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Aliens Use Sex to Invade Humans Ch. 01-02

 — Four astronauts become alien hosts aboard a space station. by walterio03/14/094.28

Aliens Use Sex to Invade Humans Ch. 03

 — Aliens continue to populate using humans as sex objects. by walterio03/18/094.34

Aliens Use Sex to Invade Humans Ch. 04

 — Aaron discovers his son and gay roomie. by walterio03/30/094.41

Aliens Use Sex to Invade Humans Ch. 05-07

 — The space agency scrambles to prevent the alien takeover. by walterio12/02/094.34

All Girls Want a Pony

 — A horny woman sates her need at a robot brothel. by PervOtaku08/05/154.46

All Hallow's Eve

 — Can costumes be too real? by DocCIS10/02/134.52HOT

All Hallow's Fiend

 — A tale about a girl who finds EXACTLY what she wants. by DarkLittleFetish11/01/103.40

All Hallows, Eve

 — Halloween Special. by Lillian2Yung10/11/064.29

All I Want For Christmas

 — A supernatural holiday menage a trois. by shug12/13/014.40

All in the Cure Ch. 02

 — The cure has some very pleasurable side-effects! by cultofstrawberry03/30/184.60HOT

All Roses Have Their Thorns

 — A Roses Red Tale. by JoeBarnosky06/13/11

All the Fuss

 — Christi decides it's time to conquer her virginity. by Darkniciad11/03/164.76HOT

All the Power - A Bit of Background

 — Some background for the story. No sex. by thisismyname11212/05/164.10

All the Power Pt. 01

 — His Supremacy arrives and has His way with Tetenia. by thisismyname11208/30/164.20

All the Power Pt. 02

 — Tetenia becomes enthralled by His Supremacy. by thisismyname11208/31/164.00

All the Power Pt. 03

 — Tetenia's life changes course. by thisismyname11212/03/163.40

All the Power Pt. 04

 — Tetenia adjusts to life on the Sacred Estate. by thisismyname11212/05/163.38

All the Power Pt. 05

 — Tetenia runs afoul of His Supremacy. by thisismyname11211/03/174.60

All the Power Pt. 06

 — Tetenia gets some advice. Daymon receives unwelcome news. by thisismyname11211/10/174.50

All Women Are Evil

 — Telepathic man discovers the truth about women. by Samuelx12/27/063.13

All's Fair

 — Two rival mercenaries are stuck on a ship. by xenophile07/14/114.75HOT

All's Fair in Warfare Ch. 01

 — The Grand Duke and the Prince enact their treasonous plan.. by lolcat04/14/124.41


 — Duke Adurant wants another child. by DreamerByTheDiamonds06/11/184.44

Alley 1

 — He comes to her unseen. by fourziggy12/18/014.04

Alley Cat

 — Here, humans are domestic pets. Not in a scary way, mind. by BreederBones12/29/174.43

Alliance Defiance Ch. 01

 — A Breton woman and a Dunmer assassin somehow fall in love. by lolcat01/29/163.86

Allison Gets Licensed

 — Aspiring fuckfighter takes her first step towards her dream. by FerociousFernweh01/20/164.58HOT

Allison Heut, Sexfighter

 — Aspiring fuckfighter faces her first opponent and more! by FerociousFernweh01/26/164.44

Allison Heut, Sexfighter Ch. 02

 — Allison pops the question to Mrs. K. by FerociousFernweh04/18/164.77HOT

Allison Heut, Sexfighter Ch. 03

 — Sexfight training starts! by FerociousFernweh09/03/164.57HOT

Allison Heut, Sexfighter Ch. 04

 — The neighborhood sexfighting league begins! by FerociousFernweh11/05/164.57HOT

Alone in Space

 — Nobody can hear her moan. by Falcinator07/17/054.39

Alone in Space Ch. 02

 — She lets the fuckers fuck her. by Falcinator08/05/054.34

Alone in Space Ch. 03

 — Shore leave, shore fucking. by Falcinator12/28/054.49

Alone in Space Ch. 04

 — Dealing with the devil. by Falcinator10/24/074.46

Alone in Space Ch. 05

 — Deceiving the Mind. by Falcinator04/05/084.57HOT

Alone in Space Ch. 06

 — Girl's night in. by Falcinator05/10/094.52HOT

Alone in Space Ch. 07

 — Override rejected. by Falcinator12/24/134.71HOT

Alozia Ch. 01

 — Alozia, college coed, is abducted into white slavery. by Taunus12/07/173.35

Alpha Male

 — An archaeologist transported to the Ice Age becomes a hero by ZeeSpot01/25/034.67HOT


 — She chooses him. by jjcole03/22/124.30

Already Dead Ch. 01

 — A powerful human wizard meets a black elf princess. by Harryasaboy06/01/174.50HOT

Altered Ch. 01

 — A man fights his sexual lusts while discovering his powers. by MaximusTheMad09/28/174.66HOT

Altered Ch. 02

 — Continuing Nate's adventures as he navigates more dangers. by MaximusTheMad10/13/174.79HOT

Altered Ch. 03

 — Nate frees himself, discovers more, and finds new 'friends'. by MaximusTheMad11/11/174.84HOT

Altered Ch. 04

 — Nate escapes Mexico and finds a lull in the storm. by MaximusTheMad12/15/174.84HOT

Altered Ch. 05

 — Nate defends his new family in the Rocky Mountains. by MaximusTheMad03/02/184.87HOT

Altered Ch. 06

 — OEC sets off a worldwide pandemic, Mike is the cure. by MaximusTheMad05/30/184.75HOT

Altered Fur State

 — SciFur of fur sex and altering the Galaxy. by FurLove11/05/054.46

Alternate America Ch. 01

 — Couple is abducted and taken to a female dominated society. by Contrarian03/20/113.06

Alternate Dimensions Pt. 04

 — Brad & Rebecca uncover the blasherberry mystery. by AnonymousPerv03/21/184.66HOT

Alternate Dimensions Pt. 05

 — An afternoon experiencing life in this dimension gets weird. by AnonymousPerv03/22/184.65HOT

Alternate Incarceration

 — Mardina finally gets justice for what happened to her. by The_Technician03/20/164.58HOT

Alternate Reality Ch. 01

 — Wormholes are hazardous to other holes. by LukeCoolhand02/28/104.48

Alternate Reality Ch. 02

 — What to do when you're stuck in an alien land with a beauty. by LukeCoolhand03/01/104.49

Alternate Reality Ch. 03

 — Unexpected attack. by LukeCoolhand05/25/114.53HOT

Alternate Reality Ch. 04

 — Meeting Mel makes everyone confused. by LukeCoolhand05/29/114.54HOT

Alternate Reality Ch. 05

 — Coming together... or falling apart? by LukeCoolhand05/31/114.59HOT

Alternate Reality Ch. 06

 — Things fall apart; tears & confusion. by LukeCoolhand06/04/114.46

Alternate Reality Ch. 07

 — The Perils of Mike: the final explanation. by LukeCoolhand06/08/114.46

Alternate Reality Ch. 08

 — The epilogue: Waking up into the unknown by LukeCoolhand06/09/114.15


 — She finds herself alone in a room, unknown to herself by iwantobelieve06/23/143.29

Alternative Ch. 01

 — Sci/Fi Dystopian Clone Powered Future by iwantobelieve07/01/144.37

Alternative Means of Assistance

 — Science helps a nymphomaniac with his "problem". by alias_the_archangel05/08/084.14

Alther: Things Need Done

 — A healer who embarks on a pilgrimage. by MayanBlues06/16/104.45

Always Ready To Be Bred

 — A girl gets her wish from the sky. by americandemon12/01/03

Aly & The Sea: Second Wave

 — Loh discovers Aly likes to play games. by Jadeite12/17/024.59HOT

Aly and the Sea

 — A near drowning, a sexy merman, what's a girl to do? by Jadeite11/25/024.48

Aly and the Sea: Third Wave

 — Aly and Loh meet a third. by Jadeite06/06/054.62HOT

Alya's Last Drop

 — A space marine encounters a symbiotic jelly. by Funkasaur09/26/083.77

Alyssa's Alien Encounter

 — Alyssa's heading for Intergalactic Slutdom. by angelfeathers02/21/044.49


 — Small town girl doesn't fit in because she's different. by sparksdrgnfly12/07/173.77

Amanda & Nathaniel Ch. 01

 — He loved her in her dreams. by Elyza_Ambrose05/11/034.31

Amanda & Nathaniel Ch. 02

 — Amanda awoke to pale sunlight. by Elyza_Ambrose05/17/034.58HOT

Amanda & Nathaniel Ch. 03

 — Amanda demands an explanation. by Elyza_Ambrose05/28/034.62HOT

Amazing Woman's Further Adventures

 — A super-heroine and her saver. by Capricorn6209/19/173.30

Amazon Airship Pirates Pt. 01

 — Charles Dartington falls into the hands of voracious amazons. by Spinneret06/19/164.66HOT

Amazon Airship Pirates Pt. 02

 — Charles learns more about the pirates; Emma makes a choice. by Spinneret06/25/164.61HOT

Amazon Airship Pirates Pt. 03

 — Arrivals and Departures (and Fornication) at the Pirate Base. by Spinneret07/04/164.73HOT

Amazon Airship Pirates Pt. 04

 — The airship returns, and Charles sets forth. by Spinneret07/15/164.73HOT

Amazon Invasion Ch. 01

 — Amazon invaders have a large surprise between their legs. by luckybaldrik03/18/133.96

Amazon Invasion Ch. 02

 — Amazon Invaders threaten the castle. by luckybaldrik03/29/134.22

Amazon Invasion Ch. 03

 — Amazon invaders attack the castle by luckybaldrik04/13/134.37

Amazon Occupation

 — An Amazon general enjoys the rewards of her service. by BlueMuffin01/13/164.14

Amazon Princess Ch. 1

 — The Amazon adventure begins. by GoddessKaren04/17/024.18

Amazon Princess Ch. 2

 — Amazons have a successful hunt. by GoddessKaren04/18/024.21

Amazon Princess Ch. 3

 — Captives experience a test like no other. by GoddessKaren04/19/024.13

Amazon Princess Ch. 4

 — The Amazons' mating ritual. by GoddessKaren09/29/033.92

Ambassador's Life Ch. 01

 — Ambassador Kalitz is assigned to a very alien world. by SEVERUSMAX02/20/064.19

Ambassador's Life Ch. 02

 — Ambassador Kalitz gets involved in an invasion. by SEVERUSMAX02/21/064.54HOT

Ambassador's Life Ch. 03

 — Ambassador Kalitz steps outside of his neutral status. by SEVERUSMAX02/22/064.51HOT

Ambassador's Life Ch. 05

 — The Ambassador and his aide gain more power. by SEVERUSMAX12/14/084.46

Amber Lamps

 — College girls climb the social ladder with a little help. by LesLumens04/16/104.43

Amber's Enchantment Ch. 01

 — Political tensions grow as Amber's training continues. by dweaver99907/13/094.47

Amber's Enchantment Ch. 02

 — Amber is placed outside house Grantlo for training. by dweaver99910/25/094.63HOT

Amber's Enchantment Ch. 03

 — Mysterious traders and magic eating artifacts; impossible. by dweaver99903/25/104.60HOT

Amber's Enchantment Ch. 04

 — Plots and schemes build as Amber continues training. by dweaver99907/23/104.57HOT

Amber's Enchantment Ch. 05

 — Some truths come to light, to then horror of some Destrans. by dweaver99901/20/114.71HOT

Amber's Enchantment Ch. 06

 — Amber's uniqueness increases; the threat grows. by dweaver99905/10/114.77HOT

Amber's Enchantment Ch. 07

 — Amber faces the fires of Destran as more is revealed. by dweaver99909/09/114.72HOT

Amber's Enchantment Ch. 08

 — Amber learns magic and the shadows strike. by dweaver99912/28/114.67HOT

Amber's Enchantment Epilogue

 — Amber is shown the truth as she lay almost dead. by dweaver99907/19/124.68HOT

Amber's Enslavement Ch. 01

 — Amber awakens with no memories to find herself a slave. by dweaver99906/20/084.44

Amber's Enslavement Ch. 02

 — Amber learns more about Destran & witnesses punishment. by dweaver99907/04/084.64HOT

Amber's Enslavement Ch. 03

 — Amber fights her body's reaction to the lures of slavery. by dweaver99907/15/084.60HOT

Amber's Enslavement Ch. 04

 — Amber is shown more of what slavery is and is collared. by dweaver99908/02/084.78HOT

Amber's Enslavement Ch. 05

 — As Amber dreams, she remembers her past. by dweaver99908/18/084.74HOT

Amber's Enslavement Ch. 06

 — Amber remembers her past & begins training as a slave. by dweaver99909/08/084.69HOT

Amber's Enslavement Ch. 07

 — Amber faces the fires of Destran and more truth is revealed. by dweaver99909/22/084.71HOT

Amber's Enslavement Ch. 08

 — Amber comes clean about her lies. by dweaver99911/04/084.78HOT


 — Nedan was a failure. At least, until he met Scout. by rush4torque11/27/124.26

Ambush & Blow-Back

 — Courtney ties up the guys; they get her back. by bettiezyx03/24/174.67

American Phalanx Ch. 01

 — A sexy vision of the Post-Apocalypse. by misterminute10/27/174.64HOT

American Phalanx Ch. 02

 — A continuation of Part One, duh. by misterminute11/08/174.75HOT

American Superhero

 — The making of an African-American Superhero. by Samuelx07/31/063.24

American Superhero In L.A.

 — Black man with psychic powers saves people in L.A. by Samuelx10/27/112.44

Amethyst Origins Ch. 01

 — "No killing". by senzie12/15/144.39

Amethyst Origins Ch. 02

 — "Mercy". by senzie12/22/144.40

Amethyst Origins Ch. 03

 — "Nightlife". by senzie01/01/154.50HOT

Amethyst Origins Ch. 04

 — "Misgivings" by senzie01/06/154.59HOT

Amethyst Origins Ch. 05

 — "Nightcall". by senzie01/15/154.36

Amid The Shadows

 — It Begins Now... by AnnaDreamer02/10/104.25

Amid The Shadows Ch. 02

 — It begins now. by AnnaDreamer02/24/104.37

Amid The Shadows Ch. 03

 — The start of a search & Alexis meets her captor. by AnnaDreamer03/10/104.40

Amid The Shadows Ch. 04

 — A little history. by AnnaDreamer04/14/104.27

Amid The Shadows Ch. 05

 — Something doesn't like Alexis. by AnnaDreamer06/23/104.39

Amid The Shadows Ch. 06

 — Jensen shares with Alexis. by AnnaDreamer10/10/104.55HOT

Amid The Shadows Ch. 07

 — Alistair lets Alexis know what he wants. by AnnaDreamer11/13/104.62HOT

Amid The Shadows Ch. 08

 — The journey to find the stone begins... by AnnaDreamer12/05/104.63HOT

Amid The Shadows Ch. 09

 — The journey continues... by AnnaDreamer01/13/114.72HOT

Amid The Shadows Ch. 10

 — The beat goes on... by AnnaDreamer03/11/114.63HOT

Amid The Shadows Ch. 11

 — Jensen emotions grow and visions of the past. by AnnaDreamer09/03/114.81HOT

Amid The Shadows Ch. 12

 — Everyone going their own ways. by AnnaDreamer11/19/114.80HOT

Amid The Shadows Ch. 13

 — Stepping closer towards the end. by AnnaDreamer02/08/124.76HOT

Amid The Shadows Ch. 14

 — Sometimes you can't make it on your own. by AnnaDreamer07/05/124.82HOT

Amid The Shadows Ch. 15

 — A visit from the past. by AnnaDreamer10/12/124.71HOT

Amid The Shadows Ch. 16

 — They make it Alistair's house of horrors. by AnnaDreamer03/14/134.56HOT

Amidst the Shadows Ch. 01

 — Medieval BDSM romance erotica. by Ambrosia_Jewel11/08/154.48

Amidst the Shadows Ch. 02

 — The Inquisitor and Cullen travel to the city of Denerim. by Ambrosia_Jewel11/10/154.00

Amidst the Shadows Ch. 03

 — Shadows of the Past. by Ambrosia_Jewel11/19/154.33

Among Wolves

 — Man and werebeast embrace a lost legacy. by Cheiron03/28/064.57HOT

Amongst The Cavemen

 — A pretty anthropologist ends up in the hands of cavemen. by Wifetheif03/13/154.23

Amor Fabula Ep. 01

 — Sentries on perimeter watch get an unexpected, hot visitor. by CorvusTurrim77705/23/184.24

Amor Fabula Ep. 03

 — An aging Viking with no heir and his unlucky daughter. by CorvusTurrim77705/27/184.18

Amor Fabula Ep. 04

 — The mischievous Monkey King goes looking for adventure. by CorvusTurrim77711/23/164.21

Amore Torn Pleasures

 — An erotic Valentines futuristic story. by Isabella77701/20/102.67

Amour Ch. 01

 — An twist on the old mermaid tale. by darkdeception03/14/043.70

Amour Ch. 02

 — An twist on the old mermaid tale. by darkdeception03/21/084.25

Amoura Pt. 01

 — Krista awakens inside a cleaning machine & gets a dirty idea. by DariyaSaint02/28/184.23

Amoura Pt. 02: The Doctor Is In

 — Krista's cursory exam gets exciting & messy! by DariyaSaint03/02/184.12

Ampersands & Pheromones

 — A mundane shuttle journey turns exciting. by be0wulf11/05/034.50HOT

Amphitheater of Doom

 — A simple kidnapping turns out to have a malevolent purpose. by Wifetheif07/05/163.65

Amy's Fright

 — Amy meets a horny ghost. by witchyrae03/14/093.67

Amy's Spring Break Ch. 01

 — A college girl discovers her wild side. by IckyVicky06/12/164.16

Amy's Spring Break Ch. 02

 — Amy discovers more than herself. by IckyVicky06/16/164.35

Amy's Trepidation, Joe's Panic

 — Amy struggles with revealing her Powers to her husband. by Salamando_Flames06/28/114.44

Amy: The Amazon (Usually) Ch. 01

 — Amy's a 7-foot Amazon futa, but wants to try being small. by sexgundam66604/01/184.39

Amy: The Amazon (Usually) Ch. 02

 — The Second Drink. by sexgundam66605/31/184.47

An Adam From An Eve Ch. 01

 — Amy and Jane share a magical weekend. by Elix31505/14/144.45

An Adam From An Eve Ch. 02

 — Amy and Jane perform an erotic spell. by Elix31505/15/144.46

An Adam From An Eve Ch. 03

 — Amy and Jane's Spell works a little too well. by Elix31505/21/144.45

An Adam From An Eve Ch. 04

 — Amy teaches John how to please a woman. by Elix31505/29/144.46

An Advent of Angels

 — A time of angels, a time of gathering together. by endthedream04/23/073.33

An Afternoon Alone

 — What starts out as alone time turns into more, much more. by Tinymage10/04/094.44

An Alien Spider's Love Ch. 01

 — Dahlia meets a spider. by TheGryphonsOnFIRE09/23/094.52HOT

An Alien Spider's Love Ch. 02

 — Torroto shows Dahlia the city. by TheGryphonsOnFIRE10/13/094.48

An Alien Spider's Love Ch. 03

 — Dahlia gets Myra a ticket off world and learns meany things. by TheGryphonsOnFIRE11/06/094.47

An Amazonian Encounter

 — A hyper endowed amazon is seduced by a resort owner. by sexgundam66601/31/183.68

An Animal in Bed

 — What happens when two sex fiends get bored? by skippycheese05/10/074.01

An Attractive Girl

 — Sara discovers that men are literally attracted to her. by Worker1181102/15/124.28

An Elementalist Emerges

 — The story of a young elementalist's path to destiny. by Telain09/27/064.52HOT

An Elf Lord & His Tigress

 — Lord Marin finds soulmate in half animal half woman host. by beachbunny112306/15/023.99

An Elizabethan Adventure

 — An historical story in time of Queen Elizabeth 1st. by Sirdar04/19/124.42

An Elven Tale

 — Back in the age of magick. by Taea Creations05/03/044.00

An Empress for the Emperor

 — An abusive ruler learns about the power of stories. by AislingSpinner01/22/094.73HOT

An Erotic Interlude

 — Two androids and a human friend make love. by PetronellaV07/07/054.14

An Evening Ride

 — You, a repressed noble girl, discover a place for hidden desires. by aldwyn_luthaer10/10/054.37

An Experiment in Dreaming Ch. 01

 — The dream scanner. by infiniteocean12/25/094.48

An Experiment in Dreaming Ch. 02

 — Mona misuses the dream-scanner for sex. by infiniteocean12/28/094.37

An Experiment in Dreaming Ch. 03

 — Geoffrey investigates. by infiniteocean12/31/094.54HOT

An Experiment in Dreaming Ch. 04

 — Mona gets what she thinks she wants. by infiniteocean01/03/104.89HOT

An Experiment in Dreaming Ch. 05

 — Mona gets something better than revenge. by infiniteocean01/06/104.76HOT

An Experiment In The Ways Of Love

 — Ben and Sera are brought together by strange destiny. by Bones Malone11/09/034.41

An Ill-Advised Kiss

 — A witch, her husband, a bitch, her lipgloss and revenge by NatureSuperal10/30/134.65HOT

An Immortal Slave Ch. 03

 — Saber spends the night in his new room, "The Boiler Room". by HellsSpawn12/16/104.26

An Incident at Anal Prime

 — Shika has to use the back door to save Denzil this time by Jenny _S07/24/034.04

An Incident at Cunnilinga

 — Shika discovers Amazonian Lesbian Planet. by Jenny _S08/05/033.78

An Incident at Harcock

 — Shika tackles another impossible mission. by Jenny _S07/11/033.85

An Incident in Free Space

 — Captain Shika is sent on an urgent mission. by Jenny _S06/23/034.38

An Infernal Folio

 — Occult medieval text troubles a paleographer. by yowser05/25/184.54HOT

An Inn In Balmora

 — A late night encounter between a mage and an assassin. by newtinmpls08/31/124.74HOT

An Inside Job

 — As punishment her body is occupied but also pleased. by Learningfast09/02/083.93

An Intergalactic Halloween

 — A human man meets an alien vampiress during Halloween. by Et2bruttus10/19/114.81HOT

An Intergalactic Mate Swap

 — A human couple swaps wives with their felinoid alien friends. by Et2bruttus01/16/124.70HOT

An Interview with an Alien

 — A beautiful Alien tells her life story to a journalist. by SubmissiveRomantic09/12/164.72HOT

An Interview with Despina Jones

 — The tentacle monster, in her own words. by Stella_Omega03/16/124.02

An Odd Job

 — Two wizards investigate a mystery in a small village. by RallyWeasel04/27/13

An Offer For All Time

 — How far would you go for immortality? by Samuelx07/09/082.50

An Offering to the Gods Ch. 01

 — Penelope's wishes come true when offers herself to a Goddess. by dolscibaby04/05/184.48

An Offering to the Gods Ch. 02

 — Penelope is bred to a God as an offering. by dolscibaby04/06/184.41

An Offering to the Gods Ch. 03

 — Chuck returns to a changed wife. by dolscibaby04/09/183.97

An Old Head Ch. 01

 — A magic ring transforms an old man's life. by Colintall05/04/164.45

An Old Head Ch. 02

 — I take in a lodger and go for a drink after work. by Colintall05/05/164.54HOT

An Old Head Ch. 03

 — I am recognised and I have a dream. by Colintall05/06/164.49

An Old Head Ch. 04

 — I find out a bit more about myself. by Colintall05/19/164.59HOT

An Old Head Ch. 05

 — I have another dream. by Colintall05/23/164.58HOT

An Old Head Ch. 06

 — I engage in criminal activity and fall in love. by Colintall05/24/164.55HOT

An Old Head Ch. 07

 — I have more sex. by Colintall05/25/164.57HOT

An Old Head Ch. 08

 — I visit Sarah. by Colintall05/26/164.59HOT

An Old Head Ch. 09

 — I do a delivery and make an acquaintance. by Colintall05/27/164.39

An Old Head Ch. 10

 — Back home for Sarah. by Colintall05/28/164.58HOT

An Old Head Ch. 11

 — I go to a party and have a revelation. by Colintall05/29/164.45

An Old Head Ch. 12

 — I meet three sisters. by Colintall05/31/164.52HOT

An Old Head Ch. 13

 — I meet a soldier and Mr. Darcy. by Colintall06/08/164.54HOT

An Old Head Ch. 14

 — I go to a sporting event. by Colintall06/09/164.54HOT

An Old Head Ch. 15

 — A threesome with a whore. by Colintall06/11/164.48

An Old Head Ch. 16

 — A trip for Rosie. by Colintall06/19/164.54HOT

An Old Head Ch. 17

 — Rosie, Hendrick and Zeta. by Colintall06/20/164.47

An Old Head Ch. 18

 — I have the decorators in. Debby is mine at last. by Colintall06/21/164.51HOT

An Old Head Ch. 19

 — Two whores, six men. by Colintall06/25/164.43

An Old Head Ch. 27

 — I do the mother and the daughter. by Colintall07/15/164.47

An Old Head Ch. 29

 — An inspector calls. by Colintall07/26/164.53HOT

An Old Head Ch. 31

 — Nina, Suzie, Lawrence and me. by Colintall08/01/164.58HOT

An Old Head Ch. 32

 — Nina has the builders in. by Colintall08/02/164.43

An Old Head Ch. 35

 — I enjoy a bit of voyeurism. by Colintall08/15/164.55HOT

An Old Head Ch. 36

 — I tell Beryl my secret. by Colintall08/16/164.54HOT

An Old Head Ch. 37

 — Beryl's last hurrah?? by Colintall08/21/164.63HOT

An Old Head Ch. 38

 — Beryl's dream. by Colintall08/21/164.58HOT

An Old Head Ch. 39

 — A birthday treat for Laura. by Colintall09/04/164.57HOT

An Old Head Ch. 40

 — Zeta makes a discovery. by Colintall09/05/164.50HOT

An Old Head Ch. 41

 — I smoke a joint. by Colintall09/06/164.50HOT

An Old Head Ch. 42

 — I meet some nurses and Anka comes home. by Colintall09/09/164.29

An Old Head Ch. 43

 — Beryl's sister appears. by Colintall09/10/164.29

An Old Head Ch. 44

 — The Bishop, the nun, the priest, the whore. by Colintall09/12/164.27

An Old Head Ch. 45

 — Things start to get explained. by Colintall09/21/164.50HOT

An Old Head Ch. 46

 — Trudi's house of fun. by Colintall09/22/164.65HOT

An Old Head Ch. 47

 — A magic ring changes a woman's life. by Colintall09/24/164.44

An Old Head Ch. 48

 — Bea has a memeory. by Colintall09/29/164.62HOT

An Old Head Ch. 49

 — I do like the older ladies. by Colintall09/30/164.50HOT

An Old Head Ch. 50

 — Anka and Bea find a friend. Bobby and Ruby have fun. by Colintall10/10/164.52HOT

An Old Head Ch. 51

 — Bea makes some friends. by Colintall10/11/164.54HOT

An Old Head Ch. 52

 — A police liaison and Anka plans a trip. by Colintall10/12/164.56HOT

An Old Head Ch. 53

 — Five to go Egypt. I spy on someone. by Colintall10/19/164.69HOT

An Old Head Ch. 54

 — The expedition continues. by Colintall10/22/164.58HOT

An Old Head Ch. 55

 — I lose someone and find someone. by Colintall10/30/164.54HOT

An Old Head Ch. 56

 — I hand over the rings. by Colintall11/14/164.56HOT

An Old Head Ch. 57

 — The end. by Colintall12/12/164.52HOT

An Old Lamp, A New Life

 — A dump guy buys a lamp and gets a new, sexy life. by iluvitall01/21/134.36

An Old Lamp, A New Life Ch. 02

 — Devin's new life takes some unexpected turns by iluvitall01/31/134.54HOT

An Older Head Ch. 01

 — An old man gets a new identity. by Colintall04/17/174.29

An Older Head Ch. 02

 — A seaside trip. by Colintall08/11/174.86HOT

An Older Head Ch. 03

 — Dexter visits the farm. by Colintall08/28/174.75HOT

An Older Head Ch. 04

 — I have one of my dreams. by Colintall09/21/174.71

An Orc's Slave Ch. 01

 — A male human finds himself at the mercy of a shemale orc. by simmaster04/15/154.13

An Orc's Slave Ch. 02

 — Thomas learns more about life as a shemale orc's sex slave. by simmaster04/30/154.39

An Orc's Slave Ch. 03

 — Bologal gets a visit from a trading partner. by simmaster05/17/154.37

An Orc's Slave Ch. 04

 — Thomas spends his first night with his shemale mistress. by simmaster05/29/154.23

An Orc's Slave Ch. 05

 — Bologal is drunk and horny. What could go wrong? by simmaster06/09/154.61HOT

An Orc's Slave Ch. 06

 — Thomas gets fucked some more and meets one of the bandits. by simmaster06/24/154.46

An Orc's Slave Ch. 07

 — The bronze-skins pay a visit. by simmaster07/16/154.49

An Orc's Slave Ch. 08

 — Ebba gets her answer. by simmaster08/01/154.60HOT

An Orc's Slave Ch. 09

 — Thomas proves himself to be useful for more than sex. by simmaster08/19/154.77HOT

An Orc's Slave Ch. 10

 — Thomas is forced to keep his promise to Ebba. by simmaster08/29/154.59HOT

An Orc's Slave Ch. 11

 — Thomas and Ebba leave the mine. by simmaster09/10/154.57HOT

An Orc's Slave Ch. 12

 — Things go downhill for Bologal. by simmaster10/07/154.45

An Orc's Slave Ch. 13

 — Thomas is reunited with his mistress. by simmaster12/06/154.73HOT

An Undesired Fate Ch. 01

 — A Noble's daughter begin's to watch her life change quickly. by zvbxrpl03/24/163.67

An Unearthly Visitor

 — A wizard welcomes an old friend for a special night. by soroborn09/27/104.55HOT

An Unexpected Adventure

 — We had an unexpected adventure. by Spaghetti_Touchmaster01/31/163.46

An Unexpected Package

 — A girl is surprise twice. by cutelilcs11/18/154.16

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 00

 — Nerdy musician is given a peculiar item. by auguy8602/03/164.71HOT

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 01

 — Mike pieces together the events of last night. by auguy8602/04/164.72HOT

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 02

 — Mike and Melody play, party, and fall in love. by auguy8602/06/164.78HOT

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 03

 — A relaxing Sunday. by auguy8602/11/164.74HOT

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 04

 — A fantasy in a galaxy far, far away... by auguy8602/12/164.70HOT

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 05

 — Mike prepares for his audition. by auguy8602/18/164.80HOT

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 06

 — Mike's big day arrives. by auguy8602/20/164.80HOT

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 07

 — Melody meets the parents, Mike helps Stuart. by auguy8602/26/164.81HOT

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 08

 — A concert and a romantic evening. by auguy8602/29/164.76HOT

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 09

 — Mike and Melody take a vacation. by auguy8603/09/164.75HOT

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 10

 — Unraveling Melody's dream. by auguy8603/11/164.77HOT

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 11

 — Life, love, and marriage. by auguy8603/15/164.78HOT

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 12

 — Secrets are finally revealed. by auguy8603/17/164.79HOT

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 13

 — The final journey... by auguy8603/21/164.70HOT

An Unseen Lover

 — Imagining a myth. by soroborn12/13/104.08

An Unusual Job

 — An odd way to start a war. by Vandren03/28/05

An Unusual Job – Aftermath

 — Kallin rediscovers Ilusial by Vandren04/20/05

An Unusual Job – Concealed

 — Kallin finds temporary sanctuary in a temple. by Vandren09/05/05

An Unworldly Love Ch. 01

 — A boy finds a girl outside his door in the rain. by Goodloverwithlotsofcum06/16/173.95

Anahet Ch. 01 - Mistakes

 — Anahet fights off captors with the aid of sexual magic. by Arilia03/01/174.59HOT

Anahet Ch. 02 - Choices

 — Meeting new people in the town of Behan. by Arilia03/06/174.72HOT

Anal Be Yours Forever

 — Elven lovers find passion in the forest. by SlidingInSilk03/01/024.27

Anatomy of an Invasion Ch. 01-03

 — A new hospital cures all of its patients. But is it safe? by sadlittlelostboy01/14/124.22

Anatomy of an Invasion Ch. 04

 — Cassie and Julie discover the tasks that Eve has set. by sadlittlelostboy01/18/124.43

Anatomy of an Invasion Ch. 05

 — Stefan finds out what happened to Gabby. by sadlittlelostboy01/19/124.38

Anatomy of an Invasion Ch. 06

 — Cassie visits the new hospital and discovers many things. by sadlittlelostboy01/21/124.48

Anatomy of an Invasion Ch. 07

 — Julie gets to try the worm venom. by sadlittlelostboy01/21/124.24

Anatomy of an Invasion Ch. 08

 — Julie learns of the worms in India from beautiful Anjolie. by sadlittlelostboy01/21/123.95

Anatomy of an Invasion Ch. 09

 — Poor old Cassie gives up the fight. by sadlittlelostboy01/22/124.48

Anatomy of an Invasion Ch. 10

 — Anjolie is reeducated. by sadlittlelostboy01/23/124.58HOT

Anatomy of an Invasion Ch. 11

 — Cassie comes home to Julie and they go out together. by sadlittlelostboy01/24/124.37

Anatomy of an Invasion Ch. 12

 — Julie loves Cassie, and Gabby is not as she seems. by sadlittlelostboy01/25/124.61HOT

Anatomy of an Invasion Ch. 13

 — Eve brings everyone together, and Gabby resigns herself. by sadlittlelostboy01/26/124.62HOT

Anatomy of an Invasion Ch. 14

 — Lilli arrives, Julie remembers, and all is revealed. by sadlittlelostboy01/26/124.48

Ancient Heart

 — The last of her kind, a dragon seeks comfort with a human. by Dracona04/16/124.40

And the Stalking was Hung Ch. 01

 — Arc Deco 1: A minor magician finds trouble at Christmas. by Stultus07/16/094.20

And the Stalking was Hung Ch. 02

 — Arc Deco 1 - A minor magician finds trouble at Christmas. by Stultus07/18/094.54HOT

And the Stalking was Hung Ch. 03

 — Arc Deco 1 - A minor magician finds trouble at Christmas. by Stultus07/19/094.59HOT

And the Stalking was Hung Ch. 04

 — Arc Deco 1 - A minor magician finds trouble at Christmas. by Stultus07/19/094.54HOT

And Those Who Refused to See

 — Arden Trask anticipates her 30th birthday. by AudreyRouget12/12/164.00

Andrew's Android

 — Married man commissions custom sex android to impregnate. by secretsugar06/07/164.43

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