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Yay, finally 91 is on its way!.

Btw Tefler, would you mind setting up an Amazon author's page? I bought your first book and would gladly get the rest but would like to follow you/ be notified when your next one comes out.

Very Serious Addiction

Ninety hits (err, I mean chapters) and we still want more. Very Serious.

The party never stops

I like how he used magic to delay cumming. Hope he uses its some more.
He also needs a massive crash course on magic. He'll be shit in a fight.

Keep going!

I like the way this is going but it's kinda short. Keep it up!

I wonder...

If this exchange will have Iletrys stop fascinated with Snatch. It would be a really interesting concept really, if she keeps pinning after him.

more please!!

I need to have a ending for this story!

What if Colleen Thomas was never a woman and is still living?

She could have us fooled? A talented male writer disguised as CT? Hmm never know do we?

I really need to ask, is there a schedule based on which you post your stories?

And as always an awesome submission.

Chapter 92

Chapter 91 has now the longest interval between chapters, so I guess that maybe chapter 92 will be out very soon after 91 or maybe a second e-book???

My guess is fifty-fifty, but I hope for a next chapter 92 soon...

fantasy indeed !! please could you write more. thank you.

Well done

Remarkably well told story, Bethesda. You have a talent with the written word and I hope you continue to develop and entertain with it. Trust me on this one - I've published no small amount of my own stories, though none ever quite like this.

Definitely an emotional and inspirational story. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks Tefler!

I'm really looking forward to the new chapter! Can't wait until it posts. Thanks for continuing to post here, and not letting the whiners, who act as if you owe them instead of the other way 'round, drive you away. Patreon isn't an option for me, but
I am eager to read your new e-book beginning of the tale. I can't wait to see the improvements because your writing has improved throughout this epic.
Thanks again!

I give it 3 days

It depends on where Tefler lives. When he posted that it might not've been Sunday for him yet so next week would be proper. Hopefully it'll be up in a few days. Otherwise there's staging a riot against the site mods or hitting the sol site which I think Tefler finally gave in and made a page for this story on.

@anon 10.20

Embarassment, sorrow, chagrin...and not enough proofreading. My apologies. Thanks for letting me know!

rough futa

love the violent futa on male stories. Cause honestly to get a straight dude on a girls dick, ya need a firm hand.

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