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Definitely a worthwhile read. Loved every minute of it!

A 5-STARS story

This a very well written story with an excellent story plot and excellent character development. I just finished reading chapters 34 thru 36 and can not wait to read the rest of the chapters as this is a very enjoyable story to read. I hope in the remaining chapters that you included the North Folk pack more in the story and what happens to the other 2 girls. Do they request to be changed? Your premeous of a mass solar flare is not beyond happening just as the very large volcanic bed under Yellowstone National Park exploning causing the ash generated to block out the sun, Keep the chapters coming till the story ends. Retired Army NCO

Love it!

Loved the story!! Kinda reminded me of an erotic spin on the movie zootopia if dimensions were crossed lol. Either way, it was great!! Hope you keep going!


Having been a long long time follower of your stories, I find this one odd . Your usually have a very good story line to follow , but this one is odd ( it is the best word I can cone up with ) , Usually your stories follow family , pack , The Change , etc . But you ended it so abruptly that I was startled to say the least . It was written in your usual style and was very interesting to the close which I found sudden and final. I still gave you 5*s for it . But it was really different .

Thanks for the read , but it still left me puzzled .

tx cracker


I have enjoyed reading your story very much. I hope you can continue to write more of it and soon :)

So funny

I was also trying to read on the sly and had to stop BC I couldn't quit sniling! So so funny.


The col sounds like a marine, to the best of my knowledge in the military you don't wear your cover inside unless your armed, I might be wrong about the marines, my 20 years was army, good story so far, don't read very many military story's on this site

Nooooope not tired of them yet! Like always, I come for the sex, stay for the plot. Glad to hear you'll keep writing!

I like this

I find the end twist to be a nice break from the norm, sure it may seem a litle depressing, but let's face it, there is no reason for him to be depressed, his world just became nothing but fun and no guilt, and most importantly it never has to change.

I read ur bio and I understand why it needs to happen but to put nothing up for a Lil over a year .then to tell everyone iam taking the story down with no update is kinda wrong if u ask me.


Please don't wait so long to write the next chapter!

The suspense is real!

Please finish the story, it's a great premise and wonderful characters! Please come back to your fans!!


This tale of Ben’s evolution ‘Sparkles like a Diamond’.
I adore the main characters and I love the developing plot-lines.
I fervently hope that you are able to find the inspiration and the desire to continue this story for many more chapters.

Kind Regards


Please ignore the Anonymous idiots

Hi Cricket,

I hope you are well and that life is treating you better. Having lost my son and several jobs in the past 8 years, no one knows better than I how life can crush us and make day to day living seem unbearable. Please don't let rude, cowardly comments from anonymous idiots get you down. The rest of us love your stories. I've contacted you through Literotica to offer my services as a proofreader/editor, and like your other fans, I hope that you return to writing soon.



If she does

It will probably be the end of the story, haven't decided yet.

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