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love what you're doing with this myth!!

the coriander detail is fantastic, very creative, and your writing is sharp and clear.

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Good Start

I like the chapter and although a little short is a great hook. I loved reading something about where I'm from

Seen it before

I've read this before. Not sure if it was under Non-Human, but I've seen it. The exact setting and beginning.

Sure hope it's not the same story under a different name.

Needs more.

The story is good, but it was too short. Would love another one. Either a continuation or a new dickgirl story

Quality vs Consistent upload timing

Yeah I also noticed quite a few mistakes and I personally don't mind a slight delay in upload time once you keep us informed maybe with a bio update or something if it means a cleaner end product. People mostly hate being left in the dark about whether a story is continuing or not more so than whether it comes out exactly on time


This is one of the best stories I have read. So exciting! You are an excellent writer and storyteller. Keep up the good work.

Someone earlier mentioned Jenny and Mike getting her a new doll body. What about a mannequin or other life sized doll with all the necessary working parts...


very subtle and an enjoyable romp in the woods

I doubt it was anything to do with that. Only thing i can think of would be the two already declaring the guys to be their mates. The increased aging rate would also have a condition where physical adulthood and calendrical age would be in conflict. Ok, it's a really odd way of ending it quickly. Perhaps it would have satisfied whomever bitched if it had been done with a time jump?

I couldn't figure out what was going on over there. They even removed private messages. I found you were over on that other site but haven't felt like joining yet.

Great read!!

T,here is so much going on in this story, you just need to lengthen it out a little. Keep on writing, and we will keep on reading. The polymorphic clock seems to alter time. Is this the way you will bring back Dana? Also think of the activation of the home defence system. Is the Lady the trigger-switch?
How will they destroy the homunculus? Seed it?
The insertion of Lilly into the law firm was brilliant.
Keep surprising us, or at least keep it coming. The failure of others to finish the storyline is extremely frustrating. Especially when it is a good idea.
Sincerely E51fifty.

Can’t wait for more!

So looking forward to a part 3!

Thank you

It was really a good read, I'd like so much you to write a book with some humiliation, (femdom) jokes and fun, a family of lamia and human? I'd not hesitate to buy it. I also think it'd be a success, there's a trend in the latest years of monster femdom girls.
You're really a good writer.


This story is hotter than lava! Shit, I have to smoke 2 cigarettes after reading it and I don’t even smoke!

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