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Black Rose Ch. 02

 — Lucia comes back for more. by DarkHaze03/24/084.65HOT

Black Rose Ch. 1

 — A detective story with vampires killing people. by ManusNigrumPoet06/24/023.46

Black Rose Ch. 2

 — Partygoers moved around like writhing beasts. by ManusNigrumPoet07/23/023.70

Black Rose Ch. 3

 — A new view. by ManusNigrumPoet07/17/023.45

Black Rose Ch. 4

 — Secrets & vampire love. by ManusNigrumPoet07/24/024.00

Black Rose ch. 5

 — Sasha gets in trouble. by ManusNigrumPoet07/25/024.11

Black Rose Ch.6

 — Someone, or something, crashes the party by ManusNigrumPoet07/26/022.83

Black Unicorn

 — The story of one lonely Black Unicorn. by miwildcat05/24/134.29

Black Unicorn Ch. 02

 — The second chapter to my original story. by miwildcat01/12/164.22

Black Vampire Empire

 — Black Vampire Prince falls for Black policewoman. by Samuelx08/26/103.36

Black Vampire Archives

 — Black Vampire King details his rise and fall. by Samuelx11/18/103.33

Black Vampire Emperor

 — Black cop becomes a Vampire in futuristic Boston. by Samuelx10/27/17

Black Vampire Genesis

 — Explanation of the Origin of Vampires in Africa. by Samuelx09/09/113.17

Black Vampire Goddess

 — Black Vampire Goddess meets Werewolf Prince. by Samuelx03/06/113.50

Black Vampire In Ottawa

 — A black vampire roams Ottawa, Ontario. by Samuelx01/08/122.50

Black Vampire in Texas

 — Haitian vampire dates white woman in 1960s Texas. by Samuelx04/18/142.70

Black Vampire Universe

 — The life and times of a black vampire. by Samuelx09/11/083.38

Black Vampires Rule the World

 — Alastair Rashkel, Black vampire. by Samuelx06/27/092.83

Black Werewolf Association

 — Haitian female werewolf's life in Montreal. by Samuelx07/25/133.50

Black Werewolf Empire

 — Haitian werewolf fights for survival in Canada. by Samuelx08/29/103.71

Black Werewolf Princess Wedding

 — A Black Canadian Werewolf Princess wedding day. by Samuelx03/09/113.03

Black Werewolf Saga

 — A werewolf falls in love with the woman who hunts him. by Samuelx10/27/133.70

Black Werewolf Utopia

 — Bisexual wolfman finds his happy place. by Samuelx08/30/083.88

Black Werewolves in North America

 — A chronicle of Black Werewolf life in the Americas. by Samuelx02/18/113.85

Blasphemia Ch. 01

 — A demon. A succubus. One unsuspecting Catholic college... by NathanRavenwood03/21/184.59HOT

Blasphemia Ch. 02

 — Filia gets kinky, and both her and Nico make a new friend... by NathanRavenwood04/05/184.58HOT

Blasphemia Ch. 03

 — A deal is made, and the debauchery begins... by NathanRavenwood04/17/184.56HOT

Blasphemia Ch. 04

 — Enter forces who seek to disrupt the Infernals fun... by NathanRavenwood05/01/184.74HOT

Blasphemia Ch. 05

 — The mark spreads, and the true debauchery begins... by NathanRavenwood05/16/184.66HOT

Blasphemia Ch. 06

 — For Nico and Filia, pride goeth before the fall... by NathanRavenwood05/29/184.59HOT

Blasphemia Ch. 07

 — The end of the beginning, the beginning of the end... by NathanRavenwood06/12/184.64HOT

Bled Dry

 — A Vampire meets his blood and lust. by Julian05/31/043.85

Blessed Curse

 — Womaniser learns the power of Desire. by Sereth12/22/014.45

Blind Date

 — A tentacled encounter. by Tentacle_Beast11/27/054.57HOT


 — Liz has a really bad day. by Sentients12/23/074.18

Blood & Fur Ch. 00

 — Introducing Noir, a crystal sphere and lots of blood. by Vixandra06/17/104.39

Blood & Fur Ch. 01

 — Smoky the weretiger enters the scene. by Vixandra06/20/104.29

Blood & Lust

 — A Brujah vampire in the world of Vampire the Masquerade. by Nicadaemus07/06/014.02

Blood & Metal

 — Separate desires lead to mutual satisfaction for odd pair. by Syri0710/15/074.74HOT

Blood & Power

 — Beginnings. by BenevolentDCC10/26/144.50HOT

Blood & Power Ch. 02

 — Garret continues the hunt. (No sex this time) by BenevolentDCC01/14/154.50HOT

Blood & Power Ch. 03

 — The night continues. The clash ensues. by BenevolentDCC01/18/154.58HOT

Blood and beauty

 — They didn't want him for his ready wit... by BlackVelvetRose12/21/084.41

Blood and Ice Ch. 01

 — How everything started. by shadow_raider02/09/104.44

Blood and Ice Ch. 02

 — The Plan. by shadow_raider02/13/104.54HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 03

 — The rescue. by shadow_raider03/06/104.59HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 04

 — Old Friends New Enemies. by shadow_raider04/26/104.58HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 05

 — The new general. by shadow_raider05/11/104.51HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 06

 — The generals plan. by shadow_raider05/12/104.60HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 07

 — The truth is revealed. by shadow_raider05/15/104.61HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 08

 — Dealing with Jess. by shadow_raider05/21/104.54HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 09

 — Going back. by shadow_raider05/25/104.58HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 10

 — The battle on bloodied ground. by shadow_raider05/26/104.64HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 11

 — The shadow. by shadow_raider05/29/104.69HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 12

 — Melissa's diary. by shadow_raider06/02/104.62HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 13

 — The Quest For The Sword Of Shadows, Part One. by shadow_raider06/04/104.65HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 14

 — The Quest For The Sword Of Shadows Part two by shadow_raider07/21/104.70HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 15

 — The Black Castle by shadow_raider07/22/104.70HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 16

 — The Quest For The Sword Of Shadows Part three by shadow_raider07/23/104.70HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 17

 — Army of the Dammed Part One. by shadow_raider07/28/104.75HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 18

 — Army of the Dammed Part two. by shadow_raider07/29/104.76HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 19

 — The final battle, part one. by shadow_raider07/30/104.69HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 20

 — Taking flight. by shadow_raider08/25/104.66HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 21

 — The white cathedral. by shadow_raider08/28/104.68HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 22

 — The final battle part two. by shadow_raider08/29/104.63HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 23

 — Saving the family. by shadow_raider09/01/104.67HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 24

 — The sword of light. by shadow_raider09/02/104.71HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 25

 — The sword of the raiders. by shadow_raider09/02/104.61HOT

Blood and Ice Ch. 26

 — The end for now. by shadow_raider09/03/104.76HOT

Blood and Stone

 — She fantasizes about a statue. by devle07/15/033.83

Blood Bonds Pt. 06

 — Islands in the breeze. by phoenixphair02/09/084.85HOT

Blood Bonds Pt. 07

 — Revelations. by phoenixphair02/16/084.85HOT

Blood Bonds Pt. 08

 — New Beginnings. by phoenixphair05/17/084.87HOT

Blood Bonds Pt. 09

 — Blood and tears. by phoenixphair07/27/084.83HOT

Blood Bonds Pt. 10

 — Fire and Ice. by phoenixphair09/11/084.86HOT

Blood Bonds Pt. 11

 — Battles and betrayals. by phoenixphair07/23/094.87HOT

Blood Bonds Pt. 12

 — Gods and Mortals. by phoenixphair06/13/104.84HOT

Blood by Night

 — Time froze briefly. by TNCircusFreak08/31/134.37

Blood Conquest Ch. 01

 — Vampires, royalty and sex. Oh my... by TheAngelsSilverDevil10/29/094.21

Blood Curse

 — Hot Embers continues story of Gavin and Kate. by aryelofthenight05/02/094.12

Blood Doll

 — A vampire's slave begs him to feed from her. by Sean Renaud05/16/094.21

Blood in the Big Easy Ch. 00

 — Death Becomes Him. by EMJohansson08/17/114.44

Blood Ink Ch. 01

 — Accepting her enslavement. by bleuangele02/15/094.47

Blood Lust

 — A story unlike any other "Vampire Chronicle". by DobieGrrl07/04/014.12

Blood Lust

 — The slayer can't resist this female vampire. by 1hotwife10/23/034.31

Blood Lust

 — Two old vampires get reacquainted. by the_bean12/07/044.73HOT

Blood Lust

 — Feeding time calls for Alec and Krista to get creative. by Jades06/03/084.09

Blood Lust Ch. 1

 — Unlikely girl becomes a vampire hunter. by RisiaSkye09/13/004.31

Blood Lust Ch. 2

 — Chryseis takes Miriam. by RisiaSkye02/10/014.21

Blood Money

 — Needy call girl accepts odd client's bloody offer. by hotchkiss12/25/044.59HOT

Blood Moon

 — A quiet evening becomes more delicious for one. by BrazenVamp10/30/104.52HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 00

 — Love to centuries of betrayal. by aaddicted01/27/084.59HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 01

 — Love too late. by aaddicted01/27/084.65HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 01

 — The starting. by secretlover22212/18/094.55HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 02

 — A handshake to seal the deal. by aaddicted01/29/084.72HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 02

 — Syra finds Dominic's secret and meets Lucian. by secretlover22212/21/094.56HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 03

 — The past always catches up by aaddicted02/19/084.74HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 03

 — Much of the same and a possiable heated moment. by secretlover22212/23/094.60HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 04

 — On the run. by aaddicted05/01/084.75HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 04

 — Syra and Dominic finally take each other. by secretlover22212/26/094.63HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 05

 — Escape and shocking revelations. by aaddicted06/02/084.76HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 05

 — Starting and ending...or not? by secretlover22201/01/104.56HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 06

 — Relationships are complicated. by aaddicted07/24/084.78HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 06

 — What is to happen next? by secretlover22201/06/104.63HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 07

 — Finale: sex, a fight, and a promise. by secretlover22201/10/104.59HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 07

 — Differences resolved and friends more involved. by aaddicted03/25/104.74HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 08

 — Giving in to temptation. by aaddicted08/17/104.76HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 09

 — History repeats itself. by aaddicted01/13/124.80HOT

Blood Moon: Lucian's Story Ch. 01

 — An interesting beginning. by secretlover22201/10/104.61HOT

Blood Moon: Lucian's Story Ch. 02

 — A surprise at the meeting. by secretlover22201/14/104.66HOT

Blood Moon: Lucian's Story Ch. 03

 — A dance, some pleasure and a surprise. by secretlover22205/19/104.72HOT

Blood Moon: Lucian's Story Ch. 04

 — Betryal, pain and discovery. by secretlover22205/25/104.66HOT

Blood Moon: Lucian's Story Ch. 05

 — A secret discovered and a challenge issued. by secretlover22206/09/104.60HOT

Blood Moon: Lucian's Story Ch. 06

 — Decisions made. by secretlover22206/28/104.65HOT

Blood Moon: Lucian's Story Ch. 07

 — Finale. Last fight and a happy ending. by secretlover22211/03/104.57HOT

Blood Moon: Malachi's Story Ch. 01

 — An invitation to the castle. by secretlover22211/23/104.65HOT

Blood Moon: Malachi's Story Ch. 02

 — An agreement and private thoughts. by secretlover22202/23/114.66HOT

Blood Moon: Malachi's Story Ch. 03

 — An unwanted visit and a decision. by secretlover22204/22/114.67HOT

Blood of the Dragons

 — Part-dragon soldier falls for her superior. by Terraneaux10/15/144.52HOT

Blood or Love Ch. 01

 — A vampire's family is desperate for help. by naturallysweet11/15/094.39

Blood or Love Ch. 02

 — Thursday night continues in the vampire's house. by naturallysweet11/25/094.52HOT

Blood or Love Ch. 03

 — The vampire gets out of the house. by naturallysweet01/01/104.50HOT

Blood or Love Ch. 04

 — The vampire takes to the friendly skies. by naturallysweet03/01/104.48

Blood or Love Ch. 05

 — The vampire and his new human friend. by naturallysweet07/26/104.57HOT

Blood or Love Ch. 06

 — The vampire gets what he wants. by naturallysweet08/15/104.48

Blood or Love Ch. 07

 — The vampire's victim. by naturallysweet07/13/114.42

Blood or Love Ch. 08

 — The vampire is out there. by naturallysweet10/02/134.61HOT

Blood or Love Ch. 09

 — Preparing for the vampire. by naturallysweet10/05/134.62HOT

Blood or Love Ch. 10

 — Face to face with the vampire. by naturallysweet10/08/134.73HOT

Blood or Love Ch. 11

 — The end of the vampire. (Conclusion) by naturallysweet10/13/134.71HOT

Blood Red Satin

 — Vampires celebrate until morning. by orangemoon10908/21/053.60

Blood Relations

 — Arriving in a strange town. by Sherrybaby1407/10/144.68HOT

Blood Relations Ch. 02

 — Sharing is caring. by Sherrybaby1407/12/144.63HOT

Blood Relations Ch. 03

 — Fancy dinner. by Sherrybaby1407/17/144.63HOT

Blood Relations Ch. 04

 — Problems create solutions. by Sherrybaby1407/21/144.71HOT

Blood Relations Ch. 05

 — A very long night. by Sherrybaby1407/28/144.69HOT

Blood Relations Ch. 06

 — Obsessions can be lethal. by Sherrybaby1408/11/144.64HOT

Blood Relations Ch. 07

 — What to do next? by Sherrybaby1408/05/154.77HOT

Blood Tears

 — Cyn, the last vampire, finds an android in her bedroom. by KaereniSister08/16/174.39

Blood Ties

 — He isn't quite what he seems. by kidthor11/04/024.25

Blood's Kiss

 — A vampire harbors a mortal love. by BrazenEndeavors10/08/064.12

Blood-Kissed Swan Feathers

 — Who wants to love forever, much less live? Not her... by CignettaRosamund06/30/10

Blood-Stained Swan Feathers Ch. 01

 — Who wants to love forever, much less live? Not her. by CignettaRosamund07/02/104.31


 — A vampire bonds you to him. by Inaira04/06/064.41

BloodBorne Ch. 01

 — Brethren Series: Installment IV. by purefire01/21/114.60HOT

BloodBorne Ch. 02

 — Brethren Series: Installment IV. by purefire01/28/114.77HOT

BloodBorne Ch. 03

 — Brethren Series: Installment IV. by purefire02/11/114.70HOT

BloodBorne Ch. 04

 — Brethren Series: Installment IV. by purefire02/18/114.78HOT

BloodBorne Ch. 05

 — Brethren Series: Installment V. by purefire03/04/114.78HOT

BloodBorne Ch. 06

 — Brethren Series: Installment IV by purefire03/18/114.78HOT

BloodBorne Ch. 07

 — Brethren Series: Installment IV. by purefire04/08/114.81HOT

BloodBorne Ch. 08

 — Brethren Series: Installment IV. by purefire01/16/124.76HOT

BloodBorne Ch. 09

 — Brethren Series: Installment IV. by purefire02/24/124.69HOT

BloodBorne Ch. 10

 — Brethren Series: Installment IV. by purefire03/29/124.69HOT

BloodBorne Ch. 11

 — Brethren Series: Installment IV by purefire04/24/124.68HOT


 — Gabriella's life is forever changed when she meets a vampiress. by Alex the Cat09/30/044.82HOT


 — A young man shrouded from the world... Who is Cody Trumbull? by fgmntfmgnshn08/28/144.65HOT


 — Creature of the night hunts & seduces women. by aspiringromantic10/31/024.58HOT

Bloodlust & Redemption

 — A erotic romance with vampire & regency. by Kiki_Howell10/11/104.00

Bloodlust Confessions of a Familiar

 — He become's a sexy vamp's love slave. by JMiller6903/13/054.38


 — Not even God can save her from this monster. by lilahmorgan11/01/074.02


 — Dark, rainy night changes rational doctor's life forever. by christophe09/30/014.35

Bloodstone Ch. 2

 — Evanna returns to Eric's tortured world by christophe10/09/014.44

Bloodstone Ch. 3

 — Eric discovers their past in the present. by christophe10/13/014.57HOT

Bloodstorm Part 1

 — A dark blend of vampires, sex, crime & punishment. by WindyCityMadman02/28/024.65HOT

Bloody Kyss

 — She comes face to face with darkness - or her soulmate. by Shadow_Kyss04/09/084.38

Bloody Mary

 — Pre-Halloween sleep-over takes a turn for the...better? by StrangePanda10/21/134.40

Bloody Theatrics

 — She's taken in a theater, and he's not at all what he seems. by angelofdest07/04/164.59HOT


 — A young woman and a cecaelia discover one another. by Collete12/28/144.40

Blue Collar Succubus

 — They're workin' class. by Headley_07/17/134.08

Blue Moon

 — Young lady takes a chance with a stranger. by James MacGregor06/25/024.55HOT

Blue Moon Rising

 — Wolf guy falls head over tail for girl. by bopeep101/08/104.54HOT

Blue Moon Rising Ch. 02

 — Ian and Kate...and Libby. by bopeep101/21/104.58HOT

Blue Moon Rising Ch. 03

 — Aiden remembers an old flame. by bopeep101/23/104.58HOT

Blue Moon Rising Ch. 04

 — Libby schemes and Kate falls. by bopeep102/20/104.61HOT

Blue Moon Rising Ch. 05

 — The Witch gets her way. by bopeep101/06/114.66HOT

Blue Moon Rising Ch. 06

 — Aiden meets his match. by bopeep103/18/114.68HOT

Blue Star

 — A gorgeous, alien Prince makes a blue star go supernova. by SiriusDivine03/24/16

Bob the Blob

 — A housewife discovers her husband's secret. by The_Unicorn10/02/124.66HOT

Body of Water Ch. 01

 — Her life isn't what she thinks it is. by MugsyB07/05/104.69HOT

Body of Water Ch. 02

 — Her life isn't what she thinks it is. by MugsyB07/18/104.71HOT

Body of Water Ch. 03

 — Her life isn't what she thinks it is. by MugsyB07/21/104.71HOT

Body of Water Ch. 04

 — Her life isn't what she thinks it is. by MugsyB07/23/104.58HOT

Body of Water Ch. 05

 — Her life isn't what she thinks it is. by MugsyB07/26/104.65HOT

Body of Water Ch. 06

 — The conclusion. by MugsyB07/28/104.64HOT

Body Shifters: C.L.A.I.R.E. Ch. 01

 — He was compelled to literally scream his lust. by xxxecil03/22/084.66HOT

Body Shifters: C.L.A.I.R.E. Ch. 03

 — We will spread, and breed, and men will fuck us. by xxxecil03/25/084.66HOT

Body Shifters: No-Woman's Land

 — Nine women to fuck me on my terms. by seraglio07/30/084.41

Body Shifters: The Hitch-Hiker

 — Alien nymphomaniacs are addicted to his sperm. by seraglio10/31/074.59HOT

Body Shifters: The Vegas Strain

 — Never enough Men! Never enough cock! Never enough sperm! by seraglio09/01/084.59HOT


 — How could he have known? by Throatykitten01/30/184.36

Bodyguard Ch. 02

 — Brodwyn dreams a little dream. by Throatykitten02/06/184.54HOT

Bond to Make

 — A young woman takes her first bite. by Alicorn11/14/124.28

Bonded and Bred Ch. 01-02

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyatease07/19/154.67HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 03-04

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyatease07/22/154.63HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 05-06

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyatease07/26/154.73HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 07-08

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyatease07/29/154.75HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 09-10

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyatease08/04/154.74HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 11-12

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyatease08/12/154.69HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 13-14

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyatease08/16/154.65HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 15-16

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyatease08/29/154.67HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 17-18

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyatease09/08/154.75HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 19-20

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyatease09/19/154.75HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 21-23

 — A shape shifter romance - Conclusion. by totallyatease09/26/154.72HOT

Bonded Pt. 01

 — A different take on the tentacle alien beast. by twistedlady002/19/164.73HOT

Boobs, Butt, or Shoulder? You Choose

 — A holstaur, weresheep and Inari refer to a lewd video game. by SPARTAN04704/19/174.54HOT

Book Lover

 — A bookkeeper services a dark client. by talynkotr03/22/074.43

Books a Door to Another World

 — Buried deep in a bookshop is an interesting robot. by RumFella09/14/174.48

Bookstore Minotaur

 — A girl accidentally summons a minotaur at work! by Sasha_Vogue10/27/154.49

Born from the Ashes

 — Just a non human story. by Gypsy_04/16/174.46

Born Into Darkness Ch. 03

 — "Of course Sonny I'll marry you." by wingedangel32407/27/144.60HOT

Born Into Darkness Ch. 04

 —  Dean kept his eyes down as he walked back to his seat. by wingedangel32407/28/144.69HOT

Born Into Darkness Ch. 05

 — He couldn't resist the cuteness. by wingedangel32407/31/144.72HOT

Born Into Darkness Ch. 06

 — Sophie gets a phone call. by wingedangel32408/06/144.69HOT

Born Into Darkness Ch. 07

 — Where is this all going. by wingedangel32409/01/144.70HOT

Born Into Darkness Ch. 08

 — The hunt is on... by wingedangel32409/20/144.64HOT

Born Into Darkness Ch. 09

 — The Crew. by wingedangel32410/09/144.64HOT

Born Into Darkness Ch. 10

 — Mate. Mate. Mates. by wingedangel32411/12/144.77HOT

Born Into Darkness Ch. 11

 — Close and Personal. by wingedangel32412/11/144.79HOT

Born Into Darkness Ch. 12

 — All Hell is breaking loose. by wingedangel32401/16/154.81HOT

Born Into Darkness Ch. 14

 — Enough. by wingedangel32407/14/154.71HOT

Born Into Darkness Ch. 15

 — No more chances. by wingedangel32412/27/154.72HOT

Born Into Darkness Ch. 16

 — Reunion at last... by wingedangel32411/12/164.82HOT

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