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Incest/Taboo Stories

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 — Sister and brother and yum. by beauchapeau06/02/024.48

Shannon's House Ch. 01

 — Her niece & nephew come to visit. by jallen94409/11/044.46

Shannon's House Ch. 02

 — Shannon gets to know her nephew's huge cock. by jallen94409/20/044.54HOT

Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 02

 — The sluttiest beauty seduces her nephew and he responds. by shanti201010/22/154.21

Shanu's Wedding Pt. 01

 — Incestuous hot love story of an Indian family. by harrie196311/21/094.69HOT

Shanu's Wedding Pt. 02

 — Incestuous love in the family continues. by harrie196312/08/094.78HOT

Shanu's Wedding Pt. 03

 — Torrid incestuous love carries on as wedding day approaches. by harrie196312/09/094.62HOT

Shaping a Proper Young Lady Ch. 01

 — An attractive couple shapes a young lady's future. by PhilCanyon01/28/084.45

Shaping a Proper Young Lady Ch. 02

 — Heather continues her education. by PhilCanyon02/04/084.51HOT

Sharareh The Cougar Mom Ch. 03

 — A divorced mother is dating a younger man with mommy issues. by Silviasade07/25/142.00

Share and Share Alike

 — it was a night of tapas and new tastes. by lincolnroberts10/28/133.98

Share My Story Ch. 02

 — Mother shares daughter with me. by mtnman200309/03/074.40

Share My Story Ch. 03

 — Time passed slowly, but the morning finally arrived. by mtnman200309/11/074.42

Shared Bed Ch. 01

 — Danny has unexpected sex with his mother. by sambates6912/11/024.22

Shared Bed Ch. 02

 — Danny continues his adventure. by sambates6912/25/024.43

Shared Bed Ch. 03

 — Danny's adventures get even more interesting. by sambates6912/31/024.44

Shared Bed Ch. 04

 — Danny gets some action by sambates6901/24/034.52HOT

Shared Bed Ch. 05

 — Danny is back. by sambates6903/22/094.27

Shared Birthday Fun

 — Three generations of incestuous sex. by sarahloveitt05/11/064.50HOT

Shared by Mother & Daughter

 — He's shared by daughter and mother. by newcome103/01/054.11

Shared Hotel

 — Mother & son are stuck sharing a hotel room. by Gruad05/28/064.45

Shared Panties Pt. 01

 — Mother shares house with son and daughter. by AuthorSarahJames09/18/154.57HOT

Shared Panties Pt. 02

 — Mother shares house with son and daughter. by AuthorSarahJames09/19/154.61HOT

Shared Panties Pt. 03

 — A loving mother, her son, and her daughter share everything. by AuthorSarahJames03/22/164.66HOT


 — Every gift deserves a reward. by Snurge12/01/073.96


 — Suburban housewives have fun. by T.G. Penmaster09/04/044.22


 — Pregnant mom & grown-up daughter make discoveries. by Mr James11/12/044.32

Sharing a Secret Ch. 1-2

 — Me'eeku and his sister reunite: A story of the Great Plains by shireman10/07/024.36

Sharing a Secret Conclusion

 — A Native American guy & his twin sister. by shireman10/09/024.40

Sharing a Secret Smile

 — Steven's asked to do something special for his daughter. by Many Feathers01/07/104.64HOT

Sharing Aunt Lucy Ch. 1

 — Jack gives up his weekend to help aunt & uncle. by the dreamseeker07/22/024.36

Sharing Aunt Lucy Ch. 2

 — Jack's weekend gets better. by the dreamseeker07/23/024.37

Sharing Big Brother

 — Josh visits home and gets a double surpise. by blackroseninja07/03/124.35

Sharing Daddy

 — I share Daddy with my younger sister. by MissFeatherclit03/02/144.56HOT

Sharing Family Love

 — Daddy sees his daughter playing and punishes her properly by LorenzoAbajos11/07/163.50

Sharing Grief

 — Indian son helps his aunt & mother. by stenjag12/17/024.18

Sharing is always fun

 — Princess likes to share Daddy, too. by KellyJames07/15/074.36

Sharing is Caring

 — Sandra's daddy makes her share her pussy with the family. by squirrelmeharder01/21/124.20

Sharing is Caring Ch. 01

 — Sis catches him watching mom's homemade porn. by oedipal12/13/034.52HOT

Sharing is Caring Ch. 02

 — Mom makes him pay with some psych warfare. by oedipal12/20/034.25

Sharing Mom Ch. 01

 — Fifty-something mom visits son & his roommates. by bayisle6608/25/054.28

Sharing Mom's Cocky Man

 — Mom's hideous boyfriend is used, too. by triana04/20/112.96

Sharing Mom...with Dad!

 — Son's maternal obsession fuel's Mom and Dad's fantasies! by lovecraft6812/07/134.76HOT

Sharing My Bed

 — She finds out what her brother and cousin have been doing. by Xarth07/01/114.56HOT

Sharing My Mother's Lover

 — Daughter watched mother, and becomes part of the fun. by sophiewilliams12/17/094.36

Sharing My Son with My Girlfriend

 — Hot mom & cute younger girlfriend share her horny son. by BrettJ02/09/134.40

Sharing My Son with My Girlfriend Ch. 02

 — Karen adds a new twist to her threeway incestuous games. by BrettJ04/14/164.50HOT

Sharing Rita Ch. 2

 — The relationship between mother & daughter continues. by teniellejd01/17/024.61HOT

Sharing Sarah

 — She has two dominant men in her life. by majicman2105/02/164.25

Sharing Secrets

 — Two moms, two sons; who seduced whom? by hammertime11/25/084.60HOT

Sharing Secrets Ch. 01

 — Kim finds out some intriguing things about her sister. by rodofmercury11/02/154.29

Sharing Secrets Ch. 02

 — Now it's Kim's turn to make some shocking admissions. by rodofmercury11/03/154.59HOT

Sharing Secrets Ch. 03

 — The sisters really open up to each other. by rodofmercury11/05/154.52HOT

Sharing Secrets Ch. 04

 — Back to real life for Cheryl? by rodofmercury11/07/154.71HOT

Sharing Secrets Pt. 01

 — Father seeks to discover and encourage his son's sexual needs. by Showoff88803/31/154.08

Sharing Secrets Pt. 02

 — Father seeks to discover and encourage his son's sexual needs. by Showoff88804/03/153.86

Sharing Siblings

 — A brother and sister join us at a nudist resort. by WayneGibbous07/01/114.36

Sharing Sister

 — Brother gets to share his sister with mutual girlfriend. by nymphomaniass08/02/064.52HOT

Sharing Sisters

 — Joel shares twin models Angel and Andrea. by BrettJ12/29/054.52HOT

Sharing Slutwife With My Brother

 — A threesome with my wife and my brother. by gandj13009/16/034.17

Sharing the MILF List Ch. 02

 — Sharing a MILF with her son. by Contrasting10/14/124.74HOT

Sharing the MILF List Ch. 04

 — Mother and son coming in concert. by Contrasting12/19/124.78HOT

Sharing the MILF List Ch. 05

 — Swapping moms and swapping MILFs. by Contrasting06/21/134.74HOT

Sharing the MILF List Ch. 06

 — His Mom's Ass, What’s a little MILF Between Friends? by Contrasting07/02/134.70HOT

Sharing the MILF List Ch. 08 Pt. 1

 — From 3 Moms and an Aunt we select the one. by Contrasting07/15/134.75HOT

Sharing the MILF List Ch. 08 Pt. 2

 — 2 MILFs watch, 1 aunt serves, Mrs. Rossini sucks and fucks. by Contrasting07/16/134.68HOT

Sharing the MILF List Ch. 08 Pt. 3

 — Son spanks mom, she's airtight-I get a discomfiting surprise. by Contrasting07/17/134.70HOT

Sharing the MILF List Ch. 09

 — Mom does a monster cock and the guys do the sisters. by Contrasting08/21/134.73HOT

Sharing the MILF List Ch. 10

 — Doing a MILF in the office and doing my mom for her sister. by Contrasting11/22/134.75HOT

Sharing the MILF List Ch. 11

 — A MILF of my own, Owning Mom. by Contrasting01/27/144.74HOT

Sharing the MILF List Ch. 13

 — A MILF Reward: Giving a MILF to Her Son. by Contrasting07/13/144.79HOT

Sharing the MILF List Ch. 14

 — The strange path to an airtight blond mother. by Contrasting07/18/144.78HOT

Sharing the MILF List Ch. 15: Conclusion

 — They may look like mother and daughter, but... by Contrasting07/25/144.78HOT

Sharing the Stepdaughter

 — Stepdaughter adds to fun with former and current wives. by sirhugs04/23/064.57HOT

Sharing the Wealth

 — Future daughter-in-law shares with his mother. by Woffen12/26/064.61HOT

Sharing with Erin

 — Opening up to a lover about my relationship with my mother. by jenifer_riva03/18/034.50HOT

Sharis' Trip With Dad

 — Shari and Cassy team up against dad. by oldnhorny02/18/084.36

Sharlann & Dad: Punishment Day

 — Daughter buys a car. by Sharlann03/12/013.59


 — Mom likes watching son and girlfriend. by Puffer10/29/004.01

Sharon Ch. 1

 — A chance meeting with sister-in-law turns erotic. by emalinowski12/09/014.08

Sharon Ch. 2

 — Virgin sister catches brother & his girlfriend. by Puffer10/29/004.13

Sharon Ch. 3

 — Couple and his sister spend quality time together. by Puffer10/29/004.19

Sharon Ch. 5

 — Foursome plays swingers games. by Puffer10/29/004.29

Sharon Comes to Stay Ch. 01

 — A cousin, down on her luck, asks to stay with me. by WillieTurner01/16/163.76

Sharon Comes to Stay Ch. 02-03

 — Sharon and Ben try to recapture old feelings. by WillieTurner01/19/164.28

Shattered Taboos

 — West Coast trip shatters taboos for young Virginia woman. by sr71plt07/24/154.09

Shattered Values Ch. 01

 — Rival Siblings find common ground. by Sungmehetu11/02/144.05

Shauna Ch. 01

 — Shauna takes her 18-year-old son as lover. by mostanything12/20/034.51HOT

Shauna Ch. 02

 — Shauna and her son, Billy discover more loving ways. by mostanything12/22/034.58HOT

Shauna Ch. 03

 — Billy's eighteen year old friend makes it a threesome. by mostanything12/22/034.61HOT

Shauna Ch. 04

 — Four makes full house as Curt's sister arrives. by mostanything03/05/044.70HOT

Shauna Ch. 05

 — Shauna & Danielle acquire a boy-toy. by mostanything03/06/044.53HOT

Shauna Ch. 06

 — Shauna's brother & girlfriend arrive. by mostanything06/06/044.65HOT

Shauna Williams: Slut-Mommy Ch. 01

 — From divorcee and single mom to slut-mommy. The beginning. by Wank_Gough05/26/153.07

Shauna Williams: Slut-Mommy Ch. 02

 — From divorcee and single mom to slut-mommy. Shauna submits. by Wank_Gough05/27/153.30

Shauna Williams: Slut-Mommy Ch. 03

 — From divorcee and single mom to slut-mommy. Pop's formula. by Wank_Gough05/28/153.54

Shauna's Slaves

 — Shauna rules the roost - which includes brother & her boss! by BrettJ05/06/124.13

Shaving Dad Pt. 01

 — Kate gives her dad a new look. by theincestclub03/21/154.65HOT

Shaving My Indian Daughter-In-Law

 — I got a chance to shave my hairy but horny Indian DIL. by haldwani06/19/144.35

Shaving Sissy

 — An older brother gets a visit from pregnant sister. by UseMeUpLover11/20/134.24

Shawn & Libby

 — He never wanted to touch her before that moment. by fishead04/14/054.45

Shawn & Libby Ch. 02

 — His depressing moment leads to one of passion. by fishead05/07/054.29

Shawn's Friend

 — Daughter brings Dad a classmate for the two of them. by MisterReason04/09/114.26

Shawna My Daughter’s Friend Ch. 01

 — I still can't believe what I did. by Naked104/30/134.16

Shawna My Daughter’s Friend Ch. 02

 — At the beach. by Naked104/30/134.28

Shawna My Daughter’s Friend Ch. 03

 — In the kitchen. by Naked105/01/134.56HOT

Shawna My Daughter’s Friend Ch. 04

 — Lisa is getting close. by Naked105/17/134.56HOT

Shawna's Big Cock Lust

 — Lust leads her to seduce her BIG brother. by lengthylarry10/08/043.93


 — Brother and sister and their sexy family. by steamer513906/09/063.90

Shawntel Ch. 02

 — Shawntel & Ritchie enjoy each other's company. by steamer513906/19/064.35

She Always was An Unusual Girl

 — She knows how to relax her daddy, whether he likes it or not. by ParagonOfVirtue03/27/124.43

She Always was an Unusual Girl Ch. 02

 — Now Madeline is feeling stressed by ParagonOfVirtue04/03/124.59HOT

She Always was an Unusual Girl Ch. 03

 — Madeline's mom throws a spanner into the whole affair. by ParagonOfVirtue04/17/124.70HOT

She Asked For It!

 — Teenage stepdaughter gets what she asks for. by KDB320106/05/134.24

She Begged Him

 — He can't resist giving niece what she wants. by StealingLight09/19/044.17

She Called We Came!

 — An eye opening afternoon by writesformary10/13/134.41

She Cuckolded Me With My Dad

 — His young girlfriend had a surprise: his own father! by nostringsfunavl05/18/144.04

She Dad

 — Frustrated teen learns about sex from crossdressing dad by FirstTimer6906/02/114.53HOT

She Dad Ch. 03

 — Darla's seduction of Jack takes a turn. by FirstTimer6910/04/124.57HOT

She Finally Falls For Brother

 — A sister goes out but has fun with her brother. by PrincessOfSex03/19/083.79

She Gets What She Wants

 — Brian give his sister a gift. by jaetrace03/28/044.07

She Got the Blues

 — Father and daughter are marooned on desert island. by clinton0910/05/104.26

She Grew Up So Fast

 — His niece is much more than they expected. by tikoskettio11/19/083.68

She Has Poppy

 — Wife gives in to stepfather while camping. by robodud08/29/044.32

She is as Horny as I am

 — My sister and I take care of each other. by Ron888ca04/15/144.26

She is as Horny as I am Ch. 02

 — They spend Sunday together. by Ron888ca04/27/144.44

She is as Horny as I am Ch. 03

 — Mom finds out. by Ron888ca07/22/144.48

She is as Horny as I am Ch. 04

 — Mom loosens up. by Ron888ca09/10/154.62HOT

She Isn't That Bright

 — My name's Mark, and I live in Illinois... by peaceender04/29/114.24

She Knew

 — Mom knew son was wearing her panties. by Erosness10/23/034.51HOT

She Knows

 — Son discovers that he has been discovered. by Erosness05/05/014.32

She Knows

 — Jacqueline the cousin knows more than he thinks. by bobodaman12307/31/074.27

She Left

 — When she left it left an opening for a whole new life. by Scorpio44a10/23/084.61HOT

She Needed That

 — Brother eases his twin sister's anguish. by JessMalarkey04/13/064.58HOT

She Needs Him, He Needs Her

 — Father and daughter needed each other. by PrincessOfSex06/09/074.03

She Needs To Learn!

 — Bitchy coed step-daughter gets her comeuppance. by gymmyt10/02/064.48

She Never Saw Him Coming

 — A story of twists & pleasure. by Master_Vassago10/24/044.41

She Remembered

 — Niece & her uncle remember a moment from the past. by LanceV08/11/074.63HOT

She Spies, I Fuck

 — She watches him while he has sex, then joins in. by The_Game08/29/014.14

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