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Yin Yang Love (Expanded)

 — A lonely woman finds love after the apocalypse. by soupwarsproject11/12/033.68

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

 — A spacer learns the universe is stranger than he thought. by The_Technician07/12/174.51HOT

You Don't Know Me, But...

 — A very short story, It won't take a moment. Honest? by brainfade10/11/103.65

You Little Beach Ch. 01

 — Let's just say Cancun is a magical place! by Cwjbeast09/10/143.91

You Little Beach Ch. 02

 — I found her again and this time she brings my daughter. by Cwjbeast09/12/144.27

You May Now Kiss The Bride

 — Father and son switch bodies during honeymoon. by xcoyote2111/13/104.74HOT

You Smell So Good

 — Did she smell that good all over? by DireLilith11/23/08

You Talk Too Much

 — A Marvel Love Affair between Loki and Laura. by Gwenannette04/08/154.69HOT

You Will Never Be The Same Again

 — Calenta learns the ways of Thruxoris. by smysecret03/09/084.24

You're Caught

 — A human gets too close to a troll village. by Manzi07/24/154.08

You're Not In 2007 Anymore

 — She travels back to pre-Civil War Atlanta. by lipsofanangel04/15/073.92

Your Choice

 — He was asked two questions; everything hinged on the answer by Scorpio44a10/25/084.00

Your Wish Is Granted

 — A genie gives him his wish. by Fariss03/21/134.26

Youth and Beauty

 — An aging prostitute seeks vengence on a wicked fairy. by NovaChalmers08/19/114.21

Yrba's Travels Pt. 01

 — Oafish maid meets incarcerated witch. Transformations ensue. by PaulGerard02/04/104.21

Yrba's Travels Pt. 02

 — Fugitive witch and maid hide in the town's brothel. by PaulGerard02/09/104.27

Yrba's Travels Pt. 03

 — Hiding in Red's brothel, witch and maid get to know each. by PaulGerard02/13/104.35

Yrba's Travels Pt. 04

 — They encounter a creature with transformative powers. by PaulGerard03/02/104.16

Yrba's Travels Pt. 05

 — Training in the woods, and bloody disaster looms. by PaulGerard03/08/104.69HOT

Yrba's Travels Pt. 06

 — Back on the road, and strange encounters. by PaulGerard10/18/104.62HOT

Yrba's Travels Pt. 07

 — Witch and Maid spend winter in the woods. by PaulGerard10/21/104.64HOT

Yrba's Travels Pt. 08

 — Winter ends, ways part and potions brew. by PaulGerard10/25/104.68HOT

Yrba's Travels Pt. 09

 — Witch meets her old mentor. Things go bad. by PaulGerard10/29/104.46

Yrba's Travels Pt. 10

 — Mirca is recognized as goddess-queen. by PaulGerard11/01/104.36

Yrba's Travels Pt. 11

 — Mirca and Yrba grow apart. Other things grow, too. by PaulGerard11/04/104.75HOT

Yrba's Travels Pt. 12

 — Yrba fights for Mirca's life and tries to stop an evil plot. by PaulGerard11/09/104.93HOT

Ythes' Tales

 — A thief in the night in search of a magical erotic toy. by WerewolfatNight03/13/054.36

Ythes: Apprentice

 — An early career move for our lovely thief/mage/harlot. by WerewolfatNight05/02/054.59HOT

Ythes: Captured

 — Bounty hunters can be a pain in the ass. by WerewolfatNight04/15/054.61HOT

Yuba's Touch

 — In El-Hazard: how man & machine stumble towards love. by Akito0112/08/014.73HOTEditor's Pick

Yuki-onna, the Snow woman

 — Lost in a blizzard a woman is seduced by a steamy spirit. by Nachthexe05/29/124.43

Yuu Ch. 01

 — Cybersex Slave and Gynoid by Taunus06/23/143.41

Yuu Ch. 02

 — Yuu is caned and forced to wear a VR helmet. by Taunus06/24/144.40

Yuu Ch. 03

 — Henry reviews Yuu's punishment; Jane questions Henry. by Taunus06/26/144.00

Yuu Ch. 04

 — The prison is raided, Henry gets a new Gynoid: Kelly. by Taunus07/02/144.25

Yuu Ch. 05

 — The prison is closed but mistress Anna has Yuu for profit. by Taunus07/05/143.75

Yuu Ch. 06

 — Yuu is being pimped in cyberspace. by Taunus07/09/144.29

Yuu Ch. 07

 — Henry gets a 24 Hour "BDSM girl" for Cash Money by Taunus08/25/143.67

Yvette, the Amorous Robot

 — The inventor's Loving Doll creation worked too well. by Boxlicker10107/18/094.15

Zach and the Blood Moon Eclipse

 — Zach is seduced by witches at the Blood Moon Eclipse. by ZachDocEight02/08/194.42

Zach and the Celtic Coven Ch. 01

 — Zach gets summoned by a coven and breeds the sisters. by ZachDocEight09/21/184.53HOT

Zack's Dream Come True

 — A boy wakes up as a hunk, hot enough for his crush. by Vortex65432107/12/193.78

Zaka's Wings

 — The end of the world as everyone knew it, but Zaka stood. by Mad_Librarian01/12/133.95

Zaka's Wings Ch. 02

 — Zaka 15 years later... by Mad_Librarian01/21/134.10

Zaka's Wings Ch. 03

 — Conflicting feelings and a choice. by Mad_Librarian01/25/134.14

Zaka's Wings Ch. 04

 — Reaction and recovering. by Mad_Librarian05/12/134.28

Zanthis Ring

 — Finding an old ring brings unbelievable. by m_storyman_x10/05/094.47

Zelda - Avatar of the Golden Nymph Ch. 07

 — Linkette and Zelda can barely restrain their lust. by zeldalurver8108/17/184.68HOT

Zelda From Tralfamador

 — You never know, stranger things have happened. by PositiveThinker12/18/093.82

Zephira Buys a Fuckslave

 — An elf buys a new human male for her pleasure. by gynarchite09/05/184.35


 — Paygathoras student has very sexy revenge on roommate. by JimBob4404/09/104.52HOT

Zeus & Tara Ch. 01

 — Tara gets involved with the King of the Gods. by SEVERUSMAX12/04/044.09

Zeus & Tara Ch. 02

 — Athena finally gives up her cherry. by SEVERUSMAX03/19/074.27

Zeus and Euopa

 — A retelling of the story of Zeus and Europa. by Emma1994UK10/16/124.18

Zeus and Io

 — An intimate encounter between Zeus and Io. by Emma1994UK02/25/133.92

Ziaxan Empire Ch. 01

 — Ziax is seduced and captured by the Sindaran queen. by ziax04/15/094.42

Ziaxan Empire Ch. 02

 — The Prisoner and the Concubine; The Empress and the Mystic. by ziax04/24/094.28

Zodiac of the Shogun Ch. 01

 — Quest for the twelve Zodiacs. by musecues12/13/094.40

Zodiac of the Shogun Ch. 02

 — Quest for the twelve Zodiacs. by musecues12/20/094.47

Zodiac of the Shogun Ch. 03

 — The Quest for the twelve Zodiac. by musecues09/20/104.41

Zoey's Awakening Ch. 01

 — Zoey from Left 4 Dead awakens to find herself in the future. by KenGore08/10/163.97

Zombie Apocalypse Blues

 — Female mutant fights zombies and humans. by Samuelx12/11/182.50

Zombie Cha-Cha

 — Germain becomes undead, and joins a zombie brothel. by Meanderingpoet11/30/034.59HOT

Zombie Girl P.O.V.

 — Female Zombie fights humans and mutants. by Samuelx12/10/182.35

Zombie Terminators Ch. 01

 — Zombies? ZOMBIES! by RavenThunderclaw04/10/144.45

Zombies Ch. 00

 — How it started and the start of the rest of my life. by Corvecoupe09/06/124.55HOT

Zombies Ch. 01

 — Another Survivor, traded tales and fantastic fantasies. by Corvecoupe09/05/124.54HOT

Zombies Ch. 02

 — A relationship flourishes and illusions shattered. by Corvecoupe09/08/124.61HOT

Zombies Ch. 03

 — Charles and Zoey have an intimate moment. by Corvecoupe09/11/124.57HOT

Zombies Versus Muslims

 — Muslim hero saves the world during zombie wars. by Samuelx02/05/121.67


 — A frustrated zookeeper is having odd symptoms. by Pili09/28/063.37

Zophie Gets Busted

 — Zophie gets arrested and has erotic dream. by WyrdoBond12/09/184.40

Zophie Goes to Summer School

 — Zophie has to stay over to help her teachers. by WyrdoBond12/18/184.30

Zophie Meets the Neighbor

 — Mr. Beasley entertains Zophie when she's gets locked out. by WyrdoBond12/16/184.24

Zophie Sees a Therapist

 — Zophie's therapist has an intense way of dealing with issues. by WyrdoBond12/20/184.69HOT

Zophie's Check Up

 — Zophie gets a thorough check up from a hot doc. by WyrdoBond12/13/184.07

Zophie's First Time

 — Zophie loses her virginity with her were-boyfriend. by WyrdoBond12/11/184.37

Zorg – Fuck Your Way to Freedom!

 — Life on a research station on Titan. by cowboy10903/18/103.15

Zoya's Massage Parlor: Nick

 — Nick becomes Anime Princess Nicky... and there's tentacles by ZoyaDazzle10/10/164.63HOT

Zuzie Beams Me Up

 — Sex in a flying saucer. by Boxlicker10109/27/034.47

Zuzie Beams Me Up - Again

 — Sex again in a flying saucer, to prove a point. by Boxlicker10107/12/044.56HOT

Zuzie's Amazing Triple Grock

 — This time, he'll will be ready when Zuzie beams him up. by Boxlicker10110/02/054.68HOT

Zygurd of the House of Mourne

 — War, loss, romance, and life. by miladygrimm10/26/084.72HOT

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