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Taking Abby

 — He takes his pregnant Daughter in law. by hotpup11/10/054.37

Taking Advantage

 — Son convinces lesbian mom to give men another try. by motherluvver03/07/084.35

Taking Advantage

 — He cons her to fulfil his dream. by chan6912/27/054.05

Taking Advantage

 — Young man doing his mother. by BlackSnake05/25/064.00

Taking Advantage of the Situation

 — Mom passes out with dildo inside of her son finishes the job. by centrum100001/02/154.32

Taking Advantage, The Family's Story Ch. 01

 — The introduction to the family. by arkwrights0611/21/163.95

Taking Back Brooke

 — After discovering daughter's secrets, will things go to far? by Braindard06/26/124.60HOT

Taking Care of Aunt Sue

 — I learn she needs more than help with her roof. by Bakeboss08/20/103.90

Taking Care of Dad

 — Daughter is lonely and so is her dad by Giveandgetoral11/17/134.42

Taking Care of Dad

 — Jessica and Dad take their relationship to a new level. by MrHenry06/10/174.45

Taking Care of Daddy

 — 18-year-old takes away her father's stress. by ronnie1106/08/104.36

Taking Care of Daddy

 — Two horny sisters decide Dad could use a pick-me-up. by jclancy306/28/104.10

Taking Care of Daddy

 — A lacrosse player comes off the bench and scores. by KatieAnnBB02/16/134.46

Taking Care of Mile's Sister Ch. 01

 — He promised to keep an eye on his friend's little sister. by HeyyRed01/11/174.11

Taking Care of Mom

 — A son takes care of his pregnant mother. by SpongeBobSquishPants05/24/154.44

Taking Care of Mom Pt. 02

 — A son takes care of the family while Dad's away. by SpongeBobSquishPants07/21/154.48

Taking Care of My Brother

 — Sister helps herself to her brother's cock. by retiresoon11/01/094.35

Taking Care of Santa

 — She takes care of Santa to prove what a good girl she is. by pj12/10/124.16

Taking Care of Uncle Pedro Ch. 01

 — A Dominican girl takes care of her injured favorite uncle. by casquetero09/05/113.94

Taking Care of Uncle Pedro Ch. 02

 — Mariela had unfinished businesses... and some more. by casquetero09/06/114.35

Taking Care of Uncle Pedro Ch. 03

 — Mariela and Sheila give a show to their uncle. by casquetero09/07/114.29

Taking Clementine Ch. 01: GLQ

 — A man and his daughters meet a stranger in the high country. by MishaPearl206/09/174.08

Taking Clementine Ch. 02: Washing Up

 — The McFees show Royce the cave's mineral hot springs. by MishaPearl206/10/174.34

Taking Clementine Ch. 03: Lessons

 — Clementine graduates. Royce plays 'Mother May I.' by MishaPearl206/12/174.49

Taking Clementine Ch. 04: Confab

 — Royce's report and Daphne's desire. by MishaPearl206/13/174.29

Taking Clementine Ch. 05: Wakey Wakey

 — The McFees and Royce greet a new day in the Rockies. by MishaPearl206/15/174.36

Taking Clementine Ch. 06: News Flash

 — Clementine gets the picture. by MishaPearl206/17/174.57HOT

Taking Control

 — Son puts his mother back in line. by hannahandmike09/12/104.37

Taking Control

 — Son decides to take control of his mother and 3 sisters. by Mikro06/08/184.14

Taking Control Ch. 02

 — He punishes her then receives his reward. by hannahandmike09/18/104.42

Taking Control of Terri

 — He takes control of angry sis for sex. by sick_boy03/20/033.98

Taking Dad's Place

 — A mother finds love with her son. by SpankerSam01/12/104.49

Taking Dad's Place Ch. 02

 — Son and Mom continue their love affair. by SpankerSam01/16/104.45

Taking Dad's Place Ch. 03

 — Son claims his Mom. by SpankerSam12/29/104.50HOT

Taking Dani's Place

 — Joanna suspects her husband, but is in for a worse shock. by Sabledrake12/23/034.43

Taking Ella's Ass

 — Daddy wants to take his daughter to the next level... by Robert_Anthony05/30/184.10

Taking Her in Hand

 — Hal finally acts on the attraction he has for his daughter. by fishgrad200406/08/093.81

Taking His Daughter

 — Father sees his daughter getting ready for graduation. by KylesS04/28/113.45

Taking His Rightful Place - Final

 — Happy home. by motoskoota05/14/144.25

Taking His Rightful Place Ch. 01

 — Son replaces problem dad in the bedroom. by motoskoota04/23/144.40

Taking His Rightful Place Ch. 02

 — Son replaces problem dad in the bedroom. by motoskoota04/25/144.43

Taking His Rightful Place Ch. 03

 — Down in the basement. by motoskoota05/05/144.45

Taking it for Granted

 — A father's discovery about his son and himself by rjohnson04/02/034.41

Taking it for Granted Ch. 02

 — A father learns what it's like. by rjohnson04/04/034.42

Taking it for Granted Ch. 03

 — A father and son add a third. by rjohnson04/06/034.47

Taking it for Granted Ch. 04

 — A mother joins them. by rjohnson04/08/034.64HOT

Taking It Outside

 — Bodybuilding mother and son take their relationship further. by BrettJ05/17/094.39

Taking It Outside Ch. 02

 — Prestyn & Travis learn of the delights of assistant Erica. by BrettJ05/21/094.61HOT

Taking It the Hard Way

 — Man and wife learn to like it in the ass. by rjohnson11/26/034.36

Taking Jenn's Mom Ch. 03

 — The couple decide to tell Jenn about their love. by eisbehr07/27/114.36

Taking Jenn's Mom Ch. 06

 — Final chapter. Now read them all in a row! by eisbehr08/10/114.22

Taking Lauren's Measurements

 — Mother gets carried away taking her daughter's measurements. by randydaughterreborn03/21/184.59HOT

Taking Liberties

 — Son can't help but touch Mom while she's sleeping. by blaster66604/28/154.65HOT

Taking Lisa Home Ch. 1

 — Stepfather catches stepdaughter with another girl. by D Fiant04/28/024.20

Taking Lizza While My Wife Sleeps

 — Sex with his hot sister-in-law. by Luv_my_sis_in_law09/14/084.24

Taking Me Unexpectantly

 — My son finds me in the shower. by JosephBarnosky02/26/124.07

Taking Michelle & Tina

 — Father takes daughter and her friend. by L.A. Wicker12/02/014.48

Taking Michelle & Tina Ch. 2

 — Dad, daughter, & friend go all the way. by L.A. Wicker12/07/014.40

Taking Michelle & Tina Ch. 3

 — Dad, Daughter, & friend enjoy an orgy by L.A. Wicker12/11/014.44

Taking Mom

 — Violently he forces mom and girlfriend joins in. by hotpup10/29/093.83

Taking Mom in Goa - Day at the Beach

 — A tale of how a son fucks his mother on a beach holiday. by DrizzyD04/24/164.15

Taking Mom in the Kitchen

 — Son and Mom get caught by Dad and Brother. by ChiChis04/25/054.07

Taking Mom to Bed

 — He couldn't wait another minute. by standingstones07/31/104.21

Taking Mom to Prom

 — Son takes Milf to prom. by racksonracks03/13/184.24

Taking Mom to the Movies

 — Too much wine has unforeseen sexual consequences. by HeyAll01/25/154.54HOT

Taking Mom's Place

 — Chrissy discovers her parent's fantasy. by likes2hear10/27/054.06

Taking Mother by Surprise

 — A mother and son find true love together. by Eroscott10/24/134.72HOT

Taking My Daughter in the Car

 — Daddy and Daughter explore one another in the car ride home. by 2night_only12/21/124.23

Taking My Daughter To Vail

 — Father and daughter take a trip. by rachel_hirt01/27/114.60HOT

Taking My Daughter's Cherry

 — Ultimate fulfillment of a father's love for his daughter. by desertkat07/29/064.53HOT

Taking my Mother

 — I was furious with her. by qualitywheat12/12/104.11

Taking my Mother Ch. 02

 — I was furious with her. by qualitywheat12/31/104.22

Taking My Mother in Law

 — My MIL becomes my bitch. Was it my idea or hers? by millovary02/24/184.49

Taking My Sister Ch. 01

 — Ben takes advantage of his sister. by nguyenvanphuoc06/21/064.52HOT

Taking My Sister Ch. 02

 — Ben wonders what he's created. by nguyenvanphuoc12/23/074.59HOT

Taking my Sister In

 — Sister seduces brother and his wife. by n2anal7805/24/124.48

Taking My Sister's Cherry

 — Brother and sister learn to fuck each other. by Coreyzin06/29/064.09

Taking of Mother

 — Disfigured son takes his own mother by force. by Casperwho3511/28/014.09

Taking On A Step Daughter Ch. 01

 — He discovers a hot sex story writer. by lickablenipsddd11/09/043.99

Taking On A Step Daughter Ch. 02

 — She was naked from the shower. by lickablenipsddd11/10/044.29

Taking On A Step Daughter Ch. 03

 — The business trip. by lickablenipsddd11/11/044.24

Taking Out Our Moms

 — College guys treat their moms to some fun. by Nickoftime11/04/054.24

Taking Over

 — Daughter decides to replace Mother. by jaybee03/02/02

Taking Over Ch. 2

 — The continuation of Mother's submissive adventure. by jaybee03/15/02

Taking Over For Mom

 — When Mom left, I took over with my stepfather. by WayneGibbous01/20/134.25

Taking Pictures

 — Some fun with me, her, and her black ex-boyfriend. by omahalan08/25/163.96

Taking Pictures of Julia

 — He takes pictures for her "website". by HockeyNorth13309/05/074.40

Taking Sis's Cherry (and More)

 — Sibling sex from St. Augustine to Key West. by JANAMARIE06/18/064.48

Taking Step-daughter to College

 — Caught in snowstorm with Step-daughter in her empty dorm. by baranbrat09/19/15HOT

Taking Step-daughter to College Pt. 02

 — Patti & Jimmy connect while John finds his way back to Karen. by baranbrat10/03/15HOT

Taking Step-daughter to College Pt. 03

 — Things heat up at home during spring break. by baranbrat10/28/15HOT

Taking Step-daughter to College Pt. 04

 — Karen returns to school & John makes plans for Memorial Day. by baranbrat11/07/15HOT

Taking Step-daughter to College Pt. 05

 — Memorial Day Weekend Incest Orgy at the Phelps' House. by baranbrat12/04/15HOT

Taking the Edge Off Ch. 01

 — Single mother teaches son about the birds and the bees. by PanzerFeck05/30/164.23

Taking the Edge Off Ch. 02

 — Mother and Son come to terms with deeper feelings. by PanzerFeck05/31/164.46

Taking the Edge Off Ch. 03

 — Back to reality, mother and son lovers ache for each other. by PanzerFeck07/01/164.58HOT

Taking the Edge Off Ch. 04

 — Karen is putting her foot down... kinda... by PanzerFeck08/28/164.22

Taking The Place Of

 — A brother becomes all his sister needed. by MSTarot05/29/134.72HOT

Taking the Step

 — Lusty father finally gets with sexy stepdaughter. by easygoinguy02/02/074.34

Taking Their Vows

 — A father's questions, a daughter's answers. by Fillmore07/10/054.49

Taking What I Want

 — Son and friend dominating the hot mother. by live4thebj03/17/104.24

Taking What I Want for My 18th

 — Horny sister wants her brother and takes him at her party. by randydaughterreborn04/03/184.12

Tale of the Summer Home

 — Incest on vacation. by dr mabuse SOI07/15/084.51HOT

Tale of Two Twins

 — Twin sister puts out for her brother. by Niwdoog05/03/114.03

Tale of Two Twins Ch. 02

 — Sam and I have a sleep over. by Niwdoog05/24/114.05

Tales from a Psychologist

 — Psychologist confesses that her patients' stories arouse her. by darkstar0407/10/154.24

Tales from a Strange Mind Pt. 01

 — Jessica's Rabbit. by 19Arose10/06/153.09

Tales from Schooner Street: Toby

 — The family that lays together, stays together. by kurrginatorX01/06/184.05

Tales from the Backyard

 — A fucking tale about a daddy fucking his daughter. by tehoccasionalporn09/09/174.26

Tales From The Therapist's Couch

 — Boundary Problems: is it incest if you're not fucking? by Tess_Stevens06/05/094.49

Tales of a Suburban Sex Goddess Ch. 08

 — Beverley, Marty & Graham confess to incestuous experiences. by LC1007/20/104.09

Tales of Lustville Pt. 02 Ch. 01

 — The second part of Tales Of Lustville. by RibaldWriter06/16/154.59HOT

Tales of Lustville Pt. 02 Ch. 02

 — The ongoing antics in the town of Lustville!!! by RibaldWriter06/17/154.64HOT

Tales of Lustville Pt. 02 Ch. 03

 — Seriously wild sex and fun in the town of Lustville. by RibaldWriter07/12/154.74HOT

Tales of Lustville Pt. 02 Ch. 04

 — More outlandish antics in the town of Lustville. by RibaldWriter07/14/154.75HOT

Tales of Lustville Pt. 02 Ch. 05

 — More outrageous antics in the town of Lustville. by RibaldWriter07/15/154.72HOT

Tales of Lustville Scene 01

 — Scene 1. by RibaldWriter03/20/154.66HOT

Tales of Lustville Scene 02

 — Scene 2. by RibaldWriter03/21/154.56HOT

Tales of Lustville Scene 03

 — Scene 3. by RibaldWriter03/24/154.55HOT

Tales of Lustville Scene 04

 — Scene 4. by RibaldWriter03/25/154.69HOT

Tales of Lustville Scene 05

 — Scene 5. by RibaldWriter03/26/154.68HOT

Tales of Lustville Scene 06

 — Scene 6. by RibaldWriter03/27/154.60HOT

Tales of Lustville Scene 07

 — Scene 7. by RibaldWriter03/28/154.53HOT

Tales of Lustville Scene 08

 — Scene 8. by RibaldWriter03/31/154.47

Tales of Lustville Scene 09

 — Scene 9. by RibaldWriter04/01/154.68HOT

Tales of Lustville Scene 10

 — Scene 10. by RibaldWriter04/02/154.50HOT

Tales of Lustville Scene 11

 — Scene 11. by RibaldWriter04/03/154.66HOT

Tales of Lustville Scene 12

 — Scene 12. by RibaldWriter04/04/154.62HOT

Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 02

 — A young Witch starts on her Path to become a Sexual Healer. by sexynursechef06/08/163.82

Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 08.5

 — Isolde meets her Lord and Consort at the Renaissance. by sexynursechef09/22/163.90


 — Love quad includes a father and his daughter. by bisexplicit03/05/054.40

Talia Ch. 02

 — The love quad draws closer together. by bisexplicit03/09/054.57HOT

Talia Ch. 03

 — Talia and her father finally unite. by bisexplicit03/16/054.70HOT

Talia Ch. 04

 — Even more happens with Talia, her father, and friends. by bisexplicit04/26/054.57HOT

Talia Steals the Show

 — These twins have a serious case of sibling rivalry! Flashfic. by Ekstatikoi05/04/174.30

Talk and Action Ch. 07

 — Her newfound liberation causes her to cross limits with ease. by misterwho01/08/154.60HOT

Talk of the Devil

 — Curiosity couldn't just kill the cat - it could create a dog. by GeorgieH02/05/174.56HOT

Talk to Me (The Winner, Part II)

 — Letting the twins go means getting loved even deeper by HisArpy05/16/184.68HOT

Talking Me Into It

 — She "reasons" her daddy into a new relationship. by wishfullythinking09/22/052.99

Talking with Dad

 — Adult daughter drops in for a chat with dad. by TheSnuggler09/17/024.42

Talking with My Older Sister

 — The Backstory to "Birthday Present for my Sister". by leBonhomme07/26/133.74

Tall Drink of Water

 — Skinny teen gets a job working for her Uncle Don. by MisterReason10/24/144.38

Tamara Takes Over

 — Tamara's mom doesn't pay attention to Daddy - so SHE does. by BrettJ01/01/064.43

Tamara Takes Over Ch. 02

 — Tamara adds cutie-pie cousin Marie to her incestuous lovings. by BrettJ12/10/084.49

Tamarindo Beach

 — A family comes together after a big move to the tropics. by Jolt272707/12/164.50HOT


 — Tami and her brother discover their love for one another. by TomWine05/15/134.73HOT

Tami Ch. 02

 — Tami and Jason continue their new relationship. by TomWine06/01/134.69HOT

Tami Ch. 03

 — Things heat up in the massage room as Mom comes back. by TomWine06/13/134.73HOT

Tamil Incest Family Ch. 01

 — Man seduces his step mother & step sis. by lovermachan08/06/033.77

Tamil Incest Family Ch. 02

 — Mom asks to seduce stepmom & sis first. by lovermachan04/17/043.72

Taming Ruchi Ch. 01

 — Ruchi's teacher caught her playing with his brother's dick. by cplyoung121009/23/143.39

Taming Ruchi Ch. 02

 — Ruchi's teacher has an unexpected encounter with her mom. by cplyoung121010/16/143.89

Taming Ruchi Ch. 03

 — Ruchi's teacher joins a family orgy. by cplyoung121010/22/144.20

Taming Tawnee

 — She was a little carried away. by Tyzmartar03/27/164.65HOT

Taming the Beasts

 — Two brothers fall under the spell of their mother and sister. by ronnie1112/15/154.40

Tammi's Big Day Ch. 01

 — The showdown and the reward for a job well done. by lickablenipsddd04/26/053.71

Tammi's Big Day Ch. 02

 — More fun than she can handle or can she? by lickablenipsddd05/04/054.29


 — 18 year old Tammy wrecks her cousin's car. by scorallover07/09/123.66

Tammy and Tabby do Daddy & Friends

 — Horny gals do Daddy and his old friends. by infinitee6904/13/054.50HOT

Tammy Does Daddy

 — Coed does Daddy after taking anal from 2 men. by infinitee6903/07/054.36

Tammy's Education

 — Nubile niece takes care of injured uncle. by orallygifted11/19/004.27

Tammy's Lovers

 — Step brothers and step father share her hungry cunt.. by deepemerald05/14/034.40


 — A story of a love affair between a daughter and her father by BelindaTV07/14/144.46

Tangled Ch. 02

 — An incestuous love affair between a father and daughter. by BelindaTV07/18/144.43

Tangled Ch. 03

 — An incestuous love affair between a father and daughter. by BelindaTV07/21/144.20

Tangled Ch. 04

 — A story of a love affair between a daughter and her father by BelindaTV07/22/144.14

Tangled Ch. 05

 — A story of a love affair between a daughter and her father by BelindaTV07/23/144.13

Tangled in Europe Ch. 01

 — A story of a love affair between a daughter and her father by BelindaTV07/22/144.44

Tangled in Europe Ch. 02

 — God my head, my fucking head! by BelindaTV07/28/144.30

Tanning Lotion

 — Step sister and tanning lotion... what could happen? by ShatteredPortrait10/12/094.43

Tantra with Mother

 — Son discovers the Tantra, and his sexy mom. by Dreamdale03/14/014.28


 — Family tragedy reunites dad and daughter. by Rani11/19/004.34

Tanya 2.1.0: Family Fun

 — Priya is introduced to the family with humiliation and orgy. by Tanya9303/03/184.03

Tanya 3.1.0: Stepdaughter

 — Tanya's unexpected stepdaughter gets caned. And canes her. by Tanya9303/06/183.71

Tanya 3.1.2: Stepmother Duties

 — School punishment and more. M/FFFmf. by Tanya9304/09/184.07

Taped Confessions - The Lost Reel

 — Tough guy's handicapped daughter moves in. by mindingutter08/10/174.06

Taped Confessions - Unsold Cassette

 — The Daughter's Story of her Indoctrination. by mindingutter03/06/184.20


 — Thanksgiving Eve treat with a cousin. by broox11/23/063.97

Tara goes to the Dean's Office

 — Tara dresses too sexy for school. by scorallover01/21/104.04

Tara's Been a Bad Girl

 — Tara was taking all comers. by Ragdollz12/31/113.91

Tara's Tale

 — Uncle takes a turn - and cousin too! by Ragdollz06/29/114.40

Tara's Tale Ch. 02

 — Now even Auntie gets her share! by Ragdollz07/03/114.32

Tarzan's Release

 — Father & daughter share Halloween in an unusual way. by Master_Vassago12/28/033.79

Tarzan's Release Ch. 02

 — Father & daughter cross the boundaries. by Master_Vassago01/05/043.83

Tasha and I at the Gh Party 03

 — Tasha surprises even me with the next fantasy exploration. by MrKing10/28/094.34

Tasha Brown's Moving Day Ch. 01

 — Tasha leaves small town for new job & school. by danayvonne09/19/024.04

Tasha, Mom, and Me

 — My new girlfriend is great. My mom really likes her. by MrKing06/14/094.18

Taste of Euphoria Ch. 01

 — The trip to a strip club that started it all. by hentaiknight06/01/174.38

Taste of Mom

 — Son gets lucky with mom. by sexyramlo02/02/044.35

Taste of Mom Ch. 02

 — Son tries to seduce this time. by sexyramlo03/22/044.56HOT

Taste of Mom Ch. 03

 — Mother & son get attached even more. by sexyramlo04/12/044.56HOT

Taste of Mom Ch. 04

 — Siblings bond forever. by sexyramlo06/14/044.61HOT

Taste of Mom Ch. 05

 — Mother and son find their way to go on. by sexyramlo07/06/044.63HOT

Taste Test

 — Brother surprised by sister’s invitation to taste test. by Ares900209/29/094.43

Taste Test Ch. 02

 — Brother gets to see what he missed. by Ares900210/05/094.46

Tastes Like Candy Ch. 01

 — Man meets a busty 18-year old who claims to be his daughter. by TheTalkMan07/31/124.54HOT

Tastes Like Candy Ch. 02

 — The Father-Daughter sexual tension ramps up. by TheTalkMan08/08/124.71HOT

Tastes Like Candy Ch. 03

 — Will Marcus be corrupted by his daughter's hot body? by TheTalkMan08/16/124.52HOT

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