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Critics and Criticism

 — An author muses about his critics. by Egmont Grigor06/10/054.50HOT

Cross Dressing: A Hypothesis

 — Discussion of a possible explanation for cross dressing. by Da_Vida08/27/094.48


 — Questions and answers on the cuckold lifestyle. by CuckoldGuy02/15/133.81

Cuckolding: My Analysis

 — My perspective on "cuckolding as erotic." by Vulcan_in_Ohio05/06/094.01


 — There are many kinds of cuckolds and cuckolds' wives. by LynnGKS05/18/104.40

Cyber Sex Etiquette 101

 — Guide for guys, gals, & good manners in cyberspace. by LeslieBlue10/30/063.77

D/s vs. Romance in a Marriage

 — Romance can remain within a D/s relationship. by S. Stevenson09/15/04HOT

Dead Fish Swim with the Stream

 — An essay regarding political censorship. by neonlyte05/19/05HOT

Deal With It

 — You have to face pain and anger in order to be free of them. by MagicaPractica12/31/074.57HOT

Dealing with My Grief

 — A simple essay about dealing with loss. by Azuldrgon01/20/124.40

Dear Abby Landers

 — Twin yokels did more than anybody to prevent gender equality. by Boxlicker10109/10/123.74

Dear Angel Ch. 01

 — Answering the questions sent by readers. by Goldeniangel09/14/054.53HOT

Dear Angel Ch. 02

 — Clarification, titty-torture stories. & a foreplay how-to. by Goldeniangel09/17/054.61HOT

Dear Angel Ch. 03

 — Story ideas, myself in the stories, etc. by Goldeniangel09/20/054.49

Death and Dying

 — I see dead people. by CarBuffStuff03/08/094.67HOT

Dedeaux's Delightful Discipline

 — Analyzing a mysterious writer of delicious discipline. by lesliejones10/06/054.65HOT

Deep Inside Porn Reviews

 — Reviews of three "Deep Inside" films from VCA. by Flashlight7.509/01/024.13

Definition Of An Exhibitionist

 — An essay on exhibitionism from a former exhibitionist. by vet4210/16/064.20

Denny's of the Gods

 — A classical restaurant review. by unpredictablebijou07/04/073.50

Devils in The Pulpits

 — Do they know they're lying, or are they just ignorant? by wistfall102/16/17

Did I Hurt Your Virtual Feelings?

 — Virtual Reality - an oxymoron; one woman's experience. by lindiana07/24/064.50HOT

Did Lizzie Borden Have a Love Life?

 — A sexy mystery within an historical murder mystery. by DeniseNoe07/10/083.93

Diminished, Augmented, Altered

 — Notes on love and obsession; romantic chord theory. by Greg_H01/01/11

Dirty Words

 — What's in a word anyway? by Many Feathers03/30/064.38


 — We all discriminate - whether we know it or not. by Goldeniangel06/03/054.30


 — Think about where your mouth has been. by Shale06/04/064.04

Disposable X

 — A rambling essay about contemporary literature. by foehn211/08/07

Divisions of the Spirit

 — Author's take on how the human spirit is divided. by Toxico04/14/045.00

Dizzy Gillespie on Ermou

 — Memories of Greece in a happier time. by potsherd2207/27/154.67

Do You Bonk, Shag or Screw?

 — The trials of writing for an international story website. by Pussyrider03/04/084.69HOT

Do You Know A Cross-dresser? Ch. 02

 — Trans-genderism: cross-dressing. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/07/084.05

Do You Wish You Were Rich?

 — Susan's list of things that are not right and/or not fair by SusanJillParker02/03/184.27

Does Size Really Matter

 — Penis Size and Female Pleasure. by ticklechambers04/17/144.34

Does Size Really Matter?

 — Is it the size of the wand, or the magic in it? by michass06/12/103.39

Doing the Dishes

 — How can something so clean, be so dirty? by unpredictablebijou06/01/074.47

Domestic Violence

 — Abusers call it love; the abused sometimes they only call it life. by LadyCibelle10/17/054.54HOT

Domestic Violence and Me

 — Thoughts on my life and relationship. by lottyboo04/30/09HOT

Dominant vs. Submissive

 — Analysis of personalities. by tow2b06/15/113.60

Don't Be a Boneless Wonder

 — A plea for people to stand up for their beliefs. by Captain Midnight10/04/06

Dreams from My Father

 — A book review. by wife2hotblk01/12/093.17

DVD - Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex

 — Review of anally-focused adult movie. by MindFiend12/14/044.84HOT

Earth Day Contest Midstream Review

 — Review for 2008 Earth Day Contest entries 30 Mar - 6 Apr. by sr71plt04/07/084.10

Earth Day Home Stretch Review

 — Review for 2008 Earth Day Contest entries 6-13 April. by sr71plt04/14/084.33

Earth Day Out-of-the-Gate Review

 — Review of completed contest entries for 28 and 29 March by sr71plt03/30/084.38

Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 12

 — Behold! BFW reviews his Earth Day stories...and it was so. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/11/083.98


 — Review of the novel by Stephenie Meyer. by PrincessErin12/27/084.00

Economic Growth Via Lie Propagation

 — An argumentation essay. by Toxico12/13/033.92

Economic Growth Via Lie Propagation

 — Responding to an old essay. by Occamspiledriver08/29/114.61HOT

Elfin Descent Afterward

 — Thoughts and lessons learned from Elfin Descent. by OrcDominion11/25/164.74HOT

Enough Tending the Rich

 — Essay on the class war. by JagFarlane03/01/144.34

Eros in the Song of Solomon

 — Exploring the graphic sex in this Biblical book. by DeniseNoe08/02/084.43

Erotic and Erotica

 — What is erotic to me may not be erotic to you. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/26/074.25

Erotic? No. Soporific? Yes.

 — Review of "Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed". by fardreamer10/31/044.43

Erotica 101

 — Erotic literature in my life. by leBonhomme07/10/124.00

Erotica 102

 — My thoughts about writing erotica. by leBonhomme07/06/154.75

Erotica and Buddhism

 — Is sexual activity consistent with the path to Enlightenment? by Maeten07/29/093.38

Eroticism (A Matter Of Context)

 — An Essay. by trevorm02/14/124.50


 — A review of Brad Anderson's movie, "The Machinist" by Lauren Hynde02/19/054.55HOT

Escaped from Submission

 — How to emasculate the desire for emasculation. by selfconfidenc12003/14/093.06

Essay on Abstinence vs Sex Ed

 — Does just saying no really work? by Bakeboss07/11/104.40

Essay: A Theory of Angry Cucks

 — Why do some guys get so violently angry at cuck stories? by LynnGKS05/28/104.07

Essay: My Rape Fantasies

 — For women only. What about our rape fantasies? by LynnGKS06/06/104.26

Even More Porn Reviews

 — Four films from VCA Pictures are reviewed. by Flashlight7.510/31/013.21

Even More Ramblings of Tanzania

 — Ramblings on Tanzania and charities. by CornishBabe01/16/085.00

Everything Fades

 — It's strange how it all works. by raynecrow206/08/064.60HOT

Excellence: Top 10 Stories on Lit

 — SelenaKittyn's list of top 10 favorite Literotica stories. by Selena_Kitt06/28/064.53HOTContest Winner

Exclamation Point

 — The state of affairs. by Everettcb09/16/13

Expanding Your Horizons

 — A Dom's perspective on polyamory. by Joseki Ko06/09/044.18


 — Why I write what I do. by TonyDowse10/09/064.69HOT

Facts About Our Existence

 — Some little know things to help your understanding of life. by wistfall108/16/15

Fake Breasts: A Male's Perspective

 — A scathing analysis of unnatural breasts. by Stefan_J08/20/044.51HOT

Faking Relationships

 — "I ain't settlin' for anything less than everything." by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/22/074.09

False Memories of Belfast?

 — An analysis of a story that claimed to be true - but isn't. by peaceandtruth06/27/124.21


 — Fantasy jar can improve your relationship. by Many Feathers05/31/054.48

Fantasy or Reality

 — A comparison of sexual fantasy and real life. by mcfbridge03/17/084.67HOT

Fantasy Vs Reality

 — Muse from the alter ego. by CherryCummins12/11/054.33

Farewell from Randydaughter

 — Announcing my retirement. by randydaughterreborn05/10/184.87HOT

Fat and/or Ugly

 — Bumper sticker leads to reflections on beauty. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/14/073.90

Feathers on a String

 — Musings about writing (and reading) sex stories. by BuckyDuckman09/26/164.64HOT

Feedback Frenzy...

 — ...or how I learned to stop worrying and love trolls. by bluefox0707/11/074.72HOT

Female Ejaculation Myth or Marvel

 — Pleasurable but controversial phenomenon. by bo gun03/09/084.66HOT

Female Led Relationship

 — What every girl should know. by CuckoldGuy10/01/163.75

Female Non-Consent Fantasies

 — Why women are NOT being demeaned in non-consent literature. by LaSalia08/12/124.55HOT

Feminist with a Penis

 — Originally titled "What does a feminist do with a penis?" by lionshell03/11/083.59

Fertility Treatments

 — How to fix our declining birth rate. by PrincessErin10/03/083.31

Fifteen Questions

 — Fifteen fifty word essays about Christmas by oggbashan11/27/084.09

Finding a Master

 — A view from the top. by Joseki Ko07/17/044.85HOT

Fire, Fire!

 — Surviving An Apartment Fire. by Angelscuck11/15/094.08

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