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thanks again for your wonderful story , looking forword for more thanks again !


I like it so far but you could do with an editor.
I was expecting a siren at first but the twist to a somewhat cursed mermaid is really interesting.
Looking forward to more.

Agree about the ending

OK, and the editor. But if the story is good enough I'm willing to forgive a lot.

I do think that this story deserves, neigh, needs at least a short epilogue or something explaining what their relationship is going to be from then on. Unless of course she's claimed as hers and her lover and will forever taunt him in the wind and such... Yeah potentially sweet and cute but in context of the site posted and steamy love seen and everything else it's kind of a real let down. Like is he going to be single from now on pining after the deity of his planet? Never embracing her again?

Anyway, really good stuff other than the aforementioned. Kudos.


Totally agree

This is definitely screaming to be completed. There should be some for dead stories to be picked up by others others and still have the links or something. After all this time I would be extremely surprised if he ever finishes this. Don't get me wrong. I'd dance in the street if he did (not really cuz then people would KNOW that I'm crazy, instead of just suspecting it). Definitely deserves and ending on of the better kitty alien scenarios I've seen, including manga and such.


@ TJSkywind

Thanks! :-)

I'm glad when my intention to make people laugh is working.
Sláinte agad-sa!


What a hoot! Laughed several times. Thanks! 5* Slainté

Part 2?

I loved the story line. Please continue this story line.

This was really good. I sincerely hope that there's more to it in the future.

just awesome!

Cannot wait to see if there is more to come! Whether it be another chapter of Jack's life, or another series in it's self. I have read everything that you have posted many times over and over. You have a very imaginative mind and a BIG thank you for sharing it with us!. Thanks again.

Great Story

I love all the details that you have included in your story.

Tempting me to the dark side

First I'd like to insult sicard (he doesn't get caps) for not catching the freakin' superman reference. He's a freakin' Gobal Icon! Doofus! I also enjoyed the cocky sob getting cock blocked. :-)

Anyway, I don't like rape. I don't like non-consent. I don't like mind control. With that said, holy crap this is hot stuff. So good that I find myself enjoying stuff I never thought I would.

Keep on writin' you magnificent bastard!

PS- I applaud this not going SUPER super dark when it totally could have been.

Finish this please!!

You have to continue this, it's not fair to leave us all hanging!!

Very Hot

This is steamin' and leaves you wanting more.

Love story, A little worried

I know this story is pretty much done or completely but I just wanted to say:

I like this story and it has a lot of potential and it's a fun read. I'm getting a little worried because of the dreams though. I hate conspiracies and long term deceptions that work against the protagonist. I especially dislike the manipulation of friends and/or loved ones against those they care about. I may drop this story if that ends up being a big part.

PS- Maybe someday I'll psycho analyze myself and figure out my insecurity with that. ;-P

Good stuff, Peace


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