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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Sex: 101

 — He stays home from school to learn the fine arts of sex from Mom. by iLUVmoms11/16/02


 — Aunt Sylvie suffers from a rare erotic sleep disorder. by Shamrockk08/05/114.45

Sexomnia Ch. 02

 — Aunt Sylvie reveals more of her submissive side. by Shamrockk08/19/114.42

Sexomnia Ch. 03

 — Aunt Sylvie's sleeping disorder gets more intense. by Shamrockk11/24/114.52HOT

Sexperiencing My SIL

 — The start of a incestuous relationship with my sister in law. by menufem06/15/113.96


 — Sister offers to 'show you hers if you show her yours'. by Charley_Ace11/15/014.56HOT

Sexploration Ch. 01

 — Mom has a strange encounter with her son. by mr. grey02/23/064.42

Sexploration Ch. 02

 — Daddy wakes up sleeping daughter. by mr. grey04/07/064.47

Sexploration Ch. 03

 — Mom enjoys herself while dad is in sauna. by mr. grey07/30/064.45

Sexploration Ch. 04

 — Sister and brother have both a strange encounter. by mr. grey11/20/064.50HOT

Sexploration Ch. 05

 — Mom enjoys a bath and her son. by mr. grey03/01/074.51HOT

Sexploration Ch. 06

 — Mom watches her daughter and son have fun. by mr. grey05/15/084.46

Sexpot Niece And Friend Seduce Uncle

 — Uncle gets very, very lucky! by beavereater33612/15/104.13

Sexting Mistake

 — Texting a picture to mother-in-law leads down a new path. by Luvtoplay5010/19/144.23

Sexting with Sister

 — Siblings enjoy erotic photography. by SPEN STERLING09/04/154.70HOT

Sexting With Sister In-Law

 — Sister in-law accidentally sees a pic meant for my wife. by Schwingprose05/15/134.58HOT

Sexual Addiction Ch. 02

 — A woman addicted to sex finds someone to save her. by Pudmeister12/12/084.18

Sexual Awakening of Bernie

 — Aunt, aided by her husband, introduces Bernie to sex. by Egmont Grigor03/05/093.58

Sexual Biography of a Young Woman Pt. 10

 — Sex, of all sorts, in the real world after uni. by sammican108/28/064.61HOT

Sexual Biography of a Young Woman Pt. 13

 — She played out her desire for her mother. by sammican110/25/064.74HOT

Sexual Biography of a Young Woman Pt. 15

 — Night with DD & bucket loads of anticipation about mum. by sammican102/19/074.64HOT

Sexual Biography of a Young Woman Pt. 16

 — Nude photo session with mum; fun with photographers. by sammican104/24/074.35

Sexual Coaching Ch. 01

 — Kira explores the ways to help Kyrhan's brother. by dan5707/27/084.19

Sexual Coaching Ch. 02

 — Kyrhan faces his sister in law. by dan5707/31/084.20

Sexual Coaching Ch. 03

 — Shomeer and Swathri visit Kyrhan to complete education. by dan5708/06/084.30

Sexual Encounters Ch. 01

 — Son first learns about sex from Mom. by Vic507/29/034.51HOT

Sexual Encounters Ch. 02

 — Mom and son attend a swingers' club by Vic507/31/034.45

Sexual Healing

 — Nick's parents get some help from a sex therapist. by Dennis_Kiros04/11/074.53HOT

Sexual Healing Ch. 02

 — More sessions with the hot therapist. by Dennis_Kiros07/11/074.45

Sexual Interception of the Mother

 — Mom's new boyfriend is someone from son's past. by Surt04/07/093.76

Sexual Liberation Through Chemistry

 — Chemistry makes some changes to the Argent family by Justaguy203/24/034.36

Sexual Liberation Through Chemistry Ch. 02

 — Results of weekend are felt. by Justaguy207/25/044.59HOT

Sexual Metamorphosis

 — Helen's sexual awakening is helped by mature male twins. by Imme2609/06/074.72HOT

Sexual Metamorphosis Ch. 02

 — Helen's voyage of sexual awakening & discovery continues. by Imme2606/27/084.67HOT

Sexual Metamorphosis Ch. 03

 — Gina does Helen with strap-on, then Harry joins in. by Imme2608/05/084.42

Sexual Metamorphosis Ch. 04

 — Helen enjoys having three brothers at the same time. by Imme2601/06/094.55HOT

Sexual Nirvana

 — An afternoon family orgy leads to total satisfaction. by bentig0407/18/064.44

Sexual Odyssey

 — She remembers her varied sexual adventures. by tayla703/26/084.48

Sexual Overdrive

 — My Daddy drove me there. by Chocky Girl09/24/013.87

Sexual Release

 — Daddy needs release from his daughter. by Hotfire7706/14/063.88

Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 04

 — My early sex adventures. by feelsgood08/27/084.33

Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 05

 — Mom plays in son's cum. by feelsgood09/01/084.19

Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 09

 — Fallig in love. by feelsgood10/16/084.58HOT

Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 12

 — Sex with first Americans. by feelsgood01/07/094.62HOT

Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 15

 — My wife soon to be old man teacher. by feelsgood03/18/094.60HOT

Sexual Selection, Chapter One

 — One peacock always has the "best" tail, and one boy... by Saucy_Sage09/19/084.21

Sexual Siblings

 — Brother and sister get to know each other again. by secret_desires08/04/084.47

Sexual Siblings Ch. 02

 — Brother and sister are closer than ever. by secret_desires07/08/084.52HOT

Sexual Siblings Ch. 03

 — After six months apart, the flame is still there. by secret_desires10/26/084.66HOT

Sexual Surprises Can Become Erotic

 — Stella and then Diane surprise Nick in very different ways. by MichaelPeterson12/04/134.51HOT

Sexy Aunt

 — Young man seduces mother's friend. by Indain_Flame02/16/093.79

Sexy Cousin Moni

 — Sweet sexy cousin Moni and her friend Aisha. by pinuram06/20/103.83

Sexy Cousin Sally

 — Mark watches his cousin have sex by strokernet05/06/034.06

Sexy Deal Ch. 01

 — John & hot girlfriend stay with her sexy mom. by KinkyGuy42008/07/044.02

Sexy Deal Ch. 02

 — Things turn brownshower kinky very quickly. by KinkyGuy42012/06/043.74

Sexy Lexie

 — Daughter tricks daddy. by ialoveayoua2a11/26/084.05

Sexy Miranda Comes to Stay

 — Actress aunt becomes Mark's head sex coach. by Egmont Grigor08/23/064.54HOT

Sexy Mom Gets Naughty At 40

 — She tries to seduce her son and falls into a trap. by Zeenutt08/21/064.42

Sexy Mom Is Desperate Ch. 01

 — Her husband is not doing enough for her pussy. by AriaGiovanni03/07/073.77

Sexy Mom, Horny Daughter

 — Daughter finds mom having fun all alone. by Tawny T04/23/014.56HOT

Sexy Mother

 — Widowed mother seduces her young son for own pleasure. by Indain_Flame02/16/094.12

Sexy Shoes Ch. 03

 — Marla confronts her son. by BlackSnake02/01/064.34

Sexy Shoes Ch. 04

 — Josh breaks it down for his mother. by BlackSnake02/02/064.57HOT

Sexy Shoes Ch. 05

 — Julie gets a pair of sexy shoes. by BlackSnake02/09/064.40

Sexy Shoes Ch. 06

 — Alexia takes Mathew back to place he came from. by BlackSnake02/14/064.43

Sexy Shoes Ch. 07

 — A naughty mom get-together. by BlackSnake02/16/064.38

Sexy Shoes Ch. 08

 — Undercover cop gets into her role. by BlackSnake02/17/064.39

Sexy Sis

 — Older brother craves younger sis. by Whinston08/01/034.58HOT

Sexy Sister & Friends

 — Sister comes to live with him and learns discipline. by bondmaster12/04/044.54HOT

Sexy Sister Comes Home

 — Sexy sister is home from college for the holidays. by bigfella197101/28/094.15

Sexy Sisters Ch. 01

 — Their parents are gone to France for a week. Now what? by DirtyLesbian08/24/092.98

Sexy Sisters Ch. 02

 — The sassy sisters discover dancing. But not just any type.. by DirtyLesbian09/04/093.76

Sexy Sisters Ch. 03

 — Boob attacks, porn, sex toys...these girls are on a roll! by DirtyLesbian09/05/093.97

Sexy Sisters Ch. 04

 — Naughty sisters are about to make you even hornier! by DirtyLesbian09/13/094.11

Sexy Sisters Ch. 05

 — Jessica gets her first cock; or does she? by DirtyLesbian09/16/094.19

Sexy Sisters Ch. 06

 — How much can 2 lesbian nympho sisters do in one day? A lot!! by DirtyLesbian10/02/094.21

Sexy Sleepover Ch. 01

 — How my virgin cousin got seduced. by emirebasi07/12/093.65

Sexy Slumber Seduction

 — Mom catches naughty daughter. by Tawny T11/18/004.52HOT

Sexy Uncle Jeff

 — Julie's uncle makes her feel better after a bad break-up. by FHH6901/05/164.35

Sexy Widow and Her Horny Son

 — Winter snow provides the excuse for erotic encounter. by Donna1906306/22/074.26

Sgt Rock: Badass American Soldier

 — Soldier finds sex on battlefield and at home. by MrJack06/21/084.49

Shades of Blue

 — Mother finds erotic books in son's room. by Jonnyflies11/11/124.54HOT

Shades of Blue Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by Jonnyflies01/15/134.58HOT

Shades of Blue Ch. 03

 — The Evening Progresses. by Jonnyflies06/05/134.58HOT

Shades of Blue Ch. 04

 — Love finds a way. by Jonnyflies06/13/134.45

Shades of Blue Ch. 05

 — Joanne reveals a secret. by Jonnyflies07/17/134.56HOT

Shadows in the Dark

 — Psychic little sister seduces older brother. by Rodneynimrod02/13/134.12

Shagged Drunk Mother

 — Son enjoys his tipsy Mum by bigindian4u08/05/053.89

Shagging My BBW Mother

 — Horny man seduces pantyhose clad obese mother. by pete8507/18/133.79

Shagging My Dad

 — She shows Daddy her appreciation. by JuleeSmith09/02/014.07

Shallu Aunty and Me

 — Indian aunty's needs are fulfilled bu nephew. by urwrdmycmd09/04/053.76


 — Mother is troubled by her feelings for her son. by Mikelh07/03/054.58HOT

Shame On Me

 — Brush with precocious girls changes mother's life. by Littlemissblair07/30/014.65HOT

Shame the Summer Skies

 — It's not easy to love your sister. by GrandTeton12/16/15

Shameless Ch. 01

 — Inhibited woman meets just the right man. by squirrelzo03/14/144.32

Shameless Ch. 02

 — She has Daddy fantasies by squirrelzo03/17/144.43

Shameless Ch. 03

 — Conclusion: He tells her his fantasy. by squirrelzo03/18/144.49

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