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Any news on the latest chapter

A turning point

Definitely the moment(s) Chris stopped running and, at the very least, began looking for a direction forward.
Very enjoyable story - and sex!

A comment and a question

As was pointed out in the comments in the previous chapter, you SERIOUSLY need to have an editor, or at LEAST a good proofreader to point out the MANY mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar in your writing BEFORE you submit it to Literotica.
It's all fairly minor stuff (mixing up to/too, your/you're, using 's to denote plurals, etcetera), but it still can break a reader's attention and "take them out of your story". At that point, even if for only a moment, the reader stops thinking about the story and starts thinking about the author's apparent disregard for, if not ignorance of, the rules of grammar. Enough errors like that in a story can cause some readers to skip future parts of the story, and to avoid your other stories. That having been said, I AM enjoying the story, which leads me to my question:

Months, maybe even years ago, I read a multi-part story on Literotica which had a VERY SIMILAR premise: A guy wakes up in his dorm room one morning, only to find a girl sleeping there who says that it's HER dorm room! Eventually, he figures out that he somehow woke up on an alternate Earth. Reading some history books, he finds that the Earth he woke up on suffered a horrible plague a generation or so ago, which wiped out a large percentage of the world's population, including nearly all men... Was that other story yours, and this one is set in the same (or a similar) world? Or perhaps you READ that other story, and later WROTE this one as an homage to the other? Just curious,


Strange, mystical, & mythical.... some of your writings are, but at their deepest core - always purely HUMAN! What makes us so different, so much the same, Male/Female, what makes us such sexual beings, why do we long to be one with another, and so often, eventually, find we must pull away? I don’t have the answers, know how, or where we gain them, and you never pretend: that you can provide them, all! Yet, you always show us another glimpse of; No matter how different we are, we can’t escape our humanity within and the beautiful artistic works that dwell in ours and your heart and mind, that you paint into a portrait we all can see, through your words!
A Fan and Friend, always!

Another fantastic chapter.

I am disappointed that Chris's answer to being overwhelmed is to run away :(

Perhaps I'm wrong and he felt he had to get control of himself - and he hasn't actually gone anywhere - well, except into the Ether :)

An excellent variety of characters and plots you have here!

hope to see an update to this story soon. please keep it going as it is a good one.

Video Game

A video game could be made out of this story. With enough replay ability I would play the shit out of it. Go on dates with Gods, Bring humans and aliens together. Help build a a paradise. And somehow work in an antagonist bigger than Aries with plot twist. It would be Epic!

continue please

I think imedes is the gorgon crys that is with child . The angel what are her powers? What of the realistic Imp named golithid , the huntress prizum was not happy seeing him . Will he find a way to store that power he now has a lot of ? The lord that sent those troops after the siren and gorgon . Is he DEAD or not?

Military time vs. Civ time

Military does not know what 4 pm is. 4 pm is civilian time for 1600.

A very good story where sex is just part of the story, not the reason for the story.


When Moderators release it. Thanks for the enthusiasm. I took a few days to breath before tackling 81: cHORUS line. I hope to get to it this weekend. We shall see. I'll have 2 weeks off toward the end of March so I hope to at least reach 86 or 87. Depends on the Wife and her ideas of US time. lol.
Hear from you soon my Friend.

🌚 Dark

I'm very intrigued.where you plan to go with this series. Anyway it has definitely peaked my curiosity. And is definitely a story worth 5🌟's


When do we see 79?

Awesome Story

I have truly enjoined this story.
It has a lot of twists and turns that keep you reading to see what will happen next.
I hope you keep it going!
Great Work.


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I do have a map of the western third of the Empire for personal organization. It's horribly WIP, as writing takes most of my cycles:

Awesome threesome

Awesome chapter. I'd have given 6 stars if I could. Especially loved the sex scene between Cass and Alanna. Maybe they will eventually grow emotional connection as well.

Btw, do you use a map of the empire for your story organization? If you could post it here, even a rough version, it'd help to make sense of the stories more.

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