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Support good writer so they can become great

Guys the next chapter is available on Patreon for just 1 Dollar... And this one had been there since the 24th... So if you can afford please support. Its the least we can do to thank him for spending their time writing a story that you can Jack off ;) to and also has an awesome storyline that keeps you wanting for more

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Thanks for Reading!

Quietly biding my time as I wait for the Sally Mead Mug chspter.

Great read.

It makes a good read without the sex. May want to consider a PG version, as well, if you go to print. 😀

More Vitae. Yum Yum.

"My Little Venture" may have become one of my literary Touchstones.


Stop taking so long

Come on post the next chapter already

What a romp

Sword and sorcery meets Steampunk.

You weave the tropes together so well and with an underlying humor.

Well done!

You've improved from your previous work, I hope you'll keep writing in the future!

Love HFHM please keep it coming looking forward to chat 31

Would love to see Jack earn the Prince's respect at the meeting.


I have had an idea. The idea is crazy. The idea (since its coming from me) is also probably stupid and against the rules as intended, because I can get very power gamey with I'm very focused and fascinated by a subject. But I am very committed to your beautiful world and am very eager to read more of Your writing. If you like the idea, please take any and/or all pieces of it that interest you. Or discard it wholesale if you don't like it. I just hope not to dissuade you from it, if you had already considered it and perhaps were even planning it already. Because if it was already your idea, it's frickin awesome.

Thank you, thank you. Loving the beautiful magic of your world, make Haste in continuing your writing. Which is to say, take as long as it needs to be completed correctly according to you and that loveable big blue ogre over your shoulder.

Wow, you sure have a talent for mixing strange, kinky, and sweet all in one package. I loved it!

oh wow

i'm shit with words so i'll keep this simple , what a awesome read . cannot wait for more . thank you .


@Grunt really dude? Just go away

Yes! please more!

I agree. This should be interesting :)

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