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I agree to the plans just crumbling.

`Very Inventive

There's a curious "sideways look" in your writing.
I love it.

and they were just too stupid to leave on their own without having to make this fucked up deal to kidnap a woman from the future?how hard could it be to just leave the place where you and your kind are getting the shit killed out of you or passing a law that no wolves are to be killed ?i mean damn they must be inbred fucking retarded.


I both saw that coming, and didn't see that coming... Well done! I knew they would be mates, you've pretty much set that up. But the connection to Waters. I can't wait to see how you work everything out! Poor Florence.



Slight Confusion

slight confusion

You have changed Gianni's mother from Julie to Angie and Angie was mated to the new guy Aiden so I am confused. You might consider some more editing for the future. Other than that, this is a very good story; nice characters and great plot line if a little confused at times.

Oddly enough

This is turning into a good story. Just stick to the plot and run with it.

as usual this has been a great chapter, i hope that you can get the next one up soon.

Please continue with the storie.

5 Stars coming right up

I love your style. It's a effort for me to take the time to leave a comment and not just jump to the next chapter. It's nice reading something and for a change not knowing where the story is headed. Great work, please keep it up..


Looks like we know who will be the first ones to be in the harem....i hope there will be lesbian trysts and a harem orgy in the future ;-)

Vote of Confidence

Thank you, anonymous user who said all I need is practice. I can see your point as I've only been writing erotic stories on and off for three months. The 200ish short stories I wrote had little to no erotic content so I am pretty much guessing at a proper flow. I realize my main flaw is lack of detail which amounts to poor sex scenes.


Enjoying your twist on werewolves and ability to express your imagination. Good on ya!

right on

Love this storyline. I am looking forward to the next installment... Thank you...


Easy reading, and no long wait. Looking forward to next chapter

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