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Dade Ch. 01

 — When helping someone wasn't the best idea. by noplex07/02/054.73HOT

Daemon & Sunny

 — A planetary king explores an inadvertent bed slave. by ladyofthemasque11/18/034.78HOTContest Winner

Daemon & Sunny Ch. 02

 — Daemon continues to seduce his involuntary bed-slave. by ladyofthemasque07/12/044.83HOT

Daemon & Sunny Ch. 03

 — Sunny starts adjusting to harem life. by ladyofthemasque11/18/044.81HOT

Daemon & Sunny Ch. 04

 — Sunny begins to understand what's happening. by ladyofthemasque12/11/044.85HOT

Daemon & Sunny Ch. 05

 — The Present, the Pirate, & the Pact. by ladyofthemasque01/08/054.82HOT

Daemon & Sunny Ch. 06

 — Concerns, capitulations, and constraints. by ladyofthemasque02/05/054.85HOT

Daemon & Sunny Ch. 07

 — Armon gets excited, & Daemon gets a clue. by ladyofthemasque04/01/054.85HOT

Daemon & Sunny Ch. 08

 — Marriage negotiations? by ladyofthemasque05/11/054.83HOT

Daemon & Sunny Ch. 09

 — Negotiations, realizations, and uninivited invitations. by ladyofthemasque06/27/054.86HOT

Daemon & Sunny Ch. 10

 — Conclusion to tale of the king & his ex-bedslave. by ladyofthemasque08/29/054.86HOT

Daemon & Sunny: Prequel

 — How the slave girl came to be in the hands of the king. by ladyofthemasque10/21/044.83HOT

Daemon Love

 — They find love in the middle of a war. by chaote_kittie05/17/064.39

Daemon Tales Ch. 01

 — Diotus thought it was the end, but it's just the beginning. by cloman2512/11/124.38

Daemour Castle Nights Ch. 01

 — Valya, a half succubus, becomes a prisoner and slave. by DemonikSeraph11/08/094.59HOT

Dagger and Crystal

 — You can't choose your family and some truths hurt very much. by Blind_Justice10/27/164.78HOT

Dahlia - Birth of an A.I. Ch. 01

 — Meet Paul and Dahlia. by Magicwrtr10/18/184.90HOT

Dahlia - Birth of an A.I. Ch. 02

 — Rest of book one. by Magicwrtr10/20/184.87HOT

Dahlia - Birth of an A.I. Ch. 03

 — Start book two. by Magicwrtr10/23/184.85HOT

Dahlia - Birth of an A.I. Ch. 04

 — End Book two. by Magicwrtr10/26/184.89HOT

Dahlia - Birth of an A.I. Ch. 05

 — Book three start. by Magicwrtr10/29/184.88HOT

Dahlia - Birth of an A.I. Ch. 06

 — Final book three. by Magicwrtr10/31/184.88HOT

Daisy Lighthouse Ch. 00: Simon Says

 — This is the prologue to DAISY LIGHTHOUSE. by SZENSEI06/22/174.51HOT

Daisy Lighthouse Ch. 01: Daisy Fresh

 — ANNdroid Delores begins her new sexy life as Daisy. by SZENSEI06/23/174.57HOT

Daisy Lighthouse Ch. 02: Four Kings

 — Daisy does her best to make Glenn reach his potential. by SZENSEI06/26/174.45

Daisy Lighthouse Ch. 03: Dream Boat

 — Daisy reflects on her past as Delores. Makes a new friend. by SZENSEI07/12/174.56HOT

Dalí in the Skies

 — A travel writer gets in over her head en route to Madrid. by avasogently10/13/103.91

Dalliance of Earth Goddess Durga

 — After a battle lust takes hold on another Goddess of Earth. by RedHairedandFriendly03/28/134.10

Dalliance of the Earth Goddess Isis

 — Power of the Earth and Isis' followers bring forth life. by RedHairedandFriendly03/28/134.00

Dame Sara and the Gryphons Ch. 01

 — She discovers a village in need. by Thor9901/09/184.25

Dame Sara and the Gryphons Ch. 02

 — She overhears an argument. by Thor9901/11/184.46

Dame Sara and the Gryphons Ch. 03

 — She alerts the garrison. by Thor9901/16/184.52HOT

Dame Sara and the Gryphons Ch. 04

 — She decides on her next move. by Thor9901/17/184.45

Dame Sara and the Gryphons Ch. 05

 — She makes a relaxing discovery in the mountains. by Thor9901/20/184.19

Dame Sara and the Gryphons Ch. 06

 — Crossing a river doesn't prove easy... by Thor9901/24/184.22

Dame Sara and the Gryphons Ch. 07

 — Draconic deception. by Thor9901/25/184.40

Dame Sara and the Gryphons Ch. 08

 — Mountainside reunions. by Thor9901/31/184.18

Dame Sara and the Gryphons Ch. 09

 — She reaches the source of the gryphon attacks. by Thor9902/03/184.24

Dame Sara and the Gryphons Ch. 10

 — The gryphons depart. by Thor9902/05/184.43

Dame Sara and the Heir Ch. 01

 — She is given a noble task. by Thor9907/18/134.49

Dame Sara and the Heir Ch. 02

 — She begins her journey. by Thor9907/20/134.48

Dame Sara and the Heir Ch. 03

 — She seeks out a farrier. by Thor9907/22/134.59HOT

Dame Sara and the Heir Ch. 04

 — She reaches Eriport. by Thor9907/25/134.46

Dame Sara and the Heir Ch. 05

 — Nobles and interruptions. by Thor9907/27/134.42

Dame Sara and the Heir Ch. 06

 — Meeting the contact. by Thor9907/29/134.49

Dame Sara and the Heir Ch. 07

 — Smugglers and subterfuge. by Thor9902/19/144.53HOT

Dame Sara and the Heir Ch. 08

 — Among thieves. by Thor9902/22/144.55HOT

Dame Sara and the Heir Ch. 09

 — The final part of the plan. by Thor9903/02/144.71HOT

Dame Sara and the Heir Ch. 10

 — She prepares to leave Eriport. by Thor9903/03/144.61HOT

Damien's Time in a Female Body

 — Male in Female body, exploring everything she can! by FantasyLiving08/14/184.35


 — Paladin is corrupted by the passions of a Witch. by Wanderer D11/28/014.19

Damsel in Distress Ep. 01: Kidnapped for Ransom

 — Kidnapped by gangsters, Miss Damsel hopes for rescue. by MrDamsel08/23/173.35

Damsel in Distress Ep. 02: Betrothed to the Baron

 — She's forced to marry a villainous dictator. by MrDamsel09/25/174.10

Damsel in Distress Ep. 03: The Legendary Barbarian

 — The Courtship of King Rodan Pt. 1. by MrDamsel01/14/184.44

Dan and the Bottle

 — Disabled man gets adjustments. by disableddan10/10/134.56HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 02

 — DJ came walking up out of the darkness. by disableddan10/21/134.53HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 03

 — The ongoing adventures of Dan, Barb, and company. by disableddan11/03/134.62HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 04

 — The continuing adventures of Dan and Barb. by disableddan11/04/134.61HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 05

 — The ongoing adventures of Dan, Barb, and company. by disableddan11/06/134.64HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 06

 — War comes to America by disableddan11/07/134.61HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 07

 — Life in the cave. by disableddan11/12/134.64HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 08

 — Coming back. by disableddan11/20/134.72HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 09

 — The village. by disableddan11/28/134.78HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 10

 — Preparing for war. by disableddan12/16/134.74HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 11

 — Expanding the operation. by disableddan12/17/134.77HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 12

 — Battles and villages. by disableddan01/16/144.75HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 13

 — Encounters by disableddan02/19/144.79HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 14

 — The war heats up. by disableddan03/20/144.82HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 15

 — War and pieces. by disableddan04/10/144.77HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 16

 — Stepping up. by disableddan07/24/144.75HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 17

 — The plot thins. by disableddan08/12/144.80HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 18

 — Stepping into the 22nd century. by disableddan09/20/144.76HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 19

 — Expanding the fight. by disableddan12/03/144.78HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 20

 — Spreading out. by disableddan01/14/154.80HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 21

 — Continuing the adventure. by disableddan05/12/154.78HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 22

 — Old and new. by disableddan08/26/154.83HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 23

 — The battles go nationwide. by disableddan02/14/164.77HOT

Dan and the Bottle Ch. 24

 — Nationwide and beyond. by disableddan06/07/164.80HOT

Dance Commander

 — A job wasn't the only position she wanted. by DanStanding09/24/113.76

Dance for No One Else

 — She was his only loophole. by teresawrites2u12/14/083.75

Dance of Death

 — Kylara is dangerous, in and out of the ring. by Sanzamour01/26/144.44

Dancing In the Dark

 — Digital dreams can hide some big surprises... by ProxyBlack06/23/184.83HOT

Dancing to Louie Louie - A Halloween Tale

 — A young woman travels a LONG way to attend a Halloween party. by The_Technician10/05/154.60HOT


 — Dane and Fiorluna's story. by Mourningstar56411/12/124.00

Danica Prelude

 — Life before her ill-fated journey to Zoraster's abode. by Darkniciad03/28/064.52HOT

Danica Pt. 01

 — Foolish decision leads her into bondage, & revelations. by Darkniciad02/24/064.57HOT

Danica Pt. 02

 — She has a second awakening as her servitude evolves. by Darkniciad03/04/064.73HOT

Danica Pt. 03

 — Her tasks grow more difficult as her prison expands. by Darkniciad03/09/064.75HOT

Danica Pt. 04

 — New lovers & exotic dancing dull her torment. by Darkniciad03/14/064.77HOT

Danica Pt. 05

 — Facing an old demon with her new powers. by Darkniciad03/20/064.78HOT

Danica Pt. 06

 — Dangerous new talent; punishment for a kindness. by Darkniciad03/26/064.82HOT

Danica Pt. 07

 — Facing blackest evil & a new toy made for two. by Darkniciad04/04/064.81HOT

Danica Pt. 08

 — Trying hard to forget her place works, with consequences. by Darkniciad04/12/064.77HOT

Danica Pt. 09

 — Choosing allies to defend The Forge. by Darkniciad04/19/064.84HOT

Danica Pt. 10

 — The Companions of the Forge. by Darkniciad04/30/064.81HOT

Danica Pt. 11

 — Final battle for the Forge; encounter with Nymphs. by Darkniciad05/06/064.80HOT

Danica Pt. 12

 — Marlena's punishment; joining a knight's quest. by Darkniciad05/12/064.87HOT

Danica Pt. 13

 — Charming wizard & his master; a rune scribed table. by Darkniciad05/18/064.82HOT

Danica Pt. 14

 — Facing the Nameless Ones on a tropical isle. by Darkniciad05/24/064.80HOT

Danica Pt. 15

 — Establishing a foothold in the desert home of the God-Kings. by Darkniciad05/30/064.87HOT

Danica Pt. 16

 — Taking an ominous obelisk from a tomb reveals Celes' secret. by Darkniciad06/08/064.89HOT

Danica Pt. 17

 — Joining in sisterhood as Zoraster's dark plans gain momentum. by Darkniciad06/18/064.86HOT

Danica Pt. 18

 — Bittersweet farewells as a celestial convergence approaches. by Darkniciad07/11/064.85HOT

Danica Pt. 19

 — Zoraster contends with a god; Danica explores rune magic. by Darkniciad08/26/064.89HOT

Danica Pt. 20

 — The choice between slavery to a madman, or confronting him. by Darkniciad10/08/064.92HOT

Danica: Epilogue

 — Freed from bondage, Danica returns home, and finds destiny. by Darkniciad10/09/064.91HOT

Danielle Ch. 01

 — Changing Room Adventures. by sexgundam66612/12/184.61HOT

Danielle Ch. 02

 — Friendly Adventures. by sexgundam66602/19/194.67HOT

Danielle Ch. 03

 — An Adventure at Home. by sexgundam66602/20/194.73HOT

Danielle Ch. 04

 — Not a Problem. by sexgundam66605/03/194.47

Danielle Ch. 05

 — Gym Adventure. by sexgundam66605/04/194.48

Danielle Ch. 06

 — Adventures in detention. by sexgundam66605/22/194.94HOT

Danielle Ch. 07

 — Adventures in frustration. by sexgundam66606/15/194.78HOT

Danny Boy - A Halloween Story

 — A Leprechaun's Tale of Ancient Victory over The Four Sisters. by The_Technician10/12/144.25

Daphne and Her Milk Pt. 01: The Beginning

 — The flat-as-a-board Daphne gets ridiculed by a busty girl. by mofguy01/19/174.13

Daphne and Her Milk Pt. 02

 — Daphne gets bitten. The results are drastic. by mofguy01/22/174.38

Daphne and Her Milk Pt. 03

 — After business, Daphne tests out her expanding theory. by mofguy02/01/174.42

Darien's Revenge

 — Darien seeks revenge when something precious is taken. by aspiringromantic02/04/02

Darius Ch. 01

 — Devout Knight of Faith saves beautiful Elvin woman. by Forrest Elf11/13/024.28

Darius Ch. 02

 — Darius & Eiliandra reach the Elven lands. by Forrest Elf03/15/034.00

Dark Acolyte Ch. 01

 — She remembers the sacrifice. by penthesword11/22/074.28

Dark Acolyte Ch. 02

 — She summons the Demon Lord of Lust. by penthesword12/25/074.26

Dark Acolyte Ch. 03

 — Zerafina gains two followers. by penthesword07/07/084.46

Dark Acolyte Ch. 04

 — Zerafina meets up with a mercenary band. by penthesword05/16/094.59HOT

Dark Acolyte Ch. 05

 — Zerafina seduces the Baron's daughter. by penthesword01/07/134.67HOT

Dark Angel

 — Prostitutes are being stalked by a killer by panther128206/01/144.29Editor's Pick

Dark Angel Ch. 00-01

 — Ashriel and Anniel's story. by LevanaHyll04/11/134.76HOT

Dark Angel Ch. 02

 — Ashriel's new life as a fallen reaper. by LevanaHyll04/17/134.84HOT

Dark Angel Ch. 03

 — Ashriel and freedom/bittersweet anger. by LevanaHyll04/24/134.82HOT

Dark Angel Ch. 04

 — Not meant to be? by LevanaHyll05/02/134.80HOT

Dark Angel Ch. 05

 — The mission. by LevanaHyll05/11/134.78HOT

Dark Angel Ch. 06

 — Putting out the heat. by LevanaHyll05/21/134.83HOT

Dark Angel Ch. 07

 — On Rhylos. by LevanaHyll06/06/134.79HOT

Dark Angel Ch. 08

 — Finding Anniel. by LevanaHyll06/22/134.81HOT

Dark Angel Ch. 09

 — Revelations and altercations. by LevanaHyll07/06/134.83HOT

Dark Angel Ch. 10

 — Unfinished chap. by LevanaHyll08/16/134.79HOT

Dark Angel Ch. 11

 — Back on Rhylos. by LevanaHyll10/19/134.85HOT

Dark Angel Ch. 12

 — Escaping. by LevanaHyll11/02/134.79HOT

Dark Angel Ch. 13

 — Final chapter and epilogue. by LevanaHyll11/11/134.87HOT

Dark Arrow Ch. 01-03

 — Was it fate that put him between an assassin and her prey? by DarkTerra12/19/144.83HOT

Dark Arrow Ch. 04

 — Ghosts of the past. by DarkTerra12/31/144.82HOT

Dark Arrow Ch. 05

 — School is in session. by DarkTerra01/25/154.88HOT

Dark Arrow Ch. 06

 — A time to fight, a time to heal. The stage is set. by DarkTerra03/04/164.88HOT

Dark Arrow Ch. 07

 — Nightfall. by DarkTerra07/13/164.89HOT

Dark Arrow Ch. 08

 — Black as the Pit. by DarkTerra09/14/164.88HOT

Dark As The Sun

 — A male sexbot on an off-world colony's brothel. by Nachthexe06/17/123.92

Dark Assassin Ch. 01

 — Elaine meets a Dark Elf and her life is changed. by zinfer02/17/154.63HOT

Dark Assassin Ch. 02

 — Ambush, the Eternal Forest. by zinfer02/19/154.76HOT

Dark Assassin Ch. 03

 — The foothills, another Dark Elf, consummation. by zinfer02/22/154.63HOT

Dark Assassin Ch. 04

 — King Wyatt Slynt. by zinfer02/27/154.60HOT

Dark Awakening Ch. 01

 — A young woman is plagued by nightmares and demons. by LillaBean09/29/103.95

Dark Awakening Ch. 02

 — Honey, meet Dem. by LillaBean10/04/104.40

Dark Awakening Ch. 03

 — A Muse Among Us. by LillaBean10/21/104.60HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 01

 — A favor for a friend starts a new adventure. by bdbeauty01/02/184.46

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 02

 — Learning to Live Together. by bdbeauty01/04/184.66HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 03

 — Complications. by bdbeauty01/05/184.74HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 04

 — More Complications. by bdbeauty01/06/184.77HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 05

 — The Heat Ends. by bdbeauty01/11/184.64HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 06

 — A New Year, A New Heat. by bdbeauty01/13/184.78HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 07

 — Conflict Enters the Bunker. by bdbeauty01/16/184.66HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 08

 — A Happy Medium Is Reached. by bdbeauty01/19/184.67HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 09

 — Jeff gets some perspective. by bdbeauty01/23/184.61HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 10

 — More Information on Lizzie. by bdbeauty01/24/184.68HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 11

 — Inevitability. by bdbeauty01/27/184.64HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 12

 — The Manuscript. by bdbeauty01/30/184.77HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 13

 — More information means more problems. by bdbeauty02/02/184.77HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 14

 — Gabriel's Information. by bdbeauty02/08/184.78HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 15

 — The final gate. by bdbeauty02/11/184.60HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 16

 — A Second Chance. by bdbeauty02/16/184.81HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 17

 — A Witch, A Demon, and A Capsa walk into a bar. by bdbeauty02/18/184.70HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 18

 — Here's Jonnie. by bdbeauty02/23/184.65HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 19

 — The Aftermath. by bdbeauty03/01/184.71HOT

Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 20

 — The End? by bdbeauty03/08/184.76HOT

Dark Dreams

 — He grieves for lost love until he finds her... by Desired_Temptation12/26/134.42

Dark Dreams Ch. 02

 — She is his weakness and he must have her... by Desired_Temptation02/05/144.57HOT

Dark Dreams Ch. 03

 — They meet again... by Desired_Temptation03/04/144.65HOT

Dark Dreams Ch. 04

 — A sweet dance and a unwanted guest... by Desired_Temptation03/10/144.64HOT

Dark Dreams Ch. 05

 — Half-truths and broken hearts. by Desired_Temptation09/25/144.71HOT

Dark Fantasy Ep. 01

 — At the edge of the Shadowlands. by Hannibal Ravencraft11/22/054.26

Dark Fantasy Ep. 02

 — The Masquerade. by Hannibal Ravencraft01/29/064.44

Dark Forces

 — Under the Nevada desert, something sinister has awakened... by PaxNurgle05/04/184.23

Dark Lips Ch. 01

 — Michael meets his Succubus. by EHMiller09/24/184.27

Dark Magic

 — Beautiful wizardess is captured by a scheming lich. by LandBeyondtheForest01/22/144.28

Dark Mistress Ch. 00: Prelude

 — A Dark Mistress seeks to get revenge and reclaim. by Blizzard72001/28/184.27

Dark Mistress Ch. 01: Reasons for War

 — A Dark Mistress seeks to get revenge and reclaim. by Blizzard72001/29/183.93

Dark Moon Ch. 01

 — Introduction to 'Shifters', one man's life is about to change. by HorniBunni03/15/104.40

Dark Moon Ch. 02

 — An Alpha dies, a new one must be found. by HorniBunni03/16/104.51HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 03

 — Joshua and Passion meet. by HorniBunni03/22/104.71HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 04

 — Joshua and Passion return to Oak Falls. by HorniBunni04/01/104.69HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 05

 — Some secrets are revealed. by HorniBunni04/04/104.61HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 06

 — Minor trouble for Joshua, bigger trouble for Passion. by HorniBunni04/05/104.65HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 07

 — Date Night, New Friends, and Annoying Revelations. by HorniBunni04/07/104.64HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 08

 — Joshua learns about the pack. Passion comes to a decision. by HorniBunni04/10/104.72HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 09

 — The past comes back to haunt Passion. by HorniBunni04/11/104.56HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 10

 — The day of the duel arrives and Joshua is betrayed. by HorniBunni04/12/104.64HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 11

 — Will Passion make the right decision? by HorniBunni04/15/104.62HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 12

 — Celebration soon turns to business, an allies falls through. by HorniBunni04/16/104.59HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 13

 — Disappointment and Goodbyes. by HorniBunni04/22/104.68HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 14

 — The battle and journey to Stillwater. by HorniBunni05/10/104.68HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 15

 — Final Chapter. by HorniBunni06/12/104.70HOT

Dark Planet Pt. 01

 — Jayn and Perikos arrive on a planet shrouded with darkness. by arkadys_lyric07/18/094.71HOT

Dark Planet Pt. 02

 — Jayn struggles to adapt to the alien planet. by arkadys_lyric07/20/094.79HOT

Dark Planet Pt. 03

 — Jayn and Perikos struggle with new enemies. by arkadys_lyric07/21/094.76HOT

Dark Planet Pt. 04

 — Jayn gives her all and is captured by Loyalists. by arkadys_lyric07/22/094.85HOT

Dark Prince

 — Son of a fallen angel-Devon doesn't want to be evil. by LevanaHyll02/22/124.72HOT

Dark Prince Ch. 02

 — Missing Angels...the mission to find them. by LevanaHyll05/22/124.76HOT

Dark Prince Ch. 03

 — Found at last. by LevanaHyll05/31/124.81HOT

Dark Prince Ch. 04

 — Closer to insanity... by LevanaHyll06/11/124.81HOT

Dark Prince Ch. 05

 — Final chapter; descension., redemption and ascension. by LevanaHyll06/13/124.94HOT

Dark Prophecy Ch. 01

 — When the gods get involved in mortal affairs... by Eternal_Blade06/30/094.06

Dark Rituals

 — Midnight rituals of the pale and erotic Goddess. by notnaive10/08/053.96

Dark Steed

 — Passion between a woman and unicorn. by Pantharas07/02/074.29

Dark Stranger

 — Women meets stranger. by katxmeowx07/27/094.05

Dark Stranger Ch. 02

 — He comes back. by katxmeowx12/15/094.44

Dark Sun

 — The beginning of the white lions problems. by HorniBunni08/25/104.44

Dark Sun Ch. 01

 — The past and present meet. by HorniBunni08/29/104.60HOT

Dark Sun Ch. 02

 — Past issued remain unresolved. by HorniBunni09/02/104.73HOT

Dark Temple : Wolfe's Initiation

 — Wolfe requests sanctuary from a Dark Priestess. by Sylph03/12/034.11

Dark Temptations, Dark Desires

 — Her relationship was perfect, until he came. by SinandSmut03/04/173.22

Dark Temptations, Dark Desires Ch. 02

 — Her relationship was perfect, until he came. by SinandSmut03/10/173.90

Dark Temptations, Dark Desires Ch. 03

 — Her relationship was perfect, until he came. by SinandSmut03/16/174.54HOT

Dark Wood

 — Darkness falls over enchanted woodland fairy kingdom. by Kingmaker71108/02/134.40


 — Danger brings a Nobleman and a unique servant together. by FamiliarStranger8612/19/134.49

DarkFyre Ch. 00

 — Prologue: Two nations at war. A tale begins in blood. by FamiliarStranger8612/23/134.44

DarkFyre Ch. 01

 — Silmaria is a unique servant who just wants a damn bath. by FamiliarStranger8612/24/134.52HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 02

 — Rael makes an unsettling discovery in a post-battle meet. by FamiliarStranger8612/31/134.61HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 03

 — Silmaria reflects on bittersweet memories. by FamiliarStranger8601/08/144.66HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 04

 — Rael devises a plan; Silmaria feeds her need. by FamiliarStranger8601/14/144.62HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 05

 — A visitor to IronWing Manor creates a stir. by FamiliarStranger8601/22/144.76HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 06

 — Lord Rael brings change to House IronWing. by FamiliarStranger8601/28/144.68HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 07

 — Rael searches for answers as things turn bleak at the Manor. by FamiliarStranger8602/02/144.83HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 08

 — Rael asks questions, and Silmaria finds unexpected answers. by FamiliarStranger8602/06/144.84HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 09

 — Rael develops a fixation. Silmaria struggles to let go. by FamiliarStranger8602/12/144.84HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 10

 — Rael and Silmaria flee as things get out of control. by FamiliarStranger8602/16/144.78HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 11

 — Rael and Silmaria seek refuge in Trelling's Rest. by FamiliarStranger8602/23/144.81HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 12

 — Rael has an unexpected meeting and makes a difficult choice. by FamiliarStranger8603/02/144.84HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 13

 — Rael and Silmaria leave Trellings Rest behind. by FamiliarStranger8603/16/144.77HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 14

 — Rael and Silmaria journey dangerous roads. by FamiliarStranger8603/25/144.78HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 15

 — Rael and Silmaria face unexpected perils. by FamiliarStranger8604/05/144.73HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 16

 — Silmaria desperately struggles to help Rael hold on. by FamiliarStranger8604/15/144.85HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 17

 — Rael and Silmaria discuss a very odd night. by FamiliarStranger8604/19/144.85HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 18

 — After a desperate gamble, Rael and Silmaria discuss plans. by FamiliarStranger8605/03/144.80HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 19

 — Rael and Silmaria journey to The Reach. The Stirring pops up by FamiliarStranger8605/14/144.81HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 20

 — Dangerous nights give way to hospitable days. by FamiliarStranger8605/28/144.78HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 21

 — A much needed break from the road becomes overlong. by FamiliarStranger8607/12/144.77HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 22

 — Confronting a trap, Rael finds answers. But at what cost? by FamiliarStranger8608/02/144.82HOT

DarkFyre Ch. 23

 — Silmaria struggles with doubt in the aftermath of battle. by FamiliarStranger8608/27/144.67HOT

Darkness Rising: Halloween Ch. 01

 — All is not as it seems in a small New England town. by thegreat_pretender07/25/174.55HOT

Darkness Rising: Halloween Ch. 02

 — A succubus continues to terrorize a small New England town. by thegreat_pretender10/06/174.53HOT

Darkside Stories - The Fool

 — A woman goes for a walk and finds herself in the Underworld. by Tsune03/11/194.76HOT

Darrin's Mistake

 — Champion of the Realm is caught by his former love. by Tajp05/19/063.91

Daughter of the Witcher Ch. 01

 — "No one hits the witcher's girl," she said. by TaLtos606/10/134.77HOT

Daughter of the Witcher Ch. 02

 — "I will love you forever." by TaLtos606/17/134.78HOT

Daughter of the Witcher Ch. 03

 — Why there was only one seal in the cove. by TaLtos606/19/134.78HOT

Daughter of the Witcher Ch. 04

 — What to do about Màiri Ciar. by TaLtos607/03/134.79HOT

Daughter of the Wood

 — Can she find love, caught between two worlds? by LesLumens03/28/084.72HOT

Daughter of Treason Ch. 01

 — Guilty of murder, she flees. by livingescapist06/14/104.70HOT

Daughter of Treason Ch. 02

 — She arrives in a foreign land. by livingescapist07/11/104.76HOT

Daughter of Treason Ch. 03

 — Kei and Shino get settled. by livingescapist08/17/104.74HOT

Daughter of Treason Ch. 04

 — Kei and Shino cross a gang. by livingescapist01/04/114.77HOT

Daughter of Treason Ch. 05

 — Kei ajusts to a new companion. by livingescapist04/08/114.83HOT

Daughter of Treason Ch. 06

 — She pursues corruption. by livingescapist01/11/124.80HOT

Daughter of Treason Ch. 07

 — Pursuing the guard. by livingescapist05/27/164.79HOT

David & 'Lyssa

 — He embarks on strange journey with stranger companion. by millennium_bard11/06/044.75HOT

David & 'Lyssa Ch. 02

 — The further adventures of David & 'Lyssa. by millennium_bard11/12/044.77HOT

David & 'Lyssa Ch. 03

 — David's new family go on separate quests again. by millennium_bard11/28/044.77HOT

David & 'Lyssa Ch. 04

 — David and 'Lyssa fight for their home and family. by millennium_bard12/01/044.79HOT

David & 'Lyssa Ch. 05

 — David and 'Lyssa continue to gain allies. by millennium_bard02/22/054.78HOT

Davoc Romaz: Titty Hunter

 — The sordid tales of an intergalactic Breast Bounty Hunter. by CaptainSmashums09/30/074.11

Dawn and Shadow

 — One man has the chance to revere his deity more intimately. by Shock_Tea01/10/194.33

Dawn Gives Santa a Gift

 — I watched as my wife fucked Santa the night before Christmas. by MF4BIM11/16/153.91

Dawn of the XXXombies

 — Danni and Romero must find a way through the XXXombies. by Geminine08/14/184.19

Dawn Wood Ch. 01

 — ICU Nurse has an extraordinary experience with a patient. by rockettime11108/26/124.26

Dawn Wood Ch. 02

 — An ICU involves others in the plot to worship a hard cock. by rockettime11112/08/123.94

Dawning of an Age

 — A new age begins at the hands of a boy forced into manhood. by johnthesmith02/05/164.75HOT

Dawning of an Age Ch. 02

 — Seth forges his weapon and touches magic for the first time. by johnthesmith02/28/164.77HOT

Dawning of an Age Ch. 03

 — The world changes for Seth, and new friends are introduced. by johnthesmith03/08/164.68HOT

Day and Night's Pleasures Ch. 01

 — Pleasures of the day, lover of the night, hold me close. by tenicka11/23/084.03

Day and Night's Pleasures Ch. 02

 — Second chapter of a woman and her unusual lovers. by tenicka11/25/084.39

Day and Night's Pleasures Ch. 03

 — Third in a tale of strange encounters with the fantastic. by tenicka11/26/084.37

Day and Night's Pleasures Ch. 04

 — The unicorn is her savior, but will he be in time? by tenicka11/26/084.47

Day and Night's Pleasures Ch. 05

 — Unable to take it anymore, Audra leaves the glade. by tenicka11/27/084.45

Day and Night's Pleasures Ch. 06

 — Will Audra get what she wants and desires finally? by tenicka11/28/084.32

Day and Night's Pleasures Ch. 07

 — The conclusion to Day and Night's Pleasures by tenicka11/29/084.39

Day at the Races

 — Future technology allows people to become animal hybrids. by AmberEmber306/28/154.43

Day of the Goddess

 — A holiday invitation, to a private island. by Alex De Kok07/16/114.65HOT

Day Off For Three

 — Feb 2048 - Morning after Down on the Mat. by TJSkywind12/08/124.81HOT

Daydream Believer

 — Two co-workers have a strange experience. by Storm6207/09/114.74HOT


 — Woman ensnares a coworker in a sorceress' daydream. by tonidelasalle06/06/074.43

Dayo and the Desert Ch. 01

 — A crossdressing elf's sexually abusive adventure. by Albicania10/07/154.17

de Sade Assassins

 — Mutants, ghouls, hardass lesbian assassins under a dying sun. by madeindna04/18/093.80

Deacon Gynoid Ch. 01

 — Androids, Gynoids in the future---and religion too. by Taunus07/14/092.27

Dead Fred

 — The creation of Dead Fred, oh that wacky dead guy. by therabidnicole10/26/024.28

Dead Horizon Ch. 01

 — Columbus has fallen victim to an 'unknown' viral disease. by KChaos04/09/16

Dead Horizon Ch. 02

 — The situation inside the city continues to grow worse. by KChaos04/13/16HOT

Dead Horizon Ch. 03

 — Kaleb finds safety in the country, but for how long? by KChaos04/19/16HOT

Dead Horizon Ch. 04

 — Kaleb goes in search of his neighbor after the outbreak. by KChaos04/25/16HOT

Dead Horizon Ch. 05

 — A post-apocalypse story. by KChaos05/12/16HOT

Dead Horizon Ch. 06

 — A post-apocalypse story. by KChaos05/19/16

Dead in Space Pt. 01

 — Marines faces a nightmare in deep space... by venomlegions05/29/194.22

Dead in Space Pt. 02

 — Marines face more danger and horrors... by venomlegions05/30/194.32

Dead Stick Ch. 01

 — A modern Mage deals with the scum of his world in our world. by Pars00106/28/174.51HOT

Dead Stick Ch. 02

 — A modern Mage deals with the scum of his world in our world. by Pars00106/29/174.56HOT

Dead Stick Ch. 03

 — A modern Mage deals with the scum of his world in our world. by Pars00107/01/174.66HOT

Dead Stick Ch. 04

 — A modern Mage deals with the scum of his world in our world. by Pars00107/02/174.61HOT

Dead Stick Ch. 05

 — A modern Mage deals with the scum of his world in our world. by Pars00107/03/174.63HOT

Dead Stick Ch. 06

 — A modern Mage deals with the scum of his world in our world. by Pars00107/04/174.61HOT

Dead Stick Ch. 07

 — A modern Mage deals with the scum of his world in our world. by Pars00107/08/174.65HOT

Dead Stick Ch. 08

 — A modern Mage deals with the scum of his world in our world. by Pars00107/09/174.73HOT

Dead Stick Ch. 09

 — A modern Mage deals with the scum of his world in our world. by Pars00107/10/174.71HOT

Dead Stick Ch. 10

 — A modern Mage deals with the scum of his world in our world. by Pars00107/14/174.73HOT

Dead Stick Ch. 11

 — A modern Mage deals with the scum of his world in our world. by Pars00107/17/174.73HOT

Dead Stick Ch. 12

 — A modern Mage deals with the scum of his world in our world. by Pars00107/18/174.67HOT

Dead Stick Ch. 13

 — A modern Mage deals with the scum of his world in our world. by Pars00107/21/174.72HOT

Deadly Desire

 — When friends become lovers, one may take more than pleasure. by diabulous07/27/103.58

Deadly Friends/Unexpected Enemies 01

 — Marissa meets Tessio; betrayal and death follow. by FinalStand09/15/134.80HOT

Deadly Friends/Unexpected Enemies 02

 — Striking the first blows back. by FinalStand09/15/134.78HOT

Deadly Friends/Unexpected Enemies 03

 — So many packs of Hunters and one small group of Hunter-Prey. by FinalStand09/23/164.87HOT

Deal or No Deal

 — Couple considers using alien sex change technology. by manyquestions12/12/084.18

Deal With The Devil

 — She encounters The Jersey Devil. by XStorytellerX11/21/114.39

Dealing with Alien X

 — An Agent deals with a deadly alien that ends on a twist. by NewRyder44603/14/183.54

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