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Personal Constitution

 — The spirit of The First Amendment. by Halo_n_horns05/19/054.64HOT

Personal Effects: Dark Arts Review

 — A psychological occult horror story that works. by Lee Chambers01/22/10

Perverted Censorship

 — America doesn't understand what perversion is. by LaPatitMort09/25/064.49

Pet Peeve

 — A reader's rant turned plea. by swallowedscream08/28/07HOT

PETA People

 — PETA's puerile posters have a few redeeming features. by Cal Y. Pygia06/07/13


 — Animals have the right to go naked, PETA's Pets, included. by Cal Y. Pygia05/15/114.10

Petite Asians in Black Gangbangs

 — A review of 'Bootylicious Trick-Ass Asian Ho's'. by big9_1110408/20/013.25

Petite Asians in Black Gangbangs Pt. 2

 — Reviews of Jade Marcella videos. by big9_1110408/21/013.12

Phallic Ads

 — Advertisers are getting in our faces with phallic displays. by Cal Y. Pygia07/30/094.33


 — Why the Ithyphallic Penis is a Thing of Beauty. by Cal Y. Pygia02/20/113.33

Phantom Blowjob

 — What's it like to have a cock? by Selena_Kitt12/05/084.65HOT

Phat Ass White Booty 7: Review

 — Detailed review of a DVD. by Sean Renaud01/13/14

Photographic Backgrounds

 — . . . exist for foregrounds. by Cal Y. Pygia07/21/085.00

Phunny Is As Phunny Does

 — Writers, serve your masters! by Cal Y. Pygia03/22/103.00

Playboy & Hustler Suck!

 — Author explains why he feels Playboy & Hustler, well, suck. by ThomX03/12/064.05

Playing Doctor

 — A century after the vibrator comes a new clit suction device. by Shale09/13/013.80

Please Tell Me They're Not Real

 — Stories I just can't believe. by Slirpuff01/29/104.40

Pleasurable Pain

 — A Vanilla look at enjoyed pain. by dweaver99907/06/074.34

Poets and Fools: On Writing Erotica

 — Why sexual frustration makes better erotica than experience. by javawarrior07/12/124.29

Polyamory or Swing: Same or Different?

 — Comparison of the two different yet similar lifestyles. by bo gun04/22/093.61

Polysexuality Ch. 01

 — When one partner isn't enough. by Polysexual11/18/074.57HOT

Polysexuality Ch. 02

 — Is polysexuality a choice or an orientation? by Polysexual11/27/074.22

Polysexuality Ch. 03

 — Are you a polysexual? Questions & answers. by Polysexual11/28/074.58HOT

Polysexuality Ch. 04

 — Polysexuality and marriage. by Polysexual11/29/074.17

Porn Doesn't Rape People

 — Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, and the boys. by Matadore06/17/054.00

Porn Makes Connoisseurs of Us All

 — Another reason to be thankful for porn! by Cal Y. Pygia03/05/124.20

Porn Review: Another Azz Creation

 — A review of a great interaccial anal movie. by Sean Renaud06/30/144.50

Porn Reviews

 — The author reviews three DVDs from Vivid Entertainment. by Flashlight7.508/17/014.26

Porn Reviews Exposed

 — Reviews of 3 Sylvia Saint films. by Flashlight7.501/03/034.00

Porn Reviews, Inc.

 — A review of VCA Pictures' "Strippers, Inc. 1-4" by Flashlight7.511/16/021.44

Porn: the Pros & Cons

 — A rebuttal to those who condemn porn as evil. by R M Roxinger06/30/074.37

Possibly the Oldest Profession

 — A brief history of pornography and its impact on technology. by jon.hayworth01/30/024.48Editor's Pick

Postmodern Porn

 — An analysis of Ravynsloft's "Friday Night". by Dmanisi05/01/054.50

Praising the Maury Show

 — Defending a TV show often derided as trash. by DeniseNoe04/04/093.71


 — Penis poems of ancient Rome. by Cal Y. Pygia07/26/064.14

Pro-Domme and At-Home Mom

 — Woman combines motherhood & pro-domination. by DeniseNoe07/13/083.79

Procreative Fiction

 — Why writers write what they write. by Cal Y. Pygia05/20/103.33

Prostitution Stings

 — ...and what they reveal about our society. by WaltForest09/07/124.44

Protection Against Pornography Week

 — The government wants to protect you from pornography. by Selena_Kitt01/22/084.79HOT


 — Protesting, our rights, and the freedom of speech. by Goldeniangel05/17/054.50HOT

Pudendic & Pathetic

 — A hetero male reviews "The Vagina Monologues". by unculbact02/29/043.20

Puritanism in America

 — The religious right wing is a threat to our freedom. by Bakeboss11/14/093.38

Pussy Preferences

 — What I like (and what I don't) in a pussy. by WaltForest06/21/124.12

Put the Power in Your Pocket Rocket

 — Review of a new sex toy. by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/13/054.23

Q & A about Swinging

 — Or how swinging saved my life. by WaltForest06/07/123.58

Questions About Literotica

 — One author thinks aloud. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER06/16/07HOT

Questions Answered by Red

 — An autobiography about the author RedHairedandFriendly. by RedHairedandFriendly05/19/064.72HOT

Quick Excuse When Caught Cheating

 — Excuse #1: To tell your husband/boyfriend when caught. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER06/07/07HOT

Quick Excuse: Men Caught Cheating

 — Excuse #1 to tell your wife/girlfriend when caught. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER06/15/073.22

Racism in the 21st Century

 — A personal perspective. by wife2hotblk01/22/09


 — Just randon thoughts, a lonely night, a need to speak. by Diane Marie08/17/023.69

Ramblings of a 20 Year Old Virgin

 — All of a girl's worries and curiosities about sex. by jengarnish06/07/074.52HOT

Random Thoughts Late at Night

 — Just some random thoughts about writing and beliefs by woodmanone02/01/104.63HOT

Rape Fantasies: A Female's Viewpoint

 — Feminine perspective on control fantasies. by smallncute07/18/054.14

Rape Fantasy, Guilt ,& Shame

 — Failure to communicate with our inner selves leads to guilt. by LynnGKS06/16/104.42


 — A review of the Susan Minot novella. by unculbact11/09/034.35

Rapturous Clitoris

 — Clitoris, why are you yet so fair? by LePenseur11/27/104.63HOT

Raw Emotion, Hot Sex and Laughter

 — Why I write what I do. by Tara_Neale07/30/124.47

Recalling Arianna Huffington's The Female Woman

 — Men & women: feminism, fearlessness, and multiple orgasms. by DeniseNoe08/30/083.20

Reflections of a Love Slave Ch. 03

 — She tries to sort out mixed emotions. by simply_cyn07/03/044.67

Reflections of a Love Slave Ch. 04

 — She's moving on. by simply_cyn10/03/044.00

Reflections of Self

 — Thoughts of one delving into BDSM lifestyle. by JassiraX01/05/043.00

Reframing My Life

 — Your life not quite what you pictured it would be? by MagicaPractica12/22/074.40

Reincarnation, Life After Death Ch. 01

 — Is it psychic phenomena, ghosts, aliens or your imagination? by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/22/084.14

Reincarnation, Life After Death Ch. 02

 — Is it psychic phenomena, ghosts, aliens or your imagination? by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/23/084.20

Relationships in the 22nd Century

 — A little straight talk. by indianaboi3208/12/054.36

Relationships in the 22nd Century Pt. 02

 — A little more straight talk. by indianaboi3208/21/054.80

Relationships, Polyamory & Sex 101

 — A brief introduction for straight guys. by songwriter50304/23/144.16

Religious Based Schools

 — Discussion on one Province's current dilemma. by PrincessErin06/03/083.15

Remembering the Fallen

 — Some reflections on what Memorial Day means. by HLD05/26/084.83HOT

Responding Like a Lady

 — A lady can write about fucking. by ticklechambers12/20/134.53HOT


 — Seeing the truth and healing the past. by ABSTRUSE08/05/054.85HOT

Revenge of Porn Reviews

 — A review of four Jenna Jameson films. by Flashlight7.512/13/033.09

Review of "Secretary"

 — A review of Mary Gaitskill's BDSM short story "Secretary". by Decayed Angel04/03/064.43

Review of 'The Claiming of Sleeping

 — From a fairy tale to a guide to humiliation. by Bakeboss02/21/103.11

Review of “Piercing”by Ryu Murakami

 — A psychological thriller in Tokyo's decadent sex districts. by MungoParkIII06/09/074.43

Review of Literotica

 — A look into the site itself. by Master_Vassago04/28/034.62HOT

Review of Private Bukkake Cumsplash

 — Cum, cum and more cum. by JDreviews05/20/053.92

Review of the Book: The Dud Avocado

 — Author's strong, passionate feminine voice makes the novel. by Middleagepoet12/10/093.50

Review: "The Princess Comes of Age"

 — Review of the computer-animated hardcore porn film. by BlackShanglan02/19/064.48

Review: A Hot Summer Night

 — An episode of the G-Strings Divas series. by velvetpie04/05/053.00

Review: A Most Dangerous Desire

 — Review of a 'Thrills' series episode. by velvetpie04/05/05

Review: Amazon

 — A review of an episode of the 'Bliss' series. by velvetpie04/05/05

Review: Anal Express

 — A Seymore Butts anal train is cumming through. by JDreviews06/03/053.44

Review: Aural Sex

 — Letters read on the radio lend new spark to a couple. by velvetpie02/20/05

Review: Bad Boys

 — Episode 18 of 'The Best Sex Ever' Series. by velvetpie01/11/05

Review: Blind Date

 — A review of an episode of Passion Cove. by velvetpie05/17/055.00

Review: Boss's Orders

 — Review of an episode of Erotic Confessions. by velvetpie05/17/054.00

Review: Boy Toy

 — Review of an episode of 'The Best Sex Ever'. by velvetpie08/17/054.44

Review: Bump & Grind

 — Episode 14 of 'The Best Sex Ever' Series. by velvetpie01/12/05

Review: Chinese Take-Out

 — Review of "Women: Stories of Passion" episode. by velvetpie07/12/053.12

Review: Chrissy Does It All

 — Documentary about Chrissy, a stripper. by velvetpie01/14/051.00

Review: City Of Men

 — An episode of the Women: Stories of Passion series. by velvetpie02/01/05

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