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Royal Love

 — Suzanna's life changes after she is arrested. by glenbrown6907/21/124.37

Royalty's Privileges

 — Clumsy servant breaks a glass, gets the princess' attention. by SunaktaX10/13/124.31

Ruby and the Watcher

 — They can see you. by ABigCat01/19/164.29

Ruby in the Woods Pt. 01

 — A soak in the lake with unexpected company. by Ruby_Sinclair09/26/154.43

Ruby in the Woods Pt. 02

 — Ruby waits for no man. by Ruby_Sinclair11/24/154.58HOT

Ruby Red Desire

 — A succubus finds release in the form of a new Mistress. by CopperDragon02/12/144.54HOT

Rufus: Prologue

 — The first story. by Preston24706/23/06

Ruler Keznuroch

 — Alien captures and ravishes a human female. by MistressAthena06/06/054.14

Run, Boy

 — Hunted by bandit women on a lawless colony world. by PulpWyatt10/22/154.03


 — The third in the Seven Kingdom series. by Daniellekitten01/25/104.60HOT


 — I have been chosen as a specimen to breed with. by ketup03/12/143.91

Runners Ch. 02

 — Now it's the runners turn to breed under alien supervision. by ketup03/16/143.79

Running Away Ch. 01

 — Laina must run or be forced into an unwanted situation. by La_Reina09/12/084.41

Running Away Ch. 02

 — Laina's been caught ... or is she? by La_Reina09/13/084.59HOT

Running Away Ch. 03

 — A grand escape, a grand recapturing! by La_Reina09/14/084.71HOT

Running Scared Ch. 02

 — In which a scared run-away finds a home. by Dragon6412/22/094.52HOT

Rurick and the Siren

 — An Elf hunter comes across someone he doesn't expect. by ShadowWolfe05/14/123.46


 — A horny male describes legalized prostitution in 2076. by Nils Huim08/12/153.92


 — A woman has a strange encounter with a stranger by panther128205/27/144.20

Sable and The Supers Ch. 01

 — Reborn as a Superheroine, a city to protect. by Falcinator09/20/104.55HOT

Sable and The Supers Ch. 02

 — Answers. Also nipples. by Falcinator10/31/104.59HOT

Sable and The Supers Ch. 03

 — Sable's greatest challenge yet! by Falcinator12/20/104.65HOT

Sable and The Supers Ch. 04

 — New horizons. by Falcinator04/13/114.68HOT

Sable and The Supers Ch. 05

 — What is this thing called reality? by Falcinator05/20/114.77HOT

Sable and the Supers Ch. 06

 — That complicates matters. by Falcinator06/13/114.71HOT

Sable and the Supers Ch. 07

 — What rules? by Falcinator08/04/114.73HOT

Sablehold Cafe 01

 — Frank takes a job at a cafe, with a difference. by JimmyHartley03/26/133.99


 — Paul awakes with more problems than just a hangover. by GeneraZ01/21/164.46

Sabrina Ch. 01

 — Dave Redcap acquires a captive girl. by Taunus12/27/093.72

Sabrina Ch. 02

 — Dave Redcap's Dilemma. by Taunus01/01/103.50

Sabrina Ch. 03

 — Sabrina's captivity under Toy Euler the Gynoid. by Taunus01/06/103.18

Sabrina Pt. 02

 — The story of Paul's incredible futanari girlfriend unfolds. by GeneraZ04/12/164.59HOT

Sabrina Pt. 03

 — Paul learns of Sabrina's strange life. But is there more? by GeneraZ05/28/164.23NEW

Sacred Duty

 — Shrine maiden finds herself in deep trouble. by OmnislashXX08/27/044.56HOT

Sacred Sites

 — Belated Halloween Adventure. by silentblackwater11/12/094.00


 — Young woman is sacrificed to a dragon but changes. by Lycandope11/27/134.63HOT

Sacrifice 250

 — Will Olivia be fertility sacrifice two hundred fifty? by The_Technician11/22/154.45

Sacrifice Ch. 01

 — Young woman is sacrificed to a dragon but changes. by Lycandope12/08/134.62HOT

Sacrifice For Love

 — Young woman is full of good intentions. by OriginalT02/11/144.40

Sacrifice For Love Ch. 02

 — Confronting the family, leaving for camp, first lesson in slavery. by OriginalT03/02/144.42

Sacrifice For Love Ch. 03

 — Katia makes the trek to Pergora. by OriginalT03/11/144.61HOT

Sacrifice For Love Ch. 04

 — Meeting the master, things heat up. by OriginalT04/30/144.68HOT

Sacrifice For Love Ch. 05

 — Katia and Nikolai take a bath, Katia settles in. by OriginalT06/11/144.61HOT

Sacrifice For Love Ch. 06

 — Katia adapts to her new life. Nikolai throws a dinner party. by OriginalT07/28/144.72HOT

Sacrifice Pt. 01

 — A young warrior sacrifices himself to a dragon. by Justrex04/21/154.76HOT

Sacrifice Pt. 02: Willing

 — The dragon acquires another pet. by Justrex08/04/154.84HOT

Sacrifice to the Gods

 — A girl meets up with a servant of the egyptian gods. by PhantomOfMoonlight06/11/064.18

Safe from Harm

 — Futuristic sex star dreams of the big time. by Ask For More02/25/014.05

Safe from Harm Ch. 2

 — Caroline remembers a past experience. by Ask For More03/06/014.27

Safe from Harm Ch. 3

 — Caroline gets the break she was looking for. by Ask For More04/19/014.62HOT

Safe Havens

 — The Celvynogion: Chapter 2. by Snork Maiden04/30/024.36

Safe Sex Inc.

 — How we gave up pleasure for safety. by Bakeboss04/05/102.59

Safe Sucks

 — When dating an alien vampire, consider proper protection. by Sabledrake01/28/024.65HOT

Saga of the Sex Genie Ch. 01

 — A birthday present gone wrong. Or right. by BenderRodrigez04/01/154.01

Saga of the Sex Genie Ch. 02

 — The saga continues for Chris/Chrissi. by BenderRodrigez04/17/154.22

Sal's Lover

 — Romantic liaison with a werewolf. by Robin P08/20/044.58HOT

Saleria Tales - A Bed for the Night

 — A lucky encounter. by Zalminen11/05/054.50HOT

Saleria Tales - Moonlight Passion

 — He finds unexpected pleasure. by Zalminen11/16/054.83HOT

Saleria Tales - The Bodyguard

 — A bodyguard for a Veiled One. by Zalminen11/24/054.63HOT

Saleria Tales - The Enchantress

 — Burglar chooses the wrong house. by Zalminen11/14/054.55HOT

Saleria Tales - The Rose

 — She finally meets her secret admirer. by Zalminen11/15/054.85HOT

Sally in 2025 Pt. 01

 — Sally's latest invention has an unexpected sexual side effects. by Susie_O03/19/114.54HOT

Sally in 2025 Pt. 02

 — The Neurolink demonstrates its full potential. by Susie_O04/03/114.51HOT

Salvation Pt. 01

 — An erotic tale about a post apocalyptic world. by spaldan09/17/104.61HOT

Salvation Pt. 02

 — Evan and Leah's journey continue. by spaldan10/14/104.71HOT

Salvation Pt. 03

 — How Will Evan and Leah's Journey End. by spaldan05/31/114.84HOT

Samantha's Big Break

 — Samantha was driving to her vacation spot. by Tiffany10906/02/123.18

Same Ol' (Sci-Fi) Story

 — An unsuspecting male, a cheating fem, and the male’s revenge. by SoCalOvid06/19/074.36

Sammy Lightyear & the Pixie of Doom

 — Aerie picks up Sammy for a night of fun. by Spacefender01/20/134.34

Sand of the Hour Glass

 — There is nothing but sand for miles around. by Edwardjsmitty10/26/133.75

Sandath Venture

 — Captured by a bounty hunter and turning the tables. by m_storyman_x10/16/094.41

Sandra's Sensual Sleep

 — Light sleep in the park leads to erotic dream. by Quillman12/31/044.38

Sandy's Maze

 — Virtual Reality machine goes rogue. by fleetfinger01/30/154.33

Santa and the Vampire Hunter

 — Santa meets his match in the form of a sexy vampire hunter. by Naughtily_Written11/22/124.66HOT

Santa Bound

 — What do naughty girls get on Xmas Eve? Nick. by Powerone12/25/084.25

Santa Bound Ch. 02

 — Naughty Girls Get Nick. by Powerone12/31/084.21

Santa Bound Ch. 03

 — Naughty Girls Get Nick. by Powerone01/01/094.29

Santa Claus or Lucy's Xmas Wish

 — A Christmas fable. by kissingthepink12/03/054.35

Santa Takes Back What is His

 — Christmas Spirit is stolen and she must give it up. by RedHairedandFriendly11/10/114.26

Santa, Jesus, Rachel & Me

 — A Christmas fantasy. by dr_mabeuse11/26/034.61HOT

Sapphire's Quest: Andromeda

 — The adventures of Sapphire in search of her kidnapped mother. by homealone_44707/07/154.65HOT

Sapphire's Quest: Brothel

 — Sapphire finds a temporary job. by homealone_44708/29/154.62HOT

Sara the Astroslut Ch. 01

 — Young slut spaceprobe pilot remembers her farewell orgy. by Agent8603/05/034.36

Sara The Astroslut Ch. 02

 — Sara gets relief from a high-tech friend. by Agent8603/31/034.31

Sara The Astroslut Ch. 03

 — Sara has a close encounter of the cumbath kind. by Agent8608/10/034.62HOT

Sara The Astroslut Ch. 05

 — Sara and Stuart rescue a damsel in distress. by Agent8611/23/044.54HOT

Sarah vs The Space Aliens

 — Sarah and Ashley have a close encounter. by DapperestDan12/08/124.63HOT

Sarah's Lover

 — A young woman runs from her father. by hakawati09/16/064.00

Sarah's Perfect Lover

 — A Genie will take Lenny down a path he didn't exactly intend. by LIsaJR07/19/134.25

Sari Stone in Cyberspace

 — Coed seeks Third Knowledge in cyberspace. by Taunus11/26/083.16

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 02

 — The Story of Sari Stone girl genius continues. by Taunus12/01/083.17

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 03

 — A coed discovers the dark side cyberspace. by Taunus12/03/083.23

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 04

 — Sari Stone drifts deeper into cyberspace and real life. by Taunus12/08/083.15

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 05

 — Sari Stone goes back to school and adventure. by Taunus12/10/083.09

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 06

 — Mephisto arranges for her abduction to cybersex prison. by Taunus12/15/083.10

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 07

 — She is abducted to a prison above the Arctic Circle. by Taunus12/17/083.00

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 08

 — The Internet cybersex prison. by Taunus12/19/083.08

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 09

 — The avatars of Sari Stone & Faustus meet in cyber. by Taunus12/20/083.00

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 10

 — Steady state is reached; Sari becomes a pleasure unit. by Taunus12/22/083.21

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 11

 — Jack plans Sari Stone's escape from prison. by Taunus12/23/083.11

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 12

 — Sari is back at the university, but Jane? by Taunus12/24/083.08

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 13

 — Jane is in Izpris and battle of wills with Toy Euler. by Taunus12/27/083.43

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 14

 — Thorius uses Sari's Avatar and Jane. by Taunus12/29/083.25

Sari the Slave Girl Ch. 01

 — A rogue planet becomes populated with Goreans. by Taunus05/29/113.31

Sari the Slave Girl Ch. 02

 — Crassius Thinks of a Punishment for Sari. by Taunus05/31/113.56

Sari the Slave Girl Ch. 03

 — Crassius loses Sari to the magistrate. by Taunus06/04/113.93

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 01-02

 — Adventurers enjoy the delights of a fantasy city. by Fuinimel08/26/094.54HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 03

 — Vardala uses a magic eye for carnal pleasure. by Fuinimel08/27/094.36

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 04

 — Elsewhere, a plot is hatched. by Fuinimel08/28/094.26

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 05

 — Calleslyn finds an interesting document - and a lover. by Fuinimel08/29/094.59HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 06

 — Almandar worships the goddess of love. by Fuinimel09/22/094.50HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 07

 — Vardala enjoys a hot bath - and a little more, besides. by Fuinimel10/28/094.44

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 08

 — Zarenis deals with unwanted distractions. by Fuinimel11/30/094.13

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 09

 — All is not quite what it seems in the dwarven quarter. by Fuinimel12/22/094.56HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 10

 — Almandar discovers Raylana's little deception. by Fuinimel12/23/094.60HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 11

 — Calleslyn is drawn to a beautiful young magician. by Fuinimel01/25/104.59HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 12

 — How far has the demonic taint reached? by Fuinimel02/24/104.36

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 13

 — Zarenis experiences uncomfortable dreams of demonic lust. by Fuinimel03/20/104.50HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 14

 — Vardala finds more than she bargained for. by Fuinimel04/21/104.63HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 15

 — A would-be paladin struggles with her vows. by Fuinimel05/19/104.61HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 16

 — Two elven women remember times past. by Fuinimel06/29/104.50HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 17

 — Dark forces hatch their plans. by Fuinimel07/27/104.50HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 18

 — A chance meeting with a woman from the tropics. by Fuinimel08/25/104.64HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 19

 — An elven magician meets her human lover. by Fuinimel09/22/104.66HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 20

 — A choice between two beautiful women... or is it? by Fuinimel10/26/104.68HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 21

 — Zarenis makes her move. by Fuinimel11/30/104.53HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 22

 — A damsel in distress is eager to please... but why? by Fuinimel12/21/104.59HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 23

 — A night with the woman of his dreams. by Fuinimel01/31/114.73HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 24

 — An outdoor meeting with a beautiful druidess. by Fuinimel02/23/114.77HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 25

 — A cruel sorceress demands more than cash from her clients. by Fuinimel03/27/114.53HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 26

 — A visit to the Thieves' Guild has an unexpected ending. by Fuinimel04/19/114.57HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 27

 — An elf and a warrior woman overcome their mutual suspicions. by Fuinimel05/17/114.62HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 28

 — A rich housewife rediscovers her youth. by Fuinimel06/21/114.64HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 29

 — Love among the library stacks. by Fuinimel07/19/114.71HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 30

 — A captive elf teaches an exotic magician something new. by Fuinimel08/01/114.67HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 31

 — A handsome elf holds the key to a summoning. by Fuinimel08/23/114.62HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 32

 — A monk holds the key to finding the demon slave-master. by Fuinimel09/21/114.68HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 33

 — An exotic beauty must broaden her horizons. by Fuinimel10/25/114.74HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 34

 — An incorruptible angel faces the ultimate test. by Fuinimel11/26/114.70HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 35

 — A barbarian warrior woman takes a magician captive. by Fuinimel12/22/114.66HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 36

 — A captive dwarven warrior struggles to hide his desire. by Fuinimel01/29/124.59HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 37

 — The rakshasa makes his stand. by Fuinimel02/21/124.67HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 38

 — A moment of bliss in the temple of healing. by Fuinimel03/20/124.62HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 39

 — An aristocratic lady surrenders to her dark desires. by Fuinimel04/01/124.66HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 40

 — Two rescued women come to terms with their new lives. by Fuinimel04/24/124.79HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 41

 — Dreams of a past best forgotten. by Fuinimel05/22/124.52HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 42

 — The re-kindling of an old flame. by Fuinimel06/05/124.68HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 43

 — The thrilling legend of... (dramatic pause)... Throndar! by Fuinimel07/02/124.62HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 44

 — The battle to save the city begins. by Fuinimel07/31/124.82HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 45

 — The battle for the city continues. by Fuinimel08/27/124.75HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 46

 — A young woman's night of drama and discovery. by Fuinimel09/11/124.56HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 47

 — A virginal paladin abandons her life of chastity. by Fuinimel09/25/124.58HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 48

 — A rogue's fantasies are finally fulfilled. by Fuinimel10/01/124.78HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 49

 — An elf and a human woman find love in one another's arms. by Fuinimel10/08/124.59HOT

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 50

 — The saga concludes. by Fuinimel10/09/124.66HOT

Satan's Little Helper

 — Marcy's abducted by Satanists looking for an easy sacrifice. by JimPet10/05/074.39

Satisfaction - Finally Ch. 01

 — Britney has an unexpected visitor. by jasliz08/24/074.57HOT

Satisfaction - Finally Ch. 02

 — Brit's new toy is everything she can imagine. by jasliz09/12/074.49

Satisfaction - Finally Ch. 03

 — Brock returns. by jasliz10/12/074.45


 — Reciprocal cyber-sex on the Internet. by papadog03/26/043.89

Satisfying Michelle

 — Her husband might be inept but the cock who visits isn't. by exquisitelifetime01/28/163.17

Saturday Night Dance

 — HP Lovecraft-inspired with erotic overtones. by Andy5v04/18/034.17


 — She wakes to find a debt owed. by WanderingWolf101/29/094.28

Save Me, I'm Yours Ch. 01

 — She might die, but Jack could change all that. by LincolnAndSunset09/27/134.50HOT

Save Me, I'm Yours Ch. 02

 — She might die, but Jack could change all that. by LincolnAndSunset10/16/134.51HOT

Save Me, I'm Yours Ch. 03

 — She might die, but Jack could change all that. by LincolnAndSunset10/17/134.47


 — Young woman chosen for breeding to save an alien race. by Groade09/16/104.27

Saving the Academy

 — Best friends Shawn, Josh & Kristin must work sex magic. by burningdog12/29/063.96

Saving the Future Ch. 01

 — Bride to be is the mother of the future. by alan5512/23/114.12

Saving the Planet Tripletit

 — Tripletit is in danger from an unscruplous mining company. by oggbashan04/05/084.69HOT

Saving the Ship Ch. 01

 — A loving husband has a tough choice to make. by jaffka12/31/083.39

Saviors of Ysona Ch. 01

 — A haunted man, an exotic beauty, a strange new world. by Favored08/27/154.51HOT


 — Why Janice went AWOL. by WFEATHER10/06/054.55HOT

Scales of the Marsh Ch. 00

 — A prologue to an adventure based off of the Elder Scrolls. by Galadreyil01/04/123.92

Scarlet the Superhero

 — Scarlet, aka superheroine Erotica needs a new weapons pro. by Tangco02/16/164.30

Scarlett Lady: Centari & Vega Ch. 01

 — The Scarlett Lady was back among the stars. by WendyWest07/16/094.61HOT


 — A continuation of "Only because there's still blood..." by BL00DLUST04/23/114.00

Scene from a Gynoid Service Station

 — A beautiful woman-like machine is repaired and charged. by Case2110/06/144.15

Scene in a Bathroom Stall

 — Now his futa boss has some new, more urgent "office needs". by conroy3901/17/124.38

Scene Under a Desk

 — He liked the job, until he found out his boss was a futa. by conroy3904/07/114.35

Scheduled Service

 — An explorer is captured by an obsessive-compulsive monster. by MonsterGirlExaminer05/14/154.16

Scholarly Works Ch. 01

 — The Scholar is mistaken for an Emer's wife-to-be. by MonsterGirlExaminer05/15/154.77HOT

Scholarly Works Ch. 02

 — The Scholar runs afoul of a group of minotaurs. by MonsterGirlExaminer05/16/154.74HOT

Science Has Fucked Us Again

 — A scientist reveals her latest project before it's stable. by Oxen02/03/154.22

Scientific Pet Ch. 01

 — She is abducted and prepared for experimentation. by HotTamale1310/02/124.14

Scientific Pet Ch. 02

 — She meets her mate, and they mate like rabbits in a cage. by HotTamale1311/03/124.15

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 01

 — An old rogue's past resurfaces with a vengeance. by Metal_Slime05/19/134.58HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 02

 — An old thief gathers allies, old and new. by Metal_Slime05/25/134.68HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 03

 — Ambushed in the streets. by Metal_Slime06/02/134.77HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 04

 — Troubled dreams and plots. by Metal_Slime07/01/134.76HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 05

 — The bloody battle in the guildhouse is joined! by Metal_Slime08/08/134.78HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 06

 — The battle in the guildhouse continues! by Metal_Slime08/09/134.80HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 07

 — The guildhouse battle's conclusion, a weary reunion. by Metal_Slime09/18/134.63HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 08

 — There's no rest for the wicked. by Metal_Slime03/22/144.75HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 09

 — A new day dawns. by Metal_Slime03/26/144.79HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 10

 — Memories of times past, and a few friendly faces. by Metal_Slime04/07/144.78HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 11

 — The flight into darkness. by Metal_Slime04/14/144.66HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 12

 — Through dark and doomed corridors by Metal_Slime04/21/144.75HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 13

 — Through the darkness, Alan's goal comes into view. by Metal_Slime04/23/144.75HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 14

 — Savagery and sorrow as they confront the Stranger. by Metal_Slime04/26/144.78HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 15

 — Into the tower for the final confrontation. by Metal_Slime04/28/144.63HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 16

 — Memories of an old friend. by Metal_Slime05/03/144.75HOT

Scoundrel's Answer Ch. 17

 — The end by Metal_Slime05/05/144.75HOT


 —  A couple of gamers get a little too into their game. by WantonWench08/24/034.35

Scythian Nights Ch. 04

 — Doris assumes her role as Mistress as the sun sets. by The_Darkness05/19/094.70HOT

Sea Changes

 — A mermaid finds more than she expects when she visits land. by SeaCat01/01/074.56HOT

Sea Slimes

 — Druidess and thief help mermaids with a slime girl problem. by GigglingGoblin07/15/144.53HOT

Sea Slimes Ch. 02

 — Two mermaids net Larya and get more than they bargained for. by GigglingGoblin12/04/144.69HOT

Sea Slimes Ch. 03

 — Merman and druidess split off from their group. by GigglingGoblin06/21/154.68HOT

Sea Slimes Ch. 04

 — A mermaid is caught by a wicked, sensual slime creature. by GigglingGoblin07/22/154.48

Search for the Goddess

 — A young Knight sets forth to find her Goddess mother. by LordWriter702/03/134.36

Search for the Goddess Ch. 02

 — Facing lust, meeting the enemy. by LordWriter702/11/134.45

Search for the Goddess Ch. 03

 — The slave and Orcs, the hunter and minotaur. by LordWriter704/09/134.65HOT

Search for the Goddess Ch. 04

 — Run in with bandits. by LordWriter705/18/134.53HOT

Search for the Goddess Ch. 05

 — Lana's search for a cure. by LordWriter707/26/134.62HOT

Search for the Goddess Ch. 06

 — A strange slave revolt. by LordWriter709/07/134.86HOT

Second Contact

 — An alien spy comes aboard a space station. by rpholt04/18/054.53HOT

Secret Hauntings

 — Horror surrounds the house with a ghost. by Ceaser12/14/023.54

Secret in the Secret Ch. 01

 — A sci-fic prison romance. by roftlheory09/11/124.23

Secret in the Secret Ch. 02

 — Emily's first day in prison. by roftlheory09/12/124.17

Secret in the Secret Ch. 03

 — Emily hadn't been expecting this. by roftlheory09/16/124.04

Secret in the Secret Ch. 04

 — Kitchen duty. by roftlheory09/17/124.35

Secret in the Secret Ch. 05-06

 — Amanda's plan. by roftlheory09/24/124.33

Secret in the Secret Ch. 07

 — The hunt. by roftlheory09/30/124.52HOT

Secret in the Secret Ch. 10-11

 — More about the guards is revealed. by roftlheory10/22/124.29

Secret in the Secret Ch. 18-19

 — Emily waited for her eyes to adjust to the darkness... by roftlheory02/09/134.50HOT

Secret in the Secret Ch. 20

 — First date. by roftlheory02/23/134.61HOT

Secret in the Secret Ch. 21

 — The story continues... by roftlheory02/27/134.18

Secret in the Secret Ch. 22

 — Emily's punishment. by roftlheory04/03/134.07

Secret in the Secret Ch. 24

 — The Morning After. by roftlheory06/15/134.58HOT

Secret in the Secret Ch. 26

 — The final chapter. by roftlheory07/20/134.37

Secret Meadow

 — A fairy tale about a nymph's first encounter with a human. by NymphMyosotis03/03/124.36

Secret of the Wood

 — Daniel, born of nymph blood, has secrets to hide and share. by LesLumens03/28/104.72HOTContest Winner

Secret of Witchcraft Ch. 01

 — A young witch does what it takes to get into to college. by A_Little_Show01/19/144.34

Secret of Witchcraft Ch. 02

 — College life brings new interests and more masturbation by A_Little_Show01/21/144.57HOT

Secret of Witchcraft Ch. 03

 — Gwendolyn enjoys magical sex and potent magic. by A_Little_Show01/24/144.49

Secret of Witchcraft Ch. 04

 — Gwendolyn loses her dildo. by A_Little_Show01/29/144.68HOT

Secret of Witchcraft Ch. 05

 — Gwendolyn and Mary combine forces for life changing orgasms. by A_Little_Show01/31/144.51HOT

Secret Weapon Ch. 01

 — Young women shopping in London in 2030. by Ton8ty11/01/074.05

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