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"Dark Shadows," Soap-Horror

 — How the soap opera and horror story came together. by DeniseNoe07/10/084.12

"Heere's Johnny! Daddy's Home!"

 — Favorite male actors, Pacino, De Niro, Nicholson, & Hoffman. by SusanJillParker12/06/144.14

"I Could Write a Book"

 — A tax court lesson for authors. by estragon01/10/124.28

"L" Is Not For Love

 — How not to be a lazy writer. by avrgblkgrl11/21/144.75HOT

"Professional" Women

 — A review of 50 years in several countries. by leBonhomme01/29/143.53

14 Lessons from 2014

 — ... and a lifetime. by Tara_Neale12/30/144.74HOT

2015 Literotica Reader's Choice Awards Winners

 — The best of 2015 - as chosen by you, the reader! by Literotica05/02/164.28

35 Personal Turn-Ons

 — Thirty-five things that turn me on... by Selena_Kitt12/23/084.59HOTContest Winner

3X DVD Review Issue 1

 — Sex addiction therapy: "Maya's Addiction", "Sessions". by a_scoundrel200003/14/042.70

3X DVD Review Issue 2

 — Seduced by porn: "Changes", "Being Porn Again". by a_scoundrel200003/15/043.50

3X DVD Review Issue 3

 — "Interracial Nation" 1 & 2. by a_scoundrel200007/05/043.88

40 Earth Day Facts

 — In honor of 40 Earth Days here are 40 Earth Day facts. by andtheend04/10/104.00

45 Reasons for Denying Difference

 — Why we pretend women & men feel the same about sex. by WaltForest04/08/133.89

80's Movie Review

 — My take on a bargain movie I found at the xxx store. by Friskee_cpl10/05/033.39

99 Things That Make Me Wet

 — A list of ninety-nine MORE things that turn me on! by Selena_Kitt12/26/084.59HOT

A Big Joke on Us

 — You want free speech? Then you need honesty first! by Ghost Tea06/01/05

A Big Thanks!

 — Lit community, your warm welcome is appreciated! by DreamBeam01/14/194.25

A Category That Is: Loving Wives

 — An author's personal view on a very controversial category. by Sammael Bard06/11/144.55HOT

A Confession of Mine

 — Letting out a secret part of myself. by Number2303/01/133.79

A Courage Pill

 — There's a pill for ED. Why not for courage? by steves_mom12/12/144.40

A Crash Course in Family Law

 — A basic primer on American divorce laws. by Rehnquist03/05/104.70HOT

A Day to Remember

 — The ironic small-penis exposure of a black man on Memorial Day. by marcusdnelson05/30/143.00

A Desiring Arab Pt. 01

 — A series of essays looking at Arab sexuality- my biography by Scheherazade8804/29/144.25

A Few Good Series

 — A few of my personal favorites. by CeliaisAliena08/12/104.70HOT

A Few Things I Like About Literotica

 — ...and a few I don't. by JerseyCop07/26/084.46

A Free Speech Quiz

 — No right or wrong answers - just discussion. by sack06/05/053.92

A Girl's Virgin Fetish

 — A girl who has a thing for virgin guys. by yourbabygirl711/16/154.22

A Hardcore Love Story

 — Review of Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story by herecomestherain12/05/054.18

A Learning Time In The BDSM Lifestyle

 — Essay on trust & love within a D/s relationship. by MysticalMAster209/12/023.39

A Lesbian Writers Self-Introduction

 — An introduction about myself as a lesbian writer. by Michelle_White09/26/134.17

A Letter to Readers

 — My acknowledgement of how important you are... by Scaramouche12302/17/174.00

A Life's Lesson

 — One man's experiences with women. by esoteric08/03/034.35

A Man Will Plant His Seed Anywhere

 — Men need sex; women need cuddles. by Mycke03/27/023.66

A Matter of Survival

 — Navy corpsman experiences survival training. by Angelscuck10/19/094.42

A Minty Monday Morning...

 — Woman surprises man, man reacts and amplifies the situation. by Joshua199004/25/183.67

A Moment of Mine

 — A perusal of the sight that evokes my fetish. by Thomas712/29/154.29

A Passage Through Time

 — Kajira's reflection of her journey through Gor. by simply_cyn08/13/043.77

A Philosophical Treatise on Women...

 — Their physical form: one man's thoughts. by ThadeusMinor06/27/03

A Philosophy of Porn

 — Random thoughts on sex & writing. by Christian Black04/02/044.34

A Proposed New Rating System

 — Throw the 1-10 scale away & give this a try. by jjsharshaw08/03/034.23

A Punter's Story

 — My experiences with working girls. by Harryandsally01/10/124.23

A Rant: Desperate People?

 — Ruminations on a job fair. by H20wader11/26/053.95

A Reader Comments

 — Commenting On Comments-And Voting. by Suite21men10/26/104.00

A Review of "Across the Universe"

 — A review of Julie Traymor's musical. by MungoParkIII10/15/073.71

A Review of "Being Ron Jeremy"

 — A fun parody of "Being John Malkovich" & spoof of porn films. by Decayed Angel07/12/064.37

A Review of "My Car is My Lover"

 — A quick look into the BBC documentary about two auto lovers. by Middleagepoet05/14/093.50

A Review of "Sex and Lucia"

 — The erotic Spanish film nominated for 10 Goya Awards. by MungoParkIII11/08/073.67

A Review of "The Almond" by Nedjma

 — Subtitled: "The Sexual Awakening of a Muslim Woman". by MungoParkIII11/02/073.12

A Review of “Breaking the Waves”

 — Film is a "Loving Wives" tale that blurs right & wrong. by Decayed Angel06/17/064.38Editor's Pick

A Review of “Hotel Porn”

 — A review of "Doing Brianna" a hotel pay-per-view movie. by Decayed Angel08/01/063.20

A Review of K-Y Intense

 — A product that claims to intensify female satisfaction. by Middleagepoet12/23/094.60HOT

A Review of Whores for Gloria

 — William T. Vollman's novel from the depths of San Francisco. by Decayed Angel08/23/063.20

A Review on a Marital Aid

 — A guide to masturbation. by Bakeboss01/28/103.73

A Scam for Everything

 — Scams on the net. by dirtyjoe6910/22/064.33

A Short Rant about My Underwear

 — Some random thoughts on the subject of panties. by TwylamarieWilson05/23/184.63HOT

A Sood Writer

 — I learned I wasn’t even a sood writer. by SunrockSin01/01/094.77HOT

A Spicy Hochpoch of Indian Flavor

 — Real hunting of knickers, oral sex, condoms ,LOVE, etc. by BrianCaster10/19/093.83

A Sub's Eye View of Sub Space

 — A submissive's sub space experience. by sdbnnc09/10/084.84HOT

A Tag For Poppy Z. Brite

 — A review of erotic horror author's work. by PenanceS03/21/033.21

A tale of opening the closet door.

 — A little self exploration before the work. by sinister.giggle04/03/064.00

A Transgendered Outline

 — My personal journey in brief of being transgendered. by Nicola_cd11/19/114.25

A Treatise

 — How my faith made me a masochist. by litjosie07/17/094.63HOT

A Tribute To My Ex-Husband

 — This ex-wife is anything but bitter. by DeniseNoe04/17/094.42

A Trip to the Gynecologist

 — A real like description of an annual gyno exam. by Kaywida11/04/08

A Virgin's Tale

 — One man's real account of dealing with the opposite sex. by carthartic10/24/034.00

A Woman's Sexual Responses

 — All you'll ever need to know, with a little extra. by Dyslexicea09/21/123.86

A Writer Writes

 — How a passion for writing has helped in life. by txstowman03/08/053.75

A Year into Transition

 — 12 months into the MtF transition. by Nicola_cd05/27/124.38

A Year on Gay Dating Sites

 — An account of real experiences and observations. by BrianCaster06/28/113.00

About Cuckolding

 — A personal view regarding cuckolding. by Angelscuck11/08/094.03

About loving Loving Wives

 — Observations on those who love, and hate, Loving Wives. by Porlock05/18/114.47

About Me

 — A few things about me if you're interested. by ladylana09/22/094.08

About The Big Ones

 — Observations of a Fat Girl. by Invisible2u01/18/084.61HOT

About Writing Sequels

 — A brief essay about my philosophy on writing sequels. by silkstockingslover08/02/134.71HOT

Abstinence vs. Sex Education

 — Teaching abstinence-only or comprehensive sex education. by Goldeniangel03/20/064.23

Acid and Primal Consciousness

 — 1980 Altered States a science fiction endeavor by anglosextantyen4u12/02/123.00

Addams Family vs. ATM marriage

 — Sex fantasies can restore sizzle to marriage. by DeniseNoe08/18/083.93

Addicted to Love

 — When it's painful, not pleasurable. by rachlou12/15/083.81

AfroerotiK Universal Laws of Sex

 — The Spiritual Truths of Sex by AfroerotiK03/07/164.62HOT

Alice Crimmins Confusion

 — Promiscuity and murder. by DeniseNoe06/28/082.80


 — The difference between Dominants & Alphas. by Joseki Ko03/20/044.34

Am I a Slut?

 — Why shouldn't a woman enjoy sex just as much as a man does? by SweetPrettyAss07/17/144.30

An Act of Love

 — What does intercourse really mean? by lionshell04/19/074.59HOT

An Analysis on Incest

 — My attempt to understand the universal taboo. by Th3Desi12/24/074.38

An Anarchist Rants About Fairness

 — My own personal observations about justice and fairness. by SEVERUSMAX05/11/122.65

An Editorial On A D/s Relationship

 — What makes a good Dominant/Master. by Wolfwind12/01/014.40

An Essay for Life

 — Eight suggestions for healthy living. by sack10/19/054.61HOT

An Essay on Rude Black Females

 — Disappearance of manners among black women explained. by Samuelx10/21/083.03

An Ode to Pussy

 — The beauty of the vagina. by smy3th10/26/054.49

An Oral Essay

 — The art of true love through oral expression. by Tall7870110/14/044.60HOT

Anal Sex Review

 — A Review of the video #20 Butt Bandits by SexyChele03/11/034.25

Anal Sex, What Is the Big Deal?

 — Request a woman's point of view to help him understand. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/13/073.69

Ancient Sex & the Bible

 — Ancient sex truths revealed. by NaughtyMike10/02/024.10

And Again, a Review of Hotel Porn

 — We visit the adult film: The Contractors. by Decayed Angel09/13/064.27

And Another Review of Hotel Porn

 — Hotel visit with the film "MILF and Cookies After School". by Decayed Angel09/06/063.80


 — An essay about new found love by simply_cyn07/17/044.50

Anna's FAQ

 — Most Frequently asked sex questions from her ex'es. by annakim06/11/07

Anonymous Finds an Identity

 — A madman seeks niche within Literotica. by Egmont Grigor05/28/054.08

Anorexic? Don't Blame Me

 — Don't blame men for female "eating disorders". by Boxlicker10108/03/073.29

Another Batch Of Porn Reviews

 — A review of No Man's Land Interracial 1-4. by Flashlight7.502/15/023.25

Another Review of “Hotel Porn”

 — At La Quinta with the film "Wicked Sex" starring Julia Ann. by Decayed Angel08/15/063.67

Answers to the Mysteries of Femdom

 — The roots of femdom and why some of us submit. by betula1144501/12/103.30


 — My strategy for "winning" NaNoWriMo 2008. by WFEATHER11/30/083.20

Antonio - Duchess of Malfi

 — An exploration of Antonio in The Duchess of Malfi. by CornishBabe03/10/082.33

Aphrodite Electric

 — Perspective on phone sex by one who has worked there. by Owlyn06/03/024.44

Appreciating Fine Art

 — An aesthetics essay: Aristotle vs. Plato. by LadyCassolette08/11/074.17

Arcology: Miniaturize or Die?

 — Arcology discussed as a solution to urban sprawl. by Decayed Angel12/12/064.33

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