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Interesting stuff, always played Templar myself so I only know the Templar NPCs.

Yes! prayers were heard! I was waiting for a long time for the story to continue. One of the best storylines I have seen here (or elsewhere) and even though the erotic in itself is amazing, the overall story keeps you on your toes with wonder to what might come next. Thank you, keep it coming!


James really? An idiot? I think not. Creative fiction cannot come from an idiot. So since we know youare quite creative, you can't possibly be an idiot. Actually, you're smart to invest in a multitude of stories. Im invested in writing one and can only keep my mind focused enough to have written 500 words. Keep up the great work, your readers will be waiting.

Re: Mystery Visitor

There was no visitor. It was a while ago and I haven't revisited that chapter yet, but I'm pretty certain John or one of the girls had broken the lamp themselves.

One of the special features of a planet-wide luxury resort is that the automated housekeeping replaces all damaged house items when the VIP/celebrity guests are out of their rooms.... rockstar musicians most likely get a higher billing rate because of this.

a very good start

A great start... Please do notlet the story die or rush it out. It has great potential to be an excellent read.

Thank you

Excellent Read

Excellent story, imossible to stop reading, i just spent my entire day off reading it. Thank you for this great tale. Please finnish the saga you have planned for the trio. The plot just begs for more.

Mystery Visitor

This probably coming multiple chapters too late but there is one mystery that Tefler has left us with that has yet to be solved. During the storm on Olympus, when John and the girls were fooling around in the bedroom there was an intruder in their apartment/house as highlighted by the final paragraph:

"Back in the lounge, Rupert the butler scanned the ornate lamp that had crashed to the ground, and was now lying shattered in a dozen pieces. He scooped it up, and rolled off silently to the underground bunker that contained a mass fabricator that would create a replacement. It would only take a few hours to complete, and then he could replace it back on the mezzanine, with his guests none the wiser as to the disturbance of the carefully maintained perfection of the complex."

Who the intruder was exactly has never been revealed, could it be Irillith's sister or some other unknown agent we are yet to come across? Please Tefler, can we have an answer to this question which has not been hinted at for the past eighteen chapters?

South Vietnamese forces

Another key issue in the Vietnam war was the nature of the South Vietnamese forces. The leadership had a crucial question to answer, "who are we fighting?". Before you say "duh, North Vietnam" the choice the South made was to train an anti insurgency force, not a conventional force. They reasoned, correctly, that the guerillas were the greater threat, especially with the very effective US conventional forces available (including the best air power), were the thing to worry about.
Anyway, South Vietnam could fight the peasants while the US fought the military forces, as long as the US was there. But neither the US conventional forces doing the pr version of bull in a China shop nor a counterinsurgency force one step removed from '1984' actually won the"hearts and minds" of the locals. And as long as South Vietnamese peasants could be found to "beg the north and its communist allies for freedom" the war would never end.
When an army captain in Anbar grew a mustache because "Iraqis don't trust men with no facial hair" we got the Anbar awakening. Of course the US made promises that southern Iraq didn't honor, so those same tribes became the bulk of ISIS...
Honestly imho, the biggest reason we lost was that neither the US nor South Vietnam made any attempt to win the loyalty of the South's population.
But hey, I may be letting my Master's thesis on counterinsurgency training bias me.

still good after many readings

Still a good story after many readings, which is a hallmark of excellent writing. Bravo!

Great Book

I have just finished reading after three days of nonstop reading fucking amazing!!!

Exceptional Story

Absolutely brilliant, looking forward to reading your next one when it's finished

Update Sept. 24th, 2016

UGH. I'm being a horrible human being. I have done a few unconnected scenes. I'm only 500 words into the start of the chapter and I've hit a wall. In the past week I have managed to finish another story I've been working on over the past few months (over 18,000 words) and start two totally new ones (2,200 & 165 words) because I'M AN IDIOT.

I probably shouldn't bring up the trilogy I've been toying with (Chapter One - 18,000, Two - 35,000, Three - 1,000 words and counting) about a White racist kid who has to move in with his (now) Jewish Mom and her new family in Chicago after he learns his survivalist Dad kidnapped him when he was eight. I'm not even sure how to qualify this one. It is not incest (I don't count his Jewish step-sister crawling into his bed as incest). It is more political satire than anything else ...

Or the 15,000 and 18,000 word incomplete fantasy 'short' stories which are just sitting in my cue. They keep getting in the way of the 27,000 word Loving Wives tale and 12,000 good ole Erotic story I need to finish ... or the 24,000 word OTHER fantasy tale ... because I'M A FUCKING IDIOT.

And let us not forget the OTHER already started stories I need to work on ...

Ugh and double-Ugh. What I would not give to be the pilot of my own frikken mind.

James aka FinalStand

What a wonderful story

Just got done reading all 6 chapters and loved each one, thank you for writing them. Pugward is a awesome character.

There are a lot...

of questions and leads that need to be explained.

1. What happened to Maska?
2. What happened to Magnus?
3. What about the enraged woman that Talla saw?
4. How did the enraged find their way into the sewers just at the right time?
5. How could they follow Zhair'lo ?
6. Where is Master Kendrick?
7. The ascending goddess didn't seem to have much sympathy for Zhair'lo knowing that he will probably die helping her ascend!
8. Why did the queen of abundance kill the queen of sweetness? Did she cause the death of within also ?
9. Did Form move to fast to execute her? Did that cause the temple to fall?
10. Did the ascending goddess survive?
11. Will exposure to the new goddesses power change Talla and Zhair'lo into a Goddess and "God"?
12. How will Shanata and the rest react to Talla and Zhair'lo and their mesh? And will they finally get to have a good night of sex?
13. What happens to Tina and the rest of the girls back in Gern?
14. How will they rebuild Beshenna?
And on and on and on !!!!!!!
So you see one epilogue will leave lots of story lines still open.

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