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Oh, bugger. Thanks a bunch for the comment (seriously, thank you!) and the note. I was afraid I'd missed some things.

Thank you again and I hope you enjoy the next chapter!

I love the way this is developing

Looking forward to your next chapter. You have a real flair for character development and setting the stage, as it were.

Thank you, extremely well done!

I was impressed with the slow build up to the eventual truth of what she had done and the fragile emotions that she possessed, you are very talented and I will enjoy the rest of your work.

Oh wow. So wow.

It's coming together even more than I thought it was last chapter! Now Niquel is there in front of him and they're meeting each other which yay. Yay yay yay! It's so exciting. I love this story. Raothan is shaping up to be a kick ass emperor as I knew he would be. I am really really wanting to find out what happens now because I suspect the next chapter will be insanely amazing. You are so good at your writing, Eris. This is a beautifully made piece of art. I am so enjoying it. And now, we wait! Ugh. Gah. Chop, chop!


A delightful tale of tempting mesmorizing sensuality....waiting for MORE!!!!!

the Best

Other stories may have kinkier sex but none have better characters. Thoroughly entertaining!

A good problem to have:

Your writing is excellent, which makes the small error(s) stand out.
Easily-confused words: reign (royalty) / rein (horses).

Great Use of Chapters

I am not normally a fan of breaking a story up into separate submissions, but you made it work very well with your interrupted journal approach to the story. As usual, I quickly got into your characters and story... your writing is as brilliant as ever.
Thank you

I'm fairly certain, after the ending of this chapter, that Joe Brolly

and 800lbGorilla are one and the same person.

The depth of insight into personal emotions and feelings of inadequacy are too similar; the writing style, and minor errors in spelling and grammar are of the same type and, lastly, the sex scenes are pretty much interchangeable between the two series.

Not complaining, mind you, I was very disappointed to find The Genie Chronicles incomplete after discovering the genius and talent of Mr Brolly. It's a delight to find his talent is being shared with us in A Beautiful Wish. (And if JB is NOT the author of this series, then whoever is, is his lost at birth twin.)

It's definitely a good start. Keep going!

Terrific writing

Really glad you skipped as much of the rape as possible. I can't wait for the next are cruel to tease us with such greatness and then take it away :(

An actual writer!

It is good to find these properly written yarns as they are few.


Waiting for more of this one!!

So good

Curse you and your writing skills to get me so invested, especially since there'll be a slight wait for the next chapters. I was wondering how you'd get Raothan the emperor and Niquel the prisoner together and was pleasantly surprised how cleanly and organically you solved that. I love that Raothan seems to gotten some fire (and sass) back, even though he still believes he's on the path to a slow suicide. Poor,poor Niquel though. You really captured her isolation and feeling of hopelessness. The loss of her guide was just as traumatic (if not more) than a sudden loss of a limb. Adding in the assault and she truly seems broken. Now that she's in a political position as aide to the emperor hopefully she'll be able to resume her mission and heal quicker. Write the next chapters quickly dammit!


really liked it

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