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Love it....

She gave Lithinia the power to save all those in the cave, saved her mate, and wiped out the rest. She has too much power now to just fade into the woodwork, even if she doesn't realize it yet. Looks like a grand beginning for the next book in the series. Looking forward to seeing what other adventures your imagination takes us on. I have enjoyed this little adventure thus far, hope you continue on to the next book. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

Very Powerful

This was such a beautiful, original and well-written story. I found myself crying at the end.

I second the previous anon, it hasn't been added to since March 2012, it's not finished.


Please please please find a way to make a add-on or something using Marina and Dean. Loved it.

Please continue

I have read chapters 1 through 7 three times now and each time lose all sense of time. I cannot put your story down. I need to know what is next. Please update .


What part of The End Is Here in her pre chapter statement did you not understand. The cave collapsed so all those she said she loved would have died. Cole the brother she never had,Raven the father figure that saved her life and her real parents that were being healed by her friends and her mate she was supposed to love. They were all in the cave when it collapsed. Then to make her some kind of Goddess was just to much. IMHO


i hve xenophilia myself; so wouldnt it be great to live jack's like?
- loved the self absorbed flake and the dense skulls parts, they were really entertaining
- just a suggestion for the next installment, a new humanoid species that s rough and hard in comprison to the soft and delicate altarians

I agree..very intriguing

Very well written. I became confused halfway through the second page until I realized later that Tyrone's father was in fact gay. The story has a lot going on. I curious to see what happens next. Thanks for posting.

Disappointed (especially with ending) but Love it !!!!

It took me the weekend but I read all six chapters and fell in love with this story! I'm disappointed because it has ended so quickly. I love how you didn't make this about sex But weaved an incredible story which has captivated me and held me to my computer all weekend!!! You ARE an artist and this needs to be turn into a novel!!! With a series following of Caleb and Kern, Mary and Sam, a prequel to Rigor and Kiara, possibly Holland finding love at last, and don't forget my fav Daylon and Ivy, maybe a baby or two (and Ivy settling into life as a wife and learning to use and control her alter she-wolf). And don't forget the sibling banter (More Please) I laughed all weekend! This is truly one of the best stories I have read and you weaved an incredible magic that was hilarious and captivating from beginning to the very end, I hope you do continue at some point, truly a fan!!!! Will be re-reading this very soon!

More please!

Your style of writing is so unique. Its enthralling. I really want to see more of this story. I want it so bad im starting to itch all over in anticipation. Please continue this. It is perfect.

The comments...

I am a little surprised by some of the comments....well majority of the comments actually. From reading this submission I did not get the impression that this was the end of Rain. I recall a dream sequence where Stefani pulled the priestess into a dream to talk to her. At the end of this submission the priestess was told to protect them. The chosen one has been born...why would this just kill her off so easily? This is all leading up to a grand finale, so just have a little faith :)

Like many of you I'm left hanging wondering what's next, but it never crossed my mind that this is the end of the story. We have been patient this long so I can't imagine that we will not get the rest of the story eventually.

Liked it, all except the girl on girl action that is a complete turn of for me would have been happier if was none of that, but the rest was great.

Wow! I've loved this! I got goosebumps at the end, it's beautiful!

I think they are a 7/10 in love as they are definitely falling for each other a lot but there are all these mysteries that are stopping them both from fully falling.

I honestly couldn't say who loves who more because they love each other differently, I don't think it's one sided.

If I knew them together I wouldn't go for either because of their relationship but if I knew them separately I'd be intrigued by both but probably go for Gaelen!


the story started great but the ending was really weak it seemed forced.

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