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Damn it!!

I actually got teary eyed!! Thanks alot!! Lol
I love this series!! It's nearly 3:30 in the morning but totally worth it!!


That was an amazing story, top 5 on my list. I really hope you continue it! It’s be great to revisit Stasi and Chris in their own world as adults or even in college.. idk your the author but either way! I hope to read more from you soon!

Love the The Princess Bride quote

I figured I would give the story a shot, even though I am not particularly a futa fan. As I was reading and I saw "It's not my fault being the biggest and the strongest. I don't even exercise."

I gasped out loud and was like, "Omg, did she just slip a line from my favorite movie into this story?" Kudos!

The story itself was pretty good, but the quote would have made me give 5* even if it wasn't. Hope to see more!

is more coming?

this was really good thanks

Good Evening, IR2R... Nicely done.. all the loose ends are wrapped up... with the possibility of others... such as Lacy's real father. And Bo coming to terms and making that change... Keep the ball rolling, Darlin'... Can't wait for the next story. :)


If Cecilia turned human and had Red Hair and Green Eyes does that mean she was part if the family in Ireland?

Again, Thank You.

Another wonderfully sweet loving chapter to your story. All the elements of life are here. Love, living, heartache, and death. You are weaving a beautiful story.

Thank You for also saying you will write as long as we read. I promise to read all that you write for as long as I am able.

Yet another great chapter. Always wanting more and waiting for the next chapter with baited breath. Well written, can't wait for the continuing saga of Mike and his monsters and to see where all the loose ends are tied.

Love this series

I don't often comment on stories, I do most of my reading on the phone app. But, I just wanted to encourage you to continue this series to where you see it's conclusion. I love reading stories on this site, especially series, and even more so long series. I understand there are many reasons why those series end, but too many never get any resolution.

This series grabbed me from the beginning, and a large part of that was me believing the choices the characters made, and liking the characters themselves. I truly hope to read this series, and other writing of yours, for a long time, and to see where this goes next.

Thank you

This is a wonderfully worded, incredibly sexy story. This story has become one of my favorite on the site. I hope you continue to write (if a plus sized character makes it to the fold that would go astray) but it is your story and it is amazing. Thank you.

Very well done.

You should definitely continue this into a series.

Without the called in threat, I might agree with you. Given the now revealed existence of possibly deeper darker forces behind things there is sense in the death. Even if it was sloppy in execution. Would have been cleaner using iv administered substances to cause death in other perhaps believable ways. If they are that powerful, finding a way to alter an autopsy report or coerce a medical examiner should be a relatively simple as well. In Federal custody she may have given up what she knew to save herself and or her brother. That would be something they couldn't tolerate.

Issuing an open threat was very dumb for a 'secret' deep dark group. Makes me question just how deep dark could it be? Something that dark would have layers of insulation. A maze of disjointed connections people wouldn't put together. Plenty of operatives and fall guys available for any situation.

Agreed, the merge point appears to me to be the trial. Just as Stolen Birthright finished at that point adding it's element to the end of Mystery Mate. Rose should also tie into that point. Either finishing Rose with a discussion with Linda about this threat to all or that being the start to the next story in this world. Which could be a while if he goes back to Dominant Species.

I wonder how divvying up the Beldon pack is going to work? Giving Rose members that would enhance the secret team? I can also see potential for Josh and Charlotte to lead a pack someday. They need to turn Charlotte asap. As her Alphas and parents it is fully in Gunny and Rose's power. It will be happening anyway so no point in denying her additional protection.

I'm not sure the island is the safe oasis it once was. If this group decides it's war any on that island are the most vulnerable. They are way out of quick reach in an emergency. Also, the hacker friends of Josh are very vulnerable. Humans with no extra protection would be easy targets and cripple Josh's investigation and cyber warfare abilities. Their locations could already be known.

tsk tsk

SSeems wasteful to have just killed the female shooter.. reminds me of stephen king killing off random characters because he has no idea what to do with them after a certain point

Nice Job

I just wish we could see a third chapter to this,it's very well written

Please finish.

I used to read a lot of stories on here. But found too many were never finished. This started out very good. I hope that you will finish it sometime. Best wishes.

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