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Unusual, but interesting.

Oh, do i hope

This chapter was released the day after the previous one. This chapter as will be noted by many others I imagine, has a rather powerful cliffhanger. I mean, you've added enough foreshadowing that many of us can have a relatively confident idea of where you're going to take this... but without it being written down, we don't Know.

I just hope you submitted this chapter because the next is mostly completed. If not, well, I'd say its fairly obvious you can write a hook. Cause I sure am 'itching' for what happens next.

Thank you for you work regardless. Excellent writing, and thanks also to SleeperyJim for your editing as credited by the author. Lucky bastard getting to read the next bit before us. xD

Now we're getting to it

I don't mind the cliffhanger. I'm just relieved we're at this revelation now. I've enjoyed all the chapters but felt like the story was circling around and around, not moving forward. I would have preferred some stronger hints (maybe they were there, and I just missed them) and more answers, earlier. I was getting frustrated with everything being mostly the same--other than the deepening relationship-- for so long. I feel like I don't know enough about what's going on--what the Princess is really doing, who might be bad, who might be good, more about the politics--that kind of thing.

This chapter has me wanting more already!

Decimate = 10% Loss, You Meant Devastated or Destroyed

Decimate does not mean devastate or destroy. It specifically means "removal of a tenth", from decem, the Latin word for ten. Killing 10% of the population of a village still leaves 90%; it doesn't wipe them out. 90% of her trees would have left plenty for her to continue. If they are ALL gone, they weren't decimated.

The Romans used it to punish large numbers of men, selecting one out of every ten for death. The remaining nine were then forced to beat their former comrade to death, thus a horribly cruel punishment. Anyone who refused was also killed.

Throwing it out there

Great story, I bet that Jack found a genie, and made a badly phrased wish. Or the wishes have a monkey paw like effect.

Late to the party

That bit there near the end. That is the powerful sign I love in a story. When the characters reference how the culture in the world they live will have an impact on the actions they take. When its real. Thank you, Antiproton.


I can to fap but this story is detracting damn it it's so good I want to know what happens next not jack off This isto good to be a smut story!!!

Oh my gawddd

I know that manga/anime and it was exactly what I was thinking!!!! Lol get it? But poor Prince!! I cant believe she ran, I know its alot to take in, but it was still him! Those arms of his created the dolls that are so beautiful! How can a person who make such lovely things be so bad?! Also, she wanted to know!!!
My heart legit shattered for the prince. Also, soo....he crawls like a centipede? Hot damn! But honestly, with all those limbs, I bet he gives great hugs. I really need to get my morals straightened lmao I always seem to give fictional men more leeway them real dudes! Lmao
Cant wait to see the next chapter!!
#TeamFerret #TeamPrinceCenti

That cliffhanger, really not nice of you. Hopefully this continues quickly.

liked the story but was rushed and the passion was non existent at the end.

I read your story, liked the way it was progressing, but it seemed rushed at the end, would like more detail about the bad men and their magic, The coupling at the end was basiccally one paragraph and you said it was good..... it was not a good paragraph, the detail and lovemaking possible if a couple can feel each others sensations and passions would make a fantastic conclusion to this chapter, so many ways you could describe their getting together, how the passion built, sensations from holding, touching, teasing, rubbing, biting , licking, stimulating, oral eventually you could get to penetration and descriping an amazing climax


Cliffhanger dispicable cliffhanger, release the next installment now or I might go mad. Cliffhangers aside a very good read keep up the great writing.

Roast Ham

Catherine. I feel as though I'm in a bar, and someone is chucking a Large Ham Roast in my direction. I see it coming, but I don't need to move, as it misses me, and lands with a thump, beside me. I am... slightly impressed at the attempt. But this certainly didn't have the impact that was intended. You could say it was a little... ham-handed?

Confusing metaphor aside, I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for writing!

Two things..

While I absolutely adore this story and your writing, there's two things that lead me to skipping huge chunks of the second half.

Odette, at first I thought she was comic relief, but in the second half she kind of gets... Shoe horned into the plot for no real reason, I'd get it if it somehow deepens the characters but it effectively changes nothing while leaving me scratching my head, these bad ass secret murdering cult females, who HATE outsiders and HATE weakness, somehow get along with odette who has no discernible skills or purpose. Im not trying to take a dump on the character, she was actually one of my favourite characters from the first half.

Secondly, Cael is kind of bi polar in the second half, flip flopping between childish obnoxious and emotional Marianas trench, and while this worked really well in the first half, I'm not quite sure how to take him telling literally every single person he meets everything. Meets up with anyone? Hey lemme tell you about this super secret female secret society for secret murderers that I'll explain in detail for no reason.

Maybe I'm just not understanding it, or it's not clicking with me, like I said I adore this story, it's by far my favourite on this site and one of my favourite online. Your world is amazing and I hope I don't come off rude, but I know personally I appreciate it when people give feedback on my stories.

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