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This is stupid. I've been sitting here for the last ten minutes hoping that another chapter will magically appear if I wait long enough. Fuck this. Maybe it's time to have sex again. It's been months. It's just such a mission getting them to lie still with a paintball-gun. Can't get hold of those darts anymore. Oh well, if you can't have porn, you might as well put some work in for a substitute. doG, this is gonna be a schlep.

More please

Omg continue this its. So good



Another great entry!

Leaving us with a cliff hanger is not very nice though :) I love the characters in this series, they are all well defined and intresting.


I have to agree the length of this chapter was so short even if it's well written. My real issue was it took the story no were. Last chapter had the girls fighting and receiving there new name and Katrina in this one gets hers.. No reactions from her family for her grand win or from luciano.. Disappointed. ...

Amazing series. I could not stop reading it and I definitely want more!

Torn on how to rate this chapter...

As always, it was a good chapter. It would be great, but for the length. It wasn't even an entire page. This leaves me at a dilemma regarding voting. I hate giving less than four stars for good writing. I don't know if the length warrants four stars, though. Please revise this chapter to include more. I'm sure others would agree with me when I say that this was way too short as compared to your previous chapters.

Good Story, Needs More Editing

I really enjoyed the story line, but only gave you 4 stars due to some editing that would improve the overall read. If you are in need of a copy editor, let me know.

Overall, a very good story line and read!

Another great series in the making, looking forward to what's ahead

i would realy hope that you plan to write more to this story. it is rather a very good tale so far...trs

Love the story

I'm enjoying the story and am curious about backgrounds, i.e., why do the scars hurt when she touches them, what happened to her brother, where is she from (the accent comment). I must admit, I hate that she smokes, and I find that it's rather strange that he would have cigarettes. It just seems weird that he would be a smoker.

I look forward to finding out how the story progresses and learning backstories.

Loving it!!

Each time I reread your chapters I can barely wait for the next. Love the chemistry between Dragon answer Ealasaid. Looking forward to that developing more.

As for people trouble following the flashing of time I guess it's just a few cause its not difficult to follow at all.. Just keep up the amazing writing!

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@ Anon Genius and Anon Romance: Thank you! :)

@ Anon Misogynist: *Shrug* I never claimed that it was otherwise and considering the time period in which my story happens I think that I was being quite liberal. To each their own I guess. If that's not your cup of tea then I respectfully suggest that you avoid my work in the future since in some of my work I go darker and deeper than this. Either way, the story worked for a lot of people

@ MetaWolf: Thank you! I've already sent you a message.

To My Readers: I do realize that it has been some time since my last (this) submission. A lot has been going on: finalizing my next book, writing multiple stories, and taking a much, much needed vacation to recharge my batteries. I really hope to finish at least one story here soon to post. *fingers crossed*

As always: Thanks for reading!

Serves the Golden Bitch Right

Glad that woman got what was coming to her, but why did John not think to ask the fairies to get some more that fluid and free the other men from statue form? Some of those other men could have given him leads on avoiding some other obstacles in the garden or they could have given him some boy love in thanks. Just a thought; it seems rather cruel to leave them like that for eternity.

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