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amazing Story about love between a Girl and a Monster.:) the verbal Exchange between them is written in a very sweet way. i find it sad though that she will die as a human and he will have to live without her...or will she insist to be a Vampire too?:)

Please continue it.

This pair is my favourite series in the entire site (I've been here for close to two years) and I beg you to continue it into a full series. I would also like to see more humans being turned, anal, double penetration (vaginal and anal, double vaginal and double anal), rimming, oral, cum-swapping and all of it done also with the large, incestuous family that the three will surely breed. If you could, please make all of their offspring herms, nothing more delicious than being able to experiment both sides of the ultimate pleasure.

good stuff

Love your work, please more, quick as you can

@ Artemyah and JANGGAU

Thanks for your praise. :-D
Sometimes I get lucky and create something never done before. ;-)
I did have a few thoughts on the time between the confession and the birth of their daughter, I might add a chapter to this, although I have several other ideas I want (obsessively need) to work on first. :-)


Just because I'm the nice one, doesn't mean I'm not a scary mother fucker, eh?

Also very curious about the 'powers' you have in your story. Will those be more prominent later on?


In reply to a couple of comments

Biotech Girl - yes but I just realized the intrigue has been left secret in this version of the story so I have that to sort in my re-write. I was going to address it but it didn't "come up" during what I wrote in this first version. It stayed in my head and I thought it would stay there till a future story ... well that seems unfair in hindsight..

Mr/Ms Bleh - I'm sorry you have such a negative view of the story - I would love some constructive advice if you have some. In the rewrite I am adding more "substance" so hopefully that will help with your concern about excess dialogue, I am definitely not 15 and hope my writing improves to that of a 41 year old sometime very soon or at least someone of legal age.

Thanks again to all those offering public and private support x

More revenge....go beyond...

That was maybe part one(of a 100) far can YOU make their story go?

Done with your writing.

I've noticed some misogynist language in other stories (calling someone a pussy as an insult) but now I'm done. Daniel's temptation was her beauty? That's bullshit. Rape is about power and control, not sex, and you should be ashamed that you are spreading misunderstanding about that.

He takes a licking and keeps on ticking!!

While he was in Garroon he didn't plan to see Angelina as she had made her choice very clear and it was still painful to him.

...I should have been taking notes way earlier but got so wrapped up in the story that I blew it off ;)
...I can't believe Angelina did that!! Not even a fucking WORD to Bron!! What kind of worthless fuck actually DOES something like that to someone?! Hell, would have been more fun if Bron had snapped his neck, dropped him in a trashcan and found the nearest trash incinerator to get rid of the body! ...well, it would have felt good for a few hours anyway, feeding the spite dagger, till he cooled down anyway. The only thing I can come up with is that she still loves Bron, married this guy to have children, knowing that he was fast dying of a terminal disease, lol. ...but who knows if Bron would have moved on by then?

I can't believe how much Bron gets the shit beat out of him! ROFL!! School has been the only break! (Pardon pun!;)
...I guess Laura feels bad for putting Bron in a bad spot and is to ashamed to see him. ...I kinda like her!

What?" Bron wasn't sure he'd heard her correctly as what she'd said made no sense.
"The night of the explosion... you left me." She was trembling now.
Bron looked at her, unable to defend himself as he had no memory of the event.
"I don't understand. I left you in the building?"
"NO! You got us to safety THEN YOU WENT BACK FOR LAURA!" she screamed.

Waitaminute here!! Let me see if I've got this right… this psychotic bitch is copping out on his ass because he went back in to save a friend?! ...what, because she almost lost him to the explosion?! So he should have just left his friend to die, worse, knowing she died and he was responsible for her not being able to escape! Screw her! He’s better off!

He suddenly recalled what he'd told Bailley. A part of his heart would always love Angelina and that part was now telling him he had to let her have this.
She needed the lie. As much as she needed children she needed to believe that he'd left her.
She needed it to heal. To move on with her life. To enjoy her new life with her husband and children without reservation.
A wave of pain washed over his soul. Then he sat upright and looked at the crying woman.
"Yes. I did."

OH HELL NO!! FUCK THAT!! Let her off the hook for twisting the knife in his heart? Let her tell herself a lie and live that lie just so she can FEEL GOOD ABOUT HERSELF?! Fuck that and fuck her!

For the first time in his life he wished for the ability to cry.

...that's funny because he was crying with Angelina's dad not too long ago!

...Bailley is the catch of the day though! Love the island retreat! The poor bastard keeps losing his memory, its like a bad soap opera, ROFL! ...and I think a number of TV producers and writers are reading here on literotica, lol! Cause either that or you got ideas from some TV shows, heh. I'll have to look at some of the dates.
The bomb in the building for example, explosion then implosion to a block of stuff! That was in….umm… Agent of Shield I think? With the female star and Tony Starks dads Butler? (That's a mouthful!!) ...and what was that other one, lemme think...OH!!!! NOW I remember! The pendant necklace! Not exactly the same but pretty close generally speaking; Blacklist!! I don't recall the name of the book/information that he was using for leverage but it was very similar in the information's ability, lol.

Pretty good ending for the story, its always hard to wrap up a story and end things where it doesn't leave you feeling wanting or hanging out there! Ironically I wasn't even looking for this kind of story, I just stumbled on it then couldn't hardly put it down!
The story was a blast to read Angelina's actions were the only thing that left a bad taste in my mouth, just seemed so out of character for her and the story. Hell, he should drop by and pay her a visit… bang the daylights out of her and ruin her for other men, heh ;) (once you go blue…;)
Thanks for writing!!

Glad you caught that Ramjet

I was wondering if anyone would notice how disjointed this story was. This part especially...I had been wondering while I was at work, mulling over how to write someone who was starting to become himself again. This is how it came out. Getting knocked out again was probably not very helpful either.


As the Others ! Good to See you are back

And An interesting addition to the story.
Seems a little disjointed but I suppose it would since this is his perspective and he was knocked out again.
Glad to read the entire story so far, Very Interesting subject and characters.

Please Keep writing !


I feel like I'm missing something

Is this part of. Series? I feel like I should know some back story. I really like this book though. Great work

Loving this storyline!!! Keep them coming!!!

Blown Away!

Your skill in writing is so pristine. As a fellow author, I was absolutely pleased to find a story on this site that had both a plot worth reading and the writing to support it. I was entranced and I commend you on this brilliant work.

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