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Incest/Taboo Stories

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She Wanted It Too

 — My cousin-in-law wanted the same thing. by cockimusmaximus01/08/124.20

She Wants My Brothers Cock Too

 — He has a threesome with his wife and brother. by sneaky0106/25/084.03

She was Always the Evil Twin...

 — Megan decides to take her twin, Lily's virginity. by Gentlytwisted03/01/174.19

She was Always the Evil Twin... Ch. 02

 — Megan's night with Lily continues. by Gentlytwisted03/28/174.41

She was Always the Evil Twin... Ch. 03

 — Megan and Lily's date night has an unexpected twist. by Gentlytwisted12/27/174.10

She Was Just What I Needed

 — He fell in love with his cousin. by Rckhrd11/30/064.25

She WAS My Girlfriend

 — My sister takes me, then my girfriend. by patdown09/25/093.17

She Was My Sister!

 — A man finds lost family, and true love, all in the family. by biggshow1308/17/064.62HOT

She Was No Longer A Child

 — She grew up. by Jazz6710/28/043.86

She Was Popular

 — Susan was very popular at home. by Rnsbreeze01/18/074.30

She Won't Put Out

 — His sister helps his love life out. by standingstones03/10/154.19

She Won't Put out Again

 — Brother has women problems. by standingstones05/13/174.27

She Wonders Ch. 01

 — Husband no longer performing, she takes notice of her son. by PanzerFeck05/21/184.35

She Wonders Ch. 02

 — Isolated mother and son want to satisfy each other. by PanzerFeck05/23/184.58HOT

She Wonders Ch. 03

 — Love and lust in an ongoing aftermath. by PanzerFeck06/16/184.61HOT

She Wonders Ch. 04

 — Everything's ruined, isn't it, mum? by PanzerFeck06/19/184.74HOT

She'll Never Tame A Rebel

 — Sweet sister scores with rebel older brother. by curlyandcurvy07/21/024.05

She's 22 and Still a Virgin

 — She seeks her brother's advice, then his help. by Cousin-Barb11/13/084.43

She's a Big Tease

 — He howled when he came. by Amyfriend10/18/064.28

She's A Slut

 — Step-daughter reveals her feelings. by Bhob07/08/044.57HOT

She's A Slut Ch. 03

 — A little payback. by Bhob08/21/044.59HOT

She's A Slut Ch. 04

 — Kathy's had by all. by Bhob09/07/044.48

She's A Slut: Moving On

 — He wakes to find step-daughter in bed with him. by Bhob07/18/044.46

She's All Grown Up

 — Twin brothers reunite with their adopted sister. by majicman2103/23/164.47

She's All Tied Up

 — Sequel to a 'Horny Widow with a Sexy Son'. by Donna1906311/18/074.40

She's Been A Very Bad Girl

 — Daddy's little girl gets a spanking. by NightmarePrincess05/21/034.28

She's Being Naughty Again

 — Kim picks the wrong time to be naughty. by littlemissnaughtygal02/22/044.10

She's Blind not Dead

 — JC has a mop of pubic hair. by Amyfriend04/25/064.43

She's Blind not Dead Ch. 02

 — JC meets an older male friend by Amyfriend05/13/064.48

She's Blossoming into a Sexy Lady

 — A dad is thinking about his daughter. by Mysteria2703/29/173.99

She's Daddy's Girl Now

 — Stephanie's brother's learn a lesson from Dad. by sexy_mama_0904/17/114.17

She's Daddy's Girl Now Ch. 02

 — Tim & Tom don't listen to dad, punishment time! by sexy_mama_0903/01/124.01

She's Daddy's Little Girl

 — A school girl helps her daddy keep his job. by wendyw06/18/034.11

She's Disabled; So What?

 — His brother said he could screw his disabled sis-in-law by julybear710/08/134.46

She's Full of Cyn

 — She takes a vacation with Daddy Brian. by xPinkxStarsx09/27/07

She's Not My Daughter

 — Step daughters friend wants to play with Daddy. by theWIFEWatcher12/10/124.41

She's Not My Daughter Ch. 02

 — Stepdaughter's friend plays with Daddy. by theWIFEWatcher12/14/124.43

She's Not My Daughter Ch. 03

 — Stepdaughter's friend shows Daddy a hot web cam video. by theWIFEWatcher12/19/124.55HOT

She's Not My Daughter Ch. 04

 — Jesse and I get some quality alone time together. by theWIFEWatcher01/10/134.55HOT

She's Not My Daughter Ch. 05

 — Jesse and I start the long hard weekend. by theWIFEWatcher01/02/144.61HOT

She's Not My Daughter Ch. 06

 — The weekend just got interesting... by theWIFEWatcher04/16/154.39

She's Not My Daughter Ch. 07

 — Jesse explains why she loves what she loves. by theWIFEWatcher10/25/154.53HOT

She, Her.... Mom

 — A mother & son come to terms. by Momstheboss06/14/143.90

SHE: Cruel

 — She is cruelly forced to endure a day without milking. by SinEater405/23/133.65

Sheela's New Lover, Her Son

 — Betrayed by husband, Sheela finds a new lover, her own son. by bigshotjeev03/01/174.15

Shelby and Johnny Ch. 04

 — Johnny pops Shelby's sister. by discutingperv103/04/084.56HOT

Shelby and Johnny Ch. 05

 — Daughter shows love for daddy. by discutingperv103/12/084.64HOT

Shelby and Johnny Ch. 06

 — Shelby's little sis finally gets it by discutingperv103/20/084.67HOT

Shelby and Johnny Ch. 07

 — Fun with his girls. by discutingperv104/12/084.75HOT

Shelby and Johnny Ch. 08

 — Johnny remembers a past sexual romp. by discutingperv104/18/084.63HOT

Shelby and Johnny Ch. 09

 — Tragety, love and lust. by discutingperv104/23/084.70HOT

Shelby Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old Shelby shows her much older cousin her oral skills. by KnottLynnHardey01/29/134.37

Shelby Ch. 02

 — Shelby proposes a deal, and sucks Jason once more. by KnottLynnHardey02/04/134.39

Shelby Ch. 03

 — Shelby and Jason tease each other and he showers her in cum. by KnottLynnHardey02/13/134.42

Shelby Ch. 04

 — Shelby gives her virginty to Liam and then her body to Jason. by KnottLynnHardey02/21/134.53HOT

Shelbyville Tales: Study Date Ch. 04

 — Abby shouldn't have gotten caught. What will her sister do? by hacker83101/31/124.60HOT

Shelbyville Tales: Study Date Ch. 05

 — It's a brand new day, what is in store for the gang? by hacker83103/13/124.52HOT

Shelly Knows Best

 — Mother needs a Domm. Transexual Shelly jumps at the chance. by LilLindaMelons07/03/114.42

Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 01

 — Shell comes home for the summer with a plan to seduce daddy. by ashadebetter04/03/174.50HOT

Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 02

 — Shelly's summer of seduction continues. by ashadebetter04/09/174.55HOT

Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 03

 — Shelly finally makes daddy hers, and nobody but hers. by ashadebetter04/15/174.54HOT

Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 04

 — Shelly makes mommy's bed her own. by ashadebetter04/19/174.60HOT

Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 05

 — Shely and Maddy hatch a plan to have daddy's babies. by ashadebetter05/10/174.27

Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 06

 — Shelly reconnects with daddy, and Maddy too. by ashadebetter05/14/174.56HOT

Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 07

 — Maddy makes Shelly's dad her toy. by ashadebetter06/05/174.51HOT

Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 08

 — Shelly marries daddy and Maddy's plan is put into place. by ashadebetter07/06/174.60HOT

Shelly Seduces Her Father

 — On a cold night, dad & daughter discover each other. by missouri6350101/20/094.42

Shelly's Decisions Ch. 01

 — Shelly stayed out past curfew; what will daddy do? by cwbyjnky0801/05/093.84

Shelly's Decisions Ch. 02

 — Shelly decides on her punishment for staying out. by cwbyjnky0801/06/094.29

Shelly's Decisions Ch. 03

 — Shelly's punishment comes to a conclusion. by cwbyjnky0801/07/094.40

Shelly's Secret Ch. 01

 — A fictional tale of family incest. by GregKirkland10/28/184.43

Shelly's Secret Ch. 02

 — A story of family incest. by GregKirkland11/02/184.28

Shelly's Secret Ch. 03

 — A story of family incest. by GregKirkland11/10/184.19

Shelly's Secret Ch. 04

 — A story of family incest. by GregKirkland11/16/184.44

Shelly: Daddy's Punishment Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old Shelly's been a bad girl. by Kalista09/19/033.86

Shelly: Daddy's Punishment Ch. 02

 — Shelly's daddy continues his brutal punishments. by Kalista09/20/033.96

Shemale Sister

 — Victor's sister has secrets, now he finds out. by Templar_Writer02/24/163.78

Shemale Sister Molly

 — Brother discovers his desire for his Transgender sister. by Ergon09/07/174.36

Shemale Sister Molly Ch. 02

 — Sex with transgender sister round 2. by Ergon04/13/184.35

Shemale World - Family Haze

 — The sexual adventures of a shemale family. by Rebeccalerouxx08/10/154.53HOT

Shepherd's Pie

 — College student explores roots of pantyhose fetish. by EarthAngelXXX08/20/134.66HOT

Shepherd's Pie Ch. 02

 — Chris has a fateful encounter with his busty blonde landlord. by EarthAngelXXX11/23/134.39

Shepherd's Pie Ch. 03

 — A couple's journey from exhibitionism to interracial sex. by EarthAngelXXX12/18/133.97

Shepherd's Pie Ch. 04

 — Chris seeks professional help for his Mommy issues, by EarthAngelXXX01/11/144.68HOT

Shepherd's Pie Ch. 05

 — Chris and his mother attend a party hosted by his therapist. by EarthAngelXXX02/07/144.51HOT

Shepherd's Pie Ch. 06: Daddy's Girl

 — Chris maneuvers to seize control over the women in his life. by EarthAngelXXX04/19/144.57HOT

Shepherd's Pie Ch. 07: Girl's Night Out

 — Chris joins his mom's bachelorette party. by EarthAngelXXX06/04/144.53HOT

Sheri and Daddy

 — Last day of school brings Daddy big surprise. by Lydie5404/15/144.28

Sheri and Daddy Ch. 02

 — Daddy teaches Sheri more ways to love. by Lydie5404/23/144.38

Sheri's Big Brother

 — Sister comes home to get her man. by L.A. Wicker11/17/064.54HOT

Sherri's Education

 — Daddy makes the best Teacher! by smartiepants12312301/30/044.42

Sherrie's Birthday Party Ch. 1

 — Dad gives her a different kind of party. by sherrie17200209/01/023.86

Sherrie's Birthday Party Ch. 2

 — Dad gives her a different kind of birthday party. by sherrie17200209/08/024.20

Sherrie's Birthday Party Ch. 3

 — Siblings finally sneak away for some privacy. by sherrie17200204/18/034.43

Sherrie's Birthday Party Ch. 4

 — They're caught! by sherrie17200206/28/034.43

Sherry's Cherry

 — Daughter needs Dr. Daddy to help pop her cherry. by VanillaExtract04/03/134.16

Sherry's Defilement

 — Daughter becomes Mom's replacement. by Dirty_Deeds06/08/044.19

Sherry's Test Ch. 27

 — Sherry and her mom are punished together. by PolyVoyeur01/30/144.36

Shhh! Dad's Asleep

 — Two 18-year olds examine a man up close. by Wyden Long03/06/024.26


 — Mom secretly uses her son. by DaktoRto07/07/104.29

Shhhh! Dad Accepts Mom's Affair Wit

 — Love. by DaktoRto08/26/104.46

Shhhh! Mom, Son Now Dad

 — They give Dad his fantasy. by DaktoRto09/03/104.54HOT

Shhhh! Sister Finds Out

 — Sister wants to join in on the family sex. by DaktoRto09/15/104.52HOT

Shhhh! Sister Finds Out Ch. 02

 — Things worked out after all. by DaktoRto09/26/104.36

Shhhh! There Is More After All

 — Mother and son reunite. by DaktoRto07/19/104.49

Shhhh, Mommy Will Hear You

 — A young woman cums of age. by ForTheMemories200908/12/094.53HOT

Shhhh, Mommy Will Hear You Pt. 02

 — A young woman cums of age. by ForTheMemories200908/16/094.54HOT

Shhhh, Mommy Will Hear You Pt. 03

 — Lexi wants a baby. by ForTheMemories200908/27/094.45


 — A newfound mental power leads brother to sister by AnsemRai06/22/094.48

Shift Ch. 02

 — Logan fucks Kristen and Eva gets more involved. by AnsemRai06/27/094.60HOT

Shift of Paradigm Pt. 01

 — A mother finds what she never expected. by twistedsickmind03/04/154.41

Shift of Paradigm Pt. 02

 — A mother finds what she never expected. by twistedsickmind03/05/154.61HOT

Shift of Paradigm Pt. 03

 — A mother finds what she never expected. by twistedsickmind03/11/154.33

Shift of Paradigm Pt. 04

 — A mother finds what she never expected. by twistedsickmind03/13/154.37

Shift Work

 — Son and father do a job share on innocent young girlfriend. by Upskirter6906/03/144.19

Shim's My Brother Ch. 01

 — Patsy discovers Kevin's secret. by Georgette Glass09/26/034.42

Shim's My Brother Ch. 02

 — Enter Lupe (literally). by Georgette Glass10/20/034.49

Shining Girl Ch. 01

 — Jack finally notices his Japanese half-sister. by beachbum195807/10/134.76HOT

Shining Girl Ch. 02

 — Jack and Teruko tell their Mother, and tragedy strikes... by beachbum195808/22/134.78HOT

Shining Girl Ch. 03

 — Aftermath, Recovery, and Re-discovery. by beachbum195810/03/134.79HOT

Shining Girl Ch. 04

 — Jack finds his way back, and their life together begins. by beachbum195810/18/134.84HOT

Shining Girl: Andy and Linda

 — Linda and Andy finally discover each other. by beachbum195811/19/144.70HOT

Shining Girl: Andy and Linda Pt. 02

 — Linda realises where she needs to be: with Andy. by beachbum195801/05/154.83HOT


 — Family adventure marooned on an island. by momsonly03/25/104.11


 — Family explores their sexuality while shipwrecked. by Schaka01/08/174.36

Shipwrecked Ch. 1

 — Family goes on a cruise in their new yacht. by BOBROCK6907/21/014.04

Shipwrecked Sister

 — Brother and hairy sister do the Blue Lagoon. by atomicwarpig09/10/034.34

Shipwrecked with Mom and Esther

 — Mother, son & maid are shipwrecked on an island. by sethp09/12/064.46

Shipwrecked with My Son

 — Son turns into hero for shipwrecked mother. by nakedweasel02/24/094.34

Shipwrecked with My Son

 — A mother & son struggle to resist their urges on an island. by Heather2609/22/154.52HOT

Shirttail Cousin

 — He meets an unknown relative. by standingstones09/20/144.34

Shish Boom Ma?

 — 18-year-old catches girlfriend with step-mom. by Shoreman7604/18/064.18

Shish Boom Ma? Ch. 02

 — Guy finds lust with his step-mom. by Shoreman7605/12/064.46

Shish Boom Ma? Ch. 03

 — He finally has sex with girlfriend - with stepmom's help. by Shoreman7608/31/064.41

Shish Boom Ma? Ch. 04

 — The Finale? The foursome get together for play. by Shoreman7609/29/064.57HOT

Shit happens Ch. 01

 — Between a mother and a daughter. by CSimmon3903/13/074.06

Shiv's Story

 — Indian wedding becomes a wild orgy. by Shivkapur11/18/003.96


 — It was a cold day in his hell. by MSTarot08/27/123.54

Shobha' Affair

 — Seduction of a married woman. by Praney02/19/183.75

Shock of a Lifetime

 — Sexual virgin is initiated. by JameRetief08/26/034.27

Shock Treatment Pt. 01

 — A tale of Incest and love between grandson and grandmother. by JackRace03/18/154.48

Shoes Make the Mom Ch. 01

 — New shoes rewrite Melinda's relationship with her son. by jvalet4505/18/104.59HOT

Shooting Arrows

 — Lessons exchanged between three cousins. by pamper103/28/043.95

Shooting My Sister Ch. 01

 — Brother helps sister wth Hollywood photo shoot. by Jasemin6910/09/114.62HOT

Shooting My Sister Ch. 02

 — Mike, his sister Hannah and a case of mistaken identity. by Jasemin6910/23/114.61HOT

Shooting Pool with the Guys

 — Amber watches her bro with his friend. by ladyeroticwriter05/19/034.33

Shooting Pool with the Guys Ch. 02

 — The boys find out what great cocksuker she is. by ladyeroticwriter06/18/034.30

Shooting The Moon Ch. 03

 — Ruth the cafe owner's daughter is initiated at work. by SEVERUSMAX02/10/154.34

Shooting with Helena

 — Carrie romances her sister. by Cassie00705/24/074.79HOT

Shooting with Helena Ch. 02

 — Two sisters continue to explore each other's feelings. by Cassie00707/07/074.75HOT

Shooting with Helena Ch. 03

 — Helena and Cassie find trouble with Jack. by Cassie00708/22/074.68HOT

Shooting with Helena Ch. 04

 — Cassie and Helena plan their revenge on Jack. by Cassie00709/14/074.54HOT

Shooting with Helena Ch. 05

 — Helena and Cassie begin their revenge on Jack. by Cassie00709/26/074.61HOT

Shooting with Helena Ch. 06

 — Helena and Cassie exact their revenge on Jack. by Cassie00709/27/074.68HOT

Shooting with Helena Ch. 07

 — Helena and Cassie confront Jack. by Cassie00709/28/074.52HOT

Shooting with Helena Ch. 08

 — Cassie lies in a coma after her fight with Jack. by Cassie00711/04/074.75HOT

Shoppin Fun

 — Daughter shopping leads to daddy fun. by lil_sweet_thang_ss05/14/104.16

Shopping Trip

 — Mother sees Daughter in a whole new light. by KinkyCc7501/20/164.01

Shopping Trip With Mom

 — Son is caught with mom's undies. by Kombi11/14/003.97

Shopping With Daddy

 — She and her two friends go shopping with Dad. by MrDean7012/07/043.86

Shopping with Daddy

 — Father and daughter. by aanonimit12/03/154.07

Shopping with Emma

 — A stepsister helps her brother on a sexy shopping trip. by Bloodmosaic09/25/174.30

Shopping with Sara

 — A brother goes shopping with his sister and her friends. by DrThrob06/15/104.05

Shopping with Sara--Picnic Episode

 — A brother goes on picnic with his sister and her friends by DrThrob06/20/104.24

Short Skirts

 — Sis' short skirt leads to fun. by Erosness06/22/073.85

Short Story: A Mother's Family

 — My husband takes my submissive daughter as I watch. by soulrax04/12/143.62

Short Story: An Old Itch Scratched

 — Brother and sister finally come together. by hammertime07/30/114.42

Short Story: Homecoming

 — Sister-in-law helps welcome him home. by hammertime07/04/114.34

Short Story: Stand By Me

 — Her father-in-law takes care of her. by hammertime07/04/114.42

Short Story: Unfinished Business

 — Brother-in-law finishes what they started 3 years before. by hammertime08/01/114.44

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