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Great story.

This is a tremendous story. I can’t believe you will be able to wrap it up in two chapters. But I am along for the ride. Thanks so much for sharing it here.

Just right...

I concur with most of the comments here. Five stars, no doubt at all... I'd give you six if possible.

The way you build character, and don't just go from fight scene to fight scene is amazing. You build the characters, the plot, the scope and scale of the story amazingly well.

Don't let anyone sway you from the way you do this... (I know you won't, but I just wanted to support you on this) It is great just the way it is. You leave lots of hints, and leave us wondering whether these are clues for future chapters, or just tidbits within the story. Truly well done and written.

Thank you!!

I can't change her orientation, but there are certainly possibilities. What I'm struggling with is the story-sequel side. There needs to be some mission for Agent Murphy that lets her make use of her new abilities - and somehow have a lot of sex too.

But thanks for the praise & encouragement! :-)

responding to...


Hell yes it could, and most likely would be a one-sided ass kicking slaughter against the Kirrix, except that they have to wield those massively overpowered weapons like scalpels, or else all the humans they're trying to save will be killed as well.

Now, if they were any other enemy than an infesting bug race, they could just go wild, and wipe the floor with them before the fleet even gets there...ten bucks says they still have it mopped up by then, he he.



Thanks for the response. I was sleep deprived when I wrote that. While I still believe in the conservation of resources, I guess I had forgotten that after his last altercation with Progenitor John, he had "freed up some more psychic space" or whatever, allowing him access to more Progenitor knowledge, but is now using much less power containing PJ, so he probably has much more to use in battle. I still think he should make use of "conventional" weapons. I would kill to see him running around with a Dana Special on one, or both shoulders, leaving his hands free for swordwork. Paragon War Machine FTW!!!!! Or Predator, if you're not an Iron Man fan. Maybe Dana could miniaturize a tachyon lance for him, and John can be blasting away at ranged targets, while simultaneously cleaving through hordes of enemies?

BTW...the Paragon armor hasn't gotten an update in quite a few chapters, what gives?

Love your work, please never stop. I want you writing when you're just a head in a jar, like in Futurama! lol



The only upgrades I'm aware of beyond a Tachyon Lance right now to swap out for the Nova Lances, would be the Quantum Flux Cannon like the one the Ashanath recovered on Mael'nerak's ship that they renamed the Legacy after attempting to rebuild it, which Dana is still reverse engineering, or a Quantum Annihilator like the one that Nexus dug up on the Moon to destroy Earth. That thing was as big, or bigger, than the Invictus, though, if memory serves.
The QFC kind of got forgotten when the latest items were discovered in the visual library of the Vulkat tech archives by Faye at the very end of Ch. 106.

Its starting to look quite interesting.

Whoa! the way you move each character into position for the coming fight, is awe inspiring. The story flows so smoothly that one could have thought you had been a very productive author for more than forty years, not the short time you actually have been. I absolutely love this chapter and are looking forwards to some serious Kirrix ass kicking.

One thing worries me though, Tefler. Your continuing description of Alyssas growing cruelty towards people she don't have an emotional connection to. And now she is a full Progenitor. I fear this is foreshadowing Alyssa some time in the future going dark progenitor. Forcing John and the others to fight her. She already has the tendency to think " Might make Right" The way she dealt with Weber, and her cruel refusal of any regret of her actions, in this chapter, is worrying indeed. And what is worse, she is starting to manipulate John into the same mindset. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. What started as her sometimes being a bit reckless in the protection of the others, now is turning to something far darker. Thankfully the process seems to go slow, so there stil is time to save her.

Anyway, Thanks again for yet another marvelous chapter, Tefler

70 pages plz

Seriously, the short chapters are brutal (in the best way). More!!!

Great, hot SciFi!

Great story! Hot and with creative sci-fi elements. I too would very much enjoy a sequel. How about Al reacting to Murphy's very submissive subconscious desires? Or "therapy" sessions to make her turn bi/hetero/something-sexual? (I'm aware that's not how sexuality works, but I believe it would make for a good story nonetheless.)

So this is a rework of the "crystal"

so this is a more realistic version of crystal with no max right?

Is it just me?

Or has anyone else noticed that John doesn't shave and cut his hair at all? Just wondering.

No, no, no!!!! This is some Game of Thrones shit!

OMG just WOW

Tefler,. I am glad that you are back from vacation and that I hope your family is doing well. This was the master piece in how to leave a cliff hanger and I can't wait to sink my teeth into the next chapter. I hope that you continue to post here for a very long time.


Must be a Surprise Coming

Tef, your are the man.

Great story and well paced. I'm left to wonder what surprises the Kirrix will have for our mighty crew. It won't be as easy as it seems, even with the new upgrades.

I have a favorite paperback series that releases a book every six months. After reading, I get a little needy for the next, then let it ride until the next release. When the battle with the Kirrix is over in Chapter 109 I think I'll let Tefler work his magic for a long while and build up several chapters. Ch. 106-108 totaled about 800 book pages. That's about as long as a Game of Thrones novel.

Something to look forward to on those cold winter nights in Dec.

Thanks again Tef.

Thanks Tefler

Thank you O great writer...
We poor simpletons are eagerly waiting for the next dose.
Another 5. Except two areas of dev. of emily and nymphs + helen.
There development are surreputiously left out for next chapters we are eagerly waiting.

Great job as allways...

Well, I mean...

It's not like Darryl was perfectly innocent or anything. He did cheat on her a few times >.>


These short chapters are killing me...

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