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Due to the comments on the story I am discontinuing any stories on my account.

Both eerie & erotic.

Well-written. Professional quality.


I know. Yo Spartan, can you add this the MGWIKI?

I'm rewriting Theo itself, 140 pages bonanza!

I agree with cantfightfate's comment

Can't wait for more!

I love your stories! The characters are always so complicated and well thought out. I'm interested to see what Argus' and Nivid's relationship is really like...something spooky is going on there! And of course the naughty scenes are always great. You definitely have quite the imagination! Keep up the good work!


I love it! Enormously arousing. Please make part 2!

This is terrible on so many levels

I don't know where to begin with this one.

Try reading your story out loud to yourself not just once, but two or three times.

Not sure if you are a masochist and looking to get pummeled by the masses and criticized or you just threw something out there to hurry up and be noticed on Lite, but whoa, rethink where you are going on this.

Good Job

Brilliant story. Keep up the good work and see this story to completion.

Awesome chapter!

Glad you're back. Please update regularly now. I want some closure for these two.


cliff hanger to good time skip to good i hurt :(


Nice story, fairly well written. But confusing as you gave very little information as to why he was being attacked, and why they left after she arrived, and why he raped her. Only that you wrote as well as you do entices me to continue; and hope you explain some things soon.


Thanks for the new chapter. I like where you're going... interested in seeing what happens next!

In the name of all that's holy......

I couldn't even get HALFWAY through the first page of chapter one!

She will be getting the answers to those questions firsthand soon enough.

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