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More thanks

You continue to please. It is always a good day when you post another entertaining chapter. Thanks for your efforts.

I'm still smiling :)

One of the better stories here.

You have talent. I like the world building but I'm not into the succubus domination. If it moves to a point that they're equal or something I might come back but I'm done.

Loving it

I am totally loving the story so far. So enjoyable that I read 2-3 chapters a day/night.

Susan Gone?

I agree with Jedikhan, as I read the part when the plant took over Susan's body I got the distinct impression that Susan had ended. Her mind had retreated as far as it could go and then... nothing. Sure sounds like a fatality to me.

Great story!

What an amazing story! I like the idea of Stephanie's pussy being a lesbian ;)
Can't wait for the next chapter.


Say you will continue with emma's story

Kelli and Perl

Why is it that I keep thinking that Kelli is the blond and Perl is the brunette? I know part of it is due to stereotyping, but I can't quite put my finger on it.


“Dana couldn't help laughing at that. "Yeah, amazing what three square meals will do for a girl..."”
Touche’ Tefler!

I hope Rachel’s tune-up of the Governor included re-opening Luce’s baby factory.

Thanks Tef!

Time-out Room

@anon Ha, that would be one robust time-out room. Can't escape or do anything else naughty with a literal goddess watching over. That would be a good idea; Selene's daughter promises to be very powerful and very stubborn.

Ugh, I don't even want to imagine temper tantrums with magical toddlers...

Very Nice

Nicely done LTPC.

One thing though, I was sort of hoping that we would have gotten an inside look at what was going through Susan's mind during that big scene of hers. As it is, I have to wonder if that's really Susan. Hopefully we'll get some answers in the next chapter.

As always, looking forward to more.

Needs grammar corrected

This, so far, is an interesting story. The lack of punctuation and poor grammar sometimes make it more difficult to understand. I would suggest using a proof reader to correct errors.

I am just joining with the chorus.

Welcome back! You are one of my favorites and it is great to see a new story from you. Thanks .

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