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A bit more on the Quantum Computing front

What many do not realize is Quantum Computers already exist.

IBM currently has a 5 qubit Quantum Computer that users can access online. And, in just a couple of years the plan is to create a 50 qubit Quantum Computer.

To put this in perspective, a quantum computer with 300 qubits would be able to process more bits of information than there are particles in the universe.

The 50-qubit quantum computer will be 10 times larger than a 5-qubit system already housed by IBM. And the new system will be able to do things that conventional computers can’t do. It will accelerate drug discovery and make scientific discoveries, IBM said.

IBM is building faster quantum computers to show such systems aren’t theoretical dreams. IBM’s ultimate goal is to build a universal quantum computer with thousands of qubits to run a wide range of computing tasks.

It will be Gabriel's Trumpet.

Stupid ending.

I am affectionate and depraved Girl) I am looking for a man for sex, I love hot and affectionate men)
There is a profile on the site my nickname Malvina here all anonymously!) I want an intima!

Very hot and very sweet

I had my doubts on how one could meld "mind control" and "consent" but you are doing a really enjoyable job of it.

Holy shit your "notes" at the end of every chapter are as annoying as fuck. Stop begging for comments, it's akin to fishing for compliments and it's just as unbecoming. Your story is really imaginative and relatively well written but you kill all the goodwill you've built at the end of every chapter with your ridiculousness. I would throw a couple bucks your way for this on Kindle if it meant not having to see the notes section. Also, if anyone is surprised by this Kail reveal, they're pretty fucking dense. Nothing about this came as a surprise. You can't foreshadow for 15+ chapters and then expect people to have their minds blown unless you come up with a truly devious plot twist.

One other note: You referred to a character as "oriental" in an earlier chapter. Rugs are oriental, people are Asian.

Oh man! I am excited!

One of my favorite Literotica authors *and* a D&D style story! I will be checking regularly for updates!

Right off the bat I can tell that this main character is different from the main characters in most of your other stories. I mean, you’ve got a “type,” but that’s not a complaint. However, while Kelsen isn’t a polar opposite to most of your main characters, I can already pick up on a more varied personality.

I’m looking forward to seeing the story progress.

Please, continue

This is a great story, I hope you will find a way to finish it some day.


def needed a edit to clean it up but very well made story good pacing

No fag protagonists, please.

Another incredible story from you. This one is definitely top 3 for me among your stories, and I absolutely love most of them. If it had just one more sex scene as mindblowing as the first one, maybe as an epilogue instead of just a "wink-wink" line, it would absolutely be my favorite story of yours. But then again, not having an epilogue leaves the door more open for another chapter, so... "wink-wink"

Seriously though, I would pay actual money for another chapter lol


Did you read this before posting? Did you hands someone else read it? I was uunsure whether hit were trying to write in some foreign or alien language or if you're not an English speaker. It was very confusing. If you are not an English speaker, you can find translation help, .a good editor can do it. If you're trying to be creative , it seriously didn't work,

Great sexy story

I loved this story so hard. A few of the unrealistic military aspects of it threw me off; the High Command decisions and reversals regarding Borealans are dangerously capricious. But the sex was hot and the inter species romance made me all warm and fuzzy. Raz and Stanley are gorgeous and a great couple! Thanks for writing this!


Please keep going.

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Also, thanks so much for voting for The Naked Weapon in the contest! :D

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If he saved up...

2 weeks worth of cum in stasis containers, could he turn himself into a hot chick? Asking the important questions here.

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