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 — A rogue orc takes a human girl for his pleasure. by grey4208/17/074.51HOT

Orc Bait

 — A female ranger is bound and left for orcs. by Axelotl04/17/134.40

Orc Bait 02: Hellbound

 — Rohme the Rangers' Diabolical Revenge. by Axelotl06/07/134.69HOT

Orc Bait 03

 — Rohme is sent to the pillory. by Axelotl11/06/134.68HOT

Orc Bait 04

 — Aerowyn the Witch. Kiss or kill? by Axelotl02/24/144.62HOT

Orc Bait 05

 — Return of the Ushutar Kurv. by Axelotl06/09/144.61HOT

Orc Bait 06

 — Conclusion: Fucking Hell. by Axelotl08/07/144.67HOT

Orc Ch. 02

 — Misty's ravishment by the orc is far from over. by grey4203/07/094.64HOT

Orc Ch. 03

 — Happily ever morning after? by grey4201/21/104.60HOT

Orc Ch. 04

 — Would the real Orc Chapter 4 please stand up? by grey4203/05/144.72HOT

Orc Ch. 05

 — Don't go chasing waterfalls. by grey4201/27/154.61HOT

Orc Ch. 06

 — The no sex chapter. by grey4204/15/154.84HOT

Orc Ch. 07

 — Where have all the good orcs gone? by grey4209/02/154.84HOT

Orc Ch. 08

 — Among the orcs. by grey4210/24/154.85HOT

Orc Ch. 09

 — Misty tries to be lesbian. by grey4203/11/164.73HOT

Orc Ch. 10

 — Big Sexy Initiation Ceremony Extravaganza. by grey4209/02/164.71HOT

Orc Ch. 11

 — A brief expositionary interlude. by grey4201/06/174.68HOT

Orc Dominion: Conquest Ch. 01

 — War starts again, as orcs return to the old ways. by OrcDominion05/06/174.49

Orc Dominion: Conquest Ch. 02

 — Agmar begins to assert his rule over the Tribes. by OrcDominion05/25/174.46

Orc Dominion: Conquest Ch. 03

 — Rosalind and Melinda try to escape their orc captor. by OrcDominion07/24/174.50HOT

Orc Dominion: Conquest Ch. 04

 — Agmar's rule over the Tribes is challenged by Queen Amelie. by OrcDominion08/10/174.58HOT

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 01

 — The orc prince plans and the elf princess sets out. by OrcDominion12/28/154.48

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 02

 — Trogar recruits new allies to aid in his plan. by OrcDominion01/22/164.39

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 03

 — The Princess arrives in the City of Sin. by OrcDominion02/12/164.37

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 04

 — The Prince and the Princess meet for the first time. by OrcDominion03/04/164.38

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 05

 — The princess enjoys a bath, a tourney, and a show. by OrcDominion03/25/164.66HOT

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 06

 — The Orc Prince takes out his frustration on the Elf Princess. by OrcDominion04/15/164.45

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 07

 — The Princess turns a corner on her path to corruption. by OrcDominion05/06/164.67HOT

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 08

 — Trogar regroups, and receives some shocking news. by OrcDominion05/27/164.47

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 09

 — The princess learns about temptation. by OrcDominion06/17/164.67HOT

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 10

 — The Orc Prince takes the Elf Princess for a ride. by OrcDominion07/08/164.36

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 11

 — The Princess finds a new ally. by OrcDominion07/29/164.49

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 12

 — Trogar searches for the princess. by OrcDominion08/21/164.30

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 13

 — The elfin princess gets her revenge. Or does she? by OrcDominion09/10/164.20

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 14

 — The Princess makes a fateful decision that changes her life. by OrcDominion09/30/164.30

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 15

 — Trogar tries to capitalize on success. by OrcDominion10/20/164.30

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 16

 — The Elf Princess reaps what she sowed. by OrcDominion11/04/164.49

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 17

 — The elfin princess' story concludes. by OrcDominion11/24/164.15

Orc Dominion: Falling Leaves

 — A boy loses, but earns something much more valuable. by Sexinati12/10/163.75

Orc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 01

 — Eight years later, things are not going well for the Duchess. by OrcDominion05/08/144.46

Orc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 02

 — The war heats up at home as the Queen rallies support by OrcDominion07/03/144.56HOT

Orc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 03

 — New players enter the game and the Queen takes charge. by OrcDominion08/16/144.34

Orc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 04

 — Jeanette meets old friends and makes new ones. by OrcDominion01/11/154.67HOT

Orc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 05

 — The aftermath of the battle leads to new opportunities. by OrcDominion01/18/154.60HOT

Orc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 06

 — The Queen sets sail while Susannah discovers something. by OrcDominion01/25/154.68HOT

Orc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 07

 — Cindy reunites, Susannah adjusts, and Jeanette teases. by OrcDominion02/15/154.57HOT

Orc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 08

 — After liberating a castle the Queen meets an old 'friend'. by OrcDominion03/03/154.76HOT

Orc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 09

 — The Queen's campaign continues with victories and defeats. by OrcDominion03/13/154.62HOT

Orc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 10

 — Susannah's day gets better and worse. by OrcDominion05/17/154.62HOT

Orc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 11

 — Turogg catches up with Frederick. by OrcDominion06/07/154.65HOT

Orc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 12

 — The Queen brings the war to a head. by OrcDominion07/05/154.60HOT

Orc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 13

 — The Queen divvies up the spoils of war. by OrcDominion08/06/154.74HOT

Orc Dominion: Triumph Ch. 01

 — Amelie rides to war as the conflict expands into Heste. by OrcDominion09/07/174.52HOT

Orc Dominion: Triumph Ch. 02

 — Plans are made in Zentara, and Augras returns home. by OrcDominion09/27/174.54HOT

Orc Dominion: Triumph Ch. 03

 — The orc merchant makes a move. by OrcDominion10/19/174.68HOT

Orc Dominion: Triumph Ch. 04

 — Amelie plans, but is unprepared for Augras' magic. by OrcDominion11/11/174.74HOT

Orc Dominion: Triumph Ch. 05

 — Drauken meets with Henry, and Jasmara fights again. by OrcDominion12/02/174.64HOT

Orc Dominion: Triumph Ch. 06

 — Amelie and Augras both try to take the offensive. by OrcDominion01/12/184.46

Orc Dominion: Triumph Ch. 07

 — Princess Brigitte gets inducted into the tribe. by OrcDominion03/04/184.44

Orc Dominion: Triumph Ch. 08

 — Princess Jasmara races towards freedom. by OrcDominion03/30/184.50HOT

Orc Dominion: Triumph Ch. 09

 — The Princess-Knight falls further under the orc's spell. by OrcDominion04/26/184.70HOT

Orc Dominion: Triumph Ch. 10

 — Princess Slave Brigitte has to win a new ally. by OrcDominion07/27/184.42

Orc Dominion: Triumph Ch. 11

 — Amelie plays with her new toy. by OrcDominion02/09/194.47

Orc Dominion: Triumph Ch. 12

 — Rosalind resists an invasion while Augras delves deeper. by OrcDominion04/28/194.51HOT

Orc Dominion: Triumph Ch. 13

 — Amelie wants another prisoner, Brigitte must make a decision. by OrcDominion08/10/194.56HOT

Orc Dominion: Zentara Ch. 01

 — A beautiful young princess navigates politics and lust. by OrcDominion01/31/144.60HOT

Orc Dominion: Zentara Ch. 02

 — Jeanette has an urge to go back. by OrcDominion02/06/144.56HOT

Orc Dominion: Zentara Ch. 03

 — After meeting her fiance, the princess crosses a line. by OrcDominion02/12/144.62HOT

Orc Dominion: Zentara Ch. 04

 — Life changes in a major way for the Princess. by OrcDominion02/19/144.69HOT

Orc Dominion: Zentara Ch. 05

 — The Princess' plan has its own complications. by OrcDominion02/20/144.74HOT

Orc Dominion: Zentara Ch. 06

 — Negotiations begin, but the orcs are craftier than expected. by OrcDominion02/27/144.82HOT

Orc Dominion: Zentara Ch. 07

 — As negotiations continue, the orc chief has a plan. by OrcDominion03/03/144.71HOT

Orc Dominion: Zentara Ch. 08

 — As the Princess serves, the conflcit heats up with Heste. by OrcDominion03/10/144.62HOT

Orc Dominion: Zentara Ch. 09

 — The coronation is here, and a princess becomes a queen. by OrcDominion03/18/144.69HOT

Orc Dominion: Zentara Ch. 10

 — The Queen signs a treaty that isn't what she expected. by OrcDominion03/30/144.51HOT

Orc Dominion: Zentara Ch. 11

 — The Queen learns hard lessons about war. by OrcDominion04/03/144.58HOT

Orc Dominion: Zentara Ch. 12

 — The war is over, now the Queen must wed her King. by OrcDominion04/11/144.49

Orc Dominion: Zentara Ch. 12b

 — An alternate end to the Orc Dominion: Zentara. by OrcDominion02/07/154.39

Orc Masters Ch. 01

 — in the world of warcraft, a night elf becomes slave to Orcs. by GoldenKitteh11/08/06

Orc Masters Ch. 02

 — Night Elf services four Orc generals. by GoldenKitteh11/09/06

Orc Masters Ch. 03

 — Night elf pleasures undead while Trogg wages war on alliance. by GoldenKitteh11/27/064.35

Orc Masters Ch. 04

 — Horde captures & convert 20 Alliance women into breeders. by GoldenKitteh12/06/064.33

Orc Masters Ch. 05

 — The final chapter. by GoldenKitteh12/15/064.42

Orc Relations

 — An incident changes the relationship of Orc mother and son. by fictitious12/10/184.69HOT

Orc Seed

 — She was the only one willing to get information from an orc. by conroy3902/26/124.65HOT

Orcish Embrace

 — Violent lesbian orc transformation short story. by capn_doggy07/06/174.71HOT

Orcs and Elves

 — When orcs capture an elf princess things get rough. by Sean Renaud02/12/103.82

Ordeal in Elsewhere

 — The price for explorer Kate to return home is pregnancy. by Wifetheif10/11/164.13

Order of the Sacred Sword Ch. 01

 — A man joins an order of knights with an odd reputation by lysander81507/07/144.59HOT

Order of the Sacred Sword Ch. 02

 — Quentin learns more about the Order on his first assignment by lysander81507/14/144.56HOT

Order of the Sacred Sword Ch. 04

 — Quentin's research turns up some interesting information. by lysander81510/08/144.71HOT

Orders & Servitude

 — Part 3 of the assassin Tsyr Ker's tale. by JoeBarnosky10/30/10

Orgasm Lab

 — Induced orgasms, unreal pleasure. Or is it real? by themightyxloph08/20/174.78HOT


 — Professor shows her lover the fruits of her research. by drlust04/16/054.72HOT

Orgasmic Overload

 — A futa is left alone at home for the weekend... by sexgundam66601/29/184.22

Orgasmic Overload Ch. 03

 — Cumming Free. by sexgundam66610/20/184.73HOT

Orgasmotron: First Deployment Ch. 01

 — New weapon is a turning point to war on terror. by cheetah8306/17/053.82

Orgasmotron: First Deployment Ch. 02

 — Orgasmotron is prepared as Amazons move in. by cheetah8306/25/053.91

Origin: Prologue Ch. 01

 — The Beginning of the Journey. by eternal_darkness06/16/094.30

Origin: Prologue Ch. 02

 — Second and Final Part of the Prologue of Origin by eternal_darkness01/07/104.62HOT

Orin The Great Ch. 01

 — A young medieval man enters a cave of demons. by CorvusTurrim77708/26/164.52HOT

Orin The Great Ch. 02

 — The old witch will remove the curse, but at a heavy price! by CorvusTurrim77708/31/164.62HOT

Orin The Great Ch. 03

 — Orin and friends attend a wedding feast. by CorvusTurrim77709/01/164.63HOT

Orin The Great Ch. 04

 — Orin discovers a gypsy camp... and gypsy women! by CorvusTurrim77706/03/194.56HOT

Orin The Great Ch. 05

 — The adventurers uncover a very sinister mystery! by CorvusTurrim77706/05/194.65HOT

Orin The Great Ch. 06

 — Miriam returns, plus ogres in the woods! by CorvusTurrim77706/09/194.66HOT

Orin The Great Ch. 07

 — Troubling ogres and a cockle with... not Bartram! by CorvusTurrim77706/13/194.47

Orin The Great Ch. 08

 — Orin is tasked with impregnating Lady Oryala. by CorvusTurrim77706/18/194.57HOT

Orion's Belt

 — Middy longs for a close encounter of another kind by Selena_Kitt01/01/093.87

Orphelia: A Strange Meeting

 — A farm boy, trying to hunt, meets a woman with more. by Snortblat07/02/164.52HOT


 — Erotic universe of black women in the far future. by Seyazou-Nubille10/30/053.70

Ostentatious Generosity Ch. 01

 — A gift of pornstar twins and billions of dollars... as a start. by rikkusguardian07/13/194.00

Otero the Blacksmith

 — A lonely blacksmith has many secrets. by azboy7002/28/194.27

Other World Ch. 01

 — Lost in a different world, Shanaka must find himself. by Shanaka04/07/154.10

Other World Ch. 02

 — A possible way out. by Shanaka04/16/154.27

Other World Ch. 03

 — Shan takes some time to relax and finds much more. by Shanaka07/15/184.42

Other World Ch. 04

 — Shan finally finds a way to relieve his stress. by Shanaka07/17/184.47

Other World Ch. 05

 — Things are about to become more interesting. by Shanaka07/18/184.36


 — A vampire king & his twin brother fall for the same woman. by Divajj04/18/094.18

Otherworldly Pt. 01

 — I meet my new neighbor. by dna27fog05/11/164.22

Otherworldly Pt. 02

 — Strange things since Holly moved in next door. by dna27fog06/07/164.53HOT

Otherworldly Pt. 03

 — I start to see Holly for who she is. by dna27fog08/03/164.59HOT

Othsmeet Ch. 01

 — A rogue wizard shows her another type of magic. by abekast09/12/064.44

Othsmeet Ch. 02

 — Jasha's anger has strange repercussions. by abekast09/22/064.64HOT

Othsmeet Ch. 03

 — Emerald gets a promise. by abekast10/01/064.55HOT

Our Ghostly Adventure

 — Two people find passion while investigating an old hospital. by YourEroticGoddess10/30/103.87

Our Men Have Been Cupped Ch. 01

 — Aliens place all human males in chastity. by forcedtobenaked04/05/143.90

Ouroboros Ch. 01

 — The beginning of Ouroboros' tale. by spider6niner07/23/174.79HOT

Ouroboros Ch. 02

 — Boros finds out more about himself. by spider6niner07/27/174.84HOT

Ouroboros Ch. 03

 — Ouroboros takes the first steps in truly living his life. by spider6niner08/01/174.89HOT

Out for Revenge

 — A man that gets revenge for his bit partner. by Dracede08/19/114.50HOT

Out of Body

 — A New World to travel. by Crazzytrucker07/21/054.22

Out of Body Experience

 — Two coed dorm mates swap bodies. Sort of. by en_extase04/07/104.47

Out of Body Experience

 — A couple comes to understand each other at a deeper level. by bigrusker10/07/164.46

Out of the Bag

 — A college freshmen transforms into a catgirl at a full moon. by DTales06/25/174.53HOT

Out of This Stony Rubbish

 — In the post-apocalypse: a man, a cave, a RealDoll. by Catherine_Leary03/22/113.88

Out of This World

 — A sales exec awakens in a savage world. by MsVixen41612/08/064.40

Out of This World Ch. 00

 — The Start of a new order on Earth. by LuckyMeOriginalStories04/09/184.12

Out of This World Ch. 01

 — We get to learn about the main couple. by LuckyMeOriginalStories04/10/184.22

Out of This World Ch. 02

 — Nancy awakens with pierced nipples & can't remember how. by MsVixen41607/11/074.42

Out of This World Ch. 02

 — Shayna gets in trouble with her boss. by LuckyMeOriginalStories04/11/184.43

Out of This World Ch. 03

 — Nicholas and Shayna have fun with their neighbors. by LuckyMeOriginalStories04/12/184.57HOT

Out of This World Ch. 04

 — Shayna is ravaged by her boss and colleague. by LuckyMeOriginalStories04/21/184.65HOT

Out of This World Ch. 05

 — Nicholas gets a partner. by LuckyMeOriginalStories05/04/184.24

Out of This World Ch. 06

 — Nicholas and Shayna spend all day home together, naked. by LuckyMeOriginalStories05/09/184.40

Out of This World Ch. 07

 — Nicholas & Shayna get piercings. by LuckyMeOriginalStories05/18/183.92

Out of This World Ch. 08

 — Nicholas saves his wife. by LuckyMeOriginalStories06/01/183.76

Out of This World Ch. 09

 — Nicholas takes his wife job hunting. by LuckyMeOriginalStories06/05/184.00

Out of This World Ch. 10

 — The Castillos make an amateur adult film. by LuckyMeOriginalStories06/07/184.60

Out of This World Ch. 11

 — Nicholas ravages his wife's breasts. by LuckyMeOriginalStories07/03/193.75

Out of This World Pt. 01

 — Jennifer gets fucked by an alien. by revolution177605/02/154.08

Out of This World Pt. 02

 — Jennifer has her first lesbian sex with an alien. by revolution177605/04/154.37

Out of This World Pt. 03

 — Jennifer fuck another alien during an experiment. by revolution177606/21/154.22

Out Of Time

 — The doctor shows what he would do to get his friends back. by warnos05/31/143.29

Out There Ch. 01

 — An inexplicable feeling pulls her to new ways of thinking. by Domdomain03/02/154.53HOT

OutBack Mystery

 — A trip to the outback has a very unexpected result. by StephanieR11/06/184.64HOT

Outcast's Revenge Ch. 01

 — He's always been a nobody but things are about to change by tickletongue05/25/143.80

Outer Demon

 — Don't fear what lurks in the dark. It just wants to cuddle! by EighthSpan02/14/184.65HOT


 — A wizardess encounters a sly kitsune with a pretty necklace. by GigglingGoblin10/03/184.56HOT

Outgrowing the Arcology Ch. 01

 — Four girls decide to improve their bust using genetics. by Dilandau07/19/114.59HOT

Outgrowing the Arcology Ch. 02

 — The girls get more than they bargained for. by Dilandau08/04/114.65HOT

Outgrowing the Arcology Ch. 03

 — Mike and the girls consult the experts about their growth. by Dilandau08/19/124.67HOT

Outgrowing the Arcology Ch. 04

 — The girls draw attention as they grow bustier and taller. by Dilandau10/10/164.77HOT

Outgrowing the Arcology Ch. 05

 — Can the girls escape before they grow truly gigantic? by Dilandau11/19/164.71HOT

Outlander Ch. 01

 — Twenty minutes change a man's life forever. by sirreadsalot1011/30/104.64HOT

Outlander Ch. 02

 — Through the darkness they flee. by sirreadsalot1012/18/104.64HOT

Outlander Ch. 03

 — The Arabella flees with the Kraken in pursuit. by sirreadsalot1001/23/114.75HOT

Outlander Ch. 04

 — Maelstroms and answers. by sirreadsalot1002/04/114.76HOT

Outlander Ch. 05

 — Life aboard ship and new conflicts. by sirreadsalot1002/28/114.81HOT

Outlander Ch. 06

 — Revelations for Jack and Ava. by sirreadsalot1006/02/114.79HOT

Outlander Ch. 07

 — Jack's adventure continues. by sirreadsalot1007/01/114.78HOT

Outlander Ch. 08

 — Court intrigue, a battle fought, and impending danger. by sirreadsalot1008/04/114.78HOT

Outlander Ch. 09

 — The Arabella arives at the port city of Antyor. by sirreadsalot1008/04/154.75HOT

Outlander Ch. 10

 — Revelations and intrigue in Antyor. by sirreadsalot1008/26/154.84HOT

Outlander Ch. 11

 — Events unfold in Antyor and Panaar. by sirreadsalot1009/13/154.71HOT

Outlander Ch. 12

 — Jack and Ava work some things out. by sirreadsalot1010/11/154.83HOT

Outpost 2: Snowed In - Bisexual

 — Schaffer and his adopted pack are visited by a shuttle pilot by Snekguy07/09/174.67HOT

Outpost 59

 — Leaving earth, what will she find at the station? by Mistress_Joli09/10/084.24

Outpost 59 Ch. 02

 — Dinner. Is she on the menu? by Mistress_Joli09/14/084.31

Outpost 59 Ch. 03

 — The work begins; an old friend shows up. by Mistress_Joli09/21/084.63HOT

Outpost 59 Ch. 04

 — Jamie gets angry at Claire by Mistress_Joli12/09/084.55HOT

Outpost: Bisexual Version

 — After uncovering corruption on Pinwheel, Schaffer is exiled. by Snekguy01/04/174.87HOT

Outpost: Hetero Version

 — After uncovering corruption on Pinwheel, Schaffer is exiled. by Snekguy01/03/174.88HOT

Outpost: Hetero Version Ch. 02: Snowed In

 — Schaffer and his adopted pack are visited by a shuttle pilot. by Snekguy07/09/174.77HOT


 — Trees are not all they seem. by TheWednesdayIsland03/20/113.76

Outside the Box

 — Some AIs know you better than you know yourself... by Cydia09/21/184.54HOT

Outsiders Pt. 01

 — Loser gains the power to dominate others. by sycksycko12/21/144.74HOT

Outsiders Pt. 02

 — His slave's fate is up to the roll of a dice. by sycksycko01/07/154.70HOT

Outsiders Pt. 03

 — His third slave tells her life story. by sycksycko01/25/154.82HOT

Outsiders Pt. 04

 — Visit home and the elements of Air and Fire. by sycksycko02/11/154.84HOT

Outsiders Pt. 05

 — Shapeshifting, resurrection and the undead. by sycksycko03/12/154.78HOT

Outsiders Pt. 06

 — The portal, the eclipse and the sacrifice. by sycksycko04/27/154.79HOT

Over the Edge

 — What a woman can turn into when she is pushed too far. by mitch9988703/12/133.62

OVER The Moon

 — Helluva a way to get a Research Assistant! by TitsFlannagen04/29/163.52


 — A futa was born with dicks instead of nipples and cums a lot. by sexgundam66602/28/184.35

Over-Endowed Ch. 02

 — Release. by sexgundam66601/18/194.24


 — Fresh out of school gal experiences sex and ownership. by emap08/15/104.16

Owned Ch. 02

 — More new experiences more sex and another owner. by emap08/18/104.65HOT

Owned Ch. 03

 — Marcus is out of school. by emap08/21/104.60HOT

Owned Desires

 — A griffin brings his prey to his lair. by AmandaSilver05/10/104.23

Owning The Girl Next Door

 — Becoming a legalese M/S master to King of a people. by Frognut09/07/183.96

Oyasi: Aiko of the Ainu People

 — A young woman turns into an onsen oyasi. by cowboy10912/30/094.18

Oyasi: Cock Hungry and Deadly

 — The origin story of Tamiko, the most lusty oyasi. by cowboy10912/27/104.17

P.L.A.S.M.D. Ch. 01

 — Government agents investigate paranormal sex incidents. by JakeSB01/20/153.89

P: Plain

 — A mystery of the desert plains is revealed. by intriguess09/28/024.41

Padme's Galactic Tour: Trandosha

 — Padme's sexy galactic adventures continue. by The Stingray03/18/064.63HOT

Palace Games Ch. 01

 — The "king" gets to play a new game with his playthings. by LongTimeFantasy12/02/174.04

Paladin of Sune

 — A paladin of Sune is defeated in battle. by Scyta08/12/044.35

Paladin Threesome

 — A paladin in service of a Fortune Goddess makes a discovery. by mistyfdfa02/28/174.11

Pale Painter Ch. 01

 — The Painter's Wish. by DreamerByTheDiamonds07/25/174.58HOT

Pale Painter Ch. 010

 — Elders don't always deserve respect. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/06/174.75HOT

Pale Painter Ch. 02

 — Even kings and princes are human. by DreamerByTheDiamonds07/28/174.54HOT

Pale Painter Ch. 03

 — Rosanda is in a tight spot. by DreamerByTheDiamonds07/29/174.68HOT

Pale Painter Ch. 04

 — The results of her wish are shown. by DreamerByTheDiamonds07/30/174.76HOT

Pale Painter Ch. 05

 — There's a locked door. by DreamerByTheDiamonds07/31/174.72HOT

Pale Painter Ch. 06

 — One needs comfort. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/01/174.82HOT

Pale Painter Ch. 07

 — A horrifying taste in the mouth. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/02/174.76HOT

Pale Painter Ch. 08

 — The Fertility Ball. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/03/174.70HOT

Pale Painter Ch. 09

 — He comes in the night. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/04/174.71HOT

Pamela and Me

 — Lesbian casts a spell on platonic friend. by Dawns01/11/083.96

Pan and Brigid

 — The Greek god Pan encounters the Celtic goddess Brigid. by burningdog12/05/054.20

Pan's Gift

 — Lilith meets a strange man who will change her life forever. by uh-oh07/11/074.63HOT

Pan's Lesson Ch. 01

 — With the help of a pagan god, two ladies realize their love. by Golden_Princess05/06/124.67HOT


 — Life after a lethal plague destroys society. by Wulfwinter01/27/104.40

Pandemic Ch. 01

 — A supernatural disease spreads across Anna's campus. by atenai06/30/134.47

Pandemic Ch. 01

 — The infection begins... by Italya07/14/154.07

Pandemic Ch. 02

 — Infected, Anna's options are slim to none. by atenai07/07/134.63HOT

Pandemic Ch. 03

 — David brings an unconscious Anna to a safe haven. by atenai08/19/134.59HOT

Pandemonia City

 — Erotic Detective Noir. by Alii Nui02/17/114.67HOT

Pandora's Box

 — A strange box holds the key to a woman's past. by HotScribe206/14/054.32

Pandora's Mission

 — Gavyn finds his dream girl - kind of unconscious. by megan106905/02/094.40

Pandora's Mission Ch. 02

 — Gavyn helps his dream girl out. by megan106905/10/094.49

Panic in Philadelphia

 — Melissa and many others suddenly undress. Only Melissa knows. by MarciaRH09/16/154.11


 — Ancient Greek sexuality ritual. by Sophal08/23/104.50HOT

Panther Tales

 — A story about a Panther girl from Earth and her clan. by Snowkemper07/02/144.51HOT

Panther Tales Ch. 02

 — An Earth girl is brought to Gor for slave training. by Snowkemper07/12/144.63HOT

Panther Tales Ch. 03

 — The further adventures of an Earth girl on Gor. by Snowkemper07/15/144.57HOT

Panther Tales Ch. 04

 — Our heroine's adventures on Gor continue. by Snowkemper07/28/144.80HOT

Panther Tales Ch. 05

 — There are many dangers in the Gorean forests. by Snowkemper08/05/144.80HOT

Panther Tales Ch. 06

 — Snow adjusts to life in the Panther camp. by Snowkemper09/16/144.75HOT

Panther Tales Ch. 07

 — Love, horror, death, freedom...and a new friend. by Snowkemper01/09/154.73HOT

Panther Tales Ch. 08

 — Many fires are lit. by Snowkemper03/03/154.82HOT

Pantomime Doll

 — Through desperation, death, & rebirth, she is reunited. by Le Gourmand08/23/054.38

Panzer's Pets

 — A short tale of a Doberman who seeks out 'pets'. by LeetBat12/19/083.26

Paq'o's Potion

 — Jacy discovers that she is a Princess with a cock. by JonThomas_02/21/174.38

Paq'o's Potion (Jacy is Bored)

 — Jacy teaches a mom how to do it herself. by JonThomas_08/31/174.00

Paq'o's Potion (Jacy's Cowboy)

 — Jacy and Mario go away for the weekend. by JonThomas_11/12/174.17

Paradise Found

 — Another twist to a very old story. by CaptainKirk11/03/114.58HOT

Paradise Found

 — Morgana's saga comes to an end amid chaos, flames and lust! by Kingmaker71108/15/164.55HOT

Paradise Found Ch. 01

 — Best friends Alex and Elise come together as she grows. by Nexte10006/27/194.66HOT

Paradise Found Ch. 02

 — Alex and Elise get closer as the world changes. by Nexte10007/09/194.61HOT

Paradise Found Ch. 03

 — A night out, and trouble between Elise and Alex. by Nexte10007/13/194.70HOT

Paradise Found Ch. 04

 — Elise makes amends.The New World begins to resolve by Nexte10008/04/194.62HOT

Paradise Found Ch. 05

 — Alex's life changes and Elise struggles to cope. by Nexte10008/16/194.48NEW

Paranormal Coed Pt. 01: Introduction

 — A college-bound teen gets more than she bargained for. by Woreign07/03/194.02

Paranormal Coed Pt. 02: Group Sex

 — A trip to the mall results in some wild group sex. by Woreign07/10/194.48

Paranormal Coed Pt. 03: Symbiosis

 — Britney becomes an unwilling host for an alien lifeform. by Woreign07/19/194.76HOT

Paranormal Coed Pt. 04: Orientation

 — Britney and Katie enjoy their first week of college! by Woreign07/25/194.84HOT

Paranormal Coed Pt. 05: New Love

 — Britney and her friends find new love! by Woreign07/31/194.94HOT

Paranormal Coed Pt. 07: The Video

 — After a failed experiment, Britney participates in a video. by Woreign08/10/194.91HOT

Paranormal Happenstance

 — Vampire/other romance. by BttrflyWngs08/28/144.25

Parent-Teacher Conference

 — A young teacher meets with a student's father. by NymphWriter07/11/124.56HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 02

 — 3 years later & Alexis gets a visit from some strange men. by NymphWriter08/02/124.58HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 03

 — Fleck & Wyman are determined to find Oliver at any cost. by NymphWriter08/09/124.68HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 04

 — Alexis finally gets Oliver's strange story. by NymphWriter08/10/124.70HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 05

 — Oliver experiences Alexis's nightmares. by NymphWriter08/09/124.69HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 06

 — Alexis faces the source of her nightmares. by NymphWriter08/10/124.70HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 07

 — Alexis meets others on the ship. by NymphWriter08/11/124.67HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 08

 — Alexis gets a tour of the ship with her new friend Lara. by NymphWriter08/12/124.74HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 09

 — Oliver & Iman discuss Alexis's nightmares. by NymphWriter08/13/124.73HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 10

 — Alexis plans a special night for her & Oliver. by NymphWriter08/13/124.73HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 11

 — Alexis learns who the tracker on the ship really is. by NymphWriter08/14/124.67HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 12

 — Fleck sets his evil plan for Alexis into motion. by NymphWriter08/16/124.71HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 13

 — Oliver comes to Alexis's rescue, but at what cost? by NymphWriter08/16/124.71HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 14

 — Alexis confesses her feelings to Oliver. by NymphWriter08/18/124.71HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 15

 — Alexis meets the King & Queen. by NymphWriter08/19/124.72HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 16

 — Alexis and Lara are sent back to Earth. by NymphWriter08/20/124.77HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 17

 — Alexis gets the surprise of her life. by NymphWriter08/21/124.75HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 18

 — Alexis leaves Earth forever. by NymphWriter08/22/124.76HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 19

 — Alexis & Oliver return to his home world. by NymphWriter08/18/124.76HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 20

 — Alexis confronts Valente about the betrayal. by NymphWriter08/23/124.75HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 21

 — Alexis attends her first formal dinner party with the Queen. by NymphWriter08/24/124.73HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 22

 — Alexis & Oliver plan their wedding. by NymphWriter08/25/124.76HOT

Parent-Teacher Conference Ch. 23

 — Alexis & Oliver's wedding. by NymphWriter08/26/124.82HOT


 — Human adventurer discovers a lot about his elven partner. by AdmiralSquish10/03/184.76HOT

Party Madness

 — Fashionista Finds Lust. by Girochen06/10/163.71


 — Gods strike Minos' wife with desire for mythical bull. by Sabledrake07/04/034.73HOT

Passage from Autumn

 — An annual affair leaves Autumn spent and longing. by SarcasticSinner02/02/074.60HOT

Passenger and Driver

 — Man and woman switch bodies during sex. by dreamchaser6603/12/114.39

Passion and Lust 01

 — Allen stumbles upon ruins, finds much more than he expected. by RampantSerenity10/30/134.59HOT

Passion and Lust 02

 — Life doesn't exactly go back to normal. by RampantSerenity11/09/134.68HOT

Passion and Lust 03

 — Allen blows off some steam with Val. by RampantSerenity11/25/134.59HOT

Passion and Lust 05

 — Lust has her fun with Allen, then meets her sister. by RampantSerenity03/06/154.75HOT

Passion and Lust Ch. 04

 — A dinner out leads to dirty deeds. by RampantSerenity02/13/144.77HOT

Password Protected Pt. 01

 — My orgasms are password protected. by pifan02/20/194.34

Patent Pending

 — A lovely wife is miniaturized to doll size. by Wifetheif05/07/144.29

Path of Evil Ch. 04 Pt. 01

 — Prior preparation prevents poor travel. by herminius209/20/144.84HOT

Path of Evil Ch. 04 Pt. 02

 — The 'princess' of Narito celebrates being herself... by herminius203/24/154.54HOT

Path of the Necromancer Ch. 01

 — Ian is hunted and meets the women who will change his life. by Intrepid_Fate09/05/124.86HOT

Path of the Necromancer Ch. 02

 — Ian's life gets a whole lot more complicated. by Intrepid_Fate10/01/124.87HOT

Path of the Necromancer Ch. 03

 — Ian learns what it means to be a necromancer. by Intrepid_Fate10/23/124.87HOT

Path of Their Own Ch. 01

 — With Vietnam a distancing memory, a new path awaits. by DarkPulse05/04/174.87HOT

Patience is a Virtue...

 — Half man half snake takes a beautiful vampiress in his coils. by 2alay205/23/124.16


 — Doesn't everyone have a list of geniuses to have sex with? by joeycomeau07/29/112.67

Patricia's Awakening Ch. 01

 — Patricia discovers a book which changes her life forever. by stuball8309/26/164.41

Patteran Ch. 01

 — Wanderer in Appalachia meets a vampire goddess. by fcdc05/08/074.54HOT

Paula's Tentacle Incident

 — A college girl runs into some nasty trouble in the park. by LustfulLadyLynette12/30/144.17

Pearl Ch. 01

 — A story in the Swarm Universe about a pick-up. by APeacefulPlaceTx06/14/104.60HOT

Pearl Ch. 02

 — A second step in the story of a near perfect volunteer. by APeacefulPlaceTx06/15/104.54HOT


 — An alternate world where all females are raised to be pets. by Justwords11/13/183.63

Peers Ch. 01

 — They meet. by jjcolejr04/21/144.48

Peers Ch. 02

 — They learn what they are. by jjcolejr05/02/144.51HOT

Peers Ch. 03

 — They learn their fustier. by jjcolejr05/16/144.71HOT

Penny for Your Thoughts

 — A little lovely teasing. by Salamando_Flames02/14/154.30

Penny's Predicament Ch. 01-03

 — A steampunk tail. by Equilibria01/19/114.48

Penumbrials Ch. 00: First Contact

 — Dormin meets fox girl, attractive detective, and armed men. by SciFurz08/17/174.74HOT

Penumbrials Ch. 01: Penumbra

 — The three rescue a new friend and gain a special new home. by SciFurz09/21/174.76HOT

Penumbrials Ch. 02

 — Catch and release. by SciFurz06/24/194.74HOT

Pepper On The Inside

 — Pepper, the bronze spy. A sequel to "Keep It Down." by PrevertOne02/14/174.76HOT

Perchance to Dream

 — She was lost and needed help. by no1specific10/06/174.64HOT

Perchance to Dream Ch. 01

 — A most unusual 'nightmare' reunites couple. by Hatsuda02/13/104.72HOT

Perfect Creation

 — In the distant future, a lover is built for Adam. by tw_holt03/11/154.75HOT

Perfect Intentions Ch. 00

 — Ever tried to kill the person you hate most? Don't TRY! by RavenThunderclaw03/04/144.36

Perfect Penis

 — A witch grants a man a perfect penis as a reward. by PaladinInBlack08/24/174.68HOT

Perfect Replica

 — An incestuous tale of two reunited siblings. by lolotar03/12/154.61HOT


 — Could she possibly create the excitement she needed? by Middleagepoet01/23/093.82

Performance Enhancer

 — His power? It's kind of like steroids. by dojoguy200612/13/114.63HOT


 — A night in the museum. by lagneau blanc02/13/144.00

Perhaps It's Better This Way

 — Smooth changes take place. by C07/18/024.06

Persephone's Demons Ch. 01-02

 — Persephone's world is destroyed by a demon. by Persephonegreen05/21/153.65

Persian Princess Ch. 01

 — Amira and Sadira's story. by Chicklet12/19/024.23

Personal Space Ch. 01

 — Life is hard for a spaceship pilot. by kitty_bitch12/14/144.64HOT

Personal Space Ch. 02: Submission

 — James slowly learns to surrender to higher forces. by kitty_bitch12/23/144.63HOT

Personal Space Ch. 03: Contact

 — James learns the truth... by kitty_bitch01/01/154.74HOT

Perspective of an Optimist Ch. 01

 — Lily is transported to another world by a magical camera. by JaiLai09/15/174.51HOT

Perverted Shapeshifter

 — A high schooler discovers he has the ability to shapeshift. by Eros_34307/11/144.27

Perverted Shapeshifter Ch. 02

 — Steven throws a house party while his parents are away. by Eros_34311/02/144.56HOT

Perverted Shapeshifter Ch. 03

 — Laura and Stephen discover each other's secrets. by Eros_34312/28/144.50HOT

Peter's Secret

 — A sexy encounter with horny fairies. by bigbadbionixboy01/02/073.78

Peter, June and the Whatevers!

 — Another little 'Wander' into the realms of improbability. by Denham_Forrest12/05/124.55HOT


 — It was the most daring thing she'd ever done. by Many Feathers10/23/054.49

Phera Moans

 — The group gets hung up while the guard "searches" Phera. by CivilHomicide04/12/074.35

Phera Moans Ch. 02

 — After some bathing fun, the group gets their new assignment. by CivilHomicide04/28/074.64HOT

Phera Moans Ch. 03

 — Some enjoyable surprises as they continue their search. by CivilHomicide05/10/074.50

Phfinaesque Fairy Saga

 — Darling daughter of distraught Duke offered in sacrifice. by phfina09/21/114.79HOT


 — The story of a man who is searching for something. by FetidFlowers03/31/124.17

Phillip K's Dick

 — Android Sexuality. by LenNeal08/06/134.34

Phineas and Miraa

 — Young maiden meets a legendary, cursed hippocamp in the sea. by musclecargirl06/10/104.50HOT

Phoebe's Dream Ch. 01

 — Comatose woman's dream is highly sexual. by mcmurryae02/10/173.50


 — Griffins have a unique method of reproduction... by Oridian07/14/194.69HOT

Picture Me ... Again

 — An antique camera changes a man's erotic past and his future. by M. Millswan08/07/184.44

Pila's Plight

 — Her tale begins rather badly. by kokabeel12/22/08

Pilot 01: A Saucerful of Secrets

 — And a homecoming of the unexpected kind. by past_perfect01/28/104.61HOT

Pilot 02: The Dark Side of the Moon

 — Jon and Emma are hitching a ride. by past_perfect02/26/104.67HOT

Pilot 03: Wish You Were Here

 — Recruits for Talagon. by past_perfect02/28/104.67HOT

Pilot 04: Meddle

 — Jon's first away-mission in the Pret domain. by past_perfect03/14/104.76HOT

Pilot 05: Obscured by Clouds

 — Jon and Emma alone on Dawnmaker. by past_perfect04/14/104.80HOT

Pilot 06: Animals

 — Adventure on Harkas with Quila and Tamara. by past_perfect07/12/104.66HOT

Pink Mirror

 — On this hot island, nothing is what it seems to be. by Iphigeneia6904/04/193.82


 — A recruit must learn to cooperate as he trains with aliens. by Snekguy12/05/164.85HOT

Pinwheel Remastered

 — A recruit and an alien must learn to cooperate. by Snekguy03/04/194.87HOT

Piper's Cum Cure

 — Piper is poisoned and the only cure is alien cum. by pyramidqueen03/01/194.69HOT

Pirate Cutter Endeavour

 — A pirate takes some very willing captives. by mikado200505/15/094.36

Pirate on Pirate Ch. 01

 — A swashbuckling pirate-hunting captain romances his captive. by StrongMind12/31/123.50


 — Powerful pirate meets a new wench and a new adventure. by JancisDolomax11/27/083.94

Pirates and the Nymphs of Eros

 — Pirate raiders sail to remote coast in search of sex slaves. by hankstr11/29/104.12

Pirates Slave

 — Space pilot captured by pirates. by DMaster_1412/21/154.21


 — Woman from the hood is saved by an inhuman creature by panther128205/27/144.39

Pitch Fever

 — Post-apocalyptic tale. by Kojiki09/13/114.51HOT

Pitted Revenge

 — Naughty pixie get punished. by Pippac12/12/08HOT


 — Pixie girl is shown what sex is. by littlepixie08/10/054.11

Pixie Dust

 — Older man undergoes a magical transformation. by Pop-O09/05/034.47

Pixie Feast

 — Pixie girls in search of semen on Midsummer Eve. by Nellskitchen01/09/094.13

Pixie's Reward

 — A Pixie gives her rescuer far more than he bargained for. by Salamando_Flames09/11/144.12

Pizza Party

 — Unsuspecting delivery guy gets more than expected. by SykoSara10/02/054.00

Planescape: A Turn of the Wheel

 — A vampire and a gnoll, must be love. by The_Chromatic_One03/13/084.54HOT

Planescape: Diplomatic Relations

 — A non-standard definition. by The_Chromatic_One06/26/094.56HOT

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