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Flaws in the Porn Industry

 — Here is what is wrong with the porn industry. by X-Factor10/12/044.67HOT

Focus versus Dilution

 — The value of focused attention/ by Master_n_Mentor02/09/074.67HOT

Follow the Herd

 — The real meaning of St. Valentine's Day. by Rope6402/14/063.25

For the Love of Mary Trenchard

 — John Cranby is a respected Tutor of Divinity to the Lady Jan. by alexcarr04/30/114.00

For Those Who Wondered

 — Lots of information: why he writes. by Just Plain Bob09/25/09


 — A moderate's approach to infidelity & forgiveness. by patricia5103/09/054.71HOT

Forsake the Troops

 — An essay on freedom of speech & its use. by Sean Renaud05/16/054.36

Frank Talk About Erotica Education

 — How erotica can enhance your sexual relationships. by DdysAngelFace10/06/024.48

Freddie Becomes a Cross-Dresser Ch. 01

 — In researching a story, Freddie becomes a crossdresser. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/08/083.30

Freddie Becomes a Cross-Dresser Ch. 02

 — In researching a story, Freddie becomes a cross-dresser. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/09/083.96

Freddie Becomes a Cross-Dresser Ch. 03

 — In researching a story, Freddie becomes a cross-dresser. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/10/084.28

Freddie Becomes a Cross-Dresser Ch. 04

 — In researching a story, Freddie becomes a cross-dresser. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/11/084.29

Freddie Becomes a Cross-Dresser Ch. 05

 — In researching a story, Freddie becomes a cross-dresser. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/12/084.09

Free or Not So Free Speech

 — What does free speech mean to you? by Mordici05/16/054.17

Free Speech

 — In defense of vilified writers. by H20wader02/26/064.18

Free Speech is Offensive

 — If no one is offended, it isn't free speech. by oggbashan05/17/054.79HOTContest Winner

Free Speech: The Acid Test

 — Is it democratic? Free Speech gives the answer. by oggbashan05/30/054.67

Freedom By Another Name: Bondage

 — Thoughts about the nature of freedom. by sdbnnc08/13/105.00HOT

Freedom of Speech is Not Enough

 — What is that freedom loses its power? by thebullet05/22/054.25

Freedom To Speak, Freedom To Listen

 — You don't like it, don't listen to it. by greeneyelove05/20/054.55HOT

Friendship: What Is It?

 — Do you have friends, or just friendly acquaintances? by Captain Midnight07/05/064.78

Fuck 101

 — Let's just say, I had a challenge and I believe I met it. by Arianna Lee01/09/054.55HOT

Fundamentalists and the Bible 01

 — Does the bible really prohibit Lesbian sex? by wistfall108/31/12

Fundamentalists and the Bible 02

 — Second essay on whether the Bible is inerrant (error free). by wistfall111/17/12

Fundamentalists and the Bible 03

 — And a word about our "Founding Fathers". by wistfall112/27/12

Gambling and the Government

 — Do they ever stop? by dirtyjoe6910/14/064.36

Gay Lit. 101

 — One author's take on gay fiction. by endthedream04/23/073.50

Gay Lit. 102

 — On gay novels and films. by endthedream09/26/073.33

Gender Bias

 — Looking at gender as a construct. by Goldeniangel06/03/054.20

George Bush, Gay Marriage, & Love

 — Literotica readers & controversy. by V.Rich02/27/044.38

Gerry Government and His Telescope

 — What could happen when Government gets too powerful. by sack06/01/054.20

Get a Fucking Edigor er Editor

 — Egmont Grigor moans about some critics. by Egmont Grigor04/17/094.26

Getting It Off My Chest

 — A rant on 'new & improved', homosexuality, & video games. by dirtyjoe6907/02/064.56HOT

Getting It Off My Chest Again

 — A short series of rants. by dirtyjoe6907/26/064.23

Getting to Know Me

 — My thoughts on sexuality, porn, and what makes a man. by TheOriginalAnonymous04/12/16

Ghosts of Halloween Past

 — A walk down memory lane of the way it used to be. by wife2hotblk10/09/093.44

Gift of Domination

 — The musing slave strikes again. by CherryCummins12/04/054.92HOT

Gift of Submission

 — A slave's musing on submission. by CherryCummins11/22/054.69HOT

Girlfriends versus Fuck Buddies

 — Who/what is better to have? by smoothbadman05/14/123.40

Global Warming, Does It Exist?

 — What do you think? Does global warming really exist or not? by SuperHeroRalph04/08/113.06

God Bless Middleclass Americans

 — God bless middleclass Americans because no one else will. by andtheend08/31/104.00

God, Sex & the End of the Universe

 — Pondering on Arthur Clarke's 31-word Universe ending story. by Kaishaku02/19/113.96

Goddess Nemesis

 — In Mythology, History and Archaeology. by SlaveNano01/25/104.67

Gorean Locales Ch. 01

 — A summary of Gorean locations. by Joseki Ko10/17/043.75

Gorean Locales Ch. 02

 — A summary of Gorean locations. by Joseki Ko10/17/044.33

Gorean Locales Ch. 03

 — A summary of Gorean locations. by Joseki Ko10/18/044.67

Gorean Locales Ch. 04

 — A summary of Gorean locations. by Joseki Ko10/19/045.00

Gorean Locales Ch. 05

 — A summary of Gorean locations. by Joseki Ko11/19/044.00

Gorean Philosophy

 — One former slave's view. by lindiana04/11/054.27

Green E - Cursed or Blessed

 — The good, the bad, and the ugly of receiving a green E. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER06/11/074.07

Growing Up as a Dominant

 — Do you know the real meaning of Macho? Read on... by Master_n_Mentor03/05/074.32


 — What happens after sleeping with your best friend's wife? by lillithsouthern04/15/024.17

Hair Acceptance

 — Should women shave their pits & legs? by Shale03/26/044.54HOT

Halloween and Me

 — Why I'm not all that fond of this holiday. by RedHairedandFriendly10/05/123.97

Halloween Proposal - No More Candy

 — What if we gave something we all could use at Halloween? by andtheend10/09/103.07


 — Sometimes the best feelings come from the smallest things. by FatDino07/23/074.70HOT

Hard-To-Find Porn

 — A discovery of rare old porno. by AudreyHepburn07/22/084.60HOT

Haunting -- of the Daughter

 — A mother's "Haunting" as depicted in a movie. by DeniseNoe08/30/08

Heather, My Best Friend Ch. 02

 — Essay on incestual fantasy, the second part of a story. by LaRocha03/29/09

Her Page Turner

 — Lesson in submitting to her for the long term. by cj_oh03/03/094.20

Herd of Donkeys

 — A Donkey can mean so much. by oggbashan11/18/104.38Contest Winner

Hetherington: Rapist or Scapegoat?

 — A Michigan man's unjust imprisonment for spousal rape. by DeniseNoe04/03/093.95

Hiding Behind a Mask

 — The difference between reality and acting real. by Goldeniangel06/03/054.33

Highway Run

 — About a wild experience on Highway One. by yellowcab64303/10/151.67


 — Thoughts following the election of Senator Barak Obama. by WFEATHER11/08/083.50

History of the Survivor Contest

 — A random, non-scientific analysis of the yearly contest. by PrincessErin02/25/114.50

Hits vs. Voting and Public Comments

 — Please show writers your support; vote and/or comment. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/14/074.30


 — An essay on anal sex and judgments. by Goldeniangel03/09/054.54HOT

Holiday Love, Healing, and Energy

 — Messages of love and comfort from those who have gone on. by LunaEroticaMystica12/08/104.36

Homemaker and Proud

 — A treatise upon traditional roles of women... by Tara_Neale02/21/144.27

Hot Wife Scenarios in Mainstream Movies

 — An author's list of hotwife / cuckold movies. Additions welcome. by luvtowatchwife11/14/094.40

Household Politics

 — You wash- I'll cry. by ticklechambers12/28/133.27

How do I End the Perfect Pussy ?

 — An Intermission and a Poll. by darkstone5705/02/084.60

How I Came to Love My Vagina

 — My experience in performing in The Vagina Monolgues. by principessa0704/25/074.58HOT

How I Wrote "Opening Him Up"

 — How I came to write the story. by humbleboy05/16/064.23

How Sex Really Works

 — An anatomy lesson from a retired RN by blozo05/26/184.65HOT

How To Annoy Lit Contestants

 — The current voting systems and sweeps are flawed. by oggbashan05/23/084.43

How To Be 'Chunks'

 — What I write, and why. by chunks09/08/134.61HOT

How to be a Slut

 — Wondering if you are a slut, or do you want to be a slut? by SunrockSin06/25/083.71

How To Find Fundamentalist's Errors

 — With a bibliography to help you get started. by wistfall103/30/15

How to Handle Your Bullwhip

 — A Heathen's view of BDSM. by Heathen Hemmingway08/13/054.47

How to Roleplay

 — Some tips on Role Playing In a Committed Relationship. by RockyMountainErotic03/18/124.52HOT

How To Spot a Gold-digger

 — Hints that your girlfriend wants your money, not you. by SEVERUSMAX09/29/064.33

How to Spot a Suicide Bomber

 — A public service announcement. by RC_of_Doom01/14/113.50

How to Write a Novel

 — From Idea to publishing. Fun. by RC_of_Doom01/21/114.50

Humiliation as Erotica

 — Why do some of us get excited when humiliated by Bakeboss07/16/093.67

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Syndrome

 — HSDS: Low libido doesn't mean hopeless. by CQtRose06/01/144.58HOT

Hypocrisy in our Free Speech

 — It's not exactly free if you can't make up your mind. by MrMaddness05/17/053.94

I Am Cynthia's Cunt

 — All about my supreme site of pleasure and power. by cynthiablaine711/10/124.54HOT

I am NOT a Slut!

 — I will not embrace the abject dehumanization of women. by AfroerotiK09/11/15

I Am Such a Bitch!

 — A rose by any other name . . . by sdbnnc06/13/094.53HOT

I Cant Feel This Way My Whole Life

 — When is enough, enough? by myotheralterego11/16/123.82

I Do Not Like...Game Over.

 — Author lists a few of the things that he dislikes. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/14/073.66

I Forgive You

 — an open letter to the broken hearted on healing. by cattaleya04/20/124.56

I Have A Rape Fantasy

 — You might be disappointed. by translation11/17/084.20

I Like Girls

 — Because... by JulianWinslow01/05/104.50

I Like Women

 — Heterosexual man reflects on women. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/12/074.05

I Love Butt Sex

 — Why I write anal in my stories - debunking the theories. by Goldeniangel09/20/134.66HOT

I Love Nautica

 — A compilation of eight Nautica Thorn scenes. by Sean Renaud04/11/095.00

I Need Help Buying A New Car

 — Who knows about new cars? by PositiveThinker12/28/092.97

I Understand Your Concerns As This

 — This is one solution of the future. by Everettcb02/19/143.67

I Want It All

 — I ain't settlin'. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/22/104.00

I Want to Make Love to You

 — The relationship of an erotica writer and her readership. by Athalia09/27/164.73HOT

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