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I guess you never found the time to finish this story. Didn't see any new submissions under the other id.

More to come

Thank you! Chapter 3 is pending (day 2 so might still be a few more days) and I forgot to load up chapter 4 and 5 to drafts before leaving town but they are ready to go after another round of edits.


This reads like Neal Stephenson and I like it. Rides the sweet line of enough character to be enjoyable with not so much development to get in the way of the sex. Also appreciate strong, knowledgeable female character cameo in my submissive fantasies. True story.

This deserves more views!

I haven't read your other works (yet!), but your talent as a writer is quite impressive.

Fantasic dive into the new world of darkness

Brilliant. Best thing I've read here in two years. Well drawn characters and a compelling narrative. And Kudos for choosing something as unusual as an Ordo Dracul for your Prince. I have been itching to know if Antoinette and Daniel are both Oathsworn, maybe Dying Light and Axe?

5* for faithfulness to the setting and for choosing to allow your kindred to not be withdrawn and emotionally hollow but mindful of their humanity and actually capable of love.


Thank you for this story! It's really drawn me in, and I'm eager for the next chapter. You've really found a good pace for the story. Really looking forward to where you're taking us. Thanks again!

Don't be a fool.

7 years unfinished. It will never be finished.

The writer is foolish. He constantly says he has no time and has changed the storyline. He even says that it wasn't meant to be this long at about the four chapter mark. The story was at a natural end point and could have been finished off. But no, had to carry on and there by ruin 11.9 chapters.

His fault he's a fool doing that.


anonymous comments should be banned

Mr Chunk the Receceptionist.

This. Best homage ever! Prince LaCriox evidently gave him a good reference. Awesome Story. Love it!

I hope there is more to come

I cant wait for more. Loved your writing from start to finish. I would like to see the continuation of different fantasies played out between her and the demon

Looking forward to more

Little slow to get started but excellent set up. Keep up the momentum and write again soon!

Darth Jennifer

Peace is "Just an illusion". I thought for a minute Jennifer was going to recite the Sith Creed. Great depiction of Circle of the Crone philosophy. Top Job!

A very Twilight ending

Why Talon? Why not thatcher?! And why can't we have the end!?

Hope u come back

Hope all is well and u can update this story soon

Thank you

For your kind words. This story started as a test for myself, to see if I could create something different, and I am proud people enjoy it like this.


That would have been a storm of disaster.

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