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Dear Betsy

 — Dealing with futures and meat on the menu. by gauchecritic04/26/053.83

Dear Diary

 — Vicky accidentally breaks the curse. by IckyVicky07/24/164.26

Dear Diary Vol. 02

 — Ashley awakens the demon. by IckyVicky12/10/164.58HOT

Dear Dr. Anna

 — Advice column in a world where women greatly outnumber men. by Contrarian11/08/124.46

Dear Reader

 — Everyman finds a remote with the ability to change people. by funnyfish10008/04/174.60HOT

Death and Glory

 — Human is experimented on by alien megababe scientists. by Dar_Jisbo03/30/144.30

Death and Water

 — A fantasy romance, inspired by greek mythology. by darkestangel2603/22/084.18

Death in the Desert

 — Female soldiers battle the invaders of a future America. by TE99907/15/144.42

Death in the Desert Ch. 02

 — Captured by the enemy, Zoe is determined to escape. by TE99908/26/144.58HOT

Death Song

 — Queen of the Amazons takes three other worldly men as slaves. by Lexxisaur08/16/133.85

Death Takes Jericho

 — Virgin lands in the clutches of the grin reaper. by Meanderingpoet05/04/024.69HOTEditor's Pick

Death Throes

 — A succubus enjoys some sex as she watches a world perish. by Ltirashin08/27/084.24

Death Versus The Devil

 — Thanatos, God of Death takes on Lucifer. by Samuelx10/14/083.00

Death's Favorite Henchman

 — Death sends Mors against the goddess Styx. by Samuelx10/12/083.00

Death's New Bride

 — Mythology comes alive for the survivor of a car crash. by TinyBeth10/23/134.36

Death, Life, and Love Ch. 01

 — A widow finds love again. by deannathegeek04/22/094.44

Death, Life, and Love Ch. 02

 — Tiaret learns Aedinius is alive. by deannathegeek04/26/094.38

Death, Life, and Love Ch. 03

 — Tiaret and Aedinius both admit their sins. by deannathegeek04/27/094.33

Death, Life, and Love Ch. 04

 — Aedinius learns Tiaret loves Jareth, too. by deannathegeek04/28/094.27

Death, Life, and Love Ch. 05

 — Aedinius & Jareth work together to save the woman they love. by deannathegeek05/07/104.64HOT

Death, Life, and Love Ch. 06

 — The final chapter. by deannathegeek05/08/104.27

Death, My Saviour

 — Out of control werewolf finds love in a vampire's arms. by ChadsLife03/19/134.30

Death, the Maiden and War

 — Stone butch, blues, and a katana sword. by Nachthexe05/25/124.50HOT

Deceive Me Not

 — Threesome with sexy new neighbor. by MonicaLynn03/22/114.65HOT

Deceptive Summoning Ch. 01

 — Summoning a demon can have... tricks to the trade. by Blademane10/19/184.29


 — Fantasy. by CalleighLove09/30/154.65HOT

Dedication to Eros

 — Fantasy Greek setting; she gives her maidenhood to Eros. by Ophelyra12/06/083.96

Deep Cover

 — In simulated reality, what is really real? by sarobah10/30/183.82

Deep Space

 — Lone female and alien machine collide. by Dragonteeth10/24/064.39

Deep Space 69

 — The adventures of a Space Station Captain. by Rescue32508/13/023.92

Deep Space Biology

 — A lecture on deep space biology by Xavi Perrier. by rosachthebrave11/27/144.30

Deep Space Destiny Ch. 01

 — Earth in Chaos, Space Cadets learn their Destiny. by CiaoSteve02/28/184.29

Deep Space Exploration Ch. 01

 — Isolated crew in deep space relieve tension. by TowlieTheThird07/11/074.14

DeepStar II Submersible Ch. 01

 — The yellow bikini gets wet. by Naxos05/07/073.29

DeepStar II Submersible Ch. 02

 — The yellow bikini gets VERY wet. by Naxos05/08/074.33

DeepStar II Submersible Ch. 03

 — The yellow bikini comes off! by Naxos05/09/074.27


 — The Sky loses to Carnal Chaos. What will she do to him now? by Syrus_Magistus12/30/074.86

Defeat of the Revengers Ch. 01

 — Alternate reality team of superheroes sexually corrupted. by PhiloHunter05/20/164.30

Defeat of the Revengers Ch. 02

 — Three heroines give Baldur a sexual thank you. by PhiloHunter05/27/164.20

Deflowering Virgins

 — In the future, it is my responsibility. by Oz_John07/28/193.83

Deidre's Faerie Tale

 — Deidre learns the truth about her father. by LaLaLady02/05/084.46

Deidre's Faerie Tale Ch. 02

 — Deidre travels to her father's homeland. by LaLaLady02/06/084.62HOT

Deidre's Faerie Tale Ch. 03

 — Deidre mouth causes some trouble. by LaLaLady03/04/084.69HOT

Deidre's Faerie Tale Ch. 05

 — Falling in love, she takes the crown. by LaLaLady07/25/084.79HOT

Deidre's Faerie Tale Ch. 06

 — Deidre finds out the shocking truth about her father's death. by LaLaLady01/02/094.78HOT

Deika: Stone Cold Sexy

 — Strange creatures and steamy sex in silly Urban Fantasy. by McCrow05/27/114.27

Deliverance Ch. 01

 — Mercenary rescues a girl captured by demons. by DarkHaze03/15/124.41

Deliverance Ch. 02

 — An adventurer is introduced. by DarkHaze07/02/124.43

Delta Star 1789

 — Jessica meets her first Zooid. by Hudson07/07/044.06

Demetrius Ch. 01

 — ♪ “Hot time, summer in the city…” by KirkEdwards05/31/094.40

Demi Ch. 01

 — A girl finds herself with her own demiplane. by Natisnice03/26/154.45


 — The sons and daughters of the Gods on Earth. by Samuelx07/26/063.64

Democrat Daisy

 — Lusty author of Republician Ruby writes the sequel. by EgmontGrigor201106/22/114.76HOT

Demon Blood

 — A Virginal Lawyer with Nympho Tendencies VS the Devil. by gordo1205/25/18HOT

Demon Child Ch. 01

 — A demon sows his seed in a distant land. by Xantu05/28/084.46

Demon Child Ch. 02

 — A demon child is born. by Xantu06/06/084.53HOT

Demon Child Ch. 03

 — A new way of life. by Xantu06/18/084.68HOT

Demon Child Ch. 04

 — Neekah is named a demon. by Xantu06/26/084.76HOT

Demon Child Ch. 05

 — Neekah finds her magic. by Xantu07/02/084.74HOT

Demon Child Ch. 06

 — A new mission, myths and mounts. by Xantu07/12/084.79HOT

Demon Child Ch. 07

 — A visit with a grasslands tribe. by Xantu08/27/084.72HOT

Demon Child Ch. 08

 — An new name and a new ha'akh. by Xantu09/09/084.77HOT

Demon Child Ch. 09

 — Magic is a sword with two edges. by Xantu10/24/084.82HOT

Demon Child Ch. 10

 — Seeking Destiny. by Xantu11/14/084.81HOT

Demon Child Ch. 11

 — The demon city. by Xantu01/17/094.83HOT

Demon Child Ch. 12

 — Ramaldi Gold. by Xantu04/05/094.78HOT

Demon Child Ch. 13

 — Forebodings. by Xantu06/11/094.84HOT

Demon Child Ch. 14

 — The North Gate. by Xantu06/23/094.82HOT

Demon Child Ch. 15

 — A new land. by Xantu07/29/094.82HOT

Demon Child Ch. 16

 — Farewells, Aylanna is claimed by another by Xantu09/14/094.81HOT

Demon Child Ch. 17

 — A gilded cage. by Xantu10/09/094.82HOTContest Winner

Demon Child Ch. 18

 — Aylanna is summoned to serve the Aga Khan. by Xantu04/21/104.88HOT

Demon Child Ch. 19

 — Facing the Truth. by Xantu08/05/104.84HOT

Demon Child Ch. 20

 — A New Aga Khan. by Xantu08/30/104.87HOT

Demon Child Ch. 21

 — In the shadow of the Aga Khan. by Xantu10/11/104.84HOT

Demon Child Ch. 22

 — It was a Time of Mystery and Magic. by Xantu10/12/104.88HOT

Demon Coil Ch. 01

 — All was not well after the demons went back to hell. by vignette_01/06/164.24

Demon Coil Ch. 02

 — The girls get into some electric blue trouble. by vignette_01/08/164.44

Demon Coil Ch. 03

 — Paying a tithe at the unholy altar. by vignette_01/17/164.68HOT

Demon Coil Ch. 04

 — What are best friends for? by vignette_02/06/164.43

Demon Gate

 — A farmer's son encounters an Oni in the forest. by Snekguy06/19/184.90HOT

Demon Hunter

 — Bisexual Supercop hunts Demons in the Future. by Samuelx05/15/073.22

Demon Knight Ch. 01

 — A well-intended woman steals a powerful artifact. by JudeRodney07/24/164.34

Demon Knight Ch. 02

 — She awakens. by JudeRodney08/18/164.72HOT

Demon Knight Ch. 03

 — Vengeance is at hand. by JudeRodney10/10/164.52HOT

Demon Knight Ch. 04

 — Ana cashes in on her conquest. by JudeRodney06/21/174.58HOT

Demon Lust

 — A powerful lust demon from 100 years ago has returned. by nastyfilthystud05/29/134.24

Demon Prince of Mangala Ch. 01

 — The first meeting. by TheWitcher12/10/094.50HOT

Demon Prince of Mangala Ch. 02

 — Andrey and the Sorceress. by TheWitcher12/11/094.64HOT

Demon Prince of Mangala Ch. 03

 — The second meeting. by TheWitcher12/14/094.69HOT

Demon Prince of Mangala Ch. 04

 — Prince Andrey's life becomes more complicated. by TheWitcher01/20/104.57HOT

Demon Prince of Mangala Ch. 05

 — Things begin to come apart for Prince Andrey. by TheWitcher03/07/104.71HOT

Demon Prince of Mangala Ch. 06

 — The dénouement. by TheWitcher06/23/114.84HOT

Demon Rescuer

 — Can Lia trust this demon - even if it means her life? by racyli12/09/064.63HOTContest Winner

Demon Seeds

 — Futa on Female. by JSBloodwine11/11/144.65HOT

Demon Seeds Ch. 02: Demigod in Repose

 — Science Fiction Futa. by JSBloodwine12/05/154.79HOT

Demon's Grace Ch. 01

 — Hunter becomes hunted by akbunny03/13/124.33

Demon's Punish Ch. 01

 — A new entity is born, punishes, and plays. by kizkiz02/20/164.69HOT

Demon's Punish Ch. 02

 — Everybody gets screwed at least once... by kizkiz03/15/164.74HOT

Demon's Punish Ch. 03

 — Gideon gets fucked many times, some good and some bad by kizkiz07/26/164.71HOT

Demonbeast Invasion Renewed

 — Beautiful agents from space become mothers of invaders. by YojuLord09/06/104.45

Demonbeast Invasion Renewed Ch. 02

 — The alien hybrid gets to know his new mother. by YojuLord09/24/154.42


 — Girlfriend introduces him to a new experience. by PanSalad10/11/114.37

Demonic Bargain

 — A warlock strikes a deal with a demon for power, and more. by HumbleAuthor02/10/164.58HOT

Demonic Boon

 — A succubus helps three girls get revenge on an ex friend. by betsybottoms02/28/144.66HOT

Demonic Partnership Ch. 06

 — Demon versus Geek. by warnos05/17/144.54HOT

Demonic Partnership Ch. 08

 — Simon returns to the human world but what lies ahead? by warnos07/07/144.64HOT

Demonic Partnership Ch. 09

 — Simon & Slamaria decide about their future. by warnos08/19/144.61HOT

Demonic Temptations

 — A demon temptress blesses and curses a young man. by TrainedPen07/14/163.48

Demonic Tutor

 — A succubus hires (and alters) a tutor for her unusual daughter. by betsybottoms01/30/154.71HOT

Demonic Worship

 — Paranormal erotica by ALEQ09/21/154.27


 — Ancient demon is destroyed by his own lust. by Icor03/24/064.35

Demonicon 02

 — The Demonicon further unfolds. by Icor05/15/064.27


 — A Demon takes what he wants until stopped by a lady warrior. by Ghostmambo10/10/164.21

Demonthorn Ch. 02.1

 — A girl frees herself from a life of whoring. by Ghostmambo11/06/164.40

Demonthorn Ch. 03

 — A Demon shares his prize. by Ghostmambo12/28/164.42

Demonthorn Ch. 04

 — A girl discovers more about herself and her destiny. by Ghostmambo04/13/184.47

Demonthorn Ch. 06

 — A girl trains for the greatest trial of them all. by Ghostmambo06/26/184.59HOT

Demonthorn Ch. 08

 — A girl unleashes herself. by Ghostmambo10/19/184.41

Demonthorn Ch. 11

 — A warrior woman fights for control of her life. by Ghostmambo05/25/194.50HOT


 — Sex Magic isn't all fun and games. by Salamando_Flames01/06/164.59HOT

Dendran Valley

 — A hiker encounters a powerful woman. by kayakkid11/04/083.93

Depraved Desires: A D&D Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Adventurers embark on a quest to save the world. by LadyMagikarp07/07/164.48


 — A unicorn helps a young drow.Note: I would like to thank everyone who sent me helpful advice and suggestions on this my first story. DEPRESSION: The camp was set up in the woods next to a small trickle of a stream. Above tree line, the glow of the f by morendeath09/13/114.17

Derby Dolls

 — A world where princesses are trained pony-girl racers. by PixelHound11/20/113.75

Descent Ch. 01: Steps

 — She wants him to use magic to make her submit. by imalaraida02/05/194.62HOT

Descent Ch. 02: Going Up, Going Down

 — He uses his magic to make her serve. by imalaraida02/06/194.70HOT

Descent Ch. 03: Can't Say No

 — He uses his magic to turn her into a toy. by imalaraida02/10/194.65HOT

Descent Ch. 04: Presenting

 — Her professor takes advantage of her new obedience. by imalaraida02/11/194.63HOT

Descent Ch. 05: Slave Dreams

 — She's tempted by magical enslavement. by imalaraida02/12/194.59HOT

Descent Ch. 06: Two for One

 — She shares a humiliating experience with her pretty friend. by imalaraida02/13/194.60HOT

Descent Ch. 08: Graduating

 — She graduates to a new life. by imalaraida02/17/194.27

Descent into Darkness

 — Arianna the woodland fairy is rescued by a warlock. by calx8605/01/194.34


 — The child of good and evil struggles for love. by Jenna_In_Dreamland10/01/033.54

Desecration of a Living Saint Ch. 01

 — A necromancer uses dark forces to undermine a holy commander. by RhoEpsilonDelta10/28/144.31

Desecration of a Living Saint Ch. 02

 — A necromancer uses dark forces to undermine a holy commander. by RhoEpsilonDelta10/30/144.57HOT

Desecration of a Living Saint Ch. 03

 — A necromancer uses dark forces to undermine a holy commander. by RhoEpsilonDelta10/31/144.44

Desecration Pt. 01: Nocturne

 — A descendant of Lilith fights for her kind's souls. by LupisDominus07/09/164.18

Desert Entertainment

 — The desert's pleasures. by Work_of_Fiction07/25/093.82

Desert Heat

 — Three marines are captured by desert witches. by Acal04/07/093.84

Desert Shadows

 — A male Drow's purpose in a female's life is... by DireLilith04/14/07

Desire's Cage

 — The truth of a caged man's desires and a forbidden love... by DanicaKiernan10/18/154.41

Desiring Flames

 — What's it like dating a humanoid dragon? Hot. Sex. (Get it?) by VirginiaWilde03/16/144.37

Destinations and Desires

 — Going on a quest could be the best thing for them. by dewfarie06/09/064.36

Destinations and Desires Ch. 02

 — They encounter a stranger. by dewfarie07/13/064.41

Destinations and Desires Ch. 03

 — Explanations occur. by dewfarie12/29/064.47

Destinations and Desires Ch. 04

 — Who did what? by dewfarie01/08/074.55HOT

Destinations and Desires Ch. 05

 — What could have been... by dewfarie04/22/074.36

Destinations and Desires Ch. 06

 — It happens... by dewfarie09/07/074.07

Destined for a Prince No More

 — Maya was destined to marry a prince till she was taken. by MidMichCowboy10/11/093.77

Destined to Be Together

 — Nicole discovers Samantha's secret. by VenemousVillain05/11/114.47

Destiny Awaits

 — Raven discovers she is standing on the brink of destiny. by sweet_kitten10/10/064.52HOT

Destiny Cannot Be Denied Ch. 01

 — Metamorphosis: Preparing the girl. by regularguy1311/08/134.34

Destiny Cannot Be Denied Ch. 02

 — The family secret is revealed. by regularguy1311/09/134.49

Destiny Cannot Be Denied Ch. 03

 — Mom sucks her first cock. by regularguy1311/15/134.40

Destiny Cannot Be Denied Ch. 04

 — Mom & daughter must check cocks. by regularguy1311/16/134.41

Destiny Cannot Be Denied Ch. 05

 — Sister fools brother into sex by regularguy1311/17/134.47

Destiny's Pursuit

 — She gets involved and it costs her. by savannuh08/22/094.62HOT

Detective N.

 — An NYPD dispatch worker solves crimes with help from ghosts. by InsaneMentality03/21/154.29


 — Erotic, supernatural journey while being kidnapped. by redking9909/29/124.45

Detoured Ch. 02: Detoured Still

 — Sexually exploited while kidnapped. by redking9910/05/124.67HOT

Detroit up in Smoke

 — In a world dying under an unforgiving sun one last smoke. by MSTarot08/24/154.54HOT

Devil May Care Ch. 01

 — Joining the Devil Program has an unusual requirement... by DragonCobolt06/22/174.80HOT

Devil May Care Ch. 02

 — Dey and Loki begin their real training. by DragonCobolt06/29/174.86HOT

Devil May Care Ch. 03

 — Dey searches for the truth - and finds more mysteries. by DragonCobolt07/08/174.81HOT

Devil May Care Ch. 04

 — Dey and Loki stage a daring escape - and fight the Huntress. by DragonCobolt07/14/174.83HOT

Devil May Care Ch. 05

 — Dey and the USAF bring the hammer down on the bad guys. by DragonCobolt07/21/174.84HOT

Devil May Care Ch. 06

 — And now, the thrilling conclusion of Devil May Care! by DragonCobolt07/26/174.87HOT

Devil Queen & Devil Princess

 — Lilith's daughter comes home for summer with her boyfriend. by MythMaker04/07/154.37

Devil Red

 — The big horny wolf, the lusty lumberjack and Devil Red. by NovaChalmers08/10/114.09

Devil's Bride

 — Devil's son meets sexy inhuman bride. by Samuelx10/25/083.65

Devil, Angel and Paladin

 — Lilith gets a surprise visit from a rival and her knight. by MythMaker01/05/154.37

Devilish Uncertainty Ch. 01

 — Lin'qa and Dellie earn their freedom. by Certeis07/17/184.27

Devilish Uncertainty Ch. 02

 — To the Hells. by Certeis07/31/184.74HOT


 — His desire to be with her forever results in much pain. by Emeraldtryst11/11/013.56

Devour the Heart Ch. 01

 — Lalassa reads a book on demonology. by charmscale03/07/174.65HOT

Devoured by Cetus

 — An erotic twist on a classic Greek Myth. by ErosinaScarlett03/19/194.39

Diana's Lyre

 — The roots need a vessel, or maybe two. by The_Defective_Pawn08/17/164.20

Diana: Restrung

 — A man gets what he wishes for... by ceres_andraste09/03/093.20

Diaries of a Sexshifter Pt. 01

 — The stories of a girl & a guy who share the same body. by MatthewVett05/02/104.54HOT

Diaries of a Sexshifter Pt. 02

 — Alex finds lots of entertainment at the International Fair. by MatthewVett05/14/104.67HOT

Diaries of a Sexshifter Pt. 03

 — The stories of a boy and girl who share the same body. by MatthewVett05/22/104.60HOT

Diary of a Contracted Slave

 — A journey through slavery as I am bought and sold. by gynarchite05/17/194.58HOT

Diary of a Sex Slave in Space Ch. 01

 — She begins a space voyage as a sex slave. by plaything3712/25/074.48

Dick B Gone

 — A guy's dick falls off and he grows tits. by RaistlinMajere01/08/194.67HOT

Dickgirl By Night

 — I kept my nightly transformations secret...until last night. by sajukno01/24/144.61HOT

Dickgirl Werewolf

 — The full moon brings out a lot of changes in his partner. by conroy3903/31/114.31

Did it Really Happen

 — Adam and Eve in a sci-fi story. by flashgordon56200610/28/173.66

Digital Eros Ch. 01

 — A woman enters a virtual sexual fantasy to save her friend. by zsazsa1207/20/184.66HOT

Digital Eros Ch. 02

 — Claire is tested by her sexual fantasies in the VR world. by zsazsa1207/21/184.67HOT

Digital Eros Ch. 03

 — Claire falls deep in the fantasies of the other VR subjects. by zsazsa1207/22/184.47

Digital Eros Ch. 04

 — Claire begins to understand the digital sexual world. by zsazsa1207/24/184.48

Digital Eros Ch. 05

 — Claire is forced to battle with her sexual consciousness. by zsazsa1207/25/184.67HOT

Digital Eros Ch. 06

 — James revels in his sexual power in the VR simulation. by zsazsa1207/26/184.75HOT

Digital Eros Ch. 07

 — Amy is conquered and punished by her sexual fantasies. by zsazsa1207/27/184.52HOT

Digital Eros Ch. 08

 — The three reach the end of their digital sexual journey. by zsazsa1207/28/184.74HOT

Digital Overload

 — I awoke to the aluminum synchronicity once again today. by Middleagepoet11/17/093.71

Digital Seduction

 — When a telepath engages in cyber sex. by 2alay205/29/124.37

Dimensional Slip

 — A couple falls into something they can't explain. by Medieval-Man10/16/033.55

Dimensional Slip Ch. 02

 — The night truly begins. by Medieval-Man10/23/033.84

Dinosaur Planet

 — Anthropologist goes undercover on dinosaur dominated world by Wifetheif07/21/164.27

Dirty Money

 — A Goblin shopkeeper takes a lewd form of payment by dreadknots08/07/184.22

Dirty Play

 — Plenty of action both on and off the Blood Bowl pitch... by ProxyBlack05/25/184.41

Dirty Wolf Dream

 — Dream magic binds them and lust draws them together. by kingchaos6910/11/184.71

Discovering Allison Ch. 01

 — Kam and Allison- the first date. by LovelyLittlePixie07/31/114.21

Discovering Allison Ch. 02

 — Allison learns the truth about Kam. by LovelyLittlePixie11/21/114.36

Discovery of the Real America

 — Eastern visitor observes his friends adopt sexual depravity. by kurtrellians02/21/073.38

Disposable Hero Ch. 01 Pt. 01

 — The Gathering. by Bokhun02/19/154.71HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 01 Pt. 02

 — The Gathering. by Bokhun02/25/154.70HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 01 Pt. 03

 — Strangers in the Dark. by Bokhun03/14/154.72HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 01 Pt. 04

 — Bonding with the Drow. by Bokhun03/18/154.70HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 01 Pt. 05

 — The Gathering into the Foreverdark. by Bokhun03/21/154.70HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 01 Pt. 06

 — The Gatehering Into the Foreverdark. by Bokhun03/27/154.68HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 02 Pt. 01

 — The Gathering: Escape. by Bokhun04/02/154.74HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 02 Pt. 02

 — The Gatehering: Escape. by Bokhun04/10/154.68HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 02 Pt. 03

 — The Gatehering: Escape. by Bokhun04/17/154.71HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 02 Pt. 04

 — The Gatehering: Escape. by Bokhun05/30/154.72HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 02 Pt. 05

 — The Gatehering: Escape. by Bokhun06/30/154.63HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 02 Pt. 06

 — The Gathering: Escape. by Bokhun07/17/154.71HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 02 Pt. 07

 — The Gathering. by Bokhun08/21/154.72HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 03

 — The Gathering - Adjusting. by Bokhun09/24/154.74HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 03 Pt. 02

 — The Gathering - Adjusting. by Bokhun10/03/154.68HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 03 Pt. 03

 — Adjusting. by Bokhun02/13/164.71HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 04 Pt. 01

 — The Truth. by Bokhun04/22/164.71HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 04 Pt. 02 - The Truth

 — Henri and Zulvra learn the truth. by Bokhun01/08/194.76HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 05

 — A Hero Learns and an Angel Joins. by Bokhun01/18/194.58HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 05 Pt. 02 - An Angel Joins

 — Henri gains another champion. by Bokhun01/31/194.67HOT

Disposable Hero Ch. 06 - Drow on the Move

 — Chapter One of Book Two. by Bokhun02/23/194.62HOT

Disrupted Ritual

 — Kidnapped by cultists, who will come to her rescue? by hellenberg06/05/194.71HOT

Disruptive Student Ch. 06 - Experiment

 — Sex experiments go a little wild. by sthsth12/30/184.52HOT

Diss, Assemble

 — A robotics class is shown how to disassemble an android. by DTales09/21/184.47

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