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Half Breed Heart Ch. 01

 — A Fantasy scene from my latest book. by ameliamgrace05/27/094.15

Half Breed Heart Ch. 02

 — A Fantasy scene from my latest book. by ameliamgrace05/28/094.47

Half-Breed Princess Ch. 01

 — There is more to this princess then meets the eyes. by sexy_chick6902/13/074.34

Half-Breed Princess Ch. 02

 — Is Miyu's fate decided? by sexy_chick6902/21/074.39

Half-Breed Princess Ch. 03

 — Miyu is confronted and feelings are revealed. by sexy_chick6903/06/074.43

Half-Breed Princess Ch. 04

 — Secrets are revealed. by sexy_chick6903/22/074.54HOT

Half-Breed Princess Ch. 05

 — A new power is revealed. by sexy_chick6904/27/074.56HOT

Half-Breed Princess Ch. 06

 — Miyu is taken. by sexy_chick6905/24/074.48

Half-Breed Princess Ch. 07

 — Rescue? by sexy_chick6906/30/074.56HOT

Half-Breed Princess Ch. 08

 — An old face. by sexy_chick6902/27/084.68HOT

Half-Breed Princess Ch. 09

 — Heaven & Hell. by sexy_chick6908/24/104.42

Halfbreed Ch. 01

 — A smuggler on an outlying Colony takes a dangerous job. by HookedonPhoenix01/30/184.72HOT

Halfbreed Ch. 02

 — A Smuggler is marooned on a hostile Native moon. by HookedonPhoenix02/10/184.72HOT

Halfbreed Ch. 03-04

 — Smuggler is interrogated by Natives. Passions run high. by HookedonPhoenix03/25/184.85HOT


 — Not just another tall, dark stranger. by Bicinil02/27/054.38


 — A young man's missive to the stars reaps unexpected results. by ShyChiWriter03/15/184.85HOT

Halloween Cola

 — A gifted college freshman is invited to a Halloween party. by idmnotm10/19/154.59HOT

Halloween Offering

 — A future look at Halloween. by Jenny_Jackson10/01/064.07

Halloween: A New Adventure

 — A night in a haunted house turns sexual. by sexygirl7612/08/114.34

Hallway Heaven Ch. 02

 — The second edition in the Hallway Heaven series. by JoeJoeJoe33301/12/174.32

Hammer of Darkness Ch. 01

 — A time when Gods walked the Earth, and men were Warriors. by BigCoreySKR08/06/104.57HOT

Hammer of Darkness Ch. 02

 — A continuation, and a encounter with a Goddess. by BigCoreySKR09/05/104.54HOT

Hammer of Darkness Ch. 03

 — A Chance Encounter. by BigCoreySKR09/22/104.65HOT

Hammer of Darkness Ch. 04

 — Party Party Party. by BigCoreySKR02/07/114.70HOT

Haplessly Never Laughter

 — Fairytales never admit what a jerk Prince Charming is... by Rob_mDear09/29/094.10

Happening at MSIRT 2 Ch. 01

 — The finding of a Big Rock. by dragonlord_nz03/12/062.94

Happy Holidays

 — Friends celebrate the start of the holidays. by Paul4401/21/094.75

Happy Phantom: A Vampire Tale

 — The life and times of a vampire college student. by Samuelx07/04/082.33

Happy Together

 — Fantasies can come true. by rjrider04/01/054.60HOT

Hard Justice Pt. 02

 — The police officer turned detective gets his first case. by Mistersausage11/08/144.20

Hard Justice Pt. 03

 — The climax drug bust goes awry but can he fix it? by Mistersausage11/14/144.17

Hard Justice: The beginning

 — A cop fights sexy crime and horny criminals in Bay City. by Mistersausage10/25/144.17

Hardship Troopers

 — A science fiction/romance tale. by flavortang03/13/114.56HOT

Hardstorm Ahead Ch. 01

 — Survivors look to the future. by s53mith06/08/074.50HOT

Hardstorm Ahead Ch. 02

 — Sarah and Trav get closer. by s53mith06/29/074.61HOT

Hardstorm Ahead Ch. 03

 — The future is unsure. by s53mith09/26/074.70HOT

Hardstorm Ahead Ch. 04

 — Sarah lets Amanda in. by s53mith12/19/124.61HOT

Hardstorm Ahead Ch. 05

 — More then meets the eye. by s53mith12/24/124.57HOT

Hardstorm Ahead Ch. 06

 — Dark clouds gather. by s53mith01/13/134.70HOT

Hardstorm Ahead Ch. 07

 — On the run. by s53mith01/22/134.57HOT

Hardstorm Ahead Ch. 08

 — The storm continues. by s53mith02/09/134.54HOT

Hardstorm Ahead Ch. 09

 — The eyes anove the storm. by s53mith07/02/134.55HOT

Harem fantasy

 — Sold at auction. by carolsunbury7504/06/183.51

Harem of Vanity Pt. 03

 — The Highs and Hazards of Zero G Sex. by SizeQueenSupreme03/08/164.26

Harem of Vanity Pt. 04

 — Nothing makes sex better than piracy. by SizeQueenSupreme05/24/174.54HOT

Haren's Folly Ch. 01

 — She experiances hell like never before. by Duzzel02/07/114.54HOT

Haren's Folly Ch. 02

 — Keelie begins to fall hard for her demon prince. by Duzzel02/10/114.67HOT

Haren's Folly Ch. 03

 — Keelie experiences another attack. by Duzzel02/14/114.68HOT

Haren's Folly Ch. 04

 — Keelie is fucked by two hot twins. by Duzzel03/24/124.24

Haren's Folly Ch. 05

 — Oran is woken up by Keelie. by Duzzel04/09/124.60HOT

Haren's Folly Ch. 06

 — The story finally comes to an end...or does it? by Duzzel04/11/124.77HOT

Harmony Cliffs Ch. 01

 — A small town is beset with strange and fatal mysteries. by GilbertRusk03/21/164.60HOT

Harmony Cliffs Ch. 02

 — More erotic and paranormal happenings as bodies pile up. by GilbertRusk03/23/164.70HOT

Harmony Cliffs Ch. 03

 — Clues, cover-ups, and revelations as the mystery unfolds. by GilbertRusk03/25/164.72HOT

Harmony Cliffs Ch. 04

 — Who is Tommy Jensen? by GilbertRusk03/27/164.77HOT

Harmony Cliffs Ch. 05

 — Intrigue and romance as the mystery concludes. by GilbertRusk04/01/164.78HOT

Harriet Hotter Ch. 01

 — A legend is born in 1st chapter of 'Sorcerer's Bone'. by Couture01/18/024.46

Harriet Hotter Ch. 06

 — Harriet meets two witches from Frogwart's. by Couture05/05/024.10

Harriet Hotter Ch. 07

 — Harriet's roommate uses magic to get even. by Couture05/15/024.28

Harriet Hotter Ch. 11

 — Even for sorceress, wand up ass causes duress. by Couture08/28/024.27

Harriet Hotter Ch. 12

 — A witch is dead and Harriet is determined to find the cause. by Couture10/25/024.56HOT

Harriet Hotter Ch. 13

 — Sometimes for a witch, it pays to switch. by Couture12/08/024.54HOT

Harriet Hotter Ch.15

 — Harriet is hexed hours before the Macrosse finals. by Couture08/17/034.62HOT

Harrow's Wife Ch. 01

 — A desperate witch seeks a stranger's aid. by Koot09/08/174.75HOT

Harry Payat Physicist

 — Harry Payat discovers a fundamental particle, gets gynoid. by Taunus09/08/173.59

Harry Payat Physicist Ch. 02

 — Harry Payat meets Ching, an artist and spiritualist telepath. by Taunus09/13/173.75

Harry Payat Physicist Ch. 03

 — Jane and Ching struggle over Payat. by Taunus09/15/173.60

Harry's Spring Break Ch. 2

 — Roommate's disgruntled girlfriend seeks revenge. by Sabledrake02/04/024.58HOT

Harry's Spring Break Ch. 3

 — Vacation begins with a trip to the country. by Sabledrake02/06/024.33

Harry's Spring Break Ch. 4

 — Harry is seduced by an older woman. by Sabledrake02/07/024.52HOT

Harry's Spring Break Ch. 5

 — Rheda asks Harry a favor he'd be mad to refuse. by Sabledrake02/08/024.51HOT

Hatchette Ch. 01

 — Roku is disciplined by the Matron. by Ducheau05/16/104.22

Hatchette Ch. 02

 — Roku pleasures herself in The Mosh. by Ducheau05/22/104.22

Hatchette Ch. 03

 — Lady Aru finds Roku in a compromising position. by Ducheau05/29/104.17

Hatchette Ch. 04

 — Roku visits a Brothel. by Ducheau06/24/104.62

Hatchette Ch. 05

 — Roku gets a ride from the Nanpa Girls. by Ducheau06/26/104.25

Hatchette Ch. 05-10

 — Roku is invited to a Party. by Ducheau08/07/104.44

Hatchette Ch. 11

 — Roku and Lady Aru enjoy the Falling Gallery. by Ducheau08/08/104.60HOT

Hatchette Ch. 12

 — A day working in a brothel. by Ducheau08/22/104.55HOT

Hatchette Ch. 13-14

 — Roku goes to the Cabaret. by Ducheau08/23/104.29

Hatchette Ch. 15

 — Roku has a visitor. by Ducheau08/24/104.55HOT

Hatchette Ch. 16

 — The Matron catches Roku and Pelli. by Ducheau08/25/104.73HOT

Hatchette Ch. 17-21

 — The Conclusion. by Ducheau08/26/104.65HOT

Hathor's Night on the Bench

 — Hathor discovers what is under those robes. by Mr_Occupant35702/09/054.38

Haunted Hospital Mishap

 — An abandoned hospital leads to a supernatural experience. by submissivelittleme11/17/104.35

Haunted House

 — Real Estate agent shows house with erotic consequences by AGreyFoxxx07/28/084.31

Haunted House Ch. 02

 — The movers get paid well as they occupy the house. by AGreyFoxxx07/31/084.30

Haunted House Ch. 03

 — While the wife's away, hubby plays. by AGreyFoxxx08/06/084.23

Haunted House Ch. 04

 — The Spirit takes her final victim. by AGreyFoxxx09/16/084.39

Haunted Love

 — A tale of paranormal erotica. by AngelaCameron10/11/084.44

Haunting Bob Ch. 01

 — Bob is visited by an unusual (& friendly) ghost. by Bandit108/27/044.69HOT

Haunting Bob Ch. 02

 — Bob's continuing adventures with his ghostly lover. by Bandit108/29/044.78HOTContest Winner

Hauntings of the Unexpected Ch. 01

 — This erotic haunted house isn't as bad as she thought... by Xelover07/20/134.43

Hauntings of the Unexpected Ch. 02

 — Was sealing their fates the right thing for Heather to do? by Xelover07/21/134.53HOT

Have You Slept with a HalfDelf?

 — What can an Ogre and a bard talk about? Hint: they're males! by Joe45602/19/185.00

Haven Ch. 01

 — An Angel falls and is saved. by Drakan02/04/134.40

Haven Ch. 02

 — Erin confronts who she is, and finds her place. by Drakan02/10/134.73HOT

Having Fun with History Pt. 01

 — She learns a little more about history. by sexygirl7606/03/084.14

Having Fun with History Pt. 02

 — Benjamin Franklin discovers more than electricity. by sexygirl7606/11/084.19

Having Fun with History Pt. 03

 — The Wright brothers get more then an airplane off. by sexygirl7605/19/124.13


 — Goddess turns human for love of a Lycanthrope male. by SinsiousSiren04/14/093.80

Head Games

 — An illusionist never has to play fair... by ProxyBlack02/19/184.55HOT

Headmaster is a Slut Witch Ch. 01

 — A tale about magic, sex and power. by KindledDesire04/27/174.18

Healer's Song Ch. 00

 — Prologue: danger & intrique on the isle of Insula. by beneaththeveil06/12/064.54HOT

Healer's Song Ch. 01

 — The voyage to who knows where. by beneaththeveil06/13/064.54HOT

Healer's Song Ch. 02

 — More voyage... by beneaththeveil11/01/064.38

Healer's Song Ch. 03

 — Arrival at who knows where. by beneaththeveil11/02/064.32

Healer's Song Ch. 04

 — The plot thickens. by beneaththeveil11/03/064.52HOT

Healer's Song Ch. 05

 — Her Song. by beneaththeveil11/04/064.50HOT

Healer's Song Ch. 06

 — Escape! by beneaththeveil11/05/064.35

Healer's Song Ch. 07

 — Oops, wrong ship. by beneaththeveil02/07/084.50HOT

Healer's Song Ch. 08

 — Yes, there's SEX in this chapter. by beneaththeveil02/08/084.55HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 02

 — Kat and Charlie in the desert. by dragontatto07/21/074.64HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 03

 — Rand warns Arianna. by dragontatto08/16/074.64HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 04

 — Trouble for Kat and Charlie. by dragontatto08/25/074.58HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 05

 — Life back at the castle. by dragontatto09/15/074.64HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 06

 — Attack on Kat and Charlie. by dragontatto09/16/074.70HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 07

 — Charles worries about Kat. by dragontatto10/10/074.64HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 08

 — Charles and Kat arrive. by dragontatto10/11/074.72HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 09

 — Dean corners Arianna. by dragontatto11/08/074.63HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 10

 — Charles starts digging into Kat's past. by dragontatto11/15/074.73HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 11

 — Kat sat huddled on her bed. by dragontatto12/10/074.67HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 12

 — Kat triggers the mezclar. by dragontatto01/01/084.69HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 13

 — Chaos reigns. by dragontatto01/13/084.76HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 14

 — Gracie's babies arrive. by dragontatto01/19/084.73HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 15

 — Kat reveals part of her past. by dragontatto02/07/084.74HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 16

 — Things pull together. by dragontatto02/14/084.72HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 17

 — Jason reveals a secret. by dragontatto02/15/084.75HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 18

 — Kat corners Charlie. by dragontatto02/19/084.76HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 19

 — Charlie finally gives in to Kat. by dragontatto02/20/084.76HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 20

 — Charlie finds out about Kat's Power. by dragontatto02/24/084.77HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 21

 — Elena strikes back. by dragontatto03/04/084.77HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 22

 — Charlie's powers are released by dragontatto03/09/084.78HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 23

 — The Beginning of the Renewal Festival. by dragontatto03/14/084.77HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 24

 — The conclusion of the Renewal Festival. by dragontatto03/23/084.74HOT

Healer's Touch Ch. 25

 — The Conclusion. by dragontatto03/31/084.84HOT

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