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Elven Perfection

 — An elf woman rewards her rescuer. by deathlynx08/10/064.45

Elven War

 — The Army of Elves has Christmas mission. by megarat12/05/033.73

Elven Wish Ch. 01

 — What happens when an elven maiden comes to our time? by Polaris II09/28/044.42


 — Jaguar returns, with some sex and fighting. by emap07/07/104.59HOT

Emap Ch. 02

 — Jaguar gets a radio, then a big surprise. by emap07/11/104.74HOT

Emap Ch. 03

 — Jaguar fights tanks and gets a scare. by emap07/18/104.72HOT

Emap Ch. 04

 — Jaguar moves to Detroit. by emap07/27/104.72HOT

Emap Ch. 05

 — Jaguar fights off an assault on the police. by emap08/01/104.83HOT

Emap Ch. 06

 — Jaguar takes revenge. by emap08/05/104.78HOT

Emap Ch. 07

 — Jaguar takes on the slave trade and makes a discovery. by emap08/12/104.81HOT

Emap Ch. 08

 — Jaguar gets some presents and goes to a football game. by emap08/15/104.76HOT

Emap Ch. 09

 — Jaguar gets a night off then umpire's baseball. by emap08/20/104.61HOT

Emap Ch. 10

 — First day in Chicago. by emap01/04/114.63HOT

Ember Burn: Seductive Interlude

 — This... is but one of Ember's Tales. by Harold Masters02/11/054.50

Emberlene Ch. 01

 — Marcus finds relief from a Nymph. by Maxwell-12/31/074.56HOT

Embrace of the Goddess Ch. 01

 — A daring rescue, a night of passion, a special visitor. by Quazzi12/13/074.40

Embrace of the Goddess Ch. 02

 — A heroic quest, Dark Rulers, Heros Reunite. by Quazzi01/23/084.60HOT

Emerald Forest

 — Unlikely heroes begin their quest in an enchanted forest. by bobsamade03/22/114.68HOT

Emerald Forest Ch. 02

 — The intrepid party try to resist their base needs. by bobsamade10/13/114.75HOT

Emily's Fall

 — Emily investigates a strange metal suit. by deeplyAbnormal11/24/114.18

Emmanuelle 2200 Ch. 01

 — The Orgasmatron - the beginning. by newbeone03/17/123.62

Emmanuelle 2200 Ch. 02

 — The first orgasm. by newbeone04/25/124.25

Emmanuelle 2200 Ch. 03

 — The second orgasm - the unusual. by newbeone05/10/124.55HOT

Emmanuelle 2200 Ch. 04

 — The third Orgasm - The Screwing. by newbeone05/17/124.52HOT

Emmanuelle 2200 Ch. 05

 — The fourth orgasm - Mind Control. by newbeone06/02/124.33

Emmanuelle 2200 Ch. 06

 — The final orgasm - The Ultimate! by newbeone06/11/124.88HOT

Emperor Jack #01

 — The Delegate from Brittania by DrSqueaky01/24/104.74HOT

Emperor Jack #02

 — Shana's Brown Earring. by DrSqueaky02/08/104.73HOT

Emperor of the Inferno Ch. 01

 — Hell will be turned upside down. by Hornydog35405/23/144.25

Empire Ch. 01

 — She is a slave in a future empire. by margaritavillejack06/17/044.22

Empire Of Pleasures Ch. 01

 — The sequel to Ecstasy Mage. Tully confronts his dark captor. by Paul Lucas11/11/024.46

Empire Of Pleasures Ch. 02

 — The Harlot-Slave. by Paul Lucas11/13/024.55HOT

Empire Of Pleasures Ch. 03

 — Tholena makes a desperate alliance. by Paul Lucas11/20/024.51HOT

Empire Of Pleasures Ch. 04

 — The Sword of the Trickster. by Paul Lucas11/21/024.71HOT

Empire Of Pleasures Ch. 05

 — Tholena and Hart. by Paul Lucas08/11/044.64HOT

Empire of the Black Moon

 — Slave girl is brought into evil witch's empire. by Kingmaker71105/07/144.63HOT

Empress Lilium

 — A scientist encounters otherworldly plant life. by SignorFurious02/24/144.29

Empty Nest Cumback Ch. 06

 — Wife enjoys cyberskin cock and own cum. by dennyboy204/30/064.22

Enchanted by Promises Ch. 01

 — In a bland world, change is about to occur throughout. by creationist12/10/144.12

Enchantress of the Hallsbroeck

 — German barmaid plays young count's family legend. by sr71plt04/02/144.52HOT

Encounter in the Woods

 — Jeff has an unexpected sexual encounter in the woods. by CRWestminster12/23/124.39

Encounter with a Unicorn

 — Man is charmed by unicorn, sex ensues. by ZeldaTheSwordsman04/16/123.63

Encounter with Forrest Nymphs

 — Eagle Scouts are molested by sex-craving forrest nymphs. by TLBurton08/03/114.18


 — They do exist. by jjcole4301/13/144.56HOT

End Of The Golden Time

 — When summer ends, interesting things happen. by cvent_black10/25/034.32

Endangered Ch. 01

 — A young dragon awakens. by ltpc09/04/134.78HOT

Endangered Ch. 02

 — Meeting the dragon. by ltpc09/15/134.79HOT

Endangered Ch. 03

 — Becoming more familiar. by ltpc10/29/134.87HOTContest Winner

Endangered Ch. 04

 — Some arresting developments. by ltpc04/14/144.87HOT

Endangered Ch. 05

 — A secret revealed. by ltpc07/15/144.87HOTContest Winner

Engineered To Please

 — A female college grad gets an unusual entry-level position. by AmeriRam07/22/144.03

Enhancement: Experiment Ch. 01

 — She's scheduled for an experimental enhancement. by sylvershade09/16/154.45

Enhancement: Experiment Ch. 02

 — She wakes to see her results. by sylvershade09/18/154.25

Enhancement: Experiment Ch. 03

 — The subject's first milking isn't quite as expected. by sylvershade09/20/154.34

Enhancement: Experiment Ch. 04

 — Her second milking involves some volunteers. by sylvershade09/20/154.43

Enhancement: Experiment Ch. 05

 — The mistress shows off her Experiment. by sylvershade09/24/154.33

Enhancement: Experiment Ch. 06 Final

 — The test subject has an illicit encounter. by sylvershade09/25/154.28

Enhancing the Species Ch. 01

 — An alien calls on him to advance humanity - with his sperm. by crazyhominin01/08/144.46


 — Life of a young man who is happy with 'just enough'. by SW_MO_Hermit12/11/124.74HOT

Enough Ch. 02

 — Hero Jake's first mission to Chaos to rescue a Damsel. by SW_MO_Hermit06/21/134.75HOT


 — Lady becomes enslaved to warrior by aimili_sage02/16/034.36

Enslaved on an Alien World

 — Husband and wife forced apart on a planet of slavers. by Wifetheif08/30/134.10

Enter the Amazon Book 4

 — "For you, there shall be unrestricted breeding!" by xxxecil12/23/064.63HOT


 — An elven thief finds herself in a precarious situation. by DungeonsOfDread09/11/124.53HOT

Ergo Proxy Ch. 01

 — Re-l Mayor becomes his mate. by DespairEternity12/21/09HOT

Ergo Proxy Ch. 02

 — Re - l learn the true identity of Vincent Law. by DespairEternity01/02/10HOT

Ergo Proxy Ch. 03

 — Re-l learns her true purpose and her love for Vincent. by DespairEternity01/03/10

Eric's Awakening

 — Young man leans about his magical backround. by cobraknight04/12/104.33

Erica, Treasure Hunter

 — Erica delves into a ruin, and starts a race against time. by Soebek11008/17/124.64HOT

Erin & The Amazing Twins

 — Twin Aliens need Erin's help. by kimberlykitten01/18/053.78

Erin & The Giant Cocks

 — A Busty girl finds sex from four cavemen in story book. by kimberlykitten11/18/044.18

Erin's New Job

 — To get money Erin is going to become a futanari prostitute. by kirakakash0208/30/123.87

Eris's Golden Apple

 — Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite compete for sexual dominance. by markydaysaid09/03/154.40

Eros 3199

 — Awakened from a thousand year sleep. by ExoMani04/28/074.56HOT

Eros 3199 Ch. 02

 — Learning more about Eros. by ExoMani05/07/074.59HOT

Eros 3199 Ch. 03

 — His two harem girls. by ExoMani05/10/074.67HOT

Eros's Annual Shindig

 — Jared Club gets the high and low of things. by Anthonybthomas12/10/074.56

Erotic Arcanum

 — The in-compleate catalogue of erotic arcanum. by LordHyperion08/18/054.66HOT

Erotic Beltaine

 — Undercover monk infiltrates a wild pagan fertility rite. by praetorian1308/04/074.26

Erotic Mists

 — A lonely monk meets a very unique temptress. by Soft101707/04/144.69HOT

Erotic Tales Of Mythology I

 — Actaeon & Diana: Peeping Tom of ancient myth. by HotScribe205/14/044.25

Erotic Tales Of Mythology II

 — Pygmalion: Sculpting the perfect wife. by HotScribe205/21/044.25

Esa's Story Ch. 01

 — Esa tells Geir the story of Aaron Firethief. by Sinisterinfant09/02/134.68HOT

Esa's Story Ch. 02

 — The tale of Aaron firethief continues. by Sinisterinfant09/12/134.70HOT

Esa's Story Ch. 03

 — Aaron finds the love of his life deep beneath the earth. by Sinisterinfant09/17/134.89HOT


 — Escapes come from the most unexpected places. by GypsyGirl8405/18/064.60HOT

Escape From Thinopolis

 — Citizen Kroll dreams of life with a full-figured real woman. by JorisKHuysmans07/24/074.47

Escaping a Gilded Cage

 — Castaways on a hidden planet are exploited. by Nigel Debonnaire06/12/07


 — A world where sex is the only way to survive. by FantasyDesires01/29/054.19

Etched in Mythral Ch. 01

 — Steampunk fantasy that follows a sellsword & her adventures. by AugustClearwing06/27/114.24

Eternal Devotion

 — Erin tries to forget her breakup at a Halloween Party. by jessbbaby3410/17/144.11

Eternal Passion

 — The love of a lifetime. by MaitreNuit09/03/12

Ethine Ch. 01

 — Rain lashed down in unending waves. by TheWitcher01/22/104.44

Ethine Ch. 02

 — Ethine's heart was racing... by TheWitcher01/23/104.71HOT

Ethine Ch. 03

 — Cold, freezing water, shocking him awake... by TheWitcher01/24/104.78HOT

Ethiopian Demigod's Bride

 — Ethiopian superhero marries Syrian woman. by Samuelx02/01/131.83

Ethiopian Superhero In Israel

 — Ethiopian superhero and Arab girlfriend in Israel. by Samuelx10/01/142.60

Evergreen Forest Ch. 03

 — A slutty sex slave gets between the thief and his escape. by GigglingGoblin12/25/134.52HOT

Evergreen Forest Ch. 04

 — He makes it out of the clearing, but nymphs don't play fair. by GigglingGoblin01/14/144.53HOT

Evergreen Forest Ch. 05

 — The nymphs finally break their new pet. Time to play. by GigglingGoblin02/07/144.56HOT

Evergreen Forest Ch. 06

 — The thief is rescued. by GigglingGoblin01/31/144.45

Evergreen Forest Ch. 07

 — The thief meets a gang of sprites from the Wild East. by GigglingGoblin06/16/144.39

Evergreen Forest Ch. 08

 — The thief is played with by sprites as Anna gets hypnotized. by GigglingGoblin06/18/144.46

Evergreen Forest Ch. 09

 — A seductive fey woman hypnotizes Yilra. by GigglingGoblin06/26/144.60HOT

Evergreen Forest Ch. 10

 — Lusty dryads seek to ambush, drug and enslave the travelers. by GigglingGoblin09/28/144.70HOT

Evergreen Forest Ch. 11

 — Sexpot dryads have fun drugging and seducing their new pets. by GigglingGoblin09/30/144.75HOT

Evergreen Forest Ch. 12

 — Nipper is held captive by sprites as Anna loses control. by GigglingGoblin10/21/144.77HOT

Everlasting Summer

 — Is it real? Is it just fantasy? by CGDavid01/03/092.80

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Ezra’s last night in Capella Spaceport. by Erinaceous05/15/134.59HOT

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Crash-landing on Smaothea. by Erinaceous06/01/134.57HOT

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 03

 — Life in the forest. by Erinaceous10/02/134.65HOT

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 04

 — The Bedmate Custom. by Erinaceous12/21/134.72HOT

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 05

 — Lucky Ezra. by Erinaceous04/26/144.73HOT

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 06

 — Ezra’s duty. by Erinaceous05/18/144.70HOT

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 07

 — Disaster for the Woodlanders. by Erinaceous06/06/144.77HOT

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 08

 — Life at the water's edge. by Erinaceous08/29/144.77HOT

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 09

 — A treaty with the Mariners. by Erinaceous10/04/144.86HOT

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 10

 — Life on the Savannah. by Erinaceous12/08/144.83HOT

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 11

 — A child for the Woodlanders. by Erinaceous02/05/154.80HOT

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 12

 — Catching up on Earth. by Erinaceous02/26/154.62HOT

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 13

 — The salvage operation. by Erinaceous03/12/154.88HOT

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 14

 — At the Cloner Fair. by Erinaceous05/19/154.88HOT

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 15

 — Journey to Celetaris. by Erinaceous08/08/154.68HOT

Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 16

 — The Women of Samothea. by Erinaceous10/27/154.78HOT

Everything Under the Sun Ch. 01

 — hungry. by EasyTarget08/30/124.23

Evil Times Ch. 01

 — A fantasy novel set in wartorn Japan. by Kozure Okami12/04/014.46

Evil Times Ch. 02

 — Transformation. by Kozure Okami01/02/024.10

Excerpt from the Diary of the Big Bad Wolf

 — A twist on a fairy tale. by Anthonybthomas11/09/073.84

Excerpt of a Halloween Night Party

 — She writes about her Halloween experience. by BloatedCorpse10/13/023.25

Exchange of Information

 — A rebel messenger passes information. by elisebos02/14/124.35

Exchange Students

 — A sci-fi transsexualism. by Charles Petersunn12/11/084.71HOT

Exhibiting Exhibitions

 — Young male nude art model's wild experiences. by jeffringr10/12/093.78

Eximius Ch.01

 — Keith heals others with his special semen. by Jay2Kay09/23/144.52HOT

Eximius Ch.02

 — Keith saves his sister's life and then she changes his. by Jay2Kay09/25/144.50HOT

Eximius Ch.03

 — Alana heals a client and discovers she's more than a healer. by Jay2Kay09/30/144.63HOT

Eximius Ch.04

 — Keith and Alana move into a new home and meet the neighbors. by Jay2Kay10/03/144.54HOT

Eximius Ch.05

 — Keith discovers that Amber isn't who she claims to be. by Jay2Kay10/13/144.52HOT

Expect Flurries

 — Diabolic lessons 2: Indra practices her magic in Winter Home. by Etaski11/14/124.71HOT

Expense Account

 — The perks of having a nice expense account. by Decayed Angel12/20/064.12

Experiments Ch. 01

 — Prep the patient. by hexamine11/30/024.04

Experiments Ch. 02

 — The experimentation begins. by hexamine12/12/023.90


 — The year 2083, Augments are bred for Sin and Expiation. by Kirsa09/11/074.15

Exploits of Alex Drake Ch. 01

 — The roaming warrior is charged with a quest by a goddess. by vagabond_michael09/05/114.32

Exploits of Alex Drake Ch. 02

 — Alex needs another way to get into Ereschel... by vagabond_michael09/09/114.64HOT

Exploits of Alex Drake Ch. 03

 — Alex discovers a deep, dark secret about Queen Silvara. by vagabond_michael09/24/114.61HOT

Exploration Scout Ch. 1

 — A voyager on a different kind of discovery. by startrooper04/24/024.21

Exploration Scout Ch. 2

 — Our heroine falls into enemy hands. by startrooper04/25/024.44

Exploration Scout Ch. 3

 — Her hero really likes his ship. by startrooper04/28/024.52HOT

Exposed Ch. 01

 — Barmaid spying on an evil misogynistic army gets found out. by GigglingGoblin03/30/144.37

Exposed Ch. 02

 — Not even succubi can resist the tentacles. Claire's doomed. by GigglingGoblin05/03/144.36

Exposed Ch. 03

 — Succubus breaks free of the brainwashing magics—or does she? by GigglingGoblin12/06/144.55HOT

Exposed Ch. 05

 — The exposed spy's torment at last comes to an end. by GigglingGoblin12/30/144.44

Exquisite Blood

 — Rachel gets kidnapped by a blood-lust filled vampire. by Mirtinas121802/24/154.38

Extra Tra-sexual Experience

 — We are not alone. by Many Feathers05/09/074.59HOT

Extraterrestrial Affair

 — A tale of alien lovemaking. by gunkglumb04/01/063.97

Extraterrestrial Affairs: Anna

 — Confession of a woman abducted by aliens and used for sex. by kimbersharpe09/11/133.86

F5: Invasion of the Orcs

 — Laura deals with the invasion from space. by JagFarlane06/16/143.73

F5: Lorelei's Call

 — A wizard's mistake perpetuates a legend. by sr71plt06/16/144.54HOT

F: Futuristic

 — The future never looked so hot. by intriguess07/24/024.03

Fabian Succubus Hunter

 — The Seduction of the Succubus, a Field Guide and Memoir. by SirFabian02/26/143.60

Fabled Infatuation

 — A story about love, passion and magic... by the_shires07/03/134.27


 — Arousal in dire times takes woman-to-woman touch. by CalHollows04/01/114.38

Faeophilia: Marisa is Insatiable

 — Paradise and trouble for a lusty Fae girl. Chapter 2. by KingHades01/29/034.21

Faeophilia: Marisa Sings the Blues

 — Voluptuous elf fantasizes while on stage. by KingHades12/25/023.97

Faeophobia Quickie: Nicole's Fix

 — You should be careful what you wish for. by flawed_ethics04/18/064.23

Faeophobia Quickies: Playing the Field

 — It's your duty as a citizen to give her an Orgasm. by xxxecil10/18/044.52HOT

Faeophobia Quickies: Threshold

 — Never underestimate the Power of sperm. by xxxecil09/28/034.41

Faeophobia: 'Good Ole' Days'

 — A sex monster stalks the girls of Madison University. by xxxecil10/21/024.58HOT

Faeophobia: Bosom Buddies

 — All play & no work turns busty elves into sex slaves. by xxxecil08/21/024.07

Faeophobia: Breasts of the Magi

 — The erotic consequences of wishing gone awry. by xxxecil01/04/034.68HOT

Faeophobia: Cock's Desire

 — Jack gains power over a most unusual sex genie. by xxxecil08/13/024.41

Faeophobia: Madison Bitch Project

 — Two weeks later, THIS tape was found. by xxxecil12/22/024.11

Faeophobia: Magic's Hour Ch. 01

 — A continuation of XXXecil's "Faeophobia: Spring Break" by JediRockstar08/15/114.62HOT

Faeophobia: Magic's Hour Pt. 01

 — Continuation from XXXecil's "Faeophobia: Spring Break". by JediRockstar08/12/11

Faeophobia: Make-Out Spot

 — A magical adventure of uncontrollable lactation and pregnancy. by xxxecil08/11/024.40

Faeophobia: Ms. Lily's Opus

 — Will her supernatural lusts be the end of her career? by xxxecil02/26/034.59HOT

Faeophobia: Personal Project

 — A busty professor has a day 'pregnant' with possibilities. by xxxecil08/14/024.35

Faeophobia: Pregnancy Scare

 — Nancy's sex spell has lusty, busty consequences. by xxxecil03/19/034.71HOT

Faeophobia: Pussy Cat

 — A lurid tale of enchanted shower sex. by xxxecil11/27/024.34

Faeophobia: Running the Gauntlet 01

 — Post-Conjunction, education is a risky business. by _Embers_08/22/114.11

Faeophobia: Sarah Meets Satyr

 — Sarah undergoes some changes after an encounter with a satyr. by TheEarl11/01/024.59HOT

Faeophobia: Spring Break Ch. 01

 — Your favorite Fae return for a bra-busting climax. by xxxecil09/01/034.58HOT

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