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I liked it

Nothing wrong with it being the blood elf questline in wow! I loved the take on it and of course the sex was great. Keep doing what you do!

New title

I like the one Path of Destiny. Have enjoyed the story so far.
Nice to see it continues.
Remember that I was one or your reviewer at the beginning that stated I have never seen one of these have an ending. Usually stories about djinns just end and never continue. Great to see that when you told everyone it was continuing that you did.
As to the negative review by Annon, hope he or she releases some of their writing so that we can see how great a writer they think they are.
Keep up the great story and I will be awaiting the release of the next part of this great story

Reply to GeoD from chapter 12

Dear GeoD,

Thanks very much for your kind and encouraging comment on chapter 12. I'm very glad you like my writing. I hope you've read this far and are still enjoying the story.

I agree with you about the tedium of being preached at. My excuse is that the political and economic parts of the story are integral to the plot, but I can't tell you exactly how because of spoliers.

Thank you also for your detailed advice. I'd barely heard of Patreon but I will look into it. The only thing that stops me from doing the major revision you rightly say my story requires is time. Unfortunately, my work annoyingly intrudes on writing time.

Please let me know about the other sites.
Best regards,

Hoping for more

If you do more call it Gathering Loves Magic Destiny, I do hope it's not the end I love the story and look forward to seeing who joins him in his journey.


Thanks for your comment, Pornocles.

There is more science to come. If I ever have time to make a revised version of the story, I'll take your advice and move some of the description of Capella Spaceport (which I put in later) to chapter 1.

Your comments on the lack of description are well taken.
Thanks, again.

f*@king Marvelous

I resubmit my thesis from comments in chapter 38 :). Given John's comment to his sword master, what are the chances that they get their final "lessen" over and done with (stealth ship).


Wow. . .

. . . again !!! . . . thanks.

loved it

Great ending for this chapter

Black Onyx ship/shuttle

just SCREAMS Mael'nerak


Absolutely loved it. This story was my last of your work and I haven't read such art before. You really put the readers on a roller coaster of emotions and that's what I really love in your stories. The world isn't always rainbows and sunshine and shit happens but you gotta keep it together. Keep the good work going.


Great again.

I like the cliffhanger with the mysterious invader.

Damn damn damn
This chapter was way way better than the last one
Fantastic chapter man

That was awesome!

Now that was a chapter worth waiting for. Then you leave it on a massive Cliffhanger like that wow. Now things are starting to really heat up. You got me on the edge of my seat. To see what people will choose I will keep checking you bio page. My vote is Guided by Destiny for the new title.


I was hoping they'd get back together! 5* as usual!!!!

Well, the assassin finally found the only way possible to ambush John. There's one and only one port of call to which he keeps returning. Olympus Shipyard.

Re: assassin

I prefer to think of it as building anticipation for chapter 60, but yes, it's finally time for a confrontation with the mysterious assassin! :-)


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