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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Seducing Mom Ch. 02

 — The enslavement continues and plans are laid for the future. by bamaguy6409/23/094.41

Seducing Mom Ch. 03

 — The seduction continues with my aunt. by bamaguy6409/30/094.44

Seducing Mom Ch. 04

 — The situation develops a bit more by bamaguy6410/20/094.55HOT

Seducing Mom Ch. 05

 — The situation takes a wild turn. by bamaguy6410/22/094.00

Seducing Mom Ch. 06

 — The adventure continues. by bamaguy6411/11/094.61HOT

Seducing Mom Ch. 07

 — The story takes another twist. by bamaguy6412/15/094.58HOT

Seducing Mom Ch. 08

 — Summer love continues. by bamaguy6402/18/104.56HOT

Seducing Mom Ch. 09

 — Fun with Mom's boss and her friend. by bamaguy6410/19/104.53HOT

Seducing Mom Ch. 10

 — Yet another wild twist. by bamaguy6410/23/104.12

Seducing Mom Ch. 11

 — The Vacation, Contracts, and Revelations. by bamaguy6412/15/104.42

Seducing Mom Ch. 12

 — Sue and I left in my car... by bamaguy6406/14/114.38

Seducing Mother with Email

 — A son seduces his mother using a fake email account. by MrCurrie12/27/154.62HOT

Seducing My Aunt Kay

 — He finally gets sexy big-breasted Aunt. by LadysMan03/18/034.37

Seducing My Brother...

 — So how do you seduce your brother? Start with his girl. by Sorian11/05/094.49

Seducing My Cousin

 — Falling in love and forming a special bond. by SimpleMan3508/09/123.35

Seducing My Cousin Brother

 — First time in Digha sea resort in West Bengal, India. by khukusanyal02/25/064.55HOT

Seducing My Daddy

 — Daddy touched me in his sleep, now I need so much more. by cirea05/06/144.16

Seducing My Daddy Ch. 02

 — Daddy and I play rough... by cirea07/31/144.28

Seducing My Daughter

 — A mother seduces her college coed daughter! by BuckyDuckman09/19/164.69HOT

Seducing My Future Daughter in Law

 — You introduce your son's fiancee to family love. by Ahabscribe08/21/074.75HOT

Seducing My Lonely Cousin

 — He watches hiscousin in the bath. by chan6907/03/043.62

Seducing My Married Sister

 — A drunken accident leads to seduction. by CMK87718106/16/184.69HOT

Seducing My Mother

 — Shall we try blackmail? by Clansmansco10/21/054.25

Seducing My Niece Ch. 01

 — An aunty gets closer to her favourite niece. Part 1 of 3 by kisandra05/20/174.07

Seducing My Niece Ch. 02

 — Aunty and niece bunk down in the same bed. Ch. 2 of 3. by kisandra05/22/174.10

Seducing My Niece Ch. 03

 — An aunty seduces her niece ch. 03 of 3. by kisandra05/25/174.48

Seducing My Parents Ch. 01

 — How a daughter finally got her parents' attentions. by Angelagirl12/26/134.26

Seducing My Parents Ch. 02

 — Dad finally gives in to his Baby Girl! by Angelagirl12/27/134.36

Seducing My Parents Ch. 03

 — My brother comes for a visit. by Angelagirl12/31/134.53HOT

Seducing My Parents Ch. 04

 — Mom and Son (my brother), and their first time! by Angelagirl01/19/144.50HOT

Seducing My Parents Ch. 05

 — What Mom and Son were doing when I was doing Dad. by Angelagirl01/20/144.63HOT

Seducing My Son

 — Mother falls in love with her son. by SallyForth4406/13/024.08

Seducing My Step-Mom

 — A 20-year-old guy makes his step-mom beg for cock. by DeviousDave04/04/084.23

Seducing My Stepsister

 — Seducing my stepsister by h247562atgmail07/11/184.13

Seducing Rob

 — Sexy sister models revealing outfits for horny brother. by Kelly W.01/14/014.57HOT

Seducing Rob Ch. 2

 — Siblings add Kathy to the mix. by Kelly W.06/15/014.64HOT

Seducing the Daughter-In-Law

 — Resistance was impossible, she was just too hot. by manthing09/08/024.68HOT

Seducing Uncle Warren

 — Kelly's years of playful teasing end one afternoon. by MisterReason02/11/104.35

Seducing Your Sister Ch. 01

 — You just have to seduce your hot little sister. by reader23011/13/093.71

Seducing Your Sister Ch. 02

 — You fuck your hot sister. by reader23011/16/094.42

Seducing Your Sister Ch. 03

 — You and your sister are caught in the act. by reader23011/29/094.47

Seducing Your Sister Ch. 04

 — You continue your fun with your hot sisters. by reader23012/17/094.40


 — Indian woman seduces her nephew. by liebe91103/24/023.97

Seduction 101

 — Daughter seduces both uncle and father. by sweet_mel07/21/014.00

Seduction in the Highland's Ch. 01

 — Grandparent's seduction of and by granddaughter. by daddy195001/19/154.09

Seduction in the Shower

 — She had waited so long to satisfy her desire. by LucOuarm05/28/084.07

Seduction In The Shower

 — She gets real close to her father by Rick_Olney05/31/11

Seduction of a Big Sister

 — Younger brother takes big sister. by jjdtx01/24/084.57HOT

Seduction of a Big Sister Ch. 02

 — Having my way with her again. by jjdtx06/21/084.52HOT

Seduction of a Big Sister Ch. 03

 — Sis wants a girl to play with by jjdtx08/05/084.58HOT

Seduction of a Big Sister Ch. 04

 — Amanda has two threesomes. by jjdtx07/04/094.24

Seduction of a Big Sister Ch. 05

 — Our first vacation. by jjdtx06/12/104.55HOT

Seduction of an Innocent Ch. 01

 — Coed is led astray by her salacious aunt. by trevorm06/21/084.39

Seduction of an Innocent Ch. 02

 — Becky's enslavement by her salacious aunt. by trevorm04/05/094.38

Seduction of an Innocent Ch. 03

 — Becky and her enslavement at the hands of her salacious aunt. by trevorm08/24/094.20

Seduction of an Innocent Ch. 04

 — Concluding the story of coed Becky's seduction. by trevorm08/21/094.42

Seduction of Deputy Jane Ch. 02

 — Her husband's parents deviously seduced her. by erotix107/11/084.52HOT

Seduction of Melanie

 — A sheltered niece lives with her malicious uncle. by Aveela211/18/134.30

Seduction of My Mother and My Aunt

 — A perfect bind between Mother, Son, and Aunt. by matharasi09/21/024.02

Seduction of Parents

 — Jody gets help seducing her parents. by WiccanKemi03/01/174.67HOT

Seductive Stephanie's Debut Ch. 01

 — Stepdaughter chooses stepdad over mom. by Horny_Aussie_7205/20/064.54HOT

See Emily Play

 — A little sister needs help to find her dream. by Hot_Sister02/11/144.75HOT

See Me After Ch. 03: Sister Knows Best

 — Carl is caught 'borrowing' his sister's underwear. by day_ride09/18/183.92

Seed the Mother

 — A quick mother and son impregnation story. by twohand12/06/173.53

Seeding My Mother's Pussy

 — He finally gets to his Mom. by standingstones03/04/184.13

Seeing A New Side Of Stepdaughter

 — Mallika was visiting from overseas. by Nudeandmiddleaged10/14/124.14

Seeing Double

 — What twin sisters experience together. by KinkyKittyKel02/17/034.32

Seeing Double

 — A tale of love between a father and his twin daughters. by navy1801/03/033.43

Seeing Double

 — A Halloween party ends with a bang! by SWFL_Wordslinger10/15/084.62HOT

Seeing Double

 — It almost feels like fucking yourself... by mykaltrent05/09/114.25

Seeing Double

 — Gay twins who meet by accident. by pezal7803/01/133.82

Seeing Double

 — Love ensues when Josh meets his girlfriend's twin sister. by Leenysman03/17/164.65HOT

Seeing Double Ch. 02

 — Memories of our younger selves. by mykaltrent05/29/114.49

Seeing Double Ch. 02

 — Gay twins meet by accident. by pezal7803/13/134.15

Seeing Double Ch. 03

 — Gay twins who meet by accident. by pezal7805/18/134.18

Seeing His Mom For The First Time Ch. 01

 — A son's introduction to his family. by Jill02195109/27/044.48

Seeing His Mom For The First Time Ch. 02

 — He begins his sexual exploration with his parents. by Jill02195110/12/044.51HOT

Seeing His Mom For The First Time Ch. 03

 — Young man's sexual awakening. by Jill02195111/12/044.54HOT

Seeing Mom in a Whole New Light

 — Son cares for drunk mom. by kokomo266311/02/134.48

Seeing My Husband and Daughter Fuck

 — Wife sees something she shouldn't have. by standingstones07/29/173.79

Seeing My Sister

 — Bob sees his sister's body and is intrigued. by lurkingdirk12/25/063.60

Seeking Advice

 — Caroline seeks advice on seducing her son. by promithius06/27/184.33

Seeking and Finding

 — John seeks parents who gave him up and found a sister. by Grillytilly08/13/164.71HOT

Seema’s ko Dost ke Papa Ne Choda

 — how seema fuucked by friend_s father_very hot story. by masterji197009/12/123.64

Selena & Serina

 — Leaky bed brings mom & daughter together. by IMRIOTSTAR04/03/014.03

Self Portrait

 — His sister finds some interesting photos of him. by Sagacity01/17/064.16

Self(ie) Motivation

 — Twins manipulate their parents. by rufriter02/25/144.62HOT

Self-Fulfilling Son

 — She tries lucid dreaming to end sex dreams about her son. by tw_holt08/03/164.38

Selfish Desire

 — Girl catches Step-Father in the act and wants in on it! by ladyroxanne2107/04/154.40

Semester Break

 — Spending hot time with my cousin on my semester break. by KZHF09/30/124.16


 — Brother and sister become team drivers. by DenverYo11/07/164.40

Senatorial Secrets Ch. 03

 — Twins/Bodyguard enjoy each other; Peter remembers brother. by RedHairedandFriendly09/29/064.48

Senior Class Daughter Swap Ch. 01

 — Dad helps his daughter out before the annual daughter swap. by free_use_world09/14/184.50HOT

Senior Trip Ch. 01

 — Dad gets roped into chaperoning a senior trip. by m_storyman_x11/28/184.74HOT

Senior trip to FLA

 — Two girls go wild at brother's house. by Un4givon212/07/034.47

Senior Year Ch. 01

 — The last year of high school can get pretty wild. by carrieoct1501/01/074.10

Senior Year Ch. 02

 — The last year of high school can get pretty wild. by carrieoct1501/02/074.29

Sensitive Tentacles

 — A sweet story about girl meeting tentacles in space. by AlucardsDick12/10/093.94

Sensual Siblings

 — A threesome with siblings and a lad on holiday... by AmethystMare11/06/173.38

Sensualist Ch. 12

 — Getting it on with Lillian and her Mom. by Grouchojim10/25/144.70HOT

Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 14

 — Donnie goes Home - Seduces His Younger Sister. by Grouchojim07/14/164.66HOT

Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 15

 — Donnie sees sister getting it on with another girl. by Grouchojim07/25/164.56HOT

Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 16

 — Donnie & Sister perform for Bernice who gives virginity up. by Grouchojim07/29/164.59HOT

Sentenced to Love

 — Hubby embezzled; wife has to repay. by julybear708/13/104.50HOT

Separated at Ten

 — Robert reunites with his sister and aunt. by soul7111/15/174.37

Seperation Anxiety

 — A virgin gets to know his cousin a little better. by JackoFreeley10/11/074.02

September Blue

 — It all started at the Halloween Party... by ChloeTzang10/05/164.79HOT

September Bromance

 — Kimber catches up with her former step sons. by MrYowman05/04/174.40

September Storm

 — An approaching storm, a son, his mother, surrender. by tantaluseros05/12/134.25

September's Catalysts

 — Sex, pregnancy, a mom's awakened urges occur in September. by tw_holt08/29/144.35

Sera Ch. 01

 — The stories of Kitten and Steven continue. by Ameaner05/17/154.51HOT

Sera Ch. 02

 — Introducing Ashleigh Burchell. by Ameaner05/18/154.63HOT

Sera Ch. 03

 — Steven takes a look around. Gina senses trouble. by Ameaner05/19/154.74HOT

Sera Ch. 04

 — Steven tells Gina a little bit about inconvenient truths by Ameaner05/20/154.72HOT

Sera Ch. 05

 — Gina follows Kitten in over her head. by Ameaner05/21/154.73HOT

Sera Ch. 06

 — Kitten and her namesake play by Ameaner05/22/154.77HOT

Sera Ch. 07

 — Steven and Sheila have a little fun together. by Ameaner05/23/154.76HOT

Sera Ch. 08

 — Kitten becomes by Ameaner05/24/154.74HOT

Sera Ch. 09

 — Steven goes for an evening swim. by Ameaner05/25/154.80HOT

Sera Ch. 10

 — Ashleigh puts her foot down. by Ameaner05/26/154.82HOT

Sera Ch. 11

 — Steven sorts out his mum. by Ameaner05/28/154.78HOT

Sera Ch. 12

 — Kitten requires further proof... and gets it. by Ameaner05/29/154.78HOT

Sera Ch. 13

 — Kitten finds a way to deal with Gina. by Ameaner05/30/154.79HOT

Sera Ch. 14

 — Kathleen has a job for Steven and Kitten won't like it. by Ameaner05/31/154.79HOT

Sera Ch. 15

 — About Ashleigh. by Ameaner05/31/154.75HOT

Sera Ch. 16

 — More about Ashleigh. by Ameaner06/01/154.79HOT

Sera Ch. 17

 — The rest of Ashleigh's story. by Ameaner06/02/154.76HOT

Sera Ch. 18

 — Kitten lets something slip. by Ameaner06/03/154.78HOT

Sera Ch. 19

 — Steven takes an unexpected approach to fixing Gina by Ameaner06/04/154.79HOT

Sera Ch. 20

 — Steven's chips start falling. by Ameaner06/05/154.75HOT

Sera Ch. 21

 — Common people. by Ameaner06/06/154.78HOT

Sera Ch. 22

 — Common people: II by Ameaner06/07/154.77HOT

Sera Ch. 23

 — Steven and Ashleigh reconcile. by Ameaner06/08/154.77HOT

Sera Ch. 24

 — About Sera. by Ameaner06/09/154.76HOT

Sera Ch. 25

 — Steven and Kitten clash. by Ameaner06/10/154.76HOT

Sera Ch. 26

 — If you wanna know, ask a ho. by Ameaner06/11/154.79HOT

Sera Ch. 27

 — The story of Sera continues. by Ameaner06/12/154.81HOT

Sera Ch. 28

 — Steven takes his chance to explain himself. by Ameaner06/13/154.80HOT

Sera Ch. 29

 — Steven pleases Ashleigh by Ameaner06/14/154.77HOT

Sera Ch. 30

 — Kitten recognizes the monster within. by Ameaner06/15/154.81HOT

Sera Ch. 31

 — Steven and Kitten cum together. by Ameaner06/16/154.84HOT

Sera Ch. 32

 — A side trip to Langley. by Ameaner06/17/154.80HOT

Sera Ch. 33

 — Steven and Kitten organize a lingerie show. by Ameaner06/18/154.77HOT

Sera Ch. 34

 — Steven takes his place as man of the house by Ameaner06/19/154.81HOT

Sera Ch. 35

 — All's well that ends well. Or, is it? by Ameaner06/20/154.78HOT

Serena's Choice

 — She has to choose between mother and step father. by deepemerald01/15/064.63HOT

Series of Unfortunate Events Ch. 01

 — Sis caught me spying on her. by johnjinglez103/07/184.00

Served Up

 — She didn't think baking was erotic, until her brother came. by NaughtyScribe11/04/024.44


 — John & his sister start neighborhood service. by TryAnything01/18/034.74HOT

Service Girl on Call

 — Dutiful daughters keep stepdad satisfied. by robhope12309/09/073.36

Service Industry

 — Incest, Prostitution, bored housewife. by Isabella_1978_UK08/30/16

Servicing My Daughter's Naval

 — Estranged father returns to loving daughter. by Ldy_Sea07/16/094.22

Servicing the Team

 — Woman services her son's team. by newForesterV204/08/154.50HOT

Serving my Bull Cousin's Cock

 — How I came to worship my cousins huge cock one summer. by volta3312/13/163.83

Serving my Bull Cousin's Cock Pt. 02

 — Part 2 of how one summer I came to worship my cousin's cock. by volta3306/02/174.33

Session with the Therapist

 — She must talk about what happened. by jack3034105/29/094.20

Seth and Lisa

 — Shy, awkward brother finally gets his hot sis. by Newwriter201209/06/134.32

Seth and Lorelei Ch. 01

 — Distant step-siblings bond over a series of events. by _sue08/11/144.27

Seth and Lorelei Ch. 02

 — Lorelei stays the night at Seth's and the truth is revealed. by _sue08/16/144.67HOT

Seth and Sarah Sin

 — Daddy's guilty fantasy comes true. by SwtCountryGirl07/02/054.40

Setting a Good Example Ch. 1

 — Daddy punishes daughter in front of her sister. by BeccaAnn09/27/014.27

Setting a Good Example Ch. 2

 — Daughter tries to please angry Daddy. by BeccaAnn09/28/014.43

Setting Out to Get Daddy

 — She didn't mean to spy. She really didn't. by fungirl9210/17/123.89

Setting Out to Get Daddy Ch. 02

 — Will Daddy come out and play? by fungirl9211/20/124.10

Setting Out to Get Daddy Ch. 03

 — A naughty girl's fantasy comes to life. by fungirl9204/12/144.31

Setting the Limit

 — Lipstick on his dipstick. by Leezy09/09/114.16

Setting the Limit Ch. 02

 — We keep it in the family. by Leezy01/10/124.52HOT

Setting Up the Wrong Person

 — Aunt Diane gets her own surprise during a surprise visit. by EKnowsHow04/18/154.28

Setup Mom Ch. 01

 — Son gets revenge after mom left for 15 years. by donald7404/20/113.04

Seven Days with Indian Aunt Ch. 01

 — The first afternoon - where it all began. by mysterious_guy2002in01/02/073.23

Seven Minutes in Heaven

 — A brother and sister accidentally explore each other. by spoonbender12/05/024.46

Seven Minutes in Heaven

 — Brother and sister find each other. by highclassic06/23/164.64HOT

Seven Minutes In Heaven Ch. 1

 — Pam & Debbie meet college guys. by jallen94402/24/024.23

Seven Minutes In Heaven Ch. 2

 — The girls learn a new game. by jallen94402/25/024.18

Seven Minutes in Heaven Pt. 02

 — Keeping it in the family. by highclassic06/24/164.72HOT

Seven Rings

 — A phone sex incest morality tale. by DafneyDewitt02/26/013.68Editor's Pick

Seven Things...

 — Seven things you should know about your wife. by alextasy11/11/184.21

Seven-Mile High Club Ch. 01

 — Mike goes to Japan and meets cousin. by professor9807/07/054.61HOT

Seven-Mile High Club Ch. 02

 — Michael's continuing adventures in Japan. by professor9807/17/054.68HOT

Seven-Mile High Club Ch. 03

 — Michael is with a Flight Attandant in Osaka. by professor9807/24/054.58HOT

Seven-Mile High Club Ch. 04

 — Michael thinks about a past relationship. by professor9807/27/054.66HOT

Seven-Mile High Club Ch. 05

 — Michael ends three-day-affair with the flight attendant. by professor9807/28/054.60HOT

Seven-Mile High Club Ch. 06

 — Michael is reacquainted with his beautiful cousin Tomiko. by professor9808/08/054.70HOT

Seven-Mile High Club Ch. 07

 — Michael and his cousin make love. by professor9808/09/054.76HOT

Seven-Mile High Club Ch. 08

 — After meeting her teacher, they return home for... by professor9808/10/054.72HOT

Seven-Mile High Club Ch. 09

 — FINAL: Michael & Tomiko plot to be together. by professor9808/11/054.75HOT

Sex & Candy Ch. 01

 — A kiss leads to a discovery. by velvetpie03/24/054.22

Sex & Candy Ch. 02

 — A tragedy brings Loryn back home. by velvetpie03/25/054.30

Sex & Candy Ch. 03

 — Is it wrong to love your daughter? by velvetpie03/26/054.39

Sex & Candy Ch. 04

 — Loryn's dreams come true. by velvetpie03/28/054.57HOT

Sex & Candy Ch. 05

 — Things change when Loryn comes home. by velvetpie03/29/054.29

Sex & Candy Ch. 06

 — Loryn reconciles with her father. by velvetpie03/29/054.31

Sex & Candy Ch. 07

 — Loryn finds a balance in her life. by velvetpie03/31/054.54HOT

Sex & Candy Ch. 08

 — (FINAL) Daddy has a surprise. by velvetpie04/01/054.51HOT

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