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Oh well.. late for work... but had to get this in first.... the FTW series have been the only reason (right now) to keep checking the site... I have to admit I will be sad once the whole series is done... ;(

Off to work, but I'll be back to the same channel, same time tomorrow...


patiently waitinq 4 the next post... Nice work so far tho'... #claps...

I should be sleeping

But I had to get my daily dose. What does that say?

No, I'm not ignoring anyone. I'm sleeping with my eyes open. Wondered if Jine was going to turn into part of the Terica plot, but apparently not. Hmmm.

So, stay tuned to ThatAwfulWowPorno channel, at ThatAwfulWowPorno posting time. I know will.


Dude, this is awesome. Keep writing, cos this is a tale worth telling. Brilliant plot setup, great connection to plausible reality, and fluid writing. The parts where Jack was in another person'a head were a little confusing at first, but made sense after a few lines. Maybe put those sections in italics? That would make it flow a bit better. Beyond that, I have nothing more to add that could make this better. Keep it up!

This is easily the best series going on this site, each new chapter is quite enjoyable.

Looking forward to what crazy shit is about to happen.

It's funny

Sometimes when I'm in the middle of editing, I'll get SO excited about a chapter that I wish I could just post the ENTIRE story in one go. Then I remember that the way I broke it up was for the benefit of the story. It works better this way.

Then I sit and wait for it to be posted and see how people react. Strangely, it is usually the one I'm the most impatient for that gets THE least amount of comments and favs. The previous chapter is one of those, and the chapter after this one is as well.

Oh, well. Crazy shit on the horizon.

That's how I feel! We'll all see what happens, though. You can tell me if it was bullshit or fair at the end.

since this is not chapter 1 does this go on or is this the end?

delicious story

You have created a highly erotic plot! Hope to read more soon.

Thanks for posting!

Loved it

I love this story. Loved it ever since I've read it years ago. One of the most touching i've ever read in this site. Sexy and romantic at the same time. Makes the ending of the second OAV series of El Hazard even more touching. Thank you for writing this.

damn it

i need to slow down my reading speed in order to make the chapters seem longer it was over way to quick but like allways great work!

Interesting start, by the tags I see that it could go almost anywhere! I look forward to reading more of i so keep up the good work!

More Please . . .

What a great story !
And I don't mean just the last chapter.
I couldn't stop reading it !
Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Do you have any other tales to tell ?


I don't care what bulshit you have to pull let them stay together, loving the story

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