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Love and Lust in the Garden of Eden

 — Adam plows the fertile soil of Eve. by eroswizard11/27/134.17

Love and Nightshade Ch. 01

 — A voluptuous Khajiit finds herself in a dire predicament. by Peekabo3o11/25/154.46

Love and Papyrus

 — A female graduate student gets a curse and a date. by ovids_lackey06/14/094.52HOT

Love as Pure as Water

 — A crash, a mermaid, and a new beginning. by EighthSpan12/30/174.73HOT

Love at First Contact Ch. 01

 — An accidental abduction leads to a world beyond Earth. by Inkidu05/20/134.78HOT

Love Heals

 — The love of a lifetime, everytime... by Solitary_Thinker09/11/064.84HOT

Love in Dystopia Pt. 01

 — A traumatized woman finds healing with a robot. by Poppy_Dryden05/22/194.76HOT

Love in Dystopia Pt. 02

 — With Luke at her side, Solace finds she can face her fears. by Poppy_Dryden05/27/194.79HOT

Love in the Age of Revolution

 — Sex in a future society under attack. by pbon4411/30/153.15

Love in the Shadows Ch. 01

 — Fantasy series with bdsm elements. by lustbealady12/30/124.59HOT

Love in the time of Evony

 — Evony online game themed historical romance. by Calia02/17/104.25

Love in the Time of Zombies

 — Man tries to find love with a traumatized girl. by Midday_Crisis06/27/124.78HOT

Love is Different at My Groin

 — Sweet November is a lie? Oatmeal will understand the truth! by Oatumil09/04/192.67

Love of the Motherland

 — A WW2 story of compassion, loyalty and love. by FinalStand07/11/124.73HOT

Love Potion Ch. 01

 — An experiment in aphrodisiacs goes terrifically right. by Manzi07/20/154.08

Love Potion Ch. 02

 — The start of a life together. by Manzi07/23/154.56

Love Potion Ch. 03

 — A return to Zul's village holds many promises. by Manzi08/31/154.57

Love Potion Ch. 04

 — The ending. by Manzi09/10/154.33

Love You Forever Pt. 03

 — Old Denny and young Aideen visit the dark witch. by Storiest02/10/134.00

Love You Like a Tree

 — Jiri is reunited with his succubus Karen, sisters and tree. by sadlittlelostboy11/26/024.33

Love's Battlefield

 — In the midst of a harsh battle, sexual tension flares. by Hex Witch11/21/074.38

Love's Curse Ch. 01

 — Taunting one's enemy. by kitancyrus05/15/064.45

Love's Curse Ch. 02

 — Seven years have passed; the prince is on the prowl. by kitancyrus05/23/064.21

Love's Curse Ch. 03

 — Lilandra is stuck in a nightmare life not of her choosing. by kitancyrus06/18/064.46

Love's Curse Ch. 04

 — Lilandra takes a stroll and encounters something interesting. by kitancyrus06/21/064.61HOT

Love's Curse Ch. 05

 — Will Lilandra's trip to the forest be discovered? by kitancyrus06/25/064.68HOT

Love's Curse Ch. 06

 — Prince Aries is out for blood. by kitancyrus06/29/064.79HOT

Love's Curse Ch. 07

 — Lilandra is about to meet her captor and confront his curse. by kitancyrus06/30/064.68HOT

Love's Curse Ch. 08

 — Lilandra is healing & wonders about her fate. by kitancyrus07/07/064.65HOT

Love's Curse Ch. 09

 — Beast decides Lilandra is ready--but is she? by kitancyrus07/27/064.71HOT

Love's Curse Ch. 10

 — Lilandra and the Beast have a hairy time. by kitancyrus09/09/064.62HOT

Love's Curse Ch. 11

 — Lilandra makes a run for it but will she escape? by kitancyrus12/29/064.78HOT

Love's Curse Ch. 12

 — Lilandra has hidden talents but can it save her and Aries? by kitancyrus04/11/074.76HOT

Love's Curse Ch. 13

 — Lilandra has strange feelings; enemies and allies are coming. by kitancyrus08/06/074.73HOT

Love's Curse Ch. 14

 — Lilandra seeks forgiveness; Beast takes a stroll. by kitancyrus05/02/084.76HOT

Love's Curse Ch. 15

 — Lilandra's relaxing, but will an unexpected event change that? by kitancyrus08/09/084.70HOT

Love's Curse Ch. 16

 — Lilandra and Beast get guests but are they safe? by kitancyrus10/30/084.76HOT

Love's Curse Ch. 17

 — Beast hunts for answers and Lilandra has a vision. by kitancyrus02/04/094.73HOT

Love's Curse Ch. 18

 — Too many questions. Not enough answers. by kitancyrus05/10/094.83HOT

Love's Curse Ch. 19

 — Lilandra struggles with her feelings and a new ally emerges. by kitancyrus11/01/104.82HOT

Love's Equal Loss

 — Young woman & mate pick new direction. by hammingbyrd705/13/044.41


 — Sometimes, our fantasies change us. by mistyfdfa02/24/174.31

Loveless Nightmares Ch. 01

 — A nameless woman has her dreams invaded by a werebeast. by Icor03/28/063.94

Lovely, Dark, and Deep

 — After Westley escapes from Laura, he and Nari are overcome. by solusoya03/01/174.00


 — Trio of elves enjoy a passionate evening. by Sabledrake03/28/054.72HOT

Lover of Frankenstein

 — A descendant of the original Frankenstein finishes his work. by sexgundam66606/17/154.49

Lover's Moan

 — To fist or not to fist, that is the question.... by analyn04/26/134.10

Lover's Moon

 — A mixed-blood ranger takes a tumble with a dwarf lord. by analyn02/18/124.39

Lovers and Thieves

 — Two thieves find love after an especially difficult job. by Grim77711/07/16

Lovers from Beyond Ch. 01

 — Three wealthy cougars discover a haunted apartment. by CorvusTurrim77704/02/164.46

Lovers from Beyond Ch. 03

 — A team of ghost busters gets more than they bargained for! by CorvusTurrim77704/07/164.33

Lovers from Beyond Ch. 04

 — A distraught young woman and the ghost of her father. by CorvusTurrim77704/08/164.67HOT

Lovers from Beyond Ch. 05

 — Mom gets hot when her son spies on her! by CorvusTurrim77707/20/164.67HOT

Lovers' Veil

 — Prince sees faerie princess and falls in love with her. by Scott_Harper02/20/104.61HOT

Loving Death Ch. 01

 — Supernatural love story. by Drhwnoel01/05/174.28

Loving the Forest

 — A Dryad tracks down a human male for her own purposes. by Highland Fox09/11/114.64HOT

Loving You through Time

 — A story about love during war in a fantasy world by hentaiboy6907/15/144.33

Lowborn Ch. 01

 — Cerebus' trip to the bawdy house takes a shocking turn. by Darkniciad05/29/134.73HOT

Lowborn Ch. 02

 — An ally amidst the carnage, and the chase begins. by Darkniciad06/04/134.73HOT

Lowborn Ch. 03

 — Assassins in the night. by Darkniciad06/07/134.73HOT

Lowborn Ch. 04

 — The ladies of the evening help in the only way they know. by Darkniciad06/11/134.75HOT

Lowborn Ch. 05

 — Facing a Draxnian, and Raven shares Kay. by Darkniciad06/13/134.77HOT

Lowborn Ch. 06

 — Running from a storm and standing against assassins. by Darkniciad06/18/134.77HOT

Lowborn Ch. 07

 — Raven's life in the balance; Into the killer's nest. by Darkniciad06/20/134.77HOT

Lowborn Ch. 08

 — Raven breaks down. Flight from Foxwood. by Darkniciad06/25/134.77HOT

Lowborn Ch. 09

 — Home again, the lowborn confront the Lakeshore Man. by Darkniciad06/28/134.82HOT

Lowborn Ch. 10

 — Epilogue - winding down from the journey. by Darkniciad07/03/134.85HOT


 — Being a ship isn't so bad after all. by Pirette08/08/104.02

Lucid Dreams for Lust Ch. 02

 — Multiple treant cocks and forced cum troth for six souls. by sex slave06/08/063.75


 — The guys crushing on Anniel. by LevanaHyll12/26/134.79HOT

Lucifer Morningstar: Rise!

 — Lucifer Morningstar moves to Toronto from Hell. by Samuelx08/29/123.31

Lucifer Rising

 — Trapped in a human body, Lucifer returns to heaven. by Samuelx09/12/123.52

Lucifer Rising: A New Prince

 — Lucifer protects Earth from Heaven and Hell. by Samuelx09/13/123.65

Lucifer's Angel: Tough Girl

 — The archangel Michael's daughter stops Lucifer. by Samuelx11/02/112.65

Lucifer's Angels At Work

 — Lucifer's Angels put in a full day's work. by Samuelx04/22/123.08

Lucifer's Apology To Mankind

 — Lucifer fights Heaven's angels to save Mankind. by Samuelx05/31/123.44

Lucifer's Son: Armageddon Now

 — Lucifer's son Pride fights against Heaven and Hell. by Samuelx10/13/123.00

Lucifia - Prologue: The Hunt Begins

 — The Background and Prologue to the world of Lucifia. by Lucifia02/01/124.38

Luck Pt. 01 - A Chance Meeting

 — A chance meeting between travelers. by WhimsicalRepertoire11/28/174.66HOT

Luck Pt. 02 - Preparation

 — A sorceress prepares for her journey. by WhimsicalRepertoire11/29/174.67HOT

Luck Pt. 03 - Getting Acquainted

 — Two travelers get acquainted for the long journey ahead. by WhimsicalRepertoire11/30/174.66HOT

Luck Pt. 04 - Hunting Party

 — Travelers encounter resistance on their journey. by WhimsicalRepertoire12/01/174.76HOT

Luck Pt. 05 - Losing Yourself

 — A traveler nearly loses a game. by WhimsicalRepertoire12/02/174.72HOT

Luck Pt. 06 - Mschuleft

 — Two travelers finally reach their destination. by WhimsicalRepertoire12/03/174.72HOT

Luck Pt. 07 - The Morning After

 — An unexpected encounter after an unexpected night. by WhimsicalRepertoire12/04/174.74HOT

Luck Pt. 08 - A Brief Lull

 — Two travelers converse. by WhimsicalRepertoire12/05/174.66HOT

Luck Pt. 09 - The Hunt

 — A traveler's journey reaches its inevitable climax. by WhimsicalRepertoire12/06/174.77HOT

Luck Pt. 10 - Four-Leaf Clover

 — Travelers take a day off. by WhimsicalRepertoire12/07/174.77HOT

Lucky Devil - Alexandria's Morning

 — A very slutty devil wakes up and has breakfast. by InterrobangRP03/04/154.38

Lucky Ep. 01

 — Lucky meets his new owner. by Happytimeshappy11/25/174.64HOT

Lucky Ep. 02: Training Day

 — Lucky meets his new trainer. by Happytimeshappy11/26/174.64HOT

Lucky Ep. 03: Swallowed

 — Lucky tries to put his training to the test. by Happytimeshappy11/27/174.71HOT

Lucky Ep. 04

 — Lucky meets Vicky's friend Rebecca. by Happytimeshappy11/28/174.65HOT

Lucky Ep. 05

 — Lucky and Cheryl receive a dinner guest. by Happytimeshappy11/29/174.72HOT

Lucky Ep. 06

 — Lucky learns a bit more about who he really is. by Happytimeshappy11/30/174.67HOT

Lucky Ep. 07

 — Lucky goes on a walk at night with Cheryl. by Happytimeshappy12/01/174.73HOT

Lucky Ep. 08

 — Lucky has to find a way to get to the party. by Happytimeshappy12/02/174.63HOT

Lucky Ep. 09

 — Lucky meets the reporter. by Happytimeshappy12/03/174.69HOT

Lucky Ep. 10

 — Lucky finds Cheryl after the party. by Happytimeshappy12/05/174.74HOT

Lucky Ep. 11

 — Lucky is interrogated by the detective. by Happytimeshappy12/06/174.74HOT

Lucky Ep. 12

 — Lucky finds danger atop the rafters. by Happytimeshappy12/07/174.66HOT

Lucky Ep. 13

 — Lucky finds himself alone as the conflict rises. by Happytimeshappy12/08/174.66HOT

Lucky Ep. 14

 — During a storm, Lucky finds himself surrounded by danger. by Happytimeshappy12/09/174.68HOT

Lucky Ep. 15

 — Final chapter of Season one. Wraps up and sets up. by Happytimeshappy12/10/174.74HOT

Lucky Pilot

 — Pilot crashes and wakes up on a desolate island. by jazzyukprincess09/29/134.07

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 01

 — Change of Scenery. by Happytimeshappy01/05/184.65HOT

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 02

 — More Wine Please. by Happytimeshappy01/06/184.74HOT

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 03

 — Hangover Cure. by Happytimeshappy01/07/184.66HOT

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 04

 — Hope Nothing Changes. by Happytimeshappy01/09/184.73HOT

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 05

 — The Search Begins. by Happytimeshappy01/10/184.51HOT

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 06

 — The Dirty Dirty Boy. by Happytimeshappy01/11/184.62HOT

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 07

 — Bite the Bullet. by Happytimeshappy01/13/184.64HOT

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 08

 — Am I a Monster? by Happytimeshappy01/14/184.72HOT

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 09

 — Love's Return. by Happytimeshappy01/16/184.62HOT

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 10

 — The confession. by Happytimeshappy01/17/184.60HOT

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 11

 — Doctor's Orders. by Happytimeshappy01/18/184.64HOT

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 12

 — Static (Season 2 Finale). by Happytimeshappy01/19/184.72HOT

Ludy's Kink Cafe Ch. 01

 — Cloak & dagger kink adventure begins. by Ziggy Odyssey01/16/054.22

Lunacy Edge

 — She wakes up to a whole different world. by Elizabeth_Ashley03/11/084.12

Lunacy Edge Ch. 02

 — She finds herself in a world of her own heart's wish. by Elizabeth_Ashley05/04/083.98

Lunacy Edge Ch. 03

 — Hailey finds out more about Cullen and his people. by Elizabeth_Ashley05/08/084.50HOT

Lunacy Edge Ch. 04

 — Hailey knocked softly upon her only door. by Elizabeth_Ashley06/16/084.55HOT

Lunch Rush

 — Office lovers satisfy their hunger. by bettiezyx05/31/184.05

Lure of the Necromantrix

 — A lusty witch uses zombies to lure strong men. by LCD201812/30/184.21

Lurking, Monstrous Desires: Stirring

 — You thought you hated monsters and witches, didn't you? by FirstTimeSmutAuthor11/10/184.42

Lust from Space!

 — A UFO buried under a lake needs a special kind of fuel. by BDLong05/07/164.84HOT

Lust in the Ranks

 — Suppressed desires revealed. by Xelain_lover01/03/104.53HOT

Lust in the Ranks Ch. 02

 — Raze and Darri fall into bed. by Xelain_lover11/25/104.61HOT

Lust in the Red Dust

 — Astronauts hook up as a dust storm arrives. by jasonbondshow07/29/053.66

Lust In The Time Of Zombies

 — Being trapped together in a fallout shelter creates lust. by EscaroleOverlord11/12/124.29

Lust is Life Ch. 01

 — Bio-mechanical woman is reborn. by zaaz06/24/04

Lust is Life Ch. 02

 — The bio-mechanical constructs feed on men. by zaaz06/26/04HOT

Lust is Life Ch. 03

 — Katja extracts information with sex. by zaaz06/27/04

Lust is Life Ch. 04

 — Victoria gets information gangbanging the brass. by zaaz06/27/04

Lust is Life Ch. 05

 — The constructs share information and recharge. by zaaz06/29/04

Lust is Life Ch. 06

 — The constructs use an orgy to save world. by zaaz06/30/04

Lust is Life Ch. 07

 — Constructs use sexual healing on each other. by zaaz08/01/04

Lust of a Ghost Boy

 — An experiment gone... wrong? by icey_hearted05/10/144.26

Lust of a Sentient

 — There is only one way to restore the link. by NicciDesire11/19/124.06

Lust on the Way to Vega

 — A ship system meant to suppress sexuality has malfunctioned. by Leenysman10/10/174.72HOT

Lust Thy Enemy

 — Wild elf gets more than she bargained for. by Lady_Blackhawk11/14/064.41

Lustfall - Gwenvyr's Gift

 — Want to know more about the current Archiver, Gwenvyr Oxorn? by roxenfarra03/07/174.38

Lustfall Ch. 01

 — A librarian opens herself to a new world of lust. by roxenfarra03/03/174.33

Lustfall Ch. 02

 — Fay has some night fun when another succubus comes closer... by roxenfarra03/06/174.37

Lustfall Ch. 03

 — Fay discovers something in the Library after her practice... by roxenfarra03/22/174.68HOT

Lustfall Ch. 04

 — What awaits inside the Mistress Lair...? by roxenfarra03/30/174.59HOT

Lustful Wilds

 — A man must escape the dangers of the Forbidden Continent. by Salamando_Flames01/06/114.60HOT

Lustrum Academy for Troubled Youth

 — Jason gets interviewed for a new boarding school. by PastelOrange10/21/154.59HOT

Lustrum Academy for Troubled Youth Pt. 02

 — Jason meets a fellow student on the bus. by PastelOrange10/24/154.71HOT

Lustrum Academy for Troubled Youth Pt. 03

 — Jason arrives and meets the Vice Principle. by PastelOrange10/29/154.68HOT

Lustrum Academy for Troubled Youth Pt. 04

 — Jason gets a delivery, Plot thickens elsewhere, besides dick. by PastelOrange11/17/154.73HOT

Lusty Lei Ch. 01

 — Lei's city gets a visitor. by Lei_dtf05/25/102.40

Lusty Lei Ch. 02

 — Lei gets a taste of the bone. by Lei_dtf05/26/103.17

Lusus University Ch. 01

 — It all starts with Strange Dates. by Sonnetprose12/01/034.38

Lusus University Ch. 02

 — And the show goes on. by Sonnetprose12/18/034.43

Lusus University Ch. 03

 — Wrestling moves. by Sonnetprose01/19/044.43

Lusus University Ch. 04

 — As the World Tilts: Spell casting for Shylah. by Sonnetprose02/10/044.30


 — Lucien seeks to be set free of his curse. by darkmaiden01/01/023.61

Lydia's Lycanthrope Lair

 — A DC lobbyist spends a night at a unique B&B. by noname555121201/02/154.12

Lydia's Lycanthrope Lair Ch. 02

 — Mary's second day at the werewolf B&B. by noname555121202/15/154.30

Lyox Labelling Ch. 00: Prologue

 — Once a Lyox turns 18, they must be sorted into dom and sub. by FrontPorchFrodo10/10/153.78

Lyox Labelling Ch. 01

 — This is the first chapter of the Submissive POV. by FrontPorchFrodo10/15/153.89


 — Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars. FS 1954. by wajawhiii03/07/184.52HOT

Lyre of Tears Ch. 01: Like Honey

 — Tor convinces the fairy, Zeph, to do him a favor. by BewareTheDream04/13/184.50HOT

Lyre of Tears Ch. 02: Steel Sheathed in Velvet

 — Tor Moraine enchants a wand while Bethe watches. by BewareTheDream05/18/184.64HOT

Lyre of Tears Ch. 03: Hide the Fairy

 — Pleasure at night. Pain the next day. by BewareTheDream06/13/184.90HOT


 — Pheromone serum reawakens retiree's passions. by ufpe08/27/044.43

M: Mountain

 — The myth of the Satyr comes to life. by intriguess09/27/024.26

Macallan Promises

 — Molly can control time, not the desire for her own sister. by PacoFear01/24/104.90HOTContest WinnerEditor's Pick

Machiko Noguchi

 — Kindred spirits meet on a mining colony. by Sarastro02/06/044.18

Madame Debrune's New Applicant

 — Laren tests out the new girl at the House of Companionship. by Greta12309/28/174.54HOT

Madame Wasteland Ch. 01

 — A young woman trying to bring justice in a world of chaos. by JaxHen44607/21/163.82

Maddy and Max - Psychic Twins Ch. 01

 — Maxima and her twin sister meet some unsavory characters. by AuroraMontgomery107/20/194.40

Maddy and Max - Psychic Twins Ch. 02

 — Max and Maddie find themselves in a dire situation. by AuroraMontgomery107/23/194.10

Maddy and Max - Psychic Twins Ch. 03

 — Has Max found her knight in shining armor? by AuroraMontgomery107/24/194.00

Mageknights of Dunstorm: Connor

 — Injured mageknight is given his betrothed's virginity. by sweetangelelise03/20/074.49

Maggie's Month Ch. 01

 — Maggie begins the strangest and hottest month of her life. by kirakakash0201/17/134.00

Maggie's Month Ch. 02

 — Maggie is offered an interesting proposition. by kirakakash0203/11/133.92

Maggie's Month Ch. 03

 — Maggie signs a contract and finds herself bigger than ever. by kirakakash0208/30/133.90


 — Alex is kidnapped, but not everything is as it seems. by cellophanesmile09/30/084.25


 — A dom and a wiccan. by Acal09/19/094.13

Magic Awakening Ch. 02

 — A fantasy twist with vampires and pony play. by davesslave_900004/05/073.91

Magic Awakening Ch. 03

 — A fantasy twist with vampires and pony girls. by davesslave_900004/06/074.19

Magic Belly Inflation

 — A mage and sorceress have a little contest. by ladylucelle09/14/133.55

Magic Book

 — A chance find changes things for a young couple. by Letitsnow07/20/174.37

Magic Ch. 02

 — Soulmates. by cellophanesmile10/15/084.52HOT

Magic Ch. 03

 — Learning magic. by cellophanesmile03/31/094.39

Magic for Dinner

 — A woman makes her best friend a dinner she'll never forget. by lovessaltedcaramel01/14/153.80

Magic Game

 — Five college students are changed by a magic board game. by Letitsnow09/23/174.21

Magic Game 02

 — Bernadette uses the game to fix things. by Letitsnow12/11/174.52HOT

Magic Girls - Molly's Affair

 — A Hollywood babe is having an affair with a young sorceress. by tmgsaga05/03/124.50HOT

Magic Girls Ch. 01

 — Revelation: Cindy learns something very special about a former fling. by tmgstories03/06/094.57HOT

Magic Girls Ch. 02

 — Public Affections: Hannah returns to show Cindy around. by tmgstories03/11/094.80HOT

Magic Girls Ch. 03

 — Public Encounters: Hannah takes Cindy to all new places. by tmgstories07/21/094.76HOT

Magic Girls Ch. 04

 — Shopping: Cindy wants to surprise Hannah with new lingerie. by tmgstories08/01/094.73HOT

Magic Girls Ch. 05

 — Suburban Secrets: Visiting a house brings magic revelations. by tmgstories08/30/094.66HOT

Magic Girls Ch. 06

 — Transformations: Cindy pushes her magic to the limits. by tmgstories12/21/094.65HOT

Magic Girls Ch. 07

 — The Roaring Phoenix (1): Cindy accepts a club's invitation. by tmgstories01/07/104.75HOT

Magic Milk Farms

 — There's something magical about the sperm. by plaidskirt01/04/034.12

Magic Milk Farms Ch. 02

 — Anna gets really horny. by plaidskirt01/09/034.29

Magic Milk Farms Ch. 03

 — Anna finally gets a little relief. by plaidskirt09/23/034.29

Magic Milk Farms Ch. 04

 — The amazing birth & the new guy. by plaidskirt09/29/03

Magic Mirror

 — Old mirror remembers the past or does it foresee the future? by GC1011/11/074.31

Magic Pants

 — Karen finds a pair of special bloomers. by OldAndNew07/11/064.00

Magic Practice

 — A round of spell casting takes an interesting turn. by msmilfmilk01/18/124.17

Magic Sex Island

 — Gorgeous couple stranded on a magic island. by Fiction_Addiction07/23/15

Magic Shoes

 — Who knew what a new pair of shoes could do. by panty_bare01/05/074.33

Magic Whore Ch. 01

 — Evil witches and the quest for freedom. by KinkyMuffin10/11/114.08

Magic Whore Ch. 02

 — What a kinky witch! by KinkyMuffin01/20/124.04

Magic Whore Ch. 03

 — Almost back to normal... Almost. by KinkyMuffin05/09/124.05

Magic Whore Ch. 04

 — Final Chapter. by KinkyMuffin12/19/123.84

Magic, Mischief and Money Ch. 01

 — A tale of magic, drama and magical, dramatic sex. by Adder432108/14/174.32

Magic, Mischief and Money Ch. 02

 — Anikara begins exploring the world and her desires. by Adder432108/22/174.44

Magic, Mischief and Money Ch. 03

 — Anikara and Denzik's relationship gets real. by Adder432111/28/174.62HOT

Magic, Mischief and Money Ch. 04

 — After a battle, Anikara and Denzik have some very wet fun. by Adder432112/27/174.30

Magical Battle

 — A competition between rival all-girl schools of magic. by philipcollin05/25/104.42

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