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Validated prediction

Back when you started "The Council", you stated it would be the final book in this world because otherwise in five years you would be writing yet another sequel. I not only commend you for your prescience but am grateful for it. Your world of vampires and weres continues to grow in scope and depth. Thank you.

I thought this would suck, instead best one pager I have read in a long time.

My thinking was this was another fucked by a animal god/minotaur. Instead it has the feel of some epic story's first chapter.


hope you finish this I find a lot don't finish all the way then I'm disappointed

Am i the only one thats waiting to see karn and elinas relationship unfold, im so excited for this to happen

His breaking of the bonds will, of course, be felt my his (now former) alpha and pack. The pack may think it's a death while alpha Richard will suspect more is at hand. If no help is given for the new turns Marcus will have to assume the role of alpha for them or it could get bad i would think.

Imagine waking up from the hellish nightmare of radiation sickness/death to shifting and not understanding. A presence in your mind. A pain racked body followed by realizing your body isn't what you remember. Losing control to that other presence and then perhaps uncontrolled rage, panic, fear as the wolf tries to get a grip on the situation itself. Will any couples remain that way? Will their wolves be mated automatically? If so they may be able to calm and comfort each other. Those with no-one left will need someone to follow, to focus on and lean on. Likely a scenario which will repeat in many of the other pack areas unless packs went hardcore survivalist and just let anyone else die.

Great read, as all of your stories have been.

Please don't leave us hanging

Great start to this wonderful story can't wait for more chapters


Please keep it going. Amazing story and I love the characters.


I do appreciate constructive criticism as I am learning as I go. However, I wanted to inform everyone about the characters because I am also submitting as I go. Therefore, you won't really 'know' Barron or Sistine that well till I am finished. So I thought a short biography, helping introduce them to you was appropriate...
As for it being too short I assumed a page in a few days/week was better than several in a months time. Several people are eager to read more about Sistine and Barron, so I obliged.

Thanks to everyone else for the positive comments and feedback. You really help me to be inspired and keep this story going.


Interesting concept - far fetched but interesting - well done

Where to now?

Well I've been torn between a few characters and unsure which would be my next focus, but it looks like Aaron has chosen to hound me till I had no choice but to put my other ideas aside and pay him some attention - I have just submitted the start of his story. I know it will be a big surprise, not, but I've titled the new series .... Aaron LOL


This is my first time reading a story that doesn't have sex the first chapter... I'm kind of new to this. But I loved it!
It sounds like a good opening to a book.

I could not rate this story

There wasn't anything in this story that grabbed my attention enough to bring me back for another chapter. I had not read the first chapter, but this one was not something that made me wish to go and locate it which I do indeed do with other stories.

It lacked pull.

In the rigid structure of a wolf pack

such disobedience is cause for expulsion at best. At worst it would be considered a challenge to the Alpha and would result in a death.

By leaving the Pack first, he took that out of play- but he burned his bridge. How will he keep his family together while dealing with the turns of nearly a hundred people at the same time?

Jane Eyre

Liked the Jane Eyre feel of this story.

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