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That Fickle Thing Called Love

 — How to know when it's the real thing. by sack02/04/064.36

That Giant Sucking Sound

 — Sadly we are making it happen. by Avalanche Man09/20/053.94

That Obscure Object of Desire

 — How a porn star got me to thinking about "things". by synthese08/19/054.33Editor's Pick

The South will Rise Again

 —  A rebuttal. by qhml103/24/134.74HOT

The 4 Types of Mind Control

 — A brief discussion of the genre. by TehCorinthian07/10/174.62HOT

The Abortion Rant

 — Certain to offend some, uplift others. by Heathen Hemmingway06/18/054.29

The Allure of Writing about Incest

 — Musings about writing for the Incest category. by BuckyDuckman01/01/154.38

The Alternate World of Literotica

 — Literotica is nothing less than an alternate new world. by Algonquin Twit12/19/104.52HOT

The Anatomy of the Roach

 — One author's relationship advise. by indianaboi3309/01/073.67

The Art of Positive Thinking

 — Positive thinking versus negative thinking. by PositiveThinker01/12/093.57

The Assertive Man

 — Essays on Americana. by anglosextantyen4u10/31/103.00

The Basics of Slapstick and Other S

 — Why don't more people write comedy? by Jenny_Jackson05/15/073.78

The Beast

 — A description of a penis. by Johnadi11/21/104.38

The Beast Within

 — A description of my/a penis by Johnadi11/17/104.00

The Belated Laci & Lori Rant

 — Laci Peterson and Lori Hacking, RIP. by Heathen Hemmingway06/12/054.49

The Best American Erotica 2005

 — Review of the collection edited by Susie Bright. by lindiana11/08/055.00

The Best of "The Best Sex Ever"

 — Reviews of late night cable erotica. by AudreyHepburn04/15/083.88

The Bible Tells Me So

 — Things they never taught in Sunday School by Rev. Dave Springer08/17/024.30

The Big Five

 — Five rules of the first date - and you better listen, too! by AnAmericanDarling12/24/113.26

The Black Pearl

 — Review of a fabulous Victorian era sex novel. by Quine06/18/053.44

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

 — Review of the first book in the class erotic trilogy by simply_cyn08/01/043.35

The Client

 — Memoirs of a frequenter of whores. by TheClient10/07/074.71HOT

The Climax Gentlemen's Club: First Visit

 — His first visit to the famous club. by Charley_Ace08/07/023.86

The Complete (enough) Idiot’s Guide

 — Ruminations on basic BDSM concepts. by QuantumMechanic02/09/084.52HOT

The Confession

 — A cocksucker shares his thoughts. by turbocs3704/08/104.38

The Cons & Prose of Writing for Lit

 — Self-explanatory, eh? by l8bloom09/03/074.68HOTContest Winner

The Drink of Choice

 — The sexual adventures of the inebriated by georgewildman01/18/034.00

The Dummy's Mind for Females

 — Seriously, one male perspective on daily minutiae. by cashcrunch12/17/054.62HOT

The Eight Hundred Word Story

 — The new standard for a crappy story. by Middleagepoet01/01/103.22

The Elusive Orgasm

 — A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by barefootcowgirl09/12/174.24

The Elusive Vaginal Orgasm

 — Fact or fiction? by Dyslexicea11/12/123.28

The End of Privacy

 — A prediction of a future without female privacy. by astuffedshirt_perv08/02/123.76

The End of the American Way of Life

 — An essay on how the net affects American life. by Bakeboss12/31/093.15

The Envy of the Erotica World Ch. 02

 — On being a bisexual black male sex writer. by Samuelx10/10/071.78

The Essentials of Sexuality

 — A treaties on understanding sexuality in today's world. by goethe08/11/014.18

The Evolution of Porn

 — From little in the fifties to more than we can use today. by Bakeboss08/08/094.08

The Exchange: An Historical Note

 — A swinger's club forty years ago. by LynnGKS12/10/124.07

The First

 — Semi-interactive essay on first meeting with Master. by BadAlice01/09/054.50

The Freedom of Slavery Decoded

 — Questions asked are answered. by astartevenus12/23/113.97

The Fun of Writing and How it Began

 — A little essay about how I started. by BrettJ01/04/154.60HOT

The Good Lover

 — First, find a good lover. by annalee09/04/024.22

The Guy

 — Ramblings about Prince Charming. by mstwistedangel02/15/11

The HIV Panic That Should Happen

 — The near-epidemic of HIV cases in minority communities. by -geisha.grrrl-08/04/054.33

The Howard Appledorf Murder and Me

 — A closeted prof murdered by gay hustlers. by DeniseNoe08/20/085.00

The Ideal Sex Scene?

 — My (perhaps heretical) theories on the art. by ShadowWriterCa12/18/073.62

The Ins & Outs of Slave Worship:

 — A lesson on who is really in control. by CyanideStarr12/31/064.31

The Job Company

 — Creating jobs to fit people. by Angelscuck11/18/094.33

The Joys of Sandbagging

 — Sandbagging, for some reason, inherited negative connotation. by Middleagepoet01/01/105.00

The Lebbi in Me

 — Loving women and being male vs. the fantasy of being female. by Smokey12504/24/14

The Levels of Quality in Porn

 — Rating the different levels of quality in porn movies. by Svenskaflicka09/06/023.46

The List of 250 Favorite Authors

 — Literotica's 2007 Sneak Peak of the 250 Favorite Author List. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/28/07HOT

The Literotica Top 100

 — Author picks 100 exceptional Literotica stories. by sack11/29/054.40

The Little Stranger

 — Couple begins to know their unborn child. by LuciousBi-Writes4U02/03/064.38

The Living End

 — A butt by other names is...WOW! by WilliamEStroupe07/13/104.60

The Man Behind the Curtain

 — The Wonderful Wizard of BDSM by sdbnnc08/13/094.78HOT

The Man in the Attic

 — A woman hides her secret lover in the attic. by DeniseNoe06/28/084.75

The Manipulation Tango

 — You are being manipulated. by Everettcb08/12/123.50

The Martian - Unresolved Questions

 — Some nit-picking and other questions about the movie. by GrandPaM09/01/163.60

The Miracle Fashion

 — The amazing history and varied uses of nylon. by Deadwood03/24/073.30

The Mirror

 — What I get from my writing. by mandywilluk200009/04/044.41

The Most Demanding Audience

 — Anal fans are more demanding than anybody else. by Boxlicker10112/26/064.32

The Most Frightening Thing Is....

 — Do you know what the most frightening thing on planet Earth? by SuperHeroRalph10/20/113.42

The Mute Speak

 — What we learn from those who "speak" non-vocally. by DeniseNoe04/03/094.75

The Myth of the Female Orgasm

 — Some thoughts on basic human sexology. by justbobkc03/08/164.23

The Myth of the Four-Hour Erection

 — Advertising and the male libido. by Gaucho09/08/044.52HOT

The Nature of Men

 — A description of men's more interesting characteristics. by LastoftheGreatMikeys05/05/054.38

The New BFW for President

 — The silent majority of porn loving people will support it. by SunrockSin12/28/083.50

The New Way to Smoke

 — New ways to inhale and to exhale. by jeanlow03/27/073.57

The Only Double Standard

 — This is the only double standard in gender relationships. by Boxlicker10104/13/044.16

The Perfect Sexual Nightmare

 — Review of the indie sexploitation horror flick 'Bad Biology'. by miss_claremont11/06/093.50

The Phallic Woman Theory

 — Ongoing essays on men who love hairy women. by hotwriter111/27/083.41

The Philosophy Of Fucking...

 — Fucking is not merely sex, it is the execution of life. by karmicsex08/17/083.29

The Pill

 — Author glances back at The Pill, sexual revolution, & the 60s. by MungoParkIII10/06/073.91

The Pillar in the Garden

 — The gifts of the earth. by dr_mabeuse04/03/044.79HOT

The Politics and Math of Lit Voting

 — A brief meditation. by Serafina121001/09/154.66HOTContest Winner

The Poodle Reels In The Years

 — An essay on self esteem and aging. by frustratedpoodle04/26/044.75HOT

The Power of Breasts

 — A little diatribe of boob related flashings. by Alexis66102/21/064.18

The Price of Freedom

 — Freedom, vigilance, and Lenny Bruce. by Medicine Hat05/22/054.81HOT

The Problem with Monsanto

 — Decrease of genetic diversity in food crops. by JagFarlane04/01/134.52HOT

The Problem: Writing What I Want

 — Musing aloud about my cluttered Lit library by BuckyDuckman01/04/154.58HOT

The Psychology of my Submission

 — Peek inside the mind of a submissive woman. by usemeiamyours04/08/054.58HOT

The Psychosexual Motive in Writing

 — Reflection on writing erotic fiction. by Da_Vida07/05/093.67

The Relative Facts of Human Life

 — I believe in the ethical treatment of all life. by Everettcb11/05/152.00

The Responsibility of Free Speech

 — Whose free speech are we talking about here? by R. Richard05/16/054.71HOT

The Return of Porn Reviews

 — Reviews of 'Cat Lickers 1-4'. by Flashlight7.507/05/032.21

The Rules

 — The rules of engagement - if only everyone used them. by nevyn1107/03/074.00

The Rules of Fidelity and...

 — One author's views on adultery. by Landrious110/19/054.62HOT

The Sa - Eelna

 — An example of the Sa - Eelna. by Joseki Ko09/20/041.50

The Sailor's Wife - History

 — The historical background of the story. by adamgunn06/12/14

The Second Sexual Revolution

 — 'Horny Old Broads' and 'Dirty Old Men'. by wrdonway08/31/154.67HOT

The Secretary

 — BDSM cult classic? One viewer's opinon. by SexyChele05/31/033.10

The Seduction - Tourist Trap

 — Review of two classic films. by venomlegions04/01/134.17

The Self-Transcended submissive

 — Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and BDSM. by Master_n_Mentor05/30/074.72HOT

The Seventies, Deep Throat & Harry Reems

 — The movie that changed the industry. by MungoParkIII10/21/074.42

The Sex Fantasies Most Men Have

 — Overview of men's sex fantasies, focused on harem and incest. by Mr3x4905/03/173.67

The Sexual Quick-Fix

 — Maybe good sex is more involved than popping pills. by MissO05/25/054.48

The Smell of a Man

 — Underarm & crotch odors are a natural turn-on. by Shale03/26/044.19

The Squirt

 — What is it all about? by Looney09/06/024.36

The State of Black Erotica

 — Commentary on Black erotica. by AfroerotiK08/12/074.57HOT

The Story of O

 — Review of the classic French erotic novel. by simply_cyn07/03/043.95

The Supreme Court Phony Farce Predicted Rulings

 — Comments on the U.S. Supreme Court. by Everettcb11/19/112.04

The Survivor Contest

 — Writing competition that has turned into an insane game. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/28/072.56

The Tao of Kady: An Explanation

 — Detailing why I chose to pursue writing the Kady stories. by ericthebard08/26/164.86

The Ten Best Stories on Literotica

 — One reader's opinion on quality writing. by sack01/12/054.22

The Trolls of Literotica

 — An essay on the phenomenon of trolling on Literotica. by newamba08/12/114.47

The Truth About 'Bad Boys'

 — Article on why women seem so attracted to 'Bad Boys'. by LeslieBlue01/16/063.81

The Truth About Life after Death

 — An essay on the afterlife. by oneiria07/13/104.46

The Unforgettable "Vixen!"

 — The porn film that created an unforgettable character. by DeniseNoe07/02/083.45

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