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What powers does Relle have and is she somehow special? What happened with her family beyond some of the abuse we have learned about? Does she have a different parent say father or mother? Hopefully, her plot to not have a child doesn't work ;)

Now we have this Favorite Son thing. very interesting ;)

So wonderful!

I loved it! You have a gift of setting - essential for the best stories. I saw the orchard, felt the fruits, smelled the rushing water. My heart jumped throughout the final battle, and I stayed up to finish Part 2 way past my bedtime.
Have you written a novel? Not a Literotica-style (this lacks the sex every page-style), but a long form story? I would like to read it.

I got this Far

Thank You so much for posting Your story. I initially was searching the blackmail section not expecting to find anything like this. And now I'm hooked into it. Trouble is I'm nearly out of battery and I need to start my day so I will be torn away for several hours. I don't usually review a story until I finished but it's pretty clear You thrive on communication so I thought it would not hurt to send You a quick note before I leave.

This is really different to anything I would normally read but the setting and the writing make it all seem so realistic, like computers really will have taken over in the next twenty years. If it's true, and clearly You're well advanced in Your knowledge of this stuff, please sign me up for a domino chip at Your earliest convenience!!!

Anyways, thank You for Your efforts and I look forward to reading the conclusion this evening.

Thanks for the feedback and praise.
Wow, I would say you have done a lot more thinking about the world than myself.
I read GeorgeTasker's 'Revenge (Parallel Universe)' about a world where all women had to agree to sex if alone. I felt a woman in a relationship should have an out. This story started growing from there.
To answer some questions:
I did mention that Joey's father has wives around society, so I would assume the children live with the mom.
I felt the world would still be recovering so men are out numbered,
I would agree turning 18 as a man would be a key to lots of sex. However, I tried to convey Susie is sexier than 99% of women.
I have to say, I never thought about Susie;s father's other wives. Maybe some stronger women control men to not have wives.
Last, Boobers shows up in most of my stories so far, so I would have to say Boobers is just there to have a link.
Thanks for reading Henry

Well you as an author have mastered cliffhangers congratulations and a merry fuck you from a reader. Waiting impatiently for the next installment.

Lennarens (nymphs)

I think they were spies for malnerak.
maybe sent into places to replace people.
endless possibilities

Maybe also psychic power storage (batteries)

content and comments.

Actually i find its rare to find someone so dedicated to writing these stories, and this is a good story. Thanks.

How do I give 11 stars?!?

How do I give 11 stars?!? This is at least my third or fourth time rereading it and it’s still awesome!

@Alyssa comments

Sliding right by the whole capital punishment debate, from the story point view, Alyssa's nightmare ability could be brought to the astral plane to counter the chief monster's ability to terrorize John and the girls.
I'd like to see Alyssa fuck up the chief astral plane monster and free the lost voices.
(more for the chorus) ... maybe they're vulcat voices ???
She needs more energy from Jade and the new nymphs who are psychic energy power storehouses, so she can distribute that among the other girls.
So much to do.
Examine vulcat tech
(love the thought of mini missiles )
Examine Tartarus for Progenitor tech
(plus lots of robots on the ground, are they more useful then Fayes boys ?
Examine the Tormentor destroyer
(may give Dana mental break through on cruiser or battleship designs or simple Dana genius of upgrade and reduce size)
and last but not least ...
Think about the device on the emperors back that was blocking psychic energy!
It could block astral plane monsters in our dimension and if you can construct the counter protection to the block, (in effect nulify the psychic block), and get them to the astral plane ... wowzer!
last thought ... whatever are the Enushu doing in that mystery complex?

Incredible rod, Jerrod shows his true colors.

Wow so much for Jerrod being on the winning team, Now it seems Senya is brainwashed along with Vanilla who is now taking the liking to Senya but the question is now when The Holstaur think she's outnumbered how big exactly is the fair army? That belongs to Tricen We shall see next time:P

Great job tefler

Thanks again for posting here. Looking forward to finding out what a star fordge is. Waiting to the confortataion to happen.

Still waiting to read how he gets his revenge.

Some thoughts

So, interesting world. Humanity almost wiped out, correct? 1/12 ratio. Why does it stay that way? Men have similar libido, however women have significantly heightened libido. Why would they worry about who fucks them, they should be randy beasts?

If students go to school, I assume their records are accurate? A male teach knows when students turn 18, shouldn't there be a hell of a lot of sex in High School? When a male student turns 18, wouldn't be jump on teacher?

Where are Susie's other mothers, all four of them? Do none of them have kids? Same for Joe? Are men rich? Do men take shifts between homes?

I understand Boobers is similar to Hooters, but with 8% of the population being male why would they cater to men?

Why wouldn't there be a lot more sex during shopping?

Why do men in this world run in packs? They would be competing with each other... Since woman have to service men, even the meekest guy could get laid.

If men get 5 rings in their life time, that means more than half the women don't get to have children. That is a bit weird.

Don't get me wrong, great stories. Interesting world. Please continue, these are just some of my questions/thoughts.

Great story

Thanks. Looking forward to more.

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