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please continue!

Please come back and finish this enthralling story! You are an excellent writer and I can't wait to see where this goes.

Just all around good story

I totaly fell in love with the story and characters and acctualy cried when Lisa died Angela left him Becuase he killed his father to cercomevent the curse i love how the plot has evolved and the relation ships have developed I just hope that Angela comes back to him now that he has lost Lisa and in the the up coming battle with the outsider

I am sorry but evean with not wanting to kill them after i got done saving every body I would destroy The Knights and the Daughters to the very last one of them it just too bad that the Grand Master died so Quickly it would have been great if Lyden to have made him suffer for a verry long time I know a few nasty thing that i would do to him


I love your story and if I had to wait on you to add new chapters I would be mad at the cliff hanger love how you have progressed with the characters and see the car going to get the Sucabuse

One question

Well, I did have to ask someone else about "DDO". Sure, I cut my teeth on table top. However, the better, rare experience was play-by-post/play-by-email a few times with a few friends who could write a collaborative story with experienced GMs as much as play a game. :) Somehow it encouraged us each to keep topping ourselves in describing character expression, body language, thought process, and action, while proving we were reading each other's posts even if they were several paragraphs long. We could know what a PC was thinking but not meta-game as to take action on something we wouldn't know. Immersive storytelling at its best.


Thanks for writing such a great series. I'm both sad and glad you'll be ending it in the next chapter, and I look forward to reading it.
This has been a wonderful and amazing, though sometimes disturbing and disheartening read.

I'm glad Jamie has gotten better and has grown so much.

Also curse you for making me like a character so much and then putting him through such hell; and thank you for bringing him out again. :P

Seriously, anon?

Forget the sex and just write the story. All that sex is getting in the way of the plot. ;-P

When the story line is good, as this is, avoid too much detail in the sex scenes. You've given the characters personalities, so set the scene and give enough direction for our own imaginations to create the visual.

oddly enough

Oddly enough, despite its very odd... Material, you write with excellent feeling. Continue your work, your craft is excellent. Try wattpad, with your same username, I feel you could write bestsellers, for your work is excellently though out, full of feeling with well developed characters. Even if it is alien porn.

Great story

I love how is story is progressing and how you connect each of the characters. Can't wait to read more.


Started with Sisterhood and have read all your related stories up to this point.

Only one question so far...

Table top or DDO?

Best I've ever read.

This is by far the best Fic I've ever read in literoca. Please make more!


This story really does deserve a second part! It was fantastic!

This picky person is perfectly pleased

I followed this from the experiment story and wow, this is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for in an erotic story. It's hard to find something I enjoy this much, being rather particular about my tastes in erotica and other such things. This was really fantastic though. If you wrote erotic novels I'd buy them all. I'm usually left disappointed and displeased by the things I read of this kind, but I've been blown away chapter to chapter. Thank you.

Almost can't wait for the next chapter you held me captive throughout this whole series

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