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Ties That Bind

 — Elven lovers, velvet gloves, wine, & blindfolds. by Sabledrake02/24/024.46

Tiff Ch. 01

 — Tale of a mind-stripped drow sex slave. by Axelotl10/02/144.49

Tiff Ch. 02

 — Drow and the dwarf. Princess and the orcs. by Axelotl10/10/144.63HOT

Tiff Ch. 03

 — The slaves clash. by Axelotl10/17/144.70HOT

Tiffany's Tales Ch. 01

 — Beautiful Fae deals with hatred, makes an important donation. by KingHades05/21/184.67HOT

Tiger's Eye

 — Cherry's husband has a very frightening secret. by Basra02/02/054.35

Time After Time

 — A woman is visited by her future self with a warning. by JukeboxEMCSA05/01/114.01

Time and Again Ch. 01

 — Linda Falco is back, hornier than ever! by x_ray_glasses12/05/084.20

Time and Why It's Fun to Freeze

 — What happens when you suddenly learn to freeze time? by whydowewrite05/06/154.09

Time Bender

 — Wife discovers hubby has explored her in his secret research. by averagewifey07/04/163.98

Time Dancer Ch. 01

 — Accidental meeting in Waikiki leads to an unusual place. by tangandrew01/06/114.74HOT

Time Dancer Ch. 02

 — The mystery woman returns for another encounter. by tangandrew01/07/114.67HOT

Time Differences Ch. 01

 — He's lost in time - with seven women for company. by Spinneret03/21/104.57HOT

Time Differences Ch. 02

 — Augusta has been talking to Jemima and Sarah. by Spinneret03/26/104.65HOT

Time Differences Ch. 03

 — The Sins of Miss Jane Halstead. by Spinneret04/04/104.68HOT

Time Differences Ch. 04

 — Voyeuristic Sarah discovers more about sex in the far future. by Spinneret04/23/104.57HOT

Time Differences Ch. 05

 — Epilogue: the dance of sex in the far future continues. by Spinneret04/29/104.57HOT

Time Enough for Truth

 — The Agency had lost an experiment. His job was to find her. by mykelayne02/18/124.28

Time for Some Fun Pt. 01

 — Aria discovers she can freeze time and starts having fun. by DiamondsR4Never10/08/174.56HOT

Time for Some Fun Pt. 02

 — Aria goes to the mall and meets a guy. by DiamondsR4Never10/12/174.67HOT

Time for Some Fun Pt. 03

 — Aria plays with toys and gets revenge on classmates. by DiamondsR4Never10/14/174.58HOT

Time for Some Fun Pt. 04

 — Aria resumes her revenge scheme and spends the night with... by DiamondsR4Never10/17/174.69HOT

Time for Some Fun Pt. 05

 — Kinky car sex and time freezing fun at school. by DiamondsR4Never10/21/174.69HOT

Time for Some Fun Pt. 11

 — Aria gets her prank on, and a friendship escalates… by DiamondsR4Never03/05/184.73HOT

Time for Some Fun Pt. 12

 — Aria's back to stir up more trouble at school. by DiamondsR4Never08/01/184.69HOT

Time for Some Fun Pt. 13

 — The aftermath of America's biggest orgasm. by DiamondsR4Never10/09/184.78HOT

Time for Some Fun Pt. 14

 — How to get away with terrorism, how not to get away from bro. by DiamondsR4Never11/03/184.70HOT

Time for Some Fun Pt. 15

 — Aria gets to play 'Doctors and Patients". by DiamondsR4Never03/03/194.71HOT

Time Heals No Wounds Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1: Animus Uxoris by Adalwolf11/15/154.75HOT

Time in a Bottle

 — Two lovers find eternal love snowbound in a mountain cabin. by BADSAM68912/28/094.19

Time Looped

 — Sex and Paradoxes. by Leenysman06/29/164.47

Time Slave

 — Time travel adventure to a slave auction. by Orion Quest05/23/033.85

Time Stop

 — Time enough at last. by Charles Petersunn11/30/104.51HOT

Time Stop Adventure

 — Brandi takes advantage of Chris. by eekk07/12/103.68

Time Stop Adventure Ch. 02

 — Brandi goes to the gym. by eekk05/10/123.53

Time to Breathe

 — Low on air. Far from aid. How do you spend your final hours? by LoquiSordidaAdMe05/25/184.76HOT

Time to Get Fucked

 — Would you go back in time to get laid? by GratefulFred07/19/083.17

Time to Say Goodbye

 — A zombie story. by ColetteJulie07/22/164.39

Time to See Her Naked

 — A teen gains the ability to stop time. by JohntheTimelord8812/20/143.04

Time Travel Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Unintended Consequences. by CounterCulture110/18/094.56HOT

Time Travel Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Ancient Celtics. by CounterCulture112/21/094.57HOT

Time Traveling Sex Tourist

 — Intersex woman travels from 2217 to 2017 to find a man. by JonThomas_04/12/174.09

Time Will Tell

 — Escape to the future goes a little too far. by TxRad02/26/124.38


 — Magical boxer-shorts send me back in time to fuck my ex by Jack_Love09/18/104.55HOT


 — Traveler arrives naked in church, takes lovers. by LitEroCat06/14/154.43

Timeros: A Clash Of Gods

 — In a land now hostile one knight must redeem his past. by TravellingWilly11/11/124.18

Timeros: A Clash Of Gods Ch. 02

 — The dead rise and a powerful force crosses into Timeros. by TravellingWilly11/18/124.62HOT

Timeros: A Clash Of Gods Ch. 03

 — Lucan begins his quest as Oundle learns her fate. by TravellingWilly11/27/124.79HOT

Timeros: A Clash Of Gods Ch. 04

 — A Friendly town turns sour for Lucan and Amberlee. by TravellingWilly12/24/124.71HOT

Times Endless Days

 — A Fantasy Story. by Isabella77712/10/093.83

Timeshadow 01

 — What Is, and What Should Never Be. by Adrian Leverkuhn01/25/16HOT

Timeshadow 02

 — What Is, and What Should Never Be. by Adrian Leverkuhn01/26/16HOT

Timeshadow 03

 — What Is, and What Should Never Be. by Adrian Leverkuhn01/27/16HOT

Timeshadow 04

 — What Is, and What Should Never Be. by Adrian Leverkuhn01/28/16HOT

Timeshadow 05

 — What Is, and What Should Never Be. by Adrian Leverkuhn02/10/16HOT


 — Superhero vs Superslut. by ManxLad04/20/084.28

Tiny Dancer

 — Lonely musician tells of how he was once visited. by shiresa04/07/064.57HOT

Tip Ch. 01

 — Developing a new sex toy: Tactile Image Projection. by Case2111/25/144.53HOT

Tip Ch. 02

 — Experiments gone wrong -and right- with Tip, a virtual lover. by Case2112/01/144.50HOT

Tip Ch. 03

 — Tip is trained to take it from a a woman. by Case2112/06/144.30

Tip Ch. 04

 — Tip is introduced to speech and self-pleasure. by Case2112/11/144.62HOT

Tip Ch. 05

 — Tip performs at a concert in bondage for her fans' pleasure. by Case2103/14/174.71HOT

Tip Ch. 06

 — Tip's fans and owners use her with increasing intensity. by Case2103/18/174.00

Tip Ch. 07

 — Modified Tips are hunted down and contained by Naomi. by Case2103/25/174.60HOT

Tip Ch. 08

 — The newly-discovered Tip is punished for her disobedience. by Case2104/06/174.57HOT

Tip Ch. 09

 — Naomi faces one last decision about the future of Tip. by Case2104/15/175.00HOT

Tip Of The Tongue

 — Barbarian warrior woman teaches fellatio to a girl. by TrishaMonks01/11/064.61HOT

Tiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 01

 — Harry first noticed the article in a scientific journal. by SunrockSin12/18/084.00

Tiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 02

 — Harry made the call & signed up for the research project. by SunrockSin12/18/084.08

Tiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 03

 — Harry arrived early, hoping to see Tiffany. by SunrockSin12/18/084.22

Tiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 04

 — Women were chiding the men to step in for a pedicure. by SunrockSin12/19/084.27

Tiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 05

 — "That is why we are going to need to quarantine you…” by SunrockSin12/21/084.32

Tiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 06

 — I am nothing like Tiffany. by SunrockSin12/22/084.47

Tiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 07

 — He felt dizzy as he realized it was just like his dream. by SunrockSin12/23/083.93

Tiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 08

 — "Something's happened we need to get out of here FAST!" by SunrockSin12/24/084.06

Tir'Veda: Prologue

 — Ancient being brought back to Earth by enemy with weakness. by Mr. Green Genes01/03/034.47

Tis the Season

 — A Christmas gift leads to hyper fun. by sexgundam66612/30/174.11

Titans Ch. 00

 — The prologue. Scene-setting and some light teasing. by OnAndOn_Anon10/16/164.83HOT

Titans Ch. 01

 — Meeting the locals, and then having sex with them. by OnAndOn_Anon10/19/164.86HOT

Titans Ch. 02

 — A nice morning, a fight, a strange dream and being naughty. by OnAndOn_Anon10/21/164.89HOT

Titans Ch. 03

 — Getting set up, and it all comes crashing down. by OnAndOn_Anon11/20/164.78HOT

Titans Ch. 05

 — Stress relief, life on the edge, and an unexpected rescue. by OnAndOn_Anon01/22/174.89HOT

Titans Ch. 06

 — Staring madness in the face, breaking and entering. by OnAndOn_Anon02/24/174.80HOT

Titans Ch. 06.5

 — Mini-chapter before Titans goes on a break. by OnAndOn_Anon03/30/174.76HOT

Titans Ch. 07

 — Marching ever onward towards war by OnAndOn_Anon01/03/184.87HOT

Tithe Ch. 01

 — Back woman embarks on adventure through space. by greenbee09/10/064.52HOT

Tithe Ch. 01

 — A sexy retelling of the ballad of Tam Lin. by Usagi-chan12/04/074.72HOT

Tithe Ch. 02

 — Ilaria wakes up. by greenbee10/30/064.66HOT

Tithe Ch. 02

 — Sarah finds herself at the mercy of the fairies. by Usagi-chan06/19/084.61HOT

Tithe Ch. 03

 — Sarah and her satyr friend are tormented by the fairies. by Usagi-chan08/13/094.68HOT

Tithe Ch. 04

 — Thomas Lynne tells his side of the story. by Usagi-chan05/31/104.05

Tits, Asses, and Outer Space Ch. 00

 — The buxom babes of the SS Titties prepare for takeoff. by Sanialus01/31/104.05


 — A criminal becomes their saviour... by Dionysosk02/27/124.58HOT

Titus Ch. 02

 — A criminal becomes their saviour... by Dionysosk03/04/124.74HOT


 — A woman makes love to the rain. by Bryndali8106/22/104.58HOT

TMA: Agent Moon Ch. 01

 — Who is Dylan Moon? by slyc_willie08/11/074.64HOT

TMA: Agent Moon Ch. 02

 — A resort in 1933 becomes the setting for intrigue. by slyc_willie12/06/074.71HOT

TMA: Agent Moon Ch. 03

 — Dylan faces his nemesis, and learns a startling truth. by slyc_willie12/07/074.70HOT

TMA: Agent Susan

 — There's a plot again Masters and Johnson sex research. by lisa12341405/28/083.60

TMA: Agent Susan Ch. 02

 — Agent Susan is on a personal mission. by lisa12341406/03/084.12

TMA: An Agent 99 Adventure

 — Agent 99's new assignment--and new partner. by TE99912/15/074.56HOT

TMA: Chase - Winter, 1877

 — Who's your daddy? An inconceivable mission accomplished. by jomar10/31/074.59HOT

TMGS 01-01 - The Revelation

 — Cindy's old college roommate reveals her sexy magical powers by tmgsaga03/19/104.69HOT

TMGS 01-02 - Day Dreaming

 — Cindy's lesbian magic-filled dreams give her issues at work. by tmgsaga05/26/104.75HOT

TMGS 01-03 - Veronica's Secret

 — Cindy takes a break from magic to go shopping, or does she? by tmgsaga10/04/104.92HOT

TMGS 01-04 - Midnight Snack

 — Cindy gets a visit from a busty bikini babe who can fly. by tmgsaga01/09/114.59HOT

TMGS 01-05 - Sex With An Angel

 — Cindy can't resist Hannah when her costumes are this real. by tmgsaga01/26/114.77HOT

TMGS 01-06 - Suburban Secrets

 — Meet Alexis, a hot young high schooler with magical secrets. by tmgsaga08/27/114.65HOT

To Be A King

 — A young king and his mistress. by Ariella_Lapiza09/30/103.97

To Be Outside Oneself

 — A day in the life of a neophyte in a religious order. by Ekstatikoi05/04/174.55HOT

To be Worthy of the Machine

 — Cherryblossom undertakes an important ritual. by trial609/29/114.40

To Become a Goddess

 — Becoming a goddess never was so hard. by Mistress_sub04/15/143.90

To Become a Hunter Ch. 01

 — Warrn's tale begins. by HowlsAtMoon02/14/164.43

To Become a Hunter Ch. 02

 — Craid makes his move. by HowlsAtMoon03/02/164.04

To Beyond

 — Will perfect bodies have perfect sex? by Cat506/08/034.66HOT

To Bind a Witch Ch. 01

 — The prince mistakes him for a girl, and he wakes in a dress. by NekoTheCat06/13/164.26

To Boldly Go and Live Your Desires

 — In alien hands is a female astronaut's destination. by Pekka12/31/173.10

To Break the Circle Ch. 01

 — Kade meets the Olders and their ways. They surprise him. by Kethandra10/27/154.28

To Break the Circle Ch. 02

 — A reunion. Kade passes judgment and the quest begins. by Kethandra10/29/154.36

To Break the Circle Ch. 03

 — Kade and Rex travel north. Red meat and bad dreams. by Kethandra10/31/154.39

To Break the Circle Ch. 04

 — Death, and an explanation. In a hole underground and a chase. by Kethandra11/01/154.23

To Catch a Merchant Princess Ch. 01

 — Beauty held for ransom. by Darkniciad06/07/084.73HOT

To Catch a Merchant Princess Ch. 02

 — A stranger's kindness on the run. by Darkniciad06/09/084.78HOT

To Catch a Merchant Princess Ch. 03

 — Home again, and not so happy. by Darkniciad08/20/084.75HOT

To Catch a Merchant Princess Ch. 04

 — An attack in the night. by Darkniciad08/21/084.84HOT

To Catch a Merchant Princess Ch. 05

 — Joined at last. by Darkniciad09/04/084.83HOT

To Catch a Merchant Princess Ch. 06

 — Returning home and seeking destiny. by Darkniciad11/07/084.85HOT

To Come Again, and Again...

 — Two gorgeous women and a man with a special ability... by RusselRose03/22/184.58HOT

To Love a Vampire

 — A look into the relationship of two gay vampires. by angelx60210/02/054.37

To Love the Stars

 — Man and monster unite to seek their destiny among the stars. by EighthSpan03/27/184.57HOT

To Prevent Extinction

 — Bound, gagged and group fucked. by Ada Stuart10/27/053.96

To Protect and Serve Ch. 01

 — True service does not end at death. by Evil Alpaca07/29/084.82HOT

To Protect and Serve Ch. 02

 — Newly undead cop gets back to work, & gets worked over. by Evil Alpaca08/01/084.81HOT

To Protect and Serve Ch. 03

 — Some fences can mended but some bridges can't be burned. by Evil Alpaca08/03/084.85HOT

To Protect and Serve Ch. 04

 — The living don't always leave the dead alone. by Evil Alpaca08/06/084.84HOT

To Protect and Serve Ch. 05

 — Never used the darkness to make war against the dark. by Evil Alpaca08/09/084.87HOT

To Protect and Serve Ch. 06

 — Vampires and insects and faeries, oh my! by Evil Alpaca08/11/084.85HOT

To Protect and Serve Ch. 07

 — Tensions in the house of Stapleton fall and rise. by Evil Alpaca08/13/084.83HOT

To Protect and Serve Ch. 08

 — The road to hell leads to trouble in paradise. by Evil Alpaca08/15/084.86HOT

To Protect and Serve Ch. 09

 — Things are getting darker, and dawn is a long way off. by Evil Alpaca08/16/084.84HOT

To Protect and Serve Ch. 10

 — The nightmare is only just beginning. by Evil Alpaca08/18/084.86HOT

To Protect and Serve Ch. 11

 — Vampires are not the only race that can rise from the dead. by Evil Alpaca08/20/084.87HOT

To Protect and Serve Ch. 12

 — The final stand. by Evil Alpaca08/21/084.91HOTContest Winner

To Save a Friend

 — The blacksmith of Red Cliff faces a difficult choice. by Karnonnos03/19/154.42

To Save a World

 — The beginnings of a grand adventure. by Nyctophiliac09/04/184.85HOT

To Save a World Ch. 02

 — What's inside the box? A daring escape. by Nyctophiliac01/15/194.85HOT

To Slay & Lay

 — A young man crossdresses to meet his dragonslayer idol. by Vluirty06/18/174.13

To Surrender Way

 — AU: Two imprisoned women find solace in one another's bodies. by MarionBelle02/12/194.25

To the Bold

 — Our psyches are created from millions of tiny moments... by Nerd15910/18/184.40

To the Bottom of the Sea Ch. 02

 — Lucas' submission to Hitchcock is almost complete. by DesmondDesmond11/20/034.56HOT

To the Citadel and Beyond Ch. 01

 — A sorceress does whatever it takes to get home by seth_perm07/11/104.52HOT

To the Citadel and Beyond Ch. 02

 — Sorceress sucks her way back home. by seth_perm01/18/114.69HOT

To the Citadel Ch. 01

 — Some unexpected benefits on a journey. by seth_perm11/27/064.68HOT

To the Citadel Ch. 02

 — Garth misses Katryn but has fun with Lena. by seth_perm11/28/064.87HOT

To the Citadel Ch. 03

 — Katryn fucks her way to freedom. by seth_perm01/23/074.69HOT

To Transcend the Flesh

 — A modern day fantasy adventure. by Azrof01/29/024.17

To Valhalla and Back Ch. 01

 — Choices have consequences. by Pallaton09/29/174.53HOT

To Valhalla and Back Ch. 02

 — "A job is a job." by Pallaton10/26/174.56HOT

To Valhalla and Back Ch. 03

 — Sylvi and Dakota get a little close, but not willingly... by Pallaton07/20/184.50HOT

Together Again

 — A transwoman and her ex-wife get a second chance at romance. by mistyfdfa01/13/174.22

Tom's Dreamy Reality

 — Sometimes dreams come true. by rainekvala12/08/063.80

Tom's Genie

 — This is another genie servant story, but one I have enjoyed. by bthomas4008/04/114.69HOT

Tom's Genie Pt. 02

 — Violet's bouncy happiness turned to barely controlled lust. by bthomas4008/18/114.60HOT

Tom's Genie Pt. 03

 — Tom's story with Violet continues... by bthomas4011/03/114.56HOT

Tommy, Can You Feel Me

 — Wife uses sensory implant to tease husband. by Guitman6907/29/174.63HOT

Tonal Key: Valentine

 — An experiment in Soul Mating. by keyala02/03/064.32

Tony in Space

 — Tony is attracted to his maid who comes from another planet. by Sirdar09/22/084.31

Too Far Far Away

 — A spoiled and naive princess begins an adventure. by zaxxon03/12/114.56HOT

Too Far Far Away Ch. 03

 — Tienna and Princess Angelica find the cave and minotaur. by zaxxon02/18/124.53HOT

Too Far Far Away Ch. 04

 — The girls discover a farm in the woods and spend the night. by zaxxon05/01/124.59HOT

Too Late

 — SF/F 1st Ch Novel: She will test him & herself by CezanneTeres11/30/124.00

Too Many Wishes

 — Samantha benefits from a genie who is forced to grant wishes. by PaladinInBlack02/08/174.67HOT

Too Many Wishes - Margaret's Wishes

 — Cursed genii Abazeel has another client. by PaladinInBlack09/30/174.54HOT

Too Much of a Good Thing?

 — Ultimate gang bang by Stormtrooper clones. by GorgeousGeekGirl03/25/134.47

Tooth Fairy

 — It's her turn. by AKentuckyLady01/24/164.68HOT

Top of the World

 — Two people discover passion after the apocalypse. by Katherine English 209/26/044.74HOT

Torgan Wine

 — Draeseth returns. by Isemay11/03/174.70HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 02

 — Draeseth has a reason to be jealous. by Isemay11/08/174.68HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 03

 — Isonei helps Draeseth and Andnaeuth find common ground. by Isemay11/09/174.82HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 04

 — On their way toward Torga. by Isemay11/14/174.76HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 05

 — Arriving at the home of Daga Liadith. by Isemay11/18/174.78HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 06

 — A journey delayed. by Isemay02/15/184.70HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 07

 — Isonei and Draeseth get to enjoy each other's company. by Isemay02/17/184.78HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 08

 — Lunch with the Daga. by Isemay02/22/184.72HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 09

 — A fit of temper and the beginning of a courtship. by Isemay02/23/184.82HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 10

 — Walks in the gardens and private lessons. by Isemay03/01/184.83HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 11

 — Family, Draeseth misbehaves, Arissa asks for a wedding gift. by Isemay03/07/184.75HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 12

 — Isonei's sour mood and her promised evening with Draeseth. by Isemay03/15/184.82HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 13

 — Mistakes, forgiveness, gifts, and painful missteps. by Isemay03/21/184.87HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 14

 — They try to find footing on uncertain ground. by Isemay03/26/184.85HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 15

 — Preparations and the arrival of family before the ceremony. by Isemay04/04/184.84HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 16

 — The ceremony, festivities, and a family quarrel. by Isemay04/06/184.83HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 17

 — An inauspicious start to the resumed journey. by Isemay04/14/184.84HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 18

 — A stressful day of travel. by Isemay04/20/184.86HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 19

 — Being gracious and arriving in Oyeth Lothlaeri. by Isemay04/26/184.83HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 20

 — An evening with the Daga and Onsh-Lothlaerith. by Isemay05/01/184.82HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 21

 — Baths, promises, and demands. by Isemay05/09/184.75HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 22

 — Arrival in Torga. by Isemay05/18/184.80HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 23

 — Arrangement negotiations, meeting Rogath, and falling ill. by Isemay05/30/184.84HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 24

 — Returning to health and meeting the priests. by Isemay06/07/184.86HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 25

 — Arrival at the Keep of Kroscur. by Isemay06/27/184.89HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 26

 — Manipulations and being pressed into an Arrangement. by Isemay07/06/184.11

Torgan Wine Ch. 27

 — Trying to make the best of things. by Isemay07/17/184.45

Torgan Wine Ch. 28

 — Some of the truth comes out. by Isemay07/24/184.61HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 29

 — More truth and an outing. by Isemay08/03/184.84HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 30

 — A surprise, disappointment, and a visit to the convent. by Isemay08/07/184.73HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 31

 — Telling stories to the children and considering staying. by Isemay08/15/184.51HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 32

 — The journey to the Torgan Court begins. by Isemay08/18/184.59HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 33

 — The cause of Isonei's exhaustion and meeting the Kamrus. by Isemay09/01/184.51HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 34

 — Meeting The Torgan King. by Isemay09/15/184.71HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 35

 — Relief, charm, and a generous offer. by Isemay09/26/184.58HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 36

 — The last leg of the journey to Nemauros and the Court. by Isemay09/28/184.57HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 37

 — Making friends at Court. by Isemay10/09/184.72HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 38

 — The Queen's retinue. by Isemay10/10/184.67HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 39

 — Quarrels, good deeds, and reconciliations. by Isemay10/19/184.72HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 40

 — A gift, dinner with Adareth, and a mock bout. by Isemay11/02/184.67HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 41

 — An enlightening breakfast, and a contentious dinner. by Isemay11/07/184.70HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 42

 — Private conversation with Burgath, Kresh wants an apology. by Isemay11/16/184.73HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 43

 — Draeseth's return with Lislora and an Aran dinner. by Isemay11/24/184.64HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 44

 — An invitation for Lislora and enlisting Burgath's help. by Isemay12/06/184.65HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 45

 — Draeseth's reward. by Isemay12/14/184.74HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 46

 — Rimathe joins the servants and a trip to the Temple. by Isemay12/22/184.82HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 47

 — Isonei risks King Orgath's displeasure and Draeseth's. by Isemay12/27/184.71HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 48

 — Deception, violence, and justice. by Isemay01/04/194.78HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 49

 — Family as it should be. by Isemay01/10/194.82HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 50

 — Gifts, and an overdue chat with Lislora. by Isemay01/12/194.86HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 51

 — A difficult evening and discovered protection. by Isemay01/16/194.83HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 52

 — King Orgath's hospitality reaches its end. by Isemay01/19/194.80HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 53

 — An unpleasant journey. by Isemay01/26/194.80HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 54

 — Recovering and news of home. by Isemay02/02/194.72HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 55

 — A day of travel. by Isemay02/03/194.74HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 56

 — Second arrival in Oyeth Lothlaeri. by Isemay02/05/194.85HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 57

 — Dinner with Lothlaerith and a cautious meeting with Torgans. by Isemay02/09/194.87HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 58

 — A brief stay with Daga Caeridith. by Isemay02/14/194.60HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 59

 — Arrival at the home of Daga Liadith. by Isemay02/15/194.76HOT

Torgan Wine Ch. 60

 — The final chapter, the return to Ara. by Isemay02/19/194.69HOT

Torment: The Princess

 — The princess uses her charms to rule over her people. by Ashyne02/04/083.75

Totally Recalled

 — It was just a memory implant. Wasn't it? by DDDDave10/16/124.55HOT


 — When a meteor falls, Victoria goes to check it out... by sexgundam66609/12/154.31


 — Out of your suit, you must unwind. by Colleen Thomas03/02/064.79HOT

Touch of the Wolf Ch. 06

 — Cass gets some answers. by whitesabretooth01/10/094.82HOTContest Winner

Touch of Wolf Ch. 01

 — A werewolf finds his mate in a young girl. by Onyxwolf05/13/034.56HOTEditor's Pick

Touch of Wolf Ch. 02

 — The werewolf and young girl return. by Onyxwolf02/10/054.67HOT

Touch of Wolf Ch. 03

 — The final chapter to the story of a werewolf and his mate. by Onyxwolf10/12/054.74HOT

Touch Screen

 — Elliot wins a touch screen monitor with special benefits. by SunrockSin10/07/083.94


 — A visitation. by P40eBu511/12/044.50HOT

Touched by a Spirit

 — Ancient spirit describes his work. by Wildfire42710/07/02

Touched by an Angel Pt. 01

 — Angels seek pleasure. by Damianthesilverwolf05/23/184.55HOT

Touched by an Angel Pt. 02

 — Jordan returns to heaven. by Damianthesilverwolf06/01/184.42

Touched by an Angel Pt. 03

 — A date at last. by Damianthesilverwolf06/14/184.47

Touched by an Angel Pt. 04

 — A date at the lake. by Damianthesilverwolf06/15/184.47

Touched by an Angel Pt. 05

 — Heaven is going to hell. by Damianthesilverwolf06/17/184.19

Touched Ch. 01

 — In the future, skin-to-skin contact is prohibited. by starscape08/19/114.58HOT

Touched Ch. 02

 — Driven to distraction: Her obsession draws attention. by starscape08/22/114.66HOT

Touched Ch. 03

 — Point of no return: They spill their secrets. by starscape08/26/114.71HOT

Touched Ch. 04

 — In the heat of the moment: They succumb to their urges. by starscape08/31/114.75HOT

Touched Ch. 05

 — Throw caution to the wind: Their illicit romance continues. by starscape09/04/114.88HOT

Touched Ch. 06

 — Up the creek: They pay for one impulsive moment. by starscape09/08/114.72HOT

Touched Ch. 07

 — Strange bedfellows: Mysterious strangers come to their aid. by starscape09/14/114.77HOT

Touched Ch. 08

 — Causing a stir: They make first contact. by starscape09/20/114.84HOTContest Winner

Touched Ch. 09

 — Putting the cards on the table: A rebel reveals her plan. by starscape10/03/114.78HOT

Touched Ch. 10

 — Fish out of water: they adapt to a new environment. by starscape08/25/124.69HOT

Towards the Summer Solstice Ch. 02

 — Another student is curious about futanaris... by MrIllusion10/27/184.73HOT

Towards the Summer Solstice Ch. 03

 — The ritual, the conclusion and all those futas... by MrIllusion11/03/184.69HOT

Towburn College Womens' Choir

 — A gift that keeps on giving. by OzmanA12/07/154.33

Toy Euler Ch. 04

 — The best and worst of future worlds and cybersex. by Taunus12/15/094.50

Toy Girl

 — Designing and testing out an artificial human. by Sean Renaud06/02/093.83


 — John Toroid retires and gets a gynoid. by Taunus03/27/114.03


 — John Toroid's Gynoid Restores his Lost Libido. by Taunus03/28/114.14


 — John Toroid takes a college class online. by Taunus03/30/113.86


 — john Toroid dies leaving Toy to his nephew Doug. by Taunus04/03/114.00


 — How about a llittle doggie? by Taunus04/08/114.18


 — Toy and John meet Keiko Oh at church. by Taunus04/15/114.00


 — Alien ship gives info, Toy is taken by pirates. by Taunus04/23/114.33


 — Dart wakes up dead and goes to Hell for some fun times. by DragonCobolt02/17/174.67HOT

Track 63

 — Takafumi, a gaming NEET, meets a monster girl. by Pastel_Comma08/29/164.00

Track 63: The Broodmare

 — Monster girl or not, Takafumi is still a man on the inside! by Pastel_Comma08/30/164.00


 — A disgruntled exo-miner meets a native. by Benjamin_Winter01/17/174.53HOT

Trailer-Park: Galactica

 — A morally-befeft, hillbilly tale of alien abduction. by countrygentdom06/30/124.32

Traipse Ch. 01

 — A futuristic love story with an okay plot, lots of smut. by solitarycafe06/01/164.70HOT

Traipse Ch. 02

 — The second chapter of a futuristic love story. by solitarycafe06/13/164.74HOT

Traipse Ch. 03

 — The third chapter of a futuristic love story. by solitarycafe06/25/164.68HOT

Traipse Ch. 04

 — Chapter four of a futuristic love story. by solitarycafe11/15/174.80HOT

Traipse Ch. 05

 — The fifth chapter of a futuristic love story. by solitarycafe02/23/184.84HOT

Trallis: Summer Storm Dancer

 — Magic of the summer storm is found within a young twin. by xelliebabex08/22/134.61HOT

Trance In Her Garden

 — Lovely Trance meets Nick. by Wayne Extreme06/03/024.32

Transa - Rise of a Wicked Queen

 — A fantasy of power, magic, transformation and lust. by dre_jones09/21/104.28

Transa - Rise of a Wicked Queen Ch. 02

 — The transexual Princess Transa advances her plan. by dre_jones06/12/114.53HOT


 — Bored vampire chooses a werewolf as her new lover. by Darlantan05/09/054.53HOT

Transcendancy Ch. 02

 — Everything changes for wolves and bloods. by Darlantan10/16/074.82HOT

Transcendancy Ch. 03

 — The final chapter of Transcendency. by Darlantan07/11/084.60HOT


 — Man develops a tablet to change him into a woman. by just 4 fun12/21/074.07


 — Transformed into a female, Sara has to adapt to her new life. by chromex05/04/144.47

Transformation Ch. 02

 — Transformed into a female, Sara has to adapt to her new life by chromex05/07/144.61HOT

Transformation Ch. 03

 — Transformed into a female, Sara has to adapt to her new life. by chromex05/09/144.70HOT

Transformation Ch. 04

 — Transformed into a female Sara has to adapt to her new life. by chromex05/16/144.69HOT

Transformation Ch. 05

 — Transformed into a female, Sara has to adapt to her new life. by chromex05/21/144.68HOT

Transformation Ch. 06

 — Transformed into a female, Sara has to adapt to her new life by chromex06/04/144.76HOT

Transformation Ch. 07

 — Transformed into a female, Sara has to adapt to her new life. by chromex06/11/144.80HOT

Transformation Ch. 08

 — Transformed into a female, Sara has to adapt to her new life. by chromex06/21/144.78HOT

Transformation Ch. 09

 — Transformed into a female, Sara has to adapt to her new life. by chromex06/27/144.81HOT

Transformation Ch. 10

 — Transformed into a female, Sara has to adapt to her new life. by chromex08/06/144.76HOT

Transformation Ch. 11

 — Transformed into a female, Sara has to adapt to her new life. by chromex08/13/144.75HOT

Transformation Ch. 12

 — Transformed into a female, Sara has to adapt to her new life. by chromex12/16/144.67HOT

Transformation Ch. 13

 — Transformed into a female, Sara has to adapt to her new life. by chromex01/28/154.79HOT

Transformation Ch. 14

 — Transformed into a female, Sara has to adapt to her new life. by chromex02/11/154.69HOT

Transformation Ch. 15

 — Transformed into a female, Sara has to adapt to her new life. by chromex12/07/154.76HOT

Transformative Ch. 01

 — A depraved magic-user 'improves' the lives of a few women. by woodlandsin04/21/164.34

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