by ToAStranger02/23/174.72HOT

Average Grade

 — All Jennifer wanted was an average grade. by ToAStranger10/20/124.36

Average Grade Ch. 02

 — Jennifer's caught in an orgasmic situation. by ToAStranger10/24/124.49

Average Grade Ch. 03

 — Jennifer gives birth. by ToAStranger10/29/124.52HOT

Average Grade Ch. 04

 — Jennifer meets her babies and gets old fashioned revenge. by ToAStranger02/16/174.64HOT

Awake and Lost Ch. 01

 — About a vampire's obsession; Erica will never let Harper go. by dreamalone10/08/134.47

Awake and Lost Ch. 02

 — Erica will do whatever she has to do to keep Harper. by dreamalone04/28/144.50HOT

Awake and Lost Ch. 03

 — Secrets are revealed, and secrets have consequences. by dreamalone05/03/144.63HOT

Awake and Lost Ch. 04

 — After having lost everything, Erica lets Riley chain her up. by dreamalone06/29/144.44

Awake and Lost Ch. 05

 — Just as Harper was putting it behind him, Erica comes back. by dreamalone01/27/154.76HOT

Awakened Ch. 01

 — The young Crispin Solway. by Useli10/04/104.29

Awakened Ch. 02

 — Removing the Seal. by Useli10/15/104.33

Awakening Alexa

 — A vampire searches for his eternal companion. by Lexikos1210/23/034.38

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