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Love the

Ending. Such a lovely place. The 'twin' chapters are a bit strange, but enjoyable never-the-less.

Now the big question is where does 11 start? In the office or the kitchen.

I seriously can't stand you right now

that ending was cruel. please font make us wait long for the next chapter. I don't like that she likes Riley. I want her to choose Pratt.

I never do this but...

This is a wonderfully written emotional rollercoaster of a story. I just had to drop a line a beg for you to continue.


I know and I have updated some of the spelling and grammar issues but that is on the site in my bio. It is just such a pain to update on this site. You have to resubmit and wait for several days before there is any posting available. If you want a smoother read check the site in my bio and there are far more stories there than here.

High space opera

High space opera of the highest order. Well worth my five star rating and with only a few problems in grammar, spelling and name consistency to detract from the story.


The grammar and spelling does get better but it is in the later stories. This was a story I wrote for a nanowrimo though I didn't finish it at the time. Since then my skills have vastly improved though I still have a few words which give me headaches. I am glad you are enjoying it and please keep reading.


Keep on writing, I love this story and really look forward to the next chapter

Yes, I know soooo many four year olds that can comprehend and enunciate as well as us logic to get all this out. Their geniuses!
"I fainted when I saw this really big wolf, I thought he was going to eat me!", she said anxiously. "I was outside looking for help, a burglar tied my mama and my papa while I was sleeping, maybe he didn't know I was there, so I got out to get help but I was very far away from anyone who could help!"
How many 4 year olds even know the word "fainted," or what it means?

I see why you stopped writing after Chpt 1.

Tigers and lions are bigger than wolves so according to were logic wereions and weretigers should be bigger than werewolves

Pretty damned good

One of the best I read on here.

So conflicted!!

What a cliff hanger! By what you've alluded to in the story so far, she does leave him while Riley is still there... and seemingly doesn't go back. Obviously, living like that in a cave is sick and no life at all. But, I'm strangely sad to think that she and Pratt won't be together anymore. I think I need a stout drink.


Would love to see more monster girls

Loved it!

Can Hector's story be next?


Fantastic story and well written with only minor problems in grammar and such. Not enough to really detract from the story though. If all of the rest of the story is as good as this it will be one I will love forever.

Just wonderful.

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