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Simply a terrific story written by a master storyteller. Anyone who happens to read this in the comments section, do yourself a favor and check out this and SciFurz's other tales. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


There will be an update coming soon,along with other new stories that i am working on. Thanks, and much love to all of my readers. XOXOXOXO.

I love your work and well understand the problems of where to fit a story into a category. Like others I wonder how it ties into the Furry Girls but you see the future of the story where I can only see the past.

Great start

I really really hope you continue writing especially since I would absolutely love to know what happens next!!


I always loved your writing. Just wasn't a huge fan of Anya, or her wolves really. I certainly like the wolves now and Any isn't so bad again. Not my favorite but no longer hate her, lol. I can hardly wait for the next in the series!!!

Kiss of the Moon

Loved every moment...the dynamics of the pack...the individuals that brought a chuckle...drama, sorrow, highs, lows....this story had everything. Good job, thanks for keeping us engrossed.

Please don't abandon the story :(

A Stone

You are half right
I have read this story many times
The one clue I will give you is that Kallum will not mate with Reasa


I love the story. Please continue!

Please Finish the story.

very good read!

I think I like this one better than your other offerings!


Oh my god, I wanted for them to have a happy ending!! I’m going to pretend that they did because I am too emotionally invested in their relationship to accept this ending. Awesome story btw!


Loving it so far, please keep going!

@ tjb50cal

Daily life is everything, non-human, science fiction, fantasy, romance, comedy, drama not planned though. That's the trouble with single choices on story category, none of my stories fit in just one :-/ .

PENUMBRIALS plays out in a parallel setting to Daily Life and the first contact there is based on the same principle, but developed in a different way.
I haven't planned on writing about that, but maybe I'll mention it in passing later.

@ curious anonymous

I pondered about doing this as a flashback or have someone explain it specifically to the girls, but I didn't think this episode could be told in this way by anyone. I wanted it to be its own episode in the Daily series as experienced more or less from Nuha's point of view.

There will be some episodes about other characters, while still playing out in the Daily Life universe. And those characters will have been introduced before, or make cameos later.

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