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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Lots of Family Fun

 — My step-daughter and her boyfriend's Mom. by easygoinguy07/22/094.41

Louisa's Lessons Ch. 01

 — Dad is not happy with Daughter. by Ilovemypants01/26/083.82

Louisa's Lessons Ch. 02

 — What has he done? by Ilovemypants02/02/083.83

Louisa's Lessons Ch. 03

 — What happens now? by Ilovemypants03/08/084.27

Louise's Nylon Slip Seduction

 — Mother and daughter get it together in shared slip fetish. by slipman201009/22/103.97

Louise's Treat

 — Louise shares her secret and her Daddy. by LouLouRayne12/24/134.34

Lourdes The Good Mom

 — Mom teaches sons how to jerk off. by Erica_Gasca09/20/074.44

Lousiana Lovin'

 — City boy gets Southern hospitality from sister. by T.G. Penmaster06/13/044.26

Love & Comfort Act 01

 — Mother lavishes needy son with love and lust. by Jimyfoxx06/11/164.37

Love & Comfort Act 02

 — Another adventure for now 19 yr. old son and sexy Mom. by Jimyfoxx06/22/164.50HOT

Love & Survival

 — Dad & daughter find healing through sexuality. by lenslord04/20/044.61HOT

Love Ain't Nothin' But Trouble Ch. 03

 — Sam's mother is added to the club. by SEVERUSMAX01/07/154.37

Love Always, Mom

 — Son kicked out into the cold; he returns and takes over. by clinton0901/13/113.93

Love and Desperation can lead to...

 — Hole in the wall helps her plan to keep them with her. by happenstance06/12/113.94

Love and Hate

 — Mike must protect his sister from his father...and himself? by imaguy02/12/093.82

Love and Memories

 — Mother and son come together on a cruise. by AgntSmth07/20/154.77HOT

Love and Obey

 — On a hot summer evening, her sister drops by. by Beauq07/22/08

Love and Release

 — Siblings discover the power of touch. by throughthetrees12/30/164.73HOT

Love Begins at 19

 — Sister approaches brother to explore physical relationship. by matthewbirch06/21/174.28

Love Between Cousins

 — Two cousins discover their true feelings for each other. by willhunter2606/19/084.45

Love Beyond All Bounds Ch. 04

 — Damien's family dynamic changes. by FinalStand05/25/124.71HOT

Love Beyond All Bounds Ch. 09

 — Power Plays; plus April come into her own. by FinalStand06/11/124.75HOT

Love Child

 — She discovers a secret. by jessy1908/18/044.57HOT

Love Children

 — Mom and dad show the way. by Orcaman4705/03/034.28

Love Comes in Strange Ways

 — He strives to make his mom feel better. by Evolutionary_Writer30409/01/154.09

Love Djinn Ch. 01

 — Jon finds a dusty old lamp that leads to a good time. by Zyxan09/28/164.36

Love Em, or Lose Em.

 — Husband learns that the OT has a draw back. by DAMND ONE11/24/022.87

Love For Her Dad Ch. 02

 — Dad has his way with daughter's friend. by Harrowborg08/30/034.44

Love For Her Dad Ch. 03

 — A moment of fun spoilt by shocking news. by Harrowborg11/06/034.34

Love For Her Mother

 — A girl meets her best friends mum at an art gallery. by Harrowborg04/14/034.44

Love For Her Mother Ch. 02

 — The 3 women question their sexuality. by Harrowborg04/21/034.26

Love For Mom & Sis

 — Son slips love drug to mom and sister. by sexpotsimy06/07/023.92

Love in Louisiana

 — Southern daughter finds love with mom. by TalliePA02/27/044.37

Love in the Step Family

 — Jo is introduced to step father & brother love. by deepemerald08/04/024.42

Love in the Time of Insanity Pt. 01

 — A Father & Daughter Have Sex in Wartime Tokyo (Revised). by Nils Huim12/20/174.07

Love in Unusual Places

 — An earthquake forces in-laws to a moment of recognition. by Athena_e1901/30/084.46

Love Incestuous

 — He fell for his Aunt... by Samuel_Wockhart12/08/114.00

Love Is Close to Home

 — A brother and sister find love. by snatch_licker12/08/104.53HOT

Love is No Sacrifice

 — Mother and son work to get son through college. by 1writer04/08/114.43

Love Is Where You Find It

 — A Mother and her Son re-connect after being apart. by MOUTHCOVERER09/05/104.20

Love Knows No Limits

 — Love can make strangers as partners or siblings as lovers. by Obsessive_Lesbian03/10/124.21

Love Letter

 — A teen's confession to his mother is brought up years later. by PanzerFeck08/12/174.58HOT

Love Letters

 — Letters lead to his sexual relationship with his mother. by parabolus01/20/044.36

Love Letters

 — Soft corner for brother-in-law earns his hard love. by kashmiraparmar10/10/133.76

Love Me Brothers

 — Two brothers find their mate; their shared mate. by littlemisswantsyou06/27/143.65

Love Me Rough, and Love Me Tender

 — Kaden's story. by nanosecond05/04/104.10

Love of a Mother

 — Mother and Son satisfy each other. by seth_wvny07/20/10

Love of a Mother

 — A son, a mother, and a mutual desire. by Xarth05/19/144.68HOT

Love of a Sister

 — Tom and his Sisters are alone for a weekend. by monak4u06/20/133.44

Love of All Things Natural

 — Mother vs Son sexual negotiations. by MrLurker09/12/11

Love of Music Ch. 01

 — In time of need, Corrine finds love in an unusual place. by soverysexxx01/22/083.70

Love Of My Daughter Ch. 01

 — She becomes infatuated with her daughter's nasty needs. by margaret_jenkins04/25/044.17

Love Of My Daughter Ch. 02

 — Confession and punishment. by margaret_jenkins06/10/044.41

Love of my Son

 — Mother gets surprised when son gifts her lingerie. by maria_hiddinks11/12/094.09

Love on a Summer Afternoon

 — A Mother and Daughter have a hot afternoon. by jchristopher09/23/094.39

Love on the Beach

 — A dad and daughter play in the waves and bedroom. by rjjtest105/03/154.13

Love on the Tracks

 — Siblings discover that they're meant for each other. by epiphany6507/02/094.57HOT

Love Online Ch. 1

 — She runs into her cousin in a chat room. by Arial56610/09/003.32

Love Online Ch. 2

 — Greg discovers another side of cousin Emily. by Arial56610/09/003.43

Love Online Ch. 3

 — Cousins plan to meet. by Arial56610/09/003.41

Love or Sex Ch. 01

 — Son recounts the first time he has sex with his mom. by fuzzybritches08/26/124.56HOT

Love or Sex Ch. 02

 — Mother and son further their relationship. by fuzzybritches09/02/124.53HOT

Love or Sex Ch. 03

 — Two months later the story progresses. by fuzzybritches09/18/124.50HOT

Love or Sex Ch. 04

 — Sara indulges in her son's fetish and learns she loves it too. by fuzzybritches03/30/134.56HOT

Love or Sex Ch. 05

 — Eric returns the favor by exploring his mother's fetish. by fuzzybritches11/19/144.63HOT

Love or Sex Ch. 06

 — Christmas in Paris and a new experience. by fuzzybritches04/24/154.65HOT

Love or Sex Ch. 07

 — Mommy has a panty fetish. by fuzzybritches05/29/154.36

Love Overcomes All

 — Young woman finds love with her cousin. by TheLadyWolf05/20/064.54HOT

Love Overcomes All Ch. 02

 — Cousins deal with family's rejection. by TheLadyWolf06/10/064.64HOT

Love Overdue Ch. 01

 — She loves him more now she's an adult. by Geelongslipper09/08/084.38

Love Overdue Ch. 02

 — Forbidden love is discovered. by Geelongslipper09/17/084.23

Love Potion

 — Brother couldn't understand why it was happening by axnt07/24/084.20

Love Seats

 — Gorgeous mom and son are forced to make sexy ad for dad. by clinton0906/11/114.12

Love Slave

 — He finds pics of his mom on the internet. by Marijke12/14/113.83

Love Sneaks Up

 — Keri finds comfort in unexpected place: her brother's arms. by epiphany6505/06/054.58HOT

Love So Pure

 — Hot incestuous love between daughter and grandfathers. by harrie196311/17/094.44

Love So Pure Ch. 02

 — Incestuous love between granddaughter & grandfathers. by harrie196309/20/114.26

Love Storm

 — Two Sisters Find Love On A stormy Night. by MarySymes08/11/134.28

Love Story Unfold

 — Exotic conversation between a father and a daughter. by Kylestyle11/22/163.96

Love Story Unfold Ch. 02

 — Father and daughter get used to their new relationship. by Kylestyle11/29/163.71

Love Temple

 — He plans to bed his widowed mother. by matharasi08/05/024.21

Love the Unexpected

 — A story of love between a brother and sister. by InnocentRespite08/26/084.47

Love Thy Family Ch. 01

 — An Indian family bonds together... by touchmate05/11/144.38

Love Thy Family Ch. 02

 — Aruna learns about pain & pleasure from her Uncle. by touchmate05/19/144.28

Love Thy Family Ch. 03

 — Mother decides to take care of her son. by touchmate05/30/144.44

Love Thy Family Ch. 05

 — Sekhar finds ultimate bliss with sister and mother. by touchmate07/13/144.56HOT

Love Thy Neighbors Wife & Daughter

 — Lending a helping hand to the neighbors. by gomets1309/23/084.37

Love Thy Uncle

 — Uncle watches niece while parents are away. by Queenie7711/16/024.20

Love Thy Uncle Ch. 02

 — Daddy wants some action too. by Queenie7711/27/024.48

Love Times Three

 — Keeley and her two brothers have a hot time together. by Indigirl02/15/124.49

Love Times Three Ch. 02

 — Max and Ad continue to enjoy Keeley's willing body. by Indigirl02/19/124.72HOT

Love Unexpected Ch. 01

 — Twin Brother and Sister spend summer together. by Raebrown02/05/153.82

Love vs. Hate

 — It's an emotional battle between a brother and sister. by kldude12/10/094.56HOT

Love Will Find a Way

 — Deceased husband has one more time with wife. by cptgreg10/15/064.54HOT

Love x Two Ch. 01

 — Sam and his beautiful mother show they're love. by Daniel542111/09/114.04

Love x Two Ch. 02

 — Sam and his mom have some fun. by Daniel542111/10/114.25

Love You More

 — His sister, a tent, and only one sleeping bag. by _a_friend_12/01/044.12

Love You So Much Aunt Betty

 — A story of love and hard sex with Aunt Betty. by latetocome11/10/044.18

Love You, Daddy! Ch. 01

 — My friend and I are worried about my widower father. by BiscuitHammer08/26/154.48

Love You, Daddy! Ch. 02

 — Karli and I put a plan in motion to seduce my father. by BiscuitHammer08/27/154.66HOT

Love You, Daddy! Ch. 03

 — Daddy is coming out his shell. He'll soon be mine! by BiscuitHammer08/28/154.69HOT

Love You, Daddy! Ch. 04

 — Will all Karli's and my hard work pay off finally? by BiscuitHammer08/30/154.83HOT

Love's Triangle

 — Mother & daughter plot to seduce Andy. by RakenHoe02/14/013.86

Love's Victims

 — A family in love. by cruelwarrior12/25/024.04

Love's Victims Ch. 02

 — Family's love continues. by cruelwarrior01/16/034.09

Love, Lust & Family Pt. 01: Discovery

 — Josh Discovers His Girlfriends Sexual Past and Present. by thebritishbulldog07/31/164.61HOT

Love, Lust & Family Pt. 02: Embrace

 — Josh embraces the open sexuality of her family. by thebritishbulldog08/07/164.57HOT

Love, Lust & Family Pt. 04: Refound

 — Josh reminds the romance with Mariah. by thebritishbulldog10/21/174.49

Love, Lust & Family Pt. 05: Party

 — Josh and the family celebrate their holiday. by thebritishbulldog11/15/174.36

Love, Lust, and Incest

 — Mother finds an old friend to love along with her sons. by HoneyDewall09/20/024.45

Love, Pity, Forbidden, Lust Ch. 01

 — A niece's love for her uncle extends beyond it. by ulath7703/13/154.39

Love, Pity, Forbidden, Lust Ch. 02

 — The aftermath. by ulath7703/14/154.00

Love, Sex, and Stuff

 — Jennifer discovers a familiar road beyond the hedge. by prostation07/15/094.19

Loveless Nights Ch. 01

 — A mother rekindles her love for her son. by WandererOfThePlains07/11/134.07


 — LoveLock promises to keep your family in good—or any—shape. by adamlily197210/28/173.34

Lovely Auntie Ch. 09

 — Building new relations. by erosdon11/03/134.25

Lovely Auntie Ch. 12

 — Drawing some rules. by erosdon03/28/143.90

Lovely Auntie Ch. 14

 — Milkman. by erosdon12/16/144.14

Lovely Auntie Ch. 16

 — Revisiting. by erosdon02/26/164.46

Lovely Lilly

 — Dysfunction, cheating, revenge - all lead her to her son. by tw_holt01/24/154.24

Lovely Siblings

 — Passion erupts between brother and sister. by happypsycho06/07/014.44

Lover Beware Ch. 04

 —  by HunterShambles04/05/144.36

Lover Beware Ch. 05

 — The conclusion of our story... for now. by HunterShambles04/24/144.32

Lover's Secret Ch. 01

 — Who knew the same thoughts would lead to a hot evening? by PariahFortune02/18/094.35

Lovers and Sluts

 — Best friend's plan to bed their mothers end in much more. by nabisco02/07/124.62HOT

Lovers Ch. 01

 — Siblings James and Taylor discover their love. by Daniel542110/23/113.92

Lovers Ch. 02

 — James and Taylor take a big step. by Daniel542110/24/114.14

Lovers Ch. 03

 — James and Taylor announce their love. by Daniel542110/25/114.21

Lovers Ch. 04

 — James,Mom,And Taylor grow a love trio. by Daniel542110/26/114.15

Lovers Ch. 05

 — James, Taylor, and Catherine are ready to move. by Daniel542110/29/114.30

Lovers Ch. 06

 — The baby is on the way. by Daniel542111/03/114.34

Lovers Ch. 07

 — The baby is born. by Daniel542111/10/114.37

Lovers Reunion Pt. 01

 — Two Cousins remember their first time together. by StalwartExplorer04/05/164.50HOT

Lovers, Soulmates, Cousins Ch. 01

 — Cousins discover love over the summer. by Professorchase1307/30/144.37

Lovers, Soulmates, Cousins Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2: A statement, a sniffle and a retraction. by Professorchase1308/07/144.61HOT

Lovers, Soulmates, Cousins Ch. 03

 — Chapter 3: Michigan and the glorious final days of summer by Professorchase1308/14/144.21

Lovers: Mother, Daughter, Aunt

 — She visits Aunt Peg. by Tawny T07/17/004.73HOT

Loves of My Life

 — A young man's girlfriend brings him and his mother together. by shiloend02/27/174.69HOT

Loves Older Women

 — Young man likes older ladies - including his mother. by Sable134710/25/074.34

Loving Amy

 — A father and daughter explore a new relationship. by AnneSerie11/10/034.60HOT

Loving Amy Ch. 02

 — The anniversary; a secret exposed. by AnneSerie11/18/034.67HOT

Loving Arlene

 — Author's sister turns out to be most ardent fan. by Uncle Bert07/25/034.59HOT

Loving Aunt and Mom

 — Giovanni gets to fuck his Aunt Valerie. by LowkeyGood06/30/174.32

Loving Aunt and Mom Ch. 02

 — Giovanni and his Aunt continue. by LowkeyGood07/06/174.52HOT

Loving Aunt Liz

 — A compromising position leads to an incestuous encounter. by Big Gunz01/02/084.46

Loving Bobbie Ch. 1

 — Small family discovers & shares physical love. by Justin_Thyme04/05/024.62HOT

Loving Bobbie Ch. 2

 — Family physical love reaches for Cousin's family. by Justin_Thyme04/06/024.61HOT

Loving Bobbie Ch. 3

 — Bobbie's & Cousin Jim's families get together. by Justin_Thyme04/07/024.70HOT

Loving Bobbie Ch. 4

 — Bobbie continues loving & being loved. by Justin_Thyme04/12/024.70HOT

Loving Bobbie Ch. 5

 — Bobbie, her mother, & aunt get it on. by Justin_Thyme04/13/024.59HOT

Loving Brother Ch. 01

 — Brothers teasing leads to interesting discovery. by TxRad01/31/154.59HOT

Loving Brother Ch. 02

 — The bet is won and Cal pays off in more ways than one. by TxRad02/05/154.62HOT

Loving Brother Ch. 03

 — Terry gets it in the end. by TxRad02/11/154.66HOT

Loving Cousins

 — Old feelings linger. by darlingguy201/16/064.08

Loving Daddy

 — A horny daughter entices her father to her bedroom. by DoorX08/17/014.37

Loving Daddy

 — Dad gets two sex daughters. by L.A. Wicker11/15/034.57HOT

Loving Daddy

 — She's Daddy's angel, but she wants to be so much more. by ladyphoenix12/01/024.63HOT

Loving Daughters

 — Cheating wife sends husband into his daughters' lives. by brianelane09/02/014.38

Loving Family Ch. 01

 — She gets a birthday surprise. by slutbunny04/28/034.44

Loving Family Ch. 02

 — She invites a friend. by slutbunny05/05/034.59HOT

Loving Family Ch. 03

 — More is more fun. by slutbunny05/18/034.55HOT

Loving Grandma

 — Grandson & Grandma find love with each other. by SpankerSam07/30/084.49

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