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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Mom's Prom

 — Siblings help make up for the prom Mom missed. by Smooch10/27/014.25

Mom's Queen Sized Bed

 — Son and mother story. by Momstheboss08/21/144.24

Mom's Reality

 — Son & mom story. by Momstheboss06/17/143.82

Mom's Red Bikini

 — Rob catches his mom sleeping. by lovesmymother11/03/054.22

Mom's Red Bikini

 — Matt fucks his sister while thinking about his mother. by 69flowers04/03/124.37

Mom's Red Bikini Ch. 02

 — His mother is wilder than he imagined. by 69flowers04/04/124.50HOT

Mom's Red Bikini Ch. 03

 — Mom can't say no. by 69flowers04/09/124.48

Mom's Road to Recovery

 — Son tries to support Mom after an extended kidnapping! by Ahabscribe11/12/114.71HOT

Mom's Roommate

 — After her husband's accident, Kristen's son shares his room. by klrxo11/23/114.57HOT

Mom's Roommate & More

 — Garrett and Kristen enjoy a day with Aunt Misty. by klrxo03/26/144.71HOT

Mom's Second Chance

 — Mom's fun in sun turns to son's fun in Mom. by LesLumens08/24/124.60HOT

Mom's Secret

 — A loving mother and so much more. by Wannabe Chick08/25/044.43

Mom's Secret

 — Outwardly conservative, secretly a slut. by 69flowers11/29/114.29

Mom's Secret Ch. 02

 — The morning after for mother & son. by Wannabe Chick12/26/044.58HOT

Mom's Secret Ch. 02

 — We both keep the secret. by 69flowers12/06/114.49

Mom's Secret Ch. 03

 — Son repays the favor. by Wannabe Chick01/07/054.63HOT

Mom's Secret Ch. 04

 — Mother and son cross the final barrier. by Wannabe Chick10/30/054.67HOT

Mom's Secret Life

 — She's a stripper and a whore, but I love her, no matter what. by jack_straw03/31/054.76HOT

Mom's Seduction

 — Mom uses her charms to entice her son. by racerex06/22/084.03

Mom's Sexy Feet

 — Mom teases her son after her discovery. by racerex10/22/074.56HOT

Mom's Sexy Feet and More Ch. 01

 — Son has the best day with his Mom when she's home from work. by YoungStud2301/25/114.39

Mom's Sexy Feet and More Ch. 02

 — Son and Mom go to the movies and have some fun... by YoungStud2302/02/114.48

Mom's Sexy Feet and More Ch. 03

 — Mother and Son enjoy the morning together. by YoungStud2301/27/134.46

Mom's Significant Other

 — Mother and Son become lovers. by Doug68903/08/154.53HOT

Mom's Sis Pleases Me

 — Nephew has a nice time with his aunt. by sunnyboyz10/06/023.96

Mom's Sleeping Pill

 — Mom helps son with insomnia; son helps Mom. by banana_popsicle09/22/084.33

Mom's Slippery Slope

 — Progressive humping leads down Mom's slippery mound! by oediplex12/12/144.45

Mom's So Hot!

 — When a guy's been shut off, passions erupts. by ffarkus10/06/034.74HOT

Mom's So Hot! Pt. 02

 — Things turn in an interesting direction. by ffarkus11/17/034.68HOT

Mom's So Hot! Pt. 03

 — Mom can't fight her sexual urges. by ffarkus02/24/044.57HOT

Mom's So Hot! Pt. 04

 — Family gathers with explosive results. by ffarkus03/30/044.60HOT

Mom's So Hot! Pt. 05

 — Sexual activity takes on a new level. by ffarkus06/01/044.52HOT

Mom's So Hot! Pt. 06

 — The home fires keep burning. by ffarkus08/14/044.31

Mom's So Hot! Pt. 07

 — Surpressed desires erupt. by ffarkus01/08/054.55HOT

Mom's So Hot! Pt. 08

 — Conclusion: things have a way of working out. by ffarkus08/11/054.46

Mom's Soft Wares

 — Mom's business trip with son turns to pleasure. by storytim24k05/20/024.49

Mom's Son Ch. 02

 — His mother needs him to nurse. by harrypotter_rod08/04/064.36

Mom's Son Ch. 03

 — He needs mom's orifice, too. by harrypotter_rod08/05/064.43

Mom's Special Christmas Present

 — Jake gives his busty mom just what she needs for Christmas. by rmdexter12/21/144.54HOT

Mom's Special Helper

 — Cathy learns about sex. by West191902/28/134.37

Mom's Special Request

 — Mom makes a very special request of Ciara. by sexybbw197105/21/134.25

Mom's Special Wedding - End

 — Sherrie, Don & Robbie enjoy their "wedding" night by SlyFox12/23/014.47

Mom's Special Wedding Ch. 1

 — Mom seduces Marine son on wedding day. by SlyFox12/18/014.06

Mom's Special Wedding Ch. 2

 — Sherri gets it on with her handsome, Marine son. by SlyFox12/18/014.44

Mom's Special Wedding Ch. 3

 — Sherri, Don & Robbie leave on honeymoon by SlyFox12/20/014.09

Mom's Special Wedding Ch. 4

 — Sherri, Don & Robbie head off to Incest Island. by SlyFox12/21/014.34

Mom's Stocking Stuffer

 — Mom's stockings inspire son's Christmas stuffing. by LesLumens12/02/114.64HOT

Mom's Stolen Panties

 — A mom wonders where her panties have went to. by LanaBanana04/22/124.27

Mom's Surprise Present

 — She gets more than she ever dreamed of on her birthday. by smut_princess11/09/024.24

Mom's Tale

 — One mother's experiences (ahem) with her son. by 1naughtymom12/26/104.16

Mom's Tan Lines

 — A son helps mom even her tan. by blaster66601/21/144.56HOT

Mom's Taylor Made Dilemma

 — He makes a decision for both of them. by __misty__07/27/074.65HOT

Mom's Taylor Made Dilemma Ch. 02

 — Somebody's watching them. by __misty__08/04/074.59HOT

Mom's Taylor Made Dilemma Ch. 03

 — They come together as a family. by __misty__08/15/074.41

Mom's The Best

 — Mike caught mom with a BBC in her ass and helps out! by kebbyman06/30/114.10

Mom's the Mascot Ch. 02

 — The Neighbors Too! by The_Soldier_in_White10/18/114.44

Mom's the Mascot Ch. 03

 — The Frat House Mom. by The_Soldier_in_White10/19/114.41

Mom's the Mascot Ch. 04

 — Her Son. by The_Soldier_in_White10/20/114.45

Mom's Thong

 — A surprise waits for a son returning. by innyuendo04/13/114.55HOT

Mom's Thong Ch. 02

 — Mom and son wash off together. by innyuendo06/19/114.55HOT

Mom's Tied Up Ch. 01

 — Returning home, Steve got a surprise! by MrJDoe10/16/084.30

Mom's Tied Up Ch. 02

 — Steve takes the next step. by MrJDoe10/21/084.48

Mom's Tied Up Ch. 03

 — Another line is crossed between mom and son. by MrJDoe10/30/084.49

Mom's Tied Up Ch. 04

 — Steve and his mom start a new path. by MrJDoe12/04/084.51HOT

Mom's Time

 — Son gives it to Mom for her time. by tennisbum10/04/013.94

Mom's Time Ch. 2

 — Mom wonders what she's doing. by tennisbum10/08/014.04

Mom's Time To Enjoy

 — Newly divorced mom takes an unmotherly interest in son. by victoria5307/13/014.19

Mom's Time To Enjoy: The Next Day

 — The day after her night of passion. by victoria5309/16/014.30

Mom's Time To Enjoy: The Next Lover

 — Aunt gets a special dessert after dinner. by victoria5311/24/014.24

Mom's Tits, Summer Camp, and Me

 — Mom gets sucked and fucked by horny son. by Nightwaves09/12/104.39

Mom's True Self

 — He gets to know his mother. by whbonney04/12/074.04

Mom's Twins: Twice The Pleasure

 — Mom teaches her twin sons the art of making love. by tjrabbit07/05/104.31

Mom's Urges Are Uncontrollable

 — Horny mother craves her offspring. by Extremely77711/05/004.04

Mom's Vacation

 — While Mom's away, the daughter plays. by honeydew06/25/013.85

Mom's Visit

 — Grown son's erotica encounter with Mom. by tami333308/03/054.00

Mom's Visit Makes It All Better

 — Post-divorce visit leads to passion between mother & son. by wannabemommysboy05/16/084.60HOT

Mom's Visit: Repercussions

 — After passion comes regret? by wannabemommysboy05/21/084.55HOT

Mom's Visitation

 — A mother & Son story. by Momstheboss06/17/124.28

Mom's Wait for Her Son

 — A mother's torturous wait for her son. by LorieC04/07/014.47

Mom's Warmup

 — Son is a willing helper. by Isopropyl12/02/094.16

Mom's Way Of Business

 — Mom chooses how she runs the business. by chhavi6505/04/043.72

Mom's Wedding Gown

 — Mom was feeling nostalgic, and her son was in love. by spectreofhell10/28/144.49

Mom's Weekend Ch. 01

 — Sandra is away from home and calls an escort -- her son. by hungten12/08/024.57HOT

Mom's Weekend Ch. 02

 — Sandra has lunch -- & more -- with her son. by hungten12/18/024.58HOT

Mom's Workout Ch. 01

 — A mother and son fantasizing. by DirtyGrizz02/20/113.81

Mom's Workout Ch. 02

 — The family starts heating up. by DirtyGrizz02/21/114.14


 — Mom gets fit and the family gets horney! by TheIllMadeKnight06/19/134.54HOT

Mom, a Martyr for her Navy Seal Son

 — Surrendering her body, Mom gives her son a Nude Day surprise. by SusanJillParker06/20/144.08

Mom, Alice & Me Ch. 01

 — Triangle love & incest. by Momstheboss08/27/134.36

Mom, Auntie and Me

 — Auntie reveals her beauty and brings mom and me closer. by happenstance09/22/113.62

Mom, Can I Lick Your Pussy?

 — A LorettaxMaxwell Christmas story. by blackbbwlover11/30/093.68

Mom, Can I Lick Your Pussy?

 — Riley gives her parents a Saturday surprise! by JubbJubb12/15/144.52HOT

Mom, Dad, My Brother & I

 — An accidental exposure leads to family sex. by jrfulofit11/16/014.55HOT

Mom, I Got You Now Ch. 1

 — Son gets her the only way he can. by Gonzo09905/23/013.47

Mom, I Want You To...

 — While hypnotized, Luke's mom reveals her taboo desires. by lovecraft6801/06/154.71HOT

Mom, I'm Sorry

 — A young man finds an unexpected pleasure with his mother. by sixseven04/14/134.12

Mom, Me, and Masturbation

 — The beginning of a lifelong love. by publicd105/11/124.24

Mom, Me, and the Old 'Hood Ch. 01

 — First time home in years and mom misses me. by jonsox_196809/17/134.37

Mom, My Sister, and Me Ch. 01

 — They stay over at his apartment. by Van99903/31/034.68HOT

Mom, My Sister, and Me Ch. 02

 — He woke up between them. by Van99904/08/034.71HOT

Mom, Please Help Me!

 — A mother help her son with tender, loving care. by L.A. Wicker07/29/064.66HOT

Mom, Please Help Me! Ch. 02

 — Jake is better now and he's going after mom. by L.A. Wicker01/01/084.65HOT

Mom, Sis, and Me

 — Indian son take more risk for his family. by incest_indian10/30/014.24

Mom, Sis, Dad, Bro, God, & Devil Ch. 01

 — Tommy & his sister find religion having sex with Mom & Dad. by SusanJillParker05/31/133.73

Mom, Sis, Dad, Bro, God, & Devil Ch. 02

 — Naked, naked, Tommy finally sees his sexy sister naked. by SusanJillParker06/04/134.16

Mom, Sis, Dad, Bro, God, & Devil Ch. 03

 — Christine catches her horny brother hiding in her closet. by SusanJillParker06/06/134.45

Mom, Sis, Dad, Bro, God, & Devil Ch. 04

 — Dad hears daughter having sex with brother & tells Mom. by SusanJillParker06/09/134.36

Mom, Sis, Dad, Bro, God, & Devil Ch. 05

 — Dad saves daughter's soul from Satan by having sex with her. by SusanJillParker06/13/134.34

Mom, Sister and I

 — He finds love at home with his sister and mother. by Satyriasis6908/28/014.28

Mom, Son... and Gran

 — Erotic threesome. by Jena12103/17/104.19

Mom, Were You Once a Porn Star?

 — Son benefits from mother's experience. by earnie6501/24/093.90

Mom, What Do You Have In Breakfast?

 — Mom & son share a special morning dessert. by indy_pop12/13/014.45

Mom, Wine and Porn

 — A drink leads to licking mother. by publicd101/12/113.89

Mom, Wine and Porn Ch. 02

 — Family fun. by publicd106/29/114.47

Mom, You're Gorgeous!

 — Mom catches twins on National Nude Day. by book_man_0306/21/044.77HOT

Mom-Daughter Team Sucks Sleepers

 — Mom and daughter visit frat house. by kandor05/14/034.26


 — Mom puts out on prom night. by litdude23john06/15/114.41

Mom-Son Honey Camping

 — Some honey is spilt and they need to clean it up. by loadedgun03/04/114.11

Mom/Daughter Sleep-Suck Attack!

 — They orally please sleeping boy!. by kandor09/22/024.15

Mom: A Smoky Love Story

 — Boy loves Mom. Boy loves Mom's cigarettes. by slimv01/23/064.36

Mom: The Ultimate Taboo

 — Mom catches son jacking to incest porn. by atomicwarpig08/24/034.44

Mom’s a Gangbang Cum Bucket

 — Son accidentally ass fucks mom at a gangbang. by silkstockingslover10/02/144.44


 — At 22, something wonderful happens between twins. by Selbryth06/08/07


 — Chuck convinces his uptight mother to play with his penis. by MeetTheHumpers02/21/133.53

Momma and Me

 — We only had each other in 1950's rural Carolina by thecarolinadreamer09/08/144.39

Momma Daddy No

 — 19-year-old daughter ges more than a spanking. by irma_irene09/14/07

Momma Domme, Daddy Slave

 — Daughter introduced to her mother's lifestyle. by the_new_guy_23411/05/094.40

Momma Domme, Daddy Slave Ch. 02

 — She fucks her father's ass and secures her position. by the_new_guy_23411/06/094.34

Momma For Lunch

 — Son has his sexy mother for lunch. by pokenose02/22/023.99

Momma Kiki's Pie

 — The business and pleasure of a mother and son. by stevie362407/07/074.54HOT

Momma Told Me Not to Cum

 — She takes son to oral task for coming too soon. by kandor12/04/024.05

Momma's and Daddy's

 — Daughter get closer to both parents. by IrishRose121509/15/054.52HOT

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