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I Wrote a Story - Now What?

 — Some observations by a new writer. by litguy10003/20/074.59HOT

I'm Different Than You

 — Why I write my stories, by Susan Jill Parker. by SusanJillParker10/30/17HOT

I'm Greedy

 — ou might say that I know what I want. by fungetter07/25/143.78

I'm Mad as Hell...Get Off My Lawn!

 — Fed up, I'm mad as Hell and I won't take it anymore! by MADMADMADMAXine05/20/164.10

I'm Not Dieting

 — A short essay on why I refuse to diet. by Noira01/19/124.25

I've Had Enough!

 — A rant about ex-girlfriends. by free_fall07/24/094.06

Ideal Day...

 — Some dreams are worth believing even if they never happen. by Tara_Neale01/07/154.75

If Clothes Make The Man

 — An essay on what nudity means. by Salvor-Hardon06/20/064.64HOT

If I'm a Whore, All Women are Whores

 — If all women are whores, then all men are whoremongers. by TallBlondeBustyBlueEyedBimbo09/12/16HOT

If My Mother... - Charli

 — Review of two classic x-rated films. by venomlegions04/01/133.83

Illuminati Polka and Vatican Ninjas

 — Catholic conspiracies are entertaining. by RC_of_Doom01/29/115.00

Images of Bigotry

 — A narrative on bigotry. by neonlyte05/17/05HOT

Importance of Arts Education

 — Music, drama, and art are essential programs. by PrincessErin05/27/083.60

In a Search for Big Black Cock

 — The state of IR black male/ white female erotic tales. by tadbitraunchy03/06/113.56

In Defense of Difference

 — Let's end the myth that women & men feel the same about sex. by WaltForest05/16/123.86

In Defense of Holiday

 — Rambling thoughts on the Holidays. by Thistlethorn12/08/134.06

In Defense of Love

 — Three hard-learned lessons on what matters most in life. by C.C. Rider02/23/054.85HOT

In Loving Memory

 — A missive on the loss of a friend, the Loving Wives category. by toomuchinmyhead02/07/124.33

In Praise of Older Women

 — Open your eyes, young man. by BatsandGlamour05/29/034.65HOT

In Praise of Older Women

 — Why women get sexier as they age. by neruda06/21/154.34

In Praise of Panties

 — How sexy panties make one woman feel. by CandyBar01/11/024.31

In the Mind of a Pervert

 — What she's thinking about. by Chicklet10/06/024.55HOT

In the Moment: Or Why I Love Oral

 — A man who loves to please orally explains his obsession. by MagnaCumLiterate05/25/154.66HOT

Incest: Debunking the Myths

 — Author's take on the mythology surrounding incest. by 1337_G1RL02/10/064.40

Infinite Crisis of Comics

 — You ever think that comics are having one crisis too many? by RC_of_Doom01/14/113.70

Information Disease

 — Free speech is the vaccine. by rgraham66605/20/054.82HOT


 — Has female birth control become oppressive to women? by MissO05/29/053.62

Interactive Erotic Storytelling

 — Musings on cyber-sex: done that, got the wrist support by Thomas Drablézien10/05/093.69

Internet Age of Crappy Parents

 — The modern era of bad parents and their excuses. by Goldeniangel08/09/084.62HOT

Interracial Porn Means a Black Man

 — Why I think interracial porn always means a hung black man. by TheOriginalAnonymous09/04/16

Interview with "Spanking Priest" Actor

 — Interview with Joseph Tatner who plays in "Halfway House". by DeniseNoe07/03/083.00

Interview with a Nympho

 — Beth admits to being a little kinky. by WarmMeUpNow05/01/014.14

Interview with Powell Donovan

 — Answering readers' questions about me. by powelldonovan02/09/083.50

Interview with Selena Kitt

 — A couple of frequently asked questions answered... by Selena_Kitt12/24/084.69HOT


 — Philosophy: regarding the sex and love atributes. by Histarter04/20/11

Introduction to Illakia

 — An introduction to the setting of my stories. by DominicaPotestas07/22/084.06

Irony, Skin, Paradox, Leather

 — Sex is simple, ecstasy is complicated. by RisiaSkye04/05/044.62HOT

Is it Cheating?

 — A response to Patricia51's forgiveness article. by bigbeautiful06/01/054.32

Is Sacred Sex Possible?

 — An interesting question, not trivial. by QPwC01/25/114.50

Is Smoking Really the Cause?

 — Are we being conned by the anti-smoking campaign? by dirtyjoe6909/11/063.12

Is Sucking Big Black Cock Racist?

 — This white guy reviews suck a Big Black Cock. by BuckyDuckman05/13/144.08

It's All About Sex

 — Everything in life is about sex. Isn't it? by PositiveThinker12/30/093.69

It's Just CALLED a Blow JOB

 — A rant about not giving and not receiving. by Damned_But_Not_Forgotten01/05/174.59HOT

Its Only A Matter Of Time...

 — A user, a shotgun and the internet. by Quiet-n-boring02/17/054.07

Jesus, Resurrection, and Rapture

 — What does the bible really say about it? by wistfall108/17/14

John Henry, Technology, The Chinese and Jobs

 — Thoughts on jobs, outsourcing and technology. by Occamspiledriver11/02/113.91

John Holmes And The Princely Prick

 — A bio of the well-endowed porn star. by DeniseNoe08/18/084.08

Judaism & Christianity

 — How did we get them? by wistfall112/21/14

Just a Bit of Red

 — A candid talk about who I am and why I am that person. by RedHairedandFriendly01/10/124.71HOT

Ken and Raven - Author Commentary

 — Who they are and why I chose them. by ShyMagpie11/24/134.12


 — An essay on the mouth-to-mouth pleasure. by Magnolia1308/31/054.33

Ladies Room Rules

 — How women should behave in the ladies room. by lesliejones03/06/103.62

Language School

 — An essay on love. by Smithtj1211/07/094.36

Late Night Essay

 — Porn, lightning, and other musings. by rexfelis01/02/054.25

Late Term Abortion

 — Informational essay on a controversial medical procedure. by Dar~09/07/053.66

Latin Lover, A Review

 — A review of Latin Lover on TLN. by DireLilith12/28/07

Latinos in Formation

 — One man's thoughts on U.S. culture. by Everettcb01/27/112.33

Leather Anyone?

 — Another slice from the musing slave. by CherryCummins11/28/054.50

Leaving Comments

 — Why do so many people leave negative comments? by dirtyjoe6909/16/064.34

Legislating Morality: Why Bother?

 — Essay on choices we are not allowed to make. by dirtyjoe6909/11/063.81

Legs of Beauty

 — Deep mind wordplay games of sex and sharing. by HumanEndeavor08/15/053.67

Les Femmes Françaises

 — In praise of French women. by Franglais02/16/063.72

Let's Share Fantasies

 — Author explores readers' fantasies. by freaky_thoughts08/23/144.18

Let's Talk About Sex

 — Just when is it "ok" to talk about sex with kids? by Selena_Kitt12/29/084.44

Letter (Direct)

 — A letter of regrettable anguish. by Sexi Kitten Lexi04/19/033.92

Leviticus is a Fuck

 — Debunking the biblical argument against homosexuality. by Lucifer_Carroll05/29/044.00

Life is a Smooth Journey?

 — Is it? And should it be? by NoraLuvsadi05/20/134.00

Lit Wives: A Guide to Relationships

 — An essay detailing how to save a marriage. by unpublaauthor09/27/164.76HOTContest Winner

Literotica: Feedback and Conduct

 — How should a reader treat an author. by TwistedPlayr08/01/054.69HOT

Little Red Riding Hood

 — The seduction behind the tale. by asian_princess04/02/084.48

Live Free or Die Hard Indeed!

 — Possibly the best action movie of the summer. by Goldeniangel07/06/074.56HOT

Live Sex Show!

 — Her experience at a live sex show in Amsterdam. by principessa0704/24/073.29

Living with a Small Cock

 — An explanation from a submissive man. by goamz8602/03/074.12

Living with Uncertainty

 — Is it wrong to love woman pregnant by another man? by synthese08/29/052.95

Lizzie Borden and Hyman Lubinsky

 — Did Lizzie Borden conspire with Hyman Lubinsky? by DeniseNoe08/09/084.25

Local is as Local Does

 — An (updated) missive of the use of non-US English. by bad_hobbit06/30/094.76HOT

Logos, Psyche & the Karmic Bridge

 — A Religio-Philosophical Essay by Toxico01/26/043.89

Look Ma, No Hands!

 — Is it a "real" blowjob if she uses her hands, too? by Selena_Kitt03/25/084.32

Looking Back

 — Musings on nostalgia and the passing years. by EmeliaBell03/04/074.65HOTEditor's Pick

Looking For Stories, Finding Fiction

 — A search for more for your enjoyment. by hickoryfarmer02/09/083.26

Love Crash

 — Losing love. by Magnolia1304/19/044.62

Love My Ass, I Hate Valentine's Day

 — Jilted lover rails on about the expense of Valentine's Day. by SuperHeroRalph01/23/113.45

Love Songs that are Really Sexual

 — Some love songs are really just about doing the nasty. by javawarrior02/06/144.38

Loving Wives

 — Wow, what a problem we have here. by NemosFolly08/18/054.32

Loving Wives in Popular Culture

 — About 30 movies and TV shows and the books behind them. by justbobkc09/11/174.30

Majgen Ch. 000

 — Read 000 before 001. by ellynei09/01/10

Male Mind for Dummies

 — For insight into the minds of men (well, one man anyway). by cashcrunch12/09/054.54HOT

Male Virgins & Other Freaks

 — Exposing the stupidity of alpha male condition & its danger. by Lucifer_Carroll05/24/044.44

Marble Lady

 — An interpretation of erotic artwork by Jaisini. by Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb10/11/002.62

Marriage and Infidelity

 — Lessons from Loving Wives. by Youami04/07/173.92

Marriage and Infidelity Ch. 02: Choices

 — An autobiographical glimpse into the sexless marriage. by Youami07/29/174.50HOT

Marriage of Convenience

 — A marriage born of necessity. by CuckoldGuy10/03/173.43

Married Sex & Pizza

 — But doesn't married sex get boring? by Selena_Kitt01/19/084.60HOT


 — A short description of who I am and what I believe. by labrysuk03/06/102.50

Men v. Women: Oral Ability

 — A question of fellatio superiority. by MissO06/24/054.02

Men's Revolution Ch. 01

 — The Nature and The Cover Up. by HumanEndeavor06/30/103.00

Mental Mindfuck

 — A musing rant about the stupidity of internet chatroom convo. by darkgoddess247802/28/053.55

Mental Patience Ch. 01

 — Perspective. Most of you are stupid. by PayDay04/27/122.31

Michael Vick was Wrongly Convicted

 — I promise you, justice was not done. by cdurant200001/05/113.67

Military Spouse Survivor Benefits

 — A basic primer for authors & readers on U.S. military practices. by fregen10/18/104.53HOT


 — That Four Letter Word… by Tara_Neale01/28/144.14

Misfits Masquerading as Critics

 — The long weekend stirs the juices. by Egmont Grigor10/09/064.78

Mona Lisa's Eyebrows

 — Art & science merge in studying the famous painting. by MungoParkIII10/27/072.50

Money Ch. 01

 — Either you got it or you don't got it. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/23/084.06

Money Ch. 02

 — Money and the box office bonanzas. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/24/083.36

Money Ch. 03

 — The art of making money from get rich schemes. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/25/083.36

Money Ch. 04

 — Music and Money; Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/26/084.00

Money Ch. 05

 — They've got the look...the look of money. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/27/083.80

Money Ch. 06

 — Hare Krishna, Hare, Hare, Krishna, Krishna, Hare Krishna. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/28/083.00

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