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Thank you!

I know what you mean, it's frustrating how many good storylines are left undone. Barring some unforeseen event, I plan on finishing.

cute and lovable

i am enjoying this story very much. i just hope you actualy finish it so many good stories never seem to get finished on this site...trs


Great beginning to this story! Can't wait to get into more of the story!


I loved it's! Hope there is more to their story!?! Keep writing, I can't wait to read more of your work.

Please give these characters life again

I too hope he returns to this story. It would appear Logan misread his long played hand and thought Mercy had finally emerged as an alpha figuring she would be as controllable as when he raped and turned her years before. I have to wonder if all his other 'mates' were the same way? Trouble will definitely return. I don't think Watcher will take kindly to the rapes or any new harm coming Elizabeth's way. He definitely seems interested in her.


And intrigued by Jack's genetic alterations. He appears to be a chimera, a blending of the two, yet he breeds true -- the Altairian babies are fully Altairian, and Emily's baby is fully human. That's quite an alteration to the male gene set.

A much darker set of stories from the first three, but well done all the way through.

Thanks for sharing! 5*


Fuckin' hell!!!! That was one of if not the best story I've read ever!!!!!!!! Thank you.

Love the story

Really wish to see completion. I hate incomplete stories, and this was turning into a great series.

You're teasing us...

With the short pages. However, please keep writing.


Wondrously, mysteriously told. I have always liked the story of Selene and this is a retelling like no other!
My own small tribute is in the First Time category. One commenter noticed. ene

Please vote?

How about please finish the story

Loved all chapters! More than 5 stars!

Tashee's daughter is still considered as Naylee's sister while Naylee's daughter is still considered as Tashee's granddaughter. Really nice. Fathering both mother and daughter.

Okay, now I can't wait to read the next chapter!


I can't...I don't...wellllll....
There's no better way to put this, but *whistles*.

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