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Stupidity at max

Try to make the hero at least more of a person then a stupid abuse kid.. obviously this character was based on your stupid way to lengthen your story foolish and fucking weak always the same hopeless bitch the hero get into stupid trauma...

Thank you PLR

I must have sleep-read it or must've been under the influence of our dear old PJ.. :)

Thanks Dude

Great as always. Stay healthy, stay sane...ish... Thankyou for your continued effort on this fantastic story!


You stopped this chapter too soon! Alal in his own way is a potential good guy, Cael a potential bad guy. This chapter blew the f'in roof off what we already thought we knew. I really hope you pen chapter 47 soon, it just became my most sought after chapter on Lit. I mean, i was laughing so hard from page 1-3 that my sides were spre and tears streamed my face. Then pages 4-6 force us to completely re-evaluate the whole story. I am going to have to re-read the last 45 chapters again to incorporate this new info. You're such a good writer but also an asshole, lol. Talk about leaving a cliffhanger. Thank you for your time, crafty & devious mind, and this wonderful entertainment. I look forward to the next chapter.

Side note, there are some misspellings, and improper word choices like is instead of ifs or in instead of on.

Anon and TheGlowingQueen..!

The guy who was attempting to lure John into an ambush was tortured to death because the assassins did not believe John told him to give the money to orphans.


Is she another nymph..a matriarch..of the other projen..? Jade is perhaps not the only one n when The Queen gets the projen cum..the glowing lines of light n hence the name..? Intrigued by Faye n interested about that thread. As for the personality n the ruthless John - I guess we just wait for Tef to get the gory details out.
I'd also prefer an entire chapter as a mammoth one rather than the 15k words - enuf with the cliffhangers already..!
There was another thread of someone trying to entice John to accept a gift.. He was acting as the brother of someone John had rescued n was himself kidnapped.. I might have forgotten or overlooked any conclusive end to it. Does anybody else remember what happened to him..?
Awesome read..great work Tef.. As always..!
Avid Fan Neil

Ok this in my opinion is

One of the best chapters you have posted. Answering questions that had been lingering aswell as showing that While alal is a villain he is not exactly the biggest issue that has arisen as cael has said he is the product of the violation of the weave. Which in turn has caused more issues. But interesting on trying to get anat to embrace saku again. But I think I'm starting to puzzle some hints on several future events.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Without sounding too much like a Dickens novel 'Please Sir can I have some more'

I reached the end of this chapter far to quickly

Sovann should speak some Khmer.
Maybe you could work in "Chong vy kanear?" Translates to "do you want to fight?"

YES!!! Finally.

I have been eagerly awaiting more chapters of Necromancer since first reading it.

And I would kill for a continuation of Terra!!!

Please, please, keep writing. I dearly hate when a good series drains a writer to the point of inactivity.

Love your work and can't wait for much, much more.

Only on page 2

And this is already one of my favorite chapters.


Please do not count me among the disbelievers, lol.

I hope I am allowed to mourn the stumble of my protagonist. I am a great admirer of Tefler and his writing ability, and of your literary ecumine. I am one of the many who have fully invested in this story, and when I have an emotional response, I would hope Tefler, and you, take it as a compliment. It was not my intent to do anything other than mourn. I have learned its efficacy over my long, real life.

BTW: EXCEPTIONAL insight. Thank you for your comments.


I have been reading this series for days, and yes-sex- but I have become so involved in the characters. I've never commented before, but I've been reading your work for days, unable to put it down. It's wonderful. And when Rachel saw her moth again? A tear welled up in my eye, I shit you not. Well done.

Amazing, as always.


Your work on LaaNH is fantastic. It is always with a sad heart that I reach the final page of the current chapter, wishing that it would continue for just another... and another... I wish you all the best with your health and wait eagerly for the next chapter in the story.

With Hope,


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