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The Music of the Mind Ch. 15

 — A Circle of Friends. by Solitary_Thinker04/09/064.82HOT

The Music of the Mind Ch. 16

 — Symphonic. by Solitary_Thinker10/08/064.82HOT

The Music of the Mind Ch. 17

 — Sympathetic waves. by Solitary_Thinker03/12/074.82HOT

The Mysterious Stranger

 — Nicole has an experience with an angel in disguise. by Traci Spencer02/19/114.03

The Mystery at Pere Lachaise

 — Why do women annually visit a 200-year-old grave? by bzarajic07/15/124.14

The Mystery of Lady Sienna

 — He finds himself in a strange world after a car accident. by SeekingSanity12/30/044.48

The Mystery of Lady Sienna Ch. 02

 — George's strange adventure continues. by SeekingSanity01/18/054.56HOT

The Nabbed Nymphet

 — Tordin finds a beautiful forest nymph & gives chase... by Jessica_Grace02/14/184.66HOT

The Nabbed Nymphet Ch. 02

 — Mia the elf is at the mercy of a ruthless jailer... by Jessica_Grace03/03/184.56HOT

The Naked Planet

 — A marooned astronaut, in a fight for survival. by Seanathon07/03/144.71HOT

The Name of The Game

 — Elf girl challenges four men to a raunchy contest. by TrishaMonks11/12/054.15

The Naughty Adventures of ALICE

 — A new and naughty look at Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. by virusman10/14/144.45

The Need

 — BBW Goddess Sida dominates Bryans friend in front of him. by msxxl05/13/044.16

The New Maid

 — Anna gets a new robotic maid, makes interesting discoveries. by mkjames4601/12/084.45

The New Santa

 — Handing over the reins. by EmeraldKitten12/06/104.66HOT

The New World Ch. 01

 — When slavery is legal what would you do? by blackmohammed09/27/17

The Next Door Wolf Ch. 02

 — Vance is infected through sex to become a werewolf. by destodes77711/22/164.61HOT

The Next Door Wolf Ch. 03

 — The Change begins. by destodes77701/04/174.71HOT

The Next Door Wolf Ch. 04

 — Vance begins to just as a Alpha and build his pack. by destodes77703/14/174.68HOT

The Next Door Wolf Ch. 05

 — Vance begins to understand his job. by destodes77707/21/174.79HOT

The Next Stage of Development Ch. 01

 — Aliens give Alexander the ability to help our race grow. by lambo6906/14/124.54HOT

The Next Stage of Development Ch. 02

 — Alexander learns more about what he is. by lambo6910/13/124.61HOT

The Next Stage of Development Ch. 03

 — Alexander takes control of his powers. by lambo6912/02/124.73HOT

The Night After The Comet

 — He gets absorbed by a woman, and the world is conqured. by ruwild02/29/124.02

The Night of the Festival Ch. 01

 — They didn't expect to enjoy the demon festival... by eroeromint05/18/164.22

The Night of the Festival Ch. 02

 — The festival continues... by eroeromint05/19/163.82

The No-Named Town: Dante and McKay

 — An Irish Vampire has an adventure in England. by DarlingLittleTabbie03/11/134.25

The Noble Predator Ch. 02

 — Drawn to the mountain predator who is desperate for her. by Pandemos05/08/124.70HOT

The Noble Predator Ch. 03

 — Predator desperately needs her but loves her more. by Pandemos05/09/124.70HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 01

 — Evaline buys a toybot. He's not what she expected. by MissPrim10/14/144.76HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 02

 — Evaline "misbehaves." Andrew sets her straight. by MissPrim10/17/144.76HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 03

 — Evaline's husband visits for gov't required sex. by MissPrim10/18/144.74HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 04

 — Evaline's friends want to try out Andrew. by MissPrim10/21/144.72HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 05

 — Andrew shows Evaline sex 'his way.' by MissPrim10/24/144.77HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 06

 — Andrew acts strangely. Roger wants to move back in. by MissPrim11/02/144.71HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 07

 — Evaline's fears pushes her to do the unthinkable. by MissPrim11/06/144.74HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 08

 — Evaline learns she is targeted for arrest. by MissPrim11/11/144.64HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 09

 — Evaline gets a few answers, especially about Andrew. by MissPrim11/18/144.81HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 10

 — Evaline and Andrew discovers what makes Andrew feel good. by MissPrim11/23/144.78HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 11

 — Evaline and Andrew on the run! by MissPrim12/02/144.84HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 12

 — Evaline and Andrew face the authorities. by MissPrim12/07/144.82HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 13

 — Evaline deals with the repercussions of Roger's shooting. by MissPrim12/10/144.86HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 14

 — Evaline fights for Andrew in court. by MissPrim01/06/154.79HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 15

 — A new crisis and a secret revealed. by MissPrim01/11/154.78HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 16

 — Evaline finds out some disturbing information. by MissPrim02/19/154.75HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 17

 — Evaline gets tied up, then puts her plans in motion. by MissPrim02/20/154.84HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 18

 — The RIB takes Andrew again. Evaline's strategies. by MissPrim02/21/154.79HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 19

 — Evaline goes to court. by MissPrim02/24/154.83HOT

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 20

 — Andrew is kidnapped. Evaline works with the RIB. by MissPrim02/26/154.82HOTContest Winner

The Northern Outpost Ch. 01

 — Northern rangers get a new busty, perverse cleric. by PhiloHunter01/24/174.38

The Northern Outpost Ch. 02

 — Perversion begins to surround the northern rangers. by PhiloHunter02/03/174.62HOT

The Novice

 — An runaway gets his first sexual lesson from a young couple. by yossarian111310/04/054.33

The Nurse

 — Sometimes medical health can fun. by NeilWalk01/12/184.19

The Nyanny

 — New parents buy a robot catgirl nanny and have fun with her. by PervOtaku06/04/144.48

The Nyanny Pt. 02

 — Amanda attacks robot catgirl nanny in a fit of jealous rage. by PervOtaku12/05/154.08

The Nymph's Melody

 — Wood nymph seduction. by banjostuff07/08/134.10

The Nymph's Spring

 — A beautiful nymph meets a travelling wizard. by TheDM01/03/063.78

The Oath Ch. 01

 — What if AIDS had come earlier & was more like Ebola? by DetectiveSpecialist01/13/124.34

The Oath Ch. 02

 — Katie offers a compromise to her son. by DetectiveSpecialist01/17/124.36

The Oath Ch. 03

 — Katie's trepidation. by DetectiveSpecialist01/25/124.51HOT

The Oath Ch. 04

 — Justin pushes the boundaries with his mom. by DetectiveSpecialist02/05/124.39

The Observer

 — Womanizer gets feminized. by Cyndi4411/17/173.76

The Ocean Is a Real Pleasure

 — A seaborn creature has its way with girls while a man films. by Jerichoblack05/29/144.04

The Offering

 — A tale of fantasy, erotica, and the creative process. by vixennevictorienne09/23/034.75HOT

The Offering

 — The past awakens in Egypt's Valley of the Queens. by LesLumens10/21/084.65HOT

The Old and New I Ch. 01.5

 — Dreams of the future (Peek into part two). by Neira401/29/154.47

The Old Forest

 — Tom and Goldberry: sloppy seconds? by naughtybabygirl01/13/094.32

The Old Friends of Emma Elphinstone

 — A Tale of the Amazon Airship Pirates. by Spinneret09/05/164.67HOT

The Old Man's Gift

 — A love potion changes my life forever. by ufpe11/30/034.43

The Oldest Profession Ch. 0.1

 — Sex-droids have big plans, and tits. by xxxecil07/15/034.68HOT

The Oldest Profession Ch. 0.2

 — Sultry sex-bots increase in numbers, and lust. by xxxecil07/22/034.59HOT

The Opera

 — An erotic 19th century fantasy tale. by alwaysaphrodite07/04/044.45

The Orange Door

 — Husband and wife enslaved on alien world. by Wifetheif08/28/143.95

The Orange Door Ch. 02

 — Our earthman's sojourn as a slave continue. by Wifetheif06/29/154.29

The Orb Pt. 01

 — Karen's hotel room offers adult entertainment options. by FourAndOne03/07/174.76HOT

The Orb Pt. 02

 — Karen's experience with the orb continues. by FourAndOne03/08/174.79HOT

The Orc and the Elf

 — An unlikely relationship between a beauty and a beast. by UBelongOnUrKnees06/07/164.21

The Orgasm Button

 — Medical science creates intense orgasms. by Privates1stClass02/13/154.61HOT

The Orphans

 — Unlucky childhood friends reveal true feelings. by WorldOfWonder01/31/143.94

The Orphans Ch. 02

 — Unlucky childhood friends continue their adventures. by WorldOfWonder02/04/144.50HOT

The Other Side

 — John discovers a parallel reality. by AnsemRai08/03/114.50HOT

The Other Side

 — A sex-hungry superhero gets turned into the other gender. by izenrann02/22/184.18

The Other Side Of The Wall

 — Facing defeat, the Empress and her assassin seek comfort. by Angela_Leibach11/17/114.55HOT

The Other Side Of The Wall Ch. 02

 — She is humiliated while he watches. by Angela_Leibach07/12/124.15

The Other Viewpoint

 — Two old friends engage in an experiment. by DoktorXenolite03/10/184.67HOT

The Outlander

 — I find myself caught in a time warp. by Cromagnonman12/30/114.51HOT

The Outlander & the Elf Maid Ch. 00

 — Intro: Tyler & Luva meet Sola (the Half-Orc) at the Spear & Plow. by countrygentdom05/25/134.44

The Outlander & the Elf Maid Ch. 01

 — Tyler, Luva, & Sola go to Belshire On a quest. by countrygentdom05/26/134.47

The Outlander & the Elf Maid Ch. 02

 — Tyler, Luva, & Sola hunt the minotaur. by countrygentdom05/29/134.50HOT

The Outlander & the Elf Maid Ch. 03

 — Escape! Axania conjures some playmates. by countrygentdom06/16/134.44

The Outlander & the Elf Maid Ch. 04

 — Gilford has some halflings; stand-off at Belshire. by countrygentdom09/30/134.46

The Outlands - Ezzad's Raid

 — Lust, sex and betrayal in Earth's distant future. by AngelaK10/08/163.58

The Owl Outside The Window

 — Abducted and experimented on. by Belgarion1009/10/104.38

The Pack Ch. 01

 — A werewolf ending up doing a pity fuck. by LeetBat12/17/083.00

The Pact Ch. 05-18

 — Chapters enumerated as per fan request. by SEVERUSMAX11/12/154.53HOT

The Pact: Wild Gods

 — Ian meets his birth mother and she has news for him. by SEVERUSMAX11/10/153.94

The Pacts of Magick

 — Every twenty years, the pacts of magick must be renewed... by JRLover07/20/164.52HOT

The Pacts of Magick Ch. 02

 — After watching the ritual, a young mage returns to work... by JRLover07/23/164.31

The Palace Pt. 01

 — A chance encounter changes everything. by AspernEssling07/21/164.69HOT

The Palace Pt. 02

 — The Night of the Knives. by AspernEssling07/22/164.76HOT

The Palace Pt. 03

 — Closer to the Throne. by AspernEssling07/28/164.83HOT

The Palace Pt. 04

 — Much closer. by AspernEssling07/31/164.84HOT

The Palace Pt. 05

 — A new purpose. by AspernEssling08/02/164.83HOT

The Palace Pt. 06

 — Working at the Palace. by AspernEssling08/05/164.84HOT

The Palace Pt. 07

 — The workload increases. by AspernEssling08/15/164.82HOT

The Palace Pt. 08

 — Tested. by AspernEssling08/18/164.76HOT

The Palace Pt. 09

 — Secrets revealed. by AspernEssling08/24/164.85HOT

The Palace Pt. 10

 — Substitution. by AspernEssling08/26/164.84HOT

The Palace Pt. 11

 — Telling the Truth. by AspernEssling09/02/164.82HOT

The Palace Pt. 12

 — The Night of Swords. by AspernEssling09/03/164.83HOT

The Palace Pt. 13

 — Epilogue - Bereyar's Choice. by AspernEssling09/06/164.89HOT

The Paladin and The Healer

 — Fantasy love story. by RaginCajun5006/16/164.81HOT

The Paladin's Choice

 — In a time of despair, an angel brings her strength. by Angela_Leibach11/20/114.39

The Paladins Folly

 — A fantasy story about a paladin and her quest. by sinfulwritings09/18/174.26

The Parasite

 — Alicia needs sex to feed a parasite. by neutrona11/08/163.72

The Part Time Woman

 — New technology turns him into a part time woman. by manyquestions12/09/084.42

The Party

 — Second person (barely) erotic fiction set in the early 60s. by CurtWrites03/25/163.27

The Passing Ch. 01

 — Keeping calm in an alternate universe. by UnspunReality02/14/164.58HOT

The Passing Ch. 02

 — Even the new world seems out to get him. by UnspunReality02/21/164.66HOT

The Path

 — A young woman's life begins within the cursed woods. by chinadoll6905/18/104.58HOT

The Path Ch. 1

 — Man finds his ideal existence--or does he? by Wyden Long03/07/024.24

The Peace Hotel

 — In an anarchist future, he creates a sanctuary. by Ask For More01/26/014.19

The Peacemakers Ch. 01

 — Superhumans find love and sorrow on Earth. by venture201404/27/144.40

The Penalty of Imperfection

 — A proud Necromancer being reduced to a slutty cumdump. by The_Lithomancer07/21/174.42

The Penalty of Imperfection Ch. 02

 — Elizabeth is held captive and methodically broken. by The_Lithomancer08/08/174.55HOT

The Penalty of Imperfection Ch. 03

 — The Plot Thickens + Elizabeth fully embraces her new life. by The_Lithomancer08/09/174.43

The Penthouse Slammer

 — Izzy was the perfect woman for Roland's slammer. by xXForgottenLustXx01/23/133.27

The Perfect Drug

 — Euphoria and madness in one size 10 package. by darkdeception10/25/053.73

The Perfect Excuse to Fuck

 — Fucking my tennis friend. by Bjakobs2611/01/173.48

The Perfect Girl

 — A young gent wishes to take his dream girl to see the world. by Smokey12512/22/144.83HOT

The Perfect Pet

 — The story of an Elf and her struggle to find the perfect pet. by ItsJessy11/15/174.68HOT

The Perfect Species

 — A young jeweller meets a magical woman. by mythtrav1609/16/084.68HOT

The Perils of Eronemus

 — Served up as the main course for dinner. by Oomphal08/26/124.44

The Perils of Eronemus Ch. 02

 — Beware the Pussy Plant. by Oomphal09/05/124.58HOT

The Perils of Eronemus Ch. 03

 — Ambassador in the nude. by Oomphal09/19/124.42

The Perils Of Lynn 213

 — Hapless servant robot falls prey to human desire. by Akito0101/05/024.47

The Phantom Pilot

 — An old mind in a younger body, and sexy slaves. by Five_Eight11/13/074.60HOT

The Phantom Pilot Ch. 02

 — Does anybody really lose in a blowjob contest? by Five_Eight11/19/074.53HOT

The Phantom Pilot Ch. 03

 — Thwart rescues a woman the Sheikh regards a captured slave. by Five_Eight11/27/074.66HOT

The Phantom Pilot Ch. 04

 — Thwart's new friend makes an enemy. by Five_Eight03/29/094.46

The Phantom Pilot Ch. 05

 — Welcome to the Temple of the Rhinoceros! by Five_Eight04/08/094.63HOT

The Phantom Pilot Ch. 06

 — Thwart enters the fabled Rhinoceros Temple. by Five_Eight12/25/094.64HOT

The Phantom's Sleep

 — An impregnation fantasy inspired by immaculate conception. by DallyG04/10/104.42

The Pick Up

 — Kipp has sexual encounters with a big female stranger. by chipfu7211/02/134.00

The Pilgrimage Ch. 01

 — An Irish American girl goes on a pilgrimage to Ireland by bob54z03/06/154.72HOT

The Pilgrimage Ch. 02

 — Banba learns her purpose, gets a makeover and a new name. by bob54z09/13/154.72HOT

The Pilgrimage Ch. 03

 — Preparing the way and a long lost sister. by bob54z04/08/164.84HOT

The Pilgrimage Ch. 04

 — Morrigan builds her council. by bob54z04/26/174.64HOT

The Pill Ch. 01

 — A pill developed by scientist has surprising results. by destodes77703/19/164.27

The Pills

 — Daniel's new drugs do make things better. by samgreat33205/23/123.96

The Pilot and The Princess

 — A pilot has to rescue the future wife of the prince. by Grillytilly12/27/164.75HOT

The Pink Sleen

 — The Tavern on Gor. by Joseki Ko09/08/043.00

The Pirate and the Elf Ch. 01

 — A pirate finds unexpected, dangerous, plunder. by RedStarFic04/20/154.46

The Pirate and the Elf Ch. 02

 — Safe onboard the pirate ship, Melisan evens the score. by RedStarFic05/05/154.18

The Pirate King Ch. 12

 — Islands: Baths - "my world was filled with sunshine". by nakamook06/24/174.95HOT

The Pirate King Ch. 13

 — Islands: Departure - "Blessed Be" by nakamook07/09/174.83HOT

The Pirate Raiders of Eros

 — Pirates sail to remote coast in search of sex slaves. by hankstr03/31/104.30

The Pirate's Panties

 — Captive scholar plays with pirate captain's underwear. by prince myshkin02/08/054.25

The Pit

 — Naked Asian woman fights biker gang. by DaveDevlin06/30/07

The Planet of Females Pt. 01

 — A planet where Females reign and rule. by impurekink11/15/143.32

The Plant People of Teldura Pt. 01

 — Human gets fucked by plant people. by Sylphius12/13/174.33

The Plant People of Teldura Pt. 02

 — The plant people have a huge orgy with the humans. by Sylphius12/28/174.38

The Plant People of Teldura Pt. 03

 — A taste of things to come for the newcomers... by Sylphius01/07/184.27

The Play Thing

 — An intriguing creature's unhappy experience. by RonClarkeson11/03/063.56

The Pleasure of being Emily Pt. 02

 — Emily's exploring, the beast's awakening. It's coming... by IAmControl12/27/154.25

The Pleasure of being Emily Pt. 03

 — Emily meets her maker, and things go sour. Things change... by IAmControl12/29/154.37

The Pleasure of being Emily Pt. 04

 — Emily enlists help to face her maker. It's the final fiasco. by IAmControl12/30/154.26

The Pleasure Unit

 — He has become a captive but finds himself strangely content. by SimonTheDane09/16/163.93

The Pocketwatch

 — A gift from a neighbor. by jab1305/15/144.14

The Pond Ch. 01

 — A safe bi-experience. by schaeff08/23/064.08

The Power

 — The beginning. by PowerofGod08/09/093.88

The Power Ch. 01

 — A man with control over minds and bodies has a lady over... by Smut_Supreme01/17/114.13

The Power of the Goddess Ch. 02

 — Angelica takes offering, a priestess reports to her master. by jeb2209/29/174.64HOT

The Power of the Goddess Ch. 03

 — Janovic is summoned, Natia ensnares her prey. by jeb2210/04/174.64HOT

The Power Tool

 — A lady builds an almost-perfect lover. by JohnB7307/20/033.82

The Power Within

 — Two people must come together to defeat the darkness inside. by lovetoread09/01/024.43

The Powers of Rayne Ch. 01

 — Griffon knight loses control of his inner beast. by Darlantan05/09/054.07

The Powers of Rayne Ch. 02

 — Rayne flies to the forest and encounters elves. by Darlantan05/11/054.42

The Preacher Man

 — The world is ruled by a single, global theocracy. by hammingbyrd702/02/074.91HOT

The Preacher's Daughter

 — Sequel to 'The Preacher Man'. by hammingbyrd704/10/074.63HOT

The Prefect Place Ch. 01

 — In the beginning, the find a new place. by lickablenipsddd10/12/044.00

The Prefect Place Ch. 02

 — A meeting with something unusual. by lickablenipsddd10/13/044.33

The Prefect Place Ch. 03

 — the getting ready.... by lickablenipsddd10/14/044.60HOT

The President's P.A.

 — Kristy learns submission to her Boss - or is he her Master? by Nickton12/07/024.24

The Price Of Immortality

 — Mythical Hero fights evil in modern times. by Samuelx07/08/083.33

The Price of Infamy Pt. 01

 — A change of plans for revenge. by EklectikChik05/01/054.77HOT

The Price of Infamy Pt. 02

 — An adventure unfolds. by EklectikChik06/16/054.79HOT

The Price of Infamy Pt. 03

 — Pirates, sex, love. by EklectikChik02/20/074.70HOT

The Price of Magic

 — She's drunk and wearing a slutty witch costume on Halloween. by sycksycko08/25/144.59HOT

The Priestess Ch. 1

 — Delia and her harem of male companions make magic. by Grace_Lady08/18/024.37

The Priestess Ch. 2

 — A new companion wreaks havoc. by Grace_Lady08/19/024.60HOT

The Priestess's Gratitude Ch. 01

 — A beautiful priestess rewards a knight for rescuing her. by SarahHawke09/16/174.51HOT

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 01

 — A young priestess witnesses something that fascinates her... by sgray25909/03/154.53HOT

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 02

 — Kelethia's bath is interrupted by a sensual intruder... by sgray25909/06/154.61HOT

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 03

 — Wicked dreams become waking sins as she seduces a local boy. by sgray25909/09/154.68HOT

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 04

 — A magic candle incites an orgy at Ganden's cottage... by sgray25909/11/154.66HOT

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 05

 — Elanessa betrays Sister Anetta with a cup of potent tea... by sgray25909/13/154.68HOT

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 06

 — Sister Anetta goes on a rampage with her new toy... by sgray25909/15/154.66HOT

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 07

 — A young rogue is sent to investigate the abbey... by sgray25909/18/154.61HOT

The Priestesses of Northshire Abbey Ch. 08

 — A young thief wrestles with demonic temptation... by sgray25902/14/164.69HOT

The Prince and the Assassin

 — A wizardly prince crosses swords with a horny ninja. by stephenchapman08/18/174.77HOT

The Prince and The Goddess

 — The education of a young prince. by LaRascasse03/30/124.38

The Prince and the Orc Queen Ch. 01

 — The orc queen conquers the humans and claims what she wants. by SubbyHubby4408/21/174.27

The Prince and the Orc Queen Ch. 02

 — The Orc queen claims her prize. by SubbyHubby4409/13/174.54HOT

The Prince and the Orc Queen Ch. 03

 — The prince accepts his fate. by SubbyHubby4410/04/174.64HOT

The Prince Ch. 01

 — A forgotten tale of a warrior. by beingmale11/14/124.53HOT

The Prince of Thieves

 — A thief with honor. by Useli05/02/124.55HOT

The Prince of Thieves Ch. 02

 — The journey begins. by Useli05/15/124.65HOT

The Prince of Thieves Ch. 03

 — Welcome to Atlantis. by Useli05/23/124.59HOT

The Prince of Thieves Ch. 04

 — Nero, and the Terin people. by Useli06/05/124.68HOT

The Prince of Thieves Ch. 05

 — On to Aer. by Useli06/27/124.68HOT

The Prince of Thieves Ch. 06

 — Strange Dreams, Stranger Feelings. by Useli08/07/124.63HOT

The Prince of Thieves Ch. 07

 — Revenge at last. by Useli10/16/124.59HOT

The Prince of Thieves Ch. 08

 — An invitation delivered. by Useli10/25/124.65HOT

The Prince of Thieves Ch. 09

 — Unda and Faces from the Past. by Useli11/10/124.67HOT

The Prince of Thieves Ch. 10

 — Crossing the desert. by Useli12/08/124.75HOT

The Prince of Thieves Ch. 11

 — Blood-lines and Trials. by Useli12/21/124.72HOT

The Prince of Thieves Ch. 12

 — Into the Earth. by Useli01/08/134.69HOT

The Prince of Thieves Ch. 13

 — Awakened in Aer. by Useli04/15/134.56HOT

The Prince Transformed

 — Prince Perthias is captured and transformed into a male slut. by izenrann04/04/174.31

The Prince Transformed Pt. 02

 — Perthias reunites with someone familiar. by izenrann06/29/174.60HOT

The Prince Transformed Pt. 03

 — Perthias learns a little of Cythea's story. by izenrann10/05/174.85HOT

The Prince Transformed Pt. 04

 — The battle for Castle Erecia. by izenrann10/06/174.75

The Princess and the Angel

 — She had dreamed of him all her life, but he had a secret. by Sofara_Starfyre07/27/083.70

The Princess and the Angel Ch. 02

 — The story of Aeronwyn & Brenial continues. by Sofara_Starfyre08/20/083.87

The Princess and the Angel Ch. 03

 — Aeronwyn & Brenial plan their wedding. by Sofara_Starfyre09/18/084.33

The Princess and the Cat Ch. 01

 — Eliana receives an ultimatum, and she is none too pleased. by goldenstarburst04/11/174.54HOT

The Princess and the Penis

 — A sassy princess is taken as reward. by Butterflies51201/26/134.22

The Princess and the Protector

 — A forbidden lust. by SinisterSpiders09/23/124.62HOT

The Princess and the Whorehouse

 — A Princess discovers her appetites. by SweetHoney18602/20/174.37

The Princess Of Mahoon: Chapter 1

 — Amazonian warrior takes her first alien sex slave by theowlandtherose08/06/034.52HOT

The Princess Of Mahoon: Chapter 2

 — Captor watches alien sex. by theowlandtherose08/24/034.53HOT

The Princess Transformed

 — Daphnia’s throne is usurped, and she is transformed. by izenrann03/29/174.44

The Princess Transformed Ch. 02

 — Daphnia escapes her captivity. by izenrann05/08/174.64HOT

The Princess Transformed Ch. 03

 — Daphnia learns more about the mysterious resistance. by izenrann06/09/174.67HOT

The Princess Transformed Ch. 04

 — Daphnia takes the fight back to the usurper with an orgy. by izenrann07/20/174.77HOT

The Princess Transformed Ch. 05

 — The final chapter. What fate awaits Erecia and Daphnia? by izenrann09/12/174.76HOT

The Princess's Quest

 — Princess Lucy & her faithful servant take on a quest. by KellyEvans0101/24/024.24

The Princess's Quest Ch. 2

 — Sexy Princess Lucy continues her quest. by KellyEvans0104/05/024.26

The Princess's Quest Ch. 3

 — Princess Lucy's quest to return to her homeland. by KellyEvans0104/09/024.41

The Prisoner

 — A dangerous prisoner is held in Whiterun's dungeons... by MandyLol07/09/143.43

The Prize

 — Brill wins a stones match. by TheDreamVisitor10/13/054.63HOT

The Prodigy's Hard Life

 — The Prodigy of Cet and his party take a break from the quest. by OriginalWori08/01/143.91

The Product

 — Genetic oddity farmed for sperm by female sex teams. by Ribot11/29/004.59HOTEditor's Pick

The Profane Comedy Ch. 01

 — An agnostic finds herself trapped in Purgatory. by LateNightStories09/11/153.78

The Profane Comedy Ch. 02

 — Sarah is saved from the quicksand. by LateNightStories09/13/154.12

The Profane Comedy Ch. 03

 — A voyeur in the meadows of Elysium. by LateNightStories09/15/154.31

The Professor's Bride Ch. 01

 — Professor in the future takes his third wife. by SEVERUSMAX09/12/054.01

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