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Feldare Tales: Virtuosa

 — Violinist Deanara finds someone immune to her talent. by mack_the_knife09/21/054.80HOT

Felinoids: Senona Ch. 01

 — Senona's compassion for slaves puts her ass in jeopardy. by kitazkitten10/06/054.23

Felinoids: Senona Ch. 02

 — The ship is under attack; Senona must choose. by kitazkitten10/31/064.50HOT

Felinoids: Senona Ch. 03

 — Reptiloids have taken the ship and Senona is out of options. by kitazkitten09/10/094.37


 — Lydia loses a game of cat and mouse. by Julirose12/30/024.19

Female Bane Transformation

 — Jessica Woodrue creates a female Bane. by killerelite116808/01/184.06

Female Frigidity Project

 — A new treatment is developed. by AndrewJackson05/29/113.96

Femans in a Universe Far Far Away

 — Voluptuous Amazon black women & the Star Wars universe. by Seyazou-Nubille11/10/062.93


 — Jarvis buys a femborg at a government auction. by HungryGuy09/22/104.20


 — He wins a fembot in a radio call-in contest. by HungryGuy09/06/054.47

Fembot NOT!

 — She's frustrated that she can't get a human boyfriend. by HungryGuy09/13/054.03

Femdom Future Ch. 00

 — Prologue: how women came to rule the future. by Wisdom_Seeker04/23/073.76

Femdom Future Ch. 01

 — John's sexual slavery orientation day. by Wisdom_Seeker04/24/073.87


 — Life and Love on another Planet. by dreamer9902/28/07

Femtech Industries

 — Olivia is recruited to Femtech Industries and gets a slave. by gynarchite06/06/184.51HOT

Fencing Academy Pt. 01

 — Where love and honor meet, blood is spilled. by AnotherWannabe04/22/144.61HOT

Fencing Academy Pt. 02

 — Swords spark, something in Adriana is set aflame. by AnotherWannabe05/04/144.56HOT

Fencing Academy Pt. 03

 — To solve a dark dilemma, Lyza goes to a dark source. by AnotherWannabe06/01/144.66HOT

Fencing Academy Pt. 04

 — Sara's best memory is also her worst. by AnotherWannabe06/26/144.62HOT

Fenza: She of the Forest

 — A nymph is beyond anything he could have imagined. by MayorReynolds07/31/134.85HOT

Ferrezoth Ch. 01

 — Farmboy Kalan encounters a beautiful stranger. by icehead12/11/094.73HOT

Ferrezoth Ch. 02

 — Durren receives his new slavegirl. by icehead12/19/094.77HOT

Ferrofluid Slut

 — She becomes a research lab's toy. by CathexisSuccubus08/09/174.64HOT

Festival Ch. 1

 — Dorianite holy festival is time for all types of love. by Sabledrake02/24/024.71HOT

Festival Ch. 2

 — The celebration of pleasure continues. by Sabledrake02/25/024.61HOT


 — Female elf seduces barbarian on Equinox. by ZotDragon05/21/044.56HOT

Field Testing

 — Testing the new nanotechnology. by WFEATHER03/28/093.99

Final Destination. Appointment Only.

 — A modern twist on an ancient myth. by tiggerlilly10/02/144.45

Final Gift

 — Dying woman with a past is given a last gift by dead husband. by statestreet02/25/134.53HOT

Final Man

 — A man's chronic bad habit leads to his own salvation. by cindyajohnson8111/23/174.05

Find the Shoe on the Other Foot Ch. 01

 — Commander Anari stumbles upon an unpowered spaceship. by Mesmeri05/29/084.63HOT

Find the Shoe on the Other Foot Ch. 02

 — Commander Anari learns more about what happened. by Mesmeri06/01/084.65HOT

Find the Shoe on the Other Foot Ch. 03

 — For Commander Anari, time is running out. by Mesmeri06/04/084.76HOT

Finders Keepers

 — They explore another planet. by The Enigizer04/18/034.36

Finding Ivy

 — Ivy is awoken by an intruder. by Lcpce04/13/173.94

Finding Ivy Ch. 02

 — Ivy discovers her new sensitive side. by Lcpce04/14/174.15

Finding Ivy Ch. 04

 — Ivy's adventures at work. by Lcpce05/26/174.56HOT

Finding Ivy Ch. 05

 — Ivy visits her best friend. by Lcpce06/25/174.61HOT

Finding Ivy Ch. 06

 — More fun at work. by Lcpce09/18/174.60HOT

Finding Ivy Ch. 07A

 — Ivy runs some tests. by Lcpce10/26/174.48

Finding Ivy Ch. 07B

 — Gaining new knowledge. by Lcpce02/22/184.69HOT

Finding Ivy Ch. 08

 — Ivy helps Sara learn something new. by Lcpce07/26/184.85HOT

Finding Ivy Ch. 09

 — Last few weeks of summer. by Lcpce04/26/194.33

Finding Ivy Ch. 10

 — Ivy's new power continue to grow. by Lcpce05/21/194.43

Finding Myself Ch. 01: Julia

 — Julia, a new woman, loses her virginity to an old friend. by Heart_of_Dark10/09/134.42

Finding the Perfect Costume

 — Lizzie has a party to attend and doesn't know what to wear. by glynndah10/22/103.60

Finding the Spark Again

 — Jennifer decides to use a pill to spice up her sex life. by sexgundam66602/16/184.59HOT

Finding Time 01

 — Stars in my Eyes by Beatnic_jazzman06/24/144.75HOT

Finding Time 02

 — Making Progress by Beatnic_jazzman06/25/144.72HOT

Finding Time 03

 — Spreading the Word by Beatnic_jazzman06/26/144.66HOT

Finding Time 04

 — Revelations. by Beatnic_jazzman06/27/144.78HOT

Finding Time 05

 — More shenanigans. by Beatnic_jazzman06/28/144.74HOT

Finding Time 06

 — Playing to Win by Beatnic_jazzman06/29/144.39

Fine Print

 — A new career turns into a new life. by Neorotoxin01/28/084.12


 — A lawyer accepts a job as ambassador to an alien planet. by Snekguy11/30/164.84HOT

Fineprint Pt. 02: Republic

 — Dennis and Ursi travel to Earth to found their colony. by Snekguy12/03/164.77HOT

Fire and Ice

 — A pyrokenetic runaway finds her opposite. by Darlantan05/09/054.49

Fire and Ice

 — Luna needs Vulcan's help, and Vulcan needs to feel her pussy. by MotherofDragons09/01/134.49

Fire and Ice Ch. 01

 — 13 years on, and the Centre isn't finished with Marrack. by Darlantan12/13/064.48

Fire and Ice Ch. 02

 — Kendra and Mithril have a sorcerous enemy. by Darlantan05/18/054.67HOT

Fire and Ice Ch. 03

 — Mythril and Kendra meet Marrack and uncover a secret. by Darlantan04/23/064.73HOT

Fire and Ice Ch. 04

 — Can the Fire, Ice and Sin destroy the might of the Centre? by Darlantan04/24/064.73HOT

Fire and Ice Ch. 05

 — Truth, failure, and consequence. by Darlantan10/20/064.53HOT

Fire Bright

 — Frank reveals something to Annaliese on Valentine's Day. by KCWinter01/22/184.07

Fire Inside

 — Marks crush leads him to a new world. by Soloari02/13/124.58HOT

FireBlood Ch. 04

 — Fireblood's story finally continues. by Duzzel03/21/124.69HOT

FireBlood Ch. 05

 — Sera finally brakes free of her spell. by Duzzel03/22/124.59HOT

Firestar X Sandstorm's 1st mating

 — Sandstorm was Firestar's mate.But how did it go down? by LifeConsistsOfLove10/27/103.65

First Blood

 — The Hunter is the Hunted. by dewfarie05/11/074.25

First Contact

 — Aliens explore Earth but find an unexpected species. by Lycandope07/13/144.33

First Contact Ch. 01

 — Michael Rusan's first encounter with aliens doesn't go well. by NeighbourhoodSuccubus01/15/193.50

First Contact Pt. 04

 — Mark and Sarah are 'Processed'. by Headley_04/01/164.61HOT

First Cum, First Serve

 — A shemale witch snares a girl in her addictive cum clutches! by dreadknots05/19/184.56HOT

First Cum, First Serve Pt. 02

 — A boy and a girl try to scam a free meal. Big mistake! by dreadknots01/14/194.32

First Encounter Ch. 01

 — A tale of steamy vampire sex. by kikica05/26/094.23

First Estate

 — He knew he was different. He would discover how much. by blackrandl195802/15/184.85HOT

First Estate Bk. 02: Destiny's Child

 — Preparation for battle. The Reapers take up the challenge. by blackrandl195802/19/184.81HOT

First Immortals Ch. 01

 — First contact, the lead up to the voyage. by bb121206/30/134.59HOT

First Immortals Ch. 02

 — First contact, the voyage. by bb121207/09/134.66HOT

First Immortals Ch. 03

 — First contact, prisoners on another planet. by bb121207/17/134.67HOT

First Immortals Ch. 04

 — First contact, putting the escape plan into action. by bb121207/24/134.75HOT

First Immortals Ch. 05

 — First contact, the return voyage. by bb121208/06/134.74HOT

First Immortals Ch. 06

 — First Contact, what happens when Earth does not want heroes? by bb121208/23/134.75HOT

First Immortals Ch. 07

 — First contact, the unwanted hero fights back. by bb121209/06/134.77HOT

First Immortals Ch. 08

 — First contact, freedom. by bb121202/18/144.76HOT

First Immortals Ch. 09

 — First contact, politics gets in the way. by bb121203/12/144.77HOT

First Immortals Ch. 10

 — First contact, is there time to prepare? by bb121201/03/154.74HOT

First Immortals Ch. 11

 — First contact, becomes next contact. by bb121201/19/154.83HOT

First Immortals Ch. 12

 — First contact, the stakes get higher. by bb121205/04/174.79HOT

First Immortals Ch. 13

 — First contact - the conclusion. by bb121205/14/174.84HOT

First Mate

 — Young NCO & a sexy Captain. by vargas11107/23/044.12

First Night Alone

 — She's left alone and nothing's ever the same. by teresawrites2u10/19/053.88

First Night Alone Ch. 02

 — She scared and runs right into big trouble. by teresawrites2u10/20/053.11

First Night Alone Ch. 03

 — She is brought home, only to be punished. by teresawrites2u10/25/053.60

First Night Alone Ch. 04

 — She is humiliated and handed to her punisher. by teresawrites2u12/05/054.12

First Night Alone Ch. 05

 — She meets her punisher. by teresawrites2u01/18/063.00

First Night on Caledonia

 — Sexy, feminist doctor finds herself in a chauvinist world. by IrisCitadel12/16/054.56HOT

First of its Kind

 — Superhuman tries to save his doomed species. by Samuelx08/30/082.64

Fish and Chip

 — World War Three Alternate Timeline. by Discord6905/19/143.43

Fisherman's Tail

 — Trout fisherman and a nymph. by FWVonsteuben09/14/063.72

Fishing for Genies

 — A life-changing encounter with an Afrit. by JapleinViera06/11/104.52HOT

Fishing for Maids

 — The daughter of a nobleman is abducted by mermen. by alupine04/07/164.39

Five Hours

 — About an alien's erection that lasts five hours. by DaveDevlin05/14/07

Flame of Cytherea 01

 — Justin finds himself on a new world. by Magicwrtr10/26/144.81HOT

Flame of Cytherea 02

 — Chapters 5-8 by Magicwrtr11/02/144.82HOT

Flame of Cytherea 03

 — Chapters 9-12 by Magicwrtr11/03/144.82HOT

Flame of Cytherea 04

 — Chapters 13 - 16 by Magicwrtr11/05/144.86HOT

Flame of Cytherea 05

 — Final chapters of Book 1. by Magicwrtr11/06/144.86HOT

Flames of Balthazar

 — Three soldiers and a mating ceremony M/F/M. by Acal12/07/124.53HOT

Flee the Terror Zone

 — Two refugees use Sex Magic to escape a nightmare realm. by Salamando_Flames01/16/194.43

Flesh Magic Ch. 01

 — A horny princess seeks a stronger orgasm. by lotuslotus04/13/194.45

Flesh Magic Ch. 02

 — Sara watches someone else fuck the man of her dreams. by lotuslotus06/07/194.88HOT

Fleshware Requiem Book 01

 — What if the rogue A.I. of our nightmares came from a sexbot? by xxxecil10/15/114.78HOT

Fleshware Requiem Book 02

 — What if the rogue A.I. of our nightmares came from a sexbot? by xxxecil10/16/114.80HOT

Fleshware Requiem Book 03

 — What if the rogue A.I. of our nightmares came from a sexbot? by xxxecil10/20/114.86HOTContest Winner

Fleshy Headed Mutants

 — Why we have SPAM. by jjsharshaw01/18/044.67HOTEditor's Pick


 — Sacred sex: a new version of an old story. by Highland Fox01/11/054.14

Flight from Fantasy

 — Dimension-hopping Sorceress requires sex to fuel her magic. by WerewolfatNight11/15/074.53HOT

Flight of the Raven Pt. 01

 — A young man's struggle for survival during the Apocalypse. by Demonnox01/14/134.77HOT

Flight of the Raven Pt. 02

 — A young man's struggle for survival during the Apocalypse. by Demonnox02/05/134.80HOT

Flight to Paradise Ch. 01

 — Charlie & Todd become reacquainted with an old friend. by SanityCheck06/07/194.78HOT

Flight to Paradise Ch. 02

 — Kate & Mac are introduced to each other. by SanityCheck06/14/194.92HOT

Flight to Paradise Ch. 03

 — Mac works with Abby on his new leg. by SanityCheck06/21/194.89HOT

Flight to Paradise Ch. 04

 — Mac & Kate have a rematch with a surprising result. by SanityCheck06/29/194.93HOT

Flight to Paradise Ch. 05

 — Kate bends Mac to her will and then has to battle her demons. by SanityCheck07/04/194.46

Flight to Paradise Ch. 06

 — Charlie & Kate meet; Mac offers to fly Kate to Paradise. by SanityCheck07/12/194.69HOTNEW

Flight to Tomar Three Ch. 01

 — Routine space exploration flight becomes something more. by curious2c02/05/084.79HOTContest Winner


 — Sea-crazed sailor encounters a mermaid. by White sky05/05/024.53HOT

Flora & Fauna

 — Richard finds that his adoptive sister has changed. by hypnoxxslave06/22/134.17

Flora's World Ch. 01-03

 — A high school principal is sent into a medieval world. by SEVERUSMAX02/03/124.44

Flora's World Ch. 04

 — Mark gets an intimate knowledge of Flora's family. by SEVERUSMAX04/25/124.54HOT

Florida Is For Lovers

 — A very, very old man learns how wonderful sex can be. by tony_tiger02/04/154.29

Florida Is For Lovers: 30 Yrs. Later

 — The sex researchers from the future finish their work. by tony_tiger07/23/154.41

Flotsam, Jetsam

 — A powerful woman discovers a trading ship's Captain. by RachaelAlba09/10/164.20

Flower Power

 — Dating a pregnant horticulturist - can be risky. by KewlBlueTiger04/13/064.23

Flower Wine

 — The most scandalous social event of the year... by Isemay09/21/174.69HOT

Flower Wine Ch. 02

 — Isonei's ill-advised choice. by Isemay09/25/174.70HOT

Flower Wine Ch. 03

 — Draeseth makes a promise. by Isemay09/27/174.80HOT

Flowers for Tabitha

 — What happens when a kitty has a crush. by Xarth07/15/174.86HOT

Flung Out of Space (and Time)

 — Lovers Delphine and Jenna embark on a space adventure. by AphroditeIX243310/15/174.57HOT

Fly Virgin!

 — Is it rocket science -- or sex? by shawalphamale04/02/054.10

Flying Blind Ch. 01

 — College life turned out to be a bit more than Heda expected. by Evil Alpaca06/19/094.84HOT

Flying Blind Ch. 02

 — Dark forces on the FCU campus grow bolder. by Evil Alpaca06/21/094.90HOT

Flying Blind Ch. 03

 — A blind girl finds light in dark times. by Evil Alpaca06/22/094.89HOT

Flying Blind Ch. 04

 — Madison's trials are just beginning. by Evil Alpaca06/24/094.88HOT

Flying Blind Ch. 05

 — Madison goes home for the first time. by Evil Alpaca06/25/094.89HOT

Flying Blind Ch. 06

 — The Cold strikes a little closer to home. by Evil Alpaca06/27/094.88HOT

Flying Blind Ch. 07

 — Heda will not leave well enough alone. by Evil Alpaca06/28/094.90HOT

Flying Fur

 — Jack demonstrates his new invention to his unsuspecting wife. by Worker1181112/19/064.49

Flying Solo with Coll Ch. 01

 — Coll enjoys his new recruits one at a time. by BrightXPsi09/20/123.86

Flying Solo with Coll Ch. 02

 — Experienced Underground officer enjoys his trainees. by BrightXPsi09/21/124.00

FOC - Uleni's Gamble 01

 — Chapters 1-4. by Magicwrtr11/14/144.84HOT

FOC - Uleni's Gamble 02

 — Chapters 5-8 by Magicwrtr11/18/144.89HOT

FOC - Uleni's Gamble 03

 — Chapters 9-12. by Magicwrtr11/21/144.87HOT

FOC - Uleni's Gamble 04

 — Chapters 13 - Epilogue by Magicwrtr11/24/144.89HOT

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