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Ridding Myself of My Fear

 — Recurring nightmares based on a childhood experience. by WFEATHER04/02/064.38

Ritual Impregnation Ceremonies

 — My fascination with ritual impregnation ceremonies. by SlyDog96901/27/123.98

Roleplay - Who Cybers?

 — Somewhat sarcastic essay about who is out there cybering. by ParkerDupris05/25/074.14

Romance Writing: Just Women's Porn?

 — What romance writing is really about. by Selena_Kitt12/25/084.49

Ron Jeremy: Porn Star, Author?

 — A review of 'The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz'. by J.Q. Hack05/10/074.56

Round 01

 — Teasing and Exploration of the female body. by styleshadow06/21/104.67

Round 02

 — A good old fashioned blow job. by styleshadow06/28/104.20


 — The REAL difference between man & the animal kingdom. by Frans Tooten10/08/003.04

Rule for Submissives

 — More of a slave's musings. by CherryCummins11/28/054.46

Rules & Rituals in D/s Relationship

 — A submissive's view of Rules and Rituals. by WillowPuss06/27/034.20

Ryu Murakami's "In the Miso Soup"

 — A murder story set in the Japanese sex industry. by Decayed Angel08/20/064.38

Safe, Sane & Consensual

 — One Switch's overview of the ethical practice of BDSM by RisiaSkye03/12/024.52HOTContest WinnerEditor's Pick

San Francisco's Proposition K

 — New life for an age old profession? by SunrockSin10/25/083.70

Sandra Nelson, Sex, the Sixties

 — Memoir of one of Australia's first sex symbols. by brok12/30/034.38

Saving The World Porn Review #1

 — Basic reviews to porn movies: All dick edition. by vic_elor02/01/064.00

Saving The World Porn Review #2

 — A review of several porn DVDs from different genres. by vic_elor03/27/063.50

School Uniforms

 — Why school uniforms help our students learn. by PrincessErin02/19/081.78

Screwed Up Over Sex

 — A cursory examination of recreational sex. by Egmont Grigor08/15/063.25

Second Amendment Gun Rights are Wrong

 — Lay down your weapons and pick up your water guns. by SusanJillParker02/22/131.82

Selective Fetishism

 — One of her many favorite topics. by Magnolia1307/07/034.38

Septuagenarian Sex?

 — Philosophy: sex and the older person. by Histarter08/21/09

Sex - on the Rocks or Neat?

 — What are women looking for in sexual fiction? by MagicaPractica01/01/084.50HOT

Sex and the City

 — Review of the widely anticipated movie. by PrincessErin06/12/083.62

Sex and the Personal Pronoun

 — An essay about words. by estragon06/09/124.12

Sex and Violence

 — In mainstream culture, sex is out - violence is in. by Goldeniangel03/20/064.33

Sex and Violence

 — Sex has nothing to do with violence. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/25/073.96

Sex Harassment, "Mike" and I

 — What distinguishes harassment from a gaffe? by DeniseNoe11/26/083.38

Sex in Novels, What is it Good For?

 — Sex in novels ... what for? by RC_of_Doom01/16/114.89

Sex In the City

 — And why I think you should watch it. by Goldeniangel03/08/053.92

Sex in the New Russia

 — A look at the problem of too much sex in a sexophobic world. by Nameless_Rose10/13/104.48

Sex Myths Unmasked: Penis Size

 — A little frank talk about the (un)importance of size by RisiaSkye02/21/034.46

Sex Myths Unmasked: Foreplay

 — Some truth about biological gender & foreplay needs by RisiaSkye02/20/034.71HOTContest Winner

Sex on Screen

 — Favorite erotic moments in mainstream cinema. by JamesSD04/17/064.05

Sex Stories on the Internet

 — The first 20 or so years of sex-story posting. by H. Jekyll02/18/084.70HOT

Sex Toys 101

 — Things to consider when buying a new toy. by Xxene11/03/054.59HOT

Sex, Power & Knowledge

 — A dissertation on sex for thinking men & women. by Chocky Girl09/28/014.10

Sex, Power and Respect

 — How Madonna's Express Yourself informed my sexuality. by mlcmontgomery01/23/074.17

Sex-Positive Films

 — Author's personal list of films that deal with sex positively. by cand8608/18/074.67HOT

Sex: As Natural as Eating

 — What would happen if eating was deemed sinful? by AfroerotiK07/20/133.82

Sexual Adventurism Deserves Respect

 — Sexual manifesto, of sorts, in defense of ethical sexuality. by AAAtheist02/14/184.45

Sexual Trivia: Penis Sizes

 — How does your equipment compare to others? Find out! by Dancing Sprite12/03/024.60HOT

Sexualizing Rape

 — Exploring some confused feelings about the Nonconsent tag. by GigglingGoblin12/19/154.31

Shades of Grey - Good versus Bad

 — Taking both sides of the argument. by PrincessErin08/25/124.19


 — Emotions can kill. by sdbnnc09/13/094.82HOT

Shame: My Story

 — My experience, inspired by the film of the same name. by FetishJane11/17/124.47

Shear Fashion

 — To shave the pubes or not to shave? Should it be a question? by Selena_Kitt01/24/084.57HOT

Shonen-ai Review: Gravitation

 — Review of the anime "Gravitation". by Svenskaflicka05/24/053.40

Should I Be Jealous of a Vibrator?

 — There’s an odd insecurity lurking in the hearts of some men by A_Little_Show01/13/143.95Editor's Pick

Should We Have Sex In Public?

 — The advantages of public promiscuity by georgewildman02/01/033.72


 — The story of a plant. by Selena_Kitt06/08/064.20

Size Ain't Everything - And I Can Prove It

 — How much of an issue is a man's size? by nhplayguy12/13/074.21

Skin Deep

 — How we look at people. by Goldeniangel06/05/054.68HOT

Skinemax Anyone?

 — Reviews of soft-core sex films on cable. by AudreyHepburn06/29/084.18

Slirpuff Answered

 — Another view of Loving Wife stories. by fencer2402/20/104.41

Small Story

 — Quick talk from the perspective of a 19-year old man. by TheWriterOfDarkness11/02/143.00

Smokey and The Merry Girls Pt. 01

 — A look back at my first fifty lesbian characters one by one. by Smokey12503/11/16

Smokey and The Merry Girls Pt. 02

 — A look back at my first fifty lesbian characters one by one. by Smokey12505/08/16

Smokey and The Merry Girls Pt. 03

 — A look back at my first fifty lesbian characters one by one. by Smokey12506/17/16

Snipped or Unsnipped

 — A reflection on circumcision. by moonstormer11/19/064.07

So Many Fetishes, So Little Time

 — A little peek at 3 different lusts. by vic_elor11/08/053.86

So, Have You Lived Your Whole Life...

 —, not yet. by Pultoy06/19/124.15

Social Health Care in the U.S.

 — History, world practices, & possible solutions. by Toxico02/12/044.11

Solution to the World Terrorist Problem

 — Sex makes the world go round. by V.Rich07/06/044.17

Some More about Loving Wives

 — Reaction to A Moveable Feast's essay. by ILienBagby06/13/144.10

Some More Major Biblical Gaffes

 — They're all biblical, so Fundies can't deny them. by wistfall104/30/17

Some People Are Cancerous Tumors

 — Remove one person and heal the group dynamic. by steves_mom12/13/144.44

Speak Up!

 — YOU must be your own health care advocate. by MagicaPractica12/23/074.62

Speaking of Handguns...and the NRA

 — I've changed my mind about abolishing the 2nd Amendment. by SusanJillParker06/19/152.17

Spiteful Loose Cannon Critics

 — Oh, there goes EG again! by Egmont Grigor04/22/084.40

Sprung a Leak 5

 — A quick review on a great porn. by Sean Renaud04/11/093.75


 — Stalkers stalk Bostonfictionwriter. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER08/08/072.68

Starter Wife

 — The follies of marring young. by Bakeboss10/05/093.79

Steve Jobs - An Eulogy

 — A view of dying and re-birth. by Tara_Neale10/10/114.45

Steve Richardson Speaks

 — Interview with publisher of spanking stories. by DeniseNoe08/18/083.45


 — The Autumn is the cusp of birth. by endthedream02/21/08

Stories and Their Flaws

 — The critique of a well-written story. by HenryDavidThoreau09/09/05

Strap-on Dildo Play

 — An Essay about liking women that use a strap-on with men. by humbleboy11/19/034.47

Streakers and Streaking

 — It's fun, and it has been around for a long time. by Boxlicker10106/23/113.62

Street Fighter 4

 — My review on the fourth in the fighting games series. by Sean Renaud02/23/093.22

Style Explained

 — Quick note about my thoughts and level of detail in writing. by rnebular12/29/164.34Contest Winner

Suck It!: Sex-Negative Language

 — Does your language treat sex positively? by cand8608/21/074.28

Suicide- My Story

 — Depression, Suicide, and Help by darkgoddess247802/28/054.52HOT

Summer Storm Prep

 — A few things to keep in mind during the summer's weather. by JagFarlane08/29/133.17


 — I am...are you? by Tara_Neale12/29/124.55HOT

Sustainable Gardening

 — For family, health, money and fun! by wife2hotblk04/05/103.37

Taking a Trip to the Dog Park

 — My Own Vague Expressions of Love. by SlyDog96901/14/172.00

Talk Show

 — Review of oil painting by Jaisini. by Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb10/11/003.33

Telepathy Doesn't Exist, Right?

 — Tell me how to stop a telepathic connection. by crazyriver08/29/073.82

Ten Great Books, Ten Great Gifts

 — Time to get serious about your holiday shopping. by lindiana12/05/054.56

Ten Great CDs, Ten Great Gifts

 — For the Music Lover on your list. by lindiana12/13/054.00

Ten Plus One of Red's

 — A review of ten of Red's work based on score/votes. by RedHairedandFriendly04/18/084.86HOT

Ten Suggestions

 — from a Serving Submissive to Other Submissives. by sdbnnc11/17/104.43

Terrorists are Stupid Reprise

 — The Ft. Hood Edition. by RC_of_Doom01/27/113.60

Terrorists are Stupid.

 — And I can prove it. by RC_of_Doom01/21/114.44

Thank You, Literotica

 — A salute to Literotica – admin, contributors, readers. by Egmont Grigor05/03/054.57HOT

Thanks, Demon - I Needed That

 — Me, a pornographer?! Perish the thought. by rexfelis02/22/054.62HOT

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