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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Reformation Ch. 20

 — Reformation Day and the family gets ready for the move. by polyman04/30/094.75HOT


 — His lust for his and friends sister pushes him to trap them. by varun06/09/123.24

Regina Discovers Sex

 — Her first orgasm - while looking at her naked Mom. by Pelios10/15/044.76HOT

Regina Discovers Sex Ch. 02

 — Regina, her mom, and Patty have a party. by Pelios10/20/044.79HOT

Regina Discovers Sex Ch. 03

 — Regina gets a visit from her uncle and seduces her sister. by Pelios10/07/074.76HOT

Reign of the Night

 — In college and still cuddling with daddy. by cowboy10904/10/153.88

Reiko Amanda

 — Adopted daughter heading to college. by WFEATHER09/05/084.37

Reinventing Mom: Almost Perfect Pt. 01

 — Mom and son seek sexual perfection. by drtruth10/07/084.56HOT

Reinventing Mom: Almost Perfect Pt. 02

 — Mom and son continue their goal of sexual perfection. by drtruth10/08/084.64HOT

Reinventing Mom: Almost Perfect Pt. 03

 — Mom and son continue their quest for sexual perfection. by drtruth10/09/084.72HOT

Rekha Could Not Draw A Line

 — He has nice encounter with aunt. by sunnyboyz03/29/033.68

Rekha Makes a Visit

 — Sister in law makes a visit. by dillep2405/23/074.10

Rekindling An Old Flame

 — A story of the loneliness of a middle-aged siblings. by brianelane09/02/014.31

Rekindling the Flame

 — Brother and sister reignite a half-forgotten romance by PoissonSurLaLune01/14/114.49

Related Relations

 — Kelly helps her cousin celebrate her birthday. by ruralinnocence01/03/074.34


 — Two arguing sisters find a way to vent out frustrations. by that_aussie_guy12/12/113.72

Relationship of Convenience Pt. 01

 — Sam and his sister Maria embark on a great adventure. by Nikkilegs8211/02/164.13

Relative Behavior

 — Zachary checks on his sexy cousin. by onceuponavirgo04/14/013.98

Relative Changes

 — Grandaughter tricks Grandfather. by J10/12/034.45

Relative Humidity

 — His cousin Gina is the first squirter he's met. by DaSaint10/15/064.24

Relative Relief

 — Mom's toilet activities bring out Will's kinky side. by Will Wanton02/12/014.11

Relatively Good

 — Jack & cousin Yvonne grow closer during her visit. by epiphany6511/27/054.52HOT

Relatively Intense

 — She seeks his brother's help. by papadog03/05/044.07

Relatively Speaking Ch. 1

 — Private party turns fantasy into reality. by Fritz10/10/014.33

Relaxation Therapy

 — Twin sisters find something fun to do to pass the time. by singula606/26/084.14

Relaxing with Mom

 — My Mom helped me to relax. by krishnakant04/13/123.92


 — After a family funeral, male twins regain an old bond. by Tovey04/06/083.86

Released Ch. 01

 — Son remembers what his mother wanted to do. by Tveksam10/24/133.36

Released Ch. 02

 — Son succumbs to his mother and get what he wanted. by Tveksam01/19/143.68

Released Ch. 03

 — Humiliation and service. by Tveksam02/15/143.74

Relieving the Tension

 — Guy and his stepmom bond. by 3g10/28/064.09

Relieving the Tension

 — He & his mother-in-law remove the built-up tension. by blitzz0507/30/074.14

Reliving 1978

 — Kaleb's mom, ecstacy and his aunt make three. by oOScarletWingsOo07/09/124.39

Reliving the Past Ch. 01

 — Cousins get intimate after thirty years. by rubysen04/30/074.60HOT

Reliving the Past Ch. 02

 — Indian cousins reminisce the past as they enjoy sex. by rubysen09/24/074.76HOT

Reluctant Mother-in-Law

 — She never thought she would want him. by Juleshard01/19/074.12

Reluctantly Pleasurable

 — A father's and daughter's bodies betrayed them. by NotDoctorPhil206/06/154.27

Remember Me River 01

 — A funeral gathering ends with a loving family reunion. by HemingwaysGun06/08/144.33

Remember Me River 02

 — A funeral gathering turns into a memorable family reunion. by HemingwaysGun07/04/144.28

Remember When?

 — A brother and sister speak of old times. by gymmyt01/02/144.35

Remembered Desires

 — Daughter awakens dormant desires in her mother. by Eroscott01/05/114.42

Remembered Desires Ch. 02

 — Bi-sexual mother and daughter fuck mother's boyfriend. by Eroscott03/14/124.66HOT

Remembered Desires Ch. 03

 — Choe, a lesbian, finds out her mother and sister are lovers. by Eroscott06/18/124.64HOT


 — First voyeur and exhibitionist experience. by regularguy1301/08/074.28

Remembering Ch. 01

 — He did, but she did not or did she? by lickablenipsddd12/14/044.38

Remembering Mom

 — Ian recalls his sexual relationship with his mother. by ADOM03/19/124.20

Remembering When

 — Janine reminisces about college. by TryAnything03/23/084.64HOT

Remind Me

 — Siblings discover each other through heat and turmoil. by decoy8802/14/154.24

Remind Me Ch. 02

 — Siblings continue the encounter. by decoy8802/17/154.51HOT


 — Everybody grieves in different ways. by AvgWhiteMan08/12/104.31

Reminiscing, My First Time

 — My Aunt and I find passion and lust while on a visit. by cumwithme201/23/164.63HOT

Remote Possibilities Ch. 01

 — Leaving his bitchy sister at home, doors open at the mall. by Braindard06/27/124.55HOT

Remote Possibilities Ch. 02

 — Back at home, Andrew puts the remote to good use. by Braindard07/05/124.75HOT

Renaissance of the Heart

 — Doug's new life includes a loving, maternal aunt. by epiphany6512/03/094.72HOT


 — Uncle Tom and his niece. by surrealmadrid04/09/104.53HOT

Renee & I

 — He gets his chance with pretty, petite cousin. by Joel J.11/18/004.17

Renee - A College Freshman Ch. 01

 — Renee's afternoon takes a surprising turn. by MikeGD08/16/124.05

Renee and Her Brother

 — Siblings meet after 6 years. by Jena12111/21/074.25

Renee and Her Brother Ch. 02

 — One year on... by Jena12112/20/074.31

Renee and Her Brother Ch. 03

 — The continuation of a loving relationship. by Jena12109/08/084.45

Renee's Curiosity Ch. 01

 — A young woman swings with her in laws. by kg2sweet04/25/124.51HOT

Renee's New Talent

 — The day sis showed her real interest in him. by dominick7609/30/054.11

Renewed Friends

 — College kids are caught in the act. by mtnman200308/13/044.43

Rent Negotiations

 — Sexy Shelby negotiates a "rent reduction" with her hot aunt. by BrettJ02/09/134.18


 — End of the work week. by WFEATHER04/29/094.30

Replacement Husband

 — Mother finds son's capablities the bedroom. by Bryant Layne06/24/034.39

Replacing Dad

 — Hung son pleasures busty mother following divorce. by Cokeman07/08/154.64HOT

Replacing Dad

 — Son discovers his mother finding relief with his sister. by E_Night08/14/154.41

Replacing Mommy

 — Daughter attempts to seduce and lose virginity to father. by silkstockingslover10/07/154.63HOT

Replacing My Cum Bucket

 — Mom takes over from the cum bucket. by Bobby T01/20/044.77HOT

Report Card Day

 — Daddy checks out Nikki's grades by Daddyslittlegirl02/01/012.83


 — Grandfather cares for motherless granddaughter. by Salteena12/13/003.96


 — Niece finds out that uncle's reputation is well earned. by carrieoct1510/31/073.96


 — Me to the rescue!! by bassbelly01/25/094.02

Rescuing Aunt Jane

 — Nephew, home from Iraq, helps pull aunt from dolldrums. by mattwatt4301/14/104.53HOT

Rescuing Daddy Dearest

 — What I think should have happened in Fallout 3. by Elenia2601/08/104.59HOT


 — His mother stayed during the interview, but she was naked. by parabolus04/13/113.73

Resetting Life Ch. 01

 — A man finds out what coming back home entails. by Inkysquid71802/22/174.44

Resetting Life Ch. 02

 — A man's first encounter with his half-sister grows on. by Inkysquid71802/27/174.61HOT

Resetting Life Ch. 03

 — Love between half-siblings rages on. by Inkysquid71803/02/174.59HOT

Resetting Life Ch. 04

 — Half-siblings continue their hidden love. by Inkysquid71803/07/174.60HOT

Resetting Life Ch. 05

 — The conclusion to the love of half-siblings. by Inkysquid71803/16/174.69HOT

Resistance is Futile

 — My stepdaughter's love overcame my scruples. by ThistleWhistle07/22/164.80HOT

Resistance is Futile Pt. 02

 — Home again and taking it to the next level. by ThistleWhistle08/18/164.62HOT

Respecting Mom

 — Mom-son incest, with anal and facial. by Esmeralda_Greene06/28/124.42

Rest Stop

 — For twin siblings 'getting there' was all the fun. by owilde185402/07/144.12

Restorative Justice

 — Community Payback in Action. by JonAustin10/30/153.86


 — Daughter brings father back to life. by zef460012/07/094.63HOT


 — A shattered son turns to his loving mother. by Ahabscribe07/25/104.65HOT


 — Entrepreneur takes daughter's friends, then sets eyes on her. by Jafar04/17/024.59HOT

Retreat of Love and Openness

 — My son and his wife show me the benefits of being open. by happenstance04/01/134.23


 — Mother and son get even for a lifetime of abuse! by Ahabscribe03/27/104.62HOT

Retribution Ch. 1

 — Reverend Bushman can't answer a question. by Houstonrn08/24/024.20

Return to Eden

 — Mark returns to Eden and finds Paradise. by Moondrift10/30/034.58HOT

Return to Harper Valley

 — The ultimate eye-opening party unravels further shocks. by Phrenetic_Ice04/01/064.56HOT

Return to Rejoice

 — Indian mom saves her son and also her sex life. by vasanthaadhi10/08/074.48

Return to Reproduce

 — An Indian boy returns home with his mom by train. by vasanthaadhi01/09/084.29

Return to Runaway

 — Indian army man returns to experience a sister-brother sex. by vasanthaadhi08/27/074.41

Return to the Cabinettes

 — The sequel to "Standing Strong Forever" by WFEATHER02/25/104.53HOT

Return to the Orchard

 — She takes her sister to Mr. Brown's Orchard for a surprise. by JosephBarnosky12/25/114.28

Return Visit with my Niece

 — Mother wants some of the action. by goalei123401/26/134.33

Returning Brother Ch. 01

 — Incest can never be forgotten, if you're a hunk. by Tarbut11/05/093.44

Returning Home

 — Aunt and uncle help resolve soldier's problem. by LucOuarm11/18/024.52HOT

Returning Home

 — College grad returns from abroad after 2 years. by thongcladtommi05/13/123.35

Returning Home Ch. 04

 — The two couples become one group. by Master_Vassago01/07/044.38

Returning Home is a Furry Experience Ch. 01

 — Sis comes home to brother and a lot more. by FurLove02/21/064.41


 — A night of debauchery turns strangely sublime... by Selbryth11/07/06


 — Couple at high school reunion get it on with relatives. by Willing2Do10/11/073.90


 — A brother and sister grow closer after years apart. by EliteDarknessScyther08/02/114.17

Reunion Ch. 01

 — Siblings reunite. by DetectiveSpecialist02/10/154.24

Reunion Ch. 02

 — Trish and Dan get closer. by DetectiveSpecialist02/19/154.45

Reunion Ch. 03

 — Things heat up between brother and sister. by DetectiveSpecialist02/25/154.55HOT

Reunion Ch. 04

 — Good times and bad. by DetectiveSpecialist03/11/154.66HOT

Reunion Ch. 2

 — Siblings' night of fun leads to sex. by tickleUinside12/19/014.50HOT

Reunion Pt. 01

 — A fire brings the family back together. by soul7101/20/174.38

Reunion Secrets

 — Grandmother and grandson discover mutual attraction. by earlbrowder11/09/064.47

Reunion Secrets Ch. 02

 — Grandmother and grandson do it in the dunes. by earlbrowder11/15/064.44

Reunion Secrets Ch. 03

 — Dad gets in on the action. by earlbrowder12/04/064.46

Reunion With Mother

 — My submissive exhibitionist. by showher09/19/074.35

Reunion with My Brother

 — She craved the kinks as well as the love. by lesliejones06/16/054.49

Reunion With My Sister

 — Separated as children, he wants to find her. by mirrorman03/18/044.38

Reunion with the Twins

 — Twin cousins welcome him to the reunion. by rocketman9611/21/024.07

Reunion with the Twins Ch. 02

 — Summer reunion time spent with twin cousins. by rocketman9612/17/024.34

Reunion with the Twins Ch. 03

 — They witness their parents' orgy. by rocketman9606/07/034.35


 — Father finds his long-lost daughter working as an escort. by chatbug06/02/083.01


 — The heat isn't just from the Florida sun for Chris & Jessica. by SWFL_Wordslinger08/24/114.73HOT


 — A brother and sister meet again after 18 months. by dancelittleliar08/05/15

Reunited Twins

 — Unbalanced twins meet after years of separation. by southensang07/13/094.14

Reunited Twins Ch. 02

 — A Bond Grows. by southensang07/24/094.41

Reunited Twins Ch. 03

 — A secret is revealed, and a key to the past is shown. by southensang07/26/094.36

Reunited with Joy

 — A father reconnects with his daughter, in the best way! by shorty_the_monster10/02/164.48

Reunited, and It Feels So Good...

 — Ryan fucks his little sister. by LadyOfDesirex06/17/144.20

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