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I love Inuyasha! Cant wait to see whats in store for this story!


this story is fun. nice one Joe

when ????

Any news of next chapter ????
Any updates ????
Come on man its about time you posted the next chapter


Im kinda pissed off that i read this whole series just for it to end like this! Amazing series, but there has to be more, its like you just got sick of writing this story & gave up on it with that ending. There's so many things left unexplained, lets tie up some loose ends!!!! Great story, but a finished product would make it spectacular :)

Interesting beginning

I look forward to more of the story. Intriguing.


I couldn't find Words that Hit My Heart by Park Hyo Shin. Darn it...=( Do keep writing tho! =^_^=

good start

I like it so far. Please keep going.

i second what cantfightfate said


My memory may be faulty, but didn't Guard shadow when he was first introduced? I seem to remember him lurking around the pack for about 5 years before Annie introduced him?


Thank you guys for all of the positive feedback in such a quick time. Also I'm writing this from the notes in my iPhone so I really apologize about it not being a suitable length.

I'm spellbound!

I've become absolutely obsessed with the life of this pack. I can't put them down.


Absolutely freaking spectacular......... I wish I could write full length stories like this

Very hard to read French when it is not your native language

To only put the definitions of what is said at the end of the story is a bit harsh.
I know the language and phrases add credability to the story that Delphi is from Canada, but it makes a reader stumble and say, "Huh?"

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