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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Random Relations Ch. 02

 — Joe and his dad discover there's a first time for everything. by Dreams of Desire02/02/064.52HOT

Random Relations Ch. 03

 — Alison and Elaine play a dangerous game. by Dreams of Desire03/12/064.00

Random Relations Ch. 04

 — The plot thickens. by Dreams of Desire03/20/064.33

Randy Anna

 — Christian niece obtains a blessing from her uncle. by HuckPilgrim02/08/164.42

Randy Randi

 — Grown stepdaughter steps into a new role. by falcon2901/09/054.48

Randy's Triple Threat

 — Randy's busty blonde daughter chooses him to do the honors. by BrettJ10/08/154.55HOT

Rani Enjoys Her Brother in Law

 — Sister Rani gives pleasure. by sumantriguni07/28/033.78


 — A kidnap ordeal brings mother and daughter closer. by AStropirate11/23/143.97

Raquel, My Step-mom

 — She knows what to give a guy for his birthday. by bigfoot097503/27/034.22

Raunch at the Ranch

 — Sex-mad father & son spend some quality time together. by Toolboy507/10/084.31

Ravaging My Sister

 — He and his sister act on carnal desires. by James Bulger12/02/044.02


 — A shy young man gets a lesson in loving from big sister. by BrettJ02/06/134.46

Raven & Cherry Ch. 1

 — A wager threatens to destroy their chance at love. by BetaTrine_Flux08/09/024.22

Raven Ch. 02

 — Raven comes home to visit and meet's Cody's new GF, Gigi. by BrettJ11/02/134.71HOT

Raven's Dream Ch. 01

 — A simple dream is... by ApollyonDais01/10/123.91

Raven's Dream Ch. 02

 — The dreams of delight continue. by ApollyonDais01/29/124.08

Raven: My Goth Sister

 — Sister turns brother's dominant personality upside down. by SubM09/10/094.43

Ravishing My Mother

 — He takes his mother. by omarqairt10/17/093.37

Ray Finds Himself in a Skirt

 — Young man is changed in to a girl by his mother. by ReyLin6404/20/133.95

Ray Finds Himself in a Skirt Ch. 02

 — Ray finds out that he is his moms little bitch. by ReyLin6404/25/134.15

Ray Finds Himself in a Skirt Ch. 03

 — Rey's Mom brings home a guest for more than just dinner. by ReyLin6405/12/134.25

Ray's Romance

 — Ray's family learns to love each other. by Tommi11/06/003.42


 — Mother-in-law has sex for first time in years. by billywiggins09/22/044.39

Re-Awakening Ch. 02

 — The new lovers continue their relationship. by billywiggins12/17/044.50HOT

Re-defining Relationships Ch. 01

 — Son wants to re-define their scope of their relationship. by Atomvav11/02/094.04

Re-Plugging The Generation Gap

 — Mother's revelation and apology, and how she makes good. by dannythebaltimoron01/14/124.14

Reach For The Star

 — It started with voyeurism in the tree house. by Whisky7up02/28/044.59HOT

Reaching Out

 — Dana hid herself away. by wakingDown05/29/134.78HOT

Reaching Out Ch. 02

 — Dana hid herself away. by wakingDown06/07/134.81HOT

Reaching Out Ch. 03

 — Dana hid herself away. James found her. by wakingDown08/04/154.85HOT

Read My Story

 — What if your favorite erotic story came to life? by TalyisBagley10/21/094.03

Read to Me

 — My mysterious brother comes back home. by HisPossessed03/20/093.92

Reader Request: Sisters Week

 — 4 sisters and a relative take their annual vacation. by illicit_writer06/01/163.91

Reading His Secrets

 — Sister finds brother's sexual diaries. by Grillytilly08/16/164.33

Reading His Secrets Ch. 02

 — Kelly investigates the truth of what's written. by Grillytilly08/19/164.36

Ready for Love

 — She's waiting with a surprise for the man she loves. by Kellie_K10/29/124.45

Real Dead Ringer for Mom

 — An aunt's wicked plans for her twin sister's son. by PanzerFeck08/27/164.58HOT

Real Mother & Son Sexual Experience

 — He's really close to Mom. by VeryHungSon06/13/014.10

Real Sexual Encounter with Cousin Sister Pt. 01

 — Real sexual encounter with my cousin sister. by sexualsedative01/28/153.29

Reality is Different Ch. 01

 — A young woman fantasizes about her father. by nomennescio09/03/124.39

Reality is Different Ch. 02

 — Trying to find out if her father feels the same. by nomennescio10/12/124.61HOT

Reality is Different Ch. 03

 — A picnic at the park. by nomennescio07/17/134.36

Reality is Different Ch. 04

 — The beginning of an offering. by nomennescio08/23/134.67HOT

Reality is Different Ch. 05

 — Her desire for her father is revealed. by nomennescio04/16/144.54HOT

Reality Road is Long and Hard

 — A mother and son journey into forbidden territory. by Mikelh06/07/044.68HOT


 — Siblings journey into the forbidden. by termigator02/27/054.48

Realization Ch. 02

 — Phillip and Kathy continue. by termigator08/04/064.51HOT

Realizing our Passion Ch. 01

 — Jacob realizes the love he really feels for his sister. by hentaiguy9502/14/164.64HOT

Realizing our Passion Ch. 02

 — Jacob and Anabel continue to enjoy each other. by hentaiguy9502/21/164.65HOT

Realizing our Passion Ch. 03

 — Their secret becomes less secret. by hentaiguy9503/03/164.69HOT

Realizing our Passion Ch. 04

 — Their first date. by hentaiguy9503/12/164.65HOT

Realizing our Passion Ch. 05

 — A day out ends badly. by hentaiguy9504/29/164.60HOT

Really Hot Strip Poker

 — Drunk sister comes home late. by peaceender05/03/114.20

Really Shouldn't Have

 — Finally fell for my step-daughter. by Ben25202/08/144.25

Reason vs Instinct

 — Episode I - What a Wake Up! by Faldoom01/14/124.21

Reason vs Instinct Ch. 02

 — Episode II - Breakfast with Mum. by Faldoom11/07/124.24

Rebecca and Alan and the Summer

 — A brother and sister begin a sexual summer adventure. by abiguy09/04/113.66

Rebecca and Alan and the Summer Ch. 02

 — Alan brings home a girl and gets more than he bargained for. by abiguy09/11/113.95

Rebecca's Adventure Ch. 01

 — A young womans sexual awakening. by blake911006/13/104.40

Rebecca's Adventure Ch. 02

 — Rebecca seduces her stepfather. by blake911006/21/104.38

Rebecca's Adventure Ch. 03

 — Rebecca's Vacation adventure at the beach. by blake911007/04/104.48

Rebecca's Adventure Ch. 04

 — Hiking with friends proves to be a sexy adventure. by blake911007/05/104.34

Rebecca's Adventure Ch. 05

 — Taking a holiday, the last fling of summer vacation. by blake911007/06/104.52HOT

Rebecca's Adventure Ch. 06

 — Rebecca's holiday at the beach. by blake911007/07/104.33

Rebecca's Adventure Ch. 07

 — Rebecca has some fun with her internet friend & meets twin. by blake911007/16/104.40

Rebecca's Adventure Ch. 08

 — Rebecca finds an older lover. by blake911007/21/104.64HOT

Rebecca's Adventure Ch. 09

 — Rebecca and her brother re-discover their lust. by blake911008/21/104.41

Rebecca's Road To Satisfaction Ch. 02

 — Dilemma time, followed by a shocking sight. by everythinggoes07/15/084.04

Rebecca's Tales Ch. 01

 — Mother recalls her first time with son. by SteinWolf802/24/174.45

Rebecca's Visit - Saturday

 — Auntie and niece enjoy some cabin time, and each other. by openmindedwoman07/30/144.22

Rebecca's Visit - Sunday

 — Leslie's niece continues her naughty ways. by openmindedwoman08/29/144.33

Rebekah's Passion Ch. 01

 — An aunt gives head, and gets what she wants. by kkrew04/11/154.22

Rebekah's Passion Ch. 02

 — The affair continues. by kkrew04/16/154.25


 — Frustrated lad finally reacts to dominant mother. by Ian Shergold01/13/024.46

Rebirth Ch. 05

 — Ling decides that revenge is a dish best served HOT! by loveteaser12/14/094.00

Rebound Man

 — How to survive college with older siblings. by Zeke50310/23/154.46

Recipe for Adventure Pt. 02

 — Carol meets Donahue's sister and mother... sparks fly. by Lost Boy06/19/164.74HOT

Recipe for Disaster Pt. 01

 — An ancient scroll with mystical secrets is discovered. by Lost Boy04/28/164.76HOT

Recipe for Disaster Pt. 04

 — The secret of the monolith is revealed. by Lost Boy05/01/164.79HOT


 — Danny's girlfriend wouldn't, so his sister stepped in & did. by Decayed Angel12/21/064.28

Reciprocity Ch. 02

 — Jill becomes Danny's sexual instructor. by Decayed Angel12/22/064.52HOT

Reciprocity Ch. 03

 — Danny's education continues thanks to his sister Jill. by Decayed Angel12/23/064.51HOT

Reconnecting Ch. 01

 — Mom and son come together after dad leaves. by jt12308/20/034.45Editor's Pick

Reconnecting Ch. 02

 — Mom and son get closer as cruise continues. by jt12308/20/034.75HOTEditor's Pick

Reconnecting Ch. 03

 — Mom and son get wild as the cruise ends. by jt12308/21/034.75HOT

Reconnecting Ch. 04

 — Mom gives son a bachelor party. by jt12308/22/034.64HOT

Reconnecting Ch. 05

 — Mom helps son & wife find place to live. by jt12308/23/034.71HOT

Reconnecting Ch. 06

 — Mom learns daughter in law's secret. by jt12309/18/034.64HOT

Reconnecting Ch. 07

 — Mom seduces daughter-in-law. by jt12309/19/034.73HOT

Reconnecting Ch. 08

 — Mom, son, & his wife finally cum together. by jt12310/05/034.77HOT


 — Who sent the letter? by gymmyt01/25/064.47


 — A father finally sees his son. by Selbryth12/11/09HOT

Red Lake

 — He really didn't like his married sister until that night. by Slickman06/30/084.46

Red November Ch. 01

 — He is compelled to go into hiding. by Snurge10/06/074.10

Red November Ch. 02

 — And now he's forced to flee. by Snurge10/07/073.82

Red Sky at Night Ch. 01

 — A Mass Effect Fanfic. Jane Shepard meets her mother again. by lesbiaN7ncest02/17/153.98

Red Sky at Night Ch. 02

 — Jane remembers her first moments of attraction to her mother. by lesbiaN7ncest02/22/153.65

Red Sky at Night Ch. 03

 — Hannah and Jane Shepard become more than mother and daughter. by lesbiaN7ncest02/24/154.14

Red Sky at Night Ch. 04

 — Jane reflects on a past mistake and attempts to correct it. by lesbiaN7ncest02/27/154.32

Red Stockings

 — A change of stockings leads to unwitting incest. by seventh_son04/23/064.16

Red, Ready and Freddy

 — Saucy sister so ripe and ready to lose her virginity! by coverofknight06/02/154.28

Red-headed Hitchhiker

 — Hitching young woman makes friends. by Momstheboss12/18/134.23

Redemption Day

 — 18-year-old reaches his limit with conceited sister. by randomencounter200301/05/044.69HOT

Redheaded Step-daughter

 — What a fishing trip. by ACode35204/09/094.41

Rediscovery Ch. 01

 — Frustrated couple begin to rekindle their sex life. by Ramsesthegreat07/05/074.38

Rediscovery Ch. 02

 — Getting it on at the dinner table leads to new discovery. by Ramsesthegreat07/06/074.21

Rediscovery Ch. 03

 — Sex is so much better with an audience. by Ramsesthegreat07/07/074.21

Reeducating Rita Ch. 1

 — Family realigns after argument. by Red_Writer06/18/024.49

Reeducating Rita Ch. 2

 — Dominating son continues mom's loving reeducation. by Red_Writer06/20/024.62HOT

Reeducating Rita Ch. 3

 — Rita's physical training begins. by Red_Writer06/30/024.73HOT

Reese's Cups

 — Father becomes obsess with daughter's bra cups. by kimberlykitten03/03/054.26


 — He sees sister's naked reflection in his window. by domjoly07/22/054.31


 — A mom secretly watches her son work out. by pregnantex11/12/164.15

Reflections of Night and Day

 — Dream is more than it seems, bringing sisters together. by SolRaine07/21/074.66HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 01

 — Two sisters find comfort away from home. by Fuzzypen05/09/154.54HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 02

 — Two sisters find comfort away from home. by Fuzzypen05/11/154.57HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 03

 — Two sisters find comfort away from home. by Fuzzypen05/13/154.63HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 04

 — The sisters get a phone call from their mother. by Fuzzypen05/16/154.56HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 05

 — Their mother comes for a visit. by Fuzzypen05/27/154.44

Reform School Sisters Ch. 06

 — Bree's mother can't help her growing obsession. by Fuzzypen05/30/154.62HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 07

 — Paige runs into her mother unexpectedly. by Fuzzypen06/05/154.61HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 08

 — Paige decides to take action. by Fuzzypen06/09/154.54HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 09

 — The school year ends for Bree and Paige. by Fuzzypen06/16/154.66HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 10

 — The summer continues with an unexpected visitor. by Fuzzypen06/19/154.61HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 11

 — Kimmie is changed after her experience with Aunt Lilian. by Fuzzypen06/26/154.68HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 12

 — Kimmie is officially part of the group. by Fuzzypen07/04/154.65HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 13

 — Cassie resurfaces. by Fuzzypen07/07/154.57HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 14

 — Cassie stays over for the night. by Fuzzypen07/11/154.67HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 15

 — A day of fun for a reunited family. by Fuzzypen07/21/154.64HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 16

 — The Nixon family finds safe haven with Lilian's sister. by Fuzzypen07/24/154.50HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 17

 — Bree and Paige put their plan into action. by Fuzzypen07/31/154.69HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 18

 — Gina learns what her daughter's been up to. by Fuzzypen08/04/154.64HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 19

 — Donald tracks his family down. by Fuzzypen08/08/154.70HOT

Reform School Sisters Ch. 20

 — The family of horny, lesbian women celebrates together! by Fuzzypen09/15/154.65HOT

Reformation Ch. 01

 — The continuation of "Big Changes at Home". by polyman05/01/084.32

Reformation Ch. 02

 — Owen, Taryn & Rosina must deal with the devastation. by polyman05/02/084.45

Reformation Ch. 03

 — The truth of Richard's death is revealed, & Owen snaps, by polyman05/07/084.50HOT

Reformation Ch. 04

 — Owen and Heather talk, Owen begins training. by polyman05/15/084.66HOT

Reformation Ch. 05

 — Heather forces Owen to deal with Taryn and Rosina. by polyman07/04/084.71HOT

Reformation Ch. 06

 — Veronica begs Owen to help her make her dream a reality. by polyman07/07/084.71HOT

Reformation Ch. 07

 — Karen has to grapple with the aftermath of the incident. by polyman07/09/084.69HOT

Reformation Ch. 08

 — The two families draw closer together...quite close. by polyman07/17/084.78HOT

Reformation Ch. 09

 — After the night out the family will never be the same. by polyman09/11/084.79HOT

Reformation Ch. 10

 — Bella and Dee-Dee's first day as Slaves. by polyman09/14/084.73HOT

Reformation Ch. 11

 — Owen's first day at work, Harold gets a surprise by polyman09/18/084.70HOT

Reformation Ch. 12

 — Owen tests the Commitment of his Slaves. by polyman09/23/084.61HOT

Reformation Ch. 13

 — Owen learns of Rebecca's Child & is compelled to find her. by polyman11/12/084.63HOT

Reformation Ch. 14

 — Owen and the family visit Rebecca. by polyman12/22/084.72HOT

Reformation Ch. 15

 — Rebecca strugles with settling into the family. by polyman12/26/084.71HOT

Reformation Ch. 16

 — Rebecca's struggles with her moral side & submissive side. by polyman12/29/084.63HOT

Reformation Ch. 17

 — Rebecca ponders and faces two possible futures. by polyman04/26/094.67HOT

Reformation Ch. 18

 — The lines beween family and the world get blurred. by polyman04/27/094.71HOT

Reformation Ch. 19

 — Owen must decide what to do with the files. by polyman04/28/094.73HOT

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