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Any one else skip the sex to resume the plot?


I for one don't mind any spoiler. I am in need of a fix that i am checking in every few hours. Anyone who don't want it should skip reading comments & wait patiently for the next chapter.



I need to read more about her and thr story behind it

Well Written

I don't say this enough on here but this is well written, and by association, this author is good. There seems to be very little that logically bugs me in this story. I don't know if it's a streak of luck, my own mood, well chosen literary devices and plot, or just sheer brilliance. I normally have to overlook one or more 'issues' but this story has been pretty good.

Write on Mr. Brolly


Agreed with last Anon

It is typical behavior for someone with absolute control to begin wielding said control with little to no true consideration for the effect their choice of control will have on others. (He totally being a dick by the way) If she were human I'd complain about the fact that any experience, even pleasurable, that elicits such reactions cause chemicals to flood the body and brain. Normally short burst can be enjoyable but long drawn out sessions, if even possible, will begin to be more stressful and actually torturous than enjoyable; especially if the victim doesn't know or understand why their being treated that way. The rush of adrenaline and such included with the stress will put their brain in overdrive trying to determine why this is happening and if/what can be done to stop it. There's a reason why the natural response to tickling is to try and stop it. It's like some bizarre built in game in our bodies that goes beyond specie's barrier. (Look up tickling a guerrilla baby, HILARIOUS!)

With that whole long spiel, I'd like to say that since genie isn't actually human and was formed to be his perfect...whatever, then there's really a whole slew of possibilities for for the real physiology of whats my whole argument is moot, but I had fun telling you all about it, and hopefully giving a mindful warning to anyone entertaining performing dominance fantasies. It can all be fun but be careful. In my opinion the human body does best with changing stimuli and if the person understands, at least under the surface, that everything is being done in loving fun.

Hmmm. That was longer than I thought it would be. I think I might have a problem... Oh well. Enjoy your reading boys and girls. ;-)

Peace ✌

Chapter 71 status

I've submitted it to literotica, but it's still being moderated at the moment. I'd guess a couple of days before it goes live.



That had better not be a spoiler.

Can't wait for Ch. 72

I couldn't wait to reach chapter 71 so subscribed to tefler's patreon and it is so worth it.

I can't wait for chapter 72 now.


Please write chapter 2, i loved the first chapter!

very fun

And it has a lot of the guilty pleasure that are like junk food for me in a fantasy such as this.

Well Done.

Each time I read it, it just gets better.

As the title says, I just love this tale you've written and the world you fabricated for it to inhabit. This has to be the third time I've read it and honestly I can't get bored of it. There are no pulled punches in the narration, no jarring shifts in pacing or scenery. It comes across as someone telling a very real story of their own. Going through it doesn't have me feeling like I'm reading but rather like I'm getting immersed in the words and pulled along for a literary fantasy ride.
Your experience of actually being in theatre and having real experiences to relay into your storytelling shines through constantly throughout. That "been there" aspect is just one of those things that adds an edge of realism that can't be matched by any amount of research. No time spent in a library or on a computer can come close to that of being out there with boots on, gun in hand, marching around in 100 degrees of BS everyday for several months. That time spent allows you to be a step above any other author that tries their hand at soldier-themed stories. Myself included.
So thank you for writing this awesome story, it has made time spent during the hurry-up-and-wait game that much more bearable.

Cheers, and Chimo.
Dark Pulse.

Absolutely write more. Please continue.

Support Telfer via Patreon

Best way to support Telfer & his amazing writing is via Patreon.

In addition you can see Ch 71 & others a few days early. Worth every cent.

When is ch71 being posted tefler ????

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