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Heart of the Wolf Ch. 01

 — A woman running from her past finds an unlikely ally. by SacredHarlot07/22/084.49

Heart of the Wolf Ch. 02

 — The Wolf dares to taste her. by SacredHarlot09/13/094.73HOT

Heart of the Wood

 — You can go green in life, but why stop there? by LesLumens04/12/114.77HOTContest Winner

Hearth Witch

 — A young woman gets an opportunity of two lifetimes. by mistyfdfa02/23/174.24

Hearthside Haze

 — A sly goblin maid offers him a place by the fire. by GigglingGoblin05/29/184.55HOT

Hearts of the Sky Intertwine Ch. 01

 — Leihiel finds a suprise in a clearing. by horsechick9109/10/114.58HOT

Hearts of the Sky Intertwine Ch. 02

 — Azurina explains her past, and gains a future. by horsechick9109/25/114.59HOT

Hearts of the Sky Intertwine Ch. 03

 — Azurina learns more about Dragons, and an enemy emerges. by horsechick9112/20/114.75HOT

Hearts of the Sky Intertwine Ch. 04

 — A twist you don't expect. by horsechick9102/08/124.57HOT

Heat, Stress, Burns, and Cuts Ch. 05

 — Death and Immortality introduce themselves to Daniel. by masonrk09/11/164.66HOT

Heat, Stress, Burns, and Cuts Ch. 09

 — Daniel's trip to Alaska commences, and so does trouble. by masonrk08/23/184.80HOT

Heated: Julia

 — Julia's stressed body and mind are heated up. by Antin0my12/18/183.83


 — Can a Rockstar find love before its too late? by Enchant09/27/053.28

Heathen Desire Pt. 01

 — The Heathen Horsa meets the newly Christianized Breena. by peter84jenkins11/01/173.89

Heather Jenkins

 — An accountant gets pulled into a world she never knew about. by mindwiper12/13/183.89


 — You discover your crush more than a bit...strung out... by GummyWriter02/24/194.26

Heaven & Hell Part 1-2

 — Vampire finds an Angel being sold at slave auction. by TexasAngel2802/01/024.25

Heaven & Hell Part 3

 — Neganda goes to rescue Catherine & finds unlikely ally. by TexasAngel2804/28/024.55HOT

Heaven & Hell Part 4

 — Neganda shows Catherine how much he missed her. by TexasAngel2804/30/024.55HOT

Heaven & Hell Part 5

 — Neganda gives Nicolai a choice. by TexasAngel2806/10/024.67HOT

Heaven & Hell Part 6

 — Nicolai gives new meaning to joining the family. by TexasAngel2806/14/024.76HOT

Heaven 695RC

 — A cardinal reaps the rewards of a virtuous life. by Talemaster09/19/124.06

Heaven by Way of Demon

 — Vampire has way with stripper. by psyvampmama05/26/123.79

Heaven Can Wait

 — Visiting hours, but she can't stay. by Recidiva09/20/053.89Editor's Pick

Heaven Is In Your Mind

 — Heaven may not be all we hope for. by WeeHector12/01/143.68

Heaven or Hell?

 — Hard choices in afterlife. by fittucker8703/19/094.38

Heaven versus Hell

 — Two Archangels disobey God to save the Earth. by Samuelx01/06/092.86

Heaven vs. Hell vs. Death

 — Lucifer versus Heaven versus Thanatos, God of Death. by Samuelx10/17/082.65

Heaven's Erotica

 — How good things come out of those that are bad. by ramiller8370901/19/064.31

Heaven's Hellion Ch. 01

 — April has a dream, but does it foretell the future? by TheRavensCall11/03/124.25

Heaven's World Ch. 01

 — An officer on leave discovers a friends secret lust. by LustrousSoul12/15/044.04

Heaven's World Ch. 02

 — Shan and Lyd discover how much fun a bathroom can be. by LustrousSoul12/16/044.39

Heaven's World Ch. 03

 — Shannon and Lydia do some shopping. by LustrousSoul09/10/054.47

Heavenly Passion

 — Woman gets pleasured by a hunky male angel. by justboycrazy12/14/103.17

Heavy Fog

 — Alrek faces three hypnotic kelpies and their pet krakeness. by GigglingGoblin12/21/184.77HOT

Heavy Heather: Training Camp

 — Heather decides to serve her country, and get big doing it. by Capitan_Izaac01/13/183.93

Heavy Matter

 — Asteroid miners seek precious Heavy Matter. by xannatharr09/26/164.33

Hectate's Necklace

 — Pete finds out what it's like to be a (hot) woman! by Thursday190806/09/154.23

Hegemony Ch. 01

 — Power shifts back and forth, and a quest is begun. by Serendipity_Engine03/20/074.73HOT

Hegemony: Beginnings

 — A warlord encounters a strange hag in his lands. by Serendipity_Engine03/13/074.69HOT

Heir of Albretion

 — Ryan gets his first taste of magic. by midnite00902/04/164.42

Heir of Albretion Ch. 02

 — Mira's toes curl/mystery girl gets first taste of Ryan. by midnite00903/05/164.59HOT

Heir of Albretion Ch. 03

 — Aunt screams and Mystery girl gets second helping. by midnite00904/04/164.64HOT

Heir of Albretion Ch. 04

 — Terra spanked, Mira uses futa cock and Ryan gets Mom. by midnite00904/21/164.62HOT


 — They've been hired to guard a science experiment gone wrong. by GirlintheMoon11/28/174.41

Helical Saga Ch. 01-03

 — Sam signs up to be a Helical Companion and starts Conversion. by Fot123405/16/154.48

Hell's Household Ch. 01

 — Sequel to Hell's Housewife, a succubi comes of age. by xxxecil06/29/114.66HOT

Hell's Household Ch. 02

 — Soul-ravaging ecstasy to any cunt he conquered. by xxxecil08/13/114.58HOT

Hell's Kiss

 — Argunthal's first breath was tainted with the metallic odor... by NarcissusRex08/02/124.42

Hell's Kiss Ch. 02

 — Argunthal meets a fellow prisoner with unexpected abilites. by NarcissusRex08/05/124.46

Hell's Kiss Ch. 03

 — A rather alarming detour on the quest for the cure. by NarcissusRex08/06/124.63HOT

Hell's Kiss Ch. 04

 — Above ground during Chapter 3: a bit different. by NarcissusRex08/10/124.50HOT

Hell, It's About Time

 — Kerrigan gives Raynor his reward for his loyalty to her. by Allyrion11/06/134.09


 — Hell + Harem, what could go wrong? by UncensoredATVS02/22/193.84

Hellcyon Days Ch. 01

 — Well, the world's gone to the monsters. by n0mster12/31/124.81HOT

Hellcyon Days Ch. 02

 — Well, some days just seem to last forever. by n0mster01/21/134.82HOT

Hellfire: Tales of a Demon

 — Part one of a sensual beginning, an erotic first encounter. by AsheniaRye06/19/134.09

Hellish Retribution Ch. 01

 — Elise is punished for her father's past. by Mazim_Cetero02/22/194.24

Hellish Retribution Ch. 02

 — Marcus finds help, and Elise learns of Wilkins' intentions. by Mazim_Cetero03/04/194.10

Hello Mr. Robinson Pt. 12

 — An ancient derelict appears out of the depths of space. by Lost Boy01/22/194.86HOT

Help I've Turned into a Woman

 — Fantasy M to F transformation, how s/he copes. by RomeoDelta09/11/174.54HOT

Help Should Arrive Soon

 — Samus Aran's gunship lands on an uncharted planet. by Msunderland06/30/173.73

Helping Hands

 — A scientist creates robotic hands controlled by her mind. by Feral_Intelligence10/17/124.50HOT

Hentai Hotties: Down Where Its Wet

 — Sean's rendezvous with a mermaid. by Sean Renaud06/05/093.96

Hentai Hotties: Sky Fox

 — A lucky guy joins the mile high club, sans plane! by Sean Renaud06/02/094.00

Hentai World Ch. 01

 — We have every pleasure. So fun you will never, EVER, leave. by PrevertOne12/14/134.24

Hentai World Ch. 02

 — Dick meets Virginia and the passengers get on the Wagon. by PrevertOne12/21/134.21

Hentai World Ch. 03

 — The Avatar's Ball. Virginia and Stewardess interface, deeply. by PrevertOne02/26/164.43

Hentai World Ch. 04

 — The guests check in. A closer look at each character. by PrevertOne04/29/164.57HOT

Hentai World Ch. 05: Shmooed

 — Dick follows Magda to The Grotto . . . and gets Shmooed... by PrevertOne05/27/164.53HOT

Hentai World Ch. 06: 'Shrooms

 — Mike and Mandy's ultimate psychedelic experience. by PrevertOne05/06/194.58HOT

Her Capture

 — A Gorean slave girl is captured in the city of Ar. by simply_cyn09/12/043.50

Her Contract Enatails Ch. 01

 — A rich and unscrupulous man buys himself a mermaid. by Nate_Walis07/15/134.28

Her Contract Enatails Ch. 02

 — The transformation from woman to mermaid begins in earnest. by Nate_Walis07/16/134.47

Her Contract Enatails Ch. 03

 — The woman is fully and finally replaced by the mermaid. by Nate_Walis07/17/134.56HOT

Her Contract Enatails Ch. 04

 — The mermaid recalls her past and plots her escape. by Nate_Walis07/18/134.62HOT

Her Dirty Little Secret Pt. 01

 — Becoming a slave to a house of elves...may not be so bad. by silverwingeddemon12/11/154.71HOT

Her Dirty Little Secret Pt. 02

 — A promotion can't be too bad...right? by silverwingeddemon12/25/154.78HOT

Her Dirty Little Secret Pt. 03

 — A guest to the castle brings explosive surprises. by silverwingeddemon04/02/164.75HOT

Her Dragon Love

 — A girl must choose who she wishes to marry. by AlianaRoscoe05/11/114.02

Her Dragon Love Ch. 02

 — A fight between two dragons over a woman they both want. by AlianaRoscoe05/19/114.21

Her Enemy's Embrace Ch. 00: Prologue

 — The backdrop of the Tehani invading the Calpari. by AubriannaJaide06/26/184.33

Her Enemy's Embrace Ch. 01

 — Ian storms the temple and meets Aurora. by AubriannaJaide05/18/184.42

Her Enemy's Embrace Ch. 02

 — Aurora reflects while they journey to see the palace. by AubriannaJaide09/19/184.62

Her Guardian Angel

 — From frumpy to fabulous in the blink of an eye. by j.g.e. powers03/31/024.54HOT

Her Inner Wolf

 — Tina comes back home to find the werewolf that bit her. by angelx60203/05/074.43

Her Kiss

 — The vampire love continues, with another. by alias_words08/14/084.43

Her Master's Servant

 — A submissive barmaid is thrilled by a swordsman. by KnottLynnHardey02/18/124.45

Her Mission

 — A mission turns to be anything but she expected. by laurambell11/02/103.85

Her New Toy Ch. 01

 — Emma wakes up with an addition. by DapperestDan12/13/124.67HOT

Her New Toy Ch. 02

 — One of Emma's roommates comes home. by DapperestDan12/28/124.75HOT

Her New Toy Ch. 03

 — The doctor comes for a visit. by DapperestDan01/07/134.79HOT

Her New Toy Ch. 04

 — A Full House. by DapperestDan03/05/134.81HOT

Her New Toy Ch. 05

 — Back To School. by DapperestDan11/04/134.80HOT

Her New Toy Ch. 06

 — Further Developments. by DapperestDan12/15/134.82HOT

Her New Toy Ch. 07

 — Join The Club. by DapperestDan08/21/144.74HOT

Her New Toy Ch. 08

 — The Semester Comes To An End. by DapperestDan08/31/144.77HOT

Her Roman Lover

 — Statue comes to life. by Orange Blossom07/20/054.58HOT

Her Slave Forever

 — He loses his will to do anything other than drink her juices. by OnlyCunnilingus04/01/163.76

Her Surprise

 — You meet a cute punk in a magic sex toy shop, then surprises. by dickital12/24/123.06

Her Unicorn: a Fable

 — She finds new power through submission. by Scotsman6909/22/103.99

Heran In The Belly Of The Beast

 — Arrogant sexy warrior princess gets tamed! by PeterIkeAmadi03/27/113.68

Herc Manly and the Diplo Mission

 — More tales of Herc Manly and his contractFem, Pussy. by SoCalOvid04/09/084.78HOTEditor's Pick

Hercules: Boy To Man

 — Chiara seduces the mighty Hercules. by OlderBiMan04/27/053.29


 — The most basic instincts take over! by homealone_44712/11/114.28

Here Kitty

 — Is her new pet more than he seems? by FrostedBlade10/24/064.44

Here Kitty Kitty

 — Be careful of night clubs; you may never want to leave. by MSTarot09/04/123.78

Heresy Bk. 01: Prophecy of Betraya

 — The Luna Wolves uncover an ancient prophecy on Lamaranth. by Betrayer_of_Skalathrax12/08/154.61HOT

Heresy Bk. 02: Istvaan V

 — The Heresy Revealed, battle is joined on Istvaan V. by Betrayer_of_Skalathrax12/14/154.45

Hermia and Helena

 — Fururistic Hermaphrodite Sex. by NormaJane08/10/143.55


 — Vampires take a woman hostage. by psychocatblah12/06/034.25


 — An erotic and heroic adventure. by EROTICSMILE09/11/114.57HOT

Heroes and Villains Pt. 01

 — A reality show set in the not too distant future. by Wifetheif04/04/144.20

Heroes and Villains Pt. 02

 — Holly Hayes aka Yukon Jill lands in a world of trouble by Wifetheif04/06/143.91

Heroes Wanted

 — Even heroes have the right to dream... by AgntSmth08/07/154.82HOT

Heroes' Night Off

 — A lesbian fantasy with Artemis and M'gann. by ladylexxy07/02/144.65HOT

Heroic Evil

 — Mistress and Reward have a fateful meeting. by ShotgunPeanut01/06/192.69

Heroic Reward

 — Gratitude from local elf girls for a heroic victory. by JustSomeAuthor10/30/134.54HOT

Heroine Overdose

 — A rookie superhero spends a night with three heroines. by LingerieRobot06/07/174.53HOT

Heroine Overdose Ch. 02

 — The inevitable sequel. by LingerieRobot03/06/194.40

Hers and His

 — Ancient rings open a whole new world. by ozkelly06/03/114.39

Hex Kittens

 — First night nerves, and a magical show... by ProxyBlack06/27/184.67HOT

Hexed Ch. 01

 — A man shrinks - but Mom finds him. by dellagordo09/29/124.65HOT

Hexed Ch. 02

 — Escalation. by dellagordo10/01/124.64HOT

Hexed Ch. 03

 — Re-evaluation. by dellagordo10/03/124.60HOT

Hidden Charms

 — A desperate girl finds a remarkable friend. by EddyFox10/06/064.71HOT

Hidden Love

 — A dragon and woman fall in love. by Galadreyil05/14/114.17

Hidden Magic Ch. 04

 — Full circle. by EklectikChik04/17/044.45

Hidden Magic: Prologue

 — When Darkness Treathens can an innocent child save her world. by CosmicDreams06/24/073.00

High Lord Reginald, Emperor of all

 — A fantasy story bdsm and virgins. by muixenc06/13/134.07

High on You

 — A woman discovers she's not alone in her house. by JukeboxEMCSA12/29/114.20

Highway to Krell - Bisexual Edition

 — There is an infestation of tiny lizards on the Pinwheel. by Snekguy04/13/174.78HOT

Highway to Krell - Hetero Edition

 — There is an infestation of tiny lizards on the Pinwheel. by Snekguy04/13/174.79HOT


 — Space travel can be dangerous alone. by MagicMarie09/03/124.28

Hijacked Pt. 02

 — Out of the frying pan, into the fire. by MagicMarie02/22/154.31

Hilde's "Maiden" Voyage Ch. 01

 — It was just another uneventful day in Skyrim... by Dunmen06/15/143.48

Hilo Tells a Tale

 — Elf Sorceress gets sent to the High Scepter's office. by Guinahart05/05/16HOT

Hinterlands Encounter

 — Night Elves enjoy a hot night together. by humbelle06/15/074.15

His Kiss

 — A tale of vampire love. by alias_words01/14/064.32

His Last Fateful Halloween

 — A fateful Halloween tale of love and honor. by humblyyours10/30/034.09

His Little Fish

 — A story about a siren who is punished for her misdeeds. by CherryFoam12/07/123.92

His One And Only Drug

 — He's addicted to her. by Neshi05/25/084.32

His Only Son

 — A half elf mistress recalls her child's conception. by DireLilith03/13/07HOT

His Self For Great Mother

 — A druid's discovery of ultimate coupling. by JustinAme05/18/104.39

His Word

 — She barters for lessons of the blade. by DireLilith05/30/07HOT

His World - School Ch. 01

 — Jake's world is all about him. by TTSoul05/11/123.05

His World - School Ch. 02

 — Jake continues his day of school with Ms. Selena Janet by TTSoul05/28/123.02

His World - School Ch. 03

 — Next one Jake's list is Tawny Wales. by TTSoul07/18/123.38

Ho Ho Ho for the Holidays

 — Santa's cum tastes like eggnong. by Noi Jetat12/13/184.65HOT

Hoisted, Held, and Horned Up! - Story

 — This Story goes with art that I've done by the same title. by Professorredbottom01/30/194.67HOT

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kill Me

 — A tale of espionage and sci-fi interlaced with lust. by B5900110/31/113.75

Holiday Mischief Entry 2005

 — Entry form for the contest 2005. by Scorpio4411/18/054.03

Hollow Eve

 — A Halloween Story. by Misstaken4me10/19/114.54HOT

Holodeck Ch. 1

 — The captain finds her self in the fantasy of her first officer. by Ranma-Saotome09/08/024.17

Holodeck Discoveries Ch. 01

 — Guy finds out about kinky sex on Holodeck. by CoolSideofthePillow09/27/153.88

Holodeck Discoveries Ch. 02

 — Guy encounters a kinky beautiful woman masturbating. by CoolSideofthePillow10/05/154.50HOT


 — Sexy time on last night on spaceship. by HoserOmega05/10/094.00

Hologram Hijinx

 — A woman plays a futuristic, sexy game with her lover. by MrsHore10/03/113.50


 — A romantic tale of love between a Captain and his wife. by DragonsMidnightAngel05/19/124.33


 — In the past or future, humanity decide where Home is. by xannatharr05/26/154.38

Home Again

 — A bounty hunter returns home to his loving wife... by Axelotl03/07/154.56HOT

Home Ch. 02

 — In the past or future, humanity decide where Home is. by xannatharr09/07/154.52HOT

Home Ch. 03

 — In the past or future, humanity decides where Home is. by xannatharr09/09/154.48

Home to Virile Oak

 — At the cutting edge of Mother Earth's plight. by sr71plt03/28/074.09

Homecoming at the Witch's Academy

 — A witch attends her reunion with revenge on her mind. by msgrant6710/10/124.48


 — In the end, we are but animals. by dirtylover02/07/063.55

Homunculus Diaries Ch. 01

 — A young homunculus chronicles her first days of sentience. by doinstuff04/29/164.55HOT

Homunculus Diaries Ch. 02

 — Our Homunculus heroine hears more than she bargained for. by doinstuff05/05/164.72HOT

Homunculus Diaries Ch. 03

 — Our heroine figures something out. by doinstuff05/17/164.72HOT

Homunculus Diaries Ch. 04

 — Breast milk! Not just for babies! by doinstuff05/30/164.54HOT

Homunculus Diaries Ch. 05

 — Daylily learns a simple truth about life. by doinstuff06/13/164.80HOT

Homunculus Diaries Ch. 06

 — Artificial human goes. by doinstuff11/24/164.69HOT

Honey's Hive

 — Friends become lovers with help of transformational potion. by capn_doggy03/05/174.52HOT

Honey, I'm Home!

 — It's just a matter of time... by jacktar4806/17/143.70

Honey, I'm Home! Ch. 02

 — Lisa loves a hot fudge sundae. by jacktar4806/20/144.14

Honey, I'm Home! Ch. 03

 — If I had it to do all over again, I’d do it all over you. by jacktar4806/23/143.90

Honey-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed

 — A wicked Thriae encounters a sweet saffron alraune. by GigglingGoblin04/14/194.67HOT


 — After an Olympian Wedding... by masterslilfara03/03/073.20

Honeymoon Manor Ch. 00

 — A teasing Fey Queen and a sweet witch set a seductive trap. by GigglingGoblin01/05/184.82HOT

Honeymoon Manor Ch. 01

 — Within the Manor, Felix faces an unusual set of keyholes. by GigglingGoblin03/06/184.70HOT

Honour Among Thieves

 — What happens after the guild meeting... by OliviaTwiste11/07/134.23

Hooked 2067

 — Zara experiences more than she expects on her 18th birthday. by Scorpius194512/05/173.59


 — A glitched Sex Mage can't fit in with a nearby town. by Salamando_Flames02/17/164.69HOT

Hope's Ascension

 — Adri & Krellyn begin a new adventure together. by Guinahart12/08/154.62HOT

Hope's Awakening

 — Lovely pale-elf is deflowered by a dark-elf. by Guinahart11/13/15

Hoplites, Thralls & Prizes Ch. 01

 — Erin O'Keefe and others discover a strange new world. by Odeon177602/21/174.12

Hoplites, Thralls & Prizes Ch. 02

 — Erin awakes to find she's been changed. by Odeon177602/23/174.39

Hoplites, Thralls & Prizes Ch. 03

 — The new arrivals are introduced to Eden. by Odeon177602/24/174.35

Hoplites, Thralls & Prizes Ch. 04

 — Dana meets someone she knew and the Hoplites she will train by Odeon177602/27/174.28

Hoplites, Thralls & Prizes Ch. 05

 — Erin meets Marcus and learns about being a Prize. by Odeon177602/28/174.28

Hoplites, Thralls & Prizes Ch. 06

 — Dana endures a trying first two-weeks as a new Hoplite. by Odeon177603/07/174.63HOT

Hoplites, Thralls & Prizes Ch. 07

 — Dana's counseling with Erin takes a fun twist. by Odeon177603/16/174.52HOT

Hormones Create a Goddess

 — Experimental hormone therapy turns Tanya into a goddess. by Crimson_Spectre06/04/183.39

Horned Love Ch. 01

 — A smitten Tauren stalks a Draenei in Dalaran. by ItsJessy02/07/184.33

Horned Love Ch. 02

 — Smitten Draenei goes back to smitten Tauren's room. by ItsJessy02/08/184.64HOT

Horse Play

 — An erotic performer faces the process of becoming a centaur. by Nate_Walis05/22/124.47

Host Hunting Ch. 01

 — It is time to step out of hiding and back into the night. by Redstones10/15/174.48

Host Hunting Ch. 02

 — Read Host Hunting or you may get lost. by Redstones11/29/174.57


 — A merchant leaves his daughter in the custody of aliens. by Snekguy01/21/174.71HOT

Hostile Ch. 01

 — Jake crashes on an unknown planet. He is not alone. by Nehkara12/23/104.53HOT

Hostile Ch. 02

 — Alie hunts. by Nehkara12/24/104.64HOT

Hostile Ch. 03

 — Jake discovers Alie. by Nehkara12/25/104.67HOT

Hostile Ch. 04

 — Jake saves Alie. by Nehkara12/26/104.74HOT

Hostile Ch. 05

 — Alie's recovery begins. by Nehkara12/27/104.69HOT

Hostile Ch. 06

 — Alie starts learning about sex. by Nehkara12/28/104.77HOT

Hostile Ch. 07

 — Alie and Jake settle in. by Nehkara12/31/104.72HOT

Hostile Ch. 08

 — Alie's first time. by Nehkara01/05/114.70HOT

Hostile Ch. 09

 — Alie tries to explain. Will Jake understand? by Nehkara03/06/114.75HOT

Hostile Ch. 10

 — Alie and Jake work it out. by Nehkara07/18/114.70HOT

Hostile Takeover

 — A sci-fi forced feminisation story. by jameseylo02/14/192.62

Hot Days and Hotter Nights Ch. 01

 — A powerful and gorgeous futa takes a bride. by cultofstrawberry09/30/144.42

Hot Days and Hotter Nights Ch. 02

 — Wedding night the gorgeous and powerful futa takes her bride by cultofstrawberry10/05/144.57HOT

Hot Days and Hotter Nights Ch. 03

 — Sena learns what it is like to have a futanari as a lover. by cultofstrawberry11/18/144.64HOT

Hot Days and Hotter Nights Ch. 04

 — Sena gets more used to her new home, and her futanari lover. by cultofstrawberry12/16/144.72HOT

Hot Days and Hotter Nights Ch. 05

 — Salamacia begins to thaw Sena's icy shell. by cultofstrawberry02/04/154.63HOT

Hot Days and Hotter Nights Ch. 06

 — Sena continues to enjoy the affections of her futa lover. by cultofstrawberry05/10/154.72HOT

Hot Days and Hotter Nights Ch. 07

 — A challenger approaches! by cultofstrawberry09/26/154.79HOT

Hot House Crustacea Ch. 01.1

 — Two hot women, a defective A.I., and lots of slimy aliens. by PrevertOne09/16/104.07

Hot House Crustacea Ch. 01.2

 — Two hot women, one defective A.I., and lots of slimy aliens. by PrevertOne09/17/104.11

Hot House Crustacea Ch. 01.3

 — Two hot women, one defective A.I., and lots of slimy aliens. by PrevertOne09/18/104.26

Hot House Crustacea Ch. 01.4

 — Two hot women, one defective A.I. and lots of slimy aliens. by PrevertOne09/26/104.39

Hot House Crustacea Ch. 01.5

 — Two hot girls, one defective A.I, and lots of slimy aliens. by PrevertOne10/31/104.41

Hot House Crustacea Ch. 01.6

 — Two hot women, one defective A.I., and lots of slimy aliens. by PrevertOne11/01/104.27

Hot Kofe

 — An alien vows to seduce a surly man by any means necessary. by Snekguy04/13/184.82HOT

Hot Ride

 — First look at Adventures of Kipp: Smuggler For Hire by chipfu7210/23/133.83

Hot Time in Matrix City

 — A lesbo superhero looking for loving. by Tribade05/28/074.22

Hours Ch. 03

 — The rest of the crew are let in on part of the secret. by Starbug36003/03/134.50

Hours Ch. 04

 — Trance and Dylan get a couple of surprises. by Starbug36003/04/133.89

House Aurenthin

 — The history of the Lowest Drow House in "Surfacing". by Etaski09/14/164.90HOT

House of Adelaide Ch. 01

 — Adelaide finds her true power. by Dare_Allen12/10/094.26

House of Adelaide Ch. 02

 — The Compact and an Interlude with the King and Queen by Dare_Allen12/13/094.14

House of Darkness Ch. 01

 — Helpless innocents discover a world of dark desire. by SunsetHues09/28/174.45

House of Ill Repute

 — Young couple's journey into a mansion of sex. by cby206/07/024.37

House of Nameless

 — All things new again... by NeoShade02/16/184.78HOT

House of Nameless Day 02

 — Working out the Kink and Adding Decor... by NeoShade02/21/184.74HOT

House of Sex

 — In the memory of Vincent Price. by voluptuary_manque10/07/134.20

House Sorena Ch. 01

 — Aelfin becomes guardian to his granddaughter. by TJSkywind12/16/134.76HOT

House Sorena Ch. 02 Pt. 1

 — Dayanna gains a sister in Sargossa. Non-erotic. by TJSkywind11/12/144.80HOT

House Sorena Ch. 02 Pt. 2

 — Dayanna and Beri find more than they expected. by TJSkywind11/19/144.89HOT

Household Services Unit

 — Who services whom in the home of the future? by jcleland2103/21/174.30

How An Angel Gets Her Wings

 — Tale of the relationship between and angel and a demon. by Neco Apreal12/15/024.33

How Christmas Was Almost Lost

 — Santa sexes evil elves. by blindjack12/08/044.59HOT

How Death Came to Mr Thomas

 — Poetry is more than a little death. by TheWednesdayIsland03/18/114.80HOT

How Excellia got Her Horns

 — An amazon warrior seeks glory but finds unexpected pleasure. by AdmiralSquish01/04/154.58HOT

How I Became a Milk Cow

 — A busty woman becomes a human milk cow and a sex slave. by Cowman8206/16/123.78

How She Became a Vampire Ch. 01

 — Heather loses her innocence and mortality by GodTheJudge04/05/074.06

How To - Staff Satisfaction/I Suck Ch. 02

 — Trish the Doll keeps going. by lappsink09/21/184.40

How To - Staff Satisfaction/I Suck Ch. 03

 — Trish has a change of vision and a new ally comes forward. by lappsink04/02/194.30

How to Date a Superhero Ch. 01

 — Collector's item first issue! by frozenhero105/19/144.72HOT

How to Date a Superhero Ch. 02

 — First appearance of Apollo! by frozenhero105/25/144.78HOT

How to Date a Superhero Ch. 03

 — Mega-Girl vs. Apollo! by frozenhero110/25/144.66HOT

How to Date a Superhero Ch. 04

 — Mega-Girl visits Olympus, city of the Gods! by frozenhero110/31/144.50HOT

How to Date a Superhero Ch. 05

 — First appearance of Artemis! by frozenhero111/01/144.39

How to Date a Superhero Ch. 06

 — Artemis! Apollo! The Leviathan! Mega Girl! N'uff said!!! by frozenhero111/08/144.59HOT

How to Date a Superhero Ch. 07

 — Mega-Girl takes Apollo to meet her mother. by frozenhero103/05/154.63HOT

How to Date a Superhero Ch. 08

 — It all comes crashing down. by frozenhero104/13/154.66HOT

How to Date a Superhero Ch. 09

 — The death of Mega-Girl. by frozenhero104/23/154.64HOT

How to Date a Superhero Ch. 10

 — The final showdown with Pluto. by frozenhero106/09/154.75HOT

How to Date a Superhero Ch. 11

 — Back from Hades, Penny and Jordan sort out their lives. by frozenhero107/29/154.65HOT

How to Date a Superhero Ch. 12

 — Mega-Girl turns herself in! by frozenhero108/09/154.67HOT

How to Kill a Byrd

 — It's a new world, a world with almost no men. by MysteryWriter09/25/144.47

How to Make a Sex Toy Ch. 01

 — Beth undergoes experiments that will change her life forever. by FutaMonster07/23/174.29

How to Make a Sex Toy Ch. 02

 — Beth's transformation continues. by FutaMonster07/26/174.41

How to Make a Sex Toy Ch. 03

 — Beth's new outlook on life is put to the test. by FutaMonster07/27/174.44

How to Tame a Succubus Ch. 01

 — Adventure of a Paladin and the Succubus he enslaved. by Exeltus12/23/124.59HOT

How to Tame a Succubus Ch. 02

 — Adventure of a Paladin and the Succubus he enslaved. by Exeltus12/28/124.62HOT

How Triss Merigold Left the Lodge

 — A story of lesbian domination and submission. by fantasy_lover567806/17/154.42


 — A werewolf romance. by Valkyrie89701/18/184.46

Howling Roar Ch. 03

 — Lucian faces his Judgment. by DarkWolfKnight704/26/104.78HOT

Howls of Lust and Fury

 — Gladiatrix enjoys some downtime in post apocalyptic world. by thisismessedup05/21/174.18

Huddled Together Ch. 01

 — Companionship Outbreak. by WritersUnblock02/12/123.89

Huddled Together Ch. 02

 — Good Hunting. by WritersUnblock02/13/124.68HOT

Huddled Together Ch. 03

 — Hard Road Home. by WritersUnblock02/14/124.61HOT

Huddled Together Ch. 04

 — Recuperation. by WritersUnblock07/12/124.58HOT

Huddled Together Ch. 05

 — Lower Your Defences. by WritersUnblock07/13/124.62HOT

Huddled Together Ch. 06

 — A Type Of Freedom. by WritersUnblock08/11/124.58HOT

Huddled Together Ch. 07

 — One For All. by WritersUnblock08/22/124.55HOT

Huddled Together Ch. 08

 — You Should Never Go Home Again. by WritersUnblock08/23/124.69HOT

Huddled Together Ch. 09

 — For Who You Love. by WritersUnblock08/31/124.48

Huddled Together Ch. 10

 — Abandon. by WritersUnblock09/05/124.66HOT

Huddled Together Ch. 11

 — To Safety. by WritersUnblock09/27/124.46

Huddled Together Ch. 12

 — True Coupling. by WritersUnblock10/19/124.53HOT

Huddled Together Ch. 13

 — No Question. by WritersUnblock10/22/123.86


 — The blissful journey to the ultimate climax. by homealone_44712/03/144.36

Human Conditioning

 — The perfect treatment for the human condition. by EasyTarget06/30/134.49

Human Research

 — A sex clinic experiment goes better than planned. by Xchef03/07/114.16

Human Revolution

 — Post-apocalyptic world leads to repopulation efforts. by Kozuka05/06/124.34

Human Wheels

 — It's just too freaking weird! by HungryGuy06/03/033.73

Humanity 2.0, Year 001, Day 001A

 — Excerpts from the thousand-year diary of the first hominus. by adrammalech05/16/134.52HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 001, Day 001B

 — Ben meets 15226, for the first - and last - time. by adrammalech05/20/134.57HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 001, Day 002

 — To be superhuman isn't necessarily a blessing. by adrammalech05/25/134.73HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 001, Day 007

 — Nadine was the first, and his greatest mistake. by adrammalech06/07/134.68HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 001, Day 022

 — A semi-triumphant return! by adrammalech06/16/134.73HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 001, Day 028

 — Ben claims Bethany, and begins her change as well. by adrammalech06/23/134.74HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 001, Day 055

 — Dumped by his own sister, Ben seduces the gorgeous Nina. by adrammalech06/28/134.79HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 002, Day 291

 — Reunited, Ben and his sister get acquainted again. by adrammalech07/05/134.78HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 006, Day 115

 — A sexy trip with three ski bunnies takes a dark turn. by adrammalech07/12/134.76HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 009, Day 014

 — Sex on a remote beach in the wilderness is interrupted. by adrammalech07/17/134.80HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 012, Day 098

 — After capture, Ben's true powers begin to emerge. by adrammalech07/21/134.74HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 028, Day 281

 — Ben turns the tables on his sexy interrogator. by adrammalech07/28/134.61HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 028, Day 284?

 — Ben's captors have a way to interrogate a mind-controller. by adrammalech08/01/134.81HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 029, Day 039

 — Finally safe, Ben and the girls get down to baby-making. by adrammalech08/07/134.74HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 041, Day 112

 — Ben has a Big Idea. Oh, and he gets his sister pregnant. by adrammalech08/12/134.76HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 055, Day 301

 — Ben's next nemesis emerges - Naglfar. by adrammalech09/23/134.78HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 088, Day 105

 — A private trek across Greenland with Claudia. by adrammalech02/04/144.73HOT

Humanity 2.0, Year 146, Day 181

 — Dark years between World Wars 4 and 5. by adrammalech08/04/154.81HOT

Hungry Ghosts

 — A brush with death makes two strangers savor being alive. by davybyrne09/18/184.81HOT

Hungry Like The Wolfgirl

 — A single zookeeper meets the woman*...of her wildest dreams. by Smokey12503/21/154.59HOT


 — A great hunter desires a legacy. by Justrex04/29/154.74HOT

Hunter and the Hunted Pt. 01

 — One night stands can be rough. by Lord_Tom_Byron09/07/094.33

Hunter and the Hunted Pt. 02

 — A mystical bounty hunter is caught by his dick. by Lord_Tom_Byron09/16/094.64HOT

Hunter of Evil Ch. 01

 — Can Murdoch over come the ultimate sexual temptation? by mrPIT05/11/064.19

Hunter of Evil Ch. 02

 — Trip home reminds Murdoch of his first time. by mrPIT05/19/064.42

Hunter of Evil Ch. 03

 — Murdoch gets his wish to face some werewolves. by mrPIT06/04/064.56HOT

Hunter of Evil Ch. 04

 — Murdoch becomes hunted... but not as prey. by mrPIT06/05/064.65HOT

Hunter of Evil Ch. 05

 — What happened next. by mrPIT07/06/064.59HOT

Hunter of Evil Ch. 06

 — A visit (and orgy) with the Faerie queen. by mrPIT11/30/064.45

Hunter of Time

 — Bill travels back in time, meets a girl. Simple. by tim408/16/144.24

Hunting The Storm Ch. 01

 — The Intergalactic Story of Gregor Sizen and his crew. by JammyJimmy09/12/114.67HOT

Huntress of the Galaxy

 — Rae Arizona battles the Red Moon Brotherhood. by TE99902/25/084.60HOT

Huntress of the Galaxy Ch. 02

 — Death of a Planet. by TE99907/28/084.47

Huntress of the Galaxy Ch. 03

 — The secret from the stars. by TE99901/05/104.41

Huntress of the Night

 — The hunt for the Vampire Lords begins. by LordWriter704/30/134.33

Huntress of the Night Ch. 02

 — The forest of the elves. by LordWriter707/04/134.27

Huntress: Origins

 — A mage-slaying huntress seduces a fugitive sorcerer. by SarahHawke02/05/184.79HOT

Huskies from Hell

 — One young man meets four tough huskies. by SciFurz05/10/184.87HOT

HV-2 Hazardous Cargo

 — Hard Sci-fi, a new arrival on the Hutana Van. by Twistedpleasures01/25/184.20

HV-3 Crystal Maiden

 — Hard Sci-fi story of the Voyage of the Hutana Van. by Twistedpleasures01/15/184.30

Hybrid Story

 — Introducing the hybrid. (no sex chapter) by shuriken201202/08/134.37

Hybrid Story Ch. 02

 — Bloody birthday party...and a new girlfriend? by shuriken201202/17/134.55HOT

Hybrid Story Ch. 03

 — Life just keeps getting more complicated. by shuriken201210/26/134.51HOT

Hybrid Theory

 — A man realizes love can come from the stars, too. by DualLegion07/24/174.34

Hylas and the Nymphs

 — What happened to him after he was taken. by scoripio708/10/074.26

I Am A Lover Not A Fighter

 — The 10,000 catholic school girl orgy. by Moked Out12/28/051.53

I Am a Sex God

 — Behold the power of a true sex god. by unremittingdesire06/06/134.42

I Am a Sex God Ch. 02

 — Adventures on public transit and at home. by unremittingdesire07/03/134.52HOT

I Am a Sex God Ch. 03

 — While on the job never mix business with pleasure. by unremittingdesire08/04/134.58HOT

I Am a Sex God Ch. 04

 — Going all the way with Maria. by unremittingdesire08/18/134.63HOT

I Am a Sex God Ch. 05

 — Sex Gods can work magic with their hands, literally. by unremittingdesire08/25/134.53HOT

I Am a Sex God Ch. 06

 — A day full of surprises with and old acquaintance. by unremittingdesire10/01/134.64HOT

I Am a Sex God Ch. 07

 — A busy Saturday to keep a Sex God Busy. by unremittingdesire06/03/144.71HOT

I Am a Sex God Ch. 08

 — Gifts made by a god for gods. No exchanges or refunds. by unremittingdesire04/08/164.66HOT

I am a Time Traveller

 — A time traveller's problem with his wife from the past. by glenlover04/10/094.01

I am Jake's Mom Bk. 02 Ch. 01-03

 — Brandon, after the best sex of his life, lingers in her body. by bqnk06/19/184.42

I am Jake's Mom Bk. 02 Ch. 04

 — Brandon is taken in the sensations of his new MILF body. by bqnk10/09/184.19

I am Jake's Mom Ch. 01

 — A secret causes Jake's friend to possess his mother's body. by bqnk08/04/174.25

I am Jake's Mom Ch. 02

 — A secret causes Jake's friend to possess his mother's body. by bqnk08/23/174.23

I am Jake's Mom Ch. 03

 — Brandon possesses Mrs. Moore and his cleverness backfires. by bqnk08/30/174.18

I am not a slave

 — Bored pleasure girl is given someone to pleasure her needs . by Biscuit8611/22/133.78

I Believe in Faeries!

 — A sex transformation fantasy. by ElwoodAsh05/29/083.33

I Dream of Demie Ch. 07 - Kate and Cat

 — A newcomer makes magic in the bedroom. by Krosis08/21/174.52HOT

I Hate My Job

 — Carly, a bio-sentient computer assistant, hates her job. by The_Technician04/12/174.37

I Know He's a King Ch. 01

 — Amram's fate in the war. by Jane Shield11/09/054.50HOT

I Know He's a King Ch. 02

 — Amram and the army marches. by Jane Shield11/15/054.49

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