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Amazing writing

Your writing is incredibly professional, and this was one of the only stories I've read in all my 6 years on this site where I could actually 100% visualize every single moment. It's clear that you put a lot of effort into this, and I hope more will come!

What's next? Interesting setup

very curious about this Dyson concept is it your own? How does she feel about him clearly trying to impregnate her? Will they explore more bdsm type fun? I was initially turned off by the snake as penis concept for the story and characters kept me reading and now I'm fascinated - chapter 3 please!

Prime Source

About the only quibble I can find is the idea that the "Prime Source" would be the ONLY source of their rejuvenation. Would not Allso One have its own supply, that could be used?

Psychocandy please quit your job and do this full time

You have so much talent it's unreal. I'm so hooked to your writing, I've literally read it all. If you're not already you should take measures to make this your job! Write a book and I will buy the shit out of it!! I'm not even joking, I am living for your updates 😂😍❤️

Very emotional - the sketch concerning him loosing his wife tightened my chest. The ending was superb. Was 'she let herself weaken against him' an unspoken declaration of her own loneliness and fear of investing trust in another?

At first I thought the story was exclusively about the screech-owl, especially when you mentioned the deformity on her back (place where Adam and Lilith were joined to be separated after 'birth'). I do see a myriad of similarities between them though and I hope the story was based on her and I'm not being silly. Thank you for special story.

Apophises are hawt.

To anon: It's from Monster Girl Encyclopedia, or

Apophises are lewd and sexy in the encyclopedia, and you've brought out the best of their sluttiness here.

Good to see you here too.

Glad you've debuted here as well. Your stories will reach a much wider audience now, and you've put up some of your best ones so far.

Yes! Finally!!

Keep feeding my imagination, please???? Love IT!

a great bit of hokum

loved it...but can ghosts really fuck....seems a bit of poetic licence...but a funny and good read....


Thank you. Thank you so much. I missed your. The Sammy sex scene was perfect, way to go.


Just wanted to let you know that was an amazing awesome story



Bad Dialogue

Pretty good story so far, but you need to work on your dialogue. It's very awkward and staccato. Too many exclamation marks, short sentences, and "Wow!"s. For example, she reveals after a year of dating, a near death experience, and a proposal that she is basically royalty and a mass murderer. He says, "Wow!". You can do better than that.

Loved it, please finish

Really enjoying this, hope you find the time sometime to complete it

Loving these stories

I'm so hooked on these stories! Please continue to keep up the fantastic work!

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