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Gian & Mari

 — Fellow Knights become lovers, on a fantasy world. by ladyofthemasque07/12/024.70HOT

Gift from Outer Space Ch. 01

 — It brought coed girls sweet ecstasy. by wet_special09/08/104.50HOT

Gift from Outer Space Ch. 02

 — She can't get enough and gets a little rough. by wet_special09/16/104.42

Gift from Outer Space Ch. 04

 — Renee fucks four girls with her alien cock. by wet_special10/09/104.53HOT

Gift of the Goddess

 — Aden & Juno in service of Goddess receive her gift. by Moondrift08/18/054.39

Gift of Time

 — A Christmas gift changes her life forever. by LustyLovers12/09/014.80HOTContest Winner

Gifted Ch. 01

 — A broken man finds redemption. by MrLobo10/05/134.64HOT

Gifted Ch. 02

 — Unexpected visitors by MrLobo10/13/134.74HOT

Gifted Ch. 03

 — Awakenings. by MrLobo10/26/134.79HOT

Gifted Ch. 04

 — New players by MrLobo03/27/144.66HOT

Gifted Ch. 05

 — Alcohol and old friends by MrLobo03/28/144.72HOT

Gilded in Gold Ch. 01

 — From enemy to captive, Tibby falls in love with her captor by silverangel62105/01/144.47

Gilded in Gold Ch. 02

 — From enemy to captive, Tibby falls in love with her captor by silverangel62105/06/144.59HOT

Gilded in Gold Ch. 03

 — From enemy to captive, Tibby falls in love with her captor by silverangel62105/07/144.56HOT

Gilded in Gold Ch. 04

 — From enemy to captive, Tibby falls in love with her captor. by silverangel62105/13/144.73HOT

Gilded in Gold Ch. 05

 — From enemy to captive, Tibby falls in love with her captor. by silverangel62105/29/144.55HOT

Gilded in Gold Ch. 06

 — From enemy to captive, Tibby falls in love with her captor by silverangel62106/04/144.70HOT

Gilded in Gold Ch. 07-08

 — From enemy to captive, Tibby falls in love with her captor by silverangel62107/06/144.88HOT

Gilded in Gold Ch. 09

 — From enemy to captive, Tibby falls in love with her captor. by silverangel62107/14/154.72HOT


 — An amnesiac man - or something more - falls from the sky. by BonVivants06/21/153.87

Gimme Some Skin

 — A world of new sensations. by TE99906/27/074.35

Ginger and Gold of Old

 — Cave-boy meets girl - with a difference. by fluidmingle04/25/093.79

Gingerbread Girl; Cottonweed Ch. 02

 — Catch me if you can! by Apple_Leigh12/21/114.45

Girl at the Club Ch. 1

 — Luke finds a girl that's somehow a little different. by quintiple_bus10/06/024.31

Girl at the club Ch. 2

 — Things heat up and get a little strange by quintiple_bus10/11/024.43

Girl From The Future

 — Girl travels back in time to research different cultures. by Iscaa05/02/134.22

Girl or Gargoyle

 — Introduction and a lover. by The_Princess_Jessica10/12/044.02

Girl or Gargoyle Ch. 01

 — The day before. by The_Princess_Jessica10/18/044.40

Girl or Gargoyle Ch. 02

 — The Frightful Night. by The_Princess_Jessica11/04/044.38

Girl or Gargoyle Ch. 03

 — A new beginning. by The_Princess_Jessica11/05/044.67HOT

Girl or Gargoyle Ch. 04

 — Becoming a bride. by The_Princess_Jessica11/20/044.43

Girl Who Came Shrinkwrapped

 — Her breasts get smaller as she shrinks away. by MarciaR12/25/034.45Editor's Pick

Girls From the Stars

 — UFO lets blondes loose on defenseless rednecks. by Sarastro01/27/044.16

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

 — Peter's new sexbot learns how to please him. Or control him? by JukeboxEMCSA10/14/104.42

Give Me the Man

 — A rescue makes Initiation even better. by Alex De Kok08/26/104.73HOT

Give Me the Man Pt. 02

 — An old friend becomes closer, and a cat asks for help. by Alex De Kok06/04/124.73HOT

Give Me the Man Pt. 03

 — Ardan rescues Lea and her mother from outlaws. by Alex De Kok10/01/124.69HOT

Give Me the Man Pt. 04

 — Invasion! But who are the invaders? by Alex De Kok11/13/124.70HOT

Give Me the Man Pt. 05

 — Ardan and Leara begin the search for the Terran weapons. by Alex De Kok12/24/124.68HOT

Give Me the Man Pt. 06

 — Ardan and Leara reach the top - but where's the cache? by Alex De Kok01/31/134.77HOT

Given to the Enemy

 — A young prince finds himself the spoils of war. by Temprance08/09/124.31

Given to the Enemy Ch. 02

 — Kregan's second day with the commander. by Temprance08/11/124.43

Giving It Up

 — He's seduced by a supernatural woman in the woods. by en_extase05/24/064.27


 — A male fighter squares off with an amazon. by sensible_00702/10/044.01

Gladiatress Pt. 01

 — A young woman fights to win a place at gladiator school. by nightvoice211/11/144.33

Gladiatress Pt. 02

 — A young woman fights to win a place at gladiator school. by nightvoice212/25/144.60HOT

Gladiatress Pt. 03

 — A young woman fights to win a place at gladiator school. by nightvoice212/27/144.55HOT


 — Sierra strips & humiliates a male gladiator in the arena. by Brianna_Tease10/20/084.66HOT

Glamour of the Enchantress Ch. 01

 — An enchantress breaks the rules for lust. by Summoner150608/20/134.11

Global Anal Sex Holiday

 — Future world brings a very special holiday. by Samuelx12/25/062.88


 — A pilot joins a very special twelve mile high club. by The_Technician09/23/144.54HOT

Gnomish Orgasm Inducer 4000

 — A captive druid and a gnomish sex device. by Coptrdoctr09/13/134.55HOT

Go Off The Rail... And You're

 — A man goes off the rails and ends up enjoying it! by jane marwood01/24/124.65HOT

Go Screw Yourself

 — A mad scientist meets his female self from another universe. by DexSinis10/30/114.51HOT

Gobbles Blowjob Bar Franchise

 — Reporter visits a hot new business in town. by claud13712/28/124.69HOT

Goblin and Priest after Raid

 — Goblin and Blood Elf Sex After Raid. by JanosW08/21/153.25

Goblin Princesses Need Love Too

 — A courageous Knight saves a busty Princess. by Nervade09/09/124.65HOT

Goblin Princesses Need Love Too Ch. 02

 — Goblin Princess Floy and Sir Swoonmore totally make out. by Nervade10/16/124.82HOT

God Is A Black Man

 — God reveals himself to mankind. He's a black man! by Samuelx03/02/091.82

God of Love

 — Love ends the conflict between men and women. by PredatorSmile05/08/063.18

God of the Hunted

 — Prospectors find unexpected fate on alien world. by Nigel Debonnaire01/06/08

God of the Immigrants

 — Ancient god inhabits Jamaican man's body in Canada. by Samuelx07/25/123.14

God of the Stars

 — Space-traveling deity battles ancient evil for Earth. by Samuelx04/20/133.44

God of Thunder

 — Love can find anyone. by Samuelx07/03/043.56

God Save the Queen

 — A group of noble knights rides to rescue a beautiful Queen. by JukeboxEMCSA05/14/124.49

God's Angel

 — He and Katherine get to know each other. by dman0369005/04/054.33

God's Champion On Earth

 — Yahweh chooses biracial man to fight evil angels. by Samuelx03/28/122.42

God's War

 — Pagan deity fights with angels and demons. by Samuelx07/14/082.46

God's Whore

 — Even the Big Guy has needs. by oneiria01/26/123.68

Goddess in the Water

 — A water nymph brings pleasure, pain, and change. by Kethandra10/09/154.56HOT

Goddess Looking for Love Ch. 01

 — Immortal Fertility Goddesses need love too, by darkestangel2603/22/083.78

Goddess Night

 — Divine intervention helps them acknowledge their love. by Eilidh02/10/064.63HOT

Goddess of Eire

 — She becomes a true daughter of Ireland. by velvetpie03/24/044.65HOT

Goddesses of the Under-Keep

 — A knight is tortured and enslaved by goddesses. by HammerGod06/05/123.67

Goddesses Pt. 01

 — Eva begins a journey which will change the world. by GeneraZ06/24/144.73HOT

Goddesses Pt. 02

 — Before every high there is a low. by GeneraZ08/06/144.58HOT

Goddesses Pt. 03

 — Eva returns to a changed world. by GeneraZ08/19/144.64HOT

Goddesses Pt. 04

 — Love in space. by GeneraZ08/28/144.79HOT

Goddesses Pt. 05

 — Better later than never, Eva arrives. by GeneraZ10/21/144.81HOT

Goddesses Pt. 06

 — Connections between lovers and nations are renewed. by GeneraZ12/30/144.72HOT

Going Feet First

 — Wherever this soldier ended up, it sure ain't Vietnam. by DarkPulse03/15/134.85HOT

Going Feet First Ch. 02

 — Joined by a new friend, our soldier has a new mission. by DarkPulse05/06/134.86HOT

Going Feet First Ch. 03

 — Our soldier sets out to save his Elven love. by DarkPulse07/13/134.85HOT

Going Feet First Ch. 04

 — Faced with hard times, our soldier makes hard choices. by DarkPulse12/18/134.83HOT

Going Feet First Ch. 05

 — With the help of the Drow, our soldier gears up for war. by DarkPulse11/19/144.87HOTContest Winner

Going Feet First Ch. 06

 — With every means, this soldier will find his end. by DarkPulse09/16/154.91HOTContest Winner

Going Green

 — Mary finds an unusual plant that changes her life forever. by msound110/06/084.25

Going Green

 — Captured by pirates in space... by TheodorePixton07/22/144.06

Gold Peony and The Sinuous Wife Ch. 01

 — An arrogant woman vs an ancient Chinese sorceress. by PrevertOne12/14/134.12

Gold Peony and The Sinuous Wife Ch. 02

 — Jen and Helen face off. Jen brews tea. Helen makes a mistake. by PrevertOne12/22/134.18

Golden Arrows

 — Eros bargins with Aphrodite in exchange for Psyche. by RedHairedandFriendly01/20/124.72HOTContest Winner

Golden Wishes Ch. 00 Prologue

 — Jason finds the vessel containing a Genie. by DataGrowth06/08/144.22

Golden Wishes Ch. 01

 — Jason meets and learns about his genie. by DataGrowth06/12/144.56HOT

Golden Wishes Ch. 02

 — Jason learns more about his genie by DataGrowth06/19/144.52HOT

Goldenrod Extended

 — A tale from the Goldenrod universe. by rlmmike03/08/144.33


 — A sexy retelling of the old story. by grippy7310/31/074.32

Goldilocks Goes Home

 — Finding a bed thats Just Right. by madisonangel09/14/124.29


 — The officers in a military academy mysteriously vanish. by MaxSebastian10/21/024.69HOTContest Winner

Gone Fishin'

 — A girl goes fishing. by Joseki Ko12/23/042.63

Gone Swimming

 — A new swimming costume has unexpected results. by SamanthaOrange12/23/114.09

Good Cop Bad Cop

 — Fucking a suspect then set up...revenge will be sweet by La_Reina04/16/124.30

Good Hunting

 — In another galaxy, hunting is not quite what you'd expect. by kitten196407/10/133.74

Good To Be Undead

 — College man gains superpowers and hot women. by Samuelx06/19/073.84

Good To Be Undead Ch. 02

 — Vampire versus Werewolf. The war begins. by Samuelx08/18/073.81

Goodbye, Love Ch. 01

 — Marie is unaware that she has an audience. by MissBri06/12/064.55HOT

Goodbye, Love Ch. 02

 — Desire makes her move. by MissBri06/18/064.50

Goodbye, Love Ch. 03

 — Despair starts pushing Marie's buttons. by MissBri06/25/064.00


 — A fucked up fantasy video game. by RabbitPrince11/05/134.14

GOR Fantasy Come True

 — A young man finds himself living on Gor with a Slave. by shocker9909/01/114.44

Gordon Bk. 02 Ch. 01

 — The continuing adventures of Jamie Gordon. by DMaster_1412/17/104.43

Gorgeous Ch. 01

 — Professor Harold Wolfgang meets a comely coed. by Taunus09/19/123.64

Gorgeous Ch. 02

 — Abducted Sophia meets Toy. by Taunus09/21/123.36

Gorgeous Ch. 03

 — Toy and Sophia Are Harold's Delight and Woe. by Taunus09/23/124.33


 — The Last Dragon. by jjcolejr04/19/144.70HOT

Grandfather Yule

 — Giving all for the children, but giving has its rewards. by Darkniciad11/11/064.52HOT

Grave Servitude

 — Necromancy and perversion, from the other side. by MongolSamurai09/25/103.40

Gray Area

 — A super hero vigilante is abducted. by DrGrim10/02/093.33

Grayson's Wolf Ch. 01

 — Battles between loyalty, romance, and cataclysmic evil. by MJRoberts02/13/154.72HOT

Great Balls of Fire

 — A physical and magical manifestation of sexual activity. by Maeten07/29/092.75

Great One's Touch

 — She goes on a journey & receives a gift - & a visitor. by Edge2302/18/064.41

Greek God - Apollo the Vampire

 — Greek God Apollo visits Cathy and Sienna. by 2alay205/23/123.95

Green Goddess

 — Fantastical sex in a forest. by joshrogan07/31/143.96

Greta and the Twins Pt. 01

 — A young woman meet twins who have a secret. by NTsarina11/15/144.61HOT

Grimoire Ch. 01

 — The Legacy is called. by velvetpie02/15/054.12

Grimoire Ch. 02

 — Detective Morris answers a call at the library. by velvetpie02/16/054.46

Grimoire Ch. 03

 — Det. Morris receives some education. by velvetpie02/17/054.45

Grimoire Ch. 04

 — The Great One finds him. by velvetpie02/18/054.55HOT

Grimoire Ch. 05

 — The Great One tries to control Legacy. by velvetpie02/19/054.65HOT

Grimoire Ch. 06

 — Jason tells some of his sad story. by velvetpie02/20/054.58HOT

Grimoire Ch. 07

 — Detective Morris is captured. by velvetpie02/21/054.46

Grimoire Ch. 08

 — The Great One seduces Detective Morris. by velvetpie02/22/054.57HOT

Grimoire Ch. 09

 — (FINAL) The Great One is defeated & the future begins. by velvetpie02/23/054.67HOT

Grosseputain Parish Pt. 01

 — A man comes to a Southern brothel with an unusual problem. by conroy3912/15/094.00

Grosseputain Parish Pt. 02

 — Roy confesses the reason for his prodigious output. by conroy3901/08/104.23

Grosseputain Parish Pt. 03

 — Roy's taken care of, but the voodoo woman's turned up dead. by conroy3912/09/114.35

Grow Your Own Girlfriend!

 — Better loving through Alchemy. by Carnevil907/10/083.85

Gryphon Keep Ch. 01

 — Maxy gives the Princess some 'education'.. by velvetpie10/30/054.24

Gryphon Keep Ch. 02

 — Dreama overhears Maxy and the Princess. by velvetpie10/31/054.50HOT

Gryphon Keep Ch. 03

 — Dreama tries to get some 'education'. by velvetpie11/02/054.45

Gryphon Keep Ch. 04

 — Maxy tells the King of the special codicil. by velvetpie11/03/054.30

Gryphon Keep Ch. 05

 — Clawson turns himself in. by velvetpie11/06/054.35

Guardians of The Earth Ch. 01

 — Two remaining guardians of Earth unite again. by LuckyVic11/12/024.35

Guardians of The Earth Ch. 02

 — Miguel & Tasha continues. by LuckyVic11/25/024.35

Guardians of The Earth Ch. 03

 — Interlude that takes place after part 2. by LuckyVic10/03/034.06

Guests Cum First Ch. 01

 — Four days of, what? by SweetSexySwitch04/03/094.14

Guests Cum First Ch. 02

 — Mikal learns more and the ante is upped. by SweetSexySwitch04/06/094.50HOT

Guests Cum First Ch. 03

 — Mikal caves. by SweetSexySwitch04/27/094.30

Guests Cum First Ch. 04

 — He knew he had to take his own suggestion of patience. by SweetSexySwitch08/09/103.91

Guild Wars Ch. 01

 — The story of Daemon Fist. by RavenThunderclaw02/22/144.48

Guild Wars Ch. 02

 — Save the drama, they get caught. by RavenThunderclaw03/10/144.60HOT

Guilt-Free Fantasies

 — A snippet in time in an otherwise normal suburbia. by sammdavis11311/06/134.00

Guilty h. 01

 — They make love as passion filled as a thunderstorm. by AroraDestiny06/16/033.91

Gundam Ladies' Wing

 — A recruit joins a unique military unit. by rosachthebrave11/22/144.53HOT

Gunslinger's Thief Ch. 01

 — Delicious thief is taken roughly, but not unwillingly. by ShyWetThief08/26/054.46

Guthredd Sleeve-Heart's Tale Pt. 01

 — Part 1 of 3. by Blithering_Hayseed11/25/144.32

Guthredd Sleeve-Heart's Tale Pt. 02

 — Part 2 of 3. by Blithering_Hayseed11/28/144.95HOT

Guthredd Sleeve-Heart's Tale Pt. 03

 — Part 3 of 3. by Blithering_Hayseed12/02/144.88HOT

Gwen Ch. 01

 — Gwen is used on the Game Grid. by Taunus08/20/133.07

Gypsy and Raven: It's in the Cards

 — Tale of Tarot, Shapeshifting, Magic, and Lust. by LunaEroticaMystica10/31/054.60HOT

Gypsy Magic

 — A gypsy's pet, a knight, and a bit of binding magic? by GypsyCardinal09/17/133.69

H is for Heuristic

 — Fembot spy agencies clash, with humans caught between them. by Robotman197406/04/064.85HOT

H: A Pair of Goldilocks Pt. 0102

 — A cheerleader gets into very sticky trouble. by PrevertOne08/31/103.93

Hail & Kill Ch. 01

 — Two warriors contemplate battle of love. by velvetpie06/24/044.68HOT

Haitian Gods

 — A young man discovers his super powers. by Samuelx04/12/063.83

Haitian Werewolf Chronicle

 — Haitian vampire meets Black werewolf princess. by Samuelx02/05/102.50

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