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Magical Essence Ch. 01

 — Bought by two magi females, he works for them. by noplex07/30/054.61HOT

Magical Essence Ch. 02

 — Eliza gets a new apprentice. by noplex09/22/054.71HOT

Magical Essence Ch. 03

 — The truth, secrets, and dreams. by noplex10/20/054.68HOT

Magical Essence Ch. 04

 — A walk inside the city quickly turns to a night of enjoyment. by noplex11/15/064.73HOT

Magical Essence Ch. 05

 — The trio gets ready for their departure home. by noplex03/21/074.67HOT

Magical Essence Ch. 06

 — The enemies finally meet. by noplex03/31/074.75HOT

Magical Essence Ch. 07

 — Gavin finally meets his equal. by noplex12/20/074.71HOT

Magical Middy Tour

 — On an alien planet, magic is everything. by Snowkemper06/30/154.42

Magical Schoolgirl, Alice Black

 — A horny teenaged which shows her stuff in magic school. by Rallynoangels10/24/174.35

Magician's Story Ch. 01

 — She was intrigued by his magic... by dtatheizan04/07/133.97

Magister Ch. 01

 — She was feeling faint. by Anomandaris206/09/124.47

Magister Ch. 02

 — The pain in her shoulders woke her. by Anomandaris206/12/124.65HOT

Magister Ch. 03

 — Damian awoke to a knock at the door. by Anomandaris206/15/124.64HOT

Magister Ch. 04

 — A powerful mage-warrior brings harsh justice his enemies. by Anomandaris205/27/174.75HOT

Magnums O U 8 1 2

 — Disabled Scientist inhabits Android robot's body. by JonThomas_02/07/184.32

Magus Taraduin and the Incubus

 — The Magus intervenes an incubus of some fearful renown. by PurpleThread07/20/104.33

Maid Marian's Missions

 — Marian fails with Prince John, but succeeds with Robin Hood. by AugustMacGregor05/22/104.43Editor's Pick

Maid Marion Needs A Big One

 — The Sherriff has a big surprise for the unsuspecting Marion. by walterio08/21/124.42

Maidens of Castle Grabadash!

 — A warrior comes home to find two sexy strangers living there. by LPickardStoker01/20/154.58HOT

Maidensdoom Wyrm

 — I've inherited a house and the Maidensdoom Stone. by oggbashan03/31/144.44


 — Elven warrior's sword proves to be the woman he loves. by Sabledrake04/13/054.74HOT

Majgen Ch. 012

 — Science fiction, book size. by ellynei07/17/08HOT

Making an Example

 — An artist is tormented by his cruel and sadistic muse. by Snekguy06/20/183.75NEW

Making Ends Meet

 — What's a girl to do when she's lost it all? by CrescentRose05/08/164.47

Making it in Space

 — A double Crossed Captain exacts his due. by n2anal7805/01/174.50HOT

Male Encounters Tentacles Ch. 01

 — He has a long night and wakes up in a strange place. by the59sound03/06/114.15

Male Encounters Tentacles Ch. 02

 — More to the story. by the59sound03/14/114.50HOT

Malik The Vampire Prince

 — The life and times of a Senegalese vampire. by Samuelx01/10/163.25

Malomar Ch. 01

 — Baroness Lixtris interrogates her maid. by lucki_27101/20/153.64

Malomar Ch. 02

 — A questing hero meets with a cruel and beautiful monster. by lucki_27102/03/154.08

Man & his Machine

 — Robo-Erotic Self-Sacrifice. by Malachai8001/12/052.03

Man of Honor

 — Honorable man gets everything that's cumming to him. by BrettJ09/26/064.54HOT

Man Of The Future

 — A celebration of the race created to kick cosmic butt. by Samuelx07/31/073.43

Man on Top Pt. 01

 — Not your typical 'last fertile man on earth' tale. by LawrenceD09/08/134.50HOT

Man on Top Pt. 02

 — An ally could be useful in more ways than one. by LawrenceD09/08/134.74HOT

Man's Spirit

 — The hidden power inside every man. by Samuelx12/09/063.57


 — Middle of story. alien, falls for human woman. by 2bmarion07/29/114.06

Mandelowins Ch. 02

 — Continuation of play between Doron and Amara. by 2bmarion08/03/114.50

Mandi's Secret

 — A flat chested girl casts a dark spell upon herself. by GeneraZ11/15/144.27

Mandi's Secret Pt. 02

 — Appeasing the demon. by GeneraZ05/28/154.57HOT

Mandi's Secret Pt. 03

 — Mandi makes a new friend. by GeneraZ07/12/154.61HOT

Mandi's Secret Pt. 04

 — The demon grows bored and shows its true power. by GeneraZ09/06/164.34

Mandy's Magic Clit

 — ...and what she did with it! by Hippoid04/01/083.96

Maniac's Montage

 — An unusual semi-erotic story written for artistic reasons. by seannelson02/13/142.50

Manifest Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Tales of human domination in a fantasy world. by Narg12/07/144.50HOT

Manifest Fantasy Ch. 02

 — The last hope for Halfling independence. by Narg03/04/154.61HOT

Manifest Fantasy Ch. 03

 — Taming of a Wild Horsewoman. by Narg08/06/154.69HOT

Manipulating Mindy

 — I find a way to use my special powers on my sister. by storytyme10/23/164.11

Mankind Survives Nuclear War

 — Russian Generals breed secretaries in underground bunker. by tsar710/20/173.28


 — Earthling explores alien sexuality on a distant planet. by DevisPixi09/11/153.67

Manufactured for Pleasure

 — A special clinic devoted to getting rid of chaste states. by Kaialicious11/11/024.33

Many Forms of Capitulation

 — A proud general surrenders. by elisebos10/02/124.23

Mapping Command 01: First Contact

 — Surveyors on a mapping mission meet something new. by Latenight_Pondering06/24/164.77HOT

Mapping Command 02: Diplomacy

 — Old friends arrive along with new problems. by Latenight_Pondering07/12/164.77HOT

Mapping Command 03: Rebellion

 — Troubles continue, spies are uncovered, and the males return. by Latenight_Pondering08/04/164.84HOT

Mapping Command 04: Insurrection

 — The end of the troubles and a lot of suprises along the way. by Latenight_Pondering09/09/164.93HOTContest Winner

Mara's Tale Ch. 1

 — An elven woman is taken prisoner. by Infinate Desire12/28/013.91

Mara's Tale Ch. 2

 — Daughters of the Rose. by Infinate Desire12/29/014.03

Mara's Tale Ch. 3

 — Mara finds Freedom. by Infinate Desire03/05/024.03

Marcella's Servant

 — The fairy queen falls for her human servant. by polyphemus05/29/104.60HOT

Marcius and Belndia

 — Two warriors find lust and love. by Ravlicious09/14/064.45

Marcus Bleak and the Sex Robots

 — In the future will sex robots will replace women? by Ikay10/17/124.49

Marcus Bleak and the Sex Robots Ch. 02

 — What if your sexy robotic maid fell in love with you? by Ikay10/23/124.57HOT

Marcus Bleak and the Sex Robots Ch. 03

 — What if sex robots ruled the world? by Ikay11/30/124.64HOT

Marcus Bleak and the Sex Robots Ch. 04

 — The high price for being a slut. by Ikay01/12/134.57HOT

Marcus Bleak and the Sex Robots Ch. 05

 — What if you caught your wife fucking a sex robot? by Ikay02/14/134.28

Marcus Bleak and the Sex Robots Ch. 06

 — What if the fate of mankind rested on your shoulders? by Ikay03/19/134.44

Marcus Bleak and the Sex Robots Ch. 07

 — The End. by Ikay06/25/134.61HOT

Marcus of Duros Ch. 01

 — He's homeward bound. by Hawkeye80203/22/144.61HOT

Marcus of Duros Ch. 02

 — A surprise awaits at home. by Hawkeye80203/24/144.66HOT

Marcus of Duros Ch. 03

 — They meet face to face. by Hawkeye80203/26/144.76HOT

Marcus of Duros Ch. 04

 — She's an early riser. by Hawkeye80204/03/144.78HOT

Marcus of Duros Ch. 05

 — Dinner with his captains. by Hawkeye80205/22/144.71HOT

Marcus of Duros Ch. 06

 — Durosian justice is meted out. by Hawkeye80209/14/144.75HOT

Marcus of Duros Ch. 07

 — Marcus gets a fresh start. by Hawkeye80212/25/144.70HOT

Marginal Life Ch. 01

 — Introduction to Jaya's life. by MachExAnima08/02/164.70HOT

Marginal Life Ch. 02

 — Jaya goes for a walk. by MachExAnima08/10/164.50HOT

Marginal Life Ch. 03

 — Time for School. by MachExAnima08/16/164.55HOT

Maria the Hucow

 — A noblewoman turns into a hucow. by Cowfarmer07/29/164.16

Maria the Hucow Ch. 02

 — Maria, the busty hucow saves Silverholm using sex. by Cowfarmer02/17/174.48

Marianne's Experiement Pt. 01

 — A scientist tries to get to another dimension. by Callax10/27/174.30

Marion's Eggs

 — Aliens arrive looking for hosts. by Kira Star08/19/044.15

Marissa's Tales: Ch. 01

 — Marissa Sings the Blues - a lusty Fae loses herself in song. by KingHades12/25/023.94

Marissa's Tales: Ch. 02

 — Marissa is Insatiable: a busty Fae and her lover enjoy a night long romp by KingHades01/29/034.18

Marissa's Tales: Ch. 03

 — A Fae at the Frat & Library Lust; Marissa has a tryst with a blonde. by KingHades02/25/044.05

Marital Habits

 — Getting too close to a goblin can have unforeseen results. by Carol_J08/21/174.70HOT

Mark and the Minotaur

 — A well-hung barbarian versus a stacked Minotauress by markydaysaid04/09/144.55HOT

Mark Becomes the Frog Prince

 — A clever barbarian tricks a Princess into kissing his cock by markydaysaid10/10/134.54HOT

Mark Meets a Mimic

 — A greedy barbarian encounters a tricky monster. by markydaysaid10/14/134.10

Mark's Comeuppance

 — A well-hung barbarian is captured by a very sadistic witch. by markydaysaid10/21/154.49

Maroon 5 Ch. 01

 — A twisted sci-fi jaunt into the life of a girl on Maroon 5. by FuckDoll01/31/063.83


 — A marooned couple meet a very sexy tribe of aliens. by Wifetheif03/18/144.17

Marooned on Gronk Ch. 02

 — Shipwrecked lady astronaut's humiliation continues. by FINC08/22/044.40

Marriage License

 — Sexual education for young adults in a remote island. by furpulgas10/23/093.69

Marriage License Ch. 02

 — Sexual education for young adults in a remote island. by furpulgas10/29/093.60

Marriage License Ch. 03

 — Sexual education for young adults in a remote island. by furpulgas11/10/093.68

Mars Mining Colony

 — Beautiful slaves prepare for the breeding month. by shez04/01/053.98

Mars Needs Blood

 — Ancient Vampires return from Mars to suck us dry. by BrainVamp06/07/144.54HOT


 — Conflict in the pack. by Occamspiledriver10/29/114.47

Marta's Story

 — Inter-office revenge sex. by OX208/29/044.07

Martian Summer

 — Is it possible to die of pleasure? by adamschakowski06/15/093.50

Mary and the Organic Ship

 — Two scientists explore an unusual artifact. by gynoid02/06/104.51HOT

Mask of Pain Ch. 01

 — Romance and rebellion in the midst of an alien occupation. by Diezi05/18/104.78HOT

Mask of Pain Ch. 02

 — The pieces start to come together. by Diezi09/07/114.68HOT

Masked Girl & Dragon-1 Adventures

 — Heroic duo of a white mother and her asian step-son. by softonhardness11/19/033.89

Masked Magick

 — What happens when sex and magick meet. by AnnGem08/06/114.49


 — An android gives Diana a massage. by Taunus08/05/083.00

Master & Commander Ch. 01

 — Lady Alexandria visits a Kingdom with different customs. by javagrrrl08/19/064.35

Master Jack Ch. 01

 — Jack indulges in a lust filled fantasy. by ShafterParker05/04/084.08

Master Loses Control Ch. 01

 — Frida is reminded why she is a slave. by qazuiop07/27/133.79

Master Loses Control Ch. 02

 — Frida takes control of the situation. by qazuiop07/28/134.30

Master Loses Control Ch. 03

 — Frida drives it home who is really in charge. by qazuiop08/21/134.34

Master of Sins Ch. 02

 — A brief history of Hell, and two new Succubus. by MasterOfSin05/25/164.51HOT

Master of Sins Ch. 03

 — The succubus find out a few more secrets about Lewis. by MasterOfSin09/06/164.39

Master of Sins Ch. 04

 — The Sin of Sloth, The Elitest of All Gamers. by MasterOfSin01/04/174.68HOT

Master of Sins Ch. 05

 — Sloth and Lust don't mix well...who knew? by MasterOfSin05/24/174.47

Master of Sins Ch. 06

 — The Rights and Responsibilities of a Demon Master. by MasterOfSin07/24/174.52HOT

Master of Sins Ch. 07

 — The first Class of Advanced Magicks, and Atrixia's battle by MasterOfSin12/17/174.54HOT

Master of Time

 — A mysterious figures gives two women something unforgettable. by B5900107/03/113.94

Master PC - Aaron's Adventure Ch. 01

 — Aaronfinds a copy of Master PC and uses it to have some fun. by Profanity8903/12/184.45

Master PC - Aaron's Adventure Ch. 02

 — Aaron makes his coworker incredibly aroused... by Profanity8903/13/184.43

Master PC - Aaron's Adventure Ch. 03

 — Aaron has some enlargement fun, pushing the laws of physics. by Profanity8904/09/184.20

Master Swordswoman Pt. 01

 — An introduction and beginning. by PhillippaT03/10/094.62HOT

Master Swordswoman Pt. 02

 — Practice before fun. by PhillippaT03/11/094.68HOT

Master Swordswoman Pt. 03

 — An good evening fuck before Nightwatch. by PhillippaT03/12/094.48

Master Swordswoman Pt. 04

 — A morning of Confusion... by PhillippaT03/13/094.57HOT

Master Swordswoman Pt. 05

 — A Master without a sword. by PhillippaT03/14/094.79HOT

Master Swordswoman Pt. 06

 — Does she want a baby? by PhillippaT03/15/094.90HOT

Master Swordswoman Pt. 07

 — Before the Mountains. by PhillippaT03/21/094.33

Master Swordswoman Pt. 08

 — Into the mountains... by PhillippaT06/13/094.69HOT

Master Swordswoman Pt. 09

 — Master, Escort or Lover? by PhillippaT07/04/114.68HOT

Master Swordswoman Pt. 10

 — A Morning Of Thought And Reflection. by PhillippaT11/02/114.69HOT

Masters of the Arches

 — Man discovers a door leading to the unknown. by lucsmith08/19/074.57HOT

Masters of the Arches Ch. 02

 — He returns to look for the girl. by lucsmith08/24/074.59HOT

Masters of the Arches Ch. 03

 — He brings the girl to his cottage. by lucsmith08/26/074.63HOT

Masters of the Arches Ch. 04

 — Preparing for the next expedition. by lucsmith09/02/074.63HOT

Masters of the Arches Ch. 05

 — Moving south on the river. by lucsmith09/06/074.60HOT

Masters of the Arches Ch. 06

 — Dangers on the river. by lucsmith09/10/074.64HOT

Masters of the Arches Ch. 07

 — Recovery in a new land. by lucsmith09/17/074.66HOT

Masters of the Arches Ch. 08

 — Captured and a slave. by lucsmith09/19/074.62HOT

Masters of the Arches Ch. 09

 — The great escape. by lucsmith10/01/074.63HOT

Masters of the Arches Ch. 10

 — Death from the sky. by lucsmith10/07/074.61HOT

Masters of the Arches Ch. 11

 — On the run again. by lucsmith10/15/074.67HOT

Masters of the Arches Ch. 12

 — A test for the brain. by lucsmith10/23/074.71HOT

Masters of the Arches Ch. 13

 — A meeting with Brumelle. by lucsmith10/28/074.66HOT

Masters of the Arches Ch. 14

 — The hunt for Valdo begins. by lucsmith11/10/074.58HOT

Masters of the Arches Ch. 15

 — A new friend. by lucsmith11/20/074.65HOT

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