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Wicked Fun!

Your writing style was good, if flowed down the page. Thanks, Great story, too.
Wish there were more along this theme.


What about a wiki instead of a forum? That would be a much better place to post information about the world and characters. Plus it is free to create one on wikia.

I've read this (and one more chapter) on another website, but none of the titles of your other stories here on Literotica are on the other website's author page.

Is it really your story?


This is becoming upsetting. They seem just like native Americans and white people or maybe it's an Avatar rip-off. The tribe are the natives who just NEED a white saviour to come and help them. The way they are depicted pisses me off, their rip off native traditions and the way that they speak as if it's their second language and use lame sayings. I also hate how this girl speaks of modesty and shamelessly flirts with the white guy of all people, whose pasty ass could not possibly be attractive by her standards. This is so generic and full of bullshit and supports the idea that white people are special/needed/superior.

In Reply to Anon: Trogar hitting the bucket.

Hey, It could happen.

OrcDominion once said something mentioning a possible 'accident' with the Moon of Deznessuian. Perhaps some drowning, or Elfin revolt will do him in, or maybe an Indiana Jones inspired face-melting will happen, you never know ;)

(Hey, I like coming up with ideas on how Trogar could die too... but that's only so that I could have a go with Lyrienna!)

As to whether Lyrienna suffers the same fate... well who knows. Since this is a story about Orcs dominating everything though, you kinda get what you pay for. We all know, to a large extent at least, as to how this is going to go down, with Elves getting subjugated/conquered/owned by the Human-Orc dominion.

So, what you're saying is...

that with we human beings, the more things change, the more they stay the same?

I'm not so sure I can agree with that as the underlying theme for your story here.
I can agree that left to our "casual selves" that can be very true. However, history has shown that at some times, we can rise above our "casual selves". You see this every day in the lives of first responders like the officer in your story here. But this is a case where only a few of us are doing that "rising above" our casual selves. At other times, like wartimes where the civil population responded to the call for general mobilization as the American people did during WWII, whole countries can arise nearly as one to meet the need. In the case of WWII USA, this led to the total reshaping of our economic situation and the adjustment of many social structures with the direct goal of defeating the enemy nations opposing the USA. The economic and social impacts of this time led to massive and sweeping alterations to the landscape of American life that had vast and lasting echoes around the world. Many of these changes still have impact today. So, in a situation like you predict for a generational colony ship, I'm afraid the overall goal of the colonists would definitely shape the social norms aboard the ships differently from the way you project here.

4* from me on this story - which I overall still liked quite a bit.


The quality of the posts to each chapter is another bonus to this story. Hats off to OZKIWI for his really informative post on this one in particular. The level of engagement and debate is great to follow so thanks to the regulars like Slinkky and Pussy.

Terra Lupis' forum idea is another pat on the back to Tefler and I hope it gets some serious consideration. As long it does not distract our author!

So OZKIWI how about a formula that the quality of the comments are directly proportional to the quality of the story?

Well it took 2days but I finally read it all that was simply amazing how long until the next chapter?


Finding this story tonight, on this website, was like walking into Walmart and finding a genuine Rolex on the shelf, marked $9.99. I didn't believe the price or the product at first, but the thrill of finding the genuine article in an unexpected place astounded me in a way that I've rarely been astounded.

You sick man you

You had to say that about the next ALL KNOWING that it would blow our minds on what's coming. Oh well.👅

You have a gift.....

Thank you for sharing it. Spellbinding.

Forum Posts

Has anyone thought about starting a Three Square Meals forum? Yes, debating on the comments section is great and all but with a forum you could expand on that and post canonical material for everyone to view. This could vary from other in-universe stories that happen to other characters such as a day by day log from Charles Harris or a look into a diary that Sparks may have kept on Karron to an ongoing encyclopedia to keep tabs on all characters, species, fleets and groups that are introduced or mentioned in the stories to pictures of the ships and crew that we have been introduced to.

In Laws?

Can we take a collection to convince them to leave early? ;-)


I'm eager to see what happened to trader ciradan, since he was set up iirc.


Just came here (after checking for an update yet again) to say "Thank you" for the new Weekly Update Initiative.
If every author with unfinished work(s) here would do that, the world would be a much happier place.

... Who knows, maybe people would even be optimistic enough to vote for Gary Johnson instead of those other two (¬‿¬)

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