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Radio Days Pt. 02

 — The extraordinary adventures of Ozzie Hanswater. by coaster202/01/094.70HOT

Radio Days Pt. 03

 — The extraordinary adventures of Ozzie Hanswater. by coaster202/02/094.79HOT

Radio Days Pt. 04

 — The extraordinary adventures of Ozzie Hanswater. by coaster202/03/094.72HOT

Rage Fuck

 — When two aggressive people meet after combat wild sex ensues. by 2alay206/08/124.04

Raggedy Android; Cottonweed Ch. 03

 — Love is with your brother. by Apple_Leigh12/22/114.05

Raiders of the Galaxy Ch. 01

 — Space pirates have fun on shore leave. by TheFrenchGuy02/09/044.05

Raiders of the Galaxy Ch. 02

 — Meanwhile, in another part of the galaxy... by TheFrenchGuy12/17/043.75

Rain and Sunny

 — Two friends take on an evil force on their campus. by panther128208/24/164.14

Rain Goddess

 — Her dripping clothes clung to her body. by Middleagepoet11/26/094.05

Rainstone Ch. 01

 — The second of the Seven Kingdom stories. by Daniellekitten12/20/154.59HOT

Rainstone Ch. 03

 — King Ryder and 'Sonya'. by Daniellekitten01/01/164.71HOT

Raising Beautiful 01

 — Starting a new life. by Ivyclay05/11/144.14

Raising Beautiful 02

 — Learning about their past. by Ivyclay05/15/144.45

Raising Beautiful 03

 — Problems on the boat. by Ivyclay05/24/144.52HOT

Raising Beautiful 04

 — Meeting Derrick's "Family" and visiting the bathouses by Ivyclay06/15/144.43

Raising Beautiful 05

 — Zorah catches Silvanus off guard. by Ivyclay01/06/164.33

Raith's Folly

 — A young man is suprised when he tries to despoil a witch. by Maeten05/03/093.81

Rampage Pt. 01

 — Warehouseman makes a sexy, but dangerous discovery. by Sperman Alexie05/29/154.38

Rampage Pt. 02

 — Alana's lustful path of destruction continues... by Sperman Alexie06/07/154.30

Random Bits -0-

 — 2 Doms 1 sub: Dream. by Little Scarlet09/15/09

Randy Randy

 — She'd rode a Harley once before, but he wasn't any good. by Mysti Fox02/21/084.40

Ranger Chronicles Ep. 01

 — Ranger Kalan is captured by Drow and used as breeding stock. by Septim02/17/184.44

Raptor and Rapture Ch. 02: Demon Princess

 — Before her bed can be gained, blood must be shed. by solitarycafe03/28/184.69HOT

Raptor and Rapture: The Goddess

 — The salvation of the world may depend on a lone mercenary. by solitarycafe02/27/184.59HOT


 — When the Rapture calls, your world changes. by VAXJedi04/22/024.46


 — Story of a Rogue Demon Huntress. by SizeQueenSupreme07/26/104.48

Rapunzel - A Modern Fairy Story

 — A child so socially isolated cannot grow up. by potsherd2201/16/173.83

Rapunzel Act 1

 — Rowan & Hazel meet their new neighbour. by Tatewaki05/09/024.64HOT

Rapunzel Act 2

 — The child becomes the Ebon Maiden. by Tatewaki06/03/024.56HOT

Rapunzel Ch. 01

 — Sometimes a hero is not always what he seems. by kitazkitten04/14/084.15

Rapunzel Ch. 01-02

 — The first two chapters in a twisted fairy tale. by Equilibria03/07/104.28

Rapunzel Ch. 02

 — The Duke is seeking a cure, while the dryad seeks retribution. by kitazkitten04/28/084.41

Rapunzel Ch. 03

 — Kamea is hunting for servants and Jedrek isn't happy. by kitazkitten08/13/084.48

Rare Earth, Rare Seed

 — Sex is real, but what about love? by satyricon.2109/11/064.64HOT

Raska Tales: The Fallen General

 — Not everyone can retire in peace, especially not him. by DarkPulse05/15/164.74HOT

Raska Tales: The Risen Witch

 — She got her second chance, but everything has a price. by DarkPulse12/23/164.75HOT

Raveena, Avenger of Penendrune

 — Young girl avenges her parents and finds a king. by ronde11/02/024.68HOT

Raven and Sky Ch. 01

 — A young man acquires 2 elves. by tobiekain10504/19/164.56HOT

Raven and Sky Ch. 02

 — A young man acquires 2 elves. by tobiekain10504/23/164.50HOT

Raven and Sky Ch. 03

 — Young man's life is being turned upside down by two Elves. by tobiekain10504/28/164.57HOT

Raven Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Mythical dynasty is established; new one is born. by JMiller6904/01/063.93

Raven Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Birth of the promise: Raven is born. by JMiller6904/02/064.32

Raven Chronicles Ch. 03

 — The rise to ascension. by JMiller6904/06/064.08

Raven Chronicles Ch. 04

 — A Legacy is Born...Raven becomes a mighty warrior. by JMiller6904/07/064.00

Raven Chronicles Ch. 05

 — A dynasty is forged. by JMiller6904/08/063.94

Ravin's Mistake

 — A night of passion with a near stranger. by VinceLoring05/07/123.67

Ravished By Hercules

 — Hercules is drawn to Meg like a magnet to iron. by JessicaSatin07/22/144.00

Ravishing a Succubus, The Price

 — A naked succubus appeared and, obviously, he's fucking her. by lifejuice4205/17/164.01

Rayven Cottage

 — When you open your mind and heart, who knows what may happen. by Dreambeliever03/09/184.17

Raz the Farmer

 — Raz travels to Earth with Stanley to meet his parents. by Snekguy05/30/174.83HOT

Razor Whip Pt. 01

 — Life as a roadie to an all-demon metal group: worth the pay? by NarcissusRex10/31/144.47

Razor Whip Pt. 02

 — Another band member: dominance, denial, a touch of feeling. by NarcissusRex11/04/144.58HOT

Reaching An Understanding

 — Communication can be difficult, especially when it's easy. by optimizer88810/21/124.51HOT

Reaching Out

 — An alien life form takes control of their bodies and minds. by homealone_44711/14/154.73HOT

Ready for Departure

 — A pilot and stepsister wait for a pair of promiscous passengers. by Hibbidyhai09/28/073.69

Reality Break Ch. 01

 — Glasie plays a VR game for the first time and is amazed. by TheTask05/26/134.74HOT

Reality Break Ch. 02

 — Glasie plays more of the game and finds a strange girl. by TheTask09/19/134.73HOT

Reality Break Ch. 03

 — New friends and new sensations. by TheTask11/11/134.80HOT

Reality Break Ch. 04

 — Unknown enemies close in on Scarlet and she learns to smile by TheTask12/29/134.68HOT

Reality Redo Pt. 01

 — A college boy gets reality powers to make his life awesome. by Spark34501/03/173.97

Realms of Pleasure (Lilandra)

 — He is used to test the limits of human pleasure. by alias_the_archangel01/09/064.62HOT

Rebecca in the Maru

 — The new crewman has fun while others are away. by Wayne Extreme04/14/024.16

Reborn Ch. 01

 — David dies, but wakes up to a new and pleasureable existence. by SciFan196812/06/044.30

Reborn Ch. 02

 — David learns more about his new existence. by SciFan196812/22/044.46


 — Coming of age in a post-apocalyptic world. by coldwater104/07/164.79HOT

Reckless Destiny Ch. 01

 — A priestess and the pharaoh's son meet as sparks fly. by ZenJinni09/11/124.38

Recollections Ch. 01

 — It's been over ten years since he'd been home. by B_E_White07/31/074.29

Recovery Mission

 — Post-catastrophe remnant attempts to recover. by Decentguy11/18/044.65HOT


 — Technology to aid police investigations may have other uses. by WFEATHER05/12/063.97

Recreation Ch. 02

 — Police investigation technology may have other uses. by WFEATHER05/12/064.00

Recycled Reused

 — College guy gets life change. by milehighelevator09/13/144.07

Recycled Reused Ch. 02

 — Sean "loses it". by milehighelevator09/14/144.66HOT

Recycled Reused Ch. 03

 — Kera Breaks Things Gently to Sean. by milehighelevator09/15/144.49

Recycled Reused Ch. 04

 — Sean loses himself but finds himself. by milehighelevator09/20/144.64HOT

Red & Black & Sleeping Beauty

 — Adventurers check Sleeping Beauty's castle. by Ashson12/20/154.42

Red Academy for Girls Ch. 01

 — A new girl with a secret comes into our lives. by KinkyMuffin08/22/114.08

Red Academy for Girls Ch. 02

 — Mercy's past. by KinkyMuffin09/23/113.97

Red Academy for Girls Ch. 03

 — Icey rage revealed. by KinkyMuffin09/25/113.70

Red Cube

 — A tale of obsession. by Enigmaster07/12/132.67

Red Dog Bull Run Blows Out

 — An excess beer disaster happens. by Avalanche Man09/10/053.50

Red Hot Elixir

 — Power is a strong elixir. by sweet_lusciousdesire03/01/134.25

Red Riding Hood

 — Little Red meets the Big Bad Wold in the dark forest. by Golarick07/09/134.25

Red Riding Hood Grows Up

 — What happens after the Happily Ever After. by madisonangel07/22/054.16

Red Riding Hood, Revisited Ch. 01

 — An assertive Red comes of age. by djehuty10/11/093.75

Red: The 2nd

 — Rett gets sucked into a secret society of hot women. by Interexting10/05/104.53HOT


 — Undead Vamp lusts for a priest. by cinful11/01/024.56HOT

Redemption Ch. 00-01

 — In the beginning there was darkness... by LevanaHyll04/23/144.72HOT

Redemption Ch. 02

 — Lucien's Raynes. by LevanaHyll05/06/144.78HOT

Redemption Ch. 03

 — Rayne. by LevanaHyll06/17/144.77HOT

Redemption Ch. 04

 — A girl name Boy Rayne? by LevanaHyll06/25/144.83HOT

Redemption Ch. 05

 — Heading out... by LevanaHyll07/08/144.77HOT

Redemption Ch. 06

 — Desiring Lucien. by LevanaHyll07/15/144.86HOT

Redemption Ch. 07

 — The winds of change. by LevanaHyll08/05/144.88HOT

Redemption Ch. 08

 — Lucien's redemption. by LevanaHyll08/28/144.86HOT

Redemption Ch. 09

 — And Girl makes three. by LevanaHyll09/03/144.81HOT

Redemption Ch. 10

 — Revelations/altercations, and punishment. by LevanaHyll09/16/144.84HOT

Redemption of the Drow

 — Concludes the adventures of the drow and other races. by kiore1103/23/164.70HOT


 — Dark secrets fester in the city of New Jericho. by AJ_Watson06/13/084.29

Redlight: Pandora Pt. 01

 — Sci-Fi Erotica Crime Thriller. by MrLegsman02/22/123.86


 — She might have met aliens. by Sienna03/19/054.57HOT

Reflections of The Way I Long to Be

 — Fantasy story about a couple, loving themself. by PollyPerv07/07/084.33


 — An Alien parasite wreaks orgasmic holocaust. by ufpe11/28/113.92

Reinventing Porn Ch. 01

 — An industry in crisis. by HandsInTheDark01/06/174.60HOT

Rekindle Ch. 01

 — A rough start for young Vincent. by DanteofSparda06/24/154.64HOT

Relative Evil Ch. 01

 — Survival and Sex after the Bomb by LaPatitMort11/06/094.51HOT


 — After a shift at the factory, they go to Release. by PrimitiveSexCord06/18/174.00

Remember... Ch. 01

 — Two strangers meet, secrets abound. by CrazyCatGuy02/01/084.75HOT

Remember... Ch. 02

 — Everyone lies. by CrazyCatGuy06/25/124.78HOT

Remember... Ch. 03

 — It's all fun and games. by CrazyCatGuy06/28/124.65HOT

Remember... Ch. 04

 — The unraveling of many things. by CrazyCatGuy07/01/124.66HOT

Remember... Ch. 05

 — The adversary strikes again. by CrazyCatGuy03/08/134.68HOT

Remember... Ch. 06

 — Reunion. by CrazyCatGuy04/03/134.72HOT

Remember... Ch. 07

 — A joyous reunion, happy discoveries, and inevitable obstacle by CrazyCatGuy05/13/144.69HOT

Remember... Ch. 08

 — Mari goes to a party and meets someone unexpected. by CrazyCatGuy03/09/164.80HOT

Remember... Ch. 09

 — The after-party. by CrazyCatGuy07/23/174.66HOT

Remember... Ch. 10

 — The after-after-party. by CrazyCatGuy08/04/174.76HOT

Remembering Orion

 — Story of that which gives the other the power. by alanofthesanctuary08/27/053.89

Remembrance and Hope

 — More Romance IMO but still technically sci-fi. by jonthechaosman03/29/144.12

Remembrances Denied

 — Stalked by memories given life, he returns to who he was. by Bebop301/19/184.18

Remote Control

 — A generic remote control with the ability to transport its... by ufpe02/08/134.52HOT


 — Why is it said you can never return home? by Lady_Blackhawk12/27/064.47

Rendezvous Ch. 01

 — You're found naked outside. by kedynscrow09/09/034.32

Rendezvous Ch. 02

 — A few weeks later... by kedynscrow09/18/034.67

Rendezvous with Darkness Ch. 01

 — Deep space patrol encounters the unknown. by Tanuki04/19/044.53HOT

Renegade Angel

 — Fantasy romance between vamp & man. by nkdangelchick05/23/034.36

Repaying the Tab

 — A bartender plays with her boytoy. by Salamando_Flames01/09/114.00

Repeat Ad Lib

 — I'm engaged to a witch. by oggbashan10/04/104.27

Repeat V for Vagina

 — A futuristic tale. by CastleDJK09/18/123.30


 — Extraterrestrial reproductive cycle. by ufpe09/07/023.29

Repopulation Pt. 01

 — Post-Apocalyptic tale of kidnapping, mutants & breeding. by OzArrian05/15/07

Repopulation Pt. 02

 — A nurse in a post-apocalyptic world meets her captor. by OzArrian05/17/07

Repopulation Pt. 03

 — Nurse Allie Cooke's kidnapping in Post-WW3 Omaha continues. by OzArrian05/22/07

Repopulation Pt. 04

 — Two more chapters in Allie's post-nuclear sex nightmare. by OzArrian05/31/07


 — They see how it’s done. by alan5506/18/094.38

Requited at Last

 — An orc warrior demands the love and lust of an elven princes. by miladygrimm09/30/094.65HOT

Rescue Mission Ch. 01

 — Jeff dallies with a Dwarf as adventure looms. by WerewolfatNight05/15/064.55HOT

Rescue Mission Ch. 03

 — Our hero strives to make it in a world he never made. by WerewolfatNight02/08/084.55HOT

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