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i avoid first stories

but this caught my attention. nice! good story, good writing.
i look forward to more!

Answering your comments/concerns

Hello dear readers,

thank you for reading the story. This particular story was more of a sketch, a first attempt to write a werewolf story. Originally it was meant to be posted only on Tumblr, where many like the more violent aspect of it.
As a writer I wanted to explore it. The reason I didn't elaborate too much on the first couple of days is simple: I just wanted to express her change of heart. I understand what you mean by getting to know the wolf and I will of course keep that in mind in further stories.
This and another story I have already published here aren't my first attempt at writing, but I want to learn and explore fiction as much and as best as I can.
Thank you for telling me if you find a spelling error or grammar error. English isn't my first language. It is not meant as an excuse, just a mere fact to understand why I might make common mistakes (or not).

I hope you will read further stories of mine shall I post them.
Until then, thank you for reading this one.


Summary of Day 1 through 3??

Those three days should have been a chapter each. That would have given you time to flesh out the story, and for us to get to know the wolf and his mate. Even after you wrote the 4th day it still felt like an outline- making the characters and the sex boring.

I thought it was pretty good.

The characters need development- otherwise the reader ends up not caring one way or another what happens to them (let alone keeping your audience around to read the the next chapter). There is still time for that I think. Don't be discouraged- I think you're on the right track.

Are you coming back?

I hope so! To be honest, I did not expect to like this story as much as I did but I really liked it.

I kept wondering why, with every danger the pack is facing, not to mention the danger specifically targeting their two granddaughters, the grandparents hadn't been summoned home, or at least briefed over the phone. So I'm very anxious to read the next parts.

I also am eager to know about the wife with the gambling habit that was asking intrusive and inappropriate questions at the reception a couple of chapters back I think. Lastly, or firstly really, I want to know how this ends? I want to know with all the preparations and all the details you've documented as this pack prepares for the mother of all battles, what the hell happens!!!!

Frankly, it's a hard sell that these young couples aren't going to be having sex fairly soon and certainly not waiting for adulthood. Checking for virginity is actually not very reliable now that we allow girls do to more that sit and sew. Their hymens thin and the tissue get bumbled and jarred by physical activity, so the yearly virginity checks were something that turned me off immediately as being rather unsound medically, not to mention highly intrusive ethically.

A couple of grammar mistakes that were consistent through out but all in all a really interesting story that I enjoyed.

Thank you for sharing it.

WOW! Just - WOW!

I had read this story before, posted at a different erotic stories site.
This is a brilliant story. One of the best I have ever read. Loved it.
And I agree with other users' comments which have asked for a sequel.

Can't wait

I really can't wait to see what happens next.


Please write more! This series is great!

I'm glad I'm not alone in my addiction..

I'm so glad I'm not alone in checking back every day for my fix. That being said, I really hope our beloved Jaz is ok!!

Brings to mind...

Stockholm syndrome. I can understand a male wanting his mate desperately and neglecting to acquire his mates permission, but for 2 days? Once is understandable, but it took 2 days?

However, your writing is great. The only error I noticed was "He is spend and satisfied." Where you should have stated he is "spent..."
Nonetheless, nothing overly distracting. Keep up the good work.


Listen, you're a good writer and the plot is good. BUT MAN IS TARA AN IDIOT.
This ruins the entire story. It is truly a waste of alpha blood and whatever uniquity she has. She would be nothing if her father wasn't so powerful. That is what makes this story drag into shit. To be something and something special alone is what makes a grand story. Tara's idiocy and ignorance/arrogance is beyond frustrating. Her moronic actions and inability to utilize her innate functions make me spew pity. Hopefully, in further chapters, she develops into a powerful woman of poise, elegance, grace and pure terror. A force that is not to be reckoned with.

I am conflicted as to if I should continue reading this story or not. I dont want to suffer through Tara's pure stupidity, and am losing hope if she will wisen up and be even half as good as her father.
It is just my personal opinion, there are many people who love it and you certainly are a talented writer! You have the ability to entice your readers through a beautiful array of syntax and diction, which I find to be rare. :D

please add next chapter(s)

i need more of smp and the clan. so please finish the story.

first time i have read a werewolf raping their mate to force the pull. didn't like it too much cause it kind of goes against the mating pull that brings them together in the first humans it would be called stockholm syndrome.

Love love love this!!!! Can Catherine be immortal some how???


Oh no! Abandoned at the cliffhanger? We have to know what happens! I hope you return to satisfy us. The story has been tremendously entertaining so far.

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