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... Sniff ...

I can't believe that there's less than two weeks before the story ends. I am going to miss reading about this crazy family more than I can say, but I wanted to thank you so much for the dedication you've shown and the amazing story you have let all of your readers share in for almost 240 consecutive days. That is so incredible, as are you.

Thank you!

Wow. Amazing creativity in the characters, plot, language....really everything.
Thank you!

but yet no

The reconciliation does not work.

I know it is what the writer warned us would happen.
But the problem is this one question:
"If the refugees he worked with could see that he was a good man and not guilty of anything then why couldn't his wife?"
You remember her?
The woman who (most likely) swore to stand by him for better or worse.

Times got hard and she bailed out.

Spells were not used on her until later.


Should have taken an arrow to the knee.

liked it

but he should ditch Nicole after learning the supernatural truth about ted she still went along with him after what he did to Evan that's pretty fucked up, but nice fantasy


I'm going back and reading some of your older posts and I find myself falling in love with your characters. Such powerful emotions. fantastic,

Still staying tuned after all those years

I'm quite late to this chapter because life was busy but now I finished.... and it was quite a ride. This chapter really made my head hurt in some places because you just KNOW that 'this' or 'that' part is important or will become important later on but you can't make anything of it right now.

Well... I still like where the story is going and no chapter, all those years, has disappointed me so far. Thank you!

Fuck you

Why must it end.

Awesome all around

Good story, your characters are mature, thinking feeling adults (I swear it's like all the stories on here feature idiot teens, so that is a big relief) you kept alot of emotion along with the sexy fun times and created an all around great story, hell even the grammar was great. I enjoyed this story alot, please keep writing I think you left a ton of ways the story could go, I'm excited to see more!

Very cool start to a series, thanks for writing!

more please I beg of you

This one of the first stories I've read that I haven't felt the need to revise in my head at all to get off.

Please write further chapters as early as possible

Hit me in just the right way at just the right time. It's like someone else wrote what could have been one of my own fantasies. Thank you! I'd forgotten how the written word can excite & arouse. Wish there were more though.

Best in the subgenre

If it can be called a subgenre of sci-fi/fantasy, then the whole "video games but real" niche has a new entrant. I feel pretty confident saying that with a professional editor and dedicated attention from the author this could become the best story of its kind. It's already (IMHO) better than Sword Art Online and at least competes with Ready Player One. I will eagerly await whatever future the story has.


I have to say, your writing is the best story I have read in a long time in a published book, and the best story I have found on Literotica so far. (even though I have only been reading it for about a month :-P)
I really, really like the plot; I have never read anything similar, and the fact that you have real, human characters to relate to is wonderful.
I also appreciate the fact that it's not just sex, there's an actual story line. The way you brought the two pieces of the plot together was masterful.
I look forward immensely to how Raothan will gain Niquel's trust, and I hope that he lives and continues to be emperor. I think he would be a great ruler!
Thank you so much for writing this. It made my day so much better!

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