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I'm glad someone picked up on that. I'm trying to incorporate races not really mentioned in the manga but the universe is so big it's gonna be alot of fun.

It's about damn time

At long last, a Monster Musume inspired story on Literotica. Thank you very much.

Came buckets

Greatly written! Hoping for more

Great story

And I know I repeat myself but your stories are awesome

Good start

It will need a few twists!

The Alpha makes the laws

And one of them is to do what he tells you. There isn’t a morals exception. That makes their punishment more interesting.

Technically they should be punished for failing to collar and return her. They should have been able to do that without her killing herself.

Very well done :)

Sexy and beautiful


The only thing I ask, is that you read my comment in its entirety.

I’m a stickler for correct grammar, correct word usage, etc. because it keeps the flow of the story smooth and I damn near worship the written word! With that being said, here’s my two cents on your submission.

You need an editor like ten years ago, your grammar sucks a**, you can’t spell for sh** and you consistently use the wrong words throughout the entirety of this story BUT, even with all of the aforementioned I never once skipped ahead in the story and I have thoroughly read each chapter from start to finish. Why? You are one hell of a story teller! You give a fresh take on the werewolf/alpha/mate tale, you have a vast imagination and your ability to pull your readers in, feel/see/totally experience what the characters do is sh** some published authors haven’t been able to accomplish! Never give up writing because you are a true weaver of tales, move your ass & publish your work (at least as an e-book) and take all of our damn money when you do so! I’m serious, your work is top shelf!

Your style of writing is truly beautiful and I yearn to write stories of mine with such smooth transitions and captivating details!

What an amazing ride!

The whole premise and process of this story was just so well done. At the heart of it it is a romance. Wonderfully told.


actually every were that was involved in attacking her could be held responsible. they were the ones that injured her to the point that she was not able to defend herself. besides while she did kill herself they murdered her by putting her in the position where she had to choose between suicide and being forced back into a life of unending hell. which is truly worse the one who ordered them to enslave Mary or the ones who blindly followed orders to do so?

You do know what this means, right?

Hot, sweaty, ghostly, make-up sex. Plain and simple.

Anyways, I really enjoy this series that you have here and I hope that you will not abandon it like some very good authors *cough* Intrepid_Fate *cough*

The only two of the group that played a hand in Mary's death that I see getting hard punishments from their new alphas are that beta and the one that held the knife. I don't see them being put to death, but being put in a silver collar for a while is possible.

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