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Great Story

Great story, very enjoyable. I think it was reasonable to end it there, the narrative was running out of steam on it's own. Time to start thinking of a sequel set a few years in the future with the packs well-established and facing some sort of new threat to the region's survival.


..didn't think I would enjoy this as much as I have, but you wove a compelling tale of suspense, intrigue, comeuppance and most importantly redemption. Really enjoyed how you managed to save Ray and use the Tik to brilliantly end the Prime.

-What's missing......

AUGGGGHHHHHH.... This was awesome as always but how long must you tease us for? Isn't it past time a certain pair of (ex) security officers got some love?


Selena with the save! All right!


Thanks! I have 1 more for now, maybe more later but right now I have 1 chapter left to wrap up this current story.

Keep them coming!

Another great chapter. You are one of my favorite authors so keep it up. I'm sure you've got plenty of thoughts to keep this going for a while.


Just fabulous. good build up and so very erotic

Fun story

It will be interesting to see if you take this story all the way to the stars. Thanks


I appreciate that, always working to make them better.

Crying while reading

Thank you for expressing your pain through your story. I always look for your latest writing. Thank you for being brave and continue writing. May God bless you with strength and peace of mind to accept your loved one’s loss. And the willpower and focus to continue living meaningfully.

You came a very long way from your first Mood Slime stories

The fairy summoning stories were already much more detailed, the characters more lifelike and the stories more intricate. You started coming into your own with Vampires don't sparkle,

But with Lilith's Emporium you are really really starting to shine.

The progression has been amazing to see!

I'm really enjoying your little monstergirl vignettes

Of course it's all the stereotypical trope, but they're lighthearted and fun and don't take themselves too seriously. I like it.

Do keep it up and once you've found your rhythm I'd love to see a longer story from you sometime.

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