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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Making Good Friends

 — Christa discovers herself. by KaosBound7910/20/043.74

Making Gramps' Dreams Cum True

 — Granddaughter Marie fulfills her gramp's dreams. by ADOM02/28/084.27

Making Gramps' Dreams Cum True Ch. 02

 — Gramps shows Marie Literotica, she brings Megan for a threesome. by ADOM03/04/084.45

Making Gramps' Dreams Cum True Ch. 03

 — A second granddaughter wants to join in. by ADOM04/04/084.43

Making Gramps' Dreams Cum True Ch. 04

 — Granpa John's buddy joins in the family fun. by ADOM04/04/094.34

Making it with Gram Ch. 1

 — College guy loves Gramma, & plots to seduce Mom. by RakenHoe05/22/014.31

Making it Work

 — Dad's suspicions accidentally push siblings together. by Xarth11/05/114.54HOT

Making Love In the Pouring Rain

 — Brian keeps his hot aunt company. by Desperado02/11/013.75

Making Love to My Daughter

 — Daddy knew it was wrong but was unable to resist. by MisterReason04/05/104.27

Making Love to My Mother

 — College guy satiates sexually-starved mom. by kestl12/17/054.22

Making Me Complete

 — Siblings discover there's only one person they can trust. by LaGazzaLadra08/06/154.45

Making Mom

 — Middle-aged incest with mother well worth the wait. by handlewithcare12/12/064.20

Making Mom a Whore

 — Caleb and his friends turn his mother into their slave! by sexy_mama_0906/08/144.00

Making Mom Ch. 01

 — She couldn't keep her secret. by cassandrafoxx11/28/113.67

Making Mom Ch. 02

 — Made To Order. by cassandrafoxx01/21/144.16

Making Mom Happy

 — Mom lives out fantasy with her son. by johnnymindcrime09/08/044.14

Making Mom Happy

 — A son does anything he can to make his mother happy. by CassidyCaine08/25/144.54HOT

Making Mom Happy Ch. 01

 — He discovers what sex is all about through his parents. by palacechief07/26/054.04

Making Mom Happy Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by palacechief07/27/054.11

Making Mom Happy Ch. 03

 — Things hot up, in more ways than one. by palacechief08/06/054.24

Making Mom Happy Ch. 04

 — Mom and dad finally break the ice. by palacechief08/07/054.51HOT

Making Mom Happy Ch. 05

 — The fun continues, and dad joins in. by palacechief08/17/054.55HOT

Making Mom Happy Ch. 06

 — Lessons in lust continue. by palacechief10/13/054.52HOT

Making Mom Happy Ch. 07

 — Son discovers a new way to wake up in the morning. by palacechief12/05/054.43

Making Mom Happy Ch. 08

 — Mom gets a different first course for dinner. by palacechief01/24/064.51HOT

Making Mom Happy Ch. 09

 — Son satisfies a particular craving. by palacechief01/31/064.53HOT

Making Mom Happy Ch. 10

 — Mom, Dad & son settle into their new lifestyle. by palacechief05/17/064.47

Making Mom Love My Strap-On

 — Mom learns a lesson for dressing slutty. by Sexy Tanya09/30/034.31

Making Mom Love My Strap-On Ch. 01

 — She trains mom to service her. by Sexy Tanya12/20/034.40

Making Mom Love My Strap-On Ch. 02

 — She makes sure mother submits. by Sexy Tanya01/15/044.45

Making Mom Mine

 — Son and Mother are out on the town. by jackiedeville03/04/154.27

Making Mom Mine!

 — He seduces his mom after finding her masurbating. by SpankerSam12/29/044.33

Making Mom Mine! Ch. 02

 — Mom knows about Sam and his sister. by SpankerSam08/16/054.38

Making Mom My Slut

 — College student discovers mom's secret desire. by gypsee09/13/044.22

Making Mom My Slut Ch. 02

 — Son takes charge of mom. by gypsee11/01/044.37

Making Mom My Slut Ch. 03

 — He'd left mom all tied up. by gypsee03/17/054.31

Making Momma Pregnant

 — She seduces son in order to get pregnant. by piekna06/02/044.23

Making Mommy Cum with Friend's Help

 — Son convinces mother to have threesome with his best friend! by Kazuhira03/31/184.23

Making Mommy Mine

 — A son hooked on MILFs seduces the ultimate MILF: his mom. by silkstockingslover01/26/114.62HOT

Making Mommy Mine

 — Mommy after Divorce: the beginning of my love affair with mom. by TabooDesires0903/08/134.20

Making Mommy Mine Ch. 02

 — A hot threesome with his mom and her best friend. by silkstockingslover06/09/114.54HOT

Making Mother My slut

 — Making my mother my slut and submissive. by dickpounder7310/18/144.51HOT

Making Mother My Slut Pt. 02

 — My story continues. by dickpounder7310/23/144.56HOT

Making Mother My Slut Pt. 03

 — Busting Sister and Father as the story continues. by dickpounder7311/02/144.58HOT

Making Mother My Slut Pt. 04

 — Bringing my wife in the fold. by dickpounder7311/28/144.62HOT

Making My Mother Pregnant

 — A passionate son comes to terms with his lifelong ambition. by Endless_Love06/18/104.61HOT

Making My Niece Cry Uncle Ch. 01

 — Niece sees uncle naked and returns the favor. by AllSoTwisted01/28/094.38

Making My Niece Cry Uncle Ch. 02

 — Niece gives her first blowjob. by AllSoTwisted01/30/094.43

Making My Niece Cry Uncle Ch. 03

 — Uncle explores niece with his mouth. by AllSoTwisted02/04/094.55HOT

Making My Niece Cry Uncle Ch. 04

 — Consummation of the relationship. by AllSoTwisted02/08/094.64HOT

Making My Point

 — Son saves his mom and her friends, then 'cashes in'. by clinton0907/17/11

Making Out With Mom

 — He gets to know his mother REALLY well. by chunks07/09/064.62HOT

Making Porn: A Mom & Son LUST Story

 — After Mom gets caught masturbating, Mom & Son make a porno. by silkstockingslover03/01/164.75HOT

Making Room for the Art

 — What happens when my nephew and I share a crowded back seat. by MaryAnderson06/28/164.58HOT

Making the Best of It

 — Older sister gives her brother a good bye present. by Series 612/02/134.49

Making the Grade

 — Stepdaughter's joy reveals forbidden attraction. by wantonlust02/11/104.20

Making the Grade Ch. 02

 — Ashley tells the story this time. by wantonlust02/26/104.30

Making The Grade in Biology Ch. 03

 — Biology studies – Mother-in-law takes care of the boys. by alan5510/20/114.41

Making the MILF List Ch. 01

 — Five guys decide to fuck their mothers. by Contrasting08/25/124.29

Making the MILF List Ch. 03

 — MILF #2, It's Mrs Wills turn and Sonny's Mom is watching! by Contrasting08/27/124.72HOT

Making the MILF List Ch. 04

 — MILF #3-4: Mrs. Honeywell, Mom and a surprise bonus pussy. by Contrasting08/28/124.74HOT

Making the Most of It

 — Jessica spends some quality time with cousin. by JosephBarnosky01/12/124.09

Making the Most of It Some More

 — Jessica can't get enough of her cousin. by JosephBarnosky01/13/124.04

Making Their Baby

 — Dad helps to make daughter-in-law pregnant. by SpankerSam08/08/124.50HOT

Making Up with Mom

 — Mother and son don't get along. by stevie362412/09/084.56HOT

Making Yasmini My Slut

 — How I made my Indian sister-n-law my slut. by Ridemypole04/08/134.42

Making Yasmini My Slut Ch. 02

 — Part of how I made my Indian sister-n-law my slut. by Ridemypole04/17/134.58HOT

Mala and Her Family

 — Mala is seduced by her dad Raja & her amma. by santhi02/04/064.14

Malcolm's Fantastic Life

 — Malcolm's life takes a turn for the best! by Moyshas07/01/174.38

Malka & Baruch Ch. 01

 — My son gets a PhD and becomes my hero! by Tarbut05/29/113.51

Mall Madness

 — 18-year old Katrina and mom surprise store patron. by slitlicker6901/28/084.34


 — He finally submits to his sister. by Carack_in06/09/094.40

Mama and Slut Pt. 01

 — Japanese Mother drinks my cum from daughter's pussy. by devlintatsu04/25/163.67

Mama Didn't Mean To Spy

 — Son enjoys older women, especially his mother. by MinnieDriverFan10/12/014.36

Mama Fucks Son In Law

 — She wants daughter to be a virgin on her wedding day. by moonkisser02/04/063.54

Mama Love Club

 — On a trip to Japan mom and son visit a special club. by fictitious12/14/124.51HOT

Mama Pt. 01

 — Mother wants what her headstrong daughter's been getting. by TheJess09/27/144.43

Mama Pt. 02

 — Mother wants to help her daughter become a woman. by TheJess10/01/144.42

Mama Pt. 03

 — Mother reveals a deep family secret, and a way forward. by TheJess10/21/144.18

Mama Pt. 04

 — Mother helps daughter take her well-endowed boyfriend. by TheJess11/27/144.35

Mama Pt. 05

 — Mother's rewarded after daughter and boyfriend do anal. by TheJess01/05/154.47

Mama Stops the Hurt

 — Mama and son story. by Momstheboss10/01/154.42

Mama That Feels So Good Ch. 01

 — This is a conversation story that is very well explanatory. by SoNaughty08/30/163.37

Mama Told Me Ch. 2

 — Dad discovers Justine's lesbian affair. by Bill Smith11/25/004.08

Mama Told Me Ch. 3

 — Susan & Justine seduce dad. by Bill Smith11/25/004.15

Mama's Big Boy

 — Coming home to mama for the last time. by mamaschamp11/03/123.88

Mama's Boy

 — Mom and sis visit his fraternity. by BV1708/16/004.15

Mama's Boy

 — Mother moves in with son. by DJ5503/07/134.56HOT

Mama's Boy

 — An alcoholics wife finds more than comfort in her son's arms. by lovecraft6807/19/124.48

Mama's Boy

 — An Asian takes advantage of her son's Oedipus complex. by MawrGorshin07/06/133.42

Mama's Little Girl

 — Shauna gets a gift from her mother. by capnhook072210/08/144.12

Mama's Naughty Boy

 — Peeping Mom. by riganut08/28/074.48


 — Mother and Son go on Vacation to Blow off a Little Steam. by nolimitstoryteller08/22/163.57

Mamma Billie's Bitch Pt. 01

 — She helps him out of a jam, but her help comes at a price. by ilovemymommy06/19/153.93

Mamma Billie's Bitch Pt. 02

 — His degradation at the hands of his grandmother continues. by ilovemymommy06/23/154.01

Mamma Billie's Bitch Pt. 03

 — His grandmother humiliates him at a family party. by ilovemymommy06/30/153.96

Mamma Billie's Bitch Pt. 04

 — His grandmother takes her place as head of the family. by ilovemymommy07/05/154.28

Mamma Mia

 — Home from college, he gets surprise from Mom. by oedipusrex11/13/044.20

Mamma Mia - A Tale of Two Mommies

 — Continuing adventures of Mia and Tommy. by ppeaks4210/14/174.47

Mamma Mia - Hung

 — Continuing adventures of Mia and Tommy. by ppeaks4207/23/174.31

Mamma Mia - Introduction

 — Hot stepmother launches choose your own adventure sexcapade! by ppeaks4206/22/174.25

Mamma Mia Ch. 02

 — Son surprises mom with his plan. by oedipusrex01/22/054.35

Man & His Boy Ch. 1

 — Father takes his son to LA for his 18th birthday. by product11/05/014.08

Man Of My Dreams

 — Car accident leaves her twin disfigured. by jessy1902/22/044.58HOT

Man Of My Dreams Ch. 02

 — Brother takes sister to the prom. by jessy1904/04/044.64HOT

Man Of My Dreams: Love Revealed

 — Siblings confess their love to parents. by jessy1906/24/044.67HOT

Man of the Family Ch. 01

 — Well hung young man learns it is not a curse to be huge. by dezurtdawg03/15/114.64HOT

Man of the Family Ch. 02

 — Well hung stud learns more pleasures of having huge cock. by dezurtdawg03/21/114.73HOT

Man Of The House

 — Justin gets it all. by ANNE24010/20/044.74HOT

Man of the House

 — Mother, son and daughter. by lancer6908/22/074.66HOT

Man of the House

 — A son takes charge of his sister and then his mom. by SpankerSam08/08/124.13

Man of the House

 — Cory protects his family and is rewarded by clearwinston01/22/134.63HOT

Man of the House

 — Son stakes his claim. by Demented10111/11/124.04

Man of the House

 — Husband and wife bisexual life with inlaws. by cuckoldmojo03/20/133.91

Man of the House

 — Peyton shows Mom who the boss is. by Sanzamour01/30/144.07

Man Of The House

 — A new family hierarchy. by billwells105/31/144.20

Man of the House

 — The son takes over. by standingstones11/11/144.33

Man of the House

 — Dominant son claims mother. by haloslipping97307/05/154.37

Man of the House Ch. 01

 — Jacob Alister gets romantic with his mom and sister. by laserchief07/31/174.23

Man of the House Ch. 01: Almost Home

 — Mother and Son's Flirtation. by Sliven01/31/183.95

Man of the House Ch. 02

 — Cory and Erin expand their horizons. by clearwinston02/25/134.72HOT

Man of the House Ch. 02

 — Story of a couple and their inlaws. by cuckoldmojo03/22/133.74

Man Of The House Ch. 02

 — Mom learns her role. by billwells107/03/144.34

Man of the House Ch. 02

 — Jacob decides what to do with his feelings for Cassandra. by laserchief08/02/174.34

Man of the House Ch. 02

 — Gabrielle wants to help me teach mother a my bed. by Sanzamour01/04/184.42

Man of the House Ch. 02: Homecoming

 — Son home from college and mom. by Sliven02/01/183.91

Man of the House Ch. 03

 — Cory and Erin take the day off. by clearwinston03/23/134.74HOT

Man of the House Ch. 03

 — Inlaws break in their new sissy. by cuckoldmojo03/28/133.88

Man Of The House Ch. 03

 — Mom welcomes her new position. by billwells107/09/144.44

Man of the House Ch. 03

 — Jacob takes his family out, but Cassandra teases him. by laserchief08/07/174.34

Man of the House Ch. 03: Dreams

 — Son home from college dreams about his mother. by Sliven02/03/183.87

Man of the House Ch. 04

 — Mom is finally free to join in the fun. by clearwinston05/03/134.80HOT

Man Of The House Ch. 04

 — Mother enlists daughter. by billwells107/20/144.45

Man of the House Ch. 04

 — Jacob is confronted by his mom. Also a nice family picnic. by laserchief08/08/174.51HOT

Man Of The House Ch. 05

 — ...and sister makes three. by billwells109/15/144.47

Man of the House Ch. 05

 — Cory's first date and the family spends the day together. by clearwinston08/06/134.77HOT

Man of the House Ch. 06

 — Cory makes up for lost time. by clearwinston09/19/134.76HOT

Man Of The House Ch. 06

 — Michael hatches a plan. by billwells110/21/144.35

Man of the House Ch. 07

 — Thomas and the ladies play catch-up by clearwinston10/01/134.80HOT

Man Of The House Ch. 07

 — The Game. by billwells111/01/144.43

Man of the House Ch. 08

 — The family secures their relationship. by clearwinston11/06/134.75HOT

Man of the House Ch. 09

 — Everyone celebrates Erin's birthday. by clearwinston12/11/134.75HOT

Man of the House Ch. 10

 — Cory makes a decision and the story concludes. by clearwinston01/08/144.69HOT

Man Of The House Takes Control

 — He finally takes his Mom and sister at once. by standingstones10/24/164.22

Man Up Bro!

 — A little sister coaxing the beast out of her brother. by Sean Renaud08/26/093.78

Manda Ch. 1

 — Bad girl is sent to stay with dad's brother. by Patrick09/01/004.50HOT

Manda Ch. 2

 — Uncle David & Auntie Jenny take Manda in hand. by Patrick09/04/004.65HOT

Manda, You Slut!

 — Roommate gets uncle first, but offers to share. by BillyBobJoeEd08/02/034.47


 — My cum slut daughter in law calls me Daddy. by ItsMe194902/13/093.97

Mandy & Lauren Transformed

 — Mom & daughter lose their inhibitions. by Lion2465510/28/044.45

Mandy & Mikey

 — Mandy's peeking leads to more with her brother. by michael1k07/12/094.19

Mandy Always Gets Her Way

 — After catching Daddy, Mandy gets the best birthday present. by HotEroti1308/17/12

Mandy and Her Father Ch. 01

 — Mandy suddenly feels horny and then remembers her Daddy. by OVERLAND01/21/104.44

Mandy and Her Father Ch. 02

 — Mandy's got the itch for her father again. Helen too. by OVERLAND03/22/104.48

Mandy and Me Ch. 01

 — A story of a sister's sex and teasing of her younger brother. by Brian69001/22/094.07

Mandy and Me Ch. 01

 — Introductions and the Beginnings of Seduction. by SSW_105011/02/164.69HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 02

 — The continuing story of a sister and brother. by Brian69002/20/094.25

Mandy and Me Ch. 02

 — Seduction and Bad News. by SSW_105011/04/164.68HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 03

 — The continuing story of Mandy and Brian, now with mom. by Brian69002/10/094.21

Mandy and Me Ch. 03

 — Plans Made and Changed. by SSW_105011/18/164.79HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 04

 — Brian and Mandy's mom get in the act, big time. by Brian69002/25/094.20

Mandy and Me Ch. 04

 — A Change in Plans and Coming Together. by SSW_105012/04/164.77HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 05

 — Camping Together and an Unexpected Move. by SSW_105012/26/164.81HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 06

 — Welcome to Married Life and a Surprise. by SSW_105001/11/174.78HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 07

 — Family Life, Business Life. by SSW_105001/21/174.82HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 08

 — A Marriage Ends. by SSW_105002/13/174.82HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 09

 — Coming Home and Planning a Surprise. by SSW_105003/01/174.81HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 10

 — Christmas Celebrations and Family Togetherness. by SSW_105003/16/174.82HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 11

 — Revelations. by SSW_105003/29/174.82HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 12

 — A Disclosure, a Seduction, and Possibilities. by SSW_105004/25/174.84HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 13

 — A New Arrival and a Late Gift. by SSW_105005/17/174.85HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 14

 — Renewed Hope, a Disclosure, and Possibilities. by SSW_105006/14/174.84HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 15

 — A Resolution, An Explanation, and a Promise. by SSW_105007/01/174.83HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 16

 — New Beginnings, Old Friends, and a First Time. by SSW_105007/22/174.85HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 17

 — A gift to paradise and renewing old friendships. by SSW_105008/16/174.83HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 18

 — Plans, Another Wedding, and a Shocking Surprise. by SSW_105009/18/174.85HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 19

 — Prelude to Paradise. by SSW_105010/14/174.80HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 20

 — An idyllic adventure begins. by SSW_105011/17/174.69HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 21

 — The Adventure Continues (The Night of April Foolin' Around). by SSW_105012/07/174.62HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 22

 — The Windup and Return. by SSW_105001/12/184.79HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 23

 — Back to the Grind. by SSW_105002/22/184.81HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 24

 — A Storm Brews. by SSW_105004/15/184.76HOT

Mandy and Me Ch. 25

 — The Storm Continues. by SSW_105005/25/184.79HOT

Mandy Blows Her Dad

 — Gloryhole in the living room floor. by The Needler08/20/124.08

Mandy Can Fuck Dad

 — Coming upstairs to make him happy. by The Needler08/25/124.36

Mandy Comes to Visit

 — Sexy niece tempts horny uncle. by Texas Tom11/14/004.08

Mandy Comes To Visit

 — Abused niece moves in with her sexy uncle. by L.A. Wicker09/04/024.47

Mandy Does More Than Ever

 — Mom joins the fun. by The Needler08/25/124.42

Mandy Gets a Shower

 — Teasing daughter gets soaked by Daddy. by not-t-dad02/17/014.41

Mandy The Nymphomanic

 — She aches to screw her older brother. by chocoate_ice03/08/044.22

Mandy's Brother

 — Sibling will play while parents are away. by JoannaF05/03/054.43

Mandy's Brother Ch. 02

 — Incest plus a friend. by JoannaF06/04/054.52HOT

Mandy's Halloween Suck or Treat

 — Mandy likes to give blowjobs; will dad get one too? by sethp08/01/064.44

Mandy's Halloween Suck or Treat Ch. 02

 — Mandy's grandfather join's the fun by sethp08/09/064.54HOT

Mandy's Halloween Suck or Treat Ch. 03

 — Mandy's grandmother joins in the fun. by sethp08/22/064.57HOT

Mandy's Lover

 — Mandy finally gets her man, & a shocking surprise. by Mandy M10/09/024.11

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