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Learning to Compromise Ch. 01

 — A nude horny son & a hot agreeable & controlling Mom. by tzael200312/31/063.98

Learning to Compromise Ch. 02

 — A nude horny son & a hot agreeable Mom. by tzael200301/05/074.24

Learning to Compromise Ch. 03

 — A nude horny son & a hot dominating Mom. by tzael200301/06/074.34

Learning to Compromise Ch. 04

 — A nude horny son & a hot dominating Mom. by tzael200301/11/074.34

Learning to Compromise Ch. 05

 — Nude horny son & hot dominating Mom. by tzael200301/11/074.08

Learning to Compromise Ch. 06

 — A nude horny son & a hot dominating Mom. by tzael200301/13/074.08

Learning to Compromise Ch. 07

 — Horny cum slut son and dominating mom. by tzael200301/25/104.17

Learning to Compromise Ch. 08

 — Horny naked son and dominating mom. by tzael200301/31/104.11

Learning to Draw

 — Voluptuous sister helps younger brother to learn... by MrIllusion12/31/174.75HOT

Learning to Kiss

 — Mom teaches her son how to kiss. by History Nut09/24/084.16

Learning to Live with Magic

 — Annabel and Mark learn to live with magic. by JBEdwards10/23/174.40

Learning to Love Aunt Laura

 — Aunt Laura & mom help a son's voyeuristic needs. by mountainbikeman07/09/034.55HOT

Learning to Love her Brother

 — A sister discovers her brother's hidden feelings. by Uncle Bert01/03/174.18

Learning to Love Showers

 — A 3 way with sister and her friend in the shower. by SATIRICA6905/16/144.56HOT

Learning to Love Showers Pt. 02

 — Jason and the girls continue adventure and a surprising twist. by SATIRICA6905/22/144.39

Learning to Play

 — Daddy teachers his girls how to play together. by SusanJay12/03/153.83

Learning to Please

 — His mother taught him everything he knows. by powelldonovan02/27/084.19

Learning To Swing Both Ways Ch. 10

 — Husband, wife, gay stepson & bisexual stud in the Rockies. by walterio12/19/114.45

Learning To Swing Both Ways Ch. 13

 — Couple with an open marriage, a gay son and his bi friend. by walterio01/29/124.43

Learning with Linda

 — Close siblings become closer. by Catspaw12/27/104.41

Learning with Lou

 — Teenage stepson too attentive? Best Friend's advice needed! by JennyGently02/06/174.31

Leasa Ch. 04

 — Leasa goes home for boost from Daddy. by LeasaJ08/28/024.34

Least Expected

 — The girl who never got any attention, gets lots,with a twist. by BadLilSis02/10/024.10

Leave a Message

 — Slutty daughter cums for her Daddy on the phone. by StrawberryShortcake101207/01/154.08

Leave It to Beaver

 — Pussy saves the (Earth) day. by sarahhh03/28/08HOT

Leaves of Three Let Them Be

 — Grandma treats Grandson's poison oak. by blaster66605/30/154.67HOT

Leaving Home

 — She went from dad to step-son. by Momstheboss08/15/154.14

Leaving Just A Little Tuft

 — Daddy walks in on his shaving daughter. by HornyDoll09/22/014.06

Leaving the Nest Ch. 00

 — When it's time to move on... by calmwaters04/17/153.87

Leaving the Nest Ch. 01

 — It's all about making a decision. by calmwaters04/19/153.98

Led Astray Ch. 01

 — Grandpa becomes sex tutor for granddaughter. by ADOM07/28/033.95

Led Astray Ch. 02

 — Grandpa teaches Renee how to give head. by ADOM07/30/034.44

Led Astray Ch. 03

 — Grandpa takes Renee's cherry. by ADOM08/01/034.40

Led Astray Ch. 04

 — Mom helps daughter seduce daddy. by ADOM08/09/034.52HOT

Led Astray Ch. 05

 — Grandpa gives Renee's roommate her first sexual experience. by ADOM08/27/034.58HOT

Lee, Leigh & Family

 — Two hot women make Daddy an irresistible offer. by BrettJ08/11/094.43

Lee, Leigh & Family Ch. 02

 — A family celebration turns very naughty. by BrettJ08/14/094.44

Left At The Altar

 — Love blooms between a brother and a sister. by l_dubl_mc03/17/114.19

Left Behind on Vacation

 — Nephew discovers he has a sexy aunt while on vacation. by auntjerri09/15/174.38


 — Grandpa dies and leaves one hell of a legacy. by Lost Boy08/22/174.76HOT

Legacy: Aftermath

 — Thomas heads to Hong Kong and makes a friend along the way. by Lost Boy09/04/174.84HOT

Legacy: Backlash

 — Thomas returns home to new revelations and a new home. by Lost Boy09/13/174.83HOT

Legacy: Delving

 — Thomas and Violet go to the museum and make new friends. by Lost Boy10/10/174.84HOT

Legacy: Equilibrium

 — Thomas is back home. He has certain sexy duties to perform. by Lost Boy01/09/184.76HOT

Legacy: Family

 — Thomas discovers the origin of the Golden Child legacy. by Lost Boy01/26/184.81HOT

Legacy: Gardener

 — Thomas returns home and encounters the Five Kings. by Lost Boy02/01/184.66HOT

Legacy: Healer

 — As the birth of his daughter nears he trains to protect them. by Lost Boy03/14/184.75HOT

Legal Guardian Ch. 01

 — Tonya takes custody of her mentally disabled nephew. by CounterCulture110/22/084.29

Legal Heirs Ch. 01

 — A day in their life. by fluidline102/21/044.07

Legal Heirs Ch. 02

 — Cousin joins the swinging family. by fluidline109/26/044.68HOT

Legal Heirs Ch. 03

 — Boss & cousin, senior & boss's wife. by fluidline107/24/064.65HOT

Legal Rewards Ch. 1

 — Father and daughter are tried for incest. by jaybee03/24/02

Legal Rewards Ch. 2

 — Father gets his 'fees' from daughter. by jaybee04/03/02

Legend of the Magic Cock Ch. 01

 — Dad will do anything for family. by CaptJackAubrey12/13/174.38

Legend of the Magic Cock Ch. 02

 — Pete's first time with Pam, and the odd path getting there. by CaptJackAubrey12/14/174.53HOT

Legend of the Magic Cock Ch. 03

 — The real story of how Pete lost his virginity. by CaptJackAubrey12/21/174.71HOT

Legend of the Magic Cock Ch. 04

 — The McPherson's have a family double date. by CaptJackAubrey12/23/174.73HOT

Legend of the Magic Cock Ch. 05

 — Back to the beginning of the Legend. by CaptJackAubrey12/24/174.77HOT

Leggy Lena

 — A newly realized fetish. by Covatis04/11/143.58

Leggy Mom and Leggy Daughter Ch. 01

 — Our cinema experience. by leggykathy08/05/124.22

Leif Peeping

 — Mother and son enjoy a trip to foliage country. by RainierWriterII10/21/094.58HOT


 — On a hot summer day... by jb11108/28/063.70

Lena - The Fifth of July

 — The strange love affair continues and broadens. by Franco Pauli09/09/084.50HOT

Lena - The Fourth of July

 — A strange love affair begins. by Franco Pauli09/08/084.73HOT

Lena Ch. 06

 — Lena's father is home and he brought friends. by Buzzboy05/10/064.26

Lena Ch. 08

 — Lena's mother joins in. by Buzzboy11/15/064.30

Lena Comes to Stay

 — A middle-aged woman discovers she's still sexy. by serialscribbler01/14/174.35

Leprechaun Tales

 — Mom & sister discover leprechaun isn't that small. by scouries04/04/064.63HOT

Les Autres Ch. 01

 — Jock notices Cynthia; Brian serves Greta. by MishaPearl204/13/184.33

Les Autres Ch. 02

 — Arlene and Cynthia come to terms; Greta gets a room. by MishaPearl204/17/183.60

Les Autres Ch. 03

 — The Harts leave town and meet two Toms. by MishaPearl204/22/184.27NEW

Les Autres Ch. 04

 — Mary visits her priest; Greta takes on a new job. by MishaPearl204/24/184.29NEW

Les Senior/Les Junior

 — A different twist on boy meets girl, girl meets boys father. by intriguess12/12/024.38

Lesbian MILF Seductress: Bride

 — Co-ed seduces a Sorority Mother, a bride-to-be and their mom. by silkstockingslover06/03/114.77HOT

Lesbian MILF Seductress: MOM

 — 18-year-old Bree is trained to be a Domme by her mom. by silkstockingslover09/17/144.64HOT

Lesbian MILF Seductress: Nurse

 — MILF is drawn into shocking world of incestuous lesbianism. by silkstockingslover09/16/154.78HOT

Lesbian Sisters

 — Sisters share stories of lesbian conquests. by Fuzzypen02/03/154.64HOT

Lesson for Jackie

 — Shy girl learns how to give head from her cousin. by jackie123412/11/084.40

Lesson from My Sister

 — My sister is back from college and ready for fun. by truelovetruesex02/24/164.22

Lesson In Fellatio

 — An eager niece gets a lesson in fellatio. by libidinal03/14/044.59HOT

Lesson Plan Ch. 02

 — A hands-on course in learning to love. by Brandie6901/23/134.62HOT

Lesson Time

 — Older sister tutors younger brother. by Stpl7709/26/164.59HOT

Lesson With Best Freinds Dad

 — He loved oral, both giving and receiving. by jaylicker48209/09/144.11

Lessons Ch. 01

 — Unusual family custom between father & daughter. by James_Brown11/04/064.19

Lessons Ch. 02

 — Family custom extends to include a niece. by James_Brown11/05/064.35

Lessons Ch. 03

 — Wife makes husband an offer too good to refuse. by James_Brown11/06/064.34

Lessons Ch. 04

 — The lessons continue outside of the family. by James_Brown11/07/064.43

Lessons Ch. 05

 — The threesome happens. by James_Brown11/13/064.47

Lessons Ch. 06

 — The second daughter turns eighteen. by James_Brown11/14/064.43

Lessons Ch. 07

 — A surprise request from a niece. by James_Brown11/15/064.42

Lessons For Katie 01

 — Katie gets more than a driving lesson by Thisandthat7204/08/144.41

Lessons for Katie 02

 — Katie continues her lessons by Thisandthat7204/09/144.61HOT

Lessons for Katie 03

 — Katie & I get a proper night alone. by Thisandthat7204/22/144.62HOT

Lessons for Katie 04

 — Katie & I the next morning. by Thisandthat7205/06/144.64HOT

Lessons for Katie 05

 — Katie & I on the last night before my wife returns. by Thisandthat7205/11/144.49

Lessons for Katie 06

 — Katie's & my encounter continues, before my wife gets home. by Thisandthat7206/07/144.62HOT

Lessons for Katie 07

 — Katie and I steal what time we can now my wife is home. by Thisandthat7206/29/144.67HOT

Lessons for Katie 08a

 — Katie & I get a holiday away together. by Thisandthat7211/09/144.73HOT

Lessons for Katie 08b

 — Katie's and my holiday away continue. by Thisandthat7201/04/154.67HOT

Lessons for Katie 09

 — I finally tell Katie my decision about us. by Thisandthat7201/19/154.71HOT

Lessons For Rob

 — Rob still gets lessons at home. by hal23502/18/094.32

Lessons from Daddy

 — Father teaches daughter about safe sex. by kinkyaugustacouple07/04/054.24

Lessons from My Cousin

 — Oh, the lessons I've learned from my cousin. by shadow_mynx04/02/184.65HOT

Lessons In Living Ch. 01

 — Bob comes home to a very different home than the one he left by BrettJ12/17/134.14

Lessons in Lust

 — Mom has a new ways to fulfil her husband's request. by indy_pop04/15/044.75HOT

Lessons in Observation

 — Surprise awaits when she notices her brother is growing up. by GeorgieH12/20/084.55HOT

Lessons in the Wild

 — Life lessons of an outcast, adoptive father and his daughter. by Devaslo05/09/174.43

Lessons Learned

 — Will Earl learn his lesson? Or learn to love his punishment? by brothaman02/04/053.89

Lessons Mom Taught

 — Mom teaches her son how to treat women. by HeyAll05/16/174.59HOT

Lessons My Granny Taught Me

 — She blew my mind and then other things. by coverofknight12/30/144.28

Lessons on Making Out

 — Nadia teaches younger brother how to kiss, and more. by VV_Valiant12/19/074.57HOT

Lessons with Mom Ch. 01

 — Sandra raises the idea of sex ed with her son. by bembamember12/24/133.82

Lessons: Young Wife Is Taught

 — She's taught the art of sex by her dad and hubby. by subFLmale11/01/034.39

Let Down Ch. 01

 — His date didn't satisfy him, but his sister will. by tromboner10/25/034.07

Let Me Be Daddy's Girl

 — Beth learns what it takes to be daddy's girl. by silent_muses11/18/014.28

Let Me Be Daddy's Girl Ch. 02

 — Beth meets her stepmother-to-be. by silent_muses12/22/024.44

Let Me Call You Kate

 — Grief leads to role-playing game between Raine & Da. by LadyCassolette07/14/074.13

Let Me Care For You, Darling!

 — When his wife left him, his mother stepped in. by parabolus04/09/104.36

Let Me Pose For You, Mom

 — College guy poses for artist mother & her friends. by ltmepoz4u11/06/064.35

Let Me See

 — Young man lends his body for examination. by Ed061308/17/134.44

Let Me, Daddy

 — Hello, Daddy. I'm so glad you're home. by Missydotnet09/04/113.81

Let the Adventure Begin

 — Off to war. But not until my sister takes my virginity. by Rmcknight06/30/174.11

Let the Good Times Roll!

 — Young man visits his auntie in Santa Cruz. by LeCoach01/20/114.48

Let the Lust Begin Ch. 01

 — The lustful family saga begins. by palacechief10/05/054.24

Let the Lust Begin Ch. 02

 — Mom gets scheming. by palacechief12/17/054.42

Let the Lust Begin Ch. 03

 — Mom and daughter begin the seduction. by palacechief04/25/064.26

Let the Lust Begin Ch. 04

 — Mom and daughter have secret fun with dad. by palacechief05/13/064.47

Let The Milk Flow

 — Ricky and his mother find relief. by __misty__07/14/084.35

Let's Get Out of Here

 — Gilly needs out but will he leave alone? by sinnerstories6908/14/113.77

Let's Make a Deal

 — Bookish sis tutors brother, and vice versa. by Brodosis10/15/004.57HOT

Let's Make a Deal

 — Brother makes deal with sister's boyfriend. by ppf12/14/004.34

Let's Make A Deal

 — Daddy doesn't want her to go. by -Sadie26-01/15/044.38

Let's Make a Deal

 — Son heading off to college and a worried mother's plan. by Frenchman08/26/094.43

Let's Make a Deal

 — Student goes home for spring break, makes deal with stepdad. by mistressdirrrt12/27/094.43

Let's Make a Deal

 — Horny college kid makes step-mom happy. by darrkmysticrayvn11/08/124.13

Let's Make a Deal Ch. 02

 — Mother's offer to trade sex for my education goes further! by Frenchman11/14/094.48

Let's Pretend

 — Loni gets another night intrusion. by Misschievous111/07/084.47

Let's Screw Our Sisters

 — Double-dating siblings have incestuous foursome. by Tattletale05/13/024.41

Let's Swap Moms

 — They bring new meaning to swapping. by Tattletale09/08/024.51HOT

Let's Twist Again

 — Alexis is back twisting and turning. by alexxxis06/24/124.72HOT

Letter from a Fool in Love

 — Son finds old desires now burn anew when he moves back home. by btraven09/09/024.17

Letter of Recommendation

 — A coworker's daughter asks him for help. by MikeParents10/04/164.45

Letter to Daddy

 — Daughter describes her erotic feelings for daddy. by NickiJean2809/30/044.36

Letters To His Mom

 —  Mother reads her son's story. by Mikelh04/19/024.37


 — Whatever this turned out to be by Carnal_Apple02/20/182.75

Lewd Fantasies

 — A sister seduces her brother into her fantasy. by ShamanicHarvest04/06/164.20

Lexi Classified Ch. 00

 — A sexual affair between a daughter and her father. by bellalisashy02/14/183.13

Lexi Classified Ch. 01

 — A sexual affair between a daughter and her father. by bellalisashy02/15/183.41

Lexi Classified Ch. 02

 — A sexual affair between a daughter and her father. by bellalisashy02/16/183.92

Lexi Classified Ch. 03

 — A sexual affair between a daughter and her father. by bellalisashy02/21/184.22

Lexi Classified Ch. 04

 — A sexual affair between a daughter and her father. by bellalisashy02/27/184.26

Lexi Classified Ch. 05

 — A sexual affair between a daughter and her father. by bellalisashy04/10/183.94

Lexi Is a True Mother Fucker

 — After catching her Mom with her panties, Lexi fucks her. by athletewriter703/19/09

Lexi Is a True Mother Fucker Ch. 02

 — It's Sarah's turn to make her daughter cum. by athletewriter704/04/09

Lexi's Diary

 — Dear Diary, I wanna fuck my daddy... by VanillaExtract02/10/144.59HOT

Lexi, aka Alexa

 — Betrayal brings a stepfather and stepdaughter together. by latin_lover12/22/154.73HOT

Lexie's Adventures

 — A wild girl at boarding school. by Mysteria2705/30/143.83

Lia's Graduation Day! Ch. 01

 — Lia and Sam set up their parents! by MyNameMayBeLucas01/22/144.01

Lia's Graduation Day! Ch. 02

 — Lia learns about Sam's past experiences with her father. by MyNameMayBeLucas01/29/144.20

Liam and His Porn Star Sister

 — Brother learns secret about his gorgeous younger sister. by surrealmadrid12/23/094.36

Liam's Story Ch. 07

 — Aunt Betty models her new lingerie. by mikke2004102/16/104.43

Liam's Story Ch. 09

 — Cousin Molly teaches Liam how to properly wash panties. by mikke2004104/25/104.16

Liar, Liar

 — Daughter submits to Daddy. by MacabelyYours01/02/094.19

Libby Succumbs to Temptation

 — Blackout starts family adventures for Libby. by Libby199301/02/144.38

Libby Succumbs to Temptation Ch. 02

 — Unable to resist, Libby takes charge by Libby199301/23/144.38

Liberated but Handcuffed

 — Sexually liberated mom is curious about son's kinks. by floaturboat04/08/114.62HOT

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