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Rescue Mission Ch. 04

 — A magic carpet ride to immortality. by WerewolfatNight04/09/084.70HOT

Rescue Mission Ch. 05

 — Jeff finally hits the city of pirates and finds some loot by WerewolfatNight10/07/084.79HOT

Rescue Mission Ch. 06

 — Final Chapter: our hero finds his missing mistresses in Orgy Land. by WerewolfatNight04/01/094.71HOT

Rescuing Layna Ch. 01

 — After a long search, Rohn at last finds Layna. by inkytaur01/10/134.45

Rescuing Princess Nina

 — Barbarian hero saves suffering Princess. by The_Wolff07/18/072.86

Rescuing Sophie

 — He thought she needed rescuing. by mountainfire04/29/073.91

Reset Ch. 01

 — Sleeper awakens to a wonderful dream. by nushu207/22/04HOT

Reset Ch. 02

 — A bright future for a dimwit. by nushu207/28/04

Reset Ch. 03

 — Conclusion. Even diamonds need flaws. by nushu208/07/04

Resident Evil 4: Leon and Ashley

 — Leon finds it hard to resist the President's daughter. by darkeyes77706/12/084.07


 — A young man attempts to resist Sex Magic. by Salamando_Flames12/05/114.02

Rest Stop Fantasy

 — Hand in pocket, or her hand in pocket? by SoftPanda_200111/18/013.45

Restarted Pt. 01

 — Futuristic medical technology leads to surprising sex. by Spinneret01/31/104.49

Restarted Pt. 02

 — She'd forgotten her life - but they helped her remember sex. by Spinneret02/01/104.50HOT


 — They ran out of what they had not planned to need. by Otzchiim01/20/094.12

Restocking The Glade

 — An unsavory wizard collects a new nymph for his brothel. by deathlynx12/22/114.44

Restocking The Glade Ch. 02

 — Will Bradrick cure the strange curse for Calliope? by deathlynx12/28/114.71HOT

Restocking The Glade Ch. 03

 — Bradrick apologizes to a jilted wife. by deathlynx01/01/124.15


 — An orphan finds his calling. by fgmntfmgnshn10/03/124.35

Retard Pt. 01

 — A high school student learns to control time. by noname555121204/28/154.57HOT

Retard Pt. 02

 — Simon uses his powers to stop time. by noname555121205/19/154.62HOT

Retard Pt. 03

 — Brandi returns contrite. by noname555121206/16/154.55HOT

Retard Pt. 04

 — Baseball tryouts. by noname555121211/22/154.42

Retirement is Good

 — In the future, slavery is legal. by Wifetheif05/03/134.28

Retirement Sucks

 — Tyll retires from field duty and finds his master waiting. by redtailedhawk03/17/123.09


 — Part 2 of the assassin Tsyr Ker's tale. by JoeBarnosky10/29/10

Return Encounters

 — Sequel to 'Close Encounter'. by hammingbyrd701/02/064.80HOT

Return of a Princess Ch. 01

 — Young woman discovers who she truly is. by thedevilsangel04/18/084.47

Return of a Princess Ch. 02

 — She is revealed to Aidan; Liliandra has some fun. by thedevilsangel04/19/084.38

Return of a Princess Ch. 03

 — Aidan is tempted; things are explained to Cara. by thedevilsangel04/20/084.58HOT

Return of a Princess Ch. 04

 — They are attacked. by thedevilsangel04/21/084.43

Return of a Princess Ch. 05

 — Will they live. by thedevilsangel04/28/084.61HOT

Return of a Princess Ch. 06

 — Aidan worries and is attacked. by thedevilsangel06/20/084.61HOT


 — A warlock's quest for revenge nears its end. by Blind_Justice07/04/144.08


 — An Alexandros short story. by JoeBarnosky06/25/11

Revenge of Hephaestus Ch. 01

 — Hephaestus gets even w/ Aphrodite, then uses her attendants. by cwr200001/04/114.16

Revenge of Hephaestus Ch. 02

 — Hephaestus decides to include other goddesses into his fun. by cwr200001/05/114.26

Revenge Of The Mariners

 — Stranded sailors take revenge on evil mermaid. by Akito0109/25/044.01

Revenge of the Poon Tang

 — A Jessica Story by OneSilky11/23/104.10

Revenge of the Pothead Ch. 02

 — Ralph moves on with his life as a Militia field nurse. by SEVERUSMAX03/06/064.61HOT

Revenge of the Pothead Ch. 03

 — Ralph meets Summer again after the fighting. by SEVERUSMAX12/04/084.58HOT

Revenge of the Pothead Ch. 04

 — Ralph and Summer confess their love for each other. by SEVERUSMAX04/26/124.54HOT


 — On odd plant on a colony world changes the sexual dynamic. by Elenriel11/14/154.20

Reverse Predator Ch. 01

 — The Space Age will introduce humanity to its natural predator. by Intorsus02/03/153.98


 — You've boobed! If only you could rewind life and make good. by Spencerfiction02/20/154.44

Reyn Chronicles

 — Reyn is back from space and a lot has changed. by roadsinlife09/24/084.34

Reyn's Change

 — Reyn becomes a vampire. by nicoleweis08/05/034.00

Rhonda's Life after Capture

 — An interstellar captive is entered in a ponygirl race. by bondagescholar06/27/123.65

Rhymis and Hannah Ch. 01

 — A young Lord takes a slave girl. by kate_oriley209/29/074.58HOT

Rhymis and Hannah Ch. 02

 — Rhymis finds Hannah again & he claims her. by kate_oriley210/06/074.47

Rick Summer, Ace Detective

 — PI gets mixed up in world of sexy androids. by Angelique Bouchette08/17/054.82HOT

Riding Red

 — An erotic twist on a classic tale of a lost girl. by MayorReynolds07/01/144.58HOT


 — Abduction and fun in world of slaves. by gypsyred03/12/033.81

Rift Ch. 03

 — Paradise revisited. by gypsyred03/17/034.59HOT

Rift Ch. 04

 — Lawrence and Lis. by gypsyred03/18/034.21


 — In a world of insta-travel, aunt and nephew play. by Teneskel04/17/114.62HOT

Right Man For The Job

 — When the "perfect" job isn't all that it seems. by radk04/11/114.49

Rill Glow

 — Promise to a dead love brings her to a younger man. by talismania05/09/114.80HOT


 — Colonists survive a crash on a distant planet. by hg3302/21/154.15

Ring of Wishes Ch. 02

 — Jess get her wishes granted but the demon has other plans. by warnos07/14/143.63

Rings of Fire

 — The Apocalypse begins... by Tara_Neale12/07/124.44

Ringworld 01

 — Asteroid hunter. by Beatnic_jazzman02/12/134.49

Ringworld 02

 — Further complications on the road to Nirvana. by Beatnic_jazzman02/13/134.52HOT

Ringworld 03

 — Ringworld. by Beatnic_jazzman02/14/134.44

Ringworld 04

 — Just a friendly hug. by Beatnic_jazzman02/15/134.34

Ringworld 05

 — Too much of a good thing. by Beatnic_jazzman02/16/134.45

Ringworld 06

 — Nursing it better. by Beatnic_jazzman02/17/134.52HOT

Ringworld 07

 — The fun comes to an end. by Beatnic_jazzman02/18/134.54HOT

Ringworld 08

 — Number one wife meets two and three. by Beatnic_jazzman02/19/134.67HOT

Rischa and the Red Jack

 — Two dashing pirates in a high stakes head-game. by kitfox09/04/064.84HOT

Rise of a Pirate Queen

 — Elen rises from slave to pirate queen- and has a lot of sex. by Kitling03/15/103.83

Rise of the Overlord Ch. 01

 — A tale of medieval D/s. by OverlordEternal10/13/094.24

Rise of the Overlord Ch. 02

 — A tale of medieval D/s. by OverlordEternal10/20/094.34

Rise of the Overlord Ch. 03

 — A tale of medieval D/s. by OverlordEternal10/30/094.42

Rise of the Overlord Ch. 04

 — The story concludes. by OverlordEternal12/19/094.28

Rise to Power Ch. 01

 — Big change for Earth: an emperor of Earth & an alien bride. by vic_elor09/24/063.80


 — An epic original fantasy story. by Crouching_Buddha10/13/064.47

Rising Ch. 02

 — The Master's sudden appearance brings changes. by Crouching_Buddha10/21/064.75HOT

Rising Ch. 03

 — Ahma spends an evening with Master Methaniel. by Crouching_Buddha10/27/064.73HOT

Rising Ch. 04

 — Ahma and Methaniel's pleasant day goes horribly wrong. by Crouching_Buddha11/04/064.76HOT

Rising Ch. 05

 — Methaniel flees Durinum with the traumatized Ahma. by Crouching_Buddha11/09/064.79HOT

Rising Ch. 06

 — Methaniel prepares to leave; Ahma's safety is compromised. by Crouching_Buddha11/17/064.72HOT

Rising Ch. 07

 — Ahma and Methaniel struggle their way through the mountains. by Crouching_Buddha11/29/064.75HOT

Rising Ch. 08

 — Ahma and Methaniel come down from the mountains. by Crouching_Buddha12/07/064.85HOT

Rising Ch. 09

 — Ahma's feelings deepen. Their relationship changes. by Crouching_Buddha12/14/064.88HOT

Rising Ch. 10

 — Methaniel seeks more information and spends time with Ahma. by Crouching_Buddha12/24/064.82HOT

Rising Ch. 11

 — Methaniel and Ahma continue their search for answers. by Crouching_Buddha03/17/074.79HOT

Rising From The Fire Ch. 00

 — Demonic Princess is expelled from Hell. by SimoneLisbon03/09/114.41

Rising From The Fire Ch. 02

 — Demonic Princess deals with the results of Angelic sex. by SimoneLisbon04/05/114.57HOT

Rising From The Fire Ch. 03

 — Demonic Princess discovers her sexual power. by SimoneLisbon08/13/114.38

Rising From The Fire Ch. 04

 — Demonic Princess plays with the Four Horsemen. by SimoneLisbon10/29/124.54HOT

Rising From The Fire Ch. 05

 — Demonic Princess is taken by War. by SimoneLisbon01/15/134.44

Rite of Passage

 — Zulanji's tale begins, with a meeting with Vol'jin. by Logar5159003/25/113.20

Rites of Spring

 — Sex, life and the seasons. by KT535403/31/113.88

Ritual of Three Vessels

 — A healer saves a baby, but at what cost? by RedLuchador06/16/154.64HOT

River Dream

 — Falling asleep and being visited by an aquatic myth by the river. by Cryoliss09/16/153.73


 — A man tempts fate by the river. by Tetl07/04/034.44

Rob In The Future: Ch. 1

 — Robert discovers there's a lot of sex is 2056. by dm05/14/023.36

Robe of Enchantment

 — Elvin beauty gets her feet wet. by Hex Witch11/09/044.36

Roberta Rossum

 — Two Artificial Intelligence researchers meet. by Inosolan12/02/114.68HOT

Robin LaRouge's Posse Ch. 02

 — Continued stories of Robin LaRouge's Posse. by reohoko12/25/03

Robot Whore Ch. 01

 — A woman is mistaken for a Robot. by StoryTeller0708/29/094.09

Robowhore Ch. 01

 — Gynoid Y41 comes on line and receives her assignment. by RabbitPrince01/27/124.10

Rock and Roll Angel Pt. 02

 — He's got wings ... and he knows how to use them. by lostindavoid10/09/154.89HOT

Rogue and Rake Ch. 01

 — And so our story begins... by CelticQuill08/14/144.64HOT

Rogue and Rake: Prologue

 — Before the beginning. by CelticQuill06/11/144.34

Rogue World

 — Love from across the Galaxy. by DocOc08/24/144.38

Roland's Journey Ch. 01

 — A boy sets out to explore a lust filled world. by BobHacker07/09/153.96

Role Play in the Near Future

 — Phil plays when he really should be working. Plus ca change. by Paulsom06/10/114.50

Role Reversal: A Short Vision of the Future

 — A future in which gender roles are reversed. by 100kdd12/25/104.41

Romeo Robot

 — Her mechanical partner is almost a perfect lover. by SweetPrettyAss12/19/143.88

Romie in the Brig

 — Nick gets the tables turned on himself. by Wayne Extreme06/09/044.65HOT


 — Paramilitary partners taking a little break to get hot. by kinpatsu01/19/074.38

Roomies: Full Circle

 — Would you do it all over again? Pam & Kim get that chance. by patricia5105/31/084.37

Rosalina Ch. 01

 — The woman who kills men after fucking them. by prince myshkin10/21/054.05

Rose & Keane

 — Friendship on distant world, with 'special options'. by ladyofthemasque07/08/024.20

Rose & Keane Ch. 2

 — Lovers in another time & place continue their fun. by ladyofthemasque07/12/024.68HOT

Rose and Her Harem Life

 — Rose the busty cowgirl enjoys her new harem life. by Cowman8212/09/124.19

Rose Of Steel

 — Lady Roseline uncovers a plot of intrigue. by _Lady1SensuaL1Fire_04/20/044.04

Rose The Cowgirl Gets Sold

 — Rose and her milk tanks gets placed in a harem. by Cowman8202/25/114.04

Rose, The Milk Plant Cowgirl

 — In the future some humanoids will be sexslave dairy cattle. by Cowman8207/14/094.01

Roses Red

 — An unspeakable evil terrorizes Spain's countryside. by JoeBarnosky10/28/10

Rough Trade at the Rainbow

 — Soft trade, rough trade, boyfriend purchased escort trade. by fluidmingle05/13/074.50

Roy's Bachelor Party

 — She spends the night with Dad - or - what did she do wrong? by AnonAndAnon06/09/104.00

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