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Thall answered that she knew what Gaelan did to be given the compulsion potion, but I don't know and I really want to!

messenger pellets

When she went to Rausery with the info about the Duergars returning to the same spot at this time, she claimed she wasn't able to contact D'Shea. The messenger pellet had already been introduced but I decided Thall must not have them under everyday conditions or she would have used one. However it now seems that she always had some. She seems very aware of the rivalry/information control between the two elders and her lack of attempt to use a messenger pellet doesn't make sense to me.

he needs some love

in the next chaptor he and the orc should switch places

Etheric and Astral

Super hyped to see this series continue. Just a small note and not to be irritating, but I noticed you've used the word plains when referring to different levels of existence (eg the spirit world) I think you're looking for the word planes. It doesn't bother me but if it's a term you plan to use a lot it might be worth keeping in mind.
Keep up the good work, and drop me a reply if you ever need a proofreader.


This is a huge steamer... There are so many fuck-ups it is hard to resd.. Please, for the love of humanity, DO NOT WRITE ANY MORE. PLEASE.

John's Apprentice???

Imagine the "stiff" competition for that job :-)

Oh yeah, I forgot

The people complaining about Charles are morons, he's the best viewpoint in your story, even if his storyline is placed somewhat awkwardly. Don't pander to the complainers, he's one of the best heroes/villains I've ever read (I refuse to narrow him down).


Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. Hope that all works out for you. Now I feel bad about mentioning my preferences about waiting for the next chapter.

Being sick is never fun.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful new year.

Finish this

Pls finish this for god's sake

Duh! Just bought on Kindle

In the comment I wrote earlier today, I encouraged you to let us know if you published your work elsewhere. Obviously, I had not read your Biography section. I have now and I just bought the Kindle edition on Amazon. Thank you for continuing to write.

Great Read

Here's hoping we can see more of this, soon.

I've actually been a bit under the weather recently, so I've not written much over the last week. It's been good to have a bit of a break, and I've been busy crushing the Silicoids under the bootheel of my glorious custom race, the Terran Federation, in a game of "Master of Orion".

I've written about 17k of chapter 65 at the moment, and I'll aim to finish it over the weekend. After that, I plan to get chapter 66 done before Christmas, as I've got some time off, and I'll be off visiting the family etc between then and New year.

Normal service will resume shortly. :-)


Excellent story, please continue.

Thank you for sharing this story. I hope that you continue writing. If you decide to publish, please let us know where we can purchase more of your work. I have paid for many books not nearly as good as this one. Good luck with your job search.

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