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Capture of Princess Catalina Ch. 01

 — Arrogant princess is captured. by jstudio911/09/033.78


 — He's a prisoner of war. by skinnysailor08/03/194.30

Captured By Aliens

 —  by TheZenophile07/05/143.52

Captured by the Amazons

 — His life is spared to service his captors. by Bakeboss09/14/103.62


 — An Earthling captive gains her freedom, but at a price. by MJ1010/24/133.79

Careful What You Dream For

 — Self-fulfilling fantasies. by digitalCoquet02/10/064.09

Careful What You Summon

 — You cast a spell summon a beast. by lunaticlord10/07/033.85

Carmela is Abducted by Aliens Ch. 01

 — A sci-fi story. by car_s_19686912/31/163.61

Carnal Alchemy Ch. 01

 — An erotic encounter between a Sorceress and an Alchemist. by TheKingAndHisMinx01/23/154.68HOT

Carnal Secrets Ch. 03

 — Wendy succumbs to demon. by Jim Roe11/27/034.34

Carole at Work and Play

 — Is a normal life to be theirs? Or more surprises in store? by PennameWombat01/09/194.62HOT

Caroline's Comeuppance - Intro

 — The council of witches finds Caroline. by blankbob2005/16/154.00

Caroline's Flight of Passion

 — Travel, adventure and steamy antics. by Mrtouf12/01/09


 — A sultry ride in the night air. by Maggiebr54907/14/073.96

Carpe Diem

 — A royal dancer with a past meets the Emperor. by frozen_hotchocolate10/07/114.16

Carpe Diem Ch. 02

 — They came, they conquered... by frozen_hotchocolate10/13/114.44

Carragh Sìorruidh

 — Virgin blood sacrifice to a god. by Alainn08/23/074.42

Carson Evolved Ch. 01

 — She wasn't cheating on him. Things were so much stranger. by Minstrel_Blue01/26/194.76HOT

Carson Evolved Ch. 02

 — Three times the fun! And that's not all! by Minstrel_Blue02/25/194.83HOT

Carson Evolved Ch. 03

 — Boy meets girl. Boy knocks girl up. Boy hears voices. by Minstrel_Blue03/18/194.88HOT

Carson Evolved Ch. 04

 — A man has his pride, even when he's under attack. by Minstrel_Blue04/23/194.87HOT

Carson Evolved Ch. 05

 — The plot thickens as Carson's Pride continues to grow. by Minstrel_Blue05/06/194.84HOT

Case Kentauris

 — Tentacle Invasions on Human Space, via the Internet. by sporgasbored07/17/133.58

Case Kentauris - Interlude - Rene

 — Flashback to before Ch. 06, How Rene Got There. by sporgasbored10/11/184.50HOT

Case Kentauris Ch. 02

 — Tentacled Horrors versus a farmgirl in the future. by sporgasbored07/18/134.34

Case Kentauris Ch. 03

 — Continuing Tales of the Intai Juhen Invasion. by sporgasbored08/25/164.31

Case Kentauris Ch. 04

 — The fight continues. by sporgasbored08/30/164.11

Case Kentauris Ch. 05

 — Continuation of Ch. 04. by sporgasbored03/02/184.47

Case Kentauris Ch. 06

 — Marlena and the Tentacle Arena. by sporgasbored07/19/184.47

Case Kentauris Ch. 07

 — Amy's Bad Day. by sporgasbored07/20/184.41

Case Kentauris Ch. 08

 — Conclusion of this story arc. by sporgasbored11/29/184.91HOT

Casey's Stories Ch. 03

 — Casey Gets Abducted By Aliens by mattpantyhose08/13/194.33

Casper House

 — The little brat just had to ring the doorbell... by YDB9510/06/144.68HOT

Cassandra Ch. 01

 — She begins a new life, of servitude and pleasure. by WhisperingIce12/27/13

Cassandra Ch. 02

 — Cassandra discovers her new world. by WhisperingIce12/27/13

Cassandra Ch. 03

 — Cassandra finds a friend. by WhisperingIce01/10/14

Casting Off Convention

 — Christi ignores the prejudice and taboo of society. by Darkniciad07/28/064.72HOT

Casting Purple Infinity

 — The pre-pilot casting session for the show "Purple Infinity". by ElectraRex10/05/184.40

Castle Slave Ep. 01: Rose Girl

 — A new life of chastity for Belinda. by AlinaX07/09/174.58HOT

Castle Slave Ep. 02: Blue Belle

 — Lip service, secrets and torment by AlinaX07/12/174.65HOT

Castle Slave Ep. 03: True Servant

 — Unbelted, but not unrestrained. by AlinaX07/16/174.71HOT

Castle Slave Ep. 04: A Long Tail

 — Treachery, secrets and blackmail. by AlinaX07/26/174.62HOT

Castle Slave Ep. 05: Scarlet Woman

 — Coming to a glorious end. by AlinaX08/01/174.52HOT

Castle's Plunder

 — A castle guardian has an unusual way to ward off thieves. by deathlynx03/10/144.15

Castles, Kings & Wondrous Things Ch. 01

 — Knight returns to his brother's castle. by ptm10/30/094.40

Castles, Kings & Wondrous Things Ch. 02

 — Prince and his fiance enjoy an interlude in the garden. by ptm11/07/094.35

Castles, Kings & Wondrous Things Ch. 03

 — A quiet breakfast. A threat? by ptm02/04/104.33

Castles, Kings & Wondrous Things Ch. 04

 — The plot thickens. Or plots thicken. by ptm02/16/104.34

Castles, Kings & Wondrous Things Ch. 06

 — A search party is formed. by ptm09/22/104.23

Cat Fight Ch. 04: Capture

 — A lot of bad luck, a man suddenly finds he is more. by Pars00111/07/174.67HOT

Cat Nipped Ch. 01

 — Mature business woman meets a young futa girl. by DorKnight08/29/154.66HOT

Cat Nipped Ch. 02

 — Jennifer and Tara continue to explore. by DorKnight09/30/154.80HOT

Cat Nipped Ch. 03

 — Good girls ask for what they want. by DorKnight11/08/154.83HOT

Cat Nipped Ch. 04

 — The big reveal. Tara and Jenn have surprises. by DorKnight05/27/164.82HOT

Cat Nipped Ch. 05

 — The conclusion of Jennifer and Tara's story. by DorKnight01/18/174.93HOT

Cataclysm Ch. 01

 — Introducing Nekala, the feisty Seracian pirate. by WarAlone04/05/143.84

Cataclysm Ch. 02

 — Arriving at the city of Ebonstone, Nekala gets sneaky. by WarAlone04/08/143.80

Catching a Fairy

 — A young man catches a fairy, then she catches him. by NiceGuyA11ways03/01/134.24

Catching the Bandit Gang

 — Kendra catches the bandit gang... or do they catch her? by DandyMan6507/10/174.48


 — An interlude in a wood. by beattie05/05/023.98

Cathal, The Fairy Knight Ch. 01

 — He begins quest to save Fairyland & find love. by fairysong11/14/044.25

Catherine's Awakening

 — A futa story. by KatJ08/16/164.35

Caught in Darkness Ch. 01

 — Captured by the enemy, he must submit to a wilful mistress. by Belderiever06/28/084.55HOT

Caught in Darkness Ch. 02

 — The captive is exposed to their cruel nature, and tested. by Belderiever06/30/084.59HOT

Caught in Darkness Ch. 03

 — A bargain is struck, and The Mistress has a test for him. by Belderiever07/03/084.58HOT

Caught in Darkness Ch. 04

 — Mule earns his just rewards from a shrewd Mistress. by Belderiever07/04/084.69HOT

Caught in Darkness Ch. 05

 — The slave is shown his place. by Belderiever07/06/084.50HOT

Caught in Darkness Ch. 06

 — A slave's loyalty is tested when the mistress is attacked. by Belderiever07/10/084.65HOT

Caught in Darkness Ch. 07

 — The slave's loyalty is rewarded. by Belderiever07/18/084.68HOT

Caught in Darkness Ch. 08

 — The Mistress is serviced. by Belderiever07/26/084.80HOT

Caught in Darkness Ch. 09

 — Riyarra forges her own alliances. by Belderiever08/22/084.72HOT

Caught in Darkness Ch. 10

 — A night for lovers, and answers. by Belderiever09/04/084.69HOT

Caught in Darkness Ch. 11

 — The trap is sprung. A slave takes a name. Freedom is earned. by Belderiever09/19/084.82HOT

Caught in the Web

 — Space Ranger makes contact with a sexy alien woman. by Groade09/16/104.62HOT

Caught Stealing

 — In the World of Warcraft, she gets caught stealing. by notnaive01/26/064.50HOT

Cause of Death Unknown

 — Possessed by the unknown. by not_so_innocent_flirting04/02/034.00

Cave of Fantasy Ch. 01

 — You find a cave in the forest. by kedynscrow09/09/034.17

Cave of Fantasy Ch. 02

 — The cave is rediscovered. by kedynscrow09/18/034.42

Cave Rest

 — Sex in a cave brings back memories. by lutchien06/19/033.73

CCSC Vignettes 01: Genesis Raithe

 — Death is only the beginning; you'll see. by FinalStand12/16/134.57HOT

Cecelia's Surprise

 — Cecelia and Erin work out their differences. by Whippoorwill04/27/174.48

Cecelia's Surprise Ch. 02 - Erin's Fantasy

 — Cecelia agrees to Erin's terms, the duo complicate their fun. by Whippoorwill05/12/174.05

Cecelia's Surprise Ch. 03 - Revenge

 — Cecelia defines the relationship. by Whippoorwill02/13/184.33

Celebrating Monsters

 — She saves the waiter from vampires and brings him home. by Monster_Kitten10/10/144.70HOT

Celebrating National Nude Day Ch. 05

 — Perverted men's symposium, PMS - time and space travel. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/05/083.89

Celeste & The Alien Nophest

 — While camping in the woods, Celeste meets alien Nophest. by AshleyBarbie09/07/064.00

Centaur Love

 — A young human and Centaur girl, explore first love. by Sextus_Propertius10/07/164.71HOT

Centaur Love Ch. 02

 — Mathew introduces Felicia to the family, and farm. by Sextus_Propertius10/14/164.69HOT

Centaur Love Ch. 03

 — Mathew introduces Felicia to the new poud, and watery delight. by Sextus_Propertius12/29/164.68HOT


 — We know that the Coulari watch our every move. by Amoronaut11/11/124.54HOT

Centauri Ch. 02

 — Darius remembers more about his lovely and sexy Michelle. by Amoronaut02/27/134.56HOT

Centauri Ch. 03

 — Lovers on the run! by Amoronaut04/14/134.54HOT

Central Intelligence Ch. 01

 — Rhys is recruited to join C.I. by PrincessErin04/14/084.46

Central Intelligence Ch. 02

 — Rhys is recruited to join C.I. by PrincessErin04/15/084.44

Central Intelligence Ch. 03

 — Rhys is recruited to join C.I. by PrincessErin04/16/084.45

Central Intelligence Ch. 04

 — Rhys is recruited to join C.I. by PrincessErin04/17/084.34


 — Shemale Centaurs take advantage of siblings. by Dugfunny07/05/113.97

Centurions: Feel Girl

 — The superhero Windrazor finds himself entranced. by Salamando_Flames04/27/114.64HOT

Centurions: Sex Mage Sojourn

 — Several Centurions find themselves in the Sex Mage World, by Salamando_Flames12/19/114.64HOT

Centurions: The Rise of Jahi

 — The Centurions fall under the power of a demonic villainess. by Salamando_Flames01/23/124.65HOT

Cephalon's Champion

 — Man is abducted to a strange land and changed into f monster by capn_doggy10/05/164.69HOT

Cephalon's Champion Ch. 02

 — A monster girl progresses as a budding goddess. by capn_doggy10/13/174.85HOT

Cephalon's Champion Ch. 03

 — A newborn goddess continues to grow and fight. by capn_doggy10/20/184.91HOT

Cephalon's Champion Ch. 04

 — Bast and team head off to confront a god and save a friend. by capn_doggy06/13/194.87HOT

Ceremony Ch. 01

 — Priestess takes part in sexual ceremony to create magic. by kurtrellians07/08/064.25

Ceremony Ch. 02

 — Priestesses & farmers join sexual ceremony. by kurtrellians07/09/064.29

Ceres the Goddess

 — He finds out he is a Goddess. by ultimate_nerdslut11/16/054.39

Chained Beast

 — A woman finally gets to see what lies in the forbidden room. by thewetpuppy11/12/154.61HOT


 — A wizard takes a new wife. by Cold_Eyes08/08/104.11

Chains of Command Ch. 01

 — An alien peacekeeper meets an old friend. by NathanRavenwood02/21/184.66HOT

Chains of Corruption

 — A girl fights and fucks her way to saving her best friend. by NokturnalMortum01/30/194.44

Chains of Corruption Pt. 02

 — The final clash between the divine and the corrupt. by NokturnalMortum02/06/194.78

Chains Willing Ch. 01

 — A young woman is violated by two shemale orcs... by Radiantlies510/11/184.20

Chains Willing Ch. 02

 — Liana is tested and rewarded by her Mistress... by Radiantlies510/18/184.38

Chains Willing Ch. 03

 — Liana learns more of her purpose... by Radiantlies510/20/184.64HOT

Chains Willing Ch. 04

 — Liana meets an old friend and learns a secret... by Radiantlies510/30/184.55HOT

Chains Willing Ch. 05

 — Liana's revenge, punishment. Her sister's folly... by Radiantlies511/02/184.85HOT

Chains Willing Ch. 06

 — Liana is dominated by the Queen while Bead is trained... by Radiantlies511/23/184.67HOT

Chains Willing Ch. 07

 — Liana's training, punishment, wedding, and war... by Radiantlies512/19/184.70HOT

Chains, Blades, and Iron Maidens

 — Five ordinary women learn of about an extraordinary world. by Denarive_Rintner05/07/133.91

Chalcedony Ch. 01

 — Emory's latest summon is an imp- big mouth, bigger breasts. by Arthuria04/09/154.08


 — One of them is bait. by The_Defective_Pawn08/05/164.50HOT


 — Aliens are here! And they like chocolate. by Evil_Genius02/12/074.11

Champion Girl vs. High Speed Chase

 — Young heroine is drugged during chase. by PhiloHunter05/20/154.06

Champion of the Goddess Ch. 01

 — A goddess gets seduced by a seemingly unremarkable man. by EinfachToll08/18/174.48

Champion of the Goddess Ch. 02

 — Waika decides to have some morning fun. by EinfachToll09/12/174.37

Champion of the Goddess Ch. 03

 — John and Waika meet up with the servants. by EinfachToll09/18/174.60HOT

Champion of the Goddess Ch. 04

 — "Punishing" the Servants. by EinfachToll11/08/174.65HOT


 — A US soldier is chosen to defend another realm. by ScreamingEagle10105/26/164.89HOT

Champions Vol. 01

 — A US soldier is chosen to defend another realm. (Re-release) by ScreamingEagle10105/03/174.91HOT

Champions Vol. 02

 — Heroes, Allies, and Enemies all prepare for war. by ScreamingEagle10105/12/174.92HOT

Chance of a Ghost

 — Single Necromancer Looking for Undead Woman. by mersennius_prime06/11/184.65HOT

Chandri's Revenge Pt. 01

 — A succubus' journey for revenge. by BraysonJooks08/03/164.35

Changed Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old Laci Black wakes up a horny buxom sex kitten. by Goddess23205/30/134.14

Changed Ch. 02

 — Teen nympho discovers the truth of her transformation. by Goddess23207/24/134.16

Changing Life

 — Man catches fiancée with his boss quits and finds success. by SW_MO_Hermit06/14/164.63HOT

Changing of the Fates Ch. 01

 — A new player changes the rules of the fates. by LongTom1303/11/162.95

Changing of the Guard

 — He was tormented by her darkness. by DireLilith04/06/07

Chaos Theory - Denial's Reward

 — One man's reward for Honoring his Word. by hdm303lj10/28/063.07


 — A casual hookup and an electronic chaperon. by ktmccoll02/05/184.53HOT

Chapter 01: Don't Mess with a Reaper

 — Stuck behind enemy lines, with nothing more to do but wait. by DormantEvil01/08/104.45

Chapter One: Samara

 — Amazonian general finds the release she needs. by DeadlyNyghtshayde04/07/054.56HOT


 — Sex is the easiest way to recharge your batteries. by CherryCat09/13/084.37


 — My unusual friend. by beast05408/11/143.72

Charlie & Seth Pt. 01

 — Adventurous couple swaps genders at luxury VR resort. by DeathAndTaxes10/24/154.76HOT

Charlie's Journal

 — PMS devastates the human race. by DanceWithMe07/01/023.35

Charlotte the Harlot Ch. 01

 — The risks of dating an unstable sorcerer. by Cordelia Speedicut05/18/184.60HOT

Charlotte the Harlot Ch. 02

 — A lovable, inflatable - and insatiable - sex doll has needs. by Cordelia Speedicut06/08/184.56HOT

Charlotte the Harlot Ch. 03

 — A ride in the country, and further surprising developments. by Cordelia Speedicut06/23/184.57HOT

Charlotte the Harlot Ch. 04

 — More unusual friends arrive... by Cordelia Speedicut07/30/184.43

Charlotte's Fairytale Ch. 01

 — Housebuilding: a witch encounters males for the first time. by Gardannos11/03/134.10

Charlotte's Fairytale Ch. 02

 — Morning shower: a voyeur at the waterfall. by Gardannos11/04/134.23

Charlotte's Fairytale Ch. 03

 — Into town: exploring and meeting more people. by Gardannos11/09/134.06

Charlotte's Fairytale Ch. 04

 — Forest meet: a fairy and a meadow tumble. by Gardannos11/10/134.43

Charlotte's Fairytale Ch. 05

 — Potion preparation: testing it out with a man. by Gardannos11/15/134.16

Charlotte's Fairytale Ch. 06

 — Cleansing: getting Bryan's feet on the earth again by Gardannos11/18/134.52HOT

Charlotte's Fairytale Ch. 07

 — Retrieving clothes: an old tale and new plans. by Gardannos11/24/134.25

Charlotte's Fairytale Ch. 08

 — Castle visit: meeting a match for Charlotte. by Gardannos12/01/134.24

Charlotte's Fairytale Ch. 09

 — Gratitude: spinning a web and getting caught. by Gardannos12/16/134.20

Charlotte's Fairytale Ch. 10

 — Housewarming: mothers visit and tales. by Gardannos01/13/144.55HOT

Charlotte's Fairytale Ch. 11

 — Warlock Cage: putting a halt on Patrick's power. by Gardannos02/05/144.42

Charm 01: At the Feet of the Master

 — A Wizard and his apprentices. by AnandoVivek04/02/123.82

Charm 02: Laying the Groundwork

 — Some sexuality and storybuilding, but not much explicit. by AnandoVivek04/12/124.67

Charm 03: Ready to Blow

 — Backstory and three-way. by AnandoVivek04/13/124.67

Charm 04: Calm Before the Storm

 — Preparation for the ritual - lots of teasing. by AnandoVivek04/18/124.60

Charm 05: Call to Action

 — The summoning ritual. by AnandoVivek04/24/124.00

Chased By Apes

 — Slave girl is ravished by ape overlords. by soe04/25/024.19

Chasing Tail -- Neko Purr: Ch. 01

 — Anime fan meets submissive cat girl. by BunnyHart03/20/104.38

Chasing Tail -- Neko Purr: Ch. 02

 — Aiko teaches herself how to please women and men. by BunnyHart09/28/104.20

Chasing Time Ch. 01

 — Science writer's reaserch gets intimate. by Goldlion103/06/064.52HOT

Chat with the Sun God

 — A young woman escapes her cage with unusual help. by CaringAndDemanding03/30/164.70HOT

Cheating Time: A Little Fun

 — He takes her in Hypertime. by digitalCoquet09/27/054.39

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Ch. 01

 — Mech Falls to Earth! Magical Girl Needs Help! In My Bedroom? by PervOtaku06/08/174.43

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Ch. 02

 — The Radical Aerial Battle! She's Way More Experienced! by PervOtaku06/19/174.63HOT

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Ch. 03

 — Flashback! A Magical Girl is Born! Two Guys at Same Time? by PervOtaku06/23/174.56HOT

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Ch. 04

 — New weapon against chains! Cheerleaders have fun in showers! by PervOtaku06/27/174.48

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Ch. 05

 — Sleepovers are More Fun with Toys! Deadly Fumes in Night! by PervOtaku07/07/174.60HOT

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Ch. 06

 — You Want to See My Powerful Colossus? Bigger is Badder! by PervOtaku07/12/174.60HOT

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Ch. 07

 — The Tsarina Appears! I'll Do Anything To Save My Grade! by PervOtaku07/18/174.56HOT

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Ch. 08

 — Battle on the Football Field! Now I'm the Team's Target? by PervOtaku07/28/174.69HOT

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Ch. 09

 — Together at the School Dance! Our Secret Revealed? by PervOtaku08/01/174.83HOT

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Ch. 10

 — Quickie on Base! Uncle Sam Wants Us! by PervOtaku08/08/174.84HOT

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Ch. 11

 — Mecha Meets its Match? Cheer Raider Captured! by PervOtaku08/15/174.77HOT

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Ch. 12

 — Violated by Evil! Fear Raider Attacks! by PervOtaku08/22/174.78HOT

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Ch. 13

 — Attack Through the Portal! It's the Final Battle! by PervOtaku08/30/174.87HOT

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther: CF

 — The magical girl and giant robot team faces a new threat. by PervOtaku03/07/184.77HOT

Cherry Spies

 — Cherry watches mother play with the pool boy. by Salamando_Flames12/03/154.31

Cherry World

 — Interplanetary love. by bassbelly10/31/074.63HOT

Cherry World Ch. 02

 — The love affair continues. by bassbelly09/06/094.51HOT

Cheryl Gets a Younger Body

 — Cheryl gets an implant that allows her body to grow younger. by Auryman09/13/104.09

Chess - Opening Moves

 — A Forgotten Realms Jon Chess story. by fafhrd0904/01/174.58HOT

Chevalière Fifi

 — A Chevalière enjoys being used by her friends. by Laskald07/18/194.71HOT

Child of the Klein Bottle

 — Dark desires are reproduced in shrunken 12-inch form. by Akito0104/09/024.49Editor's Pick

Children of the Bosom

 — A witch is expelled from her home and covets a young lady. by sexgundam66601/01/164.62HOT

Children of the Cosmos

 — Helping a stranger can change the world. by horrorotica03/04/14

Children of the Light Ch. 01

 — It found itself stranded with the self aware. by magmaman01/16/124.51HOT

Chimera Ch. 01: The Forgotten Spaceship

 — Chapter 1 - He wakes on a spaceship with no memory. by TheOtherTeacher06/26/194.51HOT

Chimera Cock

 — Doc and his assistant create a rampant chimera cock. by Kixy2309/29/174.54HOT

Chimera Island

 — Birth of the werewolves. by keinegrenzen10/18/124.55HOT

Chinaman's Chance

 — Chinese American woman is thrust back in time. by sourdough99901/18/154.80HOT

Chloe Enjoys a New Toy Ch. 01

 — Chloe finds a tiny man while jogging. by devanie04/08/084.44

Chloe's Tentacle Plant

 — A young scientist plays with an interesting new plant. by lush_2008/26/164.49

Chocolate Girl

 — A confectionery Pygmalion of sorts. by cvillerook02/03/164.46

Chocolates for a Scorpion

 — A superhero's Valentine's Day is interrupted by an old foe. by Armphid01/27/144.79HOT

Chocolates for a Scorpion Ch. 02

 — Scarlet's friends go after Prowl for their own reasons. by Armphid04/02/144.58HOT

Chocolates for a Scorpion Ch. 03

 — Prowl and Scarlet re-connect after a superhuman battle. by Armphid09/12/144.83HOT


 — Couple uses mind control collar and invites a girlfriend. by baubleheadz07/09/184.67HOT


 — Spiritual successor to A&A only with an entirely new game. by Ragnarok38506/14/164.58HOT

Choose! 02: Life Edition - Round 01

 — Alli's sister Lily and her two friends find the game Choose. by Ragnarok38508/30/174.50HOT

Choose! 02: Life Edition - Round 03

 — Last after a week the girls get back to finish the game. by Ragnarok38509/07/174.63HOT

Chooser of The Souls

 — A fallen Valkyrie finds Love. by Lord DragonsWing06/10/044.62HOT

Chopin Ch. 01

 — The Kidnapping. by Arraiga12/13/134.64HOT

Chosen Mate Ch. 07

 — Union. by HarryHill12/31/124.78HOT

Chosen Mate Ch. 08

 — Warcouncil. by HarryHill07/21/134.80HOT

Chosen Mate Ch. 09

 — Path, Temple, Traitor. by HarryHill07/25/134.84HOT

Chosen Mate Ch. 10

 — Gambler's and Outlaw's. by HarryHill08/01/134.77HOT

Chosen Mate Ch. 11

 — Gumbo, Games, Assassins. by HarryHill11/19/134.75HOT

Chosen of the Fertility God

 — She gets pregnant by a pagan god; her son inherits his power. by shimm208/07/194.50HOT

Christmas Cracker

 — You better watch out, you better not cry... by Lien_Geller01/14/164.87HOTContest Winner

Christmas Fairy Ch. 01

 — He finds the Christmas Fairy on his pillow. by oggbashan11/20/044.54HOT

Christmas Fairy Ch. 02

 — He has to adjust to a much larger Christmas Fairy in bed. by oggbashan12/08/044.55HOT

Christmas Fairy Ch. 03: Final

 — I marry my Christmas Fairy and things go wrong... by oggbashan12/28/174.58HOT

Christmas in Remington

 — Visit a town with many secrets... by Paul Grove12/27/013.36

Christmas Treat

 — James spots a beautiful, strange woman. by RachWebster12/01/074.54HOT

Christmas Year 3535

 — An erotic Christmas story set in the future. by Isabella77712/05/093.58

Chronicle - Mel and Chris Ch. 01

 — It was one night, now they're together, but not alone. by PennameWombat06/06/194.00

Chronicle - Mel and Chris Ch. 02

 — A succubus, an angel and an alien meet. Or do they? by PennameWombat06/08/194.67

Chronicle - Mel and Chris Ch. 03

 — An Alien, A Succubus, A Virgin and a Gift from a Geek. by PennameWombat07/31/194.00

Chronicle Blade: Heavenly Relics

 — A young nun's quest for idenity with her guns at her side. by Unlimited06/24/032.90

Chronicles of a Drow Templar Ch. 01

 — A heretic returned, but not before a stop-over in a cave. by GildedLily03/24/074.65HOT

Chronicles of a Drow Templar Ch. 02

 — Expatriate. by GildedLily04/07/074.58HOT

Chronicles of a Kajira Ch. 01

 — A bred exotic kajira learns of life on Gor. by kajira_girl11/14/104.42

Chronicles of a Kajira Ch. 02

 — larl is brought to her new home and learns her place. by kajira_girl12/21/104.48

Chronicles of a Kajira Ch. 03

 — larl is used, and used hard. by kajira_girl12/30/104.35

Chronicles of a Kajira Ch. 04

 — Larl dances and learns about restraint. by kajira_girl09/27/114.58HOT

Chronicles of Hemlear Pt. 01

 — Averill and party head into the Frontier. by Mason_Hess04/02/194.44

Chronicles of Lexx the Orc Ch. 01

 — Lexx wants a new battleaxe. by RunRunRunRunaway03/02/184.31

Chronicles of Seven & Sophie

 — A 19-year-old enjoys the talents of her new Robot. by Eutopia12/22/104.57HOT

Chronicles of Seven & Sophie Ch. 03

 — A 19-year-old enjoys the talents of her new Robot. by Eutopia05/19/114.66HOT

Chronicles of the Black Rose Ch. 01

 — Tragedy awaits as Myranda is reunited with Lyran. by Silkie Butterfly08/25/054.29

Chronicles of the Black Swords

 — Black Steel Reborn. by MSTarot10/11/124.71HOT

Chronicles of the Black Swords Ch. 02

 — The Love of the Shadows, the Life of a Thief. by MSTarot05/21/134.70HOT

Chronicles of the Black Swords Ch. 03

 — Mother's Morn. by MSTarot05/22/134.85HOT

Chronicles of the Black Swords Ch. 04

 — Stolen Souls. by MSTarot02/20/144.66HOT

Churning Butter

 — Two Chicago detectives solve in the windy city. by The_Technician04/19/144.61HOT

Cinder's Women: Mouse's Tale Ch. 01

 — Young thief learns to serve a unique soldier. by LordHyperion08/28/044.67HOT

Cinder's Women: Mouse's Tale Ch. 02

 — Girl thief learns from her new Master. by LordHyperion09/01/044.73HOT

Cinder's Women: Mouse's Tale Ch. 03

 — We learn of Cinder's beginnings. by LordHyperion09/14/044.64HOT


 — Adult version of a classic fairy tale. by bigurljl04/05/084.08

Cinderella Story with a Twist

 — Poor girl gets the prince. by sexy_chick6910/27/064.15

Cinderella Submits Ch. 01

 — Cinderella gets to know the Prince in a very public manner. by 1000dreams01/27/164.33

Cinderella Submits Ch. 02

 — The trials and tribulations of Cinderella continue. by 1000dreams01/29/164.46

Cinderella Submits Ch. 03

 — The evil stepfamily intervenes. by 1000dreams02/03/164.49

Cinderella Submits Ch. 04

 — The stepfamily takes control of Cinderella. by 1000dreams02/04/164.45

Cinderella Submits Ch. 05

 — Cinderella switches roles and takes control of her stepmom. by 1000dreams02/10/164.40

Cinderella Wants a Baby

 — Princess needs help conceiving a baby. by MrJack08/28/084.58HOT

Cinderella's Birthday Ch. 02

 — Cinderella attends the ball and enters love and marriage. by cwr200008/05/104.51HOT

Cinderella: An Erotic Fairy Tale Ch. 04

 — Further adventures: Fire Breathing & Bacchanalias. Also Tuna. by Cordelia Speedicut04/08/184.31

Cinderella: An Erotic Fairy Tale Ch. 05

 — Wandering Freckles, Radiant lips & Sorcery for beginners. by Cordelia Speedicut04/18/184.33

Cinderella: An Erotic Fairy Tale Ch. 06

 — A Triumph of Lust. by Cordelia Speedicut05/11/184.36

Cinderlove Ch. 01

 — A princess, a dirty boy and an evil stepfamily. by allan8d809/21/094.37

Cinderlove Ch. 02

 — Antoni runs away and Grazia clashes with her mother. by allan8d809/27/094.55HOT

Cinderlove Ch. 03

 — Grazia is schooled and Antoni learns a few lessons. by allan8d803/03/104.43

Cinderlove Ch. 04

 — The noose tightens, but hope comes from an unlikely source. by allan8d806/27/114.20

Cindy, Twice

 — He met her for the first time, twice. by GToast04/19/084.51HOT

Cindy’s Imaginary Friend

 — Cindy’s imaginary friend is much, much more that he seems. by The_Technician12/22/144.29

Cinnamon and Ash

 — Sex is indistinguishable from magic. by Princess_Roflcopter11/05/054.56HOT

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