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I Know He's a King Ch. 03

 — A rendez-vous with an oldtime enemy. by Jane Shield11/22/054.63HOT

I Know He's a King Ch. 04

 — Amram and the Moonsisters fight. by Jane Shield11/30/054.56HOT

I Know He's a King Ch. 05

 — Is Amram going to get healed or what? by Jane Shield12/11/054.62HOT

I Know He's a King Ch. 06

 — Amram deals with strange feelings. by Jane Shield12/22/054.69HOT

I Know He's a King Ch. 07

 — Amram finds herself in bath with one of her suitors. by Jane Shield01/03/064.60HOT

I Know He's a King Ch. 08

 — Testing Amram's emotions. by Jane Shield01/19/064.61HOT

I Know He's a King Ch. 09

 — Revelations and hurt. by Jane Shield02/04/064.63HOT

I Know He's a King Ch. 10

 — The arrival of a friend, means leave for Amram. by Jane Shield04/20/064.58HOT

I Know He's a King Ch. 11

 — A meeting with the enemy. by Jane Shield09/12/064.65HOT

I Love You FCSK 12712

 — Meet the latest gynoid sex surrogate: better than real. by dr_mabeuse11/06/024.79HOT

I Love You Grandpa

 — A Christmas wish comes true. by Sean Renaud11/23/094.19

I Need It Bigger Ch. 01

 — Black boy obsessed with getting larger does the unthinkable. by destroywhiteboys09/26/163.83

I Need It Bigger Ch. 02

 — Lamar gets bigger and takes his history teacher as his slave. by destroywhiteboys09/28/163.80

I Need It Bigger Ch. 03

 — Everyone but the football team has fallen under his control. by destroywhiteboys10/01/163.25

I Promise You 01

 — Ryan is over his Ex-GF but she's not over him. by FinalStand08/22/134.55HOT

I Thirst

 — Night watchman finds a thief. by ufpe11/28/114.23

I Volunteered for This

 — My love returns to me in a VR world. by tdallyn05/27/164.10

I Was An Amazon Sex Slave!

 — Kidnapped and used by female space terrorists. by Pussyrider04/24/074.50HOT

I was an SSMV240 Mission Ch. 01

 — Sex Slave Male Variant 240. by conanthe04/14/124.27

I Was Born This Way Ch. 01

 — Lonely girl meets lonely man who has a secret. by Phoenix3009203/21/114.32

I Was Born This Way Ch. 02

 — Boy becomes possessive over girl. by Phoenix3009204/15/114.59HOT

I was Milked for My Sperm

 — It was many years ago as I recall, when I was in college... by quazyqat01/11/144.11

I Was So Much Older Then...

 — Seventy years on, science helps them fix a sexual mistake. by Spinneret11/12/124.48

I Will Always Be There For You

 — A boy and his dragoness get ready for her to lay their eggs. by StarLight_Nova10/04/144.52HOT

I Will Work Hard Ch. 01

 — A pouting peasant girl. by DreamerByTheDiamonds11/04/174.40

I Will Work Hard Ch. 02

 — I like you. by DreamerByTheDiamonds11/05/174.55HOT

I Will Work Hard Ch. 03

 — Keep on working. by DreamerByTheDiamonds11/06/174.66HOT

I Will Work Hard Ch. 04

 — Never to walk on the earth again. by DreamerByTheDiamonds11/07/174.66HOT

I Wish You Were Here

 — A defender of humans meets a horny elder god. by Kileka08/16/074.29

I Wished For What!? Ch. 00

 — Prologue: a gift from my aunt leads to something unexpected. by WhatYouWishFor04/28/184.14

I Wished For What!? Ch. 01

 — Gift from long disappeared aunt creates a wild crazy moment. by WhatYouWishFor05/09/184.18

I'll Bet Ye Fer It!

 — An old dwarf, a beautiful shoplifter, and a wager. by Mountain Rider11/23/054.75HOT

I'll Let You Be In My Dreams

 — Where does real-life end... and erotic fantasy begin...? by tristantrotsky08/08/123.89

I'm Selene, Your Escort for the Night

 — Lottery winner has an out-of-this-world experience. by Tribade07/04/074.42

I, Blackmail Ch. 06

 — Mistress Domina takes charge. by DigitalAge04/05/184.55HOT

I, Blackmail Ch. 07

 — Sarah confronts Benny. by DigitalAge04/06/184.48

I, Blackmail Ch. 08

 — The clock runs out. by DigitalAge04/07/184.33

I, Blackmail Ch. 09

 — An increasingly erratic Domina truly enslaves Sarah. by DigitalAge04/08/184.26

I, Blackmail Ch. 10

 — After nearly losing all hope, Sarah makes her escape. by DigitalAge04/09/184.52HOT

I, Blackmail Ch. 11

 — Sarah goes home and Kenshin tells his story. by DigitalAge04/10/184.57HOT

I, Blackmail Ch. 12

 — Sarah returns to school, but struggles to recover. by DigitalAge04/11/184.26

I, Blackmail Ch. 13

 — Kenshin and Sarah overcome. by DigitalAge04/12/184.82HOT

I, Dombot

 — Kinky girl, helpful bot. by stephenchapman08/05/174.57HOT


 — Sex, huge dicks and conspiracy in a futuristic New York. by Farmerboy10/05/134.25

Ian's Quest Pt. 01

 — Mastering the Wild Magic. by IowaIke05/26/16

Ian's Quest Pt. 02

 — A Damsel in Distress. by IowaIke05/27/16

Ian's Quest Pt. 03

 — Defeat of the Goatmen. by IowaIke05/30/16

Ian's Quest Pt. 04

 — Captive in a dragon's lair. by IowaIke06/01/16

Ian's Quest Pt. 05

 — The Siren Song. by IowaIke06/02/16

Ian's Quest Pt. 06

 — Summoning Demons. by IowaIke06/03/16

Ian's Quest Pt. 07

 — Conquering a Demon. by IowaIke06/04/16

Ian's Quest Pt. 08

 — Building a kingdom. by IowaIke06/07/16

Ian's Quest Pt. 09

 — More unexpected allies. by IowaIke06/08/16

Ian's Quest Pt. 10

 — Winning. by IowaIke06/09/16

Ice Gives Way to Fire

 — A sinister queen breaks the mind of a rebel. by HammerGod09/08/123.67

Ice Racer

 — A bounty hunter, his ladies, and their travels through Space. by RedHairedandFriendly02/14/074.71HOT

Ice Wars Ch. 01

 — The Ice Wars threaten to tear them apart forever. by LustyMadame07/24/124.00

Idle Hands Pt. 01

 — Dey and Loki are back - and called to a new adventure! by DragonCobolt08/18/174.76HOT

Idle Hands Pt. 02

 — An encounter with an alien tourist kicks off more adventure! by DragonCobolt08/23/174.81HOT

Idle Hands Pt. 03

 — Dey battles Kuz the Shockpod one last time! by DragonCobolt09/01/174.74HOT

Idle Hands Pt. 04

 — The danger skyrockets as the Yahaag makes his move. by DragonCobolt09/14/174.82HOT

Idle Hands Pt. 05

 — Dey and Xee seek to escape the pirates...and fuck! by DragonCobolt09/20/174.83HOT

Idle Hands Pt. 06

 — The thrilling conclusion of Idle Hands. Is it Dey's end too? by DragonCobolt09/28/174.88HOT

Idle Words

 — A tragic and post-apocalyptic romance. by SoldiersPoem07/01/103.75

If I Ruled The Universe

 — What if a superhuman ruled the universe? by Samuelx07/31/082.36

Illithid's Tale Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by charmscale02/28/184.89HOT

Illyana's Dremora

 — Skyrim adventurer delves into the darker side of magick use. by Katatonix04/10/144.42


 — I Married a Galaxy-Conquering Alien Space Monstrosity! by IanSaulWhitcomb03/11/154.66HOT

Immortal Brothers Of Carthage

 — Two African immortals war across the ages. by Samuelx03/18/153.76

Immortal Lovers

 — A Deva and a Vampire find their immortal lives intertwined. by TorrentialVortex03/03/164.75

Imnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 01

 — Isaac is abducted by a mysterious and sexy alien. by adrammalech04/23/124.61HOT

Imnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 02

 — Isaac and his alien captor return to Earth. by adrammalech05/08/124.60HOT

Imnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 03

 — Nall turns Isaac loose on an unsuspecting woman. by adrammalech05/13/124.72HOT

Imnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 04

 — Nall and Isaac have a day on the town. by adrammalech05/18/124.58HOT

Imnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 05

 — Nall makes further use of Isaac. by adrammalech05/24/124.70HOT

Imnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 06

 — Nall's grip on Isaac is weakening. by adrammalech05/30/124.66HOT

Imnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 07

 — Two girls are impregnated with eggs, willingly. by adrammalech06/05/124.74HOT

Imnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 08

 — Isaac confronts Nall, and his sister enters the picture. by adrammalech06/09/124.73HOT

Imnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 09

 — The conclusion to the egg-laden saga! by adrammalech06/13/124.77HOT

Impossible Odds

 — Femdom - A post-apocalyptic world where only females rule. by Darkcula05/25/163.76

Improbable Futures - Dick on Jane Ch. 01

 — An eighteen year old girl at private school has a secret. by Intoxicated_Dreams09/07/184.75HOT

Improbable Futures - Dick on Jane Ch. 02

 — A school girl tries to keep her secret from her roommate. by Intoxicated_Dreams09/20/184.71HOT

Improbable Futures - Dick on Jane Ch. 03

 — A young woman tries to keep her secret from her roomie. by Intoxicated_Dreams09/30/184.81HOT

Improbable Futures - Dick on Jane Ch. 04

 — A young woman shares her secret with her friend. by Intoxicated_Dreams10/16/184.87HOT

Improbable in Megatropolis Ch. 01

 — Time/mind controlling villain targets city's superheroins. by PhiloHunter11/01/154.49

In a Bottle... Ch. 01

 — Alan's puzzle collecting pays off. by Zeban12/07/104.67HOT

In a Bottle... Ch. 02

 — Alan decides to use his first wish. by Zeban12/17/104.64HOT

In a Bottle... Ch. 03

 — Alan's second wish and an unexpected encounter. by Zeban04/08/114.70HOT

In a Bottle... Ch. 04

 — Alan learns a little more about magic... and Magik. by Zeban12/03/114.70HOT

In a Bottle... Ch. 05

 — Alan explores his magic. Life gets complicated. by Zeban04/12/134.67HOT

In a Bottle... Ch. 06

 — The next day. by Zeban11/21/164.63HOT

In a Bottle... Ch. 07

 — A little spontaneous vacation uncovers more truth. by Zeban12/17/164.75HOT

In a Bottle... Ch. 08

 — Who exactly are these magi... and how do we stop them? by Zeban04/06/174.77HOT

In a Galaxy of Terror

 — Trapped in a desolate spaceship, woman is stalked by a gia. by zspot02/28/084.27

In an Iron Sling

 — Love and life lessons from a country witch. by Mountain Rider02/14/064.75HOTEditor's Pick

In Beauty

 — The Mother of all reclaims her throne. by Jenna_In_Dreamland10/09/033.81

In Heat

 — Commanding officer gives his trainee the hot sex she needs. by BrightXPsi09/16/124.29

In Heat

 — Alpha shifter helps one of his females in heat. by FHH6905/30/164.13

In Heat

 — A new drug puts women in heat and men want them. by horsham03/11/184.37

In His Heart

 — Two college students make a deal with the Reaper. by Feotakahari07/13/124.33

In His Nature

 — Now and then from a different perspective. by Scorpio44a07/07/104.19

In Love and War

 — Damsels in distress come up regularily when orcs attack. by xenophile08/06/114.55HOT

In Northern Hands

 — A member of the Matriarchy is captured by the Patriarchy. by Wifetheif05/26/134.33

In Northern Hands Ch. 02

 — Raven's life as a slave of the patriarchy continues. by Wifetheif06/20/134.37

In Northern Hands Ch. 03

 — Raven's life as a slave of the patriarchy continues. by Wifetheif09/25/134.51HOT

In Over His Head

 — A sexy comedy/adventure/harem/fantasy love story. by mouseyman9912/17/164.79HOT

In Over His Head Ch. 02

 — The Adventure's of Edovan and Yagaritte continue! by mouseyman9912/28/164.67HOT

In Over His Head Ch. 03

 — Things are really heating up for Edovan down in the laundry! by mouseyman9901/04/174.65HOT

In Over His Head Ch. 04

 — The game continues, but Edovan is no match for who's coming. by mouseyman9901/10/174.72HOT

In Over His Head Ch. 05

 — Little Mouse in the Lioness Den.. Nice knowing you Edovan! by mouseyman9901/20/174.79HOT

In Over His Head Ch. 06

 — A brief peek into the past... and... breakfast?? by mouseyman9905/20/174.78HOT

In Over His Head Ch. 07

 — Edovan and Staan catch a mesmerizing fight. by mouseyman9906/02/174.64HOT

In Over His Head Ch. 08

 — An explosive conclusion! by mouseyman9907/11/174.77HOT

In Over His Head Ch. 09

 — Edovan Meets the Guildmaster, or should we say, Mistress! by mouseyman9911/12/174.78HOT

In Over His Head Ch. 10

 — Back in the past, Eydva's life takes a fateful turn. by mouseyman9911/14/174.62HOT

In Over His Head Ch. 11: FIGHT!

 — Edovan must face the TITanic Mountains to stay in the guild! by mouseyman9902/24/184.74HOT

In Over His Head Ch. 12

 — Edovan's head is reeling after the "battle" he just lost. by mouseyman9905/12/184.72HOT

In Paradise Ch. 05

 — The uncanny. by Ashes199002/17/124.43

In Pharaoh's Boat

 — A taste of Egyptian Theology. by dr_mabeuse06/27/034.49

In Quest

 — Son of Seth. by riccogrande04/07/09HOT

In Service of the Dark Ch. 01

 — A young man's transformation into a proper demon. by WritingStory12312305/09/184.55HOT

In Shadowed Silence Ch. 01

 — A thief falls unaware into a shadowy plot. by Brasstacks04/14/124.64HOT

In Shadowed Silence Ch. 02

 — Aulric learns a dangerous secret. by Brasstacks04/15/124.67HOT

In Shadowed Silence Ch. 03

 — Aulric stumbles upon an unexpected dalliance. by Brasstacks04/16/124.60HOT

In Shadowed Silence Ch. 04

 — Pursuit of mystery, Thydara negotiates with Retik. by Brasstacks04/21/124.71HOT

In Shadowed Silence Ch. 05

 — Olus indulges his mean streak. by Brasstacks04/22/124.58HOT

In Sync

 — Futuristic technology brings two lovers closer than ever. by frisson709/18/164.33

In The Beginning

 — Space travelers discover sex. by ainu11/22/013.78

In the Beginning

 — Adam's first wife and the Serpent by AmaranthSkye06/20/094.15

In the Chains of Omphale Ch. 00

 — Hera begins her revenge against Heracles. by SeleucusNicator06/14/113.72

In The Closet Ch. 01

 — Guy finds mystery girl in closet. Inspired by Sillybilly1993. by JaxRhapsody03/23/133.95

In The Closet Ch. 02

 — Mystery girl revealed. by JaxRhapsody04/09/134.27

In The Darkest Of Nights 01

 — An escapade gone wrong. by Beatnic_jazzman02/24/134.40

In The Darkest Of Nights 02

 — Getting to know each other better. by Beatnic_jazzman02/25/134.46

In The Darkest Of Nights 03

 — Finding a new world. by Beatnic_jazzman02/26/134.67HOT

In The Darkest Of Nights 04

 — Success. by Beatnic_jazzman02/27/134.58HOT

In the Darkness

 — In the darkest age, strange events happens... by hentaiboy6906/26/153.67

In The Dragon's Keep Pt. 01

 — A dragon god tames a defiant princess in his lair. by ErosinaScarlett09/03/164.63HOT

In The Dragon's Keep Pt. 02

 — The dragon attempts to bend the princess to his will. by ErosinaScarlett09/14/164.75HOT

In The Dragon's Keep Pt. 03

 — Veles devours Freya once more to her shameful delight. by ErosinaScarlett10/24/164.64HOT

In The Dragon's Keep Pt. 04

 — The dragon and the princess surrender to each other. by ErosinaScarlett11/19/164.79HOT

In the End

 — The end of the world was the opening they've always needed. by rockinpossum01/31/154.26

In the Flesh

 — CyberSex with a Twist of Slime. by lalaloveya09/04/033.76

In the Heat of the Knight

 — A knight finds a princess captive in a tower and claims her. by ShallowBay07/04/074.06

In the Houses of Pleasure Ch. 01

 — A prostitute in exotic lands is abducted and made an offer. by GirlyCumslutBoy02/25/08

In the Kingdom of Smut Ch. 00

 — Prequel mini-chapters of a Prince and his Bodyguard. by HookedonPhoenix12/17/164.77HOT

In the Kingdom of Smut Ch. 01

 — Young Prince in a sexually charged Kingdom learns to rule. by HookedonPhoenix10/23/164.69HOT

In the Kingdom of Smut Ch. 02

 — The Prince has a meeting with the Queen. by HookedonPhoenix10/27/164.70HOT

In the Kingdom of Smut Ch. 03

 — The Prince and the Queen have a Handmaiden join them. by HookedonPhoenix11/10/164.61HOT

In the Kingdom of Smut Ch. 04

 — The Prince and the High Priestess Bond. by HookedonPhoenix11/19/164.76HOT

In the Kingdom of Smut Ch. 05

 — The Prince and the Royal Tutor learn a lewd lesson. by HookedonPhoenix04/09/174.81HOT

In the Lair of the Entropy God

 — Anduvar rescues Shalia from being sacrificed. by TJSkywind05/14/134.64HOT

In the Land of the Rokken Ch. 01

 — Transported to another world, paraplegic Nick finds freedom. by fabfables03/19/124.38

In the Name of Science

 — Sometimes those who study become the subject. by PurpleThread01/29/103.09

In the Name of Science

 — A scientist takes extreme measures to save her experiments. by homealone_44706/18/164.37

In the Office

 — She comes by to say farewell, gets more than goodbye. by TeacherWoman3611/17/113.56

In the Spider's Web Ch. 01

 — A young woman is captured by a spider monster. by charmscale11/29/184.51HOT

In The Temple of Kaos

 — Rumor had it that the Citadel of the Cult never slept. by Namazu05/25/123.95

In The Temple of Kaos Ch. 03

 — For a good moment the priest was silent.... by Namazu06/15/124.44

In The Time To Come

 — She makes a robot lover with an agenda of his own. by mrjones50200308/10/073.90

In the Torture Chamber

 — Conner & Fionuala discover their wild sides. by Connerandfionuala02/29/043.22

In The Year 2127

 — Woman in a Moon colony copes with loneliness. by John_the_Author11/04/083.89

In the Year Twenty Six Thirty Four

 — Romantic lust conquers all. by imhapless01/21/174.31

In Theory

 — Two strangers share a timeless bond of lust. by JPhantym11/13/074.54HOT

In This Country Act 01 Ch. 01

 — Fearless is Terrifying. by DarkMatter2309/18/184.30

In This Country Act 01 Ch. 02

 — Fight or Flight Response. by DarkMatter2309/19/184.20

In with the Old

 — Women rule; men are kept locked away in cages until one day. by Aetheriun11/13/083.68

In Yer Dreams

 — A dreamy celestial first time. by FurLove02/27/064.54HOT

In Yer Dreams Ch. 02

 — Kim and Del go out of this world. by FurLove07/31/064.48

Ina and the Dark Mage

 — Ina hunts down her greatest opponent and fights for her life. by DrElectrogasm02/06/154.50HOT

Inanna's Descent into the Underworld Ch. 03

 — Inanna must make a difficult choice. by KatieTay03/11/134.75HOT

Inanna's Descent into the Underworld Ch. 04

 — The final confrontation, and the Ending of Endings. by KatieTay05/12/174.94HOT

Incident at Cemetery Junction

 — Even the dead can learn. by Handley_Page10/14/094.67HOT


 — Brave explorer gets molested & drained by a horny amazon! by dreadknots10/23/184.41


 — Brainstem reticular formation. by skorp7506410/04/103.77

Incubus Ch. 01

 — Lilly summons a demon to avenge her mother's death. by charmscale01/17/154.52HOT

Incubus Ch. 02

 — Estries and Lilly discuss why she summoned him. by charmscale12/04/154.70HOT

Incubus Ch. 03

 — Despite Estries' protection, Lilly is kidnapped. by charmscale12/05/154.66HOT

Incubus In The Family

 — An Incubus spends a Saturday loving his foster family. by WebWrites05/29/184.57HOT

Indian Assignment

 — Introduces Claire Baxter a female spy for C.O.I.L. by Stephen062804/20/154.40

Indicum Vernum (Indigo Spring)

 — A study in botanical reproductive systems. by Apple_Leigh12/11/144.34

Indigo Ink Ch. 01

 — Nightlife - a tale of vampire erotica. by Belengo01/20/124.50HOT

Indigo Ink Ch. 02

 — Blood Lust - a tale of vampire erotica. by Belengo02/02/124.59HOT

Indigo Ink Ch. 03

 — Foolish Games - A tale of vampire erotica. by Belengo02/05/124.74HOT

Indigo Ink Ch. 04

 — Indian Summer - A tale of vampire erotica. by Belengo02/09/124.80HOT

Indigo Ink Ch. 05

 — Bound - A tale of vampire erotica. by Belengo02/15/124.49

Inetme'thul's Last Adventure

 — High Elf adventurer goes on her last, ill fated adventure. by PhiloHunter11/03/174.46

Infection Ch. 01

 — Alien bacteria infects geek with craving for sex. by dweaver99905/16/074.36

Infection Ch. 02

 — The bacteria compels its hosts to spread it to others. by dweaver99905/25/074.48

Infection Ch. 03

 — Jarod and Marie discover they are infected. by dweaver99905/31/074.47

Infection Ch. 04

 — Jarod and Marie try to keep the infected from having sex. by dweaver99906/15/074.55HOT

Infection Ch. 05

 — The bacteria spreads and desires increase exponentially. by dweaver99907/01/074.53HOT

Infection Ch. 06

 — The CDC turn Jarod and Marie into test subjects. by dweaver99907/12/074.58HOT

Infection Ch. 07

 — The Humbol incident is resolved. by dweaver99907/21/074.65HOT

Infernal Fornications

 — Diabolic carnal couplings amongst academics. by yowser11/01/184.48

Inferno 7000

 — A hellish sword-and-sorcery adventure. by saturnaliat03/15/164.46

Inferno 7001

 — Inferno 7000 continues, horrifyingly. by saturnaliat03/19/164.51HOT

Inferno 7002

 — In which there is a fight in the dark and a Duke. by saturnaliat03/22/164.47

Inferno 7003

 — Our hero gets lost. The Duke plots, sinfully. by saturnaliat03/30/164.46

Inferno 7004

 — Dalile walks the Rope of Pain and Pleasure. by saturnaliat04/09/164.19

Inferno 7005

 — Certain perverse applications of necromancy occur. by saturnaliat04/16/164.51HOT

Inferno 7006

 — A wild night of debauchery in the Court of Filth goes wrong. by saturnaliat04/27/164.46

Inferno 7007

 — Sofia meets some strange folks with evil intent. by saturnaliat05/01/164.60HOT

Inferno 7008

 — Greg and friends go down, down, down. by saturnaliat05/18/164.62HOT

Inferno 7009

 — Greg climbs a tower. by saturnaliat05/20/164.53HOT

Inferno 7010

 — Greg and co. execute a brilliant plan. by saturnaliat05/31/164.33

Inferno 7011

 — Greg's darkest hour. by saturnaliat06/18/164.27

Inferno 7012

 — Greg rises from the deeps. by saturnaliat08/03/164.38

Inferno 7013

 — It all comes to an end, mostly. by saturnaliat09/16/164.30

Inhibition Inhibitor

 — An alien serum changes the course of human evolution. by ufpe06/21/144.31


 — A seduction fantasy by Naughnukk12/08/144.24


 — Superhuman destroys human to save his species. by Samuelx08/24/082.38

Inhumans Pt. 01

 — To fight a monster, you have to be a monster. by LotsOfToys02/17/184.61HOT

Iniga's Rising: A Genie's Tale Ch. 01

 — Trevor seeks to help a woman in need. by Fitsith11/10/164.57HOT


 — Aspiring author is drawn into a dark reality. by lyceus6912/26/013.87


 — Aideen becomes a little witch. by StevesPet7610/23/034.12


 — Merlin makes her first time a magical experience. by soroborn10/07/104.00

Ink You / Us Ch. 01

 — Female adventurers get involved with an incubus. Hijinks. by JennyLoser01/26/184.61HOT

Ink You / Us Ch. 02

 — He discovers that she has a big sis / little bro fetish. by JennyLoser01/28/184.71HOT

Ink You / Us Ch. 03

 — Genius Mage Detective Gets Bimbofied. by JennyLoser01/29/184.61HOT

Ink You / Us Ch. 04

 — Hypersensitive Woman Gets Teabag Torture. by JennyLoser02/01/184.72HOT

Ink You / Us Ch. 05

 — She struggles to survive his awakened incubus form. In bed. by JennyLoser02/28/184.60HOT

Ink You / Us Ch. 06

 — Barbarian Sizequeen Finds Jay's Two-Hander. by JennyLoser03/29/184.46


 — In his fathers footsteps. by NeoShade12/18/134.77HOT

Inkwell Ch. 02

 — Grand Openings by NeoShade12/26/134.77HOT

Inkwell Ch. 03

 — To go without... by NeoShade12/30/134.81HOT

Inkwell Ch. 04

 — How many messengers? by NeoShade01/04/144.76HOT

Inkwell Ch. 05

 — Only one truth...Chaos. by NeoShade01/08/144.71HOT

Inkwell Ch. 06

 — And the party begin... by NeoShade01/12/144.74HOT

Inkwell Ch. 07

 — Birthday score card. by NeoShade01/18/144.80HOT

Inkwell Ch. 08

 — When the party is over. by NeoShade01/29/144.79HOT

Inkwell Ch. 09

 — Those that love. by NeoShade02/01/144.77HOT

Innocence and Seduction

 — Seduction is taken by a pair of twins with skilled tongues. by PeterrC06/29/094.11

Innocence Isn't Always Enough Ch. 01

 — Innocent guy gets framed and forcibly given a sex-change. by Candour09/22/103.85

Innocence Lost Ch. 01

 — What happens when a surface elf encounters a wounded drow. by Lady_Blackhawk09/07/094.06

Innocence Lost Ch. 02-03

 — A good deed leads to slavery. by Lady_Blackhawk09/07/093.43

Innocence Lost Ch. 04-05

 — Mistale's Punishment. by Lady_Blackhawk09/08/093.51

Innocence Lost Ch. 06

 — Dark Plots. by Lady_Blackhawk09/09/094.33

Innocence Lost Ch. 07-08

 — Conclusion. by Lady_Blackhawk09/09/094.12

Innocent Passion

 — WoW based - demon-summoning ritual. by Zellewow09/13/104.62HOT

Innocents Pt. 01

 — A fae lord finds himself sworn to punish an innocent man. by MsMahler08/22/154.48

Innocents Pt. 02

 — Dannel and his Master begin to get Dannel's revenge. by MsMahler09/04/164.73HOT


 — Psychologist is drawn into sexy woman's life. by xtcnymphette05/07/044.73HOT

Insatiable an Appetite

 — A ring of power transforms Cassie's life. by AlinaX04/16/184.56HOT

Inside His World

 — A women is lured and seduced by her enigmatic host. by NymphMyosotis02/18/124.69HOT

Inside His World Ch. 02

 — Torn between passion and reason she feels the need to escape. by NymphMyosotis06/16/124.67HOT


 — A mysterious woman shows Calvin what he lost. by DScor08/02/114.57HOTEditor's Pick

Instance Ch. 01

 — Jackson and Brooke meet at Facing Addiction Together. by JasonClearwater11/22/17HOT

Instance Ch. 02

 — Jackson starts a new job, gets to know Blake. by JasonClearwater01/05/18

Instance Ch. 03

 — Brooke and Jackson discover the truth. by JasonClearwater04/18/18


 — The gift of shapeshifting emerges in a young witch. by Mountain Rider08/24/064.73HOT

Institute of Modern Discipline Ch. 01

 — Mild femdom in school setting for a lazy young man. by SalamandoFlameFan07/07/174.26

Instructions Pt. 01

 — Man and woman instruct a new acquisition. by jasliz12/09/104.44

Instructions Pt. 02

 — More learning opportunities. by jasliz02/14/114.56HOT

Instructions Pt. 03

 — The ultimate lesson. by jasliz02/22/114.57HOT

Insurrection on Australis Ch. 01

 — Arthur Allons crashes on an Orwellian sex planet. by Ravensing04/20/174.17

Intelligent Life

 — A romantic true-love story, with aliens. by snooper06/22/04


 — The ultimate virtual sex program. by MorganHawke03/04/024.44

Intergalactic Bordello - Assassin

 — Nathek Etos finds his lost wife at the Intergalactic Bordello. by EileenAndrews06/21/104.46

Intergalactic Bordello: Age

 — Winston rediscovers sex after re-engineering. by EileenAndrews06/09/104.38

Intergalactic Bordello: Jikilians

 — Three breasted companion keeps a soldier company. by EileenAndrews05/30/094.43

Intergalactic Bordello: Mokians

 — A stay at Anavin for Sasha... by EileenAndrews06/03/094.53HOT

Intergalactic Courtesan Ch. 01

 — Unemployed teen has a most unusual job interview. by Funkydrummer05/04/094.55HOT

Intergalactic Courtesan Ch. 02

 — Should Desirée take the job? by Funkydrummer05/05/094.54HOT

Intergalactic Courtesan Ch. 03

 — Desirée watches Veronica having sex with an alien. by Funkydrummer05/06/094.61HOT

Intergalactic Courtesan Ch. 04

 — Desir?e gets a medical exam from a very sexy alien. by Funkydrummer05/09/094.61HOT

Intergalactic Courtesan Ch. 05

 — Ssurhuk-T'at proves why he's a top-ranked courtesan. by Funkydrummer05/14/094.72HOT

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