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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Playing With My Sister Ch. 14

 — Mom and daughter play while their men are away. by KenJames06/19/074.43

Playing With My Sister Ch. 15

 — Conclusion: extended family plays together. by KenJames11/09/074.69HOT

Playing with my Stepmother

 — The games begin. by dawoolef10/21/123.82

Playing with Their Toys

 — Brother catches sister playing with her sex toys. by SexyVixen0501/18/084.08

Playing with Their Toys Ch. 02

 — Brother catches sister using her sex toys by SexyVixen0501/19/084.31

Playthings of the Mistress Ch. 02

 — Mistress forces siblings to do the unthinkable. by gaggedKitty2306/21/154.15

Playthings of the Mistress Ch. 03

 — Sister and brother finally get rescued from a cruel Mistress. by gaggedKitty2306/27/154.19

Playtime with Friends

 — Two friends begin a journey... by weusedtoloveandcum08/21/164.14

Pleasant Surprise

 — A lost family is reunited. by Sowmya05/24/074.48

Please Be Faithful Daddy!

 — Daddy needs a lot of sex and she tries to help. by lilywhite3112/21/054.11

Please Don't Fight

 — Mike might get in trouble if stepsisters don't stop fighting. by Ha27510/11/163.17

Please Don't Hide

 — Mother catches her son and tells him it's alright. by nice_n_big01/12/074.37

Please Don't Tell Mum and Dad

 — Big brother takes advantage of younger sister by VibrantDarkness09/09/174.36

Please Don't Tell Mum and Dad Ch. 02

 — Big brother coerces younger sister into poolside fun. by VibrantDarkness09/16/17

Please Drink Mommy's Milk

 — Mom has an unusual request, and Bobby is eager to please! by MischievousKevin09/09/134.16

Please Drink Mommy's Milk Ch. 02

 — Bobby gets way more than mother's milk! by MischievousKevin09/21/134.51HOT

Please Protect Me

 — A young man has to protect others. by EMiamiRiverRat06/05/123.98

Please Relieve Me

 — Strict Indian mum masturbates ill son. by YamiKuriboh08/01/154.33

Please Relieve Me Ch. 02

 — Strict Indian mum continues to masturbate ill sun. by YamiKuriboh08/18/154.42

Please Relieve Me Ch. 03

 — Strict Indian mum continues to masturbate ill son. by YamiKuriboh10/06/154.58HOT

Please Relieve Me Ch. 04

 — Strict Indian mum continues to masturbate ill son. by YamiKuriboh07/02/164.55HOT

Please Relieve Me Ch. 05

 — Strict indian mom masturbates indian son and more. by YamiKuriboh11/22/164.67HOT

Please Shave for Mother

 — Mother shaves son on 18th birthday. by call_me_dana07/17/094.15

Please Shave for Mother Ch. 02

 — Aunt Kristin cums for a visit. by call_me_dana02/20/104.45

Please Sis, No More

 — Sister dresses, sexually torments, and humiliates him. by call_me_dana09/28/104.20

Please, Daddy? Ch. 01

 — Stepdaughter seduces to get what she wants. by Erotic_librarian03/13/174.40

Please, Daddy? Ch. 02

 — Will Daddy get another chance? Bradley joins in on the fun. by Erotic_librarian06/06/174.35

Please, Daddy? Ch. 03

 — Jack tells Bradley a secret that leads to something more. by Erotic_librarian06/20/174.74HOT

Please, Daddy? Ch. 04

 — Bradley surrenders to Jack and Brittany tries something new. by Erotic_librarian07/29/174.66HOT

Please, Daddy? Ch. 05

 — Bradley and Brittany finally get some one-on-one time alone. by Erotic_librarian10/04/174.67HOT

Pleasing Casey Ch. 01

 — Mom is perfect, at least through Casey's eyes. by DoctorHook10/04/144.52HOT

Pleasing Casey Ch. 02

 — Casey is taught how he should be treated. by DoctorHook10/11/144.69HOT

Pleasing Casey Ch. 03

 — Viki will never break her son's heart again. by DoctorHook10/23/144.59HOT

Pleasing Dad

 — Dad needs relieving, should I help. by kinkygay8704/13/183.71

Pleasing Dad Hard

 — Hot daughter has sexual showdown with Dad. by Dreamlover07/31/034.50HOT

Pleasing Daddy

 — All Kelsey wants to do is please Daddy and make him proud. by CherryTop04/08/164.27

Pleasing Grandpa and My Girl

 — He finds a way that they can all be happy. by Upskirter6904/27/144.18

Pleasing Mom

 — An innocent mother surprises her son. by SallyG02/14/064.51HOT

Pleasure & Taboo

 — Mom stars in son's movie about love & sexuality. by HeyAll01/21/134.59HOT

Pleasure After a Long Day

 — A mother's first time with her son by CyberKitten22106/26/054.41

Pleasure After a Long Day Ch. 02

 — Mother and son continue to find pleasure with each other. by CyberKitten22107/06/054.55HOT

Pleasure After a Long Day Ch. 03

 — Mother & son enjoy cleaning the basement. by CyberKitten22107/19/054.56HOT

Pleasure After a Long Day Ch. 04

 — Mother and son continue their close relationship. by CyberKitten22108/06/054.56HOT

Pleasure After a Long Day Ch. 05

 — Mother and son celebrate his new job. by CyberKitten22108/17/054.57HOT

Pleasure After a Long Day Ch. 06

 — Mother reunites with her brother. by CyberKitten22108/30/054.57HOT

Pleasure After a Long Day Ch. 07

 — Mother enjoys son and his friend. by CyberKitten22108/31/054.53HOT

Pleasure Moon

 — Mother and son love on a remote moon. by phantomguest210/13/034.25

Pleasure With Bro's Wife

 — He get's his brother's wife. by tamilmale4u08/18/023.63

Pleasure with My Sister-In-Law

 — We found passion that was missing from our marriages. by texashiker200310/23/154.49

Pleasures of Yoga

 — Mother doing Yoga leads to son taking advantage. by live4thebj06/09/164.41

Plenty For All

 — Wife takes care of both men in her life. by hammertime02/15/044.70HOT

Plugging The Generation Gap

 — A story of the consequenses of pushing those raging hormones. by dannythebaltimoron12/31/113.84

Plumber's Helper

 — Deviancy runs amok in the Rogers' household. by daddykins08/09/144.06

Plus-Sized Sister

 — I make my brother work before he can see me naked. by JayLikestoRead04/09/154.28

Plus-Sized Sister Ch. 02-03

 — Jenna's just started to show, which makes her even sexier. by JayLikestoRead04/12/154.36

Plus-Sized Sister Ch. 05-06

 — Mom asked me to stay home with Jenna while they were away. by JayLikestoRead04/19/154.17

Point Le Vue Ch. 02

 — Kelly's father defends the punishment he delivers on Kelly. by RobertTripto07/28/06

Point of No Return

 — Near accident brings parents closer to sexy daughter. by nasty_dan08/24/054.74HOT

Point of No Return

 — Father makes a startling discovery. by Seducia09/20/114.09

Poke Her Night Ch. 01

 — Virgin daughter becomes family's fucktoy by ARIM11B06/10/08

Poke Her Night Ch. 02

 — Younger daughter is enjoyed as well. by ARIM11B06/12/08


 — Siblings & friends play cards. by Fever10/08/003.93


 — Mom and son play poker, but not just any poker. by fit_4_u09/07/084.00


 — A night to remember. by lillyjones140207/13/164.24

Poker Game

 — Daughter is taken at card game. by Polo11/18/003.26

Poker Game

 — Dan is intrigued by his poker buddy's 18-year-old daughter. by mysterygirl70206/16/123.33

Poker Loser Ch. 05

 — Allison gets an unpleasant surprise from Todd. by Goldeniangel02/17/054.67HOT

Poker Loser Ch. 07

 — Chad finds Allison at her parent's pool party. by Goldeniangel02/19/054.43

Poker Night

 — Dad shares daughther with poker buddies. by pheonixstar8212/15/093.95

Poker Night

 — A stepfather blackmails daughter to night of humiliation. by mistressdirrrt03/02/114.41

Poker Night

 — Daughter gets what's cumming to her. by littleslutgrl11/27/104.19

Poker Night Ch. 02

 — Daddy and Daughter invite some friends over to play. by pheonixstar8202/08/104.28

Poker with Mom

 — Strip Poker with Mom is so much fun. by arcbound0804/15/054.17

Poking the Bear

 — Dad, daughter and his brother explore taboo and fetish. by ajtemmens03/26/154.23

Policewomen Ep. 02: Trina and Son

 — A mom and son camping trip quite different from others. by tw_holt12/01/154.52HOT

Policewomen Ep. 04: Kelly's Return

 — She seeks to destroy Fat Rob's criminal empire from within. by tw_holt07/26/164.68HOT

Policewomen Ep. 06: Cindy and Son

 — Unable to orgasm, she considers incest with her son. by tw_holt02/21/17

Political Ambitions, Mom's Deal

 — Mom gets blackmailed to fuck her son at a party. by HeyAll05/22/164.52HOT

Pony Up (An Anime Girl Story)

 — Pony girl training takes on a brood mare twist. by Cherish_Desire02/07/143.94

Pooja Aunty's Needs Fulfilled

 — Jimmy helps her with her bra. by urwrdmycmd07/13/053.98

Pool Boy Ch. 13

 — Hunter and Alexis plan to get away. by BigZeke1305/09/174.78HOT

Pool Boy Ch. 40

 — Hunter's family cums for Christmas. by BigZeke1311/20/174.76HOT

Pool Day

 — A hot day leads to some pool play! by bmaverick907/20/104.28

Pool Day Ch. 03

 — Annie has a surprise waiting at home. by rock man 5105/04/034.29

Pool Encounter

 — He finally gets his sister in law. by The Freek10/11/054.35

Pool Fun

 — Sister and her 2 brothers. by BarleyJazz05/21/144.22

Pool of Dreams

 — A guy, his hot cousin, & three of her friends. by goldemerald10/20/054.27

Pool of Dreams Ch. 02

 — Even more outdoor fun. by goldemerald10/28/054.27

Pool Parties Can Be Fun

 — Mom and sis help guy overcome his shyness. by jomumik12/11/004.20

Pool Party

 — Zoey has girls over for dad's pleasure. by satyr_13200306/10/054.39

Pool Party

 — Impromptu party in the pool with Christi, brother, friends. by littlesquirt09/05/044.33

Pool Party

 — Mother gets more than a tan by the pool. by reddragn_7112/23/064.42

Pool Party

 — Siblings find a new way to enjoy the family pool... by Cphucker06/26/144.73HOT

Pool Party Becomes An Orgy

 — Pool party leads to group sex and incest by walterio05/10/084.60HOT

Pool Party Ch. 02

 — Daughter and son make mom theirs. by reddragn_7112/24/064.51HOT

Pool Party Ch. 03

 — Sam and family keep up the heat. by reddragn_7112/25/064.58HOT

Pool Party Orgy

 — Poolside fun for a family and the neighbors. by Onedragon03/07/174.68HOT

Pool Party with My Hairy Mom

 — Mom and her friends have a little pool party. by daitalianjob02/09/164.11

Pool Side Sluts

 — She, her mom, and a friend gangbang older men! by ken abyss11/20/064.36

Pool Table Fun

 — Mom, daughter, and son play pool their way. by Tom lancey 4901/15/044.16


 — Back rub between siblings grows intimate. by Flashlight7.510/08/004.02

Poolside Fun with Grandma and Aunt

 — Grandma asked us to skinny dip. by mamasboyboy09/04/133.71

Poolside Manner

 — Grant tries to send his Aunt Karen a telepathic message. by MisterReason10/18/144.24

Poolside Pleasures

 — Is there a better way to usher in the weekend? by FeverishFantasies06/02/174.30

Poolside Pleasures Ch. 02

 — Steph wasn't about to let her mom have all the fun, was she? by FeverishFantasies08/14/174.49

Poolside Shennanigans

 — Billy & his mom are up to naughty things. by MrSand12/18/014.25

Poor Annie Ch. 01

 — Dad should have had the sense to say no. by Just Plain Bob03/22/054.22

Poor Barry

 — Five languages of love, two aunts, one mom. by tw_holt06/28/164.34

Poor Becca Ch. 03

 — Becca gets punished for breaking the rules. by Naughtybecca10/25/174.76HOT

Poor Boy

 — The sexual adventures of a young poet. by TGKavanagh04/23/153.53

Poor Little Heidi

 — Exhibitionist orphan is guided by her loving uncle. by STEVEN VANE10/08/104.24

Poppy's Party

 — The family gather for Poppy's initiation party by Toolboy504/24/083.97

Pops and the Schoolgirl

 — Pops plays with seductive granddaughter. by MrJack09/12/084.51HOT

Porn & Masturbation Ch. 01

 — Twin sisters watch porn and masturbate with each other. by _11/04/024.41

Porn & Masturbation Ch. 02

 — Twin sisters sex each other up. by _03/02/034.46

Porn & Masturbation Ch. 03

 — The twins plan to seduce their brother. by _08/10/034.34

Porn Heavy: Twincest

 — Twin sluts give their dad a birthday gift he'll never forget. by Sean Renaud04/21/094.14

Porn is the USA's #1 Export

 — A lottery picks the participants. A virgin is chosen. by regularguy1306/21/174.62HOT

Porn Shoot with My Sister

 — Alicia will do anything to save the house, even her brother! by lovecraft6807/18/134.80HOT

Porntastic Adventure

 — A young man discovers his mother's former occupation. by dellagordo11/14/024.71HOT


 — She and her step-brother give in to temptation. by hednacloud12/06/054.44

Portia's Gift

 — Peter's life isn't so deviant after all. by pumpkineater09/11/054.77HOT

Portraits of Summer

 — A brother and sister love story. by holliday196008/21/174.64HOT

Posing for Kenny

 — Nephew talks his aunt out of her clothes. by ltmepoz4u10/24/064.45

Posing for Kenny, Again

 — Mom and Aunt pose for Kenny. by ltmepoz4u11/15/064.59HOT

Position of Trust

 — He tests the very limits of his stepdaughter's control. by Wilfu109/11/134.41


 — A father reveals a dark desire for his daughter. by bi_cherrypie03/06/074.23

Possesion Ch. 02

 — Father decides to teach his daughter a lesson. by bi_cherrypie10/30/074.07


 — Mother and son commit incest while possessed by spirits. by Tattletale08/03/024.36

Possession Ch. 01

 — Daughter grapples with guilt on couch with father. by AudreyMontgomery11/12/04

Possession is 9/10ths the Law Ch. 01

 — An Magic Shop closes and an old coin changes a life forever. by Lost-Boy01/30/134.61HOT

Possession is 9/10ths the Law Ch. 02

 — Mother and Sister Join the Demonic Harem. by Lost-Boy02/10/134.69HOT

Possession is 9/10ths the Law Ch. 03

 — Date with teacher goes better than planned. by Lost-Boy02/24/144.79HOT


 — Only a few possessions remind a daughter of her lost father. by Rob_mDear10/07/094.04

Possessive Mom

 — Mother looks after her son. by standingstones10/15/134.11

Possessive Sister

 — She looks after her brother. by standingstones05/02/144.35


 — A quiet night, full of potential. by Anothersideofme03/20/074.33

Possible Stepdaughter!

 — Possible Stepdaughter naughty surprise! by innsest12/26/174.27

Post-Revenge Bliss

 — What happens after the revenge is even sweeter. by imhapless04/18/184.58HOTNEW

Posting Family Pics

 — I started taking and posting family pictures on the Web. by WayneGibbous03/01/13

Pounding Melanie

 — A stripper finds a way to keep her son close. by PlacidoSwann04/17/104.54HOT


 — Who takes Brendan's virginity, mum or sis? You decide. by grumpyg11/30/164.42


 — Son might finally have what he wants: power over mom. by jack3034106/19/174.72HOT

Power & Wealth: A Grandfather's Control Pt. 02

 — Granddaughter and mother compete for his huge cock. by shoguy05/10/094.26

Power & Wealth: A Grandfather's Control Pt. 03

 — She celebrates her birthday in Vegas with grandfather. by shoguy11/28/104.39

Power Failure Ch. 01

 — Mom, son, and daughter cuddle for warmth on a cold night. by finkployd7305/18/174.31

Power Shift

 — Sexual release tames a dominant mother. by Sylviafan07/25/144.43

Power Trip

 — A sister cracks her brother. by Whinston01/31/034.44

Powercut Pleasure

 — 19 year old taken during a powercut at night. by AngieGS07/14/134.08

Powerful (Immortal Love Series) 4

 — book 4 of the Immortal Love series. by literature_writer05/12/144.31

Practical Insanity Ch. 01

 — Psychiatrist starts to veer off the path. by kinked_a_bit10/23/11

Practical Insanity Ch. 02

 — The plot thickens, among other things. by kinked_a_bit10/24/11

Practical Insanity Ch. 03

 — The games begin... by kinked_a_bit10/25/11

Practical Insanity Ch. 04-06

 — From Mom to Mistress. by kinked_a_bit10/30/114.42

Practical Insanity Ch. 07-09

 — Jim's Education continues... by kinked_a_bit10/31/114.64HOT

Prague Spring

 — Who wants to make a movie? by badnail01/28/184.29

Praise the Aunt and the Holy Mother

 — Aunt helps nephew seduce his mother. by MrCurrie02/17/164.77HOT

Prank Call

 — Leslie gives her friend Mary strange advice by phone. by JessicaS01/19/143.89

PranksGoneWrong: The Bachelor Party

 — Masked mother dances at son's bachelor party as a prank. by BenderRodrigez05/15/154.29

Prankster Ch. 06

 — Flat-chested woman with long nipples cums from tit play. by Paris Waterman10/13/124.00


 — Harsh lusts return when devoutly religious girl goes home. by Ekstatikoi02/23/183.52

Pre-treating the Laundry Ch. 01

 — She finds older brother taking special care of her panties. by Jasemin6909/25/114.55HOT

Pre-treating the Laundry Ch. 02

 — Sarah's humiliation continues as Arlene extracts a price. by Jasemin6910/10/114.42

Prechers Daughter

 — Daddy's purity becomes Daddy's release. by daintydeviant06/01/064.12

Precious Little Katie

 — Granddaughter calls up Grandpa. by MisterReason03/28/124.16

Precious Sister's Turned Naughty

 — Brother and his love for his sister's. by passionwriter10102/07/174.11

Preconceptions Ch. 02

 — Darryl has lunch with older sister, Jisel. by BrettJ09/13/084.51HOT


 — Home alone before college resumes. by WFEATHER09/13/104.52HOT

Pregnant Mom

 — David's father leaves. He finds out his mother is pregnant. by rgjohn10/15/094.66HOT

Pregnant Pause

 — The title gives it away a little. by carrieoct1511/21/044.39

Pregnant Pond Farm: Sir_Scouries?

 — Cute Mandy is exiled to grandpa's stud farm for the summer. by scouries09/07/114.59HOT

Pregnant Sister

 — She has more than one lover. by standingstones05/12/174.20

Pregnant Sister Ch. 01

 — Brother and Sister fall in love and get pregnant. by pregnantlover200107/23/033.63

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