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Please keep making these. It's one of my favorite stories so far.


Great story, plenty of action with just enough sex.

Missing chapter?

I have a chapter called "Year 130, Day 71" saved on my PC for this story. That chapter doesn't show up here on Literotica or on mcstories, so I'm not sure where I found it. Is it a valid part of this story, or did you possibly withdraw it?

Really enjoying the story. I only wish there wasn't such a long time between postings. Seems like almost as long as the internal time gaps in the story itself :-(

visit to the darkmoon fair

I could see them going to the darkmoon fair for some fun as a family with the whole family having fun playing the carnival games and riding the rides.

Well done!

It's been a while since you ppsted anything and I'm really glad to see that you're back and, as I stated, well done! Chalk up another well written chapter! Can't wait to read the next!

Welcome Back

i loved the new chapter and cant wait for the next one.

still dont like the forced bonding between dani and she said at least billy a tasha were with each other first and wanted to be together for her it is more like a continuous rape.then to also be forced to have kids against her will is just as bad.

Totally unexpected

but very welcome ! Thanks for picking up the thread.


4 years and a day after my bday! Woohoo!


It's not easy to keep the flow in a good story great job

Dance of Joy!

Hooray! New chapter up and more adventures ahead!

Poor Jack. Not only does he have the Karokai to worry about, now he's got new enemies in Monch and Terrell. And only Lord Aramon knows the motives of that unknown band of men tailing him and the Captain.

I look forward to the next installment to see how it all unfolds. (hint-hint!)

P.S. Welcome back!


Of all the writers I expected to come back, you were amongst the least likely. But I am glad that you found joy in sharing stories with us again. Welcome back.

Good to see you back

chapter 16??

really great story, when is ch.16 coming?

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